Transfer in the "Taipei Station" from "Zuoying Station" to "Yilan Station" ! Enjoy the idyllic scenery of the landscape !


High ironZuoying StationThe、In the, zuoying district, Kaohsiung City、
High speed train、Taiwan Railway、Is the terminal station where three of the city MRT station。
Nice open station campus lobby is large、Convenience store and Cafe becomes complete.、
Equipped with various tourist information counter as well。
Line of Taiwan Railway Administration (commonly known as:Taiwan Railway)Now、Xinzuoying StationTo become、
Note that the name 2 Street。
This time、Zuoying StationThe、KentingAndTainanTo use during their visits、
Became a station already familiar.


The high iron tickets、May be purchased at the ticket office here。
Also、At convenience stores and vending machines or the Internet、
Reservations & ticketing and、You can buy a ride 15 days prior to
We pre-booked on the Internet and、KaohsiungThe we receive your tickets at a convenience store FamilyMart。
Zuoying StationFromTaipei StationUntil the bullet train tickets、
In a reserved seat、Fares are1,490TWD (Japan Yen:5370 JPY)Will be!


Recognize the ticket turnstile at the turnstiles、Passes through the。
Due to luggage、Station staff will support the ticket gate will not close to your brother! (Xie Xie! )


Making sure guide to Bulletin Board、3Platform go to!。


Taiwan High speed train 700T seriesThe、Is the model was made by the joint development of JR Tokai and JR West Japan Shinkansen 700 series、
"T"Is the abbreviation for Taiwan、Geography of Taiwan、Consider the climate as well as the designed。
Stop station、Taipei Station、Banqiao Station、Taoyuan Station、
Hsinchu Station、Miaoli Station、Taichung Station、Changhua Station、
Yunlin Station、Chiayi Station、Tainan Station、Zuoying StationWill be!


Filled the Shinkansen in cleanliness、It is comfortable!


"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"of
Of the staffChiu Chiu ChenWhile for us to snack on the way with excursions such as。
"Mizuki Hana"And the candy was written、Looks took the sugar honey sweet daycare boobs boobs with candy、
One of the flagship product of Japan's famous 3 confectionery "Snow accommodation"I remembered that、
And try to eat sweet Tel. I thought the added "spicy"、It is very delicious!
Taiwan snacks are spicy foods are a lot!
Chiu Chiu Chen、Very thanks!


In about 2 hoursTaipei StationTo able to arrive safely.


Taipei main stationOf the premises、6Is equivalent to floor atrium、In the open atmosphere of the magnificent。
Back at skylight、And bathed in natural light from the ceiling is、
The weather is nice,、Become endowed with comfort in the warm sunshine、
Always buzzing with activity。
Also sit on the ground in Taiwan style、You don't mind (lol)


There are vending machines than expected crowded so、
Have a spare time, do it。
Taipei StationFromSingle ironTo transfer、Yilan StationUntil the、
Fares are218TWD (Japan Yen:About 790 yen)Will be!


In the train is full of clean and、Is a comfortable and spacious。
For caught in their own strong (limited express)、Proceed smoothly.


On the way、Guests can enjoy a scenic river running through the Valley from the car window.


JioufenThe mountains and beyond、I seen majestic sea (Pacific Ocean).


"Lan Yang Museum"We see!
This was completed in 1/2006 and、2010In October, officially opened as a Museum。
In the design of Omoto Union architectural Office led by Yao Jin Hee said、Has a distinctive figurative Cuesta。
At the same time "2010Taiwan architecture award"To win the Grand Prize、Has become a hot topic.


Mountain、The sea:、Calm river and countryside views、Makes people feel the nature.


Approximately 1 hour 20 minutesYilan StationTo able to arrive safely.


And air flowYilan Station
And the way to exit from the home、There is a fairytale wonderland-like world awaits!

Taipei main station

Taiwan high speed rail

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