Aichi / Mikawa "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" wedding anniversary trip (3) Creative kaiseki to taste the seafood of Mikawa Bay

There were dishes that used plenty of seafood caught in Mikawa Bay.、At the hot bath inn "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" where you can spend time with your dog in a heartwarming hospitality, it's time for dinner。After taking a bath, take your dog Chocolat for a walk along the seaside walkway。 It is a 1-2 minute walk across the road to the beach of Mikawa Bay in front of you。On this day, the sky was cloudy and I couldn't see the sunset.、A beautiful blue sky night sky spreads out。 Nearby are the lights of the "Ocean Community"、In the distance, you can see the lights of the neighboring town of Nishiura here and there、 Because there are few street lights and few cars on the street.、In a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle、You can enjoy a magnificent location facing the ocean。 This dining venue is prepared in the large hall on the second floor.、The restaurant on the right is "Umirasu"、It will be a restaurant where you can bring your dog。 "Umirasu"、The works of calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi decorate the hall and Mikawa local sake from the brewery "Emperor Kuramoto" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture are lined up.、 A souvenir that can be left as a memory of your trip、Bags and pouches of the women's casual wear brand "UZUiRO" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture made from local fabrics、Hair bands and coasters、Small items such as hand towels are provided。 Because "Umirasu", which can be accompanied by your dog, was full.、For your dog Chocolat in your room for a while、Let them stay home。 Here you will、A chef who trained at a first-class restaurant in Nagoya and is dedicated to Japanese cuisine、From menu planning to selection of ingredients、Offering a creative kaiseki using seafood from Mikawa Bay that is particular about cooking methods。This day is the anniversary of our 12th wedding anniversary.、There was a pleasant surprise gift of sparkling wine from the inn.、I will ♪ enjoy it with a meal (thanks) "Matsukaze yaki"、Squid Menta、Crab pressed sushi" Made-up "Luxurious boat serving of lobster and abalone" For the boat serving、Sea bream on tuna、Three kinds of amberjack and thick sashimi are included.、 The main dish is lobster and abalone! Ise shrimp that has a firm elasticity but a sticky and strong sweetness。 It is finished in sashimi that is easy to eat with a hidden knife.、Thick abalone with a crunchy texture and a strong flavor。 Savor the scent of the sea that overflows with every bite。 A table that is gorgeous at once with the presence of a boat "Steamed clams and shrimp" "Large clams" and shrimp, which are famous for tide hunting on the uninhabited island "Kajishima", are steamed and grilled.、Enjoy the rich flavor。 "Mikawa Pork Shabu-Shabu" Put the vegetables first in a small pot with broth、Look at the time、Shabu-shabu thinly sliced Mikawa pork、Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts、Roll up the mizuna、I will dive into the sesame sauce。It has a beautiful light red color, and the tender and fine flesh melts with just the right amount of fat。 "Tempura" Freshly fried shrimp tempura、Pumpkin、Sweet potato、Shishi Tang tempura grated with tempura sauce。 "Steamed teacup" Finely chopped chicken and small shrimp、Shiitake mushroom、Bamboo shoots、Hot steamed tea bowl with ginkgo in it。 "Rice, shimeji red soup stock, incense thing" One dish at a time、The creative kaiseki that is carefully cooked with hands、It was served in just the right amount for me who has a small meal.、Delicious and complete until the end。 Sweetness "Matcha Pudding Chocolate Cake" Enjoy dessert with tea after dinner、1Dinner finished in about an hour and a half。 After enjoying a meal、After all, I went to the public bath。You don't have to feel that you can't go to the bath because you're in too much pain because you've eaten too much.、I was able to enjoy a well-balanced meal that did not put a burden on my body。Next, I would like to introduce the newly established "Away Yuragi -yuragi-" and the next morning's breakfast。 Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei Address:186-2 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-62-6666 Check-in:15:00/Check out:10:00 Parking lot:100台可能

Happy New Year 2024 "Kyoto Cuisine in Kyoto Okazaki Supervised by Ajimano Exquisite Gorgeous "Suiyanagi"

【 Happy New Year 】 We pray for the safety of everyone who has suffered enormous damage from the Noto Peninsula Earthquake in Reiwa 6, an earthquake that swept in during New Year's Day and observed a maximum seismic intensity of 7。 Thank you very much for your patronage of the web magazine lade during the past year。 2024The year is Koshin、It will be the Year of the Dragon, which is also the year of birth of the master of our house。 「龍の如く猛々しく新しいことに挑戦する年」 皆様のより一層のご支援・ご鞭撻を賜りますよう心よりお願い申し上げ 新年の挨拶とさせていただきます。 Thank you for your continued support of your dog Chocolat this year。 This year's New Year's flowers to welcome the New Year、Like last year, I asked "Hanakoubo Kitano"、An arrangement using a vertical and powerful bamboo tube as if a dragon soars to the heavens。It's a warm winter and a new year、Rain forecast is coming earlier、Fortunately, New Year's Day was blessed with good weather。Feel the warm sunshine、It was a comfortable New Year's Day without the need for heating appliances.。 As in the past、In the morning, the couple stood in the kitchen.、Although I work hard to prepare this and that、This year, like last year, we will order and enjoy the festive dishes。This year, he is the fourth generation owner of the 126-year-old "Kyoto Cuisine Ajimano" in Okazaki, Kyoto.:Daisuke Kashimoto supervised by、New Year's Day of Mouth Happiness at the Finest Gorgeous "Green Willow"。In a three-tiered paulownia box with high pedestal work, colorfully laid out、Each weight is equipped with high-quality ingredients in a well-balanced manner, and the motto is "delicious even when cold"。Using lucky charm ingredients、You can see that each dish was cooked with a commitment to the ingredients and manufacturing method.、You can enjoy the elegant taste unique to Kyoto cuisine、An elegant festival suitable for the new year。 Exquisite Gorgeous Weight Suiyanagi Ichi no Shige Kumquat with Leaves / Black Sesame Paste Pie Baked / Nodokuro Gabion Lotus Root / Fuyu Persimmon and Turnip Eggplant / Lobster Yellow-Flavored Mayo Grilled / Sweet Potato Lemon Braised / Wakakusa Thick Grilled Egg / Kazuko Tosa Pickle / Seafood Colorful Salad / Abalone Steamed / Hokkai Mashed Wasabi / Rice Making / Green Kelp Roll / Temari Mochi and 14 items with lobster and boiled abalone as the main dishes。 Finest Gorgeous Weight, Suiyanagi Sushi, Boiled Conger Eel Kenchin, Small Sea Snapper, Grilled Sea Snapper, Nishiki Chicken, Pounded Burdock, Brown Sugar Roast Pork, Grilled Chicken with Salt Koji, Boiled Shrimp with Salt, Boiled Red Azuma Honeydew, Baby Ayu Stewed Bitashi, Uguisu Tofu, Ichō Fu, Momiji Fu, Pickled Ham with Orange, Paprika, Red Yellow, Shrimp Sayori Terein, Yellow Flavored Sushi, Pickled Octopus, Chinese Jellyfish, Pickled Cucumber, and 18 Items.、The weight of the crossbow that stretches out your hand。 極上絢爛重 翠柳 参の重 Cranberry walnuts / Dried tomato compote / Nishiki egg / Apricot syrup pickled / Kasumi plum / Ebi Naruto cheese egg / Apple kinton / Chestnut honeydew stew / Red and white eggplant / Seasoned salmon roe / Black bean honey stewed from Tamba Sasayama / Red fish Saikyo grilled / Silver salmon ginjo kasu pickled / Silk pods / Takano Kenchin / Manganji chili pepper / Carrot twisted plum / Simmered with wormwood noodles / Simmered with shiitake mushrooms / Grilled yuba、Enjoy a total of 52 items of three-tiered weight that are tailored without sparing any effort。 "Twelve kinds of sashimi centered on the tuna large toro"、Tuna、Red meat、Cold 鰤、Sea bream、Flounder、Horse mackerel、Scallop、Shrimp、Salmon、How much、A luxurious assortment of Tsukijimaru Taka's tamagoyaki and 12 kinds。 "Hokkaido crab" This year's crab is available at a surprisingly good price even with a large capacity.、A satisfying "sloppy crab" packed with meat up to the tips of the fingernails。 "Nigiri Sushi Gokan" Every year、On New Year's Day, the owner's nigiri sushi is held while remembering the time when sushi lovers were so strong that they stood at the counter as sushi chefs。From the foreground, the main tuna large toro、Shrimp、Scallop、Greater amberjack、Shrimp and how much warship Gokan。 "Hokkaido spilled salmon roe with gold leaf" commonly known as:It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is gout sushi "spilled salmon"。Fill a bite-sized crisp with this and how much、Your favorite sushi that will make you smile even though you are about to drown in your mouth when you bite into it in one bite。 The popular program "Zawatsuku! New Year's Eve" broadcast in the "Japan people's favorite food ranking Tetsuko Kuroyanagi & Shinichi Hatori and the 1st place championship"、"Sushi" won the glorious first place。We love it too。 "Kanto-style ozoni" Daikon、Carrot、Turnip、Taro、After boiling each ingredient in Japanese-style broth、Light soy sauce and mirin、Add a little Japan sake、Combined stew、A light Kanto-style ozoni made by grilling freshly pressed rice cakes with BALMUDA and then serving them。 From morning to noon on New Year's Day、Surrender to the gradual flow of time、A special time to relax with the family。 This year, we will compare the drinking of "Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo" and "Rokunokoshishu Junmai Daiginjo" from Niigata's famous sake "Asahi Shuzo"。 Drinking Japan sake on New Year's Day has become a staple in our house.、Every year、I decide on a theme and enjoy comparing drinks。 "Rokuno Koshishu Junmai Daiginjo" has a depth suitable for the highest peak of the "Koshishu series"、Layers of flavor elements、Show various expressions "Rokunokoshishu Junmai Daiginjo"。 "Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo" With a gorgeous aroma and a plump taste of deep sweetness、Feel the rich time "Kubota Manju Junmai Daiginjo"。 New Year's BGM to welcome the new year、Playing the koto's "Spring Sea" etc.、While being soothed by the sound of a professional player、Pull out the koto, which has not been touched recently, and tune it。I want to play together as a couple for the first time in a long time。 Lighting artist "Toshiyuki Tani" work "RON (侖)" If it's a normal New Year's、Tea sweets are the place to receive kamisei sweets.、This year, I was lucky enough to be able to make a reservation for the limited edition "Japanese chestnut galette des rois" at the end of the year from the popular baked confectionery shop "épanouir".、Let's get this。What is "Galette des Rois"?、With traditional French New Year's sweets、A simple pie baked with almond cream。"Loi" means "king's galette"、There is a small ceramic doll (phebe) inside.、The person who won the phebe when cut into pieces and ate、Be the king of the day、We are blessed by everyone。And、It is said that the good fortune lasts for one year.、It is truly a "traditional confectionery that carries happiness"。 Baked confectionery shop "épanouir" limited edition "Japanese chestnut galette des rois" Épa's galette des rois、Marron pie made using Kakegawa's Japanese chestnuts that arrived last fall。In a crispy puff pastry with delicate and beautiful incisions and elegant almond cream、Japanese chestnuts that are satisfying to eat are now available.、The gentle sweetness of moist and rich Japanese chestnuts spreads throughout your mouth.、Blissful coffee time。Who won this year's fabe of our house、Please come to the New Year's greeting at the right time、Ran-chan, my friend's daughter who accompanied me to tea。When I put the attached crown on it, a cute princess was born。 The damage caused by the earthquake seems to be an unpredictable situation.、 I hope that everyone will continue to be safe and that this year will be a peaceful one for all of you.。...

Hamamatsu / Lake Hamana "Bentenjima Yamamototei" Lakeside lunch overlooking Lake Hamana and enjoying fish riverside cuisine

As one of the resorts of Lake Hamana、Swimming and fishing、clamming、Cruise ship、Hot Springs、Enjoy fireworks and more、Bentenjima in Maisaka Town is crowded with many tourists。 Surrounded by towering palm trees、Bentenjima Seaside Park is in the best location overlooking the red torii gate floating on the lake and Lake Hamana。It is a 3-minute walk from JR Bentenjima Station, and transportation is convenient.、It is also a recommended spot that can be guided when visitors from outside the prefecture。 Benten island in Lake Hamana.、Lunch time overlooking Lake Hamana at "Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei", which offers fresh ingredients from the local Lake Hamana in the best condition。 Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei、1975Established in 1975、It was running across the street from this place.。Is here.、As a sister store of "Bentenjima Yamamototei" which is the head office、2017Opened in March 2008 under the name "Uogishi Restaurant Taisuke"、2020In February 2008, the two stores merged to leave the name of the historic head office.、Reopened as "Bentenjima Yamamototei"。 Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei This is where the sons of the previous generation succeed、The eldest son is the second generation, and the second son is supporting、He is active as a brother。 Second-generation owner:Kosuke Yamamoto was born and raised in Bentenjima, Maisaka Town.、After knowing all the materials of Lake Hamana, he trained in Kyoto。 After that、More than 20 years of learning knowledge and experience under a master who is also my father。Father's will、Taste taken over、 We will continue to pursue the taste of the region that will satisfy us even more.、It has been inherited from Yamamoto-tei。 younger brother:Shuji Yamamoto trained in Kyoto。After that、Experience cooking abroad and learn a variety of techniques.、 Currently, he and his brother are supported as the main pillars of the store。 From facing the lakeside、Boasting a great location overlooking Lake Hamana in front of you、Local people started.、Support from tourists is also thick、A popular restaurant that shows a lot of buzz。 Although there is mild sunshine on this day,、Lake Hamana in winter, when the sky wind of Enshu, which can be said to be a seasonal wind, blows, makes the lakeside feel chilly。 Here you will、We handle ingredients representing Lake Hamana such as eel and chin、From an affordable set meal、We have a course meal tailored to various scenes、The varied menu is also one of the most popular。 We have prepared a hand-watershed with a magnificent Suppon sculpture that makes it clear at a glance that it is a Suppon dealer。 Japan's Suppon、1879It began when it was farmed in Lake Hamana in the year.、Served as a specialty dish in a place related to this place。It is purchased from "Hattori Nakamura Yoriba" in Lake Hamana, which is famous as the best Suppon brand in Japan.、Taking advantage of the natural environment of Lake Hamana、High-quality suppon grown over 3 to 4 years by the method of open-world aquaculture、You can enjoy an elegant, refreshing and habit-free taste。 A large water tank is installed in the spacious store、The popular "Ise Shrimp Festival" is being held.、100g Available for ¥1,650。 Lobster、After all, the torso is fun as sashimi、For the head, miso soup is recommended.、You can also enjoy it with salt grilling or tempura。 1On the 1st floor, there is a counter seat surrounding the raw spoon and a horiki-style tatami room seat that is a semi-private room style with a small rise.、2On the floor, there is a Japanese-style room table and table seats.、Can also be used as a banquet table。 There are about 80 seats in total, which is a generous number of seats。Also、Completely private rooms are reserved by appointment and a room fee will be charged separately。 Underground seawater at a depth of 50 meters is pumped up and used.。Pumping and circulating wastewater、2By cleaning the cage once a week、A cage that is kept in a clean condition。 Starting with the river pig, which is a winter feast、Abalone and mollusks、Flat-eyed red snapper、Lots of mackerel and more。 This time, at the 2nd floor seats, which have a relaxed Japanese-style room with a calm atmosphere of tatami mats.、You will enjoy it while overlooking Lake Hamana。 "Assorted sashimi (2 servings)" ¥ 4,230 I had "Haze" included in the recommendation of the day.、2Order a stab in front of people。Red sea bream、Haze、Flu liver、Tiger prawns、Scallop、Squid、Tuna、It is a seared tuna and a sumptuous stab。Haze was the image of tempura, but、The sashimi is also exquisite! The flesh is moist yet elastic、You can enjoy the sweetness。 "Haze's Bone Crackers" Bone crackers that come with Haze's sashimi。It is crispy and fragrantly fried.、It's spiced and perfect for sake.。 Winter limited "fried oyster set meal" ¥ 1,760 Oyster season has arrived again this year。Raw oysters are also delicious,、The best small oysters from Lake Hamana are fried oysters。 "Buri daikon set meal" ¥ 1,500 Fatty yellowtail、Moist and soft、The radish is soaked in broth and has a strong flavor。 "Live Shrimp Tendon" ¥ 2,310 Straight and beautifully fried prawns are lined up.、Three live prawns、A sumptuous live shrimp tendon served with eggplant tempura and shishito ten.。 2There are also table seats on the floor.、If you have weak legs, it is a good idea to let us know at the time of reservation。Overlooking Lake Hamana、"Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei" on the shore of Lake Hamana, where you can enjoy fresh live fish dishes that make you feel the blessings of Enshu Nada。Recommended for those who are looking for lunch around Lake Hamana。 Bentenjima Yamamototei Address:3212-3 Bentenjima, Maisaka-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL:053-592-1919 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 16:30To 22:00(Last order 21:00( 2) Parking lot:16Stand (free) Closed:Thursday ...

Izu Nagaoka Onsen Birthday Trip 2023 (7) "Komatsu Family Hachinobo" Japanese breakfast that soaks in the hot water of beautiful skin and pleases the body

Aiming to be an inn where you can relax with your dog at Izu Nagaoka Onsen, the morning at "Komatsu Family Hachinobo", which has undergone a major reform and renewal、It starts with the sunrise over Mt. Genji in front of you and the pleasant scenery of lush greenery。 The morning bath at the large public bath "Men's Bath Genroku no Yu"、In a different atmosphere from the night、This hot spring is said to be "the hot spring of longevity and career".、It continues to be loved as a bath rich in blessings。 "Open-air bath" In the large public bath "Women's bath Tsukimi no Yu"、You can see Mt. Genji from the large window、Bathing while looking at the natural beauty of the four seasons。This hot water is smooth against the skin wrapped in hot water、You can soak slowly,、The keratin softens and moisturizes。Izu Nagaoka Onsen、It is sometimes praised as "hot water for beautiful skin"、You can get peace of mind and body。 After refreshing and warming up your body in the morning bath、A beautiful Japanese breakfast is served in the room。 Starting with long plates、A small bowl that should be said to be an accompaniment to rice is arranged.、An assortment of products that delight the body with its good balance。 Japanese breakfast with plenty of local ingredients and careful handiwork。 "Long Plate" Kamaboko、Pickled wild flowers、Nori Tsukuni、Dried radish、Negi Nuta、Shirasu、Natto with soy sauce "Tsukuri" tuna mountain kake、Dried mackerel "pottery"、Fried eggs、Dyeing wholesale "salad" raw vegetables、Homemade yuzu pepper dressing chilled、Olive oil、Toda salt "incense thing" oshinko "sweetness" mango pudding "simmered food" thick fried yuzu pepper stew "miso soup" Dinner was red soup、As long as you are happy to have it with miso in the morning。 "Shizuoka Koshihikari" Considering the Italian lunch that I have reserved,、It's a breakfast that you want to keep low-key.、The deliciousness that makes you reach for a refill of rice。Starting with special products unique to Izu、I knew from reviews that the food of this inn was highly evaluated.、Enjoy a meal that is more satisfying than you imagined。There is no doubt that you will receive a service that is more than the price。 After dinner, take a short walk around the area、After leaving the ryokan, head to the left and go right on "Izumiso"。 After passing "Iris no Yado"、I saw a stone staircase at the end。 The end of the stone staircase leads to "Genjiyama Park"。 On the way、A light rain was falling.、Pick up your dog Chocolat、We hurried back to the inn。 Return to the room、Brew green tea and take a sip。The scenery of Mt. Genji, which gets wet in the rain, is also lush and fantastic。 Before checking out, let's choose a souvenir at the "shop"。 There is only a dog-first inn、A lineup of doggie goods that your dog will love。As a souvenir unique to Izu, "Izu ★ deer jerky trial 4 types (chips)、dice、Financier、Crunch)"、Gift for a doggie friend。 Although the accommodation is paid in advance at the time of reservation、Small dogs and hygiene management fee of 2,200 yen per dog and 150 yen bathing tax × for 2 people、And pay for the additional souvenirs、Checkout Complete。The accommodation fee for your dog is quite an unbeatable price compared to others.、It's no wonder that this inn has a high repeat rate。 All the staff provide a heartfelt service for your dog.、A dog-first inn where you can feel comfortable even with your dog "Komatsu Family Hachinobo"。We will continue to provide better services in the future.、To achieve further evolution、Renewal of new rooms early next year (implementation period):2024January 9, 2024 ~ late February 2024)。Recommended for those who are thinking of a hot spring trip with their dog。 Komatsu Family Hachinobo Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Izu no Kuni Nagaoka 1056-1 TEL:055-948-130 lodging:Doggie Friendly Parking:有

Izu Nagaoka Onsen Birthday Trip 2023 (6) "Komatsu Family Hachinobo" Kinme Snapper Gozen Hospitalized with Izu Mountain Sea Foods

Before having dinner at the long-established inn "Komatsu Family Hachinobo" founded in the second year of Taisho (1913)、Reserve a private open-air bath "Kangetsu Yu"。 Men's and women's baths in the public bath、And the private open-air bath is also on the 7th floor, the top floor。 The private open-air bath is made of cypress.、Enough space for a couple to take a bath。If it's a bright time、It is possible to admire the tasteful scenery overlooking Mt. Genji。Usage time is 15:00To 22:20Next、Reservations are required for up to 4 people.、40Free and nice service for a minute。 Spring quality、It is a hypoallergenic alkaline simple spring that is popular as a skin-beautifying effect and rich efficacy.、Tasteless, odorless, colorless, soft water against the skin。Atopic and eczema、Gastrointestinal diseases、bruise、Recovery from fatigue、Beautiful skin、Muscle fatigue、Neuralgia、Gastrointestinal diseases、It is also effective for health promotion, etc.、It is safe for pregnant women and small children。 This time the、As a plan to spend time with your dog、I asked for a room meal plan for both morning and evening.、Dinner will be accompanied by a popular Hachinobo specialty, "golden sea bream grilled in soy sauce + special beef steak"。 This plan is available in the、While relaxing in your room with your dog、You can enjoy a sumptuous meal at your leisure。If you don't want to eat in your room、2It is also possible to have it in the "large banquet hall" on the floor。The "kettle-cooked rice" prepared for each person can also be cooked by yourself at any time、Let's have freshly cooked food、I decided to cook it after dinner to see when it was right。 Birthday Toast! On a first-come, first-served basis、Appetizers、Sashimi、Hot pot dishes, special dishes such as golden snapper and sirloin steak、Chef Makoto Takeda will be lined up with sumptuous dishes。 Special dish "Golden sea bream grilled in soy sauce" Fat ride is good、We use a whole golden snapper caught in Izu.、Roasted in a rich sweet broth "Golden sea bream moromi soy sauce fired"。Taro and shiitake mushrooms with plenty of broth、Komatsuna also rests on chopsticks。 Nabemono "Special shrimp bouillabaisse" Unusual for a meal at a ryokan、Western-style bouillabaisse hot pot。You can feel the seafood broth firmly、The flavor is condensed。Burn it and put it on the fire、It's nice to be able to eat it warm forever.、The style that is not bound by the taste of only Japanese is also surprising and highly evaluated。 Zori "Seasonal Fresh Fish" Bonito、Tuna Nakatoro、Raw shrimp、Seasonal fresh fish caught in the sea of sea bream and Izu。 First-served "Steamed cod, Chinese cabbage, autumn leaf wholesale, split ponzu sauce" Appetizer "Nanjing matcha tofu red beans" Appetizer "Zero Yuko Untan Fried Nishikishu Egg, Chicken Matsukaze, Sardines Stick Sushi, Ooyu Mountain Aoi with Mayonnaise" Each dish is served by hand.、A gentle sweetness and elegant taste that enhances the goodness of the ingredients。 Western-style dish "Special Beef Sirloin Steak" The producer pours passion and love into it.、Steak is served with sirloin from specially selected beef that has been carefully raised.。You can enjoy high-quality sweet fat with juicy and tender meat。 To match the freshly cooked rice、I asked for the reheating of the golden snapper、Thank you for your gracious acceptance、I was able to enjoy it in a delicious state。Moromi soy sauce from Kyushu、Gentle mouthfeel、It combines richness and mellowness。The flesh is plump and satisfying.。It is also recommended to pour the broth over freshly cooked rice。 It takes about 30 to 40 minutes from the time you put it on to the time it is cooked.、It looks like the rice cooked in the pot is ready。 When you open the lid, you can smell the good aroma of freshly cooked rice along with the steam.。In a small cauldron for one person、For cooking on solid fuel、As expected, I can't burn it、You can enjoy glossy hot rice。At the timing of receiving 〆 rice、If you inform us by extension 9、Along with the hot bowls, incense is also prepared。 Meal "Shizuoka Koshihikari Kamai" Bowl "Red soup turnips and spinach" Incense "Yuzu radish eryngi shallow-pickled" Fruit "Baked cheesecake, pear compote, baked apple" Mr. Nakai, who is in charge, said, "Happy birthday."、I received a surprise gift from the inn! The present is、"POCHE BOUQUET's hand cream set" that will be active in the cold coming season and "microfiber handkerchief that indulges smartphones and glasses"、A practical and delightful gift! (Gratitude) When you notify extension 9 of the notification that you have finished eating、They will come to lay down the futon。 Two male staff members are skillfully and silently laid out on the futon、He looks like a black child、He has the speed and accuracy to know the art of shinobi.、It's just a divine work with Aun's breathing! In no time at all, I finished laying the futon、It got me ready for bed。 Large public bath "Men's bath Genroku no yu" This large public bath is、Both men and women have time to use the、14:30To 9:30Up to and over、Because it is open from the chuck in until the morning、It is available at any time, even in the middle of the night。Also、You can check congestion from the LINE app on your phone.、It is also possible to determine the free time while staying in the room。 "Open-air bath" After dinner, you can enjoy the large public bath、Warm up from the core of the body、Go to bed healthily。I will introduce "Hachinobo's proud breakfast" in the next article。 Komatsu Family Hachinobo Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Izu no Kuni Nagaoka 1056-1 TEL:055-948-130 lodging:Doggie Friendly Parking:有

Shizunami Coast Japanese restaurant "Restaurant Mine" Makinohara's parents' house is a small Japanese restaurant along National Route 150

Along Route No. 150 of makinohara、An indigo dye swayed at the corner of the Shizunami Kaigan entrance intersection.、Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy hand-made soba noodles and set meals "Restaurant Mine"。 Makinohara City、Can the accredited world heritage site Grand Fuji Volcano (Mt.Fuji)、Spread is a stunning tea、A healing homeland blessed with the sea, rivers and mountains。This is my parents' home.、We opened his parents at an early age from、Local regulars who started.、Thanks to tourists visiting Shizunami Beach, it has already been 46 years.、After the death of my father, who was a chef、My brother Suguru Mineno succeeded him.、74My mother and I are making small arrangements.。 In front of the Shizunami Coast in Makinohara City、2021There is Japan's first large artificial surfing pool "Shizunami Surf Stadium PerfectSwell®", which opened on August 16, 2016.、It is said that the number of visitors from overseas is increasing more than before.。Occasionally、My mother even asked me on LINE, "How should I say this in English?" (laughs)、My husband also added English notation to this smartphone site that he made.、I hope you can watch it for reference。 Shizunami Surf Stadium PerfectSwell® Oval Wavemaking Pool : Width 160m Depth 60m Area 5,000㎡ Wave-making equipment : American Wave Machine Perfect Swell 240 (same type as BSR Resort Wave Generator in Texas, the official practice field of the U.S. National Team) Admission:Free - 550 yen (tax included) * Free for one companion per surf session user * Free admission for children up to 2 years old (no entry into the water) Inside the store、Thanks to my late father's brother, a carpenter uncle、It has been renewed several times.、Providing a warm space of wood while feeling the age、There are 4 counter seats.、There are 3 seats for 4 people × raised tatami room.。Here you will、Handmade Soba and hit my brother started.、Eel, Tempura、For sashimi、We also have a variety of dishes that can be used as a sake pick.、It will be a restaurant where you can enjoy a well-balanced Japanese set meal.。 Singles often prefer counter seats.、While having a drink、It is also possible to use it in a dinner style.。 The raised tatami room is、Partition with a screen、And the。The weak legs、There is a tatami chair that is easy to stand and sit on, so you can use it.。On this day、I returned to my parents' house after a long time.、Lunch time with my daughter and her husband, who are due next week。 At lunchtime, the "recommended lunch set" is popular。Especially the "Unadon Set" limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays ¥ 2,100 (tax included)、It is a set meal with zaru soba on a half-body una bowl、Because it will be a very advantageous set、There are many customers who visit us for this purpose.。 "Mussel" ¥ 400 (tax included) From the whiteboard dish、Sweet and spicy stewed shellfish。Also to accompany rice、It is also recommended for guessing alcohol.。 "Tendon" ¥ 1,380 (tax included) Tempura served in a deep bowl、On top of rice、For two shrimp with blooming flowers、Eggplant、Shimeji mushrooms、Pumpkin、Leo thank you、Okra、With large leaves and a satisfying bowl、Dressed in sweet and spicy tempura juice、Make a crisp and spooky sound、You can enjoy the fluffy and light texture inside.。In a small bowl of the day、Miso soup、Set meal style with pickles。 "Unadon Set" ¥ 2,100 (tax included) The most popular lunch set limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays is the "Unadon Set" of "Unadon and Zaru Soba" that overlooks this profitability。Rice is served firmly in a shallow bowl.、Spirling the secret eel sauce、Unadon with half-body eel。The eel、Steamed and then grilled in the Kanto style、After white baking、Steam in a steamer for about 10 minutes.。Excess water is removed by steaming、Leaves only umami、Makes the eel flesh plump and soft.。This eel is baked while applying the sweet and spicy secret sauce that has been added since the founding.。The Zaru Soba、Use high-quality buckwheat from Japan、Soba noodles are carefully performed by the younger brother from kneading to cutting.。Usually said the 28 wheat 2:The proportion of wheat is slightly reduced from the ratio of soba 8 to bring out the flavor of soba noodles.。Also decoction、Put the dashi took from the thick bonito dashi for the signature, resulting、Thick sweet and spicy juice with firm umami and richness。Add condiments to buckwheat soup as you like、It's a good idea to dive a little.。 The eel、Because it takes time to bake、If you are not booked、Please wait about 25 minutes after ordering.。 The heat is still severe.、Zaru soba between eels will tempt you to eat。 Gathering with family members who were reunited for the first time in a while。My parents' house is a Japanese restaurant.、I've always witnessed the harshness of restaurants.、This shop is run by my elderly mother and brother.、How long can it continue?。Sometimes they are not nearby.、Although we can only watch、I would like to support as much as my family can.。 Suya Main Store "Kurikinton" Let's have the whole family together、Kurikinton of Nakatsugawa specialty "Suya Main Store" made as a souvenir。Every year、This is a dish that you can feel autumn when it is time to sell.。After lunch、Have a snack time with everyone during idle time。 "Kurikinton" will be on sale for a limited time from September to January at "Suya Main Store", which is also a specialty of Nakatsugawa in Gifu.。"Kurikinton", which is famous as the taste of autumn in Kiso Road, is、Cooked using only carefully selected chestnuts and sugar、"Kuriha Kurinomi De"、The old tradition of "returning the kinton to the shape of chestnuts" is preserved.、You can enjoy the original rustic taste of unpretentious chestnuts.。To the younger brother、I want to take it out of the box and serve it, so I ask for a platter.、Just like、They also prepared bamboo leaves.。This kind of place is、I think it's unique to brothers who grew up watching their father's back as a chef and craftsmanship.。If the original、I would like to go with delicious sencha or matcha.、Because my mother is always looking forward to the coffee I brew、On this day, I brought freshly brewed iced coffee from Fukuroi's home-roasted coffee shop "Mameyakafu"、I had ♪ a delicious and enjoyable time There are recommended set meals other than the "Unadon Set" limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.、Please visit Shizunami Beach when you stop by.。 Restaurant Mine Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Makinohara City Shizunami 2276-2 TEL:0548-22-1886 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-13:30、Dinner 17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday、Tuesday's

Hamamatsu / Shimbashi "Japanese Restaurant Shimbashi Abe" A Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy the cheerful smile of the proprietress and a full tendon

Hamamatsu is a Japanese restaurant in Shimbashi, Minami Ward. / Japanese Food Abe"。I don't often set foot in Minami Ward.、Because there are many shops that you are interested in、I would like to visit little by little from time to time.。 Here is the original、Although it has been operating as "Uoara Branch" for a long time by dividing the goodwill from the famous restaurant "Uoara" of live fish cuisine、2019On Friday, January 11, the shop name was changed to Daian and changed to "Shimbashi Abe".、It has been restarted。 The inside of the store has a bright atmosphere、Counter seats and table seats with a view of the kitchen、Raised tatami room seats、In the back, there is a private room in the banquet hall that can accommodate up to 25 people.、Dinner parties such as legal affairs and legal requirements are also available.。 On this day, go to the raised tatami room seat。A small TV is installed in the corner of the room.、There was exactly 24-hour TV broadcasting.。Eating while watching TV、There is an atmosphere where you can relax at home.、Relaxing interior。 This is served the same menu day and night.、Starting with a set meal menu centered on tendon、Prepare sashimi set meals and unaju。The menu with photos is easy to see、obvious。"Tendon" has two shrimp、"Shrimp tendon" has 4 shrimp、When it comes to "Kamitendon"、Live shrimp becomes car shrimp。 After receiving an order, I started to hear the sound of tempura frying.、The back of a parent and child with a rounded back is similar。 A set meal of tendon with freshly fried tempura was brought to us.。Actually,、After this landlady renamed the store、You have launched a "landlady blog" on the local information portal site "Hamazo".、I am writing a landlady blog with the goal of posting once a day。My husband also has a long history of Hamazo blog.、They immediately noticed our presence.。In this landlady blog、Not much about the menu and food、Most of them are about Momo-chan, a toy poodle kept by your family.、Dog lovers、Occasionally、Turtle mikan-chan appeared.、It is something that shows everyday life like the daily murmurs of the landlady、Even if you are visiting for the first time、I think you can see the personality of the landlady。I was going back to the 2019 article I first wrote、In the article of reading, which is also a hobby of the landlady、It is written that you like "Miyuki Miyabe" and "Keigo Higashino"、My favorite author is just like me.、So much so that I felt a sense of closeness。However,、It seems that regular customers often ask me to "add food sometimes" (laughs) I usually change the menu that I order for two people and share it.、On this day, both of them are in the mood for "tendon"。I wanted to taste it slowly、The time for the trimming salon of my dog Chocolat is approaching.、We held a bowl and ate it silently.。To begin with、The birth of the rice bowl is said to have originated from a dish called "Houhan" in the Muromachi period.、Authentic rice bowls were born in the Edo period。Edo-like temperament that wants to quickly scrape in rice、Put the side dish directly on the rice、Before you know it, tempura is also put on rice.、"Tendon" is born.。On this day we、Just like an Edo kid、I scooped up the "tendon" with a sekuseka.。 "Tendon" 1,540 yen (tax included) The ingredients of "Tendon " are、2 shrimp and 2 squash、Bell pepper on eggplant sliced into rings、Beef cut vertically、White fish is fluffy fried black sea bream and lavish。The tempura batter makes a crispy and spooky sound where there is no sauce.、The place where the sauce is worn is moist、The sweet sauce that provides the same taste by adding and adding is balanced moderately.。 To be served in a set meal style、For rice bowls、Two small bowls of soup、Pickled and hearty。From a bird's-eye view、I noticed that the two small bowls were different from each other.、"Boiled Shirasu grated Japanese radish"、"Simmered Hijiku"、"Jinping 牛蒡"、A small bowl that makes you happy with the "rabbit flower"。 Small bowl "Kamaage shirasu grated radish" Small bowl "Hijiki stew" "Asari miso soup from Lake Hamana" Contains plenty of asari from Lake Hamana、The miso soup, which is sleek and the umami of Asari's soup stock is soaked in, is unique to Hamamatsu.。 Pickles "Sawaan pickles and pickled daikon" Looking at two pickled daikon radishes、Do you ever wonder?。Even though the radish is white、Why is Sawaan yellow? That is、When salting and pickling radish、The pungent components contained in radish are decomposed.、Gradually yellowing、Due to binding with other ingredients、It naturally turns yellow when pickled.。Since ancient times, Sawaan is associated with yellow.、To create the image of Sawaan pickle、There are also products that use natural coloring such as turmeric and gardenia.。With radish that ferments and decomposes pungent components and turns yellow,、Radish that remains white、It's an interesting combination。 The landlady said, "Please ♪ have a water bun."、I had a bite-sized dessert at the service.。The chewy water bun has a plump texture、The bean paste inside is full of beautiful lilac purple sweet potato strained bean paste.。Relax with an unexpected dessert after meals。Even at my parents' Japanese restaurant、My mother often said, "It's ♪ a service."、I remembered that they were handing out ice cream and sweets。Such kindness and concern of the proprietress, who can be said to be the face of the store,、I think it keeps the hearts of regular customers。 "Tentama" When you pay at the cash register、On the counter is written "Heavenly ball, please feel free"、I saw a pile of heavenly gems packed in a small bag。Here is、The tempura that comes out when making tempura at the store、It is said that it is given as a service to customers who come to the store.。In the Abe family、Tendama that must be put in yakisoba、If you float on plain udon noodles、It transforms into a magnificent tempura udon taste.。In addition、It seems that the regulars will teach you various things how to use this heavenly ball.、It's natural to put it in noodles and takoyaki.、Served with rice over eggs or cold tofu、Put it in place of fried miso soup、Stir-fry sweet and spicy with radish leaves and sprinkle it.、Every wife is full of ideas、It seems to be enjoyed by all-you-can-arrange。If one heavenly ball can spread such a delicious topic、There's nothing to say! Japanese restaurant Shimbashi Abe / Japanese Food Abe Address:995 Shimbashi-cho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL:053-447-0654 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:00、Dinner 17:00-20:00(30 minutes before L.O.) Closed:Tuesday *The first week is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays Parking lot:We have 14 units next to the store

Hamamatsu / Sanidai "Kappo Kuwahara" "Okase lunch kaiseki" that gives a glimpse of the craftsman's spirit with careful cooking and reliable taste

Hamamatsu goes to "Kappo Kuwahara" tucked away next to "THE NORTH FACE HAMAMATSU SAMAIDAI STORE" along Sanidai Green Street。 She moved to Hamamatsu、15 years ago。"You can enjoy authentic kaiseki at a reasonable price" is highly evaluated by friends and acquaintances.、While knowing the existence of this Japanese restaurant、It is also a complete reservation system.、I missed the timing of my visit.、I finally had the opportunity to visit this time.、My husband and I came to look forward to it.。 "Kappo Kuwa Hara"、21Opened a year ago、Currently, the owner, Akiyoshi Kuwahara, is operating alone.。As a result、Reservations are by appointment only.。Without regular holidays、Days without reservations are holidays.。Because same-day reservations are strict due to preparation、Advance reservation is recommended。 After passing through the courtesy,、It is a small structure with a counter、Seats are、Counter 6 seats、There are 14 seats with 4 table seats × 2 seats.。Reservations for this day are reserved by us。Here is、It will be a kaiseki course day and night、Lunch ¥1,500 (excluding tax)、At night, it starts at ¥3,000 (excluding tax) and both can be ordered in increments of ¥500.、This time, we are asking for "Omakase lunch kaiseki" for ¥3,000 (excluding tax) per person that contains pottery.。 The owner, Akiyoshi Kuwabara,、Born in Toyohashi in Showa 40, 58 years old。Holding a kitchen knife for the first time at a part-time job "Chanko Edozawa" in high school、After that、Training in Kansai、Hone your restaurant preparation skills、Opened his own business after staying at a hotel for three days。I was welcomed by my mother who came to my parents' house in Toyohashi.、You live with me here。I was a chef after my father died.、My brother took over the Japanese restaurant at my parents' house in Makinohara.、I thought about the things that my mother and I were doing.、I felt a sense of closeness。 Because interviews are rarely accepted.、Although not much information is disclosed、He said that he was able to come for 21 years only by word of mouth.。He has sudden hearing loss in his right ear.、The shopkeeper speaks quietly and calmly.。To make it easier to talk and serve meals、When I asked, "Shall I go to the counter?" he replied, "I、I'm so embarrassed..."。 It seems that there are madams who drink beer and Japan from noon.、He said, "We offer it at a lower price than other places."、Next time, we would like to have it too。To enjoy a drink during meals、We have a lineup of second-class sake that allows you to taste the individuality of rice in each region.。 Because each dish is freshly made、This time's omakase lunch kaiseki is、8The dish course takes about 2 hours。 While having a conversation with the owner, Mr. Kuwabara、You can enjoy your meal calmly and slowly。 Ahead of "Vinegar Miso Ae" Golden vinegar miso、Scallops on small shrimp、Raw Japanese cloth and cucumber、And serve with chopped mushrooms.。The vinegar miso with good salt plum that arouses food stands out。 Hachisun "4 kinds of small bowls" Smooth and smooth fresh yuba and okra。You can enjoy the rich sweetness of soybeans because you can enjoy raw yuba.。 Braised shellfish、With a taste with careful preparation、Soft, moist and soaked in taste。 Edamame cut the top and bottom of the pod、Don't let it get too salty、The salt is added well enough to enhance the sweetness of the edamame.。 Untan tofu with yamaoi is、smooth and rich taste。You can enjoy a glass of sake while picking this one dish Japan。 Small bowls served in eight suns that can be enjoyed with blue autumn leaves。The first precept and eighth sun have already grabbed my stomach (laughs) "Today's sashimi" I got up at 5 a.m. and ran to the central market in the city.、Commitment to purchasing the fresh fish of the day with your own eyes。The sashimi of this day is、Bonito、Sea bream、Three types of tuna。Horns stand、The cut shines、You can really enjoy the taste of the ingredients、A moment when craftsmanship shines。Served with mellowly aged whole soybean soy sauce and Motoyama Aoi。 Mr. Kuwabara, the owner,、While leaving the commitment to ingredients、Domestic salt and aged whole soy sauce、Hatcho miso、Even if you take one soup stock、It is important to use an appropriate amount of safe and secure products.、He also told me in detail about the things used in ordinary households, saying, "I recommend something like this."。The craftsmanship of the owner, which shows honesty,、I feel the remnants of my late father somewhere.。 Boiled "Steamed lotus root" without sugar or miso,、dashi、Salt、Boiled food with a good taste made with Japan sake。Steamed white fish and ground lotus root、Fluffy and firm lotus root steamed、With plump shrimp and umami-rich Tamba shimeji and three-leaf aroma。Deliciousness that comes back to life。 Strong side dish "Yuan grilled silver cod"、The specialty "dashi rolled egg" is provided for all courses of lunch kaiseki、"Kuwahara specialty" "dashi rolled egg"。Use one egg per person、Dashi rolls made with only dashi stock and light soy sauce。To finish at once over high heat、Inside the store the sound of egg liquid flowing "juju"。Steaming、Served hot、It sways on the bowl while it is carried.、It speaks of its softness.。Eating one bite、With a deliciousness that soaks in、Truly exquisite dashi rolls。And、The strong side dish on this day is "Yuan grilled silver cod"。The silver cod pickled in the hermitage is fragrant、The meat has a soft and melty taste.、With a refreshing vinegar scent。 Fried food "Tempura" Tempura on this day、Scabbard fish、Lotus root、Okra、Shiitake mushroom、Pumpkin。The crispy tempura with a light coat is served with coarse salt made from 100% domestic ingredients.。 Meal "Cha Soba" Using carefully crafted "Tea Soba" from "Ikejima Foods" using carefully selected Shizuoka matcha with a good taste and aroma。There is a stiffness through the smooth throat、You can enjoy the aromatic taste of matcha.。 Dipping soup "Nameko soup" The dipping soup "Nameko soup" served hot is、Plenty of licks and white onions、It has a moderate thickness.、It is often entangled with tea soba noodles.。Sometimes it is a dipping soup、This one is finished with a slightly firmer taste for the eyes.。 Sweet "Soy milk and soy milk powder agar black honey" Combines soy milk and flour containing plenty of soy isoflavones that are good for women's beauty and health、Sweeten with just a little honey、Agar is made loose with a small amount、Enjoy the fragrant and smooth texture of soybean flour、Served with homemade black nectar。It is so delicious sweet that you want to have a refill.。 The nostalgia of the good old pendulum clock、It makes you feel warmth and nostalgia with the scent of Showa.。"You can enjoy authentic kaiseki at a reasonable price"、Don't lie to this evaluation that I heard from around、Low price、With such careful cooking、The body rejoices、If you think that it provides the basic taste of Japanese cuisine、The sincere and conscientious spirit of craftsmanship is unbelievable.。Not to mention that it was ranked as our favorite store、I've already said, "When should I make the next reservation?"、I'm talking。 Kappo Kuwahara Address:3-51-1 Sameidai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL:053-445-5686(Reservation required) Business hours:Lunch 11:30-14:00、Dinner 17:00~(Negotiable) Closed:Irregular holidays (holidays if there is no reservation) Parking:We have two units in front of the store..

"Happy New Year!

【 Happy New Year 】 I would like to express my sincere congratulations on the New Year.。 Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,、We would like to congratulate you on welcoming the new year with a refreshing feeling.。 Thank you very much for your help last year.。 Our family will continue to make further efforts to make this year a year of leaps and bounds worthy of the Year of the Rabbit。 We sincerely ask for your continued support and encouragement.、 Happy new year greetings and。 This year's New Year's flowers to welcome the New Year、Please arrange it at "Hanakoubo Kitano"、Wakamatsu、Hanaume、Ping Pong Mam、Spray Mom、Sweet Pea、Turkish bellflower、stock、Senryō、A rare ringed chrysanthemum that is shipped in full bloom and a large-flowered blue mom with a bamboo knot、It is a very auspicious arrangement with pine, bamboo and plum blossoms.。 Pine, bamboo, and plum are called "Toshikan Sanyu" (severe cold three friends).、so that the leaves do not wither even in cold winters,、Revered as a "lucky charm" for the New Year because of its strength.、In addition, chrysanthemums and southern heavens、Senryō、daffodils, etc.、There are New Year's flower materials that have been popular since ancient times.、Using them, traditional New Year's flowers are designed with a Japanese modern design.、Accompanied by a kite to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, this year's Chinese zodiac sign。 Although it was predicted that a severe cold wave would be in the New Year,、Fortunately, we were blessed with good weather.、Feel the warm sunlight during the day、It was a comfortable New Year's Day without the need for heating appliances.。 In the morning, the couple stood in the kitchen.、Although I work hard to prepare this and that、This year, the head chef of Kyoto Gion "Hanamai":前田重博監修の御節料理をお取り寄せして楽をさせてもらいいつもは陶芸家の器に盛り込む御節料理でしたが今年は幸せを重ねるという意味を持つ重箱に詰められた本格的な御節料理を楽しみながら華やかな食卓を迎えます正月らしく紅白カラーをイメージし差し色に金や黄色を入れ込み彩りを意識した盛り付けを心掛けて「伊勢海老の刺し盛り」 器「釋永 岳(Gaku Shakunaga) gen 大皿 Φ420」 昨年同様に伊勢海老を主役に盛り込んだ刺し盛りは中央に丸ごと一匹の伊勢海老に金箔、Tuna、Sea bream、生雲丹、How much、Salmon、タコに築地の出汁の利いた旨味溢れる玉子焼きを梅型に型抜きし静岡産本山葵を添えた豪華なひと皿京都祇園「華舞」料理長前田重博監修の御節料理「富の舞」 八坂神社の赤いろうもんを回り込む緩やかな坂道沿いに佇む築100年余りの京町家を舞台に祇園の華やかさを受け継ぐ懐石料理を提供される京都祇園「華舞」その料理長を務められる前田重博さんが監修され本格的な和風御節にこだわり日本料理の伝統技術を用いて一品一品丹精込めて腕を振るわれた豪華な御節は、6.5寸の三段重(4〜5人前)となり全59品目が見事に盛り込まれています「壱の重〜温かで恵みあふれる年を願い〜」 壱の重は、Date self-winding、烏賊雲丹蟹味噌和え雲丹博多紅蒲鉾白蒲鉾合鴨スモークスモークサーモントラウトスタフドオリーブ 、Marinated salmon、真鯛きずし海老錦手まり、Kouhaku namasu、若鶏黄味焼き鱈子旨煮明石蛸柔らか煮焼き湯葉柚子味噌巻たたき牛蒡活あわび福良煮、Boiled Koya tofu、Meifu-hsien、Kinusaya、All 22 tricolor mochidama chirashi dishes。 "Happy、Wishing you a year full of joy-"、Steamed crab with sake、How much pickled in soy sauce、Chicken Shinjo blue nori flavor、Measures、Hyuga Natsu Ajikasa、Lily root honeydew stew、Tara umani、Ubari Untan grilled kanzashi、Shrimp、Cream cheese hojicha、Warabi mochi nose、黒胡麻豆腐笹巻きにしん甘露煮真鯛焼き漬け湯葉ちりめん山椒桜麩含め煮粟麩含め煮帆立鼈甲焼き海老艶煮なまこぽん酢和え焼き穴子ほたるいか早煮の全21品「参の重〜良縁を祈り実り結ぶ年を願い〜」 参の重は金箔黒豆明太子昆布仕立て子持昆布松前漬け桜金団甘栗甘露煮鮭幽庵焼きくるみ甘露あわび入り貝雲丹和え銀鱈西京焼き数の子鼈甲漬け松前漬け蟹香り漬けずわい蟹甘酢和え子持昆布からすみ菊花だいこんの全16品どのお重にもバランス良く高級食材を盛り込みそれぞれが嗜好を凝らした三段重。Using lucky charm ingredients、You can see that each dish was cooked with a commitment to the ingredients and manufacturing method.、You can enjoy the elegant taste unique to Kyoto cuisine、新春に相応しい優雅な御節料理となります「握り寿司三巻」 器「釋永 岳(Gaku Shakunaga)mars平皿 Φ250」 毎年、On New Year's Day, the owner's nigiri sushi is held while remembering the time when sushi lovers were so strong that they stood at the counter as sushi chefs。手前から鮪の赤身、Salmon、鯛は柚子皮を添えて刺し盛りのネタから拝借した刺身は身厚で形が握り寿司に向いていないため飾り包丁を入れ食べやすくアレンジ!鮪は格子状に存在感を露わにサーモンは扇状に握りやすいように縦に鯛は開いて幅を広げシャリを包むようにふんわりと握っています「こぼれ寿司」 器「Shimoo Design 浮様 丸盆 φ280」 寿司屋の手巻き寿司用の海苔を炙ってシャリを丸め零れ落ちるほどのネタを添えたその名も「こぼれ寿司」一口で頬張れば海の恵みが爆発する衝撃的な味わいで贅沢極まりない一皿! 「こぼれ寿司いくら」 大粒で輝かしい醤油漬けの特選いくらを溢れるほどに盛り付けたいくら好きには堪らないこぼれいくら「こぼれ寿司雲丹」 磯の香りに魅了され濃厚で上品な甘みを感じられる至極のこぼれ雲丹「関東風お雑煮」 素材それぞれを和風出汁で下茹でしてから、Light soy sauce and mirin、Add a little Japan sake、Combined stew、友人宅から頂戴した搗き立てのきび餅を焼いてから添えて盛り込むあっさりとした関東風お雑煮彩り鮮やかで風味豊かな金時人参は大小のサイズでねじり梅の飾り切りにし蕪は茎を少々残してくし形にほうれん草はバラけぬように結びにし焼いたきび餅を添えて菊の花を散らせば完成です! 「富山・新湊かまぼこ 越中巻(赤巻・昆布巻)」 器「釋永 岳(Gaku Shakunaga)gen台皿 Φ200」 主人の実家でもある富山を代表する蒲鉾・越中巻創業80年の伝統技術を守り続ける「新湊かまぼこ」を富山土産で頂いていたため縁起物として食卓へ「自家製・蕪の柚子漬」 器「釋永 岳(Gaku Shakunaga)gen小鉢 Φ130」 「黒龍酒造・黒龍 大吟醸 龍」 器「釋永 岳(Gaku Shakunaga)呑みすぎる杯」 準備が整い今年も豊かな元旦を迎えることができた我が家釋永岳の呑みすぎる杯を片手に日本酒で乾杯です! ワインの熟成を応用し、1975年に全国に先駆けて発売された「黒龍酒造」のロングセラー大吟醸となる「黒龍 大吟醸 龍」しなやかで繊細且つ上品な味わいと喉越しの良さが際立ちふくよかで優雅な後味が印象に残る旨味豊かな大吟醸! 活きたアワビを丁寧に下処理し、A superb dish cooked plump and soft! The aroma of abalone and the umami of the liver are the best for sake! "Fresh confectionery of Gan-eupdo" vessel:"Shimoo Design Ukisama Marubon φ280" "Light Tea" Vessel:「釋永 岳(Gaku Shakunaga)áge鉄鉢 φ130」 今年も昨年同様に浜松の老舗和菓子店「巖邑堂」の上生菓子を用意正月を飾る上生菓子は4個・6個・8個入りで販売されておりこちらは6個入りを購入手前右から「干支まん頭春の薫松の雪紅梅玉箒栗きんとん」の6種類愛らしい今年の干支の兎も加わり練り切りや求肥餡など上品な甘さの和菓子がそれぞれに楽しめます! 食事をゆっくりと楽しんだ後に薄茶を点てて上生菓子を摘む優雅なひととき。 The envious face of my dog Chocolat is the same as last year (laughs) I can only thank you for the New Year for being able to lead such a peaceful daily life.。 2023年が皆々様にとって明るく希望に溢れ兎のようにピョンピョンと跳ね上がる飛躍の一年となりますように。...

Hamamatsu "Kanerin Eel Shop" While looking at the courtyard, nutritious eel weight baked with Kishu Bicho charcoal

Located along the Otoko Kaido in Irino-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City, the long-established eel specialty store "Kanerin Eel Store" founded in 1952 is、The front sign has also been renewed.、Eels are served baked in Kishu Bicho charcoal、浜松でも数ある鰻店の中でも人気が鰻のぼりのお店となります! 私たちの住まう”浜松の食”と言えば、But first and foremost "eel" to raise、Eel shop very much、Taste sauce and bake、How to Cook rice into a particular、It seems that each person has a favorite shop、In terms of the dogma and prejudice of our husband and wife,、Storefront、Customer service、Material、Taste、As a cost-performance score、The shop that descends to the No.1 position due to its good balance is this "Kanerin Eel Shop"。 Here is the original、That had been operating in the town、 1977In October, and moved here INO-Cho, 39 years、In relation to earthquake-proof outlets、In the form of the new and reformed、2016To set up a Japanese garden on 23 June, the quaint atmosphere has changed、The Japanese space full of restless、While not facing the street was described as too cozy、益々その名を轟かせる名店となります! 「た(他)」、"Nuki (pulling)" = has the meaning of "pulling out others"、Popular tanuki figurines as auspicious objects of business prosperity are also sitting。Tanuki's hyokin face that is smiling with his teeth bared and looking upwards is、It seems like a sign that it's thriving.。 Shop、Counter seating around a central courtyard、Table seats、Private room、Zashiki and 61 seats are available。Even on weekdays、Because it will be full as soon as the store opens、Write the name and number of people at the entrance、We will wait at the waiting booth for a while until a seat becomes available.。 This time I was guided to a counter seat where you can see the courtyard。 Okuzashiki's dug-out and、Table seating is also good、After all, natural light shines in and brightens、The counter seat with a view of the courtyard in front is the most healing! Courtyard Unashige、(Average)、(medium)、(top)、(Extraordinary) will be 4 types。 While waiting for the time between ordering and baking、Take a break with warm green tea。 20In 30 minutes、Good scents、There is a shine、It is a shiny uneven weight outing! "Unashige (middle)" 3,780 yen here、Deprecating quick quality eels to its seasonal's supply chain、I will bake it with Kishu Binkatan! The outside is fragrant and the inside is plump and baked.、During the 70 years since our founding、A secret kept from his grandfather's long shirttail while sauce three times under、Taste、Luster with the best to finish、Cooked in a large kettle and served on top of hot rice cooked plump to the core of the rice。Sprinkle powdered pepper between eel and rice、Enjoy the scent of sansho spreading in your mouth! The eel is soft enough to cut with chopsticks.、Sauce is not too sweet and spicy, which is common in the countryside、Elegant and just right salt plum。The grain stands firmly while the white rice is small.、In a state of gloss to entangle the sauce、The heavy box becomes the heat which can be able to be in the state of heat while raising the steam to the last minute.、The deliciousness with which chopsticks proceed unexpectedly is exceptional! What to Hide、One of the reasons why my husband and I recommend this is that "the deliciousness of cooked rice" stands out.、You can taste the balance of rice and eel that is not found anywhere else here! Liver sucking with eel liver with elegant taste、The pickles will be three kinds of pickles of shiba pickles and sawaan。Recent、Because I live unusually busy days、I would like to increase immunity by eating vitamin-rich and nutritious eels that help strengthen immune cells! Very satisfying "Kanerin Eel Shop" Unashige。There is also a place that is not far from my house、If you eat eel in Hamamatsu、We always recommend the "Kanerin Eel Shop"、Enjoy various flavors、Right or wrong、Please try ♪ to find your favorite una weight that suits you Kanerin Eel Shop Address:731 Iinocho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-448-9335 Hours of operation:11:00-13:45[O.S]、17:00-20:00[O.S] Closed:Every week Wednesday、3rd Tuesday

Gifu Mizunami "Goryu Yanagiya" Omakase Jibier at "Yanagiya Kiyama", an annex limited to one set of local cuisine restaurants representing Japan!

Gifu Prefecture is in the depths of the mountain where you can feel the four seasons of the satoyama of Mizunami City、Yanagiya, a famous local cuisine restaurant that stands in a tasteful atmosphere that relocated an old private house from the late Edo period in 1859。 Many foodies have made their name as "a place to visit once in a lifetime"、Because the reservation becomes almost introduction system by a complete reservation system、At first glance, mr. refused!? the narrow gate of。Foodies call foodies' friends、その連鎖で勢いは留まることを知らず現在も予約困難店となる名店中の名店です! 春は野山の芽吹きを感じるほろ苦さが堪らない山菜や野草を、In summer, the Pure River fish such as fragrant natural sweetfish and thick natural eel、In autumn, natural mushrooms such as matsutake mushrooms、Meat exclusively in winter、Meat、on parade of meat and gibier lovers unbearable meat and、A local cuisine restaurant representing Japan that competes with one "Omakase Course" that finishes the blessings of Satoyama with charcoal grilling because of that time。 The small restaurant that my grandmother started in Akechi village next door started the other generation、"Goryu Yanagiya", founded in 1946,、Masaaki Yamada, the father of kazutaka Yamada, the third-generation current head, established the current style of "having the ingredients of the mountain cooked and eaten on the spot at the hearth edge"。While inheriting that style、The third generation that matured into japan's best restaurant attracting attention from all over the world。Mr. Yamada, who will be the three brothers,、I cut the shop with my third son, Masashi Yamada.、His second son, Kaoru Hayashi,、2014年にオープンさせた名古屋の「御料理 柳家 錦」にて店長を務められ三兄弟で「柳家」の名を背負っているのです! 「御料理 柳家(本館)」 「御料理 柳家岐山(別館)」 昨年2021年11月にオープンされたばかりの別館は、It is built to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the founding of "Yanagiya"、The setting is the extreme of the momentum of "one set a day limited"。Also affected by coronal ravages、引き渡し日が一ヶ月ほど遅れてしまったようですが無事竣工されています! この日の岐阜の気温は、Because it got cold with only 2-3 degrees、The rain turns into snow.、As the area falls into the silver world、Thanks to a friend who took the driver, I was able to arrive safely.。To be during the period of priority measures such as spread prevention、17It will close at 20:00 from time to time。 If you open the door,、The traditional craft of splendid solid wood is enshrined、The dignifiedness is a masterpiece.。the predecessor was an antique collector.、Both in the main building annex、You can see a lot of the collection。 "Yanagiya Kizan" opened at 1:11 p.m. on November 1, 2021 with persimmon drops.。You can step into this annex limited to one set a day、懇意にしている友人のおかげです! “ヒトサラ ベストシェフ&レストラン”とは「シェフが選んだシェフ」をテーマに100人と100店をグルメメディア「ヒトサラ」が独自に表彰している年に一度のアワードです。Based on a questionnaire to chefs conducted at the end of last year、Taking into the recommendation received in the original content "Shop recommended by the chef"、"The most refined" chefs and restaurants have been selected.、This is the third generation of "Yanagiya":山田さんも受賞されています! そして、Not evaluation by experts etc.、生活者による評価をもとにした独自の年間レストランアワード「The Tabelog Award 2022」。2021from 523 stores that received extremely high ratings in 2008、"Gold" as the top of about 810,000 stores nationwide (as of December 2021) by vote by tabelog users、「Silver」、「Bronze」、「Best New Entry」、"Best Regional Restaurant" awards are selected.、523店中31店の名誉となるゴールドを獲得され授与されています! 入口に設置されたワインセラー。The selection of wine is left to the third son, Masashi Yamada.、go out to buy directly to France and Italy、You will see it with a lion nap that is sure。こちらのワインの年間仕入れ数を耳にした時は驚きを隠せませんでした! 昔ながらの伝統的な日本家屋の造りを尊重し、In a wooden building studded with the skills of a shrine carpenter、Two spaces full of openness with ceiling height continue、Even though the scent of new wood is still drifting、A calm annex where you can feel the warmth of the soil such as juraku wall。There is a goodness here which is different from the age of the main building with a taste。 a digger-type hearth prepared for each of the two。In order to charter the room comfortably for 7 people、You can stretch your legs and relax。Although it is a face-to-face type that is easy to talk about、大きな囲炉裏のおかげで程良い距離が保たれるのも嬉しい造りです! 本館、In the annex,、What pottery do you offer?、The owner and the third son carefully bake each one by one、It is the style of "Yanagiya" to provide country-style hospitality that makes you feel nostalgic somewhere、On this day, the third son, Masashi Yamada, will be in charge of baking.。Yanagiya、In the French restaurant run guide "La Liste 2019" which introduces 1,000 excellent gastronomic restaurants from all over the world、Ranked in the top 10 scores in the world、The Local Cuisine Award has also been awarded a double award and has been a brilliant achievement.、awarded annually from there、「La Liste 2022(ラ・リスト)」では、Although it was a corona evil, it was going to France、剛之(Masashi)氏が満を持してその授与式に登壇された際の裏話や珍道中話も楽しく伺うことができました! 囲炉裏に用意された炭の火おこしは既に準備万端で、Waiting for ingredients、It gently warms our cold body! Charcoal uses two different types of charcoal.、The way it is assembled is also unique.。Binchotan is placed in the center of the circle、I put the agarsh that fire is easy to turn around.。Agarsh also has the meaning of scenting、炭の良い香りを食材に閉じ込め堪能することができます! 今回はノンアルコールワインをセレクトしてもらいジビエに合わせることにしました! 先付け「蜂の子の佃煮、Simmered sardines with sweet and dew、ハツと蒟蒻の赤味噌煮込み」 卓上にセットされていたアルコールおしぼりで手を拭き、I put a nonwoven apron.、until the first skewer is baked、I will receive a three-point serving of the first mover。From the left in the order、Tsukudani of nutritious bee-little beeko, which is considered to be a delicacy in the mountainous regions of Gifu and Nagano。Bee-ine has improved anemia、Empowerment、Cancer control、It has the effect such as anti-aging、It is said to contain a lot of various nutrients.、There is a culture of eating for a long time。Because it is sweet and spicy seasoned and brown、It's hard to recognize that you're a bee child from the look.、I think that it is easy to eat even if you are not good at it。The middle is boiled with a sardine that can be eaten to the bone.、The moistly cooked sardines ooze the taste、It is made with ginger and is ideal for serving rice and drinking.。The back is braised with red miso with hats and clams.、酒好きには堪らない濃厚な味わいが楽しめます! 一串目は、"Leek room" with duck carrying leek。 The position and angle of the skewer are delicately adjusted to make a decision、The moment the duck fat drips through the leeks as it is baked、While making a delicious sound、良い色に仕上がっていきます! 面を返して、It's been a while now.。 The final touch is to broil over a charcoal fire。The fire rises when the fat drips、見ているこちらもワクワクしてしまいます! 「鴨の葱間」 器に盛り、"Duck onion" served with a sprinkling of salt。Duck-like elasticity and sweetness、Onions so hot that they melt with enough duck fat、For the overflowing meat juice and onion juice、言うまでもなく相性抜群の組み合わせに舌鼓! 「大根サラダ」 地場の大根の皮を剥き半月切りにし、A simple salad with just salt。To become a meat continuation of game、The presence of entrees。 I'm crazy about the story.、The following skewers have already been cooked.、Next is "Duck Loin"。 Crimson lean flesh dripping with blood。 The finish is broiled after soaking it in a pot containing a secret pickled sauce! The secret pickled sauce is made of blended soy sauce and ginger seam addition、By oozing the fat and gravy of the pickled meat、深みのあるオリジナルの漬けダレになっています! 「鴨ロース」 炭の火入れに勝るものは無し。Fresh meat from seasonal ingredients that are limited in time、Baked on the hearth、Cheeks in a hot state dripping with fat and blood、This is exactly what it means to taste the original flavor of meat.、これぞジビエ!と思わせてくれます! お次は、The pure white fat and pale pink texture of the fine meat looks like a pig.、実は肥大させた「猪」とのこと!(驚) その猪の脂は本当に良く燃えます!それだけ、Because it removes excess fat、脂の塊を見ても自然と恐れる気持ちは無くなります(笑) 激しく立ち上がる炎に身を潜らせて仕上げるその見事な火入れは、It is also a skilled technique like a performance.、見惚れてしまいます! 「肥大させた猪ロース」 絶妙な火入れで、Moist and soft、The boar with a strong umami、You will be served plenty of sour grain mustard。The boar fat that was intentionally enlarged was smooth.、It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a fat that can be drunk! Because he says that I can drink the fat that I am not good at near 50 years old.、This is already a technique that can be done with ingredients.。High-quality fat also has a sweetness、It is also indispensable for women's beautiful skin。In addition、低カロリーで高タンパクと言うことなしの猪です! 「柳家」では肉質がやわらかく、They often prefer to use female fawns under the age of 1 with a gentle scent。厚さ2cm程に分厚く切ったロースをじっくりと焼いていきます! 「仔鹿のロース」 繊細で柔らかな肉質はジューシィーで、Because it is submerged in a secret pickled sauce to finish、It's delicious enough as it is, but、柚子胡椒を添えることでパンチの効いた味わいに! 家業のお手伝いもしながら、Kurumi-chan grows up watching the backs of her parents who work day and night。He seems to be good at trickery.、He showed me a lot of things while I was waiting.、This is the Eiffel Tower! At the age of 5, he can converse with adults without being intimidated、将来有望な後継ぎの一人かもしれません(笑) 先端にハツを乗せた一羽を半身にした「仔鴨」。The baby duck is a small duck of the mallard duck、I think there are many people who think that it is a duck child.、In fact, it is a completely different breed, and the name of the duck is "baby duck".、"I think it's the best in the duck world!" says Masashi。 So far、Meat、Meat、It was an on-parade of meat and meat.、まだ自分の脳と胃が肉を欲する力が残っているから驚きです! 「仔鴨の半身」 秘伝の漬けダレを身に纏い、The glossy "half of the duckling"! Borrow your feet vigorously、I'm going to bite you! Here it is、It will be served with fragrant and refreshing Motoyama Aoi。In winter, the gentle Aoi Motoyama of Izu、夏は刺激的な安曇野の本山葵を使用されています! お次は「鴨鍋」たっぷりの野菜の出汁と鴨の旨味が詰まった「鴨鍋」の取り分けもスタッフさんがしてくださいます! 「鴨鍋」 里芋、Daikon radish、The Awakening of the Incas、Turnip、Tofu、Shimeji mushrooms、Nameko mushroom、Gyokuonjac、Green onions、Burdock root、A duck hot pot with lots of ingredients with plenty of serum and plenty of vegetables and duck meat! Under the large hearth、How can we all sit around one pot?、It's like coming back to your parents' house in the countryside.、ほっこりと温かな気持ちにさせてくれます! お野菜たっぷりで食べ応えがあり、Not to mention the flavor of each ingredient、濃厚な鴨の脂の甘味と旨味がほとばしる絶品鴨鍋!辛味を楽しむ一味と香りを楽しむ七味はお好みで! 〆には「自然薯」が登場!ここでも長女のクルミちゃんがお手伝いしてくれていてお櫃からご飯をよそってくれました! 「自然薯のとろろ飯」 古来より滋養強壮食として珍重され山菜の王者「自然薯」。Speaking of natural potatoes in Shizuoka Prefecture、It was the same at my parents' house.、I think it's common to stretch it with mackerel miso soup.、Here you will、Smooth and light natural potato stretched with fragrant bonito broth、麦飯にたっぷりとかけても軽く飲めてしまう美味しさ!思わず2杯目のおかわりもペロリと頂いてしまいます! デザートは何故か「三ヶ日みかん」で御座いました! 温かな囲炉裏を囲み、The ultimate game gathering with friends who have no shortage of gastronomy and travel stories。Thank you very much for inviting me! There are different ways to enjoy "Yanagiya" at that time of year、また是非次回もお声がけ頂ければと思います! 御料理 柳家(1日1組限定別館:Yanagiya Kiyama) Address:〒509-6361 岐阜県瑞浪市陶町猿爪573-27 予約専用番号:050-5263-3236(完全予約制) お問合せ番号:0572-65-2102 Hours of operation:12:00-15:00、17:00To 22:00(Sunday is 21:00まで) ※まん延防止等重点措置期間中は異なります 定休日:Occasionally parking:有(無料)...

Lake Hamana "Bentenjima Yamamototei" Set meal lunch unique to Uogashi restaurant with raw fish founded in 1975

Benten island in Lake Hamana.、A luxurious lunch at Bentenjima Yamamototei, which provides fresh ingredients harvested at the local Lake Hamana at its best! Bentenjima Yamamoto-tei、1975Established in 1975、It was running across the street from this place.。Is here.、As a sister store of "Bentenjima Yamamototei" which is the head office、2017Opened in March 2008 under the name "Uogishi Restaurant Taisuke"、2020In February 2008, the two stores merged to leave the name of the historic head office.、「弁天島 山本亭」としてリニューアルオープンしています! 目の前には浜名湖が見渡せる絶好のロケーションを誇り、Local people started.、Support from tourists is also thick、大変賑わっている人気店となります! 鰻やすっぽんなど浜名湖を代表する食材を取り扱い、From an affordable set meal、We have a course meal tailored to various scenes、バリエーションに富んだメニューも人気の一つです! すっぽんを取り扱う店というのが一目瞭然の立派なすっぽんの彫刻が設置されている店先。 When you pass through the noren, two water tanks are installed.、The narrowness and suppon overlap! I'm surprised that this much is being purchased.、It's also a specialty of this place.、その人気振りが伺えます! 日本一のすっぽんブランドと名高い浜名湖の「服部中村養鼈場」より仕入れられており、Taking advantage of the natural environment of Lake Hamana、High-quality suppon grown over 3 to 4 years by the method of open-world aquaculture、It is said that you can enjoy an elegant and refreshing taste without habit! My late father also handled suppon at a Japanese restaurant at my parents' house.、I've seen suppon released in my life since I was a child.、まるでペットのようにお世話していた時期を懐かしく思い出します! 広々とした店内にも大きな水槽が設置されており、1On the 1st floor, there is a counter seat surrounding the raw spoon and a horiki-style tatami room seat that is a semi-private room style with a small rise.、2The floor is a Japanese-style table and can be used as a banquet seat、There are about 80 seats and a generous number of seats! Also、A complete private room is by appointment only.、Room charges will be charged separately。 Here you will、"Ise shrimp miso soup" is also popular、水槽内で立派なその姿を楽しむことができます! 水深50mの地下海水をくみ上げて利用している生簀には、Yuto Port Market and Maisaka Fishing Port、Including the natural tiger puffer of Enshu-nada that the board chief himself visits and purchases every day to the local market of Hamamatsu Central Wholesale Market、Lobster, flounder and turbot、Sazae-San,、旬の活魚が悠々と泳いでいます! 前回は予約無しで入店し、I was guided to the counter seat.、This time, I was guided to a seat in a semi-private room of a small rise by advance reservation。1Because the floor seats face the parking lot、If you want to see Lake Hamana, it may be a good thing to reserve a seat on the second floor.。 Recommended dishes for this day are listed on this board。Choose the main from among these、+300円することで定食にもできます! 鮮魚がいただけるので、Seafood rice bowls and sashimi set meals are also recommended.、The temperature is also low in the single digits on this day.、体が冷えてしまわないよう煮魚と天丼をチョイスしました! 「黒ムツの煮魚定食」1,760円 本日のおすすめのボードメニューから「黒ムツの煮魚」を選び、I had a set meal for +330 yen! White、Clam soup、Small bowl、Pickles、甘味まで付いてきて+330円とは大変お得で嬉しいサービスです! 程良く脂ののった黒ムツは、Thick and soft、The broth is best for accompaniment to rice with a thick seasoning! You can enjoy the texture of the beef sardines that were burned together、香り良く美味しくいただけます! 「活車海老天丼」1,980円 蓋からはみ出るほどに真っ直ぐ綺麗に揚げられた車海老が整列し、Three live prawns、野菜はとろとろの茄子天とししとう天が添えられる豪華な天丼です! 衣はサクッと軽い食感と香ばしさが楽しめ、The inside is soft and fluffy.、The more you chew, the sweeter you can feel the shrimp.、あっという間に平らげてしまいました! 浜名湖畔に足を運ぶなら是非ともこちらで遠州灘の海の恵みをご堪能ください! 弁天島 山本亭 住所:3212-3 Bentenjima, Maisaka-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL:053-592-1919 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30、Dinner 16:30To 22:00(Last order 21:00( 2) Parking lot:16Stand (free) Closed:Thursday

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