"Palais de Sin Taipei, international morning buffet style breakfast final day

Taipei main station and directly linked、Large shopping mall "Beijing railway station at Qsquare, square(Cue square) "in the designer's Hotel"Your products Hotel Palais de Chine Hotel Taipei(Palais de SIN) "celebrates the Taiwan trip last day of good morning!

6Located next to the front desk on the floor "Your product offers cloud Hotel La Rotisserie(La Rotisserie).、Morning 6:30-10:00To the breakfast room and、International food buffet style breakfast is served!

And present the room number at the reception、Let us to our seats and!

Hall is divided into 2 floors、Left hand became a sofa seat and 腰掛kereru、Giving out chandelier、Exudes a like moist and relaxed Café atmosphere!

On the ceiling、"LDC clouds, the Moon Hotels & Resorts Group "of the image of clouds on the group while、Hotel name "your product" of decorated design mirror image of "products"、Because mirrors on every wall or ceiling、Deep feeling.、Increases your space lively!

Center counter、Colorful salad using vegetables, cheeses and cold meats、There are cold dishes, such as salami。


In the open kitchen counter、Ingredients according to season various kinds of hot dish is the sequence、This is the full lineup!

What food is delicious、Hotels in popular therefore lively breakfast、Were multiple languages、Found in each happy meal scenery、Excitement fills the air!

Omelet plates
I'd like freshly cooked per order will finish like usual omelet、Salad and Bacon、Along with the potatoes should be incorporated into one plate!

Special beef stew
From this morning's beef stew! That may seem、This beef stew is a taste of authentic stew with tender Braised beef soup、1Giving the vigor and vitality of the Sun! Personally、Rather than eat beef、Receive plenty of rumblings vegetables recommended!

Homemade bread
Eating bread and croissants and baguettes、In reznnutsbread、Bread becomes snack bread sweet Danish as well as with a wide variety of fresh homemade bread!

Japanese Zen restaurant
Boiled or grilled fish with a Japanese booth saury、CHOY, pickled vegetables、Dashi soup over rice dried plums and green onions、If you arrange the seaweed in the porridge!

Dashi soup with rice gruel also call the udon or soba noodles、Especialy the!

"Taiwan style deep fried puffed bread oil co., Ltd."
Taiwan-fried bread well known Taiwan morning in rice oil spring、Wrapped in a thin egg、Serve with spicy sauce!

Daikon radish cakes
Once you eat、Its chewy texture becomes addictive radish cake!
For the rice flour mixed with Chinese sausage and dried shrimp、A simple Dim sum.、Rich flavor!

"Singapore laksa.
Laksa noodle dishes popular in Singapore and Southeast Asia!
Nifty unique spice soup, shrimp soup with a rich, spicy soup、Join the mellowness of coconut milk、Rice flour noodles with texture and its sweet and later becomes a pull the taste!

Fruit & yogurt
The season was cut to bite size fruit、Homemade yogurt for you.
Bowel activity!

After enjoying a meal、From the hotelSingle iron Taipei car siteUp the walk way! Up in front of the hotel from Taipei station A1、There are up and down the stairs、5 minutes walking distance and is useful!

We are big on a longer stay for、To become the most bitter stairs move airport transportation is taxi transfer、Less baggage?、Newly opened "Taipei main station and Taoyuan International Airport" we recommend travel by MRT link!

Hotel Director of Sales & Marketing Lee Perrine youji (Pei Jung Tania Lee) And can speak fluent Japan language Sales Maneger Huang Shu-ping (Alice Huang), You see your、To say good-bye!

Run 40 minutes by taxi "TAIWAN Taoyuan International Airport"In Terminal 2!

La Rotisserie
Afternoon tea:15:00-17:00

Palais de Chine Hotel
Location: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City

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2018/4/26Taiwan travel /Palais de Chine you Shanghai


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