Birthday trip in Karuizawa(5)Healthy breakfast centered on highland vegetables at "Auberge de Primavera"

A refreshing morning at the French restaurant "Auberge de Primavera" with all-junior suite accommodation in Karuizawa。When I visited as a birthday trip in early November, the autumn leaves、Fallen leaves of deciduous trees piled up、It is made into art while expressing the deepening of autumn.。 Here you will、There is a breakfast hall.、LET'S HAVE IT AT THIS "VEGAN PLÜS (VEGAN +PLUS)" LOCATED OPPOSITE THE ACCOMMODATION! Because you can also set breakfast time at check-in、This time it was 8 in the morning.:00To ask。 What is "VEGAN" in the store name?、Original、To avoid using ingredients of animal origin、Although the main dish here is vegan cuisine、Meat and seafood menus are also provided so that non-vegans can enjoy them.。Not only for guests、Because it will be a restaurant that is open to the public.、ふらりと立ち寄って朝食だけをお召し上がりになる方もいらっしゃるそうです! 店内は、Seats are secured comfortably in a warm natural atmosphere of wood.、Dishes are lined up on the counter.。 ブッフェスタイルの朝食 パンは軽井沢で創業1933年の老舗パン屋となる「ブランジェ浅野屋」のパンを用意。Croissants in baguettes、Campagne and more、Rebake with Aladdin toaster if you like。 Cereal Fruit Juice (Apple, Orange, Tomato Juice) The vegetable-based menu is healthy、If you have eaten too much, you will find the perfect item for breakfast.。 Cut fruit and yogurt in the store on this day、We are the only guests who use the breakfast venue.、Please prepare a seat by the window here.、Thankfully, I was allowed to accompany my dog Chocolat.、Bring your own homemade chocolate breakfast、We were able ♪ to eat together, because we could include as much as we wanted, according to our own tastes.、グリーンサラダはたっぷりといただきましょう! カウンターにいらしたシェフは普段、He was in charge of the grill at the sister restaurant "Pyreness".、Chef Masaya Adachi, who is active as a supervisor with the president.。He is very friendly.、For friendly customer service、楽しい時間を共有させていただきました♪ 「グリーンサラダ」 エンダイブやカステルフランコなどのイタリア野菜にベビーリーフなどがミックスされており、Brightly swirling beets and tomatoes for the eyes。The homemade dressing has a concentrated flavor of onions.、Make delicious vegetables more delicious、無限に食べさせることができる魔法のソースです! きんぴら牛蒡、Sweet potatoes boiled in lemon herb、Ham、Carrot rapée with raisins、Marinated purple cabbage、Macaroni salad。 Ham on bread、Rebaked with cheese、Colorful salad with homemade dressing、Yogurt on cut fruit、Vegetables are the main side dishes on one plate、フルーツジュースにコーヒーをいただくバランスの良い朝食です! 愛犬ショコラも手作りの朝食を頬張りご満悦な表情!通常、Please note that this restaurant is not pet-friendly。 Commemorative photo with Chef Masaya Adachi。 宿泊施設 お部屋へ戻り、Because it was given to the weather、Go out to the balcony for dessert after dinner! With freshly brewed coffee、While having a petit four (small confectionery) wrapped in a souvenir last night、至福のバースデー日和が始まります♪ オーベルジュ・ド・プリマヴェーラ (Auberge de Primavera) 住所:1278-11 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano TEL:0267-42-0095

Birthday trip in Karuizawa (4) Blissful birthday dinner at "Auberge de Primavera"

Auberge de Primavera, led by owner-chef Yasuyuki Onuma, who pioneered French restaurants in Karuizawa.。This time the、Enjoy a special birthday dinner in this wonderful Western-style building surrounded by autumn leaves! In the evening, when the sun goes down, the trees are lit with neon lights.、Creates a warm atmosphere while emitting a dazzling light。 The garden of the main building shows a different face from the atmosphere of the daytime。 An illuminated symbol tree reveals its existence、Welcoming guests for the night。 Yasuyuki Onuma Owner and Chef Profile Born in Chiba Prefecture。From Chiba Prefectural Yachimachi High School, I entered Tsuji Culinary College in Osaka.。1981After graduating in、Got a job at the French restaurant "Rengaya" in Daikanyama, Tokyo。Ginza "After training at Lekan、"Fit Resort" in Kawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi、Served as the head chef of "900 City Club" in Nagano and Karuizawa。After working as the cooking manager of the auberge "Au Mirado" in Hakone, Kanagawa、1996 year、French restaurant "Primavera" opened in Karuizawa。2002Attached accommodation for years。Since the、There is also a wine cellar and a sister store "Pyrenees"、2020In the year Japan opened a restaurant "Calm Za" and "Vegan Prus" focusing on vegetable dishes.。 Why、Owner-Chef Yasuyuki Onuma、Despite starting as a French restaurant、Did you name the restaurant "Primavera" in Italian?。It's、Memories on one page of the chef's life are deeply involved。For details,、Please see the "official website" where this thought is written。 1The main restaurant on the floor has、Non-guests also come to enjoy the meal.。 Polished glasses and cutlery are lined up on pure white tablecloths、Crown napkins will be trimmed。Bright red apple balls that can be harvested at this time of year in Karuizawa are served beside candles。 On this day、To match the special dinner course of owner chef Yasuyuki Onuma、We asked manager and sommelier Ken-ichi Tanaka for pairing wine.。 A toast to Champagne on the eve of my 49th birthday this year! Champagne "Jean Vesselle Oeil de Perdrix" Named "Eye of the Quail"、100% Pinot Noir champagne with a pale pink color as the name suggests.。It's hard to see them in Japan、It is made by a very rare direct pressing method.。Bright bright pale pink tones illuminated by candles、Make an even more gorgeous impression。Foams well、Fruit aroma spreads、Adds a hint of tea leafy nuance and spiciness、You can enjoy a rich sense of volume where you can enjoy the rose flowers and mineral scent! In the pond in the courtyard reflected through the glass、Bright red autumn leaves appear all over the place.、It has become a carpet of autumn leaves.。Looking at the illuminated courtyard、Mr. Tanaka, the manager, said, "You came at a good time."。Only a few autumn leaves can be seen floating in the pond、After a few days, the autumn leaves containing water will sink to the bottom of the pond.。Even this scenery is a page that makes you feel the precious four seasons of Japan.。I feel like I'm having a special time on a special night。 Amuse (1) "Red Bell Pepper Mousse Courido Tomato" Amuse (2) "Homemade Ink and Cheese Sable" White Wine "Le Sec de Rayne Vignau 2020 (LE SEC DE RAYNE VIGNEAU) Bordeaux / Sauvignon Blanc "Chateau de Rayne Vigneau)"、1855It is a historic chateau rated 1st class in the Sauternes district。Lemon yellow with shine、Grapefruit and herbs、Honey、White flowers are felt、It is characterized by freshness and soft acid.、It has a pleasant taste and is easy to drink.。Let's go with the shrimp soup! Appetizer "Terrine with highland vegetables and lobster with oregano flavor" Soup pairing "Crème Christasse" An appetizer that has been unwaveringly popular since its opening。13So that you can enjoy the texture and taste of the highland vegetables、Divide each vegetable and cook it carefully.、Colorful terrine finished only by pressing without using any joints。Served with a special consommé jelly and oregano-flavored green sauce。In the center, the umami of Omar shrimp is condensed.、The highland vegetables packed around it are fragrant、It has a crunchy texture and is fresh! It is no exaggeration to say that you can experience the splendor of Karuizawa's highland vegetables in this dish.、It's just ♪ like this to have a meal that pleases the body. Bread to match the next "matsutake mushroom pie wrapped soup"、Red wine。 Red wine "Moret Saint-Denis 2020 Morey-Saint-Denis Domaine Stephane Magnien, a domaine based in Moret-Saint-Denis, founded in 1897、2008It was inherited by Stephane Magnien as the fourth generation owner.、Traditional winemaking methods。Beautiful garnet shades、Raspberry or blackcurrant、Fruity aroma of ripe fruits such as wild berries、It is juicy but also elegant.、You can enjoy the aftertaste for a long time! Soup "Matsutake mushroom pie wrapped grilled soup" Put a spoon crispy from the edge of the pie、First of all, let's have a soup that locks in the umami with a pie.。The fragrant scent of matsutake mushrooms! Pie-wrapped soup is popular as one of the specialties of autumn here。It becomes a special consommé base that was carefully taken over 3 days.、While there is a gentleness that fits in with the body、Like a deepening autumn、Enjoy the deep taste that slowly permeates the marrow of your bones.、It is an exquisite soup that shines a beautiful golden color! Later、By soaking the pie、There are two ways to enjoy。The coming seasons、Matsutake mushrooms turn into truffles and you can enjoy ♪ white wine "Saint Auban Premier Cru Les Frionne" 2019 François d'Allaines Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Frionnes It has a minerality that reminds me of peach and green apple, and a fruity taste that makes me feel citrus and white flowers.、Smooth and elegant Chardonnay to pair with fish dishes! Fish dish "Today's Fresh Fish Pear Tailored Butter Sauce with Estragon Flavor" Soup Galvue "Potage of 5 Vegetables" The fresh fish of the day is "cod"。It imitates the shape of a poppy pear.、Stuffed with crab and scallop mousse and steamed、Estragon's fragrant butter sauce goes well with it! Karuizawa apples piled up in a basket on the table。 Next is the appearance of red wine to match the meat dishes of the main dish.。 Red wine "Chateau Dassault Saint-Emilion 2016 (CHATEAU DASSAULT SAINT-EMILION GRAND CRU 2016)" In 1955, Marcel Dassault, the founder of a fighter manufacturer, acquired Château Coupley.、Renamed Château Dassault。Deep garnet purple hue、Plums and boysenberries、Following the aroma of Black Forest cake、lilac、The scent of star anise、The vigorousness of full-bodied and condensed black berries is felt,、It has a floral scent...

Birthday trip in Karuizawa(3)French restaurant with accommodation "Auberge de Primavera"

For a birthday trip to enjoy the autumn leaves this year, go to the French restaurant "Auberge de Primavera" in Karuizawa, which has accommodation in all junior suites! Surrounded by rich forest nature、A French restaurant opened in the early summer of 1996 in Karuizawa, an area suitable for spending a quiet time.。Owner-chef Yasuyuki Onuma, who trained at a famous restaurant in Tokyo,、It has been renovated and expanded several times as an utopia.、Launching accommodation facilities attached to restaurants so that guests can relax more、Reborn as an auberge、2020On April 1 of each year, we also opened "ONZA" where you can enjoy Japan cuisine.。 Not far from "Kumba Pond", which is also a famous place for autumn leaves、Auberge facing Kumba Pond Street。Each placemark、It is a yellow sign that says "Primavera"。 You will be greeted by a symbol tree with beautifully colored autumn leaves、A wonderful Western-style building with ivy crawling。This is the main building facility with a restaurant.。 A bracket light that welcomes guests with a warm light、The reddish leaves are also illuminated by lights and the maple is colorful.。 "Primavera Depuis 1996" and、A sign board with the opening date and the chef's name engraved on the restaurant's name。 Terrace seats that are active in the season of fresh greenery when a pleasant breeze blows from spring to summer、Pets are allowed。 Walk through the tranquil garden where you can enjoy picking autumn leaves that change in various shades、To the front desk of the main building。 Check-in at the reception desk of the main building。Check-in time is 15:00、Check-out is 11:00And will be。 This is a hotel where you can enjoy authentic French cuisine.、Fortunately, there is only one room where pets can stay together.。Pets are charged separately、1¥4,000 for small and medium-sized dogs per night、Large dog ¥5,000 (tax and service charge not included)。 Write your address, name, contact information, car number, etc. on the check-in sheet.、Sign to agree to the terms and conditions。 This time to stay for consecutive nights、While asking Ken-ichi Tanaka, who serves as the manager, about recommended spots in the area、Chat for a while。 If you go to the right with the main building in the background,、You can see the accommodation adjacent in front of you.。The parking lot is in front of the main building.、I decided to park on the street and drop off my luggage first.。Traveling with a dog can quickly increase the amount of luggage.。 Walk along the cobblestones filled with autumn leaves、To the accommodation that will be taken care of。 In front of the property、Because there is a breakfast venue "VEGAN + Plus"、Let's introduce it at breakfast the next morning。 Wooden deck spreads out、Accommodation tucked away as if blending in with the forest。There are 10 guest rooms in a two-story building.、At the foreground of it、Because the corner room on the road side is pet-friendly、It's also easy to take your dog out for a walk! The fallen leaves piled up on the pile were so beautiful、Involuntarily peeking、Even on iPhone for Instagram stories。 While it seems to accumulate naturally、You can enjoy the gradation of splendid autumn leaves! 1st floor R0om 1 (pet-friendly room only) The room key holder with a leaf motif is very nice。Recently, there are many convenient card keys in any hotel.、I still enjoy the atmosphere、I am attracted to such detailed arrangements.。 When you open the entrance、A natural space where you can feel the warmth、To the right of the coat hanger is a large mirror attached to the wall.、It is also convenient as a view before going out.、You can also feel the depth of the space。 On the right side of the corridor is a bathroom lined with a powder room.、There is a toilet on the left hand door.。If you go to the back, the living room and bedroom will expand.。 France is a relaxing space with antique furnishings in an atmosphere as if you were visiting a country house in Paris.。All guest rooms are junior suites of 50 square meters.、It is large enough for two couples (+ one small dog) to stay.、It's comfortable! The view from the window side in the bedroom、A wide bed is available with two single beds connected by a highly cushioned headboard.。 Free Wi-Fi on TV、There is also a small refrigerator.。 When I go out to the veranda、A coffee table is provided.、Although it is on the road side、Blindfolded by lush trees,、It is possible to relax and relax.。 The powder room is on the left as soon as you enter.、Because it is raised slightly from the bathroom、No need to worry about flooding。 Thick and absorbent fluffy bath towels, face towels and hand towels、Shirt-shaped sleepwear is also available.、If you stay for consecutive nights, everything will be replaced at the time of cleaning.。A hairdryer is also available in the cupboard.。 Hand towel in the basket、Toothbrush set、Cotton、Preparation of swabs。 Bath salts、For bubble bath (bath salt)、France has a lineup of bath items from the pioneer of marine cosmetics "ALGOTHERM" born in Brittany、Gentle shampoos and treatments for delicate skin、shower gel、Hand soap is available。 Spacious bathroom with a large bathtub where you can stretch your legs comfortably。 If you pour hot water from a cute antique-style European-style faucet、Relaxing bath time comes。 There is also a double-head tiled shower booth with a head shower and a handheld shower head in the back.。 Toilet equipped with a washlet The pet cage prepared in the room is lined with a pee sheet.、Tableware for pets is also provided.、Even a roll for hair removal! Your dog Chocolat will get used to this room right away.、I'm having a good time。 Flower frames and furnishings hung on the wall、France visited marchés such as the Clignancourt flea market in Paris、What was actually purchased.。 Air Purifier、Air conditioning。11At night in Karuizawa in the early months、It's so cold that you forget the warmth of the day.、25The room will be warmed up enough by setting it to about degrees.。 The cold chocolate is "on your lap、Let me put it on."、While holding it in one hand、I saw "Rurubu Karuizawa" at the front desk、Let's ♪ study the tourist attractions in Karuizawa The welcome food set on the table is "walnut"、Isn't it too cute! And、Set walnuts in a squirrel-shaped nutcracker、Get behind the wheel、Crisp the walnuts! From the inside, the magnificent walnut is so cute that I am in agony ... I went outside and picked up the autumn leaves for shooting (laughs) I enjoy ♪ this kind of detailed production. Dinner time at the restaurant、Of course、Pets are not allowed、Give the chocolate a homemade dinner that you brought earlier.、Let them stay clever for a few hours。Choko-tan、Wait smartly in ♪ a warm room, the lantern is lit.、There are a lot of autumn leaves at your feet! An evening in Karuizawa where you can feel the "little autumn" abundantly。 No one dropped it.、Even the fallen leaves of autumn leaves woven by nature feel like an art.。 A good trip、We're just getting started。Now、It will be the time for the main event, which is the main reason why I chose this auberge for this birthday trip.。Let's come with a special dinner by Chef Yasuyuki Onuma! Auberge de Primavera Address:1278-11 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano TEL:0267-42-0095

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