At home, easily make an authentic taste of Thailand Green Curry

This summer、タイカレーにハマってしまった我が家。I found a Thai restaurant where I could easily go to eat、On days when I'm too busy to eat out、What I want to finish with rice at home。However,、I really want to eat delicious authentic Thai curry! That complex taste and depth are quite difficult at home, right? and、Is it impossible to eat Thai curry easily and deliciously? and、I was scratching my head.。At that time、いつも業務用や専門的な調味料を調達するのに利用している業務用スーパーアミカへ足を運んでみると、Isn't there? A set of Thai green curry! As a claim, "Just add chicken and your favorite vegetables! ! Cooking time 10 minutes! It says。Because I knew there was such a wonderful set、What's our menu tonight?、タイのグリーンカレーに決定です♪ おうちで簡単に本格的なタイのグリーンカレー 材料(2~3人分) タイの台所・手作りグリーンカレーセット、1 piece of chicken thighs、1 onion、1/3 of 1 pack of shimejiji、ブラウンマッシュルーム4個 ピーマン1個、Half red paprika、3 sly、A few basils、青唐辛子(※野菜はお好みでOK) 作り方 1.手作りグリーンカレーセット内のカレーペーストは、Loosen with 1 tablespoon salad oil。 2.Put a little salad oil in a frying pan.、Brown mushrooms with sliced onions、Finely cut peppers and red paprika、Put the green pepper.、Serve in a stir-fry bowl until the heat passes quickly.。 3.In the same frying pan, pour 2 tablespoons of salad oil into the curry paste loosened with salad oil earlier and fry for about 1 minute until fragrant over low heat.。 4.When the paste comes out of the fragrance, add the chicken thigh cut into bite-size pieces.、Fry until the surface is lightly cooked。 5.300Add coconut milk powder in a handmade green curry set melted in 2 ml of boiling water and baimac root (kobu mikan leaves) for scenting in the handmade green curry set、boil over medium heat。 6.After boiling to some extent、First add the vegetables that you stir-fried、Finally, add the sly and basil.、If you get used to the whole, turn it on low heat.、Add the nampura in the handmade green curry set and you're done。 My partner loves to be spicy.、In our house, I emphasize the hotness by adding green pepper.、It depends on your preference.。Really、A simple recipe that only stir-frys and stews、I think it is a green curry with a fairly authentic taste。When I searched with Rakuten, the rating of the review seems to be quite high。This set is、1I think that it is just right to make it occasionally because it is for 2-3 people by using up once。In our House、Because I ate a delicious and serving refill、It was a complete meal in no time.。A set that you can easily make authentic Thai green curry、It is very recommended.。This time the、I also bought pad thai sauce together.、次回は大好物のパッタイ(タイの焼きそば)にも挑戦してみたいと思います♪ タイグリーンカレーセット(アミカ価格1袋348円) アミカ 楽天

Foot soak overlooking the Enshu-Nada station shiomi-Zaka path in healing

Westernmost point of Shizuoka Prefecture、A town west of Lake Hamana、Located in Shirasuka in Kosai City, "Road Station Shiomizaka"。Shirasuka flourished as the 32nd post station of the 53rd order of the Tokaido Road.、Hiroshige Ando's ukiyo-e depicts "Shiomizaka"。Where travelers heading from the west to Edo see the Pacific Ocean for the first time、The spectacular view has not changed.。While looking at the Enshu Sea, which can be said to be a superb view、Marine products, mainly fresh local produce、It is a service area where you can enjoy mountain things as souvenirs.。On June 23, 2013、国道23号豊橋東バイパスが開通されました♪ この道の駅一押しのスポットが、Foot-shiomi-Zaka overlooking the Enshu-Nada。Soak the foot bath while overlooking the Pacific Ocean、Perfect place to enjoy a relaxing drive。The temperature is、38度~42度の掛け流しで無料となっています♪ 美味しいピッツァを堪能した帰りは、Everyone enjoyed this footbath。Japan is different.、Australia is not wont to take a bath in the bathtub、You can easily heal the tiredness of the body。Even though comes the familiar environment、Two baths and Spa liked the most was lump is was good as was the。Just the other day、世界遺産に登録されたばかりの富士登山登頂を完遂した2人の足を少しは癒すことができたかな♪ こちらの足湯は、In summer 10:00-17:00、Winter is 10.:00~ 16:00And enjoy、Hibernate is unseasonable weather time。ドライブの合間の休息に是非ご利用くださいね♪ 道の駅 潮見坂

Neapolitan < a href = " > Association certified pizza A brilliant performance in the 'pizzeriatilo' is a must-see!

Stylish two-tone RC standing alone in the emerging housing city of Toyohashi and Navigare barium monuments、ナポリピッツァ協会認定ピザの認定を受けている「PIZZERIA CIRO ピッツェリアチーロ」さん。For Toyohashi as well as many people from afar to visit、Shop where you will find authentic Neapolitan produces the Naples oven。Next to it is、Cafe "bouquet bouquet" I will be。It is the Toyohashi、住宅街の中に隠れ家のように佇むお洒落なお店が多々存在しますね♪ 店外共に、Interior walls in very fashionable with the RC and quiet。Naples oven in the Center Ko of shaped counter seats 12、5Over the years、In Italy, you can enjoy witnessing form morigami's chef has been trained authentic pizza in Naples to pizza to bake.。In the inlet left side back、Semi private rooms can be about 1 Room 4 people。If possible, advance booking and、カウンター席に座られることをオススメします♪ この日は、All the way how Australia Brisbane, friends in the summer come into play.、Aspire pizza like 2 people there、To introduce here.。10Nelson years hanging out with younger sister of Izumi-Chan and the fiancee。She said、Last summer I attended the US couple's wedding reception since the reunion! (Happy) and I'm happy to continue.、The aura of happy shiny ring on her finger and together my sister news on mental / (here 勿体無くて, I can't write:Lol) can hear、Very happy with、And one day filled with happy me crying (crying) is too early、ランチをいただく前から気持ちもお腹もいっぱいです(笑) 「パルマ生ハム、Arugula、トマトなどのサラダ」680円 ピッツァが焼き上がるまでにこのサラダをいただくと良いでしょう。A hearty salad、We recommend to share along with two lightly 2 servings so that the。パルマの生ハムの香り高い味わいと香ばしく焼かれた夏野菜たちと一緒にバルサミコのドレッシングで美味しくいただけます♪ オーナー森上さんのご実家は浜松で我が家のご近所さんだそうです。Always a nice fashionable attire is、Even to this day the bright pink color of pants had become cute Hat charm。My boyfriend taking tight moments where pizza dough、さすがです♪ ナポリ釜の温度を調整しながらピッツァを回転させ、Watch the doneness in earnest "。 The appearance in warm dishes on efficient kitchen and dishing the pizza?、It is exactly what a performer like rendition。Here you will、1So you can order you can enjoy two kinds of taste in half & half、This time, four half & half to each order, so the share、Able to enjoy 8 different。1So while looking one to eat here when you toasted、随時熱々をいただくことが可能です♪ こちらでは奥様がバランス良くカットしてくれるので、While enjoying the delicious and ready to process、Hot fresh views、Just just stuff oneself。In order to ensure、Matter free counter、座remasenn travellers are able without a limited number only。Anybody who will be waiting therefore often。美味しくいただくための待ち遠しさは覚悟がいりますね♪ 「バジルペースト(バジル、Pine nuts、Mozzarella cheese) & américaine (lobster lobster cream、モッツァレラ)」1,680円 塩気がしっかりとした濃厚で彩りも鮮やかなバジルソースと海老の風味満載のクリーミィーなアメリケーヌとのハーフ&ハーフ。The Ciro's Pizza、Rice ears out there ate everything and dust。On the other hand、Thin parts riding gear、Want to too many cheese trying from is rather unceremoniously beaten parkroyal on Kitchener road。If you like, changing the Buffalo mozzarella、+500円で可能です♪ 「グランキィオ(ズワイガニのマリナーラ)&フンギ(ホワイトマッシュルームのマルゲリータ)」1,680円 綺麗に配列されたズワイガニにはニンニクを利かせてホワイトマッシュルームは香りを楽しみながらさっぱりと♪ 「サーモントリュフ(ホワイトソースにサーモン、Truffle oil) and porcini (porcini mushrooms、モッツァレラ)」1,680円 この組み合わせは、Like a magician of the fragrance、Star fragrances。Salmon、馨shi of the truffle oil they turn at the end, so、Porcini and attract nose distinctive aroma and rich flavor、絶妙なバランスでいただけます♪ 「クワトロフォルマッジ(4種のチーズ)&ゴルゴンゾーラミエーレ(オレンジ蜂蜜がけゴルゴンゾーラ)」1,980円 濃厚なチーズのハーフ&ハーフは、The finish will be。Is feeling like the dessert pizza with honey sauce、ワインのお供にも良いですよね♪ 優しくジェントルマンなネルソンは取り分けてあげる側、In the meantime、Designer Izumi-Chan is desperate to shoot a camera hobby。Severe tenderness I'll watch with a smile while she great pace on the Nelson、Pleasant as possible。Really out with him so cute!、と心から祝福の気持ちが溢れてきます♪ 「コーヒー」 2年前のネルソンは、But I could not speak in English only、In this reunion、Japan Japanese is really good, I was surprised! But occasionally took off the wrong Japan, too (lol) but still、The missing parts could spend really fun lunchtime through an interpreter of the Izumi-CHAN! From Hamamatsu to Toyohashi Petit expedition was、2People also liked were good! Next time、我が家の石窯ロースターピッツァも是非味わってみてねー♪ ピッツェリア チーロ PIZZERIA CIRO 愛知県豊橋市西幸町字浜池205-3 TEL:0532-21-8599 Hours of operation:11:30-14:30 18:30-21:30 Closed on Mondays:Thursday、第3水曜日...

Lunch in French cuisines 'pause Cafe' feel free to enjoy the conversation

Give us close to the heart and a feel-good home-cooked food France cuisine、Like the dining table in the remote countryside of France、温かさいっぱいのひとときが楽しめる「PAUSE CAFE ポーズカフェ」さん。Kawai Seigo's owner/chef、辻調理師フランス料理専門カレッジ卒業後に同フランス校シャトードクレールを卒業され、Joined aubergecatrecezon's、5Years after the cross to France for further study。1And in starred restaurants in France, including training,、After returning to Chez Moriah's Hamamatsu。After that、And separate the primary town opened the French restaurant cuisines these Cafe。奥様の川合志麻さんは、Hotels in Germany a job three years after、Been trained in aubergecatrecezon、Under the chef now is that your husband as a confectionary、Are conducted along with your couple。The enjoyment of tasty cake made by his wife who has been there and、As the name、But just imagine a Cafe menu、Actually,、カジュアルにいただけるフレンチレストランンなのです♪ 地元の素材を使ったケーキやキッシュが楽しめるランチがオススメでハーブティーも充実しているポーズカフェさんは、It is a popular female customers。2008With the renewal, and extend the store in September、Increase the number of seats、We provide a full course dinner。2500Circular course is hors d'oeuvres.、Pasta、Maine (meat or fish)、Dessert、The many kinds of coffee and。Another 3,500 yen、Chef and 5,000 yen course、Are reservations required。Parking is in the front of the shop 6、No. 2 is more、3 car park、Is your guaranteed 15 units、How to get limited、その方が良いでしょう♪ 店舗拡張リニューアル後は、Floor was originally in front of table 8 seats、Floor spread at the back table 22 seats、Even more new private。There's room and small room、広い部屋は3名様以上より利用可能で(最大6名様まで)お子様連れのお客様には嬉しい個室です。Increases your happy just two world couples room。Lunch menu is as follows.。This time the、気軽にいただけるAランチをオーダーしました♪ A. Lunch (quiche、Soup、Homemade bread、Main dishes、Seasonal desserts、コーヒー)1,250円 B. Dessert lunch (quiche、Soup、Homemade bread、Main dishes、Featured dessert plate、コーヒー)1,580円 C. Special lunch (assorted appetizers、The main dish is fish and beef platter、Featured dessert plate、Free refills with homemade bread、Coffee、紅茶)1,980円 「ベーコンのキッシュとジャガイモの冷製スープ」 こちらのお店の定番メニューとして欠かせないのが、 Eggs have many happy plump moist and creamy quiche。Boasts a popular real estate。Cold potato soup、優しいお味♪ 「自家製パン」 外はカリッカリッ、While no longer was clicking and filling homemade bread is、Interwoven are black sesame seeds。 「鶏モモ肉のロースト バスク風」 バスクとは、That style in the Basque region on the France-Spain border。And sauce onto the chicken was roasted summer vegetable Ratatouille、Rice laid out under the volume。The combination of tomato and basil sauce。添えられたローズマリーの香りが移り込み爽やかです♪ 「近海鮮魚のポワレ プロバンス風ヴィネグレットソース」 白身魚をふわっと焼きリボンの形をしたファルファローニと一緒にサラダ感覚でいただけるさっぱりとしたヴィネグレットソースでいただきます♪ デザート「ブランマンジェにクランベリーのゼリーマンゴーソースと季節のフルーツを添えて」 小さなデザートですが、Our large amount of sweets do not 1度ni couple、Good sense of size。B and C courses、So with a dessert sampler、甘いものがたくさん欲しい方にはそちらがオススメです♪ 「コーヒー」 リーズナブルな価格でカジュアルなフレンチコースがいただけて、Women who enjoy leisurely after-dinner talk。周囲のおしゃべりを気にさせないテーブル毎の間隔や居心地の良さって大切ですよね♪ ポーズカフェ 浜松市北区初生町1303-10 TEL:053-437-2602 Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 14:00~ 16:00 18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Daito garden barbecue popular on weekdays even regardless of age or roaring

Speaking of BBQ in Hamamatsu、よく耳にする半田山の「大東園」さん。Menu configuration with the finest Japanese black cattle Wagyu is sold、"Seeing is believing is better than look" flavored with beef、For best texture、The sauce every time an order immediately are handmade。The reason is to concoct the condiment with lively and more、So that is why hope features that have the material itself wants to pull up to the limit。On this day、餃子の後に美味しい焼肉を求めてこちらも初来店です♪ 平日の夜だというのに、Shop counter with tatami seating together with great success is full。You guys、Fun in delicious liquor and meat meal time spent in、とても賑わっておりました♪ 「瓶ビール」 550円 生ビールのあとは瓶ビールでまったりと♪ 「和牛ロース」 1,290円 こちらのお店の人気No.2のメニューです。Using Oita beef individual identification number 1298484695。ヘルシーで柔らかなロース肉です♪ カルビが苦手なわたし達はロース肉を美味しくいただきます。My boyfriend wants to put a fire deliberately against、I quickly want to through fire。焼肉は自分好みの焼き加減が調整できるので嬉しいですね♪ 「厚切りタン塩」 1,190円 牛タンはやはり厚切りが良いですねさっぱりレモンでいただくタン塩はいくらでも入ります♪ 「豚ホルモン」 480円 相方は大の苦手なホルモンですが、Me and ordered my favorite。So choose salt and spicy Chili、To accompany your beer with a spicy。Speaking of hormones、相方が唯一食べれたという駅南の「里」さんにも是非伺ってみたいですね♪ 大東園 浜松市東区半田山6-7-1 TEL:053-435-8808 Hours of operation:17:00-23:30 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday...

Won the Grand Prix in the G1 餃 throne Beach taro dumplings

2012September 29.、30日に開催された浜松餃子まつり2012のイベントG1餃王座決定戦にて浜松の餃子専門店「浜太郎」さんが出品され、"YUI fishing port landing fresh shrimp dumpling" fine it was suppose to the throne。The gyoza-making machine is used in shops here、Dumpling skins slip onto the device and、Timely fall inside Jam (Jig)、Skin is wrapped in the press、In the hands of about 200 pieces in an hour of work it is.、The gyoza-making machine of the East Asia Institute (Kita-ku, Hamamatsu)、In the largest creature that can make 10000。"You should be fine eating dumplings wrapped around the machine out。"And as President of 請井 positive talk、Dumpling manufacture machine it boasts market share (market share) in 6 percent of what。 Dumpling GYOZA BAR has become topical in Paris, France and was recently broadcast TV。Michelin chef cooks and food officials devised a dumpling shop、The ingredients of dumplings、Stocked in a butcher shop on Paris's "Hugo denoisie" with high-quality pork shoulder roast the vegetables using only poironegui。Click here also、Has been using the gyoza-making machine of the East Asia Institute、1Day's great success Buri that sells more than 3,000。I thought surely I want to eat dumplings like gyoza-making machine using、比較的我が家から近隣だったにも関わらず初来店です! 「生ビール」 480円 餃子といえばビールでしょう! 「焼餃子 赤 6個」 280円 赤と白があり、Red garlic with。White's and collagen。Without hesitation, I ordered the garlic into the Red。Beach taro dumplings、Raw dumpling factory direct sales with 100% domestically produced materials。In the factory outlet、Using the first domestic swine、Domestic use is 100% vegetable。Sauce than chili oil is all homemade shop stocking。Wheat flour is used jointly developed with homemade crust。Please accept my personal thoughts and、Skin is lighter for our favorite couple?、I feel a little thick skin。Also I dust I think and if you have the feeling of thick skin even better、Less than the amount of water、Skin、Together Tane、I have become concerned about texture and Passat。The combustion person is change flavors is hopeless、He grilled hand of the day、上のスタッフさんに怒られていましたね(汗) 「香りしそ餃子 5個」 280円 国産しそを贅沢に使った、Aromatic Basil dumplings。On the same red dumpling with subtle。Under the scorcher、The skin is feeling the lack of fire。Dumplings with shiso leaf love only to regret, not。 「明太マヨ揚げ餃子 5個」 380円 サクサクのクリスピーな揚げ餃子と明太マヨの組み合わせ。Fried thick skin because the texture is better.。Just、So just took with mentaiko sauce and mayonnaise sauce fried dumplings、Balance and the seed is perfect。That is a nice twist again and I am happy。Whether or not eat fresh shrimp dumpling for YUI fishing port landing won the Grand Prix at the G1 dumpling Championship、But、I was wondering if dumplings shop which Grand-Prix winner of。Long-awaited、It is made to put out the same taste in precise machinery from、Staff become baked hand it is、Is a little want to master how to bake。It was a disappointing result, I expect only shops are thriving。 浜太郎 浜松市東区半田山5-2-1 TEL:053-545-7136 Hours of operation:11:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:水曜日

Lunch enjoy gently delicate and elegant taste in the stomach "Chinese cuisine Italian part"

Six years ago, in Hamamatsu, which closed in March 2007, after training at a famous Chinese restaurant "Shizuka-Seika-" that people know、2008年5月15日に上西町に独立オープンされた「中国料理 伊部」さん。Place、It is opposite the dealer Tempos of the used kitchen apparatus。今では浜松を代表する中国料理店といっても過言ではないでしょう♪ 店内は、Staff extremelly atmosphere in shades of Brown。Hall table seats 12 seats、Private room 1 room (4-6) and four-seat counter、There are 22 seats、At lunch time on weekdays though、It is skillfully turns the popular shop。Lunch menu are noodles and rice fit what 6-7, 1000 yen-provides 1200 Yen。As a recommendation、本日の定食がお得感があります♪ セットで付く「甘酢漬け」 程好い酸味と甘味の甘酢漬け。Color well、Boost appetite by the effect of vinegar。 「チャーシュー麺」 1,000円 伊部さんのスープは鶏から取った出汁がベースになるのであっさりとした味わいの醤油ラーメンです細かく刻まれた優しい甘さのチャーシューと葱は一旦油通しすることで苦味を抑えて甘味を引き出しているのでとてもマイルドな味わいとなります。Noodles、細ストレート麺を使用しており非常に澄んだ上品なラーメンは胃もたれ知らずで最後の最後にスープまでも美味しくいただけます♪ 本日の定食「台湾バジルの麻婆茄子定食」 1,200円 夏らしくゴーヤを加え、White eggplant、Green Eggplant、紫茄子と3種の茄子を使用し色味と味わいの深さを出しています台湾バジルは九層塔(きゅうそうとう)といい独特な香りを引き出しています乾燥させた山椒を磨り潰し最後に振りかけることで香り高く仕上げられておりとても癖になる味わいです伊部さんの料理はどれも繊細で上品な味わいが楽しめ見た目はこってりそうに見える中華でも胃もたれ知らずのあっさりさがわたし達の口に合い嬉しくいただいた後に「やっぱり中華は伊部さんだね~♪」といつもしみじみと夫婦で語り合ってしまうものです♪ 定食で付く「ライス」 おかわりが可能なようです定食で付く「青海苔と豆腐のスープ」 青海苔の香りがふんわりと口中で広がり、Delicate, sweet flavor of soup。Other popular lunch menu、As the chef's Omakase course 2 persons who received course upon booking of more than 2800 Yen、次は予約をしてみましょう伊部さんは奥様との二人三脚で切り盛りされているのですが、Have enjoyed the conversations when you a little and his wife、ご主人が厨房での手を一旦止めて出てきて必ず挨拶をしてくれます。Mr. and Mrs. types never talk a lot is、Dish with like kind and attentive、It is two people。This time、ネットにあまり強くないという奥様から食べログの営業時間などの修正が自分たちではできないからどうしたらよいか?と質問されたのですがレビュアーの相方は修正ができるシステムになっているので営業時間と夜のコース料理の金額を訂正してあげることにしました伊部さんの夜の営業時間は18時~で夜のコース料金は5,000円~だそうですよ伊部さん、Madam、また伺いますね~♪ 中国料理 伊部 浜松市東区上西町68-18 TEL:053-462-2082 Hours of operation 11:30-14:00(L.0) 18:00-21:00(L.0) Closed on Mondays:Sunday...

Ypsilon creates along with the vegetable garden vegetables and tender taste Italian

2013年5月17日(金)に三方原町の住宅街にひっそりと佇む隠れ家のようなイタリアン「リストランティーノ イプシロン」さんがOPEN。But since the place is so unclear that address search on Google Maps might be best。If you explain roughly、Eleven intersection hurts Hamamatsu loop line, was to run to the left、3Turn right at the second street。Is the parking lot and left where it was written "Epsilon entrance" into a telephone pole on the left in the back put 7 or so.、A Western-style beige and House、First floor there will be。At the entrance、The menu is listed small easels。There was a calm on the front black and white containers general housing is、Is wrong and there are many illnesses and so watch out! Now that many customers clearly recognize and so lunch is a great success、事前に予約されて伺うのがベストでしょう♪ 店内は、Counter 5 seats、Table 14 seats and a moist and dark space。Our chef Yuji Endo is French and Italian experience and independent、Are conducted on his wife and his three-legged race。This table seating at the counter seats。Our favorite is just the taxis of the kitchen counter, is realized (lol) well、This is the main and Dolce、カフェが付くランチコース1,900円をオーダーしました♪ ランチコースは3コースから選べます。 Stuzzichinos (projection)、Misto (starters assortment)、Zuppa (soup)、1000 yen for pasta。 Appetizers、Pasta、The main content is changed、Dolce and Cafe offers a full course 1900 yen and 2700 yen for two courses.。 アミューズ 「甘海老のフラン 魚介のソースをかけて」 熱々のフランは、Like the Western-style steamed egg custard with the taste of sweet sweet shrimp with turmeric and fish sauce。On the、Somen noodle squash and garnished、食感が楽しめます♪ 前菜「茸とかぼちゃ 日高昆布のマリネ、Hamana Lake Octopus and broccoli and beetroot homemade vegetable shiso leaf sauce、カリカリの油揚げに挟んだ自家製リコッタクリーム」 こちらのアミューズや前菜は、And you wholly incorporates Japanese ingredients and taste somewhere、Do not use too much oil from、Has become easier for the elderly and the finish。Above all、Across the texture crispy tofu ricotta cream、Owner-chef endou-Kun's favorite homemade cream、Fig sweet and mellow acidity、And has been using the miso flavor、コクも風味も楽しめるリコッタクリームで美味しいです♪ スープ 「ノーザンルビーの冷製スープ 自家菜園のオクラをのせて」 紫色したジャガイモのノーザンルビーの優しい甘さを感じる冷製のスープ。The Ruby、It contains anthocyanins、調理後も色が落ちないのが特徴で綺麗なピンクカラーをしています♪ 「自家製くるみパン」 大粒のくるみがゴロゴロッと入った食感が楽しめるふわふわパンはおかわり自由です♪ パスタ 「ホタテとあさりオリーブのラザニア仕立て」 とろけるような味わいのラザニア風パスタ。On the surface wearing a cheese、最後にバーナーで炙りを入れ香ばしさをプラス♪ パスタ 「スパゲティ ひよこ豆を煮込んだソースに和えて」 ひよこ豆とズッキーニの優しい味わいのパスタ。Noodles.、良くソースに絡み美味しく味わえます♪ メイン 「セイゴのソテー 青海苔風味のクリームソース」 クリームソースで濃厚なイメージでしたが、ISO seaweed flavour、And with a mellow taste delicious。ボイルしたオクラと青梗菜を添えて♪ メイン 「ジャンボ唐辛子の挽肉詰め 青胡椒のソース」 辛味の強くないジャンボ唐辛子の中に、Stuffed with minced meat。青胡椒のピリッとした辛味ソースでいただきます♪ デザート 「カラメリゼした林檎、Sudachi foam、サクサクのパイを添えて」 タルトタタンをイメージして作られたオリジナルデザート。From the glass bottom、Yogurt sorbet、The sudachi foam, mix flavored on the Apple、Served with a crisp stick pie。In summer have nice refreshing sour yogurt sorbet and sudachi.、林檎の程好い甘味でさっぱりといただけるデザートです♪ 「コーヒー」 遅がけに伺ったので、By the time your full course、I already end customers。And I chat with endo and his wife、Two children cute summer came down from home、MOM was going。Is the age of cute。In the outside parking lot back home garden fields、Dad is hard working on the farm、Were working on delicious vegetables。The delicious food and vegetable garden、Not to mention the safety、Economically and is a great help! Here you will、Serving whipped cream filled with the warmth of the family Italian。Also、ゆっくり伺いま~す♪ リストランティーノ イプシロン 浜松市北区三方原町1854-23 TEL:053-571-5772 Closed on Mondays:Thursday、第1第3水曜日 営業時間:11:30-14:30(L. O.) * dinner upon booking 18.:00-20:30(L.O.)

Enjoy lunch in the 'El Camino' Spain cuisine exotic

Ms. Spain restaurant oozes the exotic mood of sanarudai white Street along "El Camino"。And the "Camino"、In Spain, means "the way"。Daily meals to various places、A variety of situations、While at each、Memorable "roads" of the mind can help you with, is the name。In Spain can feel closer to home、Spain food authentic and varied the liquor outlets。シェフ自慢のパエリアが一押しメニューです♪ エルカミーノさんのおすすめランチメニューは、Is OK, regardless of weekday weekend。Shop、And walls are decorated in exotic tables, chairs and fireplace-style、ゆったりとした食事を楽しめます♪ ◆Aセット +400円(前菜4種盛り、Drink、バケット) ◆Bセット +500円(前菜1種盛り、Drink、Bucket、デザート) ◆お得なランチコ-ス!1,900円 シェフおすすめのお得なランチコース(二名様からのご注文となります) ※Aセット、B set、Set menu for main dishes you ordered.。(メインのお料理 650円~) 「前菜4種盛り」 左から、Carrots tossed with dressing onion salad、Offers and。Potato salad with anchovy、Good flavor and saltiness balanced。Flavor mayonnaise with paprika-Spain style octopus marinated in rich、The shrimp、A mild cocktail sauce。味わいがそれぞれに楽しめる前菜で美味しいですね♪ 「ガーリックチキン」880円 こちらのレストランで、Ranking third place reigns supreme in the menu.。Chicken thigh meat and sautéed in butter with garlic and olive oil from the skin、So going through the fire slowly in the oven、Inside is plump and juicier。In the best combination of French fries、バゲットにソースを絡めていただきましょう♪ 「豚肉サラゴサ風」780円 サラゴサとは、In a province of Spain、Regional cooking。Sauce made Spain a sabrett traditional carrot and vegetable sauce pork stew.、On a boiled egg, and finished in the oven。It is a nostalgic and sweet meats。こちらのソースにもバゲットをたっぷり付けていただきましょう♪ 「バゲット」 おかわり自由です「赤ぶどうのシャーベット」 オーナー中野さんのサービスでいただきました(感謝)赤葡萄を使ったシャーベットは、With understated sweetness is thick as eye readily、夏でもさっぱりといただけます♪ ドリンク「アイスコーヒーとグレープフルーツジュース」 エルカミーノのオーナーである中野雄司さん(33歳)は、Always greets with a refreshing smile。This restaurant as soon as possible what is open, it celebrates six years。Become a member of El Camino's mail、Fun live and flamenco stage information、Or a recommended course guide。Shops will offer delicious and fun continued as expected、また伺いたいと思います♪ Spain Restaurant&Bar エルカミーノ 浜松市中区佐鳴台3-54-45 TEL:053-440-7057 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Passionate feelings for France confectionery tradition is pastry chef Patisserie giraffe continue creating pierces, HONGO, Jun-ichiro

Shimizu's springs、Peaceful pastoral scenery、Much like in the wilderness of the Tateyama Toyama reminiscent of Paris, France、Passion for France confectionery tradition is carried out、Keep created by pastry chef.。Its name is Jun-ichiro HONGO (age 46)。1969In January, 2.、Born in Toyama City、Originally aims to cooking people、He graduated from culinary school will be working to a French restaurant in Toyama。However,、Young, even if confidence in physical fitness、Captive too long early in the morning, late at night、1 this year days without even enough touch around the world、2Is the small questions arise in my years and more。Once you have more experience, more you broaden your horizon、Do not make more good ones? And ask yourself every day、And it is one of the answers to。Time given is limited。To cherish their time、Eliminate waste、And to experience many top priority.。Instead of a chef、And decided that the master was impressed with former experience in overseas France confectionery specializes in the way、His early decision、Right off the bat head to Osaka renowned will practice at the Patisserie。 And 27-year-old、Ripe 11/1994、In the Toyama nezuka France authentic pastry shop opened the "Patisserie Giraffe"。If you want to time、Because that's not a lump cake shop comprehensible to the general public、Referred to took a lot of time to get ready but was aware。1 month after 2 months or so, open。In the thick snow in Toyama、And experience the rigors of management that NordEst, there are a couple of days、In bad condition ill and Haggard finish、Daily rigors and evolve in Toyama also difficulties and suffering。But because of the way once decided to、Results attained without changing the line、So aesthetics through its immutable immovable、By word of mouth that slowly works their personality he created his world view and traditional sweets in the people、Call the people who、It is to grow up to be admired and renowned unsurpassed in Toyama。As for the fans though very slightly, and eat sweets of France's、And pride themselves for、He did not give。Even the cake per one、And if you think for the amount of work that I am doing to be expensive is proud。 In the giraffe、Chocolate candy is more abundant overwhelmingly.、Made of chocolate、Coffee、Tea leaves、Wine、Cigar to cultivar and provenance、Becomes something else entirely by the manufacturing process.。Utilizing the individuality of each baking is bakery giraffe identity。With that thought、Constantly increasing fan base、Now nine years ago, 2004、Plays in Kurose-Cho where the current transfer renewal open。Carved along the banks of the jinzu River to white iron art entrance、Look、Atmosphere beauty and Toyama。 He originally had an interest in design、In the hands of their own design shop、All the Interior also self coordinate with.。And the image of France frequently passes the best hotels、In the garden、Planting of trees、While enjoying the views from the large Windows、If there were treated as France Salon、Hope you want to taste the cake time、It was envisioned。Antique lighting inside and tables、And one leg legs and taste unique Chair their。Interweaving Chinese furniture、To have received inspiration from a Paris hotel is also created by the fusion of Eastern and Western world。 He can't hide that sticking to the cake、And then rebuild traditional France confectionery based on it、In addition to twist their dishes with contemporary things, and creating、Full of creativity、Design of、As much as it is deprived of eyes just beautifully。Although never used to fancy、Color is very simple。Should I say、It is his personality。That is the、It more bite、It is spread to the mouth deep and exquisite taste worthy of the history of France。 Over the years through limited seasonal desserts also are lined up with the original classic、A typical cake of the giraffe”G”The mark Pelle、It's now more than a decade ago is designed to。In the process some cooks to compete in contest、As France people prefer cake、The birth of the "piege" from chocolate specialties consider requests。And、In the contest and won the first place and take the honor of。After that、Pelle and arrange designed boutique、That leads to the evolution and now little by little during the past 10 years。With the birth of every single cake、HONGO said each has a fondness。Travelers frequently have salon for the first time、What do you recommend? That seems to be heard and、"All of my recommendations exist in the showcase"、It is said too much。But、Not just his kindness may be。 「メルバ」 546円 「コンコルド」 483円 「マッド ピエロ」 567円 「マンジャリ」 451円 「タルト ショコラ キャラメルサレ」483円 「コンジェ」 546円 サロンのお客様の話といえば、Told about this amazing experience。Giraffe cake、So very loyal to France、The sweetness and richness in France、Is a feeling、Such cakes、1 day and 22 type in the case of food, there was the man who told us that it is。And no such customers ago after。Now、A man who was eating the end、Come all the way from Tokyo have been coming for me is。A core that could impolitely said to fans、Be honest、Core I think that there are fan shop。And、My core so their crew in the fan、That is not to mention。He has been supported by such giraffan HONGO、Now、That young would-be and around without changing the idea felt、”It's time to”Continues。This desire is、Seems to pass on to the children of the young pastry chef wannabes work in his words。Will he pursue much irritation due to holiday、Eating out in beginning wine in the car、Sea fishing and softball, demanding that。His work and play with the real world always France confectionery。By all means try taste you want to is coming to Toyama。 パティスリー ジラフ 富山県富山市黒瀬北町1-8-7 TEL:076-491-7050 Hours of operation:11:00-19:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Feel free to talk in Italian "incontro" lunch

2012July、半田山にオープンしたイタリア料理の店「incontoro インコントロ」さん。Tokyo in French、Aims to be the total of the Italian chef Tomonori Kimura、Enjoy authentic Italian in the unpretentious atmosphere that。Maximum use of Hamamatsu high-quality, variety of ingredients、Hamming it up have in French technique, such as Esprit、Pursuing your own Italian stuffed without sparing the effort.。However,、Feel free to forget、Designed with an open style kitchen and large Windows that welcome casual。And "incontro"、In Italy, means "dating / relationships"。Through this store.、And connect with people、Delicious and dating、Like you having a happy hour、新鮮な食材にこだわった本格イタリアンをご提供されています♪ オーナーシェフの木村友則さんは独立開業を目標に14年間、Tokyo French、Advanced training at the Italian restaurant。4She moved to Hamamatsu from two years ago in the local wife、After learning about the sales in other industries、Is led to the opening of this。Total retail floor area is 20 square meters.。Seats are L-shaped floor space has the right to keep and are provided with 26 seats。Interior wood and white colours and、Has been kodawara in the sense of live to eat while watching the cooking by placing the open kitchen in the Middle。Lunch menu、As shown below。Because it was lunch time doubles as a meeting among the three、Aのパスタコース1,550円を1つとBのメインコース1,780円を2つそれぞれにいただきシェアすることにしました♪ menu A (前菜、Pasta、Dolce、コーヒー)1,550円 menu B (前菜、Main、Dolce、コーヒー)1,780円 menu C (前菜、Pasta、Main、Dolce、コーヒー)2,500円 ※上記全てプリフィックスコース。Dinner、上記のコースに「はじまりの一皿」がついて+100円 イタリア地方料理コース(はじまりの一皿、Appetizers、Pasta、Main、Dessert、コーヒー) 4,100円 前菜「地場野菜のバーニャカウダ」 生ハムを添えてグリッシーニ、Corn、Zucchini、Cucumber、Carrot、Okra、Tomatoes, etc。 「黒豚・鶏レバーのテリーヌ パルマ産生ハムとチーズ添え」 黒豚特有の肉の保水力としまりが良く、Fat sweet、Create unique texture、Plus rich and flavored with chicken liver。Enjoyed the texture of pistachios in some places。添えられたパルマ産の生ハムとパルミジャーノの塩分と共にいただいても美味しいです♪ 「浜名湖産地タコと三方原ジャガイモの地中海風」 浜名湖産のタコを目にし、Taco reminded me of "Octopus of takiya fishing" just the other day in my home and fighting desperately, mackerel (lol)、Is sweet and bouncy、Goes well with plenty of vegetables and olive sauce。Potato texture firm left eye were delicious in a salad only、まさに白ワインのために用意されたかのような前菜です♪ 「自家製フォカッチャ」 ふんわりもっちりの柔らかいフォカッチャは、Will be in homemade whipped butter。Whipped butter is smooth and light go on Focaccia。おかわり可能です♪ パスタ「浜名湖産あさりの軽いバジルクリーム」 浅利とバジルの組み合わせも爽やかですね♪ 「骨付き鶏もも肉のコンフィ マスタードクリームソース」 皮の焼き目は優しく、Inside is plump and juicier finish。ナイフをいれると骨からほろほろと身がほのける柔らかさでマスタードクリームと一緒にいただきました♪ 「豚肩ロースの香草パン粉焼き トマトソースとオリーブピュレ」 1,000円台のランチとは思えぬボリューム感。To put the fire slowly over the aluminum foil、Plump finish.、Confined to maximize flavor and sweetness of the meat, provided。酸味あるトマトソースとオリーブピュレの2種のソースでさっぱり感もプラス♪ 「無花果のコンポートとジュレ チーズクリーム添え」 大人な味わいのイチジクのコンポートは濃厚なチーズクリームと共に♪ 「いろいろ葡萄のパンナコッタ」 皮ごといただける葡萄がとても美味しくパンナコッタはツルンと滑らかな喉越しです♪ 「コーヒー」 事前に予約をしないとほとんど入店不可能なお店です。And how food ingredients travel utilizing a polite work Buri satisfying lunch。And friendly with the children, there's also "chairs for children"、Housewife's friend, familiar and likeable shop。That summer there、可愛らしいお子様連れの家族も多くいらしてましたね♪ インコントロ incontoro 浜松市東区半田山5-1-21 TEL:053-571-4517 Hours of operation:11:00-14:00 17:30-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday

Culinary Arts Shin still lunch and sashimi combination is the best!

The signboard of "Wariwari Shinhama" which can be seen when entering futamata highway from Yanagi-dori and running toward Motohama。Established as a new hamaya fish shop in the early Meiji period、Mr. Mitsuhiro Nagatani, the current owner of the shop, became the fourth generation.、Beloved people of regulars, are thriving day and night! shop、6 counter seats overlook a kitchen、Table seats 6 x 2、Private 4 seat、At most Japanese and is spacious 20 participants。On the counter-、And the fried fish、Homemade pickled plums and pickled shallots、In addition to order ingredients、Guests can enjoy watching it alone。Originally there had been fresh business from generation to generation、Want delicious fresh fish offered at a reasonable price、Seems that is stocking must be selected in the eyes of your own ingredients。In such culinary Shin still、You can enjoy a daily lunch at a very reasonable price of 800 yen。Regulars of the familiar and beloved、Many haunted every day by day?。This also、The lunch (main dish、Side dish (2 kinds)、Rice、Miso soup、800 yen and sashimi set meal (assorted sashimi、Side dish (2 kinds)、Rice、Miso soup、香の物)1,200円を注文することにしました♪ 「刺身定食」1,200円 中トロ、Bonito、Greater amberjack、コチどれも本当に鮮度良く美味しい魚たち♪ 刺身定食の小鉢「帆立とイカの酢の物」 酸味と弾力夏に嬉しい小鉢です♪ 刺身定食の小鉢「厚焼き玉子と佃煮」 「日替わりランチ」800円 この日の日替わりは甘鯛のかまの煮付けホロッとほどける柔らかさで甘過ぎず塩辛くなり過ぎず程好い味わい煮付けご飯のお供に最高です♪ 日替わりランチの小鉢「タコの煮物」 刺身定食の小鉢とは違ったものが出てきます♪ 日替わりランチの小鉢「オクラの天ぷら 生姜醤油とトマト」 一手間掛けられたソースを添えてくれるのが嬉しいですね♪ 「御飯」 しっかり目の盛りの御飯。Among the regulars are、It seems that there are many elderly people.、It seems that everyone will eat it with gusto.、There are also people who have refills。お元気な証拠ですね♪ 「蟹の味噌汁」 蟹の出汁で味わい深いお味噌汁♪ 「香の物」 大根、Carrot、Cucumber、Takuan。 This time the、遅がけの14時ギリギリに伺ったのですが快く対応してくださいました夏バテしやすい中和食であっさりとしかもメインの他に小鉢が2品と嬉しい品揃えはとても満足のいくランチとなりますこれだけのボリュームにもかかわらず2人で2,000円とはお得でバランスの良いランチですね♪ 割烹しんはま 浜松市中区中沢町67-12 TEL:053-522-8789 Hours of operation 11:00-14:00 17:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday、Holidays、第3月曜日

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