Birthday trip in Karuizawa (4) Blissful birthday dinner at "Auberge de Primavera"

Auberge de Primavera, led by owner-chef Yasuyuki Onuma, who pioneered French restaurants in Karuizawa.。This time the、紅葉に包まれたこちらの素敵な洋館にてスペシャルなバースデーディナーを楽しみます! 陽が落ちる夕刻には木々に装飾したネオンが灯され、Creates a warm atmosphere while emitting a dazzling light。 The garden of the main building shows a different face from the atmosphere of the daytime。 An illuminated symbol tree reveals its existence、Welcoming guests for the night。 小沼康行オーナーシェフ プロフィール 千葉県出身。From Chiba Prefectural Yachimachi High School, I entered Tsuji Culinary College in Osaka.。1981After graduating in、Got a job at the French restaurant "Rengaya" in Daikanyama, Tokyo。Ginza "After training at Lekan、"Fit Resort" in Kawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi、Served as the head chef of "900 City Club" in Nagano and Karuizawa。After working as the cooking manager of the auberge "Au Mirado" in Hakone, Kanagawa、1996 year、French restaurant "Primavera" opened in Karuizawa。2002Attached accommodation for years。Since the、There is also a wine cellar and a sister store "Pyrenees"、2020In the year Japan opened a restaurant "Calm Za" and "Vegan Prus" focusing on vegetable dishes.。 Why、Owner-Chef Yasuyuki Onuma、Despite starting as a French restaurant、Did you name the restaurant "Primavera" in Italian?。It's、Memories on one page of the chef's life are deeply involved。For details,、その想いが記されている「公式サイト」をご覧ください。 1The main restaurant on the floor has、Non-guests also come to enjoy the meal.。 Polished glasses and cutlery are lined up on pure white tablecloths、Crown napkins will be trimmed。Bright red apple balls that can be harvested at this time of year in Karuizawa are served beside candles。 On this day、To match the special dinner course of owner chef Yasuyuki Onuma、We asked manager and sommelier Ken-ichi Tanaka for pairing wine.。 今年で49歳となる私の誕生日前夜祭を祝してシャンパーニュにて乾杯! Champagne「ジャン・ヴェッセル ウイユ ドゥ ペルドリ(Jean Vesselle Oeil de Perdrix)」 「やまうずらの眼」と名付けられた、100% Pinot Noir champagne with a pale pink color as the name suggests.。It's hard to see them in Japan、It is made by a very rare direct pressing method.。Bright bright pale pink tones illuminated by candles、Make an even more gorgeous impression。Foams well、Fruit aroma spreads、Adds a hint of tea leafy nuance and spiciness、バラの花やミネラル香が楽しめる豊かなボリューム感を味わえます! ガラス越しに映る中庭の池には、Bright red autumn leaves appear all over the place.、It has become a carpet of autumn leaves.。Looking at the illuminated courtyard、Mr. Tanaka, the manager, said, "You came at a good time."。Only a few autumn leaves can be seen floating in the pond、After a few days, the autumn leaves containing water will sink to the bottom of the pond.。Even this scenery is a page that makes you feel the precious four seasons of Japan.。I feel like I'm having a special time on a special night。 アミューズ①「赤ピーマンのムース クーリドトマト」 アミューズ②「自家製唐墨とチーズサブレ」 白ワイン「ル・セック・ドゥ・レイニュ・ヴィニョー 2020(LE SEC DE RAYNE VIGNEAU) ボルドー/ソーヴィニヨンブラン(BORDEAUX/Sauvignon Blanc)」 「シャトー ドゥ・レイヌ・ヴィニョー(Chateau de Rayne Vigneau)」は、1855It is a historic chateau rated 1st class in the Sauternes district。Lemon yellow with shine、Grapefruit and herbs、Honey、White flowers are felt、It is characterized by freshness and soft acid.、It has a pleasant taste and is easy to drink.。オマール海老のスープに合わせていただきましょう! 前菜「高原野菜とオマール海老のテリーヌ オレガノ風味」 スープペアリング「クレームクリスタッセ」 オープン当初から不動の人気を誇る前菜。13So that you can enjoy the texture and taste of the highland vegetables、Divide each vegetable and cook it carefully.、Colorful terrine finished only by pressing without using any joints。Served with a special consommé jelly and oregano-flavored green sauce。In the center, the umami of Omar shrimp is condensed.、The highland vegetables packed around it are fragrant、It has a crunchy texture and is fresh! It is no exaggeration to say that you can experience the splendor of Karuizawa's highland vegetables in this dish.、身体が喜ぶ食事をいただくとはまさにこの事のよう♪ パン お次の「松茸のパイ包み焼スープ」に合わせて、Red wine。 Red wine "Moret Saint-Denis 2020 ステファン マニャン (Morey-Saint-Denis Domaine Stephane Magnien)」 1897年創業のモレ・サン・ドニに本拠を置くドメーヌで、2008It was inherited by Stephane Magnien as the fourth generation owner.、Traditional winemaking methods。Beautiful garnet shades、Raspberry or blackcurrant、Fruity aroma of ripe fruits such as wild berries、It is juicy but also elegant.、余韻も長く楽しめます! スープ「松茸のパイ包み焼スープ」 パイの端からスプーンをサクサクッと入れて、First of all, let's have a soup that locks in the umami with a pie.。香り立つ芳しい松茸の香り! こちらの秋の名物料理の一つとして人気の高いパイ包みのスープ。It becomes a special consommé base that was carefully taken over 3 days.、While there is a gentleness that fits in with the body、Like a deepening autumn、Enjoy the deep taste that slowly permeates the marrow of your bones.、It is an exquisite soup that shines a beautiful golden color! Later、By soaking the pie、There are two ways to enjoy。The coming seasons、松茸がトリュフに変わり楽しめるとのこと♪ 白ワイン「サン・トーバン プルミエ・クリュ レ・フリオンヌ 2019 フランソワ・ダレーヌ (François d’Allaines Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Frionnes)」 ピーチや青林檎を感じさせるミネラル感にシトラスや白い花を感じるフルーティーさがあり口当たりが滑らかでエレガントなシャルドネを魚料理に合わせて! 魚料理「本日の鮮魚 洋梨仕立て エストラゴン風味のバターソース」 スープガルビュー「5つの野菜の取り合わせポタージュ」 この日の鮮魚は「鱸」。It imitates the shape of a poppy pear.、Stuffed with crab and scallop mousse and steamed、エストラゴンの香り高いバターソースが良く合います! テーブルの籠一杯に積まれた軽井沢の林檎(紅玉)。 Next is the appearance of red wine to match the meat dishes of the main dish.。 Red wine "Chateau Dassault Saint-Emilion 2016 (CHATEAU DASSAULT SAINT-EMILION GRAND CRU 2016)」 1955年に戦闘機メーカーの創業者であるマルセル・ダッソー氏がシャトー・クープリーを取得し、Renamed Château Dassault。Deep garnet purple hue、Plums and boysenberries、Following the aroma of Black Forest cake、lilac、The scent of star anise、The vigorousness of full-bodied and condensed black berries is felt,、フローラルな香りが漂います!...

Birthday trip in Karuizawa(3)French restaurant with accommodation "Auberge de Primavera"

For a birthday trip to enjoy the autumn leaves this year, go to the French restaurant "Auberge de Primavera" in Karuizawa, which has accommodation in all junior suites! Surrounded by rich forest nature、A French restaurant opened in the early summer of 1996 in Karuizawa, an area suitable for spending a quiet time.。Owner-chef Yasuyuki Onuma, who trained at a famous restaurant in Tokyo,、It has been renovated and expanded several times as an utopia.、Launching accommodation facilities attached to restaurants so that guests can relax more、Reborn as an auberge、2020On April 1 of each year, we also opened "ONZA" where you can enjoy Japan cuisine.。 Not far from "Kumba Pond", which is also a famous place for autumn leaves、Auberge facing Kumba Pond Street。Each placemark、It is a yellow sign that says "Primavera"。 You will be greeted by a symbol tree with beautifully colored autumn leaves、A wonderful Western-style building with ivy crawling。This is the main building facility with a restaurant.。 PORSCHE, which became the second car of our house 911 Carrera also took a good picture with the autumn leaves of Karuizawa in the background for the first time.。 A bracket light that welcomes guests with a warm light、The reddish leaves are also illuminated by lights and the maple is colorful.。 "Primavera Depuis 1996" and、A sign board with the opening date and the chef's name engraved on the restaurant's name。 Terrace seats that are active in the season of fresh greenery when a pleasant breeze blows from spring to summer、Pets are allowed。 Walk through the tranquil garden where you can enjoy picking autumn leaves that change in various shades、To the front desk of the main building。 Check-in at the reception desk of the main building。Check-in time is 15:00、Check-out is 11:00And will be。 This is a hotel where you can enjoy authentic French cuisine.、Fortunately, there is only one room where pets can stay together.。Pets are charged separately、1¥4,000 for small and medium-sized dogs per night、Large dog ¥5,000 (tax and service charge not included)。 Write your address, name, contact information, car number, etc. on the check-in sheet.、Sign to agree to the terms and conditions。 This time to stay for consecutive nights、While asking Ken-ichi Tanaka, who serves as the manager, about recommended spots in the area、Chat for a while。 If you go to the right with the main building in the background,、You can see the accommodation adjacent in front of you.。The parking lot is in front of the main building.、I decided to park on the street and drop off my luggage first.。Traveling with a dog can quickly increase the amount of luggage.。 Walk along the cobblestones filled with autumn leaves、To the accommodation that will be taken care of。 In front of the property、Because there is a breakfast venue "VEGAN + Plus"、Let's introduce it at breakfast the next morning。 Wooden deck spreads out、Accommodation tucked away as if blending in with the forest。There are 10 guest rooms in a two-story building.、At the foreground of it、Because the corner room on the road side is pet-friendly、ワンコを散歩に連れ出すのも容易です! 積もりに積もった落ち葉があまりに綺麗で、Involuntarily peeking、Even on iPhone for Instagram stories。 While it seems to accumulate naturally、見事な紅葉のグラデーションが楽しめます! 1階 R0om 1(一室限定のペット同伴可の客室) 葉をモチーフにしたルームキーのホルダーがとても素敵。Recently, there are many convenient card keys in any hotel.、I still enjoy the atmosphere、I am attracted to such detailed arrangements.。 When you open the entrance、A natural space where you can feel the warmth、To the right of the coat hanger is a large mirror attached to the wall.、It is also convenient as a view before going out.、You can also feel the depth of the space。 On the right side of the corridor is a bathroom lined with a powder room.、There is a toilet on the left hand door.。If you go to the back, the living room and bedroom will expand.。 France is a relaxing space with antique furnishings in an atmosphere as if you were visiting a country house in Paris.。All guest rooms are junior suites of 50 square meters.、It is large enough for two couples (+ one small dog) to stay.、快適です! 窓側からの景色 寝室には、A wide bed is available with two single beds connected by a highly cushioned headboard.。 Free Wi-Fi on TV、There is also a small refrigerator.。 When I go out to the veranda、A coffee table is provided.、Although it is on the road side、Blindfolded by lush trees,、It is possible to relax and relax.。 The powder room is on the left as soon as you enter.、Because it is raised slightly from the bathroom、No need to worry about flooding。 Thick and absorbent fluffy bath towels, face towels and hand towels、Shirt-shaped sleepwear is also available.、If you stay for consecutive nights, everything will be replaced at the time of cleaning.。A hairdryer is also available in the cupboard.。 Hand towel in the basket、Toothbrush set、Cotton、Preparation of swabs。 Bath salts、For bubble bath (bath salt)、フランスはブルターニュで誕生したマリンコスメティクスのパイオニア「ALGOTHERM(アルゴテルム)」のバスアイテムが揃い、Gentle shampoos and treatments for delicate skin、shower gel、Hand soap is available。 Spacious bathroom with a large bathtub where you can stretch your legs comfortably。 If you pour hot water from a cute antique-style European-style faucet、Relaxing bath time comes。 There is also a double-head tiled shower booth with a head shower and a handheld shower head in the back.。 ウォシュレット完備のトイレ お部屋に用意されたペット用ケージにはおしっこシートが敷かれ、Tableware for pets is also provided.、毛取り用のコロコロまでも! 愛犬ショコラもこの部屋に直ぐに慣れてくれ、I'm having a good time。 Flower frames and furnishings hung on the wall、France visited marchés such as the Clignancourt flea market in Paris、What was actually purchased.。 Air Purifier、Air conditioning。11At night in Karuizawa in the early months、It's so cold that you forget the warmth of the day.、25The room will be warmed up enough by setting it to about degrees.。 The cold chocolate is "on your lap、Let me put it on."、While holding it in one hand、I saw "Rurubu Karuizawa" at the front desk、軽井沢の観光名所をお勉強しておきましょう♪ テーブルにセッティングされたウェルカムフードが”胡桃”だなんて、Isn't it too cute! And、Set walnuts in a squirrel-shaped nutcracker、Get behind the wheel、胡桃をガリッと!中からは立派な胡桃があまりの可愛さに悶絶…思わず外に出て撮影用に紅葉を拾って来ました(笑)こうした細やかな演出が楽しいのです♪ レストランでのディナータイムは、Of course、Pets are not allowed、Give the chocolate a homemade dinner that you brought earlier.、Let them stay clever for a few hours。Choko-tan、暖かいお部屋でお利口に待っててね♪ ランタンに灯りが灯され、There are a lot of autumn leaves at your feet! An evening in Karuizawa where you can feel the "little autumn" abundantly。 No one dropped it.、Even the fallen leaves of autumn leaves woven by nature feel like an art.。 紅葉と愛車 良き旅は、We're just getting started。Now、It will be the time for the main event, which is the main reason why I chose this auberge for this birthday trip.。小沼康行シェフ渾身のスペシャルディナーと参りましょう! オーベルジュ・ド・プリマヴェーラ (Auberge de Primavera) 住所長野県北佐久郡軽井沢町軽井沢1278-11 TEL:0267-42-0095

Birthday trip in Karuizawa(2)Yamanashi "Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge" Mountains deepening in autumn with a 360°C panorama

Drive for about 15 minutes from Nagasaka IC on the Chuo Expressway.、The view from the top of the "Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge" called the "Yellow Bridge" over the Kawamata River Valley on the Kiyosato Kogen Road is、A panorama of nature with Yatsugatake in the background! At the end of the bridge (Kiyosato side), there is a free "Yatsugatake Kogen Ohashi Kitazume Observatory Parking Lot"、More than a dozen cars can be parked。If you park here and get out of the car,、You can enjoy the view while strolling! "Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge" is called "Red Bridge" as opposed to "Higashizawa Bridge"、100m high called "Yellow Bridge"、It will be a bridge with a total length of 490 m.、It is a famous place as a popular spot during this time of fresh green and autumn leaves.。There is also a sidewalk on the bridge.、People trying to capture the beautifully colored scenery of the mountains at a glance。 From the top of the bridge、Yatsugatake to the north、Southern Alps to the southwest、Mt. Fuji can be seen to the south、360A wonderful view awaits you in a panoramic view of °C! Yatsugatake is a volcano that runs from north to south from Nagano Prefecture to Yamanashi Prefecture Japan and is said to be one of the 100 famous mountains.。 Autumn leaves coloring the mountain stream of the Kawamata River Oak、beech、rowan、Maple、Autumn leaves with colored larch and other trees、川俣川の渓流と共に絶大な癒しを誇る絶景スポット! 富士山 八ヶ岳のことを調べていたところ、"Yatsugatake was a long time ago、It was higher than Mt. Fuji."。Both Mt. Fuji and Yatsugatake are volcanic belts.、There are even papers that are considering geological studies focusing on volcanic activity.。Mt. Fuji erupted repeatedly in the same crater, resulting in lava accumulation and higher elevation.、In fact, Yatsugatake crater moved every time it erupted.、It looks like his head has been cracked.。The altitude of Yatsugatake is、About 250,000 years ago it was about 3400m、About 100,000 years ago, it was the same as today at 2805 m (Mt. Amida)、2899M (Mt. Akadake)、At that time、Because Mt. Fuji was still only about 2700 meters、In fact Japan the number one mountain was Yatsugatake! however、Volcanic activity on Mt. Fuji began about 10,000 years ago.、Continuing to increase the altitude with each eruption、Because it reached the current height of 3776 m、It means that "the best mountain in Japan = Mt. Fuji"。Fluctuations due to volcanic activity in nature、This destination、Will Japan number one mountain ever change? While remembering the relationship between Yatsugatake and Mt. Fuji、360Rotate and degree、What is this view that can be seen at once?、感慨深いものがありますね! 目的地に到着する前に、Fun refreshment time along the way! Walking on the sidewalk with your dog Chocolat、Feel the pleasant breeze while placing yourself in the magnificent scenery、記念撮影することができました!...

Birthday trip in Karuizawa(1)Yamanashi "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN Hokuto Store" Terrace lunch with dog accompaniment

Every year、11Birthday trip to go out on my birthday in the month。I can't go abroad due to the corona disaster、For the past few years, I have hated to travel.、Last year, I went on a trip to Atami to enjoy hot springs.、This year, I came to Karuizawa to enjoy the autumn leaves! Because I have my dog Chocolat who welcomed my family during the Corona disaster、This time it will be a dog trip with chocolate! This time, let Maserati stay、"PORSCHE" just delivered from "Porsche Center Setagaya Certified Used Car Center" 911 Carrera 911 Carrera)"、Traveling while enjoying the first high-speed driving。The travel distance from Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where we live, to Karuizawa, our destination, is about 400 km、It takes about 4 hours.、Enter the Chubu Crossing Road from Shimizu、Go slowly with breaks along the way、Entering Yamanashi Prefecture。In the mountains as autumn deepens、Surrounded by yellow-colored trees、You can see the splendid yellow leaves that are not autumn leaves! Scenery of yellow leaves shining in the glossy dark blue body color。What a picture! On the way to Karuizawa、Lunch at the southern foot of Yatsugatake、Yamanashi is a hamburger and pizza made with local organic vegetables in Hokuto City.、こだわりの焙煎コーヒーが楽しめる「GOOD DINER INN COPAIN 北杜店(グッド・ダイナー・イン・コパン北杜店)」へ! こちらは、In Tokyo, Ikebukuro became a branch of "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN", which is a place of relaxation where hostels and café bars coexist.、The owner is based here、It was opened when it was moved to Hokuto City in Yamanashi.。2012"Cafeteria Copan" opened on September 5 of the year、2014From April 27, it has been changed to "Good Diner in Copan Hokuto Store".。 The inside of the store has a high ceiling.、It becomes an open and warm space full of the warmth of wood.、Table seats、Private room、About 50 seats are available on the terrace.。 Because the open terrace is allowed to be accompanied by a dog、I will visit you on the terrace with my dog Chocolat.。Because the temperature in early November in Yamanashi is less than 10 ° C.、It seems that lunch is the limit for spending time on the terrace.、It seems that if there is no wind, it is within the range of time。There are also considerations such as preparing blankets from the store side.、助かります! メニュー表を拝見しながらオーダーテイクアウトも可能です! ボリューム感たっぷりのハンバーガーや彩り鮮やかなサンドイッチ、Pizza made with plenty of local organic vegetables。 11:00~ 14:30There are service drinks for a limited time、ホットコーヒーに関しては「おかわり自由」と嬉しいサービス付きとなります!お店のロゴ入りの可愛いマグカップにたっぷりと入った暖かいコーヒーで冷えた身体を温めてほっこり! コーヒー好きのオーナーのこだわリで、Coffee beans are freshly roasted coffee beans.、マイルドで飲みやすいアメリカンなコーヒーとなります! お店の道路を挟んだ向かい側に珈琲豆の焙煎所を設けられており、The owner comes on weekends and roasts it.。 The coffee bean roaster is equipped with a roaster from "FUJI ROYAL", which is headquartered in Osaka.。 When the hamburger plate you ordered is ready,、Look at the camera of Chocolat、The usual "Hi、ポーズ!」 「ベーコンチーズバーガー」1,400yen ふかふかの厚みのあるバンズに、For a juicy patty made with minced beef and pork、Melted rich cheddar cheese、For thick bacon full of satisfying eating、A tower-type hamburger with crunchy lettuce and fresh tomatoes、The sauce is covered like an avalanche of sweet aurora sauce with grain mustard! Garnish is、フライドポテトに胡瓜と人参のピクルスでワンプレートに! 「チーズバーガー」1,250yen 同じ絵面になってしまいましたが、"Cheeseburger" without bacon from the hamburger above。Because both are tall、To make it easy to eat、Put it in the included burger bag、こぼさないようにいただきます! ショコラの食事は手作りごはんやトレーを持参しているため、Get permission from the shop、Feed on the terrace。Were you too hungry?、あっという間の完食です! お腹も一杯になったところで、Chocolate plunged into nap mode。I can climb stairs, but I'm not good at going down.、抱っこ待ちの様子です(笑) 紅、Yellow、Porsche surrounded by green autumn leaves。This time、Travel bags and others、Chocolate luggage was also bulky.、Because it fit securely on the hood and back seat、思っていた以上に快適なドライブ! お決まりですが記念にお店前でも一緒に撮影! 深まる秋と紅葉を楽しみながらの軽井沢への誕生日旅行の始まりです! GOOD DINER INN COPAIN 北杜店(グッド・ダイナー・イン・コパン) 住所山梨県北杜市大泉町西井出8240-6321 TEL:0551-38-1023 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00(14:30LO)、Dinner 17:30-21:00(20:30LO) テイクアウト:Order 10:00-20:00、Receive:11:30-15:00.17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:月曜日(祝日は翌火曜) 駐車場:15台

Hamamatsu "Yakitori dashi" Yakitori carefully grilled with binchotan charcoal until you put a stop on the omakase!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city、Charcoal-grilled yakitori specialty store "Yakitori dashi" opened in December 2020 and during the Corona disaster in Sameidai 2-chome, which is a quiet residential area.。 It is not far from my house in Lake Same.、Happy to have a yakitori restaurant opened nearby.、Continue to follow Instagram official、Days to check availability of reservations。The timing is finally right、I was able to make it to the visit! Business hours are from 4 p.m.、Sometimes opens a little earlier than a regular store.、Thank you for those of us who no longer go out late at night.、I asked for a reservation from early。 Because the owner, Keita Suzuki (33 years old), is running it alone.、Counter 6 seats、A small restaurant with only one table seat。While looking at the grill at the counter、I would like to enjoy the fragrant aroma and grilled yakitori.。 Here is、There will be only one omakase course.、Starting with appetizer small bowls、Yakitori carefully grilled with Tosa binchotan charcoal、It will be "until you put a stop" according to the stomach pouch.、It will be a style that provides the owner's leave to you in a well-balanced manner.。1About 350 yen。If there is an ingredient you are not good at,、It would be better to tell us in advance。 There is only one table seat.、If you want to enjoy a relaxing meal on the sofa seat, this seat is recommended.。Counter on this day too、Both tables are full! There is also a desire for the owner to concentrate on the grill、Drinks are a self-service system that allows you to freely enjoy bottles in the refrigerator or in the refrigerator.。This style also has a cozy feeling.、There is also a nostalgic impression、It's relaxing! Alcohol is bottled beer、Japanese sake、Shochu、Plum wine or gin、Vodka and more are lined up.。For cold sake, etc., just ask the owner、It seems that recommendations of the day will come out。 Bottled beer in the refrigerator、Sapporo Lager Beer、Non-alcoholic drinks are、There are two types of non-alcoholic beers: Sapporo and Kirin、Cola and herbal teas、100%There is juice and so on.、Mineral water and Wilkinson's carbonated water are available as splits.。 First of all, it's beer.、Let's have a bottled beer、The glass is in a squeaky state in the upper freezer! "Sapporo Lager Beer" First time eating out at night in a long time。Every night、Although we have dinner at home、What about the beer you have outside?、I feel ♪ that it has a special taste somewhere, and the chopstick rests that are made of broken pottery and stones in a perfect balance are tasteful.、It was nice, so when I asked the owner、2It is handmade by a wife who is encouraged to raise a young child who is getting older! Although we are helping you prepare before opening、Because I still can't stand at night business hours now.、With gratitude to our customers、It seems to be breathed into it.。I could feel the heartwarming domestic help of my wife.、What a wonderful couple! Appetizer small bowl "Steamed lotus root chicken soborogake、Potesara with taro and quail eggs" Thickly cut steamed lotus root、Served with a strong flavor of chicken soboro with concentrated umami、I'll have it with you。Potesara with taro and quail eggs has a soggy and gentle taste.、A glass of beer in a small bowl can be light! Trained at chicken specialty restaurants "Rooya" and "Charcoal Grill Abe" in the city、Mr. Suzuki became independent。Judge while adjusting the heat of charcoal at the place of grilling、Skewers carefully baked one by one。As for chickens, they visit the "Toriichi Butcher Store" in Toyohashi, which we often use, to purchase Mikawa red chicken and Aichi duck directly.。Mikawa red chicken、With long-term breeding using wood acetic acid for feed、 The meat taste is crisp、It is a delicious chicken that you can enjoy the umami and richness as you chew! Yakitori is coated with chicken oil、Olive oil for vegetables、A sprinkling of sun salt from the sea of Tosa、Some are pickled in homemade sauce jars、To let you taste the original flavor of the ingredients、It is suppressed to the taste of good salt plum.。 "Sasami" The first one starts with plump fillet! Taste with mellow sun salt with a sweet taste without horns、Serve with plenty of freshly grated Honyama Aoi! Inside、Exquisitely cooked dyed pink and baked、Enjoy the plump, moist and soft fillet! The pungent taste of Aoi Motoyama is also a good accent.、You can enjoy the umami and richness of Mikawa red chicken! "Gizzard" Speaking of gizzards、Although it is characterized by a crunchy texture、Really high-quality gizzards can be softened by carefully cooking them! This gizzard is just that! It has a good texture.、You can enjoy it with a very good fire! "2 ginkgo trees" The aroma of roasted ginkgo is、It goes great with beer! "Imo Shochu Osuzuyama Yamaneko Kojime Yamada Nishiki / Miyazaki Osuzuzan Distillery" bottle 3,000 yen Sweet potato "Joy White" cultivated by the agricultural corporation "Reviving Earth Association" and、Special limited potato shochu made with koji rice and "Yamada Nishiki"。Steaming koji rice is changed from stainless steel to local cedar、Aiming for more powerful koji making、From raw materials lychee or muscat、It brings out the aroma of elderflower and tea leaves.。The taste also has a richness derived from rice malt.、Gentle sweetness leads to ease of drinking、It's a sweet potato shochu that just keeps going.。Ice cream in a pair of tumblers depicting black ships like Perry's arrival、I'll have it on the rock! Coincidentally、The eldest daughter of Hagioka's Chinese "Hundred Flowers", a good friend of the family:Chiyuri has made a reservation with her gourmet friends.、It was a fun reunion! A generation that can enjoy yakitori in Non-Al、It's amazing in a way (laughs) "Aichi duck red cabbage moss" We also love "Aichi duck"。Aichi duck oil has a low melting point of 26 degrees Celsius and melts at body temperature.、It is a healthy fat that does not accumulate easily in the body and has a strong sweetness.、The taste of Aichi duck with pure white fur is not particularly light.、It is characterized by a rich taste! The red cabbage moss served below is、Less bitter taste、Crunchy and crunchy、When boiled, there is a little slime、It is a very delicious vegetable leaf! "Onima" so that you can feel it even when you look at it、Chicken skin crisps and pops、The onion, which is so juicy that the meat juice overflows from the inside! Because "shichimi" and "sansho" are prepared on the table.、You can change the taste to your liking! "Lever" Although my husband is not very good at levers,、My favorite part、Lever。I've been waiting for you.、No fishy smell、I was in agony at the deep taste that rushed in from behind! I also like the delicate fact that this homemade sauce is not sweet and spicy! "Shiitake mushroom" is a vegetable that is grilled with charcoal.、The flavor is terrifyingly condensed! Subtle aroma of olive oil、If you chew it, the shiitake mushroom juice will overflow! Taste of autumn、It's a treat! "Seseri" Seseri that you can enjoy elasticity、Grilled with dashi soy sauce、The chives prepared in between are fragrant、Gives you a good job! For each skewer served、This pebble that the shopkeeper puts on a small plate。Finally, the unique style of paying with the number of pebbles is adopted! anything、This pebble is the former owner of "Shiota Tatami Store":Tatami Shoji (real name:Shoji Shiota)、Mr. Suzuki is collecting little by little.、Let's use this for the store's accounting.、It seems that it was conceived。There is a sense of playfulness in even the little things.、It is a work that fascinates you unintentionally。How many pebbles is Mr. Suzuki collecting?、It seems that they already have about 100 of them.、Octopus or turtle、Horse、Raccoons、pigs, etc.、If you look at the back, there is a date、It will make you laugh with a picture with an indescribable unique touch! Eat 9 skewers、My stomach is almost full.、Check the ingredients that will come out after this.、You can't remove the part you really want to eat.、Chicken wings、Hatu、I asked you to go to Tsukune 〆Meshi! "Chicken wings" The skin is crispy、Fat is sweet、The flesh is soft and soft、Good bony chicken wings! best、Chicken wings have drawing power! "Hatsu" I also love the heart of chickens! No odor、You can enjoy a crisp and unique crunchy texture with a light taste! This is the last time the skewers are served! Let me enjoy the flowing hands.、You can also see the brilliance of the skewer that is said to be a sauce jar! "Tsukune"、The scorching Tsukune of this day is the autumn version.、Because lotus root is also finely chopped and mixed with yogen cartilage,、You can enjoy the texture well! "Today's messi" written on the blackboard is simply "donabe gohan" and "ramen" written in hiragana.。I'm also worried about the freshly cooked rice in the clay pot.、This time, I chose "Ramen" that you can enjoy smoothly! By chance、Because the older brothers who were next to me were asked for "who to eat"、I stared at it! Use clay pots of different sizes.、It is used according to the number of people in the order.、The accompaniment of "Donabe rice" on this day was "kamaage shirasu"! Delicious conversations bloom with older brothers in their twenties who are regulars in the neighborhood、Such an encounter is unique to counter seats! "Ramen" Clear soup with beautiful white onions、Chicken oil full of collagen seems to be good for beautiful skin、Even though it's 〆, it's appetizing! Gently salty、The salt ramen that goes through the throat is、Perfect for a cup of 〆! Your heart and stomach will be satisfied and you will be very satisfied.、I thought I would take a taxi on the way back.、Chiyuri-chan, who was enjoying non-al in non-al, is the way to go.、They will send me home.、I had a lucky night! (Thanks) Charcoal yakitori to enjoy、There is also warmth because it is a small shop.、A good shop that conveys the feelings of an honest owner。Another favorite restaurant has ♪ increased Yakitori dashi address:Nagura Store Room 2, 2-16-16 Sameidai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:053-555-6471(Reservation priority) Business hours:16:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Irregular holidays No cards accepted:Cash only

PORSCHE from Tokyo "Porsche Center Setagaya Certified Used Car Center" 911 Deliver Carrera!

Located along Setagaya Street between Loop Route 7 and Loop Route 8, the "Porsche Center Setagaya Certified Used Car Center" is、2022It has been renewed as a showroom that fully incorporates the latest Porsche CI in March、The number of units that can be exhibited is about 10.、It will be a large-scale Porsche center with a service factory! Also from July、We started handling Porsche certified used cars that guaranteed high quality、Operated as one of the largest showrooms in Japan。As a certified used car、111Items also using checklists、Technicians carefully check the overall condition and functions of the vehicle and the information and history of the vehicle、Restore components except consumables to their original state as much as possible、It will be a certified used car that can be serviced according to the new car warranty.。 Currently at the international group "Excellence International Co., Ltd." that operates this、Kazuo Makino, who is active as President and Representative Director, has been with us since he was originally the CEO of "Maserati Japan Co., Ltd."、Thank you for taking care of me this time! (Note:The image is from 7 years ago) This time I am lucky、This "PORSCHE 911 Carrera 911 Carrera)" has been contracted! 「PORSCHE 911 Carrera 911 Carrera)" Equipped with a 3L horizontally opposed 6-cylinder twin-turbo engine Length ×Width× Height = 450×181×129 (cm) The body color is night blue metallic that changes to a mysterious shade depending on how light is captured.。The luster and deep blue-green color make you feel the goodness! This flowing and beautiful form that is kept while holding the horizontally opposed 6-cylinder engine in the rear hood。The engine hood is equipped with louvers with excellent heat dissipation.、The taillight has a sophisticated design that uses a lot of LEDs.、The exhaust pipe has two left and right sides and a stable balance! The interior is made of high-quality all-leather with luxurious Alcantara.、Luxor beige leather seats with espresso-colored dashboard and steering、The ideal combination you've been looking for! Carrera is different from Boxster、4Because it is possible to ride people、You can also put your luggage in the back seat! 911 Carrera's badge glows。 The Porsche emblem has、It depicts a prancing horse, the coat of arms of the German city of Stuttgart.、The combination of gold× red× black gives off a profound impression in the gorgeousness.。 In the showroom There is also a classic corner in the showroom.、10 cars indoors at all times、About 10 Porsche certified used cars are on display outdoors。 Current、It is normal to wait 3-4 years for a new car。If so、The movement of certified used cars is also intense、There may be a total replacement on a weekly basis.、I heard that it rotates quickly.。 The goods corner is also substantial.、Porsche ×RIMOWA trolley cases and active backpacks with logos and shoes、Display of accessories such as cute teddy bears and thermo mugs straddling baby Porsche。 Classic Corner 1973 911E 2,2-liter flat 6 engine On this day、I heard that Takehhisa Ozawa, who was also indebted to Maserati, has moved here.、Thank you for your special presence、While blooming into an old tale、We were connected to Mr. Yusuke Kamimura, GM of the Sales Department.。 Contract concluded! Ms. Ozawa、Ms. Kamimura、Thank you very much! later、Reliable maintenance is performed by pre-delivery inspection and maintenance、The day of the long-awaited delivery of Carrera, which is in the best condition, has arrived! Even when unloading from the loading car, it becomes flat at once with a simple operation of a button.、Landing on the road surface。 The driver of a loaded car gets into the car、The car will be delivered to the designated parking lot。 Get in the driver's seat、From GM Kamimura、Including precautions when driving、You will receive guidance on various operation procedures.。 While chatting with Mr. Kamimura, GM who went to deliver the car from Tokyo、Take a coffee break、Sign the receipt、Delivery is completed safely! immediately、I went for a drive.、The comfort of its ride and ease of driving are、It will be the perfect caster for women.。Lightly accelerating exhilaration and steering agility、A supple suspension adds a good feeling、Previous、Far more than the impression I got when I tested it、It was a comfortable drive that made me keenly aware of the fun of driving! In the future, I would like to actively participate in events where Porsche owners gather planned by dealers.、I will take care of you to live a fun Porsche life、Dear Porsche enthusiasts,、Thank you! Porsche Center Setagaya Certified Used Car Center Location:3-15-13 Sakura, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo TEL:03-5426-2111 Open all year round (except year-end and New Year holidays)

Hamamatsu Chinese "Chinese Restaurant Ibe" Chinese cuisine that is gentle on the stomach with a delicate and elegant taste

In Hamamatsu, the famous Chinese restaurant "Shizuka-Seika-" (* Closed in March 2007)。It is now located in Kyoto.、After training under Chef Shizuo Miyamoto (opened as "Shizuka")、2008"Chinese Restaurant Ibe" opened independently in Kamishi Town on May 15 of that year。 Place、Across from the kitchen equipment store supplies sales "Tempos Hamamatsu store"。Is not exaggeration to say Chinese restaurant today, representing the Hamamatsu。In the past only a few no parking from、The weekend lunch had been feeling somewhat inconvenience、And extend the grounds next to the currently、Parking has spread greatly、It's so accessible! "Do the obvious without cutting corners.。It's not just a pretense of decoration, it's really delicious.。Safe and body-friendly cuisine。The store must be a space where you can have fun.。Because it is managed with the motto of "、A shop loved by a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.。 Lunch menu、A wide variety of 6 dishes including noodles and rice menus are available for 1,100 yen ~ 1,600 yen.。 Shop、Staff extremelly atmosphere in shades of Brown。Hall table seats 12 seats、Private room 1 room (4-6) and four-seat counter、There are 22 seats、At lunch time on weekdays though、It is a popular restaurant that rotates twice! On this day、It was a short lunch time until the time to accompany the house tour of the "Angel Sound Cantaloupe" that we support.、30I only had about a minute.、It's Chinese! The time from ordering to food delivery is also faster、It's a great help! "Tantan noodles (with pickled sweet vinegar)" 1,100 yen Served with boiled cabbage and bok choy prepared on a separate plate、While adding the oil, adjust the spiciness to your liking.。 The noodles are soft straight noodles。Because it has a light taste for a common "dan noodle"、Emphasis on pungency、It is better not to order "Japan dan noodles" that will have a rich and rich taste of thick shiba mah sauce.。The elegant taste unique to "Ibe" will be the base "Tantan noodles"! "Crab Fried Rice (Soup、With pickled sweet vinegar)" 1,300 yen Plenty of crab meat and eggs、Fried rice with an elegant taste that makes the texture of finely cut cucumber a very good accent! Although the salty air is gentle, it has a deep umami and a gentle taste and a highly satisfying finish.、For a delicate flavor that cannot be tasted anywhere else、I couldn't help but think, "It's too delicious!" and eat it all in the blink of an eye! Even after eating、The deliciousness is memorable、It was delicious that I couldn't get out of my head for a while! Because it was scraped into the stomach in such a short time、次回はもう少し時間に余裕を持ってじっくりと味わいに再訪したいと思います! 中国料理 伊部 住所静岡県浜松市東区上西町68-18 TEL:053-462-2082 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00(L.0)、18:00-21:00(L.0) Closed on Mondays:日曜日

Hamamatsu "Kanerin Eel Shop" While looking at the courtyard, nutritious eel weight baked with Kishu Bicho charcoal

Located along the Otoko Kaido in Irino-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City, the long-established eel specialty store "Kanerin Eel Store" founded in 1952 is、The front sign has also been renewed.、Eels are served baked in Kishu Bicho charcoal、浜松でも数ある鰻店の中でも人気が鰻のぼりのお店となります! 私たちの住まう”浜松の食”と言えば、But first and foremost "eel" to raise、Eel shop very much、Taste sauce and bake、How to Cook rice into a particular、It seems that each person has a favorite shop、In terms of the dogma and prejudice of our husband and wife,、Storefront、Customer service、Material、Taste、As a cost-performance score、The shop that descends to the No.1 position due to its good balance is this "Kanerin Eel Shop"。 Here is the original、That had been operating in the town、 1977In October, and moved here INO-Cho, 39 years、In relation to earthquake-proof outlets、In the form of the new and reformed、2016To set up a Japanese garden on 23 June, the quaint atmosphere has changed、The Japanese space full of restless、While not facing the street was described as too cozy、益々その名を轟かせる名店となります! 「た(他)」、"Nuki (pulling)" = has the meaning of "pulling out others"、Popular tanuki figurines as auspicious objects of business prosperity are also sitting。Tanuki's hyokin face that is smiling with his teeth bared and looking upwards is、It seems like a sign that it's thriving.。 Shop、Counter seating around a central courtyard、Table seats、Private room、Zashiki and 61 seats are available。Even on weekdays、Because it will be full as soon as the store opens、Write the name and number of people at the entrance、We will wait at the waiting booth for a while until a seat becomes available.。 This time I was guided to a counter seat where you can see the courtyard。 Okuzashiki's dug-out and、Table seating is also good、After all, natural light shines in and brightens、The counter seat with a view of the courtyard in front is the most healing! Courtyard Unashige、(Average)、(medium)、(top)、(Extraordinary) will be 4 types。 While waiting for the time between ordering and baking、Take a break with warm green tea。 20In 30 minutes、Good scents、There is a shine、It is a shiny uneven weight outing! "Unashige (middle)" 3,780 yen here、Deprecating quick quality eels to its seasonal's supply chain、I will bake it with Kishu Binkatan! The outside is fragrant and the inside is plump and baked.、During the 70 years since our founding、A secret kept from his grandfather's long shirttail while sauce three times under、Taste、Luster with the best to finish、Cooked in a large kettle and served on top of hot rice cooked plump to the core of the rice。Sprinkle powdered pepper between eel and rice、Enjoy the scent of sansho spreading in your mouth! The eel is soft enough to cut with chopsticks.、Sauce is not too sweet and spicy, which is common in the countryside、Elegant and just right salt plum。The grain stands firmly while the white rice is small.、In a state of gloss to entangle the sauce、The heavy box becomes the heat which can be able to be in the state of heat while raising the steam to the last minute.、The deliciousness with which chopsticks proceed unexpectedly is exceptional! What to Hide、One of the reasons why my husband and I recommend this is that "the deliciousness of cooked rice" stands out.、You can taste the balance of rice and eel that is not found anywhere else here! Liver sucking with eel liver with elegant taste、The pickles will be three kinds of pickles of shiba pickles and sawaan。Recent、Because I live unusually busy days、I would like to increase immunity by eating vitamin-rich and nutritious eels that help strengthen immune cells! Very satisfying "Kanerin Eel Shop" Unashige。There is also a place that is not far from my house、If you eat eel in Hamamatsu、We always recommend the "Kanerin Eel Shop"、Enjoy various flavors、Right or wrong、Please try ♪ to find your favorite una weight that suits you Kanerin Eel Shop Address:731 Iinocho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-448-9335 Hours of operation:11:00-13:45[O.S]、17:00-20:00[O.S] Closed:Every week Wednesday、3rd Tuesday

Hamamatsu Miscellaneous Goods Cafe "70St. (Nanamaru Studio)" A place where the former watch shop was renovated and packed with the owner's attention

There used to be more than 100 shops lined up、Along the Otoko Road, which was very bustling,、2021Lunch time at the general goods café "70 St. (Nanamaru Studio)" opened on May 30, 2010! The "70" in the store name represents the name "Naoto" of the shop owner Naoto Kawai as a number.、Also、Becoming Friendly to Local Communities and the Environment and Achieving SDGs、Named because it aims to be "a shop where you can get about 7 ◯"。And、Other than the business days of the general goods café、Schools and hobby classrooms、We hope to use it as a free space where we can provide new services.、It's called "Studio"! The shop owner Mr. Kawai opened this general goods café on the occasion of retirement、In order to operate leisurely with two couples、Working days are half of the week、Gold、Soil、Day、4 days of the month、Morning 9:00~ 17:00Up to and limited。Tuesday to Thursday is available for rent as a free space! The inside of the store is wrapped in green and dried flowers、In a space full of warmth of wood that feels warmth、A cute shop with Scandinavian furniture and miscellaneous goods that the shop owner is particular about。The tapestry suspended from driftwood is、Decorated with table runners (Armas Coral and Armas Green) of Finland's nearly 200-year-old textile manufacturer "Finlayson"、It is made into a partition with a soft impression。 In the Middle、"This tree、What a Tree、Two four-seater table seats using the familiar monkey pod tree in "The Tree ♪ of Concern"、Below the stairs is Carl Hansen & Sun, designed by the Scandinavian furniture master Hans J Wegner. & SON) has a two-seater seat with the classic "Y chair (CH24)"。The "Y chair" that I strongly wished to put if I were going to do a café was、Waiting patiently for a boat to arrive from Denmark、2It seems to have taken months.。 Table seating is provided with a two-seater by the window where natural light can comfortably shine in.、On the wall、Art of people with disabilities called Art Brut and Able Art is exhibited.。The window is decorated with an acrylic paint original painting "Puskinia" by Masashi Yamano, a registered artist of "Able Art Company" living in Nara Prefecture。 In the back、An antique Brother-made treadle sewing machine is quietly placed、It is active as a display shelf! In the kitchen with counter seating、The owner and his wife are getting ready for lunch.。Inside the showcase on the counter is、Fair trade coffee beans of Maisaka "Beanstalk" and fair trade chocolate of "People Tree" also offered here、Selling handmade jam of independent products of the social welfare corporation "Toe Gakuen"! On the table seat immediately after entering the entrance is、Dried flowers are hung、It gives you peace of mind。My wife and I went to the classroom of "Dried Flower Gallery Dawa" in Japan Taira.、It seems to be made and decorated with flowers harvested in the garden of the house! Because it was the first ride at lunchtime、Before you get crowded、I had time to talk to the shop owner Mr. Kawai。Originally, I was engaged in a jewelry company for a long time.、At the time of retirement、I renovated the site of the "Kawai watch shop" that my grandfather and father ran、Open a general goods café、Second Life、They want to do what they love and have fun! He showed me a photo of the memory of the Otoko Kaido shopping street when there was a "Kawai Watch Shop"。It seems that it is a commemorative piece given by a customer、Although it is a photo at the time of the event、He told me very nostalgically about the state of the shopping street that was crowded like this! In the glass of the store、"Former Kawai Watch Shop" and、Some are preserved with memories of that time.、It has been carefully handed down。 There are remnants of the watch shop in the store、An old-fashioned pendulum clock that no longer works has been arranged as a lighting substitute.。 The soft warm light that gives off a nostalgic impression is、It calms the mind。Swallow's Mobiles、Balance Mobiles of Paper Art, a traditional Danish craft、"Flensted Mobiles", also described as a "moving sculpture"。Every time the entrance door is opened,、It is impressive to see it gently swaying in the wind.。 While looking at the menu book、Order a Neapolitan and hamburger set from the lunch menu! In the menu there is a、For some reason, there is a breakfast set of Taiwan's standard breakfast "Shen Tong Jiang and fried bread" and "Lu Lohan"、There was a rare Taiwanese menu for a café menu, so I was curious、It seems that he was posted overseas for about 2 years at the Taiwan branch (Taipei) of the company where he worked before retirement、I liked the "deer bean serum" that I ate every morning、It is also added to the menu。In an unexpected place, the story of Taiwan became lively! Until the food comes out、Let's show you the miscellaneous goods that are exhibited and sold! Miscellaneous goods are、Artists that shop owners and wives have met in their lives so far are lined up、Rings and necklaces、Starting with handmade accessories such as earrings and earrings、In the works of woodworkers and candle artists、Colorful socks、Pouches and pen cases、Fair Trade products, etc.、There are various accessories that are fun just to look at! Real Flowers and Pressed Flowers、Flower accessories of "chieno.sou" created by confining dried flowers etc. to resin (resin) are also cute lined up、There are many things that can be used everyday, such as hair decorations! Handmade artist "Hitomi" from Kanagawa Prefecture is made、猫好きには堪らないニャンコグッズもあります! フェルトで作られた「SOBANi」のクリエイターであるニール敬子さんが作られるカンガルーのめがね置きはもふもふ姿が堪らなく可愛いです! 店内の壁には壁一面の黒板が設置され、Shopkeeper's original chalk art is featured。Current、「浜松市美術館」にて、2022"Heidi Exhibition - I can hear her footsteps" is sometimes held until September 11, 2011、It depicts a child resembling Heidi and Peter in the background of the Alps rising in the morning sun in a place where the shop owner can look down on Mainfeld, the model land of "Heidi the Girl of the Alps", which has been his favorite anime since junior high school。In the store, leaflets of "Heidi Exhibition" of "Hamamatsu City Museum of Art" are also distributed, so、ご興味のある方はご覧ください! 黒板の下に展示されているフィギュアは店主のコレクションの一部だそうで、Heidi or Clara as you blend in with the majestic Alpine landscape、Alm Onji and Goat Yuki-chan、Peter and the others gather、「ミニハイジ展」を開催されています! フィンランドの白樺組み立て飾りをつくる「ロヴィ(lovi)」の作品も飾られており、Moomins and pointy hat snufkin with Finnish forests at home、There is also a cute little bun! The new hedgehog (hedgehog) is also very adorable、メルヘンな世界観が楽しめます♪ 丁寧に手作りされているランチセットメニューが出来上がって来ました! 「もちもち太麺ナポリタン(サラダ付)」770円 カフェメニューには欠かせない「ナポリタン」をうどんのような太麺で提供されており、Tai noodles with a response to eating appeared! Sticky thick noodles seasoned with a ketchup-based sweet sauce make it easy for children to eat! "Cherry tomato stewed hamburger set, with grilled vegetables (with rice, salad, pumpkin soup)" 970 yen In a colorful and balanced set、Rice can be changed to garlic toast、A service that is also nice for those who are bread lovers! onion、Shimeji mushrooms、The hamburger stewed in a sweet tomato sauce with plenty of cherry tomatoes is moist and soft and juicy! There is also a sense of volume firmly、Paprika and carrots、Eggplant、Broccoli, etc.、It is also nice that it is served with grilled vegetables with a feeling of rumbling size! I think that the cost of this hamburger set is quite high! The mother who was visiting the store with a small child、Order this stewed hamburger set、I could see that the child was enjoying being asked for waffles.。Waffles and French toast、Because there is also a rich menu of sweets、It is good that you can enjoy lunch and café menu at the same time! Detox water installed at the counter is free of charge、On this day, "Lemon、orange、Mint" and a refreshing scent。 While feeling the remnants of the former watch shop、"70St. (Nanamaru Studio)" where you can spend a moment of peace of mind as if you have gone back in time to a nostalgic and harmonious era。In this place full of obsession、Spending time surrounded by what you like、I am sure that it will be an irreplaceable place for Mr. and Mrs. Kawai。I would like to ask again 70St ♪. (Nanamaru Studio) Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-shi Nishi-ku Oto-cho Ufumi 7986 TEL:053-596-3620 Hours of operation:9:00~ 17:00 Closed on Mondays:Fire、Water、Thursday

Hamamatsu "Chinese Wakabayashi (Lulin)" Popular cheap lunch that inherits the taste of authentic Chen Mapo tofu!

Hamamatsu is located in a corner of a residential area south of the Hamamatsu West Post Office in Nishiiba at "Chunghwa Wakabayashi (Lu Lin)"、Go to a Chinese lunch in search of the taste of authentic "Chen Mapo Tofu"! There is an overhang of the lunch menu at the entrance.、You can choose from 5 main dishes。Lunch time despite the set meal style、It is the strongest costa of 1,000 yen (tax included) and surprise! The shopkeeper, Takashi Terada,、Sichuan cuisine for about 20 years、I was trained in Shanghai cuisine for about 4 years.、On July 21, 2018, four years ago、Hamamatsu opens "Chunghwa Wakabayashi (Lulin)" as a residence and store in Wakabayashi-cho。Aiming to be a Chinese restaurant loved by the community, we built a home and a store、The name "Wakabayashi" comes from the place name。Actually,、I was surprised when I found out about our friends and classmates.、I felt a strange sense of familiarity (laughs) The number of seats in the store is 4 counter seats、Table 4×2 people、2 × 20 seats = 16 seats。Lunchtime is always full and crowded、It is so prosperous that it is difficult if you do not enter the store at the same time as opening! Lunch menu "Mapo Tofu (Parallel)" 1,000 yen (tax included) For all lunch menus、Soup、Rice、It will be with small vegetables、You can enjoy a guttural main dish in a set meal style! Rice is "small、While、Although you can order without changing the price with "Large"、Small rice is about a normal serving、Please note that the amount of medium rice will be about a large serving。We have a master medium size、I will be just the right amount in a small size。 This is "Mapo Tofu" that inherits the authentic taste of "Chen Mapo Tofu"! On the wall inside the store、Photos and autographs of memories with Chen Jianji, a Chinese iron man, are also posted.、From the shop owner Mr. Terada's master who has learned the authentic "Chen Mapo Tofu" in China、has inherited its taste、We use mountain pepper and mountain pepper oil to serve mapo tofu with a taste that becomes a numbing habit peculiar to mountain pepper.。At lunch, a little tangy "average" that you can understand the taste of bean plate sauce is served.、For those who are looking for a strong pungent taste、It is possible to change to "spicy" for an additional charge of 200 yen。In the evening menu、"Average"、Besides "spicy"、There is also a salty "white" and a sweet "sweet" that even children can eat.。Drawing on the teachings of the Master,、By preparing sweet and dry、It is said that efforts are being made to be accepted by all customers。Even those who are not good at pungent taste can enjoy the authentic taste! "Mapo Tofu" of "Average" is、The balance between sweet and spicy is moderately、A taste that will captivate everyone。Although the "hemp" in "mapo tofu" seems to come from anesthesia、This mapo tofu is also quite addictive、"I want to eat Wakabayashi's mapo tofu!"、Occasionally、I want to be asexual.。Bean plate sauce and hemp oil are all homemade and sticky.、The numbness of the mountain pepper is also a deliciousness that catches on the back、This deep taste is、It's hard to pull it out at home! Lunch menu "Domestic chicken thigh oil gonorrhea chicken (limited quantity)" 1,000 yen (tax included) Limited quantity "oil gonorrhea chicken" is also very popular! Finish the batter with katamari flour to a crispy texture、For medium juicy domestic chicken thigh fried meat、Served with a condiment sauce full of onions、Easy to eat with sweet and sour sauce with suppressed acidity、It is finished with a taste that even small children can enjoy! Cold and soup served as soon as you sit down at the table、Small dishes。Small dishes vary by day。On this day、For a thick white water soup with beaten eggs and wakame、It was a vermicelli salad with a sour taste that is happy in summer。You can see that both of them are working carefully! I felt the warm personality of the shop owner、Love your hometown、Loved by locals "Zhonghua Younglin (Lulin)"。It is recommended at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants as a couple! Zhonghua Wakabayashi Address:2819-3 Wakabayashicho, Minami-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-456-0101 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、17:30-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday、3rd Sunday of the Month Parking:Fully equipped in front of the store...

Plum Work 2022 "Homemade Umeboshi" How to make colorful umeboshi with a new sense of pickling with granulated sugar

Following the annual "Homemade Plum Wine"、Let's also challenge "homemade umeboshi" as plum work! This year, I was able to get a splendid 16kg Minami-Takame ome、15kg made it "homemade plum wine"、We will challenge only 1 kg "homemade umeboshi" for home use。The recipe for this "umeboshi" is、It will be a way to make "red umeboshi pickled in granulated sugar" that will have a colorful and fragrant finish! [Ingredients] ・ Yellow-ripe plum (Nankoume) 1 kg ・ Shochu (alcohol content 35 degrees) 100 ml ・ Coarse salt 170 g ・ Granulated sugar 100 g ・ Red purple su (20% of pickled plum) leaves only 200 g ・ Crude salt for red purple su extract (20% of red purple su) ・ 2 storage bottles (1L container) ・ 2 medium lids ・ 1 kg heavy stone ・ Minami high plum ome is arranged so that it does not overlap on top of the colander、Lightly cover newspaper to prevent dryness、Gently ripen in a cool, dark place with good ventilation。It would be good to leave about a week from ome to fully ripe plum。The sign of a ripe plum is、Colored from blue to yellow、When the good aroma of ripe plums that are so fragrant that it can not be said anything, it is complete! Ripe plums do not need to be de-accumulated。Plenty of water in the barrel、Carefully hand wash ripe plums while running water.。Handle ripe and tender pulp carefully and gently! Drilling into a colander、While draining on kitchen paper、Using a bamboo skewer, we will carefully remove the spatula of ripe plums one by one.。Difference from Ome no Heta、The ripe plum spatula can be taken off easily and cleanly.。 Disinfect the storage container by boiling or disinfecting it with alcohol (shochu with an alcohol content of 35 degrees)。 Let's mix granulated sugar with coarse salt。 At the bottom of the preservation jar lay a mixture of granulated sugar with coarse salt。 Put the shochu in a bowl、Dive the ripe plum that has been taken out of the spatula。 Let's carefully arrange the ripe plums submerged in the shochu one step at a time。 We will alternate between ripe plums submerged in shochu and coarse salt + granulated sugar.。 Finally pouring shochu with fully ripe plums、Turn it in。 Put a cup of the size that fits the storage jar as a medium lid、On top of that, put a heavy stone that does not crush the ripe plum。 Sealed、Store in a cool, dark place for about a month until the plum vinegar comes up.。It is OK if the white plum vinegar rises to the top of the ripe plum! I bought one bag (about 1 kg) when Red Shiso was out、Except for the amount necessary for red umeboshi, it will be "red purple su juice"。Red purple su plucks only leaves from the stem。 The red purple su leaves to prepare are、Because it is 20% of pickled plums、This time you need 200g。 Rinse well with running water、Remove dirt and dust、Let's raise it in a colander and keep it moist。 Because the moisture of red purple su causes mold、Remove moisture firmly with kitchen paper etc.。 Sprinkle half a amount of coarse salt for red purple su、While adapting the coarse salt, rub it in and remove the acne.。 When the purple muddy aq comes out、Squeeze tight with both hands、Remove the akuju juice that has come out。Shake the remaining coarse salt、While loosening, rub it again and let out the aku.、Squeeze tightly with both hands again、Let's throw away the juice。 Lightly loosen the red purple su in the bowl、Add about 50ml of white plum vinegar that has come up and let it blend in.。 When you loosen the red purple su, the white plum vinegar is dyed a bright red color、This makes red plum vinegar。 Put the red purple su flat so that it is covered with red plum vinegar and the salted plum in the preservation bottle and cover with the lid。If you remove the red purple su of red plum vinegar a little at this time、It is also possible to make "homemade red ginger"! Let's sleep in a cool dark place for about a month until the dry for the soil at the end of the rainy season.。Day by day、Little by little, the red plum will be colored。 The rainy season has dawned、Expecting a sunny day for about three days、Let's dry it for earth! It is recommended that the colander has an insect repellent net! Soil drying is、(1) Skip moisture、(2) Sterilization with sunlight and heat、(3) Soften the umeboshi、(4) There is a purpose to make the color vivid。 Lay kitchen paper on a large colander、Arrange the plums soaked in red plum vinegar at intervals。 Dried in sunny places、Turn it over several times。It's been too hot lately.、Care must be taken not to dry out too much。Don't forget to dry the red plum vinegar together! Only the first night、Once pickled plum in red plum vinegar、Hang it up again the next morning.。 It is said that the soil drying is three days and three nights.、Take it indoors at night。We will do this work for about 3 consecutive days.。By drying the red purple su soaked in red plum vinegar together、You can also enjoy it as "Homemade Red Purple Su Furikake (Yukari)"! Dried plums、Gradually more wrinkles、A good rule of thumb is、It is OK if it becomes as soft as the earlobe.。By drying the plum in the sun、Excess moisture evaporates and increases shelf life、It turns into a moist pulp.。About the second day、Flour is wiped around the plum、Please be assured that it is a crystal of salt.。 The umeboshi that has been dried for three days and three nights、Once pickled in red plum vinegar with dobon, it revives colorfully! afterwards、In an alcohol-disinfected storage jar、Store in the refrigerator。 Ripen the splendid ome plum and then salt it.、Lay down and put to bed、Up to dry soil、"Homemade umeboshi" to be completed after about two months! Salt and drying、You can also make it to your favorite taste、The good thing about homemade。Take the time and effort、Homemade umeboshi made with plenty of affection、Perfect to accompany rice、It can also be utilized as a condiment。Japan carefully crafted since ancient times、Umeboshi, which has been loved as a health food、Anemia prevention and fatigue reduction effect、Because it also has a fat burning effect、I want to actively take it in!...

Hamamatsu Patisserie "Avondons" Birthday cake at a popular Western-style confectionery shop in authentic France!

Speaking of the blue cake shop along Sumiyoshi Kaido in Hamamatsu, patisserie "Abondance"! What is Avondons?、It means "corn de bondons" (horns of fertility)、It is considered very auspicious in France.。By chewing on the cake made by the owner pastry chef Bernard Heberle,、The name of the store is given with the wish that you will spend a rich and relaxing time! Bernard Heberle, an owner pastry chef from Alsace, France,、"Loraire" and "Le Chandur"、After training at a famous store such as "Darowayo"、He worked as a confectioner at many famous hotels and starred restaurants.、2002Since it was opened in Hamamatsu, the hometown of his wife Toyoka、It is popular when you can enjoy the rich taste of authentic France、This year is already celebrating its 20th anniversary! As soon as they entered the store, the two of them greeted us cheerfully with "Congratulations!" Bernard, full of suspicion wearing full-face sunglasses,、We're still joking around today.、There is no end to laughter in the store (laughs) August 14th is my husband's 46th birthday.、I can't eat a big one-hole cake as a couple.、If it is a cake of a moderate size feeling of Avondons, I think that you can enjoy 4 kinds while sharing with two people、While glaring at the showcase、Let's get a recommendation! In a row from standard products to seasonal items、I'm always lost! The menu changes every four seasons、Showcase in colorful and gorgeous shades、20More species are available。Bernard's cake is、The feeling of cherishing materials sounds simple、The deliciousness is transmitted directly。And、These cakes make you feel nostalgic somewhere! Baked goods are also prepared on the shelf on the right side of the store、Select your favorite items and pack them in a gift box、It is also useful as a gift! Once the face guard is removed,、Commemorative photo! Merci, tu es vraiment gentil!! To return home.、Immediately、Let's go for a coffee break! "Pâtisserie Abondance" A blue, white and red tricolor with candles of the same color as the French flag representing "freedom, equality and fraternity"、嬉しい限りです! 「Gina(ジーナ)」¥690 フランスの国民飲料オランジーナ(オレンジ)と苺ドーム型の爽やかなオレンジのムースにホワイトチョコレートと小マカロンを添えて! 「Soleil(ソレイユ)」¥660 アボンドンスの若手パティシエが月替わりで担当されている新作で、Bright yellow、It looks like Mukai Aoi.、Love at first sight with its visuals reminiscent of the midsummer sun! It is made to enjoy juicy oranges in various configurations、In the center like a big eyeball、The tower with crispy meringue is、The outside is a cylindrical wall with cranky white chocolate.、Smooth mousse or jelly that melts in the mouth inside、Layers of sponge overlap、さっぱりとしながらも味わい深さを楽しめる一品です! 「Tarte aux figues(タルト オウ フィグ)」¥660 近隣で採れた完熟いちじくをたっぷりと添えた季節限定のフルーツを用いたタルト!フレッシュなイチジクをたっぷりと味わえ素材そのままの美味しさを楽しめます! 「Chocao(ショカオ)」¥700 まるで不思議の国のアリスに出てくる兎の時計を模したような可愛いチョコレートのケーキは、Flavorful caramel and plump chocolate crème brulee wrapped in melt-in-your-mouth smooth bitter chocolate、チョコレート好きには堪らない一品! 「まめやかふぇ ボンジャルジン農園」 袋井自家焙煎珈琲豆屋「まめやかふぇ」のボンジャルジン農園。The country of production is、Located in the Mattas de Minas region of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, a coffee powerhouse、Mr. Vics centimeter, the owner here,、130It will be the fifth generation of the historic farm of the year。2000He became famous after winning the Brazilian Cup of Excellence in 2008.、After that, he won numerous awards and had a passion for coffee.、He is a person with a strong spirit of inquiry who always challenges various things.。This bean、With an original lot only for "Mameyaka Fu" contracted as a partner、It becomes a mild type well-balanced coffee that is easy to drink with nuts and honey flavors、It is one of our favorite coffees! “Happy Birthday to TAKAHIRO” Abondance(アボンドンス) 住所静岡県浜松市中区住吉2丁目14-27 TEL:053-473-8400 Hours of operation:10:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:On Tuesday、Chapter 1、第3水曜日

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