Renovating the old folk house of Gamagori "Panbyses" in Aichi! A popular bakery that values the taste of ingredients

Renovated old house and opened in 2017、Hard bread, bread, etc.、Reasonable bread that values the taste of the ingredients、Gamagori's popular bakery "Pan Buses" is supported by local fans。 On the way back to Hamamatsu from Mikawa through Gamagori、I was fascinated by the cute store.、When I found out that it was a baker, I couldn't resist the temptation、Immediately make a U-turn。 Here you will、There is a small bakery "Panbyses" on the right.、In the back, a beauty salon and nail salon run by a friend "Hair & There is a "Nail Rapuchi"、Parking is shared。 I visited around 15 p.m.、Maybe it's because it's raining.、Happily, there is still enough to choose from。 The baker's husband, Kunio Yamamoto,、He traveled to France many times during his training years and worked hard to study.、independence。Because I used to wear glasses、The catch phrase of the store name is "Bakery of glasses"、The name of the store "Pan Buses" is not "Pan Buses"、In the "Panbyses" without delimitation、It is said that the word was coined from the Japan manga "Cambyses Basket (*)" by Fujiko Fujio Fujimoto Hiroshi。"The Basket of Cambyses" is a story about a man and a woman who are in a world after the Doomsday War.、An epic sci-fi short comic strip that questions the meaning of human life。 I'm not sure which one to choose.、As I looked into the bread, he recommended a tasting。When I asked if the two of you were a couple,、It seems that you are about to get married.、Congratulations! This bread, which makes you imagine a fluffy texture from the looks of it, is "brown rice and millet domestic wheat bread"。 No matter which bread you look at、It looks good and delicious.。And、The most surprising thing is that、The price of all the breads is set very reasonably。There is no pretentious atmosphere、The naming of the bread is simple and easy to understand, which makes it easy to pick up。 Choosing bread while considering that you will take it home and eat it the next morning、I also got the bread that was recommended, but my wife was cute and good at sales (laughs) Although it was a limited product,、Among them, the fluffy and soft "bread" is the most popular.、Let's have this "bread" in the morning the next morning。Normal、If you buy 6 types of bread at the bakery、I expect it to be about ¥2,000.、The total price here is ¥1,134、I couldn't help but look at it twice。As a bread lover who wants to eat it every day, I am grateful for the pricing.。 To return home.、Brew coffee with "Mameyakafu" coffee beans、Pick a sweet snack bread。 "Chocolate Croissant" ¥ 120 "Chocolate Croissant" with chocolate sticks sandwiched between a fluffy and light croissant。The small size is just right。 "An Butter France" ¥ 190 Uses 100% French flour, the same as French bread baguettes。Even though it's a hard system, it's not too the outside.、The inside is fluffy and chewy。The bean paste has a gentle sweetness.、It has a sweet and salty taste with thick butter.、Satisfying snack bread。 "Brown rice and millet domestic wheat bread" ¥ 100 This bread that I sampled。The gentle aroma of wheat and the texture of brown rice and millet、While having a simple taste、It is fluffy and easy to eat as meal bread.、Above all, the price range of ¥100 is cost-effective.、It also shows its excellence as a bread that is eaten every day。 "Glutinous Custard" ¥ 180 Another one recommended by my wife is "Glutinous Custard"。Although the name emphasizes "glutinous"、With a chewy feeling that does not disappoint、Girls will surely like the texture。It is filled with sweet and gentle custard。 "Glutinous Bread 1/2" ¥ 220 Half size of the most popular "Glutinous Bread"。When you hold it in your hand、You can feel its fluffy softness。I tried toasting it lightly.、It has a lot of water and is moist and chewy。This is for everyone from small children to the elderly、Softness loved by a wide range of people。 "Walnuts and Oranges" ¥ 240 French bread dough kneaded with flavorful walnuts and refreshing oranges is "Z-shaped"。"I've heard that customers often call me an 'S-shaped guy'、If you look closely, they are all "Z-shaped"。The muttering of the owner who talks on the Instagram dedicated to the store、Somewhere, I feel a smiling compassion for bread (laughs) There is not much explanation of bread on the Instagram of "Pan Buesses".、You may be ♪ able to get in touch with the personality of the baker's master Panbyses Address:2-358 Aimachi, Gamagori-shi, Aichi TEL:0533-95-2778 Hours of operation:10Open from about 19 o'clock Closed:Monday、Tuesday

Hamamatsu newly opened "Boulangerie Taniguchi" Iwata's popular bakery expands to Hamamatsu and Hirosawa!

Hiroki Taniguchi, a former chef and boulanger who continues to stick to basic bread that you don't get tired of eating every day, runs a popular bakery in Iwata called "Bread Kobo totokaka"、Expanding into Hirosawa in Hamamatsu、2024/2/3Newly opened "Boulangerie Taniguchi" on (Sat)! The location is the site of the high-class raw bread "Nishikawa" in Hirosawa, Hamamatsu, and it has become a bakery battle zone.、This sign board is a landmark。 Open at 6 a.m. every morning、Despite the early opening time for a bakery、On the first day, there is a long line even before the sun rises。 With colorful flowers celebrating the opening of the store、Glamorous storefronts and interiors。 The inside of the store is a face-to-face style where you order and receive bread lined up on shelves and showcases from the staff。 Iwata's "Bread Studio totokaka" has jointly opened a second store called "88Bakery" in "café Asmo" handled by "Asumo Real Estate".、We also operate a store where you can eat in delicious bread。Preparing for this new opening、"Bread workshop totokaka" is temporarily closed (scheduled to be closed from February to April).、5It is scheduled to reopen as a sales office in the month。Currently, he is fully focused on Hirosawa! Owner Boulanger's Hiroki Taniguchi、This foray into Hamamatsu is with extraordinary thoughts、It is a new challenge。Two years have passed since I grew as a bakery loved by the locals in Iwata.、By expanding the scale in a new place、Including the introduction of equipment、By gaining a foothold in a better environment、He has decided to relocate in order to realize his long-cherished ambition to fulfill his dream of participating in competitions。 Iwata's store name "totokaka" is、Use the names of family members one letter at a time.、The eldest son and the second son's "TO" and "TO"、To my wife and daughters "KA" and "KA"。The entire logo is shaped in the image of the initial letter "Hi" of the chef's name。It is filled with the meaning of wanting to cherish "family" and support each other as a "family" at all times.、We adopted the one devised by the kindergarten teacher who is indebted to us.。The name of the new store is simply the last name "Taniguchi"。 There is more than just bread in the store.、For fresh extra virgin olive oil or fruity Kalamata olives、Vinegar and lemon juice, which are indispensable for making dressings, are also on sale.。 More than 20 people lined up from 6 o'clock when the store opened、Bread orders come in like flies、About 30 minutes passed until my turn came.。 A simple meal bread is the best sandwich for breakfast.、Hard breads such as campagne and desserts are also available。 There are about 30 kinds of freshly baked bread in the showcase。The No. 1 most popular is "melon bread" ¥260。I thought it was sold out、I was relieved to be lined up in the back。 The No. 1 most popular sandwich is the "Ham Tama Sandwich" for ¥400! "Bakery's Super Smooth Purin" ¥ 320 Exactly、When I lined up, the person in front of me、I was the owner of the steamed yokan "Heccharaya" that I bought before.、I couldn't help but enjoy the standing talk。There are no barriers between lovers of delicious food (laughs) "Pan de Mi", which is indispensable for daily meals, is ¥ 390、There is a mountain shape and a square eclipse.、Her favorite bread with raisins "Madame Raisin" ¥ 500、Authentic brioche "Brioche Vendène Orange" from the Vendée region of southern France with orange peel hidden in brioche dough ¥ 420。 For bean paste lovers, the "An Cream Sandwich" ¥ 300 and the seasonal "Cherry Blossom Cream Cream" ¥ 320。 "Petit Canele (5 pieces)" which is ideal for coffee breaks ¥ 600、rusk、Cookies, etc.。 The limited quantity of "croissant" is almost hand-folded to ¥ 300、"Pain au Chocolat" wrapped in Belgian chocolate ¥ 300。 The chewy texture of rye "Turtu de Sègle" is ¥ 800、Campagne that makes you get lost, etc.。 Finally, it's my turn、I'd like to buy them all.、I will endure it and examine it。 Because it is baked sequentially、If freshly baked food is placed from the back next to the cash register、Of course, it is tempting to buy。 As for the drink menu,、Coffee (Hot/Ice) and latte、Red and white grape juice、Prepare apple juice and other items。 Among the many celebratory flowers、The name you see is familiar (laughs), and the producer of our beloved "Angel Sound Cantaloupe":Congratulations from Masaya Kageyama have arrived! Back to home、Arrange the bread you got、Let's brew a delicious coffee of "Mameyakafu" and come to the morning! "Croissant" ¥ 300 The outside has a crunchy texture and is crispy and fragrant.、The inside is composed of a fluffy and light layer and has a good texture。Blend 3 carefully selected types of flour、The quantity is limited because the fabric is carefully and carefully made by hand.、If you get it, you're lucky.、A chef's specialty dish。 "Aosa Mentai Cheese" ¥ 320 Raw green seaweed is kneaded in abundance、It goes well with the richness of the cheese.、The sourness of the lemon with a faint scent gives it a refreshing aftertaste。 "Pan de Mi (Kaku)" ¥ 390 Kakushoku bread made from domestic wheat Yumechi from Hokkaido。 "Bread Compré (3 pieces)" ¥ 390 Nutritious bread made from whole rye flour。 You can slice it to your desired thickness、Cut it in half horizontally and use it as a sandwich。 The popular No.1 sandwich "Ham Tama Sandwich" ¥ 400 Sandwich plenty of eggs and ham on popular salt bread。Lots of fans、It is by far the most popular sandwich bread。 "Ham Tama Camembert" ¥ 420 "Baguette" ¥ 350 A baguette that uses the new bread manufacturing process Respectuspanis manufacturing method advocated by the French Ambassador d'Or Association.、A manufacturing method that maximizes the natural sweetness of grains。 "Campagne Noah Raisin" ¥ 580 Bread dough made from rye and whole wheat flour with plenty of raisins and walnuts、Satisfying to eat。It's delicious as it is, but、It is also good to combine cream cheese and honey for party specifications!! Popular No.1 product "Melon bread" ¥ 260 Melon bread with adorable crispy cookie dough is the No. 1 popular bean paste product。Bread dough made by adding yogurt to cookie dough with almonds to make it crispy、A popular melon bread that adds aroma with butter after baking。 "An Cream Sandwich" ¥ 300 A snack bread that cannot be missed by bean paste lovers with plenty of bean paste and cream hidden in a fluffy and moist milk bread。 "Petit Canele (5 pieces)" ¥ 600 The outside is crisp and fragrant、Moist inside、Also I click。A full-fledged canele with a small but flavorful rum aroma。Shelf life is 1 week when stored in the refrigerator。If you want to rebake、180The manager told me that it is 5 minutes in the oven at °C! Five types of new children purchased on the second revisit "egg×egg curry bread" ¥ 370 Even though it is called curry bread, it is a light curry bread that reduces guilt without frying.、Delicious curry bread with a mellow sauce of boiled eggs and egg paste on top of curry。 "Crawfin" ¥ 300 What is "Crawfin"?、Croissant dough baked in a muffin pan with bread that originated in Australia、It is named "Crawfin" because it combines croissants and muffins。Rich bread with Danish dough and rum raisin cream。 "Ume Shiso Salad Chicken" ¥ 370 Plum meat, shiso and chicken、With a combination that can't be matched、Crispy and fragrant、Flavorful bread with the aroma of shiso。It looks beautiful with cute ring epi molding.。 "Takana Wiener Cheese" ¥ 390 A combination of Takana, sausage, and cheese、Sesame oil-scented delicatessen bread。 "Jumbo Bacon Epi" ¥ 490 Long size about twice the size of normal bacon epi。The crunchy dough is soaked with the sweetness and aroma of bacon。 Newly opened "Boulangerie Taniguchi" in Hirosawa, a fierce bakery battle zone。On top of not getting bored with a wide variety of items、Easy to fit into everyday dining without being too sharp、From small children to bread connoisseurs、A bakery that everyone can taste deliciously with a smile on their face has been born! Boulangerie Taniguchi Address:Shizuoka, Hamamatsu-shi, Chuo-ku, Hirosawa 3-26-7 Opening hours:6:00〜売り切れ次第終了 定休日日・月曜日 駐車場:In front of the store

Izuyoshina Onsen Birthday Trip (3) "Tofuya Resort & The "Spa-Izu" site open to the public is a great facility for dog lovers.

It is said to be the oldest hot spring in Izu discovered by the high priest "Gyoki" of the Nara period.、At Yoshina Onsen, a hot spring resort known as "Sacred Hot Spring of Children's Treasures"、A long-established inn "Tofuya" that boasts a history of 400 years since its founding since the Edo period、2010 year、A new look of "Tofu and Resort" & Reopened as "Spa-Izu"。 On the vast site of 36,000 tsubo spread out on the banks of the Yoshina River,、Main building and west building、Villa suites and various guest rooms are scattered around.、In addition, kaiseki tea and、Footbath Cafe、Numerous gardens and terraces with walking paths、Create a grand world as if it were a village。We park in the day parking lot P1、Enjoy a stroll。 "Outdoor stage" Covered resting areas are set up everywhere on the site.、It can also be used as a venue for outdoor events。 And、The "Tofu and Garden" with a lawn spread all over the vast site are open to the public.、To be able to enter and exit freely、It is said that there are many people who use it like a park。The dog is also on a leash、If you follow the manners, you can enter, and it will be a nice facility for dog lovers。 "Pergola" On the official website, this one is named "Pergola".、With a roof, you can protect yourself from the sun and rain。 「Bakery&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe" With the renewal、Among the many new facilities that have been born, the one that has gained the most popularity is、Bakery & café with a terrace where non-guests can enjoy a foot bath&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe"。 "Mitori no Hashi" to explore the grounds、Crossing the "Mitori Bridge" completed in Showa 3 next to the footbath café、Head to the lounge for guests only, "Taishokan Hosen"。 Izu's clear stream "Yoshinagawa" Izu's clear stream "Yoshinagawa" flows on the premises.、Accommodations, garden terraces, etc.、All places face the river.、You can feel the murmur of the clear stream everywhere、Healing Landscape。 An approach that continues with cobblestones with a taste of Japan emotion as if nostalgic for the old days。 11Even in the early part of the year, you can see a few autumn leaves.、Full of Japan emotion and atmosphere、Travel back in time to the Taisho era。 The brewery has been renovated、Used as a guest room。 "Taishokan Hosen" The site of "Old Hosenso", which was adjacent to "Tofuya", has also been renovated、The "Taishokan Hosen" in one corner has been transformed into a lounge exclusively for hotel guests。This is the chairman of the Taisho-era businessman "Meidensha"、The building was built as a social place to entertain celebrities at the time。 "Cafe Art Deco"、"Cafe Art Deco", where you can spend a nostalgic time while touching the Taisho romance, as a lounge exclusively for hotel guests、11 a.m.:00~ 17:30Until the、For alcohol such as draft beer and wine、Various soft drinks are available as free drinks.。A nostalgic space that fuses Japanese and Western、There is an influence of Taisho romance、1910~The Art Deco style that was popular in Europe and the United States in the 1930s is preserved.、Classical attire。Next to it is、There is also a retro space with a different atmosphere created with the motif of the name "Milk Hall" of the café in the Taisho era。 Bakery & Cafe&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe"、The space that was used as a pool in the old facility has been newly developed as a water basin where you can enjoy the sparkle of water.、When the time comes, there are terrace seats and a table with a foot bath under the wisteria shelf that blooms bright purple wisteria flowers.、It operates as a bakery & café。I checked with the staff about bringing a dog.、Except for the foot bath in the bakery shop and in the cuddle、Dogs with leashes are also allowed to enter.、You can enjoy a foot bath while eating delicious bread。 In this location、Choose your favorite bread at the bakery shop,、Sit at the footbath table and enjoy the footbath while relaxing、It's great to be able to have a café! This time, the café you are looking for is waiting.、I would definitely like to use it next time。 Let's go to the back of the lush grounds and take a stroll。 "Tofu and Garden" The whole area is covered with lawns、Well-maintained and wonderful "Tofu and Garden"。 It's too big for our chocolate.、He begged me to hold him on the way (laughs) "Takimi Terrace" From the "Takimi Terrace" facing the Yoshina River、You can feel the murmur of the river up close。 On the terrace、In addition to the table, there is a "hanging chair crush double (for two people)"、Swaying and swaying、While forest bathing、You can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful time。 Izu's clear stream "Yoshinagawa" "Riverbed Terrace" While maintaining scaffolding as a riverbed、A terrace that makes use of natural beauty so that it blends in with the natural scenery。 Cherry blossoms in spring、In autumn, you can enjoy the autumn leaves and seasonal scenery。 There are many hotels and inns that have a full garden as accommodation.、It is open to the public as shown here.、I think that a place that can be used for free, like a park, is very valuable。 Why don't you use it during your rest time with your dog。 The murmur of the river as a pleasant BGM、Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life、It leads us to purity of our hearts。 Located in a quiet mountainous area a little back from the Izu Highway that runs through the center of Izu, Yoshina Onsen "Tofuya Resort & Spa-Izu」。On the large premises, there are 10,000 people who have become known as "Sacred Hot Springs of Children's Treasures"、Items related to Karajin Oyoshi、There are many footprints and works of celebrities in various fields.、While enjoying the feeling of openness under this magnificent location、It's also a pleasure to be able to experience history and culture。 This accommodation is、Previously, three separate rooms were prepared as dog stay rooms.、The service has now been suspended.、It's a pity that it is not an inn where you can stay with your dog。However,、The premises are free to use.、Because you can enjoy a walk to the fullest and refresh yourself、I highly recommend it。 Tofu and Resort & Spa-Izu Address:98 Yoshina, Izu-shi, Shizuoka TEL: 0558-85-1000 lodging:Doggie not allowed Bakery&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe Business Hours:10:00~ 17:00 (Sundays and holidays 9:30~ 17:00) Closed:No Parking:Yes (free) Footbath café terrace:Doggie Companion

Kakegawa bread "Boulangerie Poispoix" A rich meal bread made with domestic wheat with a focus on high-quality ingredients

At Kakegawa's quiet Hatsuma no Mido No. 270 "Ho no Hashisonogaya Line"、Commitment to high-quality materials、To the bakery "Boulangerie POWA POWA" made with domestic wheat。 Here is the original、It is a bakery started by a baker who is the mother of the current owner Kenji Ichihara of Boulanger.、14 years ago in 2009、After training as a baker in Tokyo、When I returned to Kakegawa、It will be the shop that took over my mother's bakery.。At that time、Bread and pastries、"Powapowa", which was a bakery in a rural town with a local connection centered on the manufacture and sale of delicatessen bread, etc.、On the occasion of the change in Ichihara-kun's generation、Little by little, focusing on the baguette, which represents French bread、Incorporating hard types such as campagne, which is a simple, simple but flavorful meal bread、I'm gradually growing into the ideal bakery I want to make.。 Attached to "Boulangerie POWA POWA"、2019Opened GAMA COFFEE home-roasted coffee shop specializing in specialty coffee beans in the year.。 The original、His wife Misato from Kyoto、I was trained as a coffee roaster in Kyoto.、The space on the right side of the store has been renovated as a café.、We offer delicious specialty coffee.。The coffee is、"Soft blend" with a medium-roasted fragrant and light mouthfeel (moderate bitterness)、"Brazil Caramellard"、"Rwanda"、Prepare "Nicaragua"。Medium deep roast is、"GAMA Blend" with mellow richness and well-balanced taste、"Tanzania"、"Guatemala"、"Columbia"、"New Guinea"、"Mandelin"。Deep roasting is、Deep richness and aroma、"Italian Blend" with a profound taste、"Peru"、"Ethiopia"、"Kenya"、"India", etc.、15You can choose your favorite coffee from the types of beans。 In a comfortable space with soft warm sunlight、Relieve daily fatigue、Refreshing your mind、Hope that the story will bloom、Serving a delicious cup of coffee。And、There is a "simple bread set" on the menu.、Bread comes with coffee。Master baking bread next to each other、With his wife roasting coffee beans、Making use of the skills that each couple has learned、A restaurant with a wonderful relationship where you can share it with each other and enhance it。 In the back of the café is a roaster of the coffee roaster "FUJI ROYAL"、With your own hands、Carefully hand-pick the beans、We sell coffee beans roasted in-house.。 Carefully selected specialty coffee beans are roasted into a deep roast with a heavy feeling.、"Iced coffee bottle" that finishes iced coffee with a clear aftertaste and、Roasted coffee beans and hand drip coffee packs、Baked goods, "fleur de sel (salt) from the French Camargue", etc.、There are also products on sale that are appreciated as small gifts.、Assortments are also available according to your request.。 Roasted beans for sale Saturday morning、A leisurely drive from Hamamatsu to Kakegawa for about 1 hour by car。Because it is never close、Only occasionally can be purchased in stores。It will be so popular that there is a line from the morning.、We recommend visiting early after opening.。Also、This bread is also sold regularly in Hamamatsu.、At Hirosawa's stylish European-style delicatessen "Küche" from around 12:30 on the first Thursday、At the special tofu shop "Sanzai Tofu" in Shinogase Town, Higashi Ward, there is a chance to purchase it when it arrives on the first Friday and the third Friday.。 As you enter the store、The interior of the store smells of fragrant wheat from freshly baked bread。Although the favorites are fixed、Look at the expressive faces of the abundant freshly baked bread、It's also fun to spend time wondering which one to choose.。 Because it is bread that I want you to eat every day、Kenji Ichihara of the current owner Boulanger, who believes that the material should be of good quality,、Domestic wheat、Organic rye from Australia、Raw sugar in Tanegashima、Gerand Salt、Natural salt of Izu Oshima、 Organic walnuts and dried fruits、cage-free eggs, etc.、Sticking to high-quality materials as much as possible、Yeast mainly uses homemade yeast (Levan variety) and organic yeast.、Day by day、Thinking about the land、Caring for people、Thinking about sustainable manufacturing、I continue to bake bread every day。"When I was little,、I、He wasn't that fond of bread."、It just so happens that there is a time when I can hear the story.、Mr. Ichihara told us about the history without decorating。He、The first time I encountered a really delicious baguette、With the desire to "make and spread flavorful bread that is simple but close to everyday life"、Continued to work hard to make bread、Recently, he happily told me that he was finally able to offer his own bread.。 Here is、Because it has been switched to face-to-face sales due to the Corona disaster、It will be in the form of telling the staff your favorite bread。 In the refrigerated showcase、Besides sandwiches and quiches、Cheese on the upper tier、Ham or sausages in the middle、Juices、Products that are ideal to accompany bread are also sold。 Ham and sausages of "Inagaki Intestine Store" in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture The wife of the café "GAMA COFFEE"、Support during busy bakery sales hours。According to her husband, Ichihara-kun, she is a "more stoic wife than me" (laughs) I'm sure it's ♪ a statement because they recognize each other as partners, because I haven't used a "café" yet.、I would like to enjoy coffee here leisurely next time I have time.。 On this day, I returned to my parents' house in Makinohara.、For bread lunch with a daughter and wife who are about to give birth、12Choose from a variety of breads。 "Cage-free egg sandwich (2 pieces)" ¥ 400 (excluding tax) Sandwich of free-range egg generously sandwiched between fluffy bread。So that you can enjoy the deliciousness of eggs raised free of stress in cage-free keeping、The seasoning is gently finished.、Fun for the whole family。 "Croissant" ¥280 (excluding tax) I have been making it for more than 10 years、He said that he felt like he had finally made it to the starting line in the past few months.。powder、training、How to fold, etc.、Change every time you prepare、Now because I have been trying various things。He will continue to pursue the ideal croissant。The fine layers layered on top of each other are beautiful、Outside is Parisak、The inside is fluffy and thick、You will be enveloped in the aroma of fermented butter。 "Oliva" half size ¥520 (excluding tax) Rustic with green olives from Italy and Sicily。 "Tomate" half size ¥520 (excluding tax) Italian cherry tomatoes and anchovies。It's delicious as it is, but、By rebaking, you can enjoy the aroma of the crisp skin more.。If you accompany it with pasta、Excellent compatibility with leftover sauce。 "Noir" sold by weight @2.2/g Whole wheat bread made by kneading organic walnuts into a compound dough。Fragrant and sweet taste of walnuts、Combined with the goodness of whole wheat flour、"Noah" is hearty and satisfying to eat。Excellent compatibility with smoked foods and honey。 "Classic of flaxseed and black beans" It is rich in nutritional value and is good for the body.、With "flaxseed", which is also famous as a super seed,、A healthy combination bread where you can enjoy the natural sweetness of "black beans" packed around。 1 piece of "plain bread" ¥450 (excluding tax) On this day, there was a 30 yen discount tag for "plain bread"。Domestic wheat、Organic yeast、Natural palm oil、Use natural salt、Eggs and dairy products are free、It will be bread that makes the most of the sweetness of the flour.。Crisp and fragrant skin、Moist inside、Simple taste that you will never get tired of with a fluffy dough。Thick slices of buttered toast are recommended。 "Pain de campagne" half size ¥600 (excluding tax) Yeast is caused by the traditional French method called "Levin mix"、Domestic wheat、Organic rye、Natural salt、Kneading with water、Slowly fermented and baked "Pan de Campagne"。Mellow sweetness and fragrant flavor of stewed dishes and meat dishes、It goes well with cheese, etc.。 "Sautéed Basil Chicken and Onion with Cumin" ¥480 (excluding tax) Sandwiched with plenty of chicken with moist basil flavor、For a crust that you can taste with a crisp sound、Tempt food with onion sweetness and cumin aroma。 "Bacon and Sweet Potato Quiche" ¥ 600 (excluding tax) The sweet potato feeling is warm、Diced corn is the ultimate in umami、layers of potatoes overlap,、The thick and moist appareil with plenty of ingredients is satisfying to eat but has a gentle taste and a light texture.、You can enjoy it with a zaku horo tart。 Autumn limited "Campagne with boiled astringent skin and organic walnuts" ¥ 650 (excluding tax) Every year、Popular autumn-only product "Astringent skin stew and organic walnut campagne"。Everyone knows how hard it is to do chestnut work manually.、In particular, astringent skin stew can only be understood by those who have made it.、It's a very time-consuming task、One of the cooking methods that I think requires patience。To make this product here too、About a month、He spends his days facing each chestnut every day.。Chestnuts boiled in astringent skin and organic walnuts are generously added to the campagne dough.。Not without good reason。 "Complex" half size ¥400 (excluding tax) Moist and heavy meal bread baked mainly with domestic whole wheat flour。Using three kinds of homemade yeast、Whole wheat flour made from organic wheat from "Aoyagi Milling"。Umeno Milling's whole wheat flour、Hokkaido "Yumechikara" whole wheat flour、Domestic barley flour is added to the whole wheat flour of Mie Prefecture "Nishino Kaori"、A little flour from "Harukirari"。Using these domestic whole wheat flours、It is said that it is carefully kneaded and baked by hand.。Even though it is a whole wheat flour main, it does not smell like grain.、Don't get a lumpy texture、And not to make it a netty texture.、In search of the ideal form、Trial and error、It has been brushed up many times.、"Complex" that finally settled on the current composition。That is the、With the gradual changes from now on、It seems that they are trying to provide the best at that time.。Grain aroma、Wheat sweetness、The more you chew, the more umami spreads、Bacon or butter、Creamy cheese、It goes perfectly with olive oil! "Anbutter" ¥350 (excluding tax) For a crust with a crisp texture、Plenty of bean paste with the texture of red beans and thickly sliced butter sneaked in.、Infallible "anbutter"。If you enjoy it with delicious coffee at snack time、For a very satisfying tea time。 Look at the face of bread、If you smell the fragrant aroma、You can understand the deliciousness of the bread even before you eat it.。">The bread of Boulangerie POWA POWA、For us、Exactly such bread。Simple and simple, but infinitely rich in flavor、I would like it to be on the table at any time.、One of my favorite boulangeries。 POWA POWA / GAMA COFFEE Address:278-1 Hatsuma, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka TEL:0537-24-4107 Hours of operation:10:00~ 17:30 Closed on Mondays:Moon、Tuesdays (twice a month) Parking:In front of the store

Hamamatsu "Boulangerie Cassel" A bakery that became a popular shop after a fateful encounter that changed her life!

Reborn as a lovely look reminiscent of a bakery in a stylish corner of Paris、"Boulangerie Kaseru", which was renewed in November 2021! This is、Because the bakery "Pain de Noel" originally in Tomizuka was moved to the dyeing ground、Yoshitaka Ogawa, who was dessurized and was the owner of Boulanger、Using the site、It is a popular bakery that opened on October 30, 2008 as a new store.。At the beginning of the opening, it was a cute appearance like a pure white general store、On the 14th anniversary of opening a business、With aging of the outer wall, etc.、I was further measured the makeover with a gatsu、リニューアルオープンしています! 真っ青な空色に映える鮮やかなブルーグリーンの外壁にワインレッドのオーニングが良いアクセントとなり、Transformed into an exterior reminiscent of a stylish bakery in Paris、It has become a space that attracts more attention than before! Because the blue green of this outer wall is Mr. Ogawa's favorite color and is also a rakki color、Although it is selected as desired、This renewal is、常連客の間でも大好評とのこと! 「カセル」は、It was a bakery that we and his wife were indebted to when they lived in Tomizuka.、I've been talking a lot since I moved.。However,、This time、飛騨高山の有名ブーランジェリー「TRAIN BLEU(トラン・ブルー)」を取材させていただいた際に、From the mouth of owner Boulanger Tadashi Naruse, "My apprentice is also doing a shop in Hamamatsu"、I asked mr. Ogawa that he was a beloved disciple.、10年振りぐらいに再訪した次第です! タイトルにも記したように、Mr. Ogawa of "Cassel"、I'm a bakery in a dessara.。Mr. Ogawa is about himself in detail on the shop's blog、About the shop、It is written about bread making etc.、On my revisit、Look back at the blog post、You know that fact.。 Mr. Ogawa、When I was 16 years old.、I'm interested in riding a motorcycle、That thought will someday make me dream of "designing a motorcycle"。After that, I went to that dream with all my heart.、Majoring in the Faculty of Engineering in the university course、After graduation, he got a job at a certain automobile manufacturer.、I will not be involved in motorcycle design at the affiliation I was assigned to、My dream will collapse in the middle.。How do you struggle while twisting and twisting?、Someday, I want to do a job that pleases people.、"Motorcycle making" is given up at the opportunity that a new dream has sprung up.、30I decided to leave Sarah when I was older than I was over.。Left the company、I decided to do a job that would please people.、The result of thinking about what I can do、I thought about the bread class where I had a high hobby and worked hard.、I'm going to be a baker.、You can set your thoughts for the realization of a new dream.。There is only one bakery that Mr. Ogawa wants to get a job at! Right、That's the "Tran Blue" I talked about earlier! The history until I got to the interview is also described in the blog、The story was so moving that I couldn't read it without tears.。Mr. Ogawa fell in love with the bread (croissant) of "Tran Blue"、Before the interview, Mr. Naruse wrote a letter with a content that could be taken as a love letter and was mailed。The hot and strong feeling reaches Mr. Naruse's heart straight、From among the many hopes of joining the company、Mr. Ogawa, who was inexperienced, grabbed his luck! I decided to join the company safely.、I put the wife who pushed my back to Hamamatsu and left it alone、Moved to Hida Takayama in Gifu、After four years of training in "Tran Blue"、Once I went to Tokyo、Making use of all that experience、Opened "Cassel" in Hamamatsu! now、パン激戦区でもある浜松でトップにランクインされるほどの人気店へと成長されています! お時間が許されるならば是非とも小川氏の認められている「カセルのパン便り」の中から「人生を変えてくれたパン屋さんその3の続き」をご覧ください。 In front of a shop that visits for the first time in about 10 years、There is a feeling of divertness、I feel even a little nervous to open the door.。However,、As if to relieve the tension、A new hand-drawn menu board welcomed you warmly.。 The inside of the store is the same as before renewal、Bread is lined up in a shelf around the central table.、A warm interior。Our motto is to make bread with "peace of mind" that does not use unnecessary additives、Bread、Baked goods、マフィンなどを合わせて約90種類以上のパンを取り揃えて販売されています! こちらもやはり「トラン・ブルー」同様にデニッシュ系の人気が高く、Many types are available。Mr. Ogawa's most memorable croissant、Of course, even if the base is "Tran Blue" preparation、It has been improved over the years、Because the formulation etc. have been changed now、Unlike "TranBlue" croissants、"Cassel" croissant is born! Because of its beautiful appearance and the lightness of the fabric on the surface、トングで挟むのを躊躇してしまいそうなほどに繊細です! お店の一番人気となる「クローネ」は、Because I pack cream after purchase、このまま生地のみをレジにお持ちくださいとのこと♪ 新作と書かれた札が何点か並び季節のフルーツを用いたデニッシュなども目にします! お昼前の11時頃に伺いましたが、While some items have already sold out、All of them look delicious and I'm worried about choosing them.、two laps around the table、三周と!(笑) テーブル手前にはクリームパンやメロンパンあんぱんなどのおやつパンが出揃います! テーブル奥には天然酵母のパンも取り入れられており、Including french bread dough bread、Campagne and so on.。Some use wholemeals.、多種多様です! 店内右の棚には、Side dish bread is sulari! On the bill that says freshly baked、つい手を伸ばしてしまいます! カレーパンや目玉おやじのようなベーコンエッグなども。 Danish bread and snack bread on the back shelf、Bread is lined up.。 厨房内にはスタッフが4名おり見事な手捌きで一つひとつ丁寧にパンづくりに励まれている姿が見られます。 A simple pudding with the words "Baker's pudding" is、It is characterized by a rich richness and smooth melty texture.、It has been one of the most popular menus since the beginning! Underneath is a seasonal pattern、新作の「いちごプリン」が並んでいます! 焼き菓子もあり、For 6 kinds of large muffins、Scones and galette Bretonne、Sables etc. are lined up、お土産物にも喜ばれそうです! 営業の合間ではありましたが、Chatted with Mr. Ogawa, who greeted me at the store for a while.。I also read the article of "Tran Bleu"、Let me tell you about that time.、"It's nostalgic.、It's also humbling."、He talked about his thoughts on Mr. Naruse! Change your life、What happened at "Tran Bleu", which was a fateful encounter, is still an unforgettable treasure that is difficult to change more than anything else。Mr. Ogawa's words are both gentle and warm.、何処か信念の強さと深い愛情を感じさせる師匠と弟子である御二人の強い絆を感じさせて頂きました! 我が家へ戻り、Arrange the 14 kinds of bread and baked goods you have purchased、"Caser's Bread Party"! This time, too, enjoy taking pictures while serving them on the vessels of the floating series of Toyama woodworking unit artist "Shimoo Design".、袋井の自家焙煎珈琲豆屋「まめやかふぇ」が契約農園とする「ボンジャルジン農園」の美味しい珈琲と共に味わいます! 「クロワッサン」205円(税込) 国産小麦の甘味と発酵バターの芳醇な香りがベストバランス!皮は薄衣のようにハラハラと、Enjoy the fluffy and moist texture inside.、While the butter incense is fragrant、軽さも兼ね備えた極上のクロワッサンです! 「マウンテン」216円(税込) デニッシュ生地を巻いて焼いて、Pickled in brandy syrup、しっとり食感が楽しめるマウンテン!朝食にもピッタリ! 「フロマージュ」259円(税込) デンマーク産のクリームチーズを使用した自家製チーズクリームと自家製カスタードクリームをたっぷりと使用!レモンの爽やかなアクセントも程良くクリームチーズ好きには堪らない一品! 「クローネ」227円(税込) カセル人気No.1の商品「クローネ」。It is packed with plenty of special cream with a sweet and elegant taste using pure fresh cream pasteurized milk! Although it is stored refrigerated,、Crispy、If you enjoy the crunchy texture、If you have it stuffed with cream、It is preferable to bring it to your mouth as soon as possible! This、本当美味しい! 「ガーリックフランス」184円(税込) 自家製エスカルゴバター(ガーリック味)をたっぷりと染み込ませ香ばしさ漂う濃厚「ガーリックフランス」! 「ラムレーズンスティック」238円(税込) フランスパン生地にラムレーズン入りミルククリームをサンド。The mellow taste of rum dripping is exactly like an adult milk stick、ラムレーズン好きならば是非とも味わっていただきたい一品! 「パンシュー」238円(税込) 大山ハムの角切りベーコンがゴロゴロと姿を見せガーリックフランス同様に自家製エスカルゴバターの風味豊かな食べ応え感満載のおつまみパン! 「長熟バゲット」281円(税込) 低温長時間発酵により、The baguette that brings out the umami and firmness has a rich wheat aroma.、満足度の高い一品! 「イベリコ豚と白ネギ」270円(税込) ハーブでソテーしたイベリコ豚と白ネギを乗せてチーズをトッピングした惣菜パン!イベリコ豚と白ネギのジューシーな甘みが広がります! 「エビグラタン」281円(税込) 自家製ホワイトソースにエビとブロッコリーとチーズをたっぷりと乗せて焼いた「エビグラタン」塩味優しいホワイトソースとパンの相性が抜群です! 「サラミとハラペーニョの全粒粉ピザ」281円(税込) 全粒粉生地に自家製トマトソースを塗って、Salami、Jalapeno、Pizza bread baked with cheese on top。Because the jalapeños are doing a good job、If you don't like spicy, be careful! We like spicy food、これでビールが進みます! 「クロックムッシュ」302円(税込) 自家製ホワイトソースとハムとチーズをたっぷりとカンパーニュにサンドして焼き上げた「クロックムッシュ」。Campagne, a natural yeast, has a chewy feeling.、The best match with the creamy taste! If it's for breakfast、それはもう御馳走です! 焼き菓子「ガレットブルトンヌ」173円(税込)・「バターサブレ」162円(税込) サクサク食感のガレットブルトンヌはアーモンド風味の焼き菓子。Rum is used as an accent.、ほんのりと鼻に抜けるラム酒香が漂います! 今回、10As an honest impression that I revisited for the first time in years、"It was delicious before, but、He was able to raise his skills even more.、By far the delicious!" and、私たちは大絶賛! 小川氏の想いを綴ったブログを読ませていただいてわかったこと、There is something that I understood even more after meeting you.、The love between "Tran Bleu" and "Caser" is deep.、Even if the bakery has different tastes and directions、The honest attitude towards bread and the love poured into bread are the same.。In Hamamatsu、If、If you are asked, "What bakery do you recommend?"、間違いなく私たちは「カセル」を入れることでしょう! Boulangerie Kaseru(ブーランジェリー カセル) 住所静岡県浜松市中区富塚町1088 TEL: 053-473-7606 Hours of operation:7:00To 18:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday、月曜日 Hamazoブログ: Instagram:

Breads of the super popular shop which was recognized in the world convention of Hida Takayama boulangerie "Tran Blue" bread

France at coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, the world's premier bakers compete for technology in Paris.、2005In 2008, he was the team leader of the Japan National Team and won the world's third-place honor.、ability is recognized worldwide、飛騨高山よりその名を轟かせている成瀬正(Tadashi Naruse)氏が率いるブーランジェリー「TRAIN BLEU(トラン・ブルー)」。 Owner Boulanger's Tadashi Naruse、It is the fourth generation of the bread manufacturing company "Naruse Co., Ltd." founded in 1919.、After graduating from Seijo University Faculty of Economics、Art Coffee Co., Ltd.、Hotel Okura Tokyo Co., Ltd.、After working at the Japan Bread Institute、1989Opened TRAIN BLEU in his hometown of Takayama city in 2008.。2005Won the world's third-largest award at the 2008 Pan World Championships、2012In 2008, he was the coach of the tournament and won the championship in a dignified manner.。And、In the same year, he appeared in NHK's "Professional Work Style"、The name is widely known to the world.。2016In 2008, he won first place in the ranking of Nikkei Shimbun "Storen"、He is also publishing books such as "The Possibilities of Bread Opened Up by Tran Bleu / Asahiya Publishing" and a book "The Work Theory of Delicious Bakeries That Will Surprise the World / PHP Publishing" that describes his own work style and philosophy about bread.、Not only in Japan, but also in China and Taiwan、Training in Korea、A lot of technical guidance is provided.、パン職人として世界中から注目を集めています! 日本国内、Far to Hida Takayama、Many bread lovers come to this bakery、Although I was prepared for a long line at a popular restaurant that handed out numbered tickets from early in the morning on holidays、On this day when I arrived before noon on a weekday,、Luckily on a day when there were few queues、Although there is a limit to the number of people in the store、15分程度の待ち時間で入店することができました! 入り口の木製ドアには可愛いミモザのハーフムーンリースが飾られており、You can feel a small spring even in the high mountains where there is still residual snow。While looking at the hand-painted pops lined up in front of the store、Asking about the inside of the store、今か今かと待ち侘び胸が高なります! 今回の飛騨高山へは愛犬ショコラも同行していたため、I put a lead on the fence next to the slope in front of the store.、While buying bread、I decided to keep you waiting! Chocolat sits quietly like a sign dog and waits.。You can do it smartly.、きっとパン好きなショコラだからかもしれません♪ 隣接する工場は、The bread factory of "Naruse", which was run by mr. Naruse's now-deceased father。School lunch bread and、Bread for high school stalls、bread that wholesales to hospitals and city halls is made.、It is sold at local supermarkets in Takayama City.。Although it is a familiar "Naruse bread" that everyone in Takayama city had been on the side from an early age、Mr. Naruse launched "Tran Blue" as a completely different brand from "Naruse Bread"、It is composed mainly of Viennoiserie, which he himself loves。What is Viennoiserie?、Folded fermentation dough such as croissants and danishes、Or an egg.、Sugar、bread made of fermented dough such as brioche with butter、In "Tran Blue"、やはりそれらのパンが大人気です! 店内に入ると、Trophies and medals at the world championships held behind the waiting booth。It has been selected by 100 famous restaurants of Tabelog。 There are showcases in the small L-shaped store、所狭しと並ぶ40種以上のパンたち!そのバリエーション豊かな種類の多さに驚きを隠せません! オーダー待ちしている間にどれを購入するか目を通しながら、We will ask for the bread you want at the timing when the staff calls you。 Go to the back and look at all kinds of bread、I want to eat all of them.、I'm tempted to get it、その中でも厳選してバランスよくオーダー! 浜松⇄高山間と車でおよそ3時間半の遠距離ということもあり、This time I gave up only Danish of refrigeration。 However,、I want to get only freshly baked croissants that are baked around noon every day! If you look at the kitchen,、The croissant dough is aligned in the oven in front of you! Other customers seem to be looking for croissants as well、I heard that they were asked if they would bake it.。 Carefully examine in front of a showcase with various types of croissants and Danishes、When you're done ordering everything、I'll pay you in the center.。 私もパン作りには使用している「LESAFFRE(ルサッフル社)」のアンバサダーも務められている成瀬氏。That certificate is also decorated.。 The other day、名古屋のミシュラン2つ星のフレンチレストラン「Reminiscence(レミニセンス)」にて、In the flow that impressed me with this bread served in the course、I would like to visit directly by all means、Please ask Masaki Kuzuhara-kun in advance、By having Mr. Naruse make an appointment、この日お会いすることができました!浜松からの手土産はもちろん私たちが応援する「天使音マスクメロン」。This ultimate muskmelon may be difficult to use for bread、天使音の美味しさを実感していただければ幸いです! 「レミニセンス」の繊細なコースに寄り添った3種類のパンがどのようにして生まれたのか、Gifu⇄While away from Nagoya、Techniques to finish to serve delicious bread every day at restaurants、We asked him about the process from meeting Katsurahara-kun to collaborating、It was a short time, but I had a very good time.。Also、Trained under Mr. Naruse、When I heard that independent bakers are all over the country、There are also disciples in Hamamatsu where we live.、What a name came out "Boulangerie Kaseru".。Here is、Because it was a bakery that we used to visit when we lived in Tomizuka.、I was very surprised.、This machine、また「カセル」にも足を運んでみたいと思います! 成瀬氏の事務所の壁に貼ってあったイラストが気になり、When I look at it,、Along with Naruse's caricature, "When the chef makes croissants,、Sani Brown at hand" was written! How to layer Mr. Naruse's early work of making croissants with Sani Brown in Japanese athletics、It is a unique perspective of a child who is very creative! I saw some other caricatures from children.、I can experience the warm personality of Mr. Naruse、ほっこりとした気持ちにさせてもらえました! 成瀬さん、Thank you for taking your time while you are busy! Also、高山に足を運ぶ際には伺いたいと思います! 今回の飛騨高山は、3I went to the destination of eaves.、I'm back home on a day trip with that foot.。17 kinds of bread purchased the next morning are arranged on the tabletop、Invite a friend who likes bread、「トラン・ブルーのパンパーティ」を開催!富山の木工ユニット作家「Shimoo Design」の浮様シリーズの器に盛り付けながら撮影を楽しみ袋井の自家焙煎珈琲豆屋「まめやかふぇ」が契約農園とする「ボンジャルジン農園」の美味しい珈琲と共に味わいます! パンは食べる毎に1個ずつリベイクし、Because it can't be just baked everything、せめて良い状態に仕上げてから頂きます! 「クロワッサン」1個240円 発酵バターを折り込んでいる香り高いクロワッサンは昼頃に第一便が焼き上がります。This time, one is freshly baked and cheeked on the spot.、A blissful time with the fragrance and taste that drifts happily! If you carry it to your mouth,、The hull is thin and spills out、The inside has a moist and fluffy texture、The rich buttery aroma spreads throughout your mouth! The second flight is around 13:30.。人気商品クロワッサンの焼き上がりのタイミングをお見逃しなく! 「スイートロールマウンテン」1個180円 午前中に御来店のお客様は必ず買うというトラン・ブルーの”伝説のパン”!コロンとした山型で、2The bread that is adorable with a small size feeling that can be eaten with three mouths、Butter is folded into condensed milk dough and soaked in syrup.、Moist and fluffy sweet bread。お子様にお勧め! 「ピスタチオのクロワッサン」280円 人気のピスタチオのペーストをたっぷりとクロワッサン生地に忍ばせています。The amount of paste in it、It is smaller than the standard croissant, but it has a feeling of eating! "Baton" 130 yen per cheese stick like a torsional stick with plenty of Edam cheese。The rich taste of fragrant cheese is perfect for a beer! Corn croissant 220 yen Add corn with a compatible tartar sauce and put plenty on croissant dough、Bread that can be enjoyed by young children and the elderly! "Croissant Loin Ham" 240 yen High-quality loin ham wrapped in croissant fabric、Loin ham bread with a fragrant cheese aroma! "Miltil" 230 yen Popular item from the beginning with homemade custard cream with modest sweetness and plenty of blueberries! "Orange" 260 yen Carefully peel off raw oranges one by one、特製クリームに添えたデニッシュ!サクサクとしたデニッシュ生地に甘酸っぱいフルーツとクリームの相性は抜群です! 「クイニィアマン」320円 フランスはブルターニュ地方の発酵菓子クイニィアマン。Any bakery.、If there is, be sure to get a dish。Infused with a sweet vanilla scent、The surface is crispy with fragrant caramel.、You can enjoy a moist texture with a supple inside.。是非ともコーヒーと一緒に! 「ミルクスティック」220円 牛乳だけで仕込んだ棒状のパンに自家製ミルククリームをサンドした甘く優しいおやつパン! 「大納言」320円 大納言小豆をフランスパン生地にふんだんに入れた人気商品!どこをカットしても大納言がゴロゴロ出現し自然な甘みをたっぷりと楽しめます! 「オリーヴのリュスティック」380円 リュックさんの美味しいグリーンとブラックのオリーブを混ぜ込み、French bread fermented at low temperature for a long time。Green olives contain anchovies and have a moderately salty taste.、お酒の当てにもなります! 「うぐいす豆とアンデス岩塩のリュスティック」280円 たっぷり折り込んだうぐいす豆の優しい甘みを上に振った岩塩が引き立てます! 「エピ」280円 フランスパン生地にベーコンを巻いて、Small epi baked in the shape of ears of wheat。黒胡椒のピリッとした辛さが味を引き締めてくれます! 「パンシュー」280円 旨味のある飛騨産ベーコンをゴロゴロと食べ応え感のある角切りで使用し、Panchoux with homemade escargot butter with garlic wrapped in French bread dough。風味豊かなベーコンの香りが食欲をそそります! 「ショコラ」260円 フランス産の棒チョコをフランスパン生地で包んだ手の平サイズのおやつフランスパン。The name of our beloved dog Chocolat、買わずにはいられません! 「バタール」1本350円 香ばしいクラストはパリッと楽しめ、The inside is soft and light with soft bubbles.、Batal is made to go well with Japanese food with a moderate salty taste! Put stir-fry on top、Delicious even when soaked in boiling broth、どんな料理に合わせても相性が良いシンプルな味わい! 今回は飛騨高山へ足を運ぶ際に必ず立ち寄る飛騨清見の生ハムとソーセージの専門店「Curnontue(キュルノンチュエ)」の「リエット・デュ・マン・スペシャリテ」とも合わせてみたのですが、Serve with riette and then toast to make it crispy and fragrant.、I enjoyed the flavorful pate and batar well! The article on "Kyurnonchue" will be read later、紹介致します! 店名の「TRAIN BLEU(トラン・ブルー)」とは、It means "blue train" in French.、Continue to run a long way towards your destination、It is named with the wish that。not novelty or fad、Today from yesterday、From today to tomorrow、It is hoped that bread will become even more delicious.、Face bread with sincerity without compromising every day、Because it is bread making that faces with an inquiring mind、皆に愛されるパンとなるようです! 今回セレクトした17種類のパンは、No matter which one you get、そのふんわりと包まれた柔らかさと軽さに成瀬氏のパンに注がれる深い愛情を感じることができました!飛騨高山へ足を運ばれる際には是非ともお勧めしたいパン屋となります! TRAIN BLEU(トラン・ブルー) 住所:1-73-5 Nishinoichishikicho, Takayama City, Gifu PREFECTURE TEL:0577-33-3989 Hours of operation:10:00To 18:00(※ CLOSE as soon as it is sold out):水曜日(※店の営業については公式サイトのカレンダーをご確認ください) 駐車場店横に有(無料)

Hamamatsu Bakery "Plus Montge" A shop with delicious bread and sweets while feeling the style of Paris

Daisuke Nakatsugawa, who trained for four years at Boulangerie near Place Monge Station in the heart of Paris' 5th arronthronement in France (Daisuke Nakatsugawa)さんが念願となる自身のお店「Place Mange(プラスモンジュ)」を地元浜松市にて2017年10月1日にオープン! 店名の「Place Mange(プラスモンジュ)」 の名前は、Has been named, but the honor of the mathematician Gaspard Monge,、中津川さんは思い入れのあるパリの駅名を店名に選ばれたとのこと! 我が家のある佐鳴湖方面からは、Because of the sense of distance that takes about 20 minutes by car、Although it is a shop that the number of times to visit has decreased easily、オープン当初からバゲットなどの味わいが好みで通い続けているお店となります! 住吉の住宅街にひっそりと佇む戸建ての住宅兼店舗カフェとなり、A nice shop in combination with white walls and wood flooring create a natural atmosphere。Next to the entrance、There is also a workshop where you can see Mr. Nakatsugawa making bread silently。 When you enter the store, you will be greeted by the fragrant scent of bread and a two-tiered glass showcase。In France、People most often handle the cake bakery、And own shops with bread cake was enjoyed by so、25Along with the bread as the type "tarts" for every season and several simple cake etc.、"Pudding" that is appreciated as a souvenir is also offered.、パンとスイーツがお求めになれます! こちらではフランス産やカナダ産、Has been used for utilizing the characteristics of each bread flour 10 types, such as Hokkaido、Focusing on low-temperature aged "baguettes"、Flavorful "croissants" made with fermented butter and "pain au lait" with milk、Also、In addition to the hard of bread of the Germany、お腹を満たす食事パンなども用意! デニッシュ系はシナモンを利かせたアップルパイの「ショソンオポム」やブルターニュ地方における伝統的な洋菓子「クイニーアマン」クロワッサン生地にチョコを入れた菓子パン「パンオショコラ」もハード系は自家製酵母の田舎パンに胡桃とレーズンをたっぷりと入れた「ノアレザン」や素朴な田舎パン「シリアル」全粒粉で作る「パンコンプレ」などが揃います! その日の気分で具材が変わる「クロックムッシュ」や「フガス」などもあり食事パンとしてもお酒の当てにも楽しめるパンも山型が愛らしい食パンも種類があります数種類の「タルト」に「チーズケーキ」「ガトーショコラ」「プリン」とスイーツも8種類程から選べます! お昼時に伺ったものの既に売り切れの商品もあり迷いながらも4種類のパンと気になったタルトを購入! 現在はコロナ禍でイートインを一組様限定とされていますが店内でパンやスイーツを美味しいコーヒーや紅茶と共に楽しむことができます! スウェーデン・Gustavsberg(グスタフスベリ)のリサ・ラーソン(Lisa Larson)がデザインを手掛けたAFRICAシリーズのLion(ライオン)とCat Mia(キャット・ミア)の陶器のオブジェが大小可愛く並んでいます♪ ガラス越しのイートインコーナー木の温もりとフランス好きの店主のこだわりを感じさせる寛ぎのカフェスペースとなります。When using this、オーダー後にオーブンでパンの温めもしてくださるので嬉しい限り! 基本の営業時間は夕方18時までとなっておりますが売り切れ次第閉店となるため日々閉店時間が異なりますInstagramで最新情報を確認して伺うと良いでしょう!今回は自宅でいただくためお持ち帰りと致します「レリソン」496円 ハーブソーセージ・マスタード・レリッシュが入ったホットドック 直径2cm程の大きめのハーブソーセージが真ん中にドドンと忍ばされているため食べ応え抜群で香草の香りが風味豊かな味わいです! 「クロックムッシュ」399円 具材は店主の気分で変わりますこの日の具材は「スモークチキン」と「ももハム」の2種類から選べスモーク好きな主人のために「スモークチキン」をチョイス田舎パンにスモークチキンとホワイトソースをサンドしまろやかなチーズがたっぷりと!こちらは必ずオーブンで温め直すことをお勧めします! 「くりーむぱん」248円 ビニール袋の湿気で皺がよってしまいましたが出来たてはマッシュルームのように可愛らしいドーム型をしている「くりーむぱん」です!パン生地はふんわりもっちり中のカスタードクリームは甘さも程良く上に散らした大粒のワッフルシュガーの食感がジャリジャリと楽しめます! 「ヤウート」410円 自家製酵母とヨーグルトを使いもっちりに仕上げた食パントーストがおすすめ! 小振りなサイズ感で食べやすい食パンでトースト向き外はカリカリ中はもっちりとトーストすると酵母の香りが立ち込め味わい深さが際立ちます! 「タルトシトロン」442円 細江産のレモンを使用したレモンのタルト 暖かくなってきた時期だからこそのさっぱりとした程良い酸味が何とも爽やかにいただけるレモンのタルト!タルト生地のザクッとした食感としっとりとしたアーモンドクリームそしてレモンをふんだんに使用された甘酢っぱさが堪らない一品!レモン好きな方には是非とも食べて頂きたいタルトです!今回は大好きな「TWG Tea」のフレンチアールグレイに合わせて楽しませて頂きましたプラスモンジュさんは「バゲット」もとてもお勧めです! Place Mange(プラスモンジュ) 住所静岡県浜松市中区住吉3-22-15 TEL:053-570-8017 Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00(売り切れ次第終了) 定休日:Wednesday Parking:店前に有(無料)...

Bakery Boulangerie lamp tomizuka lush hilltop in branch

Tomizuka green hill on、2018年5月に移転オープンされた「ブーランジェリー ランプ パティスリー シオン(Boulangerie LampPatisserie Sion)」へ! 「ブーランジェリー」はフランス語で「パン屋」を意味し、Name of "lamp" is a "bread at the breakfast table with a lamp.、"So bright people gather、人が集まるような場所にしたい」という思いを込められて名付けられいるとのこと! また移転先では、And equipped to provide France confectionery "patisseries on (Patisserie Sion).、The popular Macaron started.、毎日作りたてのケーキが並びます! 富塚の閑静な住宅街となる小高い丘の上にひっそりと佇むRCの建物は一際目を惹き存在感に溢れています! こちらは元々佐鳴台に2011年12月12日にオープンされた「ブーランジェリーランプ」の2号店目となりオーナー兼パン職人の内山勉くんが、Their carefully selected flour、本格的なパン作りで優しい味わいの美味しいフランスパンを提供されています! 日曜日の昼前に伺い店頭のパンとにらめっこ! 卵や牛乳、Rich bread and butter "viennoiseries" are my favorite 外senai、While at full speed 飛bi付ki croissants and Danishes、バランス良く食事パンと甘いパンを購入! レジは、Image recognition techniques applied to the cash settlement、Read the shape of bread、パン屋のために開発された最新式のPOSレジ「BakeryScan(ベーカリースキャン)」を採用されています! トレイの上に置かれたパンを撮影すると、In an instant, the cash register input is completed! Bread that you may have misrecognized、Because visible yellow border、Fix becomes available、Choosing the right bread、The results are reflected in the database、It seems that the identification accuracy improves day by day! Because settlement becomes an automatic change machine、Staff handle food and bread、Not to touch on the banknotes and coins、It will be an excellent one that has been considered in terms of hygiene! Thank you very much, Mr. Uchiyama♪ back to my home.、Bread Boulangerie lamp、"Mt. Makinaga" of the exhibition currently being held in my home (Gaku Shakunaga)And "Shimoo Design / Kazuhiko Shimoo" (Kazuhiko Shimoo)• Caudate Saori (Saori Shimoo)"The works and collaborations、After enjoying the photo session, brew delicious coffee of "Mameya Kafu" and brunch time! "Croissant 170 yen" × "Shimoo Design Floating Rim Dish 280" Blended with 3 types of flour such as French、Fermented butter gently and carefully arranges fabric、Over and over again as beautiful finish.、Eating in the mouth、After the truly enjoy texture、You can enjoy a moist flavor with the aroma of butter! "Ham cheese croissant 220 yen" × "Mt. Makinaga mars himawari Φ25" with pastrami ham made by "Tamazawa Co., Ltd." in Hamamatsu、Cheddar cheese、Juicy croissants in French mustard、A little warmed in the oven and re-enter、The fragrant aroma of cheese is perfect for wine! "Bacon Epi 230 yen" × "Mt. Makinaga âge new Φ30" Epi with plenty of black pepper、Excellent compatibility with bacon! It is recommended to reheat it in the oven and enjoy it with craft beer! "Chocolate Banana Croissant 210 yen" × "Shimoo Design Floating Round Dish 280" Croissant wrapped in chocolate and ripe banana from Valona, France、Crispy surface、Enjoy a moist texture in the、Rich chocolate taste、滑らかでねっとりとしたバナナの芳醇な香りが抜群の御馳走! 「クイニーアマン 230円」×「釋永岳 大工カット Φ30」 バターと砂糖をたっぷり折り込んだフランス・ブルターニュの伝統的な菓子パンのクイニーアマンは濃い目に淹れた珈琲のお供に最適です! 「栗のデニッシュ 270円」×「釋永岳 リバーシブルシャーレ Φ25」 秋冬限定の栗のデニッシュ! まるで栗山に落ちているイガの中に入ったままの栗を彷彿とさせる生地が愛らしい仕上がりで、And a large、甘露煮と渋皮煮の両方の味わいが楽しめます! 「絹 角食パン ハーフ 220円」×「釋永岳 gen 大皿 Φ42」 湯種製法で仕上げたもっちりしっとりの食パンは小振りなサイズ感で朝食にピッタリ! 購入したての焼き立てはやはり生のままで頂くと甘味が楽しめます! 現在は、1Floor pan Studio and shop and、2The floor is like was being used as an Office,、And in the future will dedicate eat space on the second floor、内山くんが夢を語ってくださいました! 楽しみにしております! ブーランジェリーランプ(Boulangerie Lamp) パティスリーシオン(Patisserie Sion) 住所静岡県浜松市中区富塚町4400-6 TEL:053-475-2700 Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00 Closed on Mondays:無休

Feel the wind "plasmontge" Paris Baker spend a relaxing time

フランスはパリの5区の中心にある「Place Monge(プラスモンジュ)駅」近隣のブーランジェリーにて4年間修行を積まれた中津川 大介 (Daisuke Nakatsugawa)さんが念願となる自身のお店「PlaceMange プラスモンジュ」を地元浜松市にて2017年10月1日にオープン! 住吉の住宅街にひっそりと佇む戸建ての住宅兼店舗カフェとなり、A nice shop in combination with white walls and wood flooring create a natural atmosphere。 Through the glass door、1Offices of 7 square meters floor space at the showcase、6席の小さなイートインできるカフェスペースも用意されています! 「Place Monge(プラスモンジュ)駅」 の名前は、Has been named, but the honor of the mathematician Gaspard Monge,、中津川さんは思い入れのあるパリのこの駅の名を店名に選ばれたとのこと! フランスでは、People most often handle the cake bakery、And own shops with bread cake was enjoyed by so、 25Along with the bread as the type "tarts" for every season and several simple cake etc.、手土産ものにも喜ばれる「プリン」なども提供されています! こちらではフランス産やカナダ産、Has been used for utilizing the characteristics of each bread flour 10 types, such as Hokkaido、Low temperature-cured "baguette" a dash of appearance of fermented butter and milk, mainly bread au lait、Also、In addition to the hard of bread of the Germany、France popular "Croque monsieur" and "hugs"、お腹を満たす食事パンなども用意! オープンしてから直ぐに、The "baguette" several times had been coming to、On this day in space for the first time、美味しいパンを頂きながらまったりとコーヒータイムを過ごします! 遅めのランチタイムだったために総菜パンは残り少ない状態でしたが、Select the pan into your eyes! Add to home-made low-temperature aging using flour of France "baguette" 300 yen、「マイルドエスプレッソ」380円をオーダー! 実は、At the last "Baguette Eating Comparison Party"、This baguette was also an option.、There were also things that could not be purchased on the day、Unfortunately, it became a separate day's article。 A relaxing café space that makes you feel the warmth of the wood and the commitment of the shop owner who likes France。When using this、オーダー後にオーブンでパンの温めもしてくださるので嬉しい限り! 「マルゲリータ」210円 ドライトマトとバジル、Mozzarella、スティックパンでPizza風味を楽しめます! 「タルティーヌ」290円 具材を店主の気まぐれで替えるフランス式のオープンサンドイッチでボリューム満点! 「ショソン・オ・ポム」350円 模様付けした折りパイ生地にシナモンを効かせた林檎を仕込んであり、Fabric holded、中しっとりのアップルパイ!バターの香り豊かで何層にも重なるパイ生地が香ばしく美味しいとそのお店のクロワッサンもかなり気になります! 近隣のパン好き仲間からは既に高評価で人気を集め始めている「プラスモンジュ」。Open and at 9 in the morning、Must visit and open at the same time are the most popular items、パン屋の午後は静かゆえに緩やかな時を楽しむことができます! Place Mange(プラスモンジュ) 住所静岡県浜松市中区 住吉3-22-15 TEL:053-570-8017 Hours of operation:9:00To 18:00(売り切れ次第終了) 定休日:Wednesday Parking:有 ...

Baguette to eat than wines from the famous Boulangerie near

フランスパンの中にはフランス語で「杖」を意味する「Baguette(バゲット)」があります! 其の名の如く、Narrowing of the cane like shape and stick、Crispy outside、During the tender out dust、Flour a good smell、軽くトーストすることでその香ばしさが倍増する「バゲット」! フランスでは「Pain traditionnel」と呼ばれる伝統的なパンになりますが、Was introduced to Japan and manufacturing method、What the Meiji early era it seems! Now that was generally widespread and、日本の食卓に普通に並ぶ馴染み深いパンの1つとなりました! 今回我が家では、Like bread & baguettes like the、See how baguette is the most delicious?! "Investigating、近郊の有名ブーランジェリーから取り寄せた「バゲット食べ比べの会」を開催! つい脇役となりがちなバゲットを主役に、On this day、United States, Denmark, Australia and countries of cream cheese。 静岡の有名なコンフィチュール専門店「しろくまジャム」のジャム3種(苺・マーマレード・みかん)に牧之原の国産蜂蜜「HONEY BOY」、Appetizing smells of cumin spice "Wang & # 8217s; s Kitchen Bottled.。 「手づくり工房 御殿場高原時之栖」のウインナー4種(あらびきウインナー、Garlic winner、Spicy spicy sausage、Homemade pork Rillettes and Au Gratin with you.、各店舗毎の味の違いを存分に楽しみます! 一度に5店舗のバゲットを並べてみると、How size and coops、Brown、Hardness and each with different look、Cut and it smell fun bubble condition of the section, such as、想像以上に個性が違うことが判明! ①「La Boulangerie ASAYA.(ラ・ブーランジェリー 麻や)」 表皮ガリッガリの硬め、Looks so good in a beautiful Coop products、Baked color so dark、Flavorful and aromatic、 Whip in also whip up dust and flavorful、単品で楽しめる絶品さ! ②「L’atelier Tempo(ラトリエ テンポ)」 表皮カリッとやや硬め、Slightly thinner、More bubbles、Homemade natural yeast、中しっとり! ③「Baguette(バゲット)」 表皮柔らかめ、While soft、お子様にも喜ばれるナチュラルな味わい! ④「Romipan(ロミパン)」 表皮も中も手でちぎれるほどにふわふわ自家製酵母で少々酸味有り! ⑤「Bakery&restaurant Sawamura(ベーカリーレストラン 沢村)」 表皮カリッカリの硬め、Very narrow、Enriched wheat fragrance、In the moisture and I dust、噛めば噛むほど甘味が広がる美味しさ! 好みは人それぞれだと思いますが、In the majority's "all hemp or。!」となりました! 最後に、To order extra baguette, jams I bought at rock paper scissors、好きなものを持ち帰るゲームをして大盛り上がり! 一度にいろいろ試すことで、The good of reveling in the difference。 また違ったジャンルで挑戦してみたいと思います! ...

"mofu mofu" Sundays only environmentally friendly body in sales of home-made yeast bread & butter

In the residential area of inception in Kita-ku, Hamamatsu City、2018In January launched a small workshop of 3 to 28 days、日曜日のみ開店する酵母パンとお菓子「mofu mofu」へ ! こちらは、Is like bread and dive into the world of bread、In fujieda, Shizuoka、Karuizawa、After the experience in the bakery, including Hamamatsu、Kamo Yoshie's housewife is also currently is the mother of two children、Your husband's parenting cooperation、It is a bakery that opened it with a long wish! What is the shop name "mofu mofu"?、The image of the texture of bread、It is said that the moment when children are eating bread deliciously is the moment when she feels happiest for Yoshie♪ with home yeast and Hoshino yeast.、Domestic wheat and body-friendly materials、1One to 1 over time, made yeast bread、Always store shelves along about 20 species、Delicious eats in children with allergies today just so and "dairy products" and "eggs" or not、Vegetable or devise a focused idea reaches children hate to vegetable bread、In addition to the、糖質を抑えたヘルシーパンなどにチャレンジしたりと身体に優しいメニューが一杯! 今回は、That first visit there、お勧めを伺いながら好みのパンを6種購入! 好物の「エピ」230円 自家製甘酒酵母使用ベーコンを包んだ生地を麦の穂の形にしたハードパン! 新作「タルティーヌ」250円 自家製ベシャメルソースに季節の野菜を合わせてマシュルームを添えて焼き上げボリューム感たっぷり! 揚げずにヘルシー「自家製焼きカレーパン」200円 ホシノ酵母使用野菜の甘さの中にお子様でも楽しめるまろやかな自家製カレーを詰めて焼き上げています!揚げないことで罪悪感は少な目に! 他には無いメロンパン「麦こがしメロンパン」180円 ホシノ酵母使用。Add nutrient-rich "はったい powder" to cookie dough, plus the flavor! Crunch and the aroma of a thick cookie dough、It is a melon bread that a rich and gentle sweetness becomes a habit! Snack bread "Dark Cherry" 250 yen Add plenty of dark cherry and homemade custard cream to moist yun seed dough! Half size is happy "bread (half)" 170 yen Hoshino yeast use。乳製品・卵不使用のあっさりとした食パン!モフモフといただきましょう! 二児の母となる淑恵さんが作られる酵母パンは、Filled with love and kindness of the mother are getting dust texture、From small children and elderly、Also、Allergies or that anyone is willing to eat delicious、パンと向き合う日々を過ごされているようです♪ お子様の成長と共に、That will gradually increase shop opening days、Bakery and support your family's husband and children's。今後も楽しみにしています! mofu mofu(モフモフ) 住所静岡県浜松市北区初生町268-3 TEL:053-569-4444 Hours of operation:12時~17時(なくなり次第終了) 営業日日曜日のみ

In rural areas "brodleben" stop horsing around and meet the goats Bakery Café

On the Cho is in Hamamatsu's peaceful pastoral scenery, lush, mountainous countryside、Goat of the healing will come to meet us bakeries & cafes "Brot Lieben (brodleben) miyakoda shop"! This is、2000In September 2008, he became independent as a bakery of "Brot Lieben Wako Store"、2013In October 2008, we opened our second Store in Miyakoda.、at the same time as the sale of bread、As a café, there is a space where eat-in is possible.、運営を拡張されています! 「Brot Lieben(ブロートリーベン)」とはドイツ語で「パンを愛する」 という意味を持つそうです。 Freshly baked peace of mind every morning、More than 100 safe handmade breads are provided、And the hard system of the deep-rooted popularity、Beginning with the meal system such as bread and pandomey、Incorporates seasonal fruits and vegetables, pastries and prepared foods bread popular! In the front yard parking、Small cabin installed、看板山羊として「お母さん山羊の”ヤッコ”と子供の”さんちゃん”」が二匹揃って穏やかな表情で出迎えてくれます♪ 暑さ厳しい猛暑の日中ということもあり、The goats don't even get out of the hut.、I'm squinting and lying limply.。 The expression is gentle、その休息中の姿を眺めているだけでも癒やされる気分です♪ 元々、Long-time chestnut trees, kashiwa trees, and many herbs and flowers are planted.、The garden full of greenery is also improved little by little by hand、By creating a comfortable space、女性客の心をガッチリとキャッチ! ワンコ連れのお客様が楽しめるようにと、Free dog run is also set up、There is also a wood deck terrace and dog-only rooms.、ワンコ連れの家族には嬉しいサービスです♪ この日はカフェメニューのランチセットの中から「ビーフシチューセット」1,300円と「トマトカレーセット」1,300円をオーダー! 店内はエアコンで涼しかったのですが景色が気持ちの良いテラス席へ! お水やお手拭きカトラリーなどは店頭に用意されたものをセルフサービスで準備するスタイルです! どちらのセットにも、One plate with colorful salad and freshly baked handmade bread every morning、This time, "thick sliced bread"、Butter roll、You can get "2000 bread"。 There is also a toaster in the store.、温かいパンを希望する方はセルフで利用すると良いでしょう♪ ドッグランの芝の上を元気に走り回るワンちゃんの姿や呑気に散歩する放し飼いの猫ちゃんの姿が見れることもチラホラ。 If you look around,、Blessed with greenery、People live a quiet life and peaceful scenery。 At lunchtime while surrounded by such healing space、Please forget the restless daily、Heart most was me stiff and! during a visit the next time、山羊の”ヤッコ”と”さんちゃん”のにこやかな笑顔が見れたら嬉しいですね♪...

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