In the "XIV yase shugakuin Imperial Villa" Italian restaurant overlooking the garden buffet

【Birthday Trip ~ Kyoto Edition - Exivivation Kyoto (3)】 The breakfast venue of "Exiv Kyoto Yase Rikyu", which was the first in the rikyu series of membership resort hotels、Japan food restaurant "Chinese calendar"、Or Italy restaurant Giovano (giovano).、You can choose from three types of buffets that offer Japanese, Western and Chinese! This time, I made a reservation for "Giovano" of the casual Trattorìa Style! Hot dishes are freshly prepared in the open kitchen、Hot dish and fresh-baked bread and salad bar、Fruit、Yogurt、It is lined up with a wide variety such as a drink bar! From the window glass where the morning sun dances, it is a breakfast time full of a sense of openness while looking at the greenery of the courtyard named "Garden of Lines"、It will be a refreshing and comfortable space♪ check out after breakfast、Let's go further north to autumn leaves hunting!...

"XIV yase shugakuin Imperial Villa" total area boasts 133 square meters and comfortable hotel suites

【Birthday Trip ~ Kyoto Edition - Exivivation Kyoto (2)】 The guest room to be indebted to at "Exiv Kyoto Yase Rikyu" of a membership resort hotel、Dining、Living、Japanese-style room、Bedroom、And the bathrooms and independent、To the suite room of Room 462 "S2type" of the south building boasting a total area of 133 square meters and a comfortable size! Using granite that emits a profound shine from the entrance to the fireplace、Room dark furniture and furnishings are arranged、It offers peace and relaxation! The detached bathroom offers extravagant space、And provide a sense of size for a bath and two bath、Equipped with whirlpool bath and TV! Perfect for relied on fatigue! From resort trust staff、In birthday celebration、Thank you for using it immediately because I gave you a flower arrangement and bath salt♪ ♪ At night while looking at the illumination of the courtyard overlooking from the balcony、We will have a quiet night ♪ cheers without a couple ♪..

Rich natural beauty, you will see XIV yase shugakuin imperial villa"a quiet mountain resort hotel

【Birthday Trip ~ Kyoto Edition - Exivation Kyoto (1)】 Kyoto celebrates its 10th anniversary with the birth of the membership resort hotel "Exiv Kyoto Yase Rikyu" in 2006, 10 years ago, in Yase, located on the way to Ohara! "Yase" is full of nature full of richness standing in a quiet mountainous area。Spring cherry blossoms、Summer, dark green、Autumn leaves、In winter, we will stay at this hotel where you can enjoy the snow and the colors of the four seasons! The companion of this trip is with the Italian luxury brand car "Maserati Ghibli S Q4"! The ceiling height of the entrance hall, which has a classical and modern atmosphere and symbolizes "classical contemporary", is very high to 9 meters.、Symmetrical symmetry is beautiful and full of openness♪ the courtyard where the basin glitters、The illuminations that are illuminated in the evening create a fantastic night♪ Including a wide range of restaurants such as Japanese cuisine, teppanyaki, Italian, French, Chinese so that you can spend a relaxing time here、Hot springs or a Bar facing the inner courtyard、It will be a facility full of facilities such as a spa! Check-in、!.. to the finest suites.

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