Let's go in Taiwan Railways of the local train from "Tainan Railway Station" to Kaohsiung "Zuoying Station"! Tainan Girls free heart support!


And in the ancient city formerly prospered as the center of Taiwan、"Kyoto of TaiwanAlso called "Tainan
Taipei、Kaohsiung、Taiwan fourth followed by Taichung cityTainanThe、Located in the tropical area of southwestern Taiwan、
Surrounded by learning old streets and buildings history、
As elegant appearance and "gourmet city"、As a tourist destination is the ancient city South of the popular、It is also a city you want to visit someday。
TainanThe gateway、To stop all trains running through lineTainan StationTo arrived.。
"Silks Place Tainan"The farewell to the car and、
From hereKaohsiungTo and go!


Tainan StationThe、Built in 1900, Japan colonial period
Western-style buildings over 4 years from 1932, and facelift、1936Complete the year。
Renowned as a folk hero of Taiwan in front of the station、"Cheng Ch’eng-kung"The statues are installed、
Using a modern renaissance of classical buildings、
To blend into the landscape surrounded by tropically、Still exists.


Draped in front of ticket office red rope、For very crowded、
Give it up to line up to ride the trains on time、Go to the vending machine!


Ticket vending machine "Tainan Station」→「Zuoying Station"Until the purchase a ticket!


To check for tickets bought at home staff、
See departure calendar platform。
Visit approximately 2 weeks、2Is the weight of a load of people and well over the 60 k、
Meet the most body movement。


And check the train's Board、"Platform2A"Because it was、
In an elevator "2Platform"And go to the platform was written。
On this day、"Ching Ming"ThatTaiwan Buddhist vacation in、
Japan Obon period similar to Taiwan across crowded in the summer rush for、Various resolution is required。
We recommend you have the spare time, the Act!


Line of Taiwan Railway Administration (commonly known as:Taiwan Railway)The limited express train to 乗ri込meta but、Sure enough、No vacancy、
Somehow broke into the deck of the train、Now and I was standing in a travel time of about 30 minutes from here。
Just、Aboard the trains young and cuteTainan GirlsTheir、
That was on the way to the grave in a tray of Taiwan、
Help me raise our troubled super heavy weight too much luggage! (Xie Xie! )
That deck was in the train、Tainan hot airWas blowing more humid full throttle、
A refreshingTainan GirlsOf thanks、And fun along the way!


Very kindly gave me support the scent ofOne southern girls!
Tainan GirlsAnd was named to the、His real name isLinChan andWenChan is!
In addition to Taiwan, not again and again、
Many times helped find unrelated others perplexed tourist in us、
There were many people who take your warm hand。
It may get addicted because Taiwan can touch such a warm heart!
Reaching out to people in need is of course、
Many people difficult, isn't it?。
The favors they received、I want to cherish as a feeling of good will then connect to someone giving。
During the move to the two "Tourism to Taiwan?"And the question、
WEB Magazine ladeThe summary will give you、As you'd expect、Young baby is fast information delivery!
SoonFacebook inlade-Was thanks for the notice! (Xie Xie! )
LinChan andWenChan、Re-watching.


On the promised time, zuoying district of Kaohsiung CityZuoying StationOn arrival。
Where to stay hotel next
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"The staff and
To meet up at the exit gate.


KaohsiungIn I'll stay "Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"of
Marketing & Of Public RelationsSarah HsuAnd
The front desk staffEvelyn Chiung-Yi HuangGreetings welcomed us so!
Sarah HsuThe、Very helpful to speak just a little Japan!


Hotel thanks for waiting in the parking lot we asked to be remembered because it is、
Let's there immediately!


Arrived into parking Rotary、For a ride to welcome aboard!


Before heading back to the hotelKaohsiung CityOf you would want to turn around and around tourist attractions。
First of all the、HighAlso power spots in the male's best attractions and famous "Lotus pond"To a and o.

Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung
Location:No. 43, Daren Rd, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

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