Aichi Mikawa "Pizzeria Ocean" Wedding Anniversary Trip (1) Stone oven pizza on the terrace overlooking Mikawa Bay

Stone oven pizza lunch at "Pizzeria Ocean", which stands along the coast of Mikawajibe and has a terrace seat with dogs that overlook Mikawa Bay! On the premises where the group's "Ocean Community" spreads, there is a "Uminomae store"、"Pizzeria Ocean"、"Italian Food and Wine Kisaku"、Currently, these three stores are lined up like a collective facility。 "Uminomae store" This is eco-friendly clothing and accessories.、Accessories、It will be a select shop that stocks foods and ingredients that are gentle on the body.、Holding exhibitions and events with artists and artists。Also、As a marine sport in Mikawa Bay、Uninhabited Island Sea Kayak Tours and SUP、kayak、Trekking to SUP YOGA Trial Lesson、Activity tours are planned and held.、You can receive a play experience that makes use of nature.。 Park your car in the parking lot、If you go up the wooden stairs next to "Uminomae Store" and go to the right, you will reach "Pizzeria Ocean"。This year、Our wedding anniversary, which celebrates the 12th wedding anniversary and becomes a "silk wedding ceremony / flax wedding ceremony",、I came to "Mikawa Onsen" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, which can be reached in about one and a half hours by car from Hamamatsu。To be a doggie trip with your dog Chocolat、Go to dog-friendly restaurants and cafes。 "Pizzeria Ocean" A chewy and unique dough made with pesticide-free ground flour and homemade brewer's yeast is freshly baked in a stone kiln.、Enjoy authentic pizza at "Pizzeria Ocean"。 Like the exterior, the interior of the store is full of cuteness in a natural style using wood grain。 If you are accompanied by a dog、It will be a meal on the terrace、Orders can be placed at the cash register in the store while holding the dog.。On this day, it was reserved in the store after exactly one turn.、It is so popular that the Soldout menu has already come out。I can't make a reservation.、From the official website、By accessing the online order reception online before entering the store,、There is also a grateful service that allows you to check the number of people waiting.、Peace of mind even when visiting from afar。 Counter seats with a view of Mikawa Bay。 The number of seats in the store is limited.、Setting up 2-3 people in a small table。 The staff is friendly and polite.。 The round stone kiln resembles the head of an octopus.、A cute structure with sea blue and octopus legs on the wall。Pizzaiolo's older sister wearing a turban like MISIA。While burning firewood and adjusting the temperature of the stone kiln、The dough is made with natural yeast and slowly fermented for at least 36 hours, and the sauce and ingredients are lined up and quickly put into the kiln。The moment when you pull your hand to unload the dough from the top of the pizza peel at once、A small sound of "swoosh" resonates。 The baking time is only about one and a half minutes, and it is baked all at once。 We with a dog、While the pizza was baking, I headed to the terrace seats.、Let's wait for it to be finished。 Despite the rain forecast、Miraculously, the rain lifted and even the sun peeked out on this day。You can enjoy the view of Mikawa Bay from the terrace seats。 Terrace seats、There is also a covered space inside.、There is no problem even if it rains a little、Don't worry if you don't like the strong sunlight of summer days。 Water in a glass on the counter、Hot water is prepared in the pot.、You can enjoy it freely on your own。 On the blackboard, there is a guide map to the sister restaurant "Williams Gelato / Williams Gelato" in the neighborhood and recommended menus、Event introductions are depicted。 The terrace seats on the wooden deck are spacious and comfortable.、There are more than enough seats。Here it is still、Let's sit at the counter seat along the coast with the best view。 Kajishima is an uninhabited island floating in Mikawa Bay in front of you。It is famous for its "large clams" that become the brand Asari, and tide pickers are also popular。 Even though it is a warm winter、2Because the outside air of the moon is cold、If you ask the staff、Hot water bottles and blankets are available for free。 While admiring the scenery, the freshly baked pizza is ready! Enjoy it with your dog Chocolat、The terrace seats overlooking Mikawa Bay are the best view! "Margherita" ¥1,300 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥900 Stone oven self-roasted coffee beans "Hot coffee" ¥500 The best combination of freshly baked pizza and craft beer。They will also provide you with one pizza that you ordered for each.、You can share it while it's warm。I should have ordered coffee after dinner、When I told you that it has cooled down、Reheat it、The hospitality and service spirit are also outstanding! The coffee brewed with coffee beans that are roasted in-house in a stone oven has a fragrant and mellow taste and is very easy to drink。 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥ 900 Ocean's original craft beer created in cooperation with the brewery "HYAPPA BREWS" in Nishiura, Gamagori。An Australian-style ale beer with a slight bitterness in the light mouth.、Because it is inspired by a sunset and roasted malt is added to add color and flavor.、Vivid colors that make you think of the sunset! I would like you to drink slowly while looking at the sky of Mikawa Bay、And、It is a craft beer with such thoughts。 "Margherita" ¥ 1,300 This fabric is、We use wheat grown with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers from the directly managed farm of the Wappa Chita Collaborative Office.、With fresh wheat because it is milled to order、When you bite into it, the aroma spreads、It has a gentle sweetness、The scent of wheat softly passes through the nose、Chewy and chewy texture。The cheese is made from the cheese workshop "Santolcio", which has been handmade since 2001 in Kira-cho, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture。Particular attention to the selection of fresh milk as a raw material、No additives、Formulation and manufacturing method of lactic acid bacteria、The cheeses are carefully handmade one by one with the utmost care in aging, and are fresh。And、Oil、No chemicals are used、Without deodorization or decolorization、Uses precious domestic rapeseed oil that is made by the traditional method and is particular about 100% purity。Sticking to the material、Stone oven pizza baked by artisans。 Among the pizzas, the standard menu "Margherita" that you must order。Tomato sauce with a good balance of sweetness and acidity, fresh mozzarella cheese from Aichi Prefecture, and fine cheese、Served with fragrant basil、The cornicione (ear part) is crispy and fragrant、Appetizing saltiness is felt,、A piece where you can enjoy a flavorful pizza that blends in with the chewy dough。 Despite the fact that the chocolate is also after eating my own rice、I'm tempted to eat pizza (laughs). "Tonno" ¥1,550 in Italian”"Tonno" means "tuna"。Plenty of tuna on board、Mozzarella with fine cheese、Fragrant basil on sweet onions、And the black pepper accent tightens the taste of "Tonno", which is easy for children to eat。 A change from light rain、Mikawa Bay with a beautiful gradation of the sky。 Thanks to the blanket wrapped in a hot water bottle, it will be warm from the feet、2I was able to enjoy a leisurely meal on the terrace seat of the moon。 After the meal, take a stroll around the grounds of the Ocean Community。 The Italian restaurant "Italian Food and Wine Kisaku" on the slope of the pizzeria is closed on this day。A restaurant where you can easily enjoy wine, pasta, and one-dish dishes to match your meal。 The trailer house next to the Italian restaurant is also on a small hill overlooking Mikawa Bay.、1It is rented out with a plan that allows you to share a timeshare limited to one group per day。From early in the morning, active activities such as SUP and kayaking (April to October)、For lunch, enjoy pizza and an Italian lunch course at your leisure、Looking at the sea and having tea in the garden、BBQ is also a place where you can enjoy it with friends and family。 This excursion to Mikawa is、Spend a relaxing time looking at the sea、Soak in the hot springs、It is an anniversary trip to heal the fatigue of daily life。In search of delicious stone oven pizza、I would like to visit again when the weather is nice! Pizzeria Ocean Address:186-36 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-65-2016(Reservations are not possible, online order reception is possible) Business hours:11:00~ 17:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday & Wednesday Parking:In front of the store

Izu Doi Birthday Trip 2023 (8) "LOQUAT Nishiizu" Italian restaurant with accommodation facilities that has been renovated from a mansion that is more than 300 years old

Birthday lunch at the Italian restaurant "Takeru Quindici LOQUAT Nishiizu" attached to the Italian auberge "LOQUAT Nishi Izu" in Toi Onsen, Izu。 We renovated the "old mansion" that boasts a history of more than 300 years of the large landowner "Suzuki family" that has been the lord of Dohi for generations since the Egi period.、2021It is an accommodation facility that is limited to three groups per day, two "Kura" opened in April of this year and a villa villa "SUGURO"。On a site of about 730 tsubo、The main house and three storehouses、Lush terrace、There is a backyard with an old white cedar tree.、The two warehouses are rooms for two people and one group each.、The other brewery is、As an esthetic salon during the day、In the evenings, it is used as a bar serving cocktails made with local citrus。The operation of this place is、"ARTH Co., Ltd.", which is involved in the operation of accommodation facilities and regional revitalization nationwide, has become the parent body.、Started creating a new model for regional revitalization centered on the revitalization and commercialization of historical buildings in Izu。 The attached Italian restaurant "Takeru Quindici LOQUAT Nishiizu" is located in the main house.、For accommodation, we renovated the "storehouse" in the back.、A room with an open-air bath is "Ninokura"、Two buildings of "Sannokura" are available.。 To the right of the entrance to the main house、「GELATO&BAKE SANTi / Gelato & Bake Santi"、Authentic gelato and freshly baked bread that make use of seasonal ingredients。Aiko Matsumoto, owner and chef of SANTi,、2019 year、Gelato using unheated honey and rosemary from Kamakura won second place in "Gelato World Tour Yokohama"、2020In the years、100 Best Gelato Chefs in the World (Hosted by):Gelato Festival)。 Soft breads such as plain bread and brioche、Hard type using rye or whole wheat flour、Danish such as croissants and side dishes、Various types of bread are available。 This day is the last day of the Izu trip、On the way back, we stopped at Makinohara、I also bought bread souvenirs at my parents' house and my daughter's house。 The most popular "Pandomi" ¥ 500 Uses homemade yeast cultured from camellia petals with a sweet and chewy texture。 "Cinnamon Danish" ¥ 290 Cinnamon sugar is rolled on Danish dough、Lemon sugar icing。 "Brioche & Salted Brioche Half&Half" ¥520 "Croque Monsieur" ¥280 Ham and Gruyere cheese。 "Mushroom Cream Sauce Croque Monsieur" ¥ 280 Sandwiched with homemade mushroom cream sauce、Autumn/Winter Limited Croque Monsieur。 "Croissant" ¥ 350 Crunchy texture with a luxurious aroma of fermented butter。 "Pain au Chocolat" ¥ 350 Uses two types of chocolate with a crispy texture。 "Walnut Cheese Baton" ¥ 290 Baguette dough kneaded with walnuts and Pecorino Romano cheese。 What is the facility name "LOQUAT"?、It has the meaning of "枇杷"、It can only be found in the land of Dohi、It refers to the phantom fruit "白枇杷"。Soft as human skin、Because if you don't handle it gently, it will be damaged.、It's hard to get out of the soil、Precious fruits that take root in this town and nature。It expresses the desire to take root in the pride of this town as a symbol。 Chef Junji Ozeki Studied under Chef Shinji Harada at the age of 25、Served as the head chef of "Aroma Fresca"、 After that、After working at an Italian restaurant in Tokyo、 2021Since the year, he has been the main chef of "Takeru Quindich LOQUAT Nishiizu store"。 The frame of the mansion that was built more than 300 years ago remains as it is、Without touching the transom、A structure that makes use of the profound aesthetics of the old house as it is。 Here you will、Using ingredients related to Shizuoka Prefecture、For customers who come from far away、He is doing his best to convey the charm of this place。Taking advantage of the strengths of Shizuoka, where vegetables are especially delicious,、The Italian method is incorporated so that the dish can be enjoyed in a simple way。In order to enjoy the taste of the ingredients as they are、Meat and fish are cooked very simply.、Serve with contorno and sauce using vegetables that are in season、Serving dishes that can express the seasons。 Terrace seats with a view of the Japan garden。 A corridor in a good old-fashioned Japan house。 A small raised dining room overlooking the garden、You can take off your shoes and enjoy your meal while feeling the warmth of the wood that has passed through the ages。 Magnificent beams that feel the weight of the history of Japan houses。 Copper lampshade hung on the tabletop。 Because I had made a reservation for a birthday lunch on this day、Chef Ozeki will give you a happy celebratory service.。(Gratitude) During the trip、I've toasted many times.、It's always nice to be celebrated again and again。 Speciale "Shizuoka Vegetable Bagna Cauda" Shizuoka Vegetable Bagna Cauda is the first Shizuoka vegetable bagna cauda served as a lunch specialty.、Actually with the chef's own feet、Go to farmers and direct sales shops、We have carefully selected vegetables that we think are really delicious。Feel the feelings of the producers directly、It is considered to be an important dish to convey it to customers。 Arugula、Wasabi greens、Mustard、Cucumber、Yellow turnip、Twenty-day radish、Red walnut vegetables、Soak it in a hot pot of sauce、While chewing on the crispy texture and the original taste of vegetables、You can also enjoy the deep taste of the sauce。 This time the、Speciale、Appetizers、Pasta、Main、Dessert、Drink "Lunch Course" ¥4,500。Mr. Naoto the bow cutter who served、In my previous job, I was a middleman wholesaler at Toyosu Market.、Your parents' house is、My family is a salt craftsman of "Ida Salt"、It is said that it is painstakingly made with salt, which is also used in high-end sushi restaurants such as Ginza and Azabu.、It is also available at this restaurant.、It can also be purchased as a souvenir。 "Antipasto Mist / Assorted Appetizers" A total of 7 kinds of assortments are prepared、All of them are gentle to taste、Cooking methods that make the most of ingredients。 ・ Red Fuji salmon roe and avocado tart pickled in Ida salt ・ Anno sweet potato and fromage blanc ・ Okamura beef polpettini ・ Delicious chicken ham with savory vegetable sauce ・ Today's pottage / squash ・ Mishima taro bistecca burdock red wine sauce ・ Today's fresh fish carpaccio with fresh peanut sauce "Homemade hand-made pasta and local fish aglio olio caper flavor" Chewy flat noodles tagliatelle、Plenty of red snapper、Sprinkle with caper powder to accentuate the sour taste。 "Spaghetti with Izu mushrooms and salsiccia with tomato sauce Sanremo style" Spaghetti with tomato sauce with plenty of Izu mushrooms、Top with the flavor of homemade salsiccia。 Unlike appetizers、The pasta has a strong impression of a gutsy and salty attack。 "Fragrant grilled Dalmaika with white balsamic sauce with figs and green beans" Dalmaika is in season in late autumn.、Crisp and elastic yet crisp、You can feel the sweetness and flavor。A dish of figs and green beans with white balsamic vinegar for a fragrant and refreshing finish。 "Oven-baked pork with burnt anchovy sauce" Shizuoka-type brand pork Fuji no Kuni pork、No fishy smell、Because it contains a moderate amount of fat in the tight red meat、It is tender and flavorful, and you can enjoy its juicy taste even when cooked。Thick and satisfying to eat、It goes great with burnt anchovy sauce。 If you choose Dolce from each of the three types、Mine was decorated with a birthday plate! "Chestnut tiramisu with seasonal fruits" Moist tiramisu、Packed with rich chestnut flavor。 "Izu Fresh Ginger and Lemon Sorbet with Spumante Jelly" We love refreshing citrus desserts。The combination of fresh ginger and lemon is exquisite.、Perfect for dessert after a meal! From a birthday trip with your dog Chocolat to a custom-made ring gift、Thank you to the kind master who arranges everything。 "ORDER JEWELRY ROSANNE" By Naoki Maeda, a jewelry designer and owner of the jewelry shop "ORDER JEWELRY ROSANNE" in Hamamatsu、The Miracle Ring Created。Bring in my favorite Ruth、A custom-made ring designed over a period of about half a year。I wanted a classic antique-style design to match the atmosphere of the opal、He created about 10 types of design patterns from all kinds of perspectives.、Production while fine-tuning based on the design selected from among them。The long-awaited ring is finally in your hands、It's more than I imagined! "Coffee" is a good way to end your trip、The splendor of traditional Japan houses and、A pleasant meal full of aftertaste while looking back on the memories of the Izu trip。This is an Italian auberge with accommodation.、The restaurant is open to the public.、It will be an easy place to stop by when visiting Doi。Chef Ozeki、Thank you very much! LOQUAT Nishi Izu Address:365 Doi, Izu City, Shizuoka TEL:0558-79-3170

Hamamatsu Italian Restaurant "Vistante Unico" completely private room! Private restaurant limited to three groups per day

Hamamatsu is a casual lunch course at the completely private restaurant "Bistorante Unico" in Kamo River.。Even if this place is called Kamo River、It will be an Italian restaurant tucked away like a hideaway in a residential area near Nejorimatsu.。 Because it was originally a snack place、The untouched exterior is a small restaurant with a Showa atmosphere.、The inside of the store is simple but modernly renovated.、It will be a calm space with monotone tones.。The maximum number of seats can be used for 6 people.、In a completely private room with only one room、It will be a private restaurant for private use.。Two-part system during the day、①11:00-13:00、②13:30-15:30Next、17 at night:30In part of the system of、Limited to 3 groups per day。The last、When introduced at LADE, he was called "Catering Business Trip Chef"、It is a restaurant that I used at home.。 Bistorante Unico Owner-Chef Lucas Tanaka Born in Hamamatsu after graduating from Tokai Cooking and Confectionery College in 2nd year、Trained as a waiter at "ANTICA OSTERIA DEL PONTE" in Tokyo Marunouchi Building for 1 year.、At "La scogliera" in Akasaka、Worked as a waiter and cook for about three and a half years。Once、Returning to Hamamatsu、Experienced part-time work at a restaurant for one year for the preparation period for the trip to Italy。When I couldn't go to Italy due to the influence of Corona、2020In October of this year, we opened "Bistorante Unico", which focuses on catering for one year only.。However,、Because there is no end in sight for Corona in that one year、The store was renovated、1Changed to a completely private restaurant with only tables and catering。 When renewed、Ink art ordered by a friend to match the monotone texture in the store。Abstract and atmospheric ink art is、It blends easily into the background and creates a modern atmosphere.。 The monotone sea panel art also looks great on the white wall.、Match the atmosphere of the store。 Lunch menu、5Dish course¥5,500、6Plate course¥8,800、83 courses are available for ¥13,200.。On this day, you can easily order "Appetizer / Pasta / Pasta 2 / Main / Dessert (5 dishes)" ¥ 5,500 each.。It is also a completely private room.、The good thing ♪ is that you can enjoy conversation and food without worrying about your surroundings.、"Aroma Premium" antibacterial and antiviral disposable towel containing natural aroma oil。It is a tasteful wet towel that is also used in the "Porsche Center Hamamatsu" that we are indebted to.。Lavender from left to right、Peppermint、Three types of citral are available.、You can choose your favorite scent。Start your meal while being soothed by the fragrant aroma。 "Zakros Sparkling Juice" ¥ 600 (tax included) To be a complete one-operation、Chef Lucas does everything from cooking to serving by himself。Although the kitchen is small in the compact size store,、This destination、No wasted movement、The interval between the hours provided is also provided in a perfect condition、You can see how efficient it is.。 "Nagasaki Prefecture / Kue Hokkaido / Sweet Shrimp" Honesty、It is unlikely that Kue will appear in the ¥5,500 lunch course.、Because you are doing the management alone,、Being able to multiply the cost of ingredients、Also、He is trying various ingredients as a study fee for handling high-quality ingredients.。He is still a young chef, so I am looking forward to his future with a lot of room to grow.。 As for Kueh, he said that the ripening is still shallow at the third day.、You can enjoy the elasticity of Kue, but you can also feel the sweetness.、In addition、Make tartar using broth made from sweet shrimp with a strong sweetness、Sicilian capers and fresh tomatoes、Finished in a delicious sauce using red onions、To add texture and aroma as an accent、Roasted pine nuts and three-leaf shoots are added.、It is finished in a dish with a strong impression.。 From the first appetizer、It's the beginning of a satisfying course that will grab your stomach! "Egg noodles with clams and basil sauce" Using homemade egg noodles kneaded only with the moisture of Cochin eggs made in Hamakita。Taking advantage of the gentle flavor of clams and egg noodles、For basil sauce that does not insist too much、Homemade ricotta cheese with cashews and stir-fried sesame seeds、Use garlic、Without adding hard cheese、It is finished with a gentle taste that does not spoil the flavor of clams.。Egg noodles with a nostalgic taste、The texture of fresh clams that you can enjoy the elasticity of preppuri is a good accent.。 "Homemade focaccia with homemade apple yeast" "Hida, Gifu / Dragon's Eyes Tomato Risotto" Searching for rice that absorbs the umami well with domestic rice、Uses the finest brand rice "Dragon Eyes" grown in Hida, Gifu Prefecture。The splendidly large grain of rice is、Cultivation that sticks to natural farming methods、Pesticide reduction、Pesticide-free、High-grade rice that becomes organic JAS rice。Using the broth of the sweet shrimp head used in the appetizer, it was cooked up to 90%.、Add tomato sauce and butter to the broth and emulsify、Rich risotto with cayenne pepper。The top is covered with the scent of shaved pistachios.、Underneath is a cherry tomato confit as an accent。It is a risotto that you will never get tired of eating with the umami concentrated in each grain.。 What steak knives are used for meat dishes?、Choose from ten color variations of the French Jean Dubost Laguiole / Laguiole)"。Each person shows their individuality in the fun of choosing their favorite color.。This time the、My husband wears light blue、I chose Bordeaux next door.。 "Italian / Veal loin roast Okumikawa / Sautéed tengu eggplant Guérande salt"、Take your time to enjoy the Italian chilled veal loin with no odor or peculiarity for about 1 hour.、Roasted at "BALMUDA The Toaster"、Simple and juicy。Because the sauce is veal with little oil、Use beef tendon and cream to add richness。the pulp is soft,、It contains plenty of water、Okumikawa's tengu eggplant with a texture that melts when heated、Served with microherb spring chrysanthemum and amaranth shoots。Thickly cut、The melt of the sautéed tengu eggplant is exquisite.。The umami of veal grilled by exquisite cooking that maximizes the inherent flavor of the ingredients is、Surprised by the fineness of the fibers while being thick、The juiciness is so delicious that chopsticks can't stop.。 "Hamakita Cochin's Egg Ice Cream, Flower Fruit, Pear Earl Grey Tailoring" For flavorful vanilla ice cream using Hamakita Cochin eggs、The ripe pear has an Earl Grey scent and finishes it into espuma with a light touch.、Served with the fresh flavor of ripe fruitless fruit。The closing of the course is、Freshly made ice cream and light sauce with a low sweetness、In addition、It is finished as a light dessert by using seasonal fruits.。 "Coffee" present、Chef Lucas、We are considering relocation with future restaurant expansion in mind.、I am looking for a property。We will also support you、We are looking forward to the birth of the new "Unico" that you can experience after the relocation! Bistorante Unico Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu City Naka-ku Kamie 2-53-12 Reservation required:Reservations can be made by LINE or DM Business hours: Lunch 2 parts:1 portion lunch 11:00-13:00 (up to 2 hours)、2 parts of lunch 13:30-15:30(up to 2 hours) 1 group per night:Dinner 17:30Later Business Trip Chef:Book your catering early! Fully private private restaurant (*up to 6 people, children OK) Closed:Please check the available dates of reservation Parking:5台

Nagoya Italian Restaurant "BOTTEGON / Bottegon" reopened! A course with the best carefully selected ingredients

Taro Yamaguchi, who develops wine dining centered on Italian restaurants in Nagoya and operates MIPROVINI Co., Ltd.:TARO-CHAN) OPENED ITS FIRST ITALIAN RESTAURANT "VINI DEL BOTTEGON " ON OCTOBER 1, 2012. / Vini del Bottegon"、Last year、After about a month of renovation、2022 June,、The store will be renamed "BOTTEGON / Reopened as "Bottegon"、2023We celebrated our 12th anniversary on October 1.。 「BOTTEGON / What is "Bottegon"?、It means "small workshop" in Italian.。Before independence、「ENOTECA PINCHIORRI / Enotecapinchiori" and "The Ritz-Carlton Hotels / The Ritz-Carlton Hotel" and more、Taro-chan, who has fought in various big box restaurants、The name of the restaurant was named in the hope that anyone can easily enjoy wine and food.。 This store renewal is、Mr. Takeshi Nishimura of Osaka-based Design Create Corporation "Design plus alpha", which is widely active, is in charge of the same as the old store.。The old store design that felt good old Italy has been renewed with a classical modern atmosphere with the theme of "glamour and sunshine"、Facade with stone and leather doors for added dignity。 The inside of the store has also been renewed.、A private room is set up by the window on the right side of the entrance.、In the back, there is a dining room overlooking the kitchen.。 "LOBMEYR" with a delicate silhouette with an elegant design / Shelves with Rob Meier glasses。 We always have 3,000 bottles of whiskey and wine.、Utilizing my experience as an owner sommelier、Abbinamento (Italy):Abbinament)。 Dining、2There are 4 tables for people、With a glass wall that gives a sense of depth、Create a spacious space。 The counter over the kitchen is alive and well.、The atmosphere of a single board、It enjoys an even more profound atmosphere.。 The interior of the store is moist and you can enjoy lunch and dinner in a calm atmosphere.。 It is also fun to see the state of the kitchen inside the counter.。 The pinnacle brand of Italian slicers "Berkel / Berkel" is installed、It makes a mouth-watering prosciutto.。 Nagoya lunch on this day was、Special order of a course meal of ¥14,000 (tax and service charge excluded) served at dinner time。Before meals、I was able to meet the owner Taro-chan, who visits each store for the first time in a long time.。Current、At MIPROVINI Inc.、11Expanded to 8 stores per month、Considering expansion into Hawaii next year、They will work toward further business expansion.。Here Recent、2023on September 23,、We were also able to hear about the new store "Tonkatsu Butaro" that has just opened in Izumi 3-chome.。Tonkatsu restaurant with only 7 seats at the counter、Quite curious! Private room that can accommodate up to 12 people。This time, we will use it luxuriously as a couple.。 Currently known as BOTTEGON / Satoshi Nakagawa, 43, who is in charge of Bottegon's chef,、I joined this company during the Corona disaster.。Aiming at the chef、After graduating from "Mizumoto Gakuen Tokai Cooking and Confectionery College" in Hamamatsu、Long Italian and Spanish cuisine、About 20 restaurants serving Japan cuisine、GRANADA Co., Ltd., which is operated in Tokyo and Nagoya, / Granada"、There was a turning point in the Corona disaster.、Joined MIPROVINI Inc.。After being assigned to each store to understand the restaurants in the group、HERE: "BOTTEGON" / He is the top chef of "Bottegon"。We hear about nostalgic memories of our days as a vocational student in Hamamatsu, where we live.、There is a sense of closeness because there are mutual acquaintances.、We shared a great time。Above all、Who is Kenji Masaki, the owner-chef of the popular Chinese restaurant "Chinese Restaurant Masaki in Hamamatsu"?、I was a classmate of mine at vocational school.、Abondance, a French pastry shop that we get along well with, / Pastry chef Heberle Bernard Pierre Claude, owner of "Abondons", was a lecturer at a vocational school.、Bloom into ♪ memories Appetizer "Hida Takayama Higashi Farm Paprika Mousse" Delivered from "Higashi Farm", which has been farming in Hida Takayama for three generations、Roast thick and tasty paprika in the oven、Puree in a juicer、A dish where you can enjoy the original taste of paprika finished in mousse with puree and whipped cream。 To bring out the sweetness of paprika without adding any sweetening、A little salt is used to bring out the sweetness.。 Added "Gifu Ena Gobal Pork Prosciutto" Domestically produced ham jointly created by Yoshinobu Niiho, owner of the butcher shop "Sakaeya Co., Ltd." in Shiga Prefecture, where the owner Taro-chan was born, and a prosciutto workshop in Nagano Prefecture。The raw material is healthy pigs raised on feed carefully examined by "Yama no Ham Kobo Gobal" in Ena, Gifu Prefecture.。Handmade prosciutto without any chemical seasonings or additives、Aged over time、The shoulder loin prosciutto, which is finished with a concentrated taste, has a deeper taste the more you chew.、Features a nutty aroma。 Bread "Homemade Focaccia" The original table focaccia that has inherited the unchanged taste since the opening、Sweet potatoes and milk give sweetness and richness、The salty taste of rock salt on the surface is accentuated.、Fragrant outside、Focaccia with a medium fluffy texture、Blends well with meals and sauces.。 Appetizer "Toyosu Yamayuki Oma Main Tuna Hokkaido Untan Onion Based Vinaigrette Sauce Squid Ink Couscous" From "Yamako Group", which is the number one tuna trading in Toyosu Market Oma main tuna to be purchased。Sneak in the texture of squid ink flavored couscous、The melting-flavored fat of Omamoto tuna is connected with an onion-based vinaigrette.、For refreshing tailoring。You can enjoy the umami of Hokkaido sea urchin with caviar olive oil.。 Lunch Antipastomist Speciale (appetizer platter)。The one-plate style that can be enjoyed little by little is also unique to lunch.。 Appetizer "Western-style spring rolls with shark fin, oscetra caviar, shark fin bean paste cooked in beef broth" Even though it is an Italian restaurant、Utilizing the experience that the chef has cultivated so far、Based on Western style、Incorporating Japanese and Chinese elements、For a configuration that will not make you feel bored。Loosen shark fins prepared with beef broth、Cooked with vegetables such as onions and mushrooms and made into spring rolls.、Served freshly fried hot。 Look、Although it seems to be Chinese、The seasoning of the bean paste is Western-style.、The style of salting caviar instead of sauce。 Fish dish "Tachiuo Fresh Porcini Karasumi" Thick sword fish cooked beautifully and plump。Poiret the swordfish fragrant、For sautéed mushrooms cut into large pieces、Using fresh porcini from Italy、Finish with Karasumi oil、A dish with fragrant aromas that whets your appetite。 "Omi beef and jibeef burger Kitaakari's low-temperature potato fries" with a playful touch、Although it is a burger served as a chopstick resting existence、Even if you say "it's a main dish", you will be convinced and it is a hamburger that is so satisfying to eat.。Buns are fluffy homemade brioche、For a thick and juicy patty made with minced Omi beef and gibeef、Thick cheddar cheese sandwiched between、Even though it is a hamburger, it feels like eating meat.、A favorite dish。The potato fries of Kitaakari served with it are、It is slowly fried at a low temperature.、For a garnish where you can enjoy the sweetness like sweet potatoes。 Next, shake the frying pan quickly in the kitchen and emulsify it.、Enjoy freshly made pasta with a sense of heat。 Pasta "Fresh Pasta with Fresh Italian Porcini Kitalla" The first dish of pasta where you can enjoy porcini mushrooms that arrive fresh from Italy in a luxurious and pepperoncino style。...

Hamamatsu "Home party with Mr. and Mrs. Mameyakafu and our favorite restaurant takeout"

Vivid flowering of higan flowers and mackerel clouds float in the autumnal equinox sky、When I started to feel the refreshing signs of autumn、At my house, I invited my friends and his wife for more than 10 years to hold a home party.。The arrangement of fresh flowers that decorate the dining table、This time too, I asked the flower shop "Sou Sou" in the neighboring Ohiradai、I came to receive it。 Here is、Originally, it was active as a "Flower Studio Rac" of flower classes.、Current location、Relocated and reopened on Sunday, March 5, 2023 in Ohiradai、Flower shop and flower class opened together under the new store name "Sou Sou"。It seems that they spent a hot summer without an entrance door from the beginning of the opening.、Recent、A new glass door is installed at the entrance.、It seems that the inside of the store is also cool.。 23 years ago、The seeds sown by the owner, Maiko Takemura, finally sprout and the plants and trees grow.、It is named "Sou Sou" with the thought。Slow vegetation、However,、The name of the store is refreshing with a soft sound that makes you feel strong growth.、Thinking of the owner、It will be a store that will grow as the name of the store says.。 You can feel the changing of the seasons through the flowers.、Plants and flowers that are close to your usual life、We want to make it a place where people can enjoy the changing scenery.、Open this store。The store has、Flowers and plants purchased at the market are lined up、Flower classes (reservation required) are held regularly in the back.。 Not limited to fresh flowers、In addition to dried flowers and wreaths, etc.、Glass and pottery vases are also sold.、Props related to flowers are also available.。 In green、There is a calm atmosphere in the air、The interior of the store is soothing by the cheerful atmosphere of the owner, Maiko.。 Seasonal flowers、How to make dried flowers or wreaths or swags、Making marché baskets, etc.、A fun classroom awaits。 This also、For flower arrangements that decorate the center of the dining table、Order with a horizontal specification so as not to be tall and "an outfit that feels autumn"。What do you like about this arrangement?、Not in flamboyant attire、There is a naturalness of plants and flowers.、A warm place that blends in well with the antique Scandinavian furniture in our house。Also、The conscientious price range that is easy to ask regularly is also attractive.。 Home party appetizers、Please take out the Italian café "Kitchen Luce" in Isaji-cho, Nishi-ku, where the quiet fields spread.、Pick it up before it opens。 Based on the concept of "a place where everyone gathers", as a space where everyone from small children to adults can enjoy delicious and enjoyable meals.、2019Opened on May 18,。 Colours and white、The inside of the store where bright and soft sunlight shines comfortably、The warm grain of the wood is cozy.、I like the atelier-like atmosphere in the Italian countryside。2 counter seats、Table 5×2 people = 10 seats、There are also two private rooms that can seat 4 to 5 people in a raised private room.。 Owner-chef Yumiko Murakami in the back (commonly known as:Yume-chan)、About 10 years ago, he trained for about 6 years in Prato, a city in northwestern Tuscany, Italy.、After returning to Japan, I worked at casual Italian restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.、Back to hamamatsu、I chose the place where my parents' field used to be my next base and set up "Kitchen Luce".。Hall staff have、With Yume-chan's older sister, Kumiko、Sachiko Yasuike (a.k.a.:Sacchan) with three people、It is open brightly with a soft atmosphere unique to women.。 This time the、Owner-chef Yume-chan's takeout menu、With colorful appetizers that are also bright for the eyes、They make 11 exquisite snacks that are perfect for wine guessing.。It is a box that seems to be able to make a picnic as it is.、I will take it home and put it in a bowl.。 For the main dish of a home party、I ordered paella from the Spanish restaurant "ELCAMINO Saneidai Main Store", which was relocated and opened in "Sala Plaza Saneidai" along Orange Street operated by "SALA Group"。 Here at "Sala Plaza Sanadai"、"Yorimichi Marche" held on the second Wednesday of every month and、Other seminars and events are also held regularly.、”Another Life Space”Based on the concept、Lots of community-based events。 The original、Due to the aging of the "ELCAMINO Main Store" along White Street in Sameidai、2020on December 1,、Spanish restaurant "ELCAMINO Sanaidai Main Store" relocated and opened in the back of "Sala Plaza Sameidai"。 "ELCAMINO"、There is also a branch in Tamachi, which is in the city of Hamamatsu.、Spain cuisine in tapas suit the wide variety of、A bar-style restaurant where you can easily enjoy the best paella, Spanish wine, sherry, etc.。Sanidai store、The ceiling height is.、Full of greenery and openness in the courtyard、Bright interior with natural light。In the terrace、Fortunately, it is also possible to accompany a dog、Let's enjoy it in the coming season。 Paella requested in advance from the owner Yuji Nakano。This paella takeout is、It will be handed over in a "disposable container" or "iron pot"。If you wish、Because it is served in an iron pot、Not to mention the taste of paella、You can even enjoy the atmosphere in earnest.。Returning the iron pot、Due to the nature of the iron pot、Return without washing has become an iron law、In a sense, it doesn't require much effort.、It is a nice service for housewives。 Hot freshly made paella in an iron pot、Nabeshiki、Comes with oven mittens、Convenient to carry。Just put it on the tabletop、There is no doubt that the table will be gorgeous all at once.。Please send me a hand-drawn invitation on how to eat deliciously.、It explains it in an easy-to-understand manner.。 In the morning, I ran to buy and pick up、Because I was able to come back to my house before noon、Let's get ready for the home party。And、Even if I say it, I just put it in the bowl、Takeout's easy party (laughs) Set the table、Served with flowers、All that's left is to wait for the guests of the day。Our beloved dog Chocolat is also starting to sobble before the arrival of guests (laughs) This time's guest is、Kiminori Hamashoji, the owner of the home-roasted coffee shop "Mameyakafu" in Fukuroi, and his wife Akemi。They were the two ♪ who taught us the iroha of coffee, and as a souvenir, we received the "FERRARI F1® Limited Edition "SUZUKA" of Suzuka Circuit.。Here is、2021Ferrari, which has become an official partner of Formula 1® since the year,、Of all races、Special bottles for the four most iconic Grands Prix that have made F1 history。This is a limited edition bottle that F1 enthusiasts will be happy to have。 Sou Sou "Autumn attire"、Roses and snow willows、Crestle、SP Mum、Fujibakama、Rikyukusa、Fruits of tin roses、Autumn hydrangea、Eucalyptus with Belgian Fresh、Gentle flowers dressed in autumn colors are included.。 Champagne "Monthuys Pere et Fils Brut Reserve" in the village of Charli-sur-Marne in Vallée de la Marne, the westernmost part of the Champagne region.、Founded in 1966 by Gabriel Baron and his wife Dolores Fuente, Baron Fuente produces champagne aged for more than 36 months.。In bright gold-yellow color、sweet aroma of ripe fruit,、Fresh citrus freshness、For the aroma of toast and brioche in the air、You can enjoy the full-bodied, plump fruit taste with a refreshing acidity and plenty of ripeness.。 "Yamanashi Prefecture Giant Peak and Shine Muscat Prosciutto and Mozzarella Burrata Salad" Yamanashi uses "Kyoho" and "Shine Muscat" delivered from "Okuyamaen" in Makioka Town.、I made a fresh fruit salad with Spanish jamon serrano and "burrata raw mozzarella" from "Flower Garden Farm".。Served with the microherb "Yakusai Mix (YAKUSAI Mix)" grown by Ryosuke Matsumoto of "MzFarm" sold at "Bio Atsumi Episly Hamamatsu"。 Kitchen Luce "Appetizer Assortment" Not to mention Ayari、Considering the balance of materials、Yume-chan from "Kitchen Luce" who made the perfect appetizer for guessing delicious wine even when it is cold。I think it was difficult to make such a variety of dishes apart from restaurant business.。Thank you very much.。 From the top right、"Carrot sformato" sformato, which means "steamed" in Italian。Everyone has a melt-in-your-mouth smooth sformart where you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of carrots.、Rave reviews。"Spring rolls with avocado and mozzarella"、"Ricotta and spinach quiche" using spinach that goes perfectly with the richness of ricotta cheese、The epidermis is reddish-purple and the contents are bright yellow.、When heated, you can enjoy a sweet potato-like sweet potato "Destroyer's Potesara"、"Eggplant and bell pepper caponata" oozing tomato sauce、The salty balance of boiled pork soaked in oil is ideal for sake "Tonno del Chintai and bean salad"、"Marinated Norwegian salmon" with dill / Serve with caviar lime (pink)"。The appetizers that were carefully prepared were、Whatever you eat, it is delicious and very satisfying! KITCHEN LUCE "FOCACCIA" CALIFORNIA "FOG MOUNTAIN CHARDONNAY JEAN CLAUDE BOISSET 2019" (FOG MOUNTAIN CHARDONNAY / JEAN CLAUDE BOISSET WINES U.S.A.) A new brand of the Burgundy giant Boisset, known as the "Nouvelle Vague of the wine world"。Sakura Wine Awards 2020、2023and Gold Award-winning California Chardonnay。in pale golden yellow tones,、Aromas of tropical fruits、Citrus fruits such as lemons、Fully ripe apples、You can feel the fragrant aroma reminiscent of nuts such as almonds.、A cup full of crisp flavors and gorgeous fruit flavors。 Kitchen Luce "Boso Shrimp no Karaage" What is "Boso Shrimp"?、here、It is a name used around Lake Hamana、The official name is "Yoshiebi"、In Kansai, it is called "Shirasa shrimp"。Because the shell is thin and soft、Fragrant when fried、The meat is satisfying to eat as pre-puri.、Although small、It is a very tasty shrimp full of umami.。 Kitchen Luce "Peperoncino with chicken and lotus root" The chicken that grilled the skin fragrant and the crispy lotus root、After lightly lentin, rebake with the salamander function of "BALMUDA The Toaster Pro"。Will be tightly squeezed lemon。 Kitchen Luce "Roast Beef Salad" Moist roast beef with a beautiful rosé color、Served with salad with baby leaves or Parmigiano Reggiano cheese。Salt or ponzu sauce、Sources and、There are many ways to enjoy it。 Kitchen Luce "Green Olives" ....

Hamamatsu "Vistante Unico" Italian restaurant business trip chef and home party with Mr. and Mrs. Ueno

Although it has passed the autumn、The heat of the day still continues.、In the intense heat to feel the signs of autumn、Cool off in the evening、Holding a home party around champagne at our house。Our guests this time are、Kunihisa Ueno and Tomoko met through the introduction of Daisuke Matsumiya, the representative and manager of the old private house hotel "Kamakura Kokon" in Kamakura.。To enjoy a delicious meal and wine with the two of you、As a traveling chef of Italian cuisine、We are inviting Lucas Tanaka, the owner-chef of the completely private restaurant "Bistorante Unico" in Kamo River.。 The arrangement for this day that will decorate our dining table is、Please visit the flower shop "Sou Sou" that opened on Sunday, March 5, 2023 in Ohiradai、Order to arrange it horizontally along the table runner mainly in green。The day I asked、Just、I heard that there is a delivery plan、He also delivered it to my house.。Flower arrangements include、Turkish bellflower or clematis、Zinnia、Eucalyptus、Mishima Saiko、Helenium、Smoked grass、Wax Flower、Celosia、Peacock、Ainz、Lace flower、Daukas、Annabelle and many flower materials are used.、There is a freshness of green as ordered.、It adorably adds cool colors to the dining table.。"Sou sou" is、The original、A shop that was active as a flower class "Flower Studio Rac"。And moved to its current location.、You run a flower shop and a flower class together.。Because flowers are indispensable in our home、I'm glad it's opening in the neighborhood! To get to work on the preparation、Chef Lucas arrives 1 hour before start time。My house is also a first time to use it.、I think it's very difficult to be able to cook in the kitchen of a strange house at first glance.、Started as a pioneer of business trip chefs in Hamamatsu in the Corona disaster.、150Chef Lucas has done more business trips than ever before。Because I have gained experience in any environment, I am adaptable and resourceful.、The preparation is also outstandingly efficient.。I thought it would be convenient for the chef if it was in my house.、I purchased "BALMUDA The Toaster Pro" with a salamander function.、I was surprised when they brought their own! As is expected、Even if it is a cooking utensil, it is best to use something that you are used to.。What to prepare on this side for business trips、Drink such as wine or glass only if you like、Very convenient。Vessels and cutlery、Please bring placemats、Enjoy it as if you were dining at a real restaurant! 1 hour to start time、Let's relax in our gallery for the time being until we are ready.。 Mr. and Mrs. Ueno will meet again since the "Pre-Noir Party" held last summer。You may have noticed that the lighting in the gallery has been renewed.、Interesting observation of the popular work "RON" designed by lighting artist Toshiyuki Tani。Combining the craftsmanship of Mito, which is said to be the Japan of lanterns, and the craftsmanship of Suruga bamboo Sensuji work that makes insect baskets.、Lighting that expresses the delicate sense of Japan aesthetics。Mito's lantern、Water on the surface、Treated to prevent dirt、PET resin for the string、Made of starch glue and environmentally friendly materials。Usually in the higo、Although use bamboo or wire、Thin Japanese paper is wrapped around a PET resin string to create a texture.、It suppresses the shadow of the hip itself。By narrowing the spacing between the strings and strings,、Express delicacy。The Suruga bamboo sensuji work that makes insect baskets etc.、Flexible bending of thin, round bamboo strings、It is characterized by the technique of incorporating it into a bamboo circle。Dispensing with the real pleasure of "bending"、Expresses softness only by assembling "straight lines"。In addition to the warmth of a round string、You can enjoy changing to the stately color of wabi sabi unique to bamboo as you use it.。Lanterns made of Japanese paper、Can be used in either orientation、2-way type that can change facial expressions。We also received a message from Mr. Tani, a writer, saying, "Please enjoy both faces."。This work is、It is also exhibited and sold at the "Louisiana Museum of Modern Art" museum shop in Denmark, which is praised as the most beautiful in the world.。In our gallery、See the fusion beauty of Japan and Danish artwork。 Tomoko, his wife, who enjoys tea and flowers, is serving a wonderful yukata custom-made by "CHIKUSEN" on this day.、The bright pink pattern of Manju chrysanthemum shines、If you correct the collar, you can make it look like a summer kimono。Dressed lightly with a half-width obi、Appeared in late summer attire。Long hair is also cut into bassari and bob.、It is also perfect for kimono The start time is ♪ approaching、Move the location to the dining room、Let's toast with champagne first。 Bistorante Unico Owner-Chef Lucas Tanaka Born in Hamamatsu after graduating from Tokai Cooking and Confectionery College in 2nd year、Trained as a waiter at "ANTICA OSTERIA DEL PONTE" in Tokyo Marunouchi Building for 1 year.、At "La scogliera" in Akasaka、Worked as a waiter and cook for about three and a half years。Once、Returning to Hamamatsu、Experienced part-time work at a restaurant for one year for the preparation period for the trip to Italy。When I couldn't go to Italy due to the influence of Corona、2020In October of this year, we opened "Bistorante Unico", which focuses on catering for one year only.。However,、Because there is no end in sight for Corona in that one year、The store was renovated、1Changed to a completely private restaurant with only tables and catering。 The chef is also in charge of all the dishes and other dishes provided.、Only on this day, the housewife business was completely closed.、I am also grateful that I can spend a relaxing time at home.、Families with small children and、Families who have an elderly person who cannot easily eat out、Also、Having a dog or cat like us、I think it is the best business trip service for those who are about to go out.。 The menu of the on-site chef's catering is、It will be one course for 13,000 yen (tax included) per person.、Appetizers、Two kinds of pasta、Fish and meat mains、You can enjoy all 6 dishes up to dessert。Because I asked the menu in advance、I asked my husband to design and print out the course menu.。Even though it is a private space called my home、Professional cuisine、This business trip style of enjoying a special time is、It will be a "Unico" style different from other restaurants.。 Immediately、Let's have Mr. Ueno, a wine lover, serve。 Cheers to celebrate the reunion with the always lovely Mr. and Mrs. Ueno after a long time! Champagne「Le Saulx d’Ancreville / Les Saure d'Ancleville is produced in the Champagne region of northeastern France.、Champagne recommended by the sous chef of the three-Michelin-starred restaurant "La Tour d'argent" in Paris。Refreshing taste makes it easy to match with any dish、White peach with a hint of cypress、Smell of brown sugar、You can enjoy an elegant taste with a rich aftertaste.。 Chef Lucas prepared、"Aroma Premium" antibacterial and antiviral disposable towel containing natural aroma oil、In fact, it is a tasteful wet towel that is also used in "Porsche Center Hamamatsu (Porsche Center Hamamatsu)"。 The aroma is、From left to right: Citral、Peppermint、Choose from 3 types of lavender and your favorite scent、Start your meal while being soothed by the fragrant aroma! Let's start with the appetizer。Chef Lucas、Because I also have experience as a waiter、Saave is also very smart。 Appetizer "Sweet shrimp and scallops tomato consommé jelly" The appetizer was not decided in advance due to the market.、I was looking forward to the day。On this day、Kelp-wrapped sweet shrimp and scallops lavishly tossed with Sicilian caper tartar、Fresh tomato consommé jelly with egg white added to the broth taken from tomato moisture and vegetables.、Serve with boiled pesticide-free okra on top.。Sweet shrimp and scallops that spread the sticky sweetness and umami by tightening the kelp。A cool dish that will make you forget the heat of late summer goes well with Champagne.。 "Cold Federini with Edamame Sauce with Undan" Cold Federini paired with a sauce using fragrant and flavorful Gunma edamame、Served with saltwater sea urchin raised at the "Hirono Sea Urchin Farm" in Iwate Prefecture、Accented with smoked edamame。What is "Sea Urchin Farm"?、Kelp began to accumulate in ditches dug in coastal bedrock.、Sea urchins grow up eating plenty of high-quality kelp、A paradise for sea urchins、 Even if you look around the world, it will be a special environment that can only be found in Hirono Town Tane City.。Sea urchins grown there are delivered by "salt water sea urchin" using nitrogen nanobubble ultraviolet sterilized seawater.、Rare sea urchins。The melty sweetness and creaminess of raw sea urchin add gorgeousness to the lush sauce of edamame.、The fragrant aroma of smoked edamame passes through your nose、The lingering incense is enough to increase your appetite even more.。 Taste Lucas chef's food、"He、You're good!" and、Mr. Ueno giving the best compliment。Because you both have six cats at your house.、The visiting chef seemed to be very interested.、They promised to make an appointment right away.。 Surely such high-quality food at home、If you can enjoy it at this price、I would like to ask you regularly at my house.。 For every dish served、Detailed cooking explanations are also included.、preparation、Cooking、offer、explanation、dishwashing、See you on to the next dish、And even though it is all in one operation、Good pace at which meals are served、Truly enjoy professional skills。 "Fregla Clam Butter Sauce and Lime" Homemade Fregla、A type of Sardinian national pasta、We also experienced pasta for the first time because it is not well known。Although similar to Israeli couscous、It's plump and bigger than that.、This homemade fleegra is、Roll while adding semolina and water to the couscous.、Round the size into a snowball with a diameter of 2-3 mm.、dry in the oven for at least 3 hours,、To use it by returning it while sucking the juice of the clams there、It takes a lot of time and effort、Actually, I heard that there are few people who make it home-made even locally.。Each homemade fregla contains clam broth.、It goes well with umami-rich sauces emulsified with butter.、The texture is also the best! Experience an explosive taste that you can't imagine from its small appearance! Because it is shaved with lime that goes well with the sweetness of clams、The aftertaste is also a good impression that you can enjoy a refreshing aroma.。This combination is perfect as summer pasta! Champagne「Moët & Chandon Moët Imperial Effervescence / Moët & Chandon Limited Moët Imperial Effervesons" The rising bubbles sparkle like fireworks popping in a glass、Moët & Chandon exclusive Champagne with designs that express the magical world of Champagne。Fresh yet elegant、The supple mellowness of the mouth is attractive.。 Fish dish "Natural kue aged for seven days" "Natural kueh" aged for seven days is、Elastic kue by aging for 1 week、With more flavor、The skin is crisp and fragrant.、The meat is slowly cooked while turning the oil.。I'm sure it's over budget.、"If I come across an ingredient that makes me think this is it, I can't help but buy it," he told me (laughs) Saffron in soup stock made from aged fish.、Add fresh fruit tomatoes、Not to mention the sauce emulsified with Sicilian olive oil.、Cherry tomatoes served with、Unlike the fresh one used in the sauce、It is served in confit、Blanched tomatoes with herbs and garlic、Concentrate the umami of tomatoes by drying them in the oven with rice oil while changing the top and bottom over and over again.、It is exquisite and exquisite! "Homemade focaccia" steak knife used for meat dishes is、Choose from ten color variations of the French "Jean Dubost Laguiole..

Hamamatsu Italian Restaurant "Ristorante da Kuma" A small Italian restaurant with pleasant white and green

Moved the shop that opened in 2012 in Sanidai to Irinocho、2021To Ristorante Da Kuma, which relocated and reopened on April 8,。 The local "Hashimoto Corporation" was constructed.、Stylish built with new construction、It became the residence and restaurant of the owner and his wife.、Two entrances、Italian restaurant "Ristorante da Kuma" on the left、On the right is "Alimentari da Kuma"、Set up a shop selling Italian ingredients、Cheese or prosciutto、Salami、Italian ingredients such as wine、Homemade bread and homemade baked goods、10 fresh confectionery:00-19:00It is sold in。 The interior of the store is a simple modern space based on white.、12 table seats。There is a stairwell、Full of openness with high ceiling、Plenty of natural light from the window、You can see the greenery in front of the store.、There is an atmosphere of refreshing comfort.。A painting hanging on the wall is、「I’m HUNGRY!An adorable bear with the words。 Owner-chef Mitsutoshi Kumagai、Born in 1976 in Hamamatsu City。After working as a sous chef at an Italian starred restaurant、Cuba、In Poland, he served as a cook at the official residence.、Awarded "Excellent Official Chef" in both countries。When he left his position, he was awarded the "Excellent Chef of the Official Residence".。After returning to Japan, he returned to his hometown of Hamamatsu.、2012 year、Opened "Ristorante da Kuma" in Sameidai、2021On April 8, he opened a new home and restaurant in Irino Town.、Relocation and renewal opening to the present。 Facing the seasons and ingredients、While providing dishes that are finished on the spot, aiming to be a "comfortable restaurant that can only be done in Hamamatsu" 11 years ago。Lunch course、Two types of pasta course "A lunch" (2500 yen) and "B lunch" with main dish (3300 yen) are available in prefix.。This time the、Order "B lunch" where you can enjoy the main dish。 "Amuse" Pumpkin boiled in white wine from the left in the foreground、Buffalo mozzarella with dried tomatoes、Prosciutto and red meat melon、Italian pickled Giardiniera, a root vegetable stewed in vinegar, sandwiched between small squid ink bread for finger food。You can see how each dish was carefully cooked.、A colorful bite-sized assortment of amuse。 "3 kinds of homemade Italian bread" Homemade Italian bread is、Small chestnut flour round bread with a sweet and fluffy finish、Fragrant sesame grissini、Curry powder or paprican powder、Add seeds、There are three types of original calazau (traditional bread from Sardinia) with a flavorful crispy texture made by stretching the dough with a pasta machine.。Because one more kind is prepared for meat dishes、Enjoy four kinds of homemade bread during the course。Italian Arteleno olive wooden vessel that fits well in the hand is wonderful。 Choose from two seasonal appetizers、Order for each。The potion is moderate.、It is a well-balanced assembly.。 "Marinated red Fuji trout and white eggplant puree" Brightly colored red trout grown in spring water with a high mineral content are served in a refreshing marinade.。Creamy white eggplant puree and roasted sweet chili peppers accented、Excellent compatibility with red trout。Serve with fresh tomatoes and onions in finely chopped vinaigrette、Refreshing finish。 "Grilled scallops and scallop butino" + 250 yen Appetizer marked "Chef's Recommendation"。Putino means Italian pudding、Add egg liquid and whipped cream to the scallop paste、It is a steamed smooth dish.。Served with roasted scallops and beets。 Pasta "Genovese Linguine" Speaking of pasta at this time of year、Genovese is still popular。Most of the people ordered Genovese here as well.。A traditional Ligurian sauce made with basil leaves and pine nuts, combined with flat noodle pasta。Because boiled pasta is mixed with Genovese sauce by the residual heat in the bowl、Well intertwined。The fresh color of basil that escapes the nose makes you feel summer.。 Pasta "Ragù Bolognese Rigatoni" B lunch + 150 yen This is also pasta marked "Chef's Recommendation"。The flavorful ragu sauce made by simmering minced lamb with flavored vegetables goes well with the cylindrical pasta rigatoni.。 Main "Icelandic Roasted Lamb Light Smoked Rosemary" + 700 yen Main marked "Chef's Recommendation"。The plump and elastic lamb meat、The beauty of the cut cross-section is this beautiful rosé color.。Low in calories and healthy、Moist grilled lamb meat with little habit、The fat melts juicy。Lightly smoked with rosemary scent、For a light flavor。Garnish、Pumpkin、Mushroom、potato、Green beans。Served with a sauce blended with various wines。 Main "Iwate Prefecture Iwanaka Pork Scaloppine" The meat is light with little odor and scum、Iwate Prefecture's brand pork, Iwanaka pork, which has a unique texture that crumbles, is thinly sliced.、Italian dish scalloppine floured and sautéed。Garnish、Eggplant、Okra、Mushroom。Served with white wine and butter sauce。 "Homemade Italian bread ciabatta" Dolce "Fig mille-feuille" + 300 yen Here is the dolce that I chose without hesitation。Ripe figs combined with sweet and gentle custard cream、This is an original crumbled mille-feuille tailoring, so it is easy to eat.、A dish that looks and tastes exquisite。 Dolce "Grapefruit Biancomangiale" For a refreshing grapefruit tailoring of Sicilian specialty Dolce Biancomangiale。What is Biancomangiale?、Although similar to panna cotta、The big difference is that it is flavored with almonds.。This is a milk-based cold and hardened、A popular summer menu with a pulpy texture。The foamy grapefruit melts in your mouth exquisitely.。 Cafe "Coffee" "Small confectionery" Small confectionery is a baked confectionery with a crispy texture and butter-free taste and a nostalgic taste.。 Although it is a nearby restaurant、I always miss the reservation timing.、I was finally able to enter the store after several connections.。In a very cozy atmosphere、A restaurant where you can enjoy attentive service and delicious food。Shop for wine at the grocery store next door。I'd love to enjoy wine next time.、I would like to continue to visit。 Zinnia buds begin to bloom、Entrance dyed bright pink against clear blue summer sky。For whooping red that prefers sunshine、It's a very good environment.。I'm looking forward to seeing it in full bloom.。 Ristorante da Kuma Address:1900-32 Irino-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL:053-555-2738 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-13:30、Dinner 18:00-21:00 Closed on Mondays:Every Monday and Tuesday Parking:7Dai (best to share as much as possible) Alimentari da Kuma Opening hours:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:Every Monday and Tuesday

Casual pasta lunch at a restaurant with a superb view standing on the shore of Lake Samei "The Oriental Terrace" in Hamamatsu

Standing on the shore of Lake Samei, another lake in Hamamatsu、To "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE", which boasts the best location overlooking the lake,。Welcomed by palm trees and bougainvilleas swaying in the wind、Let me forget that I am Hamamatsu、Facade reminiscent of a resort。 An exotic approach suddenly appears along White Street。Look for a large palm tree、It is located on a small hill up the hill.。 Founded in 1868。155A stage with a history of the years、The venerable long-established restaurant "Torizen" is、On the 100th anniversary of our founding in 1963 (Showa 38)、Head office from the blacksmith town in the center of the city、here、Moving to the quiet shore of Lake Samei、After that、Reborn as the lakeside resort restaurant "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE"、While respecting the 155 years of history and experience that have been passed down from generation to generation,、Change the sales form with the background of the times、Always creating new winds。 Site area exceeds 2000 tsubo、The venue full of resort feeling is、Boasting a stunning location rich in nature、2009In September of that year, it was renovated into a luxurious space reminiscent of an oriental Asian resort.、After welcoming Chef Tomohiro Maekawa as the head chef of the French cuisine,、Evolving into a high-class restaurant loved by people of all ages、It is also popular as a venue for event parties and guest weddings of both large and small, and it is still a beloved place.。 6After the appointment of Yoshitaka Date as the current owner,、Especially in the training of the next generation has been poured power、Nurturing the dreams of each staff member、We are also expanding the field of activity as a workplace where there is a lot of learning.。 The entrance lobby with an oriental atmosphere and a profound feeling is a summer decoration、It features a tarp and floral furnish that towers against the ceiling.。 Flowers are coolly accompanied by a lovely heart-shaped anthurium.、Welcoming guests。 Lunch time is 11:00-15:00( L.O.14:00Although it will be、10:30Because the reception is open to、Convenient for meeting up。Let's wait in the lobby for a while until the restaurant opens.。Advance reservation is recommended for restaurant use.。 The restaurant "THE DINING" has a high ceiling.、It becomes an open space facing the lakeside.、The calm atmosphere unified by dark brown color is attractive.、Semi private rooms also are in the Hall seats other、The number of seats is spacious but 60。 I made a reservation in advance、Please prepare a window seat.、Enjoy your meal while admiring the scenery。 The terrace seats overlooking the lakeside are very popular.、BBQ on the terrace over the lake, etc.、Event plans are available to meet various requirements.。 On this day、Because it was a lunch meeting that also served as a meeting、Due to time constraints, I ordered the short course "Pasta Lunch (hors d'oeuvres / pasta / café)" ¥ 1,600 (tax included, service fee not included)。 During the day、Overlooking the lush Lake Sanaru、Best location in can't get anywhere else。2018In March、The "infinity pool" leading to the chapel and garden was born.、Design a naturally blend into the horizon of the rich Lake、The sparkle of the water surface is refreshing、It makes you feel cool in summer.。 "Refresh Ginger" ¥550 Toast drink before meals is from non-alcoholic cocktails、Colorful refreshing ginger that crosses ginger ale and cranberries。The refreshing carbonation that moistens the throat and the fresh sweet and vinegary crispness of cranberries spread comfortably.。 Hors d'oeuvres "Terrine of summer vegetables" Plenty of summer vegetables、Terrine of summer vegetables that you can enjoy the texture and coolness、Served with rich mayonnaise sauce of saffron cream。Green asparagus or young corn、Corn、Broccoli、Carrot、Okra、eggplant, etc.、It is a nice cold dish in summer where you can enjoy the freshness of each vegetable.。 Pasta "Spaghetti Summer Vegetable Ratatouille Style Tomato Sauce" You can choose from 3 types of pasta menu.。Fresh seasonal summer vegetables and a refreshing taste of spaghetti with ratatouille-style tomato sauce。 Pasta "Raw Linguine Small Shrimp and Lemon Genovese" with the chewy texture of fresh pasta、Linguine, a flat thick noodle that is easy to get tangled in the sauce,、Have it with a summer-like green basil Genovese。With the pre-puri texture of small shrimp、Although it is rich basil, the aftertaste is light with the sourness of lemon.、Deliciousness that catches the eye。 I visited here in the spring.、I was able to meet Chef Maekawa for the first time in a long time.。You've always been really busy,、Making lunch in the morning with a good father of two children、He is a wonderful chef who has a strong mirror-like image of Ikumen Let's have coffee time after meals in a ♪ quiet space.、Please change the location、To the welcome space "CLUB LIVING" dedicated to the venue of "THE GALLERIA"。Surround fireplace in the center、Provide a relaxing time on the spacious sofa。 Surrounded by the green of large trees、Club living where you can comfortably enjoy the tranquility of the lakeside。This is located directly in front of the view of our house located on the west shore of Lake Same.、You can see the scenery on the other side that is different from usual.。 The lively and lively main dining atmosphere is also good.、You can also relax here with a sense of privacy.。 There are also terrace seats dedicated to "THE GALLERIA"、Enjoy the sparkle of the infinity pool overlooking the lakeside。Is at the moment.、Watch the sunset with a pre-dinner aperitif。 Cafe "Iced Coffee" I appeared on the terrace seats.、Crab clan。I hid myself in a daze.、It is a scene that is often seen on the shores of Lake Samei.。 Currently here、8/18(Fri) to 8/20 (Sun) Sweets festival "Sweets Magic" held for 3 days only、8/21We accept reservations for the "Rakumi Party" held from (Mon) to 8/31 (Thu)。If you want to enjoy an extraordinary summer leisure time, please contact "THE ORIENTAL TERRACE"。 THE ORIENTAL TERRACE ADDRESS:6-8-30 Sameidai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL:053-447-3241 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00 L.O.14:00(*Open for lunch on weekdays) Dinner 17:30To 22:00 L.O.20:00、Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 11:00To 22:00 L.O.21:00 Closed days:Wednesday Parking:Building Front Ari

Hamamatsu Ohiradai "French Bistro Lesprit" and "Il Marcampo" collaboration lunch

浜松の閑静な住宅街である大平台に誕生したフレンチビストロ「L’ESPRIT(レスプリ)全と葡萄酒」のオーナーである全さんこと小田木全宏(Takehiro Odagi)さんと助信で12年間イタリアンレストランを営業してきた「il Marcampo(イル・マルカンポ)」のオーナー吉田貴洋(Takahiro Yoshida)くんがコラボイベントを開催! こちらは小田木夫妻の住居でもあり、By setting up a base as a restaurant at the "Hidamari Midwifery Hospital" run by his wife and midwife Saori、It was decided to regularly open as a place for the community while providing deeper fees.、This April 2023。「陽だまり助産院」の看板の上に掲げられた「L’ESPRIT ZEN TO WINE」の文字が目印平屋の造りがお好きな御夫妻の意向を汲み取り建てられた一軒家は実は2階建て。1階を助産院として稼働されていますが今後は定期的にレストランとしても運用され開店スケジュールはInstagram公式サイトにてお知らせされていますレストラン営業でない日は「陽だまり助産院」として妊娠中〜産後の骨盤ケアを中心とした身体作りや赤ちゃんの健やかな成長をサポートこの日は事前予約で全さんにお願いしテラス席を特別に使わせていただき愛犬ショコラと来訪店内も満席のご様子お昼時の予約が立て込んでいると伺っていたため開店時刻の11時にお邪魔し暫し全さんと歓談タイム引き戸の入口を進むとガラス戸の先にある小上がりのお部屋に繋がるため靴を脱いでお邪魔するスタイルです。 The inside of the store is a tatami Japanese-style room with a prefabricated table made of solid natural wood.、10名程度のお席とコンパクトな造り前回までは低いテーブルで床座りでしたが足の悪い方やご年配層のためにテーブルを高くされ椅子を用意されています。Although it is not a complete reservation system, seats are limited、It's a good idea to make an appointment。 On the menu、French-based appetizers à la carte and main menus are available、Zen, who is also a sommelier, can enjoy carefully selected wines by the glass or bottle.。今回はイタリアンとのコラボになるためパスタプレートとレスプリプレートが選べそれぞれの前菜を変えてコラボされています! 我が家からテクテクと徒歩で来たため一杯目は冷えた「プロセッコ」¥900をオーダーすると奥様の佐織さんが運んできてくれました!「外でいいの?」と聞かれましたがこの季節緑豊かな素敵なお庭があることですし「外の方が気持ち良いよ」とお伝えしました私たちにとっては愛犬ショコラと一緒に楽しめることが大事な要素きっと次に訪れる時にはテラス席が造り込まれているかもしれません(笑) 陽射しも決して強からず心地良い風がなびく、Terrace seats。芝生のあるお庭だからこその贅沢です♪ レスプリプレート前菜「トマトの冷製ムース」 全さんのレスプリプレートには吉田シェフの作る前菜「トマトの冷製ムース」が付いてきます甘味と酸味がバランスよくトマトのコク深い味わいが凝縮された滑らかな冷製ムースパスタプレート前菜「前菜の盛り合わせ」 吉田シェフのパスタプレートには全さんの作る前菜「前菜の盛り合わせ」が付いてきます夏野菜をふんだんに使用したカポナータやレンズ豆のサラダキャロットラペやきのこのマリネなどヘルシーな野菜の前菜が彩り良く盛り込まれていますパスタプレート「ペスカトーレ」¥2,000(前菜付) 螺旋状でソースが良く絡みワインの当てになる食べやすいショートパスタのフジッリと魚介を合わせたペスカトーレ前菜盛り合わせとショートパスタを摘みながらイタリアのプレセッコをいただき喉を潤す休日の午後「アマトリチャーナ」 肉の旨みとトマトの濃厚なソースとチーズが絡み合うフレッシュなアマトリチャーナこちらもフジッリでおつまみにイタリア・ヴェネト州「タメリーニ ソアーヴェ クラシコ/レ・ビーネ・デ・コスティオーラ (TAMELLINI SOAVE CLASSICO)」¥1,000 土着品種ガルガネガしか栽培しない拘りを持つソアーヴェの造り手タメリーニ。Shine in golden color、熟したフルーツやラベンダーなどのハーブやスパイスのニュアンス果実をふんだんに感じる豊かな味わいとアーモンドのアロマとともにビロードのようなまろやかさのある舌触りで長い長い余韻と一緒に感じるミネラル感が心地良く響き渡りますレスプリプレート「地鶏のソテー ハニーマスタードソース」¥2,000 宮崎産の地鶏を使用し皮面はこんがりときつね色に焼き中はふっくらしっとりと仕上げ甘みと酸味が優しく広がるハニマスタードソースでいただきますプレートには熟成させることでもっちり食感で旨み豊か健康にも嬉しい発酵玄米と、Caponata、Egg farsi、Marinated sauce、レンヌ豆のサラダ、Ratatouille、きのこのマリネが添えられてきますイタリア・フリウリ州「スカルボロ フリウラーノ (Scarbolo Friulano)」¥900 フリウリ・ヴェネツィア・ジューリア州の家族4人で営む小さなワイナリー「スカルボロ」伝統的な製法先進的で型にとらわれない考え方のもとに伝統品種国際品種ともに素晴らしい味わいのワインを造っています畑には自身の娘や息子の名前を付けまるで我が子のように大事に育てている全ての葡萄は丁寧に手摘みで収穫このフリウラーノは草木のニュアンスや白い花、Citrus fruit、フレッシュなエディブルフラワーなどを楽しめバランスに優れた豊かな甘みを感じます! ショコラには自家製ごはんを持参キッチンで手の空いた際に挨拶に出向いてくれた吉田シェフ助信で12年間営んできた「Ristrante Il Marcampo」を5月末に閉店され、9月末に予定している新店舗オープンのための準備に勤しんでいる様子などお話を伺うことができました新店舗「il Marcampo」では「食すという行為を使った体感」をテーマにイタリアンイノベーティブのお店としてオリジナルのコース料理を展開されるとのことオープンを楽しみにお待ちしております! 青々とした芝の上で深緑に囲まれた庭先で過ごすひとときテラス席を設けられていませんが小さな椅子とテーブルを用意してくださったおかげで愛犬ショコラと一緒に楽しく過ごすことができました! 花火のように美しい花開く薄紫色のアガパンサス 小振りながらに完熟前となる赤みを帯びてきたブルーベリーの実 ショコラもお庭を自由に遊ばせてもらい嬉しそう♪ 食後はコーヒーと共にデザートタイムと参りましょう!吉田シェフの下に入店されたばかりの若手スタッフもこの日はお手伝い「山梨県産ピオーネのリコッタタルト」¥600 香り高く高騰度で濃厚な味わいが皮ごと楽しめるピオーネをふんだんに敷き詰めたリコッタチーズのタルト「トスカーナ風ティラミス」 ふんわりとした柔らかさでシュワシュワッと口溶け滑らかな甘みを抑えたほろ苦ティラミスはコーヒーとの相性も抜群です! レスプリもマルカンポも珈琲豆は軽井沢の珈琲焙煎人である中村元治(Motoji Nakamura)さんが焙煎される「COFFEE ROASTERY NAKAJI」から仕入れて淹れられています二つのデザートに相性の良いコーヒーをセレクトしてもらいましょう! 「エチオぺア」¥500 「NAKAJI」の中村さんが直にエチオピアに足を運び自身の手で焙煎カッピングをしセレクトしたエチオピアの珈琲豆日本の梅雨時期に飲んでもらいたいと毎年用意されるエチオぺアは「枯れた味」を追求されているとのこと柔らかさと軽やかな風味が漂いうっすらと曇ったニュアンスを感じる面白い味わい梅雨の鬱陶しさを忘れる一杯です! 全さんと吉田シェフの貴重なコラボイベントに参加させていただき楽しい時間を過ごさせていただきました!また我が家でも続きをやりましょう♪ L’ESPRIT(レスプリ)全と葡萄酒 住所静岡県浜松市西区大平台4丁目8-18(陽だまり助産院) TEL:053-569-3506(Reservation priority) Business hours:11:00-16:00、17:00-20:00 Business days:Instagram公式サイトでご確認ください 駐車場:有

"Christmas party inviting Mr. and Mrs. Iketeru to enjoy a full course by a business trip chef"

One night in December when the cold came.。Inviting a friend and his wife to our home、While having a business trip chef serve his skills、Hold an early Christmas party to enjoy an Italian full-course dinner! Above the antique lighting bureau in the dining room is、This year、With the pointy Santa (copper) of the long-awaited "Shimoo Design" that I finally got、Decorate pine cone tree、Casually stage Christmas。 The table coordination on this day is、The welcome plate is the German "Rosenthal"。Pine cone wreath decorated with squash and wood stand candles、Set in brown tones! This day、What is Mr. and Mrs. Naoki Iketeru and Mr. and Mrs. Kayo who visited from Kamakura?、Owner manager of "Kamakura Kokon":We are happy to be introduced ♪ by Daisuke Matsumiya Naoki Iketeru Born in Gunma Prefecture。92 year、Graduated from Sophia University, Faculty of Science and Engineering。 Japan Coca-Cola、Oracle Japan、Through Misumi、2006Started a business in。 In addition, Microsoft USA、Enoteca Executive Officer、Served as President and Executive Officer of Yukoyuko Holdings、 2016Promoting Cainz's digital strategy as an advisor since the year。 2019From July、Serves as General Manager of the company's Digital Strategy Headquarters。 (Profile:My Neighbor Cainz from) Kayo Iketeru TESL in the United States after graduating from high school(Teaching English as a Second Language)Learning、Homecoming。 After experiencing teaching and school management at an English conversation school、1992Joined Master Foods (now Mars Japan) in a human resources position。 After that、Ford Japan、adidas Japan、Pfizer、Consistently in charge of human resources at Japan Paul。 2006 year、Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Hosei University Graduate School of Business Administration。 Same、Aiming to balance childcare and work, Eyes Plus Inc. is established.。 EQ while providing consulting for organizations(Emotional intelligence)Realizing the importance of、 Since the、Institutional Design、Human Resources and Organizational Development、We build and provide our own programs that incorporate EQ in career design, etc.。 He is the author of "Emotion Management: Knowing the "Feelings" of Yourself and Your Team to Create the Best Results" (Diamond Inc.)。 (Profile:From Interaction Pro Inc.) Among the table coordination this time、When I tell you that I coordinated by interweaving "CAINZ" products in some places,、Iketeru's wife:Kayo said, "Oh! (laughs) The wood stand with candles、Substitute "baked paulownia cylinders" that can be used for interior work by purchasing them at different heights! With a naturalness as if it were a candlestand from the beginning、I didn't feel any discomfort (laughs) I used it for the cutlery rest、Substitute "Karuru Brick (lightweight brick)" that can be used for DIY decoration of interior walls! To match the brown of Cutipol cutlery、I chose a dark shade.、Light、Due to washable lightweight bricks、It was very easy to use! He was amused by the idea that Cainz products can be used in a different way from their original use.、一発目のサプライズは大成功です! Champagne「Jacques Lassaigne × Kisui Nakazawa」 Champagne「Jacques Lassaigne × Kisui Nakazawa」にて乾杯!モングーのモンラッシェと呼ばれる「ジャック・ラセーニュ」が収穫年の個性を最高の形で表現した究極のシャンパーニュ「レゼルヴ・エクストラ・ブリュット」。Based on 2015, including a 50-year-old vineyard, reserve wines from 2010 are used.。Mongoo's Chardonnay-like pure acid and rich mineral feeling、Aromas of ripe exotic fruits、Silky foaming characteristic Blanc de Blanc。Fermented and matured in stainless steel tanks、ドザージュゼロの繊細さが和にも洋にも合う厳かなシャンパーニュです! 今回の出張シェフは付き合いが長く信頼のおけるイタリアンシェフ山田芳国(Yoshikuni Yamada)。Taking advantage of training at famous Italian and French restaurants in the prefecture、Because we work in a free style、They kindly accepted the proposal for the day! On this day、Son of Mr. and Mrs. Iketeru:Kango Iketeru is a professional windsurfer.、"TSUKASA Hamanako Freestyle Championship 2022 (JWA JAPAN TOUR)" sponsored by the Japan Windsurfing Association (JWA) 2022-23 FREESTYLE Round 4)"、Come to the beach for judging and support。 The menu structure prepared for this day is、Order all 8 full courses including surprises! "Bagna cauda" colorful vegetables are、浜松の「ファーマーズマーケット」や袋井の「とれたて倶楽部」と地場の旬野菜を用いた「バーニャカウダ」からスタート!少しソテーした香ばしい温野菜の甘みや、Prepare crispy and fresh raw vegetables、Each is a bagna cauda that feels crisp when combined with the sauce。By making a classic and simple sauce、It is devised to enhance the original flavor of vegetables.。 While making and incorporating each dish、They even serve、Luxury time。It seems that the demand for business trip chefs has increased due to the Corona disaster.、Since my family started keeping my dog Chocolat, eating out at night has disappeared.、出張シェフの存在はとても助かります! 「玉ねぎのフォカッチャとチャバッタ」 × 器「Shimoo Design 浮様 パン皿」 私のリクエストで数年ぶりに焼いてくれたという芳国くんのフォカッチャが登場です!パンはイタリア産と北海道産の小麦粉を使い「玉ねぎのフォカッチャとチャバッタ」の2種を提供フワッと厚みのあるフォカッチャはソテーした玉ねぎの香りと甘みが広がります! お次の一皿は、Using a vessel with bright red Christmas colors、Shirako is here! "Hokkaido cod milt meuniere" "Hokkaido cod milt meuniere" with potato galette and wasabi choy salad。The source is、Yuzu Bourg Blanc、Potatoes and butter、Enhance the rich combination of milt with the refreshing aroma and acidity of yuzu、The tangy pungency of wasabi cabbage tightens the whole thing! It is a gorgeous dish sprinkled with Christmas colors! "Chateau Mukrani Reserve Royal White 2013 (Chateau Mukhrani Reserve Royale White), the birthplace of wine with a history of 8,000 years、European-style Georgian wine white available。White grape varieties native to Georgia:Gorli Mtsvane。A rare variety "Gorli (city name) and Mtsvane (green)" native to the central Karturi region, which is different from "Mtsvane Kafri", which is known as the main variety of Georgia.。Hints of lime and honey are felt in the floral aroma.、Aroma from pears and barrel aging、樽のニュアンスが溶け込んだしなやかでリッチな味わいが楽しめます! 「天使の海老と自家製リコッタチーズを詰めたラビオリ」 × 器「釋永岳 MARS HIMAWARI」 御前崎産伊勢海老のミキュイを添えた「天使の海老のラビオリ」。Gentle angel shrimp with Americane sauce accented with ginger-flavored mousse。Americane made with angel shrimp、Although it is not as powerful as Omar、Enjoy the sweetness like sweet shrimp、It is finished in a rounded and soft sauce.。Ginger-flavored milk foam does a good job of not getting too persistent.、中の餡に感じるディルのおかげで後味も爽やかに! 2種目のパスタは「The surprise!!」 料理が趣味で、18歳から作っているという「ボンゴレビアンコ」が得意料理とされる池照さんへ贈る「ボンゴレビアンコ」!お二人の喜びに満ちた満面の笑みが最高の証です! 「御前崎産ハマグリと菜の花で作るボンゴレ」 × 器「釋永岳 gen 平鉢」 池照さんへ捧ぐ「ボンゴレ」は、With clams more vigorously than small Asari! The water in which the pasta is boiled is made with kelp.、Transfer the umami of kelp to pasta、It is finished so that the umami of the clams stands out more.。The bittersweet taste of rape blossoms、出汁の利いた蛤に見事マッチング! 「浜名湖産牡蠣と御前崎産カサゴのソテーのクラムチャウダー」 × 器「釋永岳 áge鉄鉢」 浜名湖産の浅利とカサゴのアラでフュメをとり、Onions、Celery、Potato、The green part of Shimonita leek、Sauté garlic and thyme for flavor、The soup finished with fresh cream is a clam chowder that feels comfortable and refreshing! By sautéing oysters and scorpionfish, you can add aroma and add sharpness to the soup, which tends to be monotonous.、Sprinkle on chef's homemade Genovese oil、For accents! Actually、Among Iketeru's specialties are、Because there was clam chowder that I learned in Seattle、It was finished in a special clam chowder that feels one or two habits! "SUBRINA ACT2 2016 (Sabrina)" ....

Italian "Naples NAPOLI" oven-baked pizza and southern Italian cuisine lunch

Head to Napoli, a restaurant serving authentic Neapolitan pizza and southern Italian cuisine, in Hamamatsu、Pizza lunch with friends and family! Moved here from nearby Tomizuka town where the first shop opened about 17 years ago、It has already been 11 years since it was reopened.、"If you eat pizza in Hamamatsu, this is where it is"It will be a popular shop loved by many fans! Because the store that becomes the design of "warmth studio" when the founder Shigera Sasaki was alive and well、特徴的なツートンカラーの外観から生成りの塗壁で天井をアーチ型に仕上げた柔らかな雰囲気の店内に至るまで全てにぬくもりを感じる温かな雰囲気に包まれています! 今から3年程前に真のナポリピッツァ協会(Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana:It becomes a genuine Neapolitan pizza shop certified as a common name AVPN)、ファサードに掲げるAVPNの大きなサインが目印です! 店内にはブルーのタイルが鮮やかな薪窯が設置されており、Yoshio Yamamoto, owner chef and pizza craftsman(Yoshikazu Yamamoto)Because you can enjoy the scene full of live feeling just like the performance that Mr. carefully extends and bakes with your hands one by one in front of you、焼き立てが運ばれてくるまでの待ち時間も楽しめます! オーナーシェフの山本義一さんと奥様の二人で切り盛りされておりホールスタッフと一緒に営む賑やかな店内! ランチは、Choose the main from the pizza lunch set and pasta lunch set menu、Salad as a set、Drink、It will be with today's small dessert or gelato! The blackboard on the wall also has an à la carte menu and wine list perfect for wine applications、夜もカジュアルに楽しめるメニューが盛り沢山! 「ランチセットのサラダ」 「イタリア産 仔牛のトリッパ サラダ仕立て レモン風味」+580円 香り高いオリーブオイルに塩とレモンで酸味優しい爽やかなソースを纏わせ食感の楽しめる仔牛のトリッパをサラダ仕立てでいただきます! 薪で焼き上げた香ばしい香りが漂い見た目からしても美味しそうな顔をしたナポリピッツァのお出ましです! 「マルゲリータ・エクストラ」2,090円 お店一押しのメニューで、Margherita using Motsuarella buffalo in Campagna、Even plump ears can be delicious with a chewy texture dough! Melted buffalo with smooth mozzarella and acidity、The balance with the sauce condensed with the umami of tomatoes is exquisite、マルゲリータ好きには堪らない一品! 「広島産ムール貝とミニトマトのスパゲッティ」1,580円 パスタ一皿目は「本日のおすすめ」からチョイスし広島産の旨味の詰まった柔らかなムール貝からとれる出汁とミニトマトの酸味が見事に乳化した一皿であっさりと平らげれるオイルパスタです! 「ロマーナ」2,030円 マルゲリータの上にアンチョビとオレガノを添えたロマーナは白ワインを欲する程良い塩味が食欲をそそります! 手で伸ばした生地は薄く、You can enjoy the good smell of powder in the fragrance、Ears (Cornicione:額縁)はふっくらもっちりと食べ応えのある一枚! 「カルボナーラ」1,580円 まろやかな卵黄のとろみとベーコンの脂と旨味が乗ったソースにチーズでコクをプラスした美味しいカルボナーラ!+300円追加するとベーコンをパンチェッタに変更できます! 「ランチセットのドリンク」 期間限定で提供されているイタリア産のアイスピーチティー(加糖)とスッキリと切れ味のあるアイスコーヒー! 「ランチセットのデザート」 リッチな味わいの「キャラメルジェラート」と濃厚で滑らかな舌触りの「ピスタチオのパンナコッタ」!一口サイズのデザートではありますが満足感のある味わいで、It is a nice service to be able to have it as a set! Surrounded by delicious Neapolitan pizza、友人家族とも楽しいランチタイムを過ごすことができました! 本日8/8(日)から浜松市も「まん延防止等重点措置」の対象地域となるため、Alcohol has been stopped.、次回まん防が開けた時には是非ともワインと共に美味しい南イタリア料理を楽しみたいと思います! ナポリ(NAPOLI) 住所:2920-33 Tomizukacho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-473-6474 Hours of operation: 11:30-14:30(L.O.14:00)、17:45-21:00(L.O.20:00) 11:30-14:30(L.O.14:00)、17:30-21:00(L.O.20:00)※ピッツァ売切れ次第閉店 定休日:Thursday Parking:店前に完備

"Kitchen Luce" Pasta lunch where you can enjoy Italian cuisine using local vegetables

Go to pasta lunch at Italian café "Kitchen Luce" in Isaji-cho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City where a long field spreads! This Italian restaurant opened on May 18, 2019, three years ago.、Currently in short business because of corona disaster、11:00-15:00( L.O.14:00)のランチタイムのみの営業となります! 外観同様に白を基調とし、The inside of the store where bright and soft sunlight shines comfortably、温かみのある木目が居心地の良さを創り出しています! 席数はカウンター2席、There are × 5 people = 10 seats.、Now we're reducing the number of seats.、間隔を保ちながら営業されています! 小上がりの個室は4〜5名が座れるプライベートな空間を二部屋用意されており部屋を仕切るパーテーションを外せば最大で10名様までの貸切も対応してくれます! オーナーシェフの村上由美子さん(通称:Yume-chan) trained in Prato, a city in northwestern Tuscany, in Italy about 10 years ago.、After returning to Japan, I worked at casual Italian restaurants in Tokyo and Osaka.、Back to hamamatsu、The place where the field of the parents' house was in was chosen as the next base、Set up Kitchen Luce。Sako Yasuike (commonly known as "100% of the staff":Seschan) was welcomed、女性二人で温かな雰囲気のレストランをオープン! 「みんなの集まる場所」をコンセプトに小さなお子様から大人までの誰もが美味しく楽しく食事を楽しめる空間となるよう願われているのです! この日のランチは、Choose from A course (salad, mini soup, pasta and drink to choose from) from 1,320 yen and limited edition plate B course (focaccia, mini soup, drink) 1,520 yen、Both desserts can be added for +330 yen! This time we selected the pasta lunch of course A、Ordered with gnocchi and spaghetti、Adding dessert! "Salad mini soup" Butternut pumpkin sweet cold soup and sour dressing with early red and red wine vinegar are perfect for hot season this summer、It will promote your appetite! For salads、Raw butternut pumpkin and melon-family Brazilian vegetables that are also used for soups, and "Masisi", which is rare in Japan where the topge appearance is cute, are made from pickles.、赤・黄・緑・紫と彩りも綺麗なサラダ! 「スパゲッティ トラパネーゼペーストとカジキマグロ」 トラパネーゼとは、Tomato、Almond、Basil、Sicilian trapani is a traditional dish of the city with a paste with garlic! There is also an element of richness by adding nuts such as almonds to pasta、It is very nice to be rich in high-quality omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidant vitamin E, which are essential for dieting! That's where the sourness of tomatoes and the flavor of basil are added.、バランスの良い仕上がりに!メカジキの火入れも絶妙でとても美味しいパスタです! 「ニョッキ ゴルゴンゾーラとくるみのクリームソース」+110円 ワインの当てにしたくなるようなゴルゴンゾーラの濃厚なクリームソースにもっちりと柔らかく滑らかな舌触りのニョッキと胡桃の食感をアクセントに加えた一皿! 「ベイクドチーズケーキ」+330円 断面からもお分かりのように、Moist and rich finish! The sweetness is moderate.、セットドリンクのアイスコーヒーとの相性も抜群のベイクドチーズケーキです! 壁や床の彼方此方には、Adorable paintings with good sense that match the store、It has an atmosphere like an atelier standing in a rural part of Italy、素敵なアイテムとなっています! 食後に手の空いた御二人とお話をさせていただきました! オーナーシェフ夢ちゃんの修行先であったプラートは、We also stayed there when we visited Florence about seven years ago.、思わずイタリア話で話が弾みます! ホールスタッフのさっちゃんとは、Coincidentally, the same breed of long coat chihuahua (Ham-kun):♂I have been kept、Because it was a chocolate tan that was the same color as my chocolate、Each other's parent stupid out Chihuahua story is exciting、"Let's join Sana lake wampo next time!" And、嬉しいことに御近所のチワワン仲間になれそうです♪ 本場イタリアさながらの美味しいイタリア料理にも出会え、Kitchen Luce is a cozy Italian café wrapped in a warm aura between the two of you! Because it is a few minutes by car from my house、通ってしまいそうなお店です! 夢ちゃん、Sachan、また伺います! キッチンルーチェ(Kitchen Luce) 住所静岡県浜松市伊左地町2528-1 TEL:053-570-2520 Hours of operation:11:00-17:00 Closed on Mondays:水・木曜日 駐車場店前6台完備

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