Also in "Silk sprays Ilan' Lounge after lunch transit check-out

"Orchid Castle Jing Ying Hong Silks Place Yilan シルクスプレイス宜蘭」6階の心地良い自然光が注がれる「The Lounge(ザ・ラウンジ)大廳酒吧」にてランチタイム!


Here is、Provides an Italian menu and light meals during the day、In all dining where you can enjoy afternoon tea as well as、The bright natural light be poured、And the atmosphere at the table、Relax and enjoy meals and cafes!

"Seafood spaghetti Napoli tomato sauce (Spaghetti with Seafood in Tomato Sauce) tuina-Po-RI Eggplant juice seafood righteousness 大利 noodles" 340 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1260 yen)
Shrimp and squid、Clams,、The pasta with plenty of fresh seafood、You will be in a tomato sauce with fresh seafood!

"Smoked salmon with mentaiko cream Spaghetti (Spaghetti with Smoked Salmon and Japanese Mentaiko) smoked salmon fish citrus aroma with spicy cod roe, a child 大利 noodles" 340 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1260 yen)
Spaghetti with spicy cod roe cream with plenty of smoked aroma aromatic smoked salmon is dense and clemmie finish!

Silk sprays original beef noodle soup (Silks Place Special Braised Beef Noodles) Tetragonal British beef noodles 350 TWD (Japan Yen:About 1300 yen)
Based on US beef beef noodles、Without darkness as it looks、And I can't believe my beef bone broth soup! And being very tender Braised beef、Narrower noodles are a sense of everything to eat!

"Grapefruit juice (Grapefruit juice) grape citrus fruit juice.
Squeezed fresh grapefruit juice!

"Jujube latte (Latte Yilan)" Yi ran Natsume tuina iron"220 TWD (Japan Yen:About 810 yen)
Hotel original based on Nespresso's new menu、Yi-LAN latte taste along with the fruit of the jujube! In the particle texture clemmie is a strange taste Milky latte!

"Pina colada (Pinha Colada).
In Nespresso's new menu also、It is arranged as a non-alcoholic cocktail pina colada drinks! Coffee and pineapple are 2 layer gradient、It's really summer! When drinking stir and opens up a fresh flavor!

In the previous bout、In this time the Kitchen staffWong-small blackFarewell to tell、Check out!

1In front of floor Concierge counter.、A nice smile Albee Huang and Lin garden huani (Annie Lin) AndBSS,(Jack Chang) with photo!

Yi-LAN stay becomes the second、Ilan "peace time" again and has different taste we love!
From the compact city、Ilan pristine if you just a little bit farther!
And also what you eat is a nice water area、And gently blows air、Very polite Concierge!
In particular this hotel、Is originality unparalleled in the other.、To have been built in the world of dreams、It is to your family come little children by all means visit want to!


Now、At the hotel shuttle car send to front desk staff, BSS (Jack Chang)、A fairy tale "Yilan station"To arrive!

In the "Taiwan Railway station" gate of the Yilan station、Ride ticket QR code reading admission!

2Per month (track 2) take express train from the platform!

While enjoying the scenery from lush、In the small hour to Hualien, the next destination!

The lounge (The Lounge) large procuratorial 酒吧
Hours of operation:11:30-24:00

Silks Place Yilan
Ran Jing Ying hotel (Silks Place Yilan)
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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2018/4/21Taiwan travel /Silks Place Ilan Orchid Vol.3


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