Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu minatomirai Mirai's enjoy the Ferris wheel and the harbour view hotel

It is about a 1-minute walk from "Minato Mirai Station" on the Tokyu Corporation Minatomirai Line in Yokohama, and has good access.、 Located on the waterfront、Offices, concert hall、Department store、Specialty stores、 And "Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu" in "Queen's Square Yokohama" with a green park。 From the rooms、Location of Yokohama's beautiful and sparkling ocean view、 And、You can enjoy ♪ the glittering night view of the large Ferris wheel of Minato Mirai Hotel Lobby If you take the escalator from the hotel entrance to the 2nd floor, you will be on the lobby floor of the atrium.、There is a reception。 A colorful cylindrical shades full impact remains in the impression。 On this day、Yokohama travelers suddenly decided the night before to、We will be ♪ indebted to this hotel "Room 1601 Grand Corner Suite" this time、This grand room is your room。 Panoramic Bay View bedrooms and offers in a separate type of living room with a balcony、 It boasts an area of 101 square meters.。 Yokohama Minato Mirai into sweeping corners、1This is ♪ a special suite with only one room on the floor. View from the living balcony Ocean view in front of you、And、In the back, you can enjoy ♪ the Bay Bridge and the Minato Mirai Ferris wheel nearby. Night view、Jewel-studded night。 Colorful Ferris wheel that color is、Water reflection of the light on the surface of the water is also a fantastic and beautiful shine、 You can ♪ also enjoy the countdown to the ticking of midnight. Panoramic bedroom Twin bed bedroom with panoramic view。 Hope glass Windows when、180It is possible ♪ to blend in with that wonderful view of the panorama close to the sunrise at 4 o'clock in the morning.。 Waking in a noisy roaring of bikes and should、 In front of a magnificent Sunrise spreads。 Sunrise gradation The gentle morning sun begins to peek out from the pale clear blue sky.、The moment of changing to Orange。 The overlap is fine up to and tinged with pale purple gradient、 I was able ♪ to enjoy a fantastic world that disappears every moment Early risers are a three-sentence virtue。 It's ♪ the beginning of a wonderful day with the morning sun Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu 2-3-7 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, YokohamaTEL:045-682-2222(Representative)

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