"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung" Accommodation article of design hotel nestled on the banks of the Love River in Kaohsiung city center


KaohsiungThe centrally located and、Design hotel was opened, renovated old hotel
"Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung"。
"Chateau de chine"、In France, "Castle inhabited by the nobility" And "China"Means and、
Hotel chain brand "LDC Hotels & Resorts Group"Is one of the brands that operate。
In the logoCoat of ArmsDraw、
Dragons and Chinese color painted copper strong design、Represents a beautiful fusion of Chinese and Western。
Current、TaiwanThe、European style "Chateau de chine Xinzhuang"、
Elegant design features "Chateau de chine Taoyuan"、Fashionable taste "Chateau de chine Kaohsiung"、
Eco-friendly & Roxas stressed "Château de Singh Hualien"And in all 4 hotels。
"Chateau de chine Kaohsiung"TheKaohsiungThe Centre in、Located on the banks of the Love River and the lush green Park、
MRTThe "Yanchengpu Station"From the、2Out of the exit, turn right、Will walk about 3 minutes。
Japanese architectYamane KakuThe idea、
The façade was designed entirely glass、For bold changes and marks the night is not to be missed!

To feel the charm of the hotel、As the accommodation article summary page "Accommodation article"We created。
And considering the Taiwan trip、From thisKaohsiungIn looking for accommodation、
Or I already booked we will by all means want to please!

Kaohsiung tourism information

Chateau de Chine Kaohsiung
Location:No. 43, Daren Rd, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City

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