Wonderland! "Yilan Station" near the fairy tale to create a picture book writer Jimmy the world!


Warm and friendly、Fantasy style featuresTaiwanThe children's book author should
Jimmy LiaoMakerYilan Station
Including Taiwan in the Chinese "Adult books"That created a new genre、
In the non-book publications、Animated、Famous writer has been deployed, such as film and collectibles.。
yilanTheDaiki USD(Jimmy Liao)Of a hometown、Ilan County GovernmentWith productionDaiki USDSquare (Jimmy Plaza)Open!
From railway station depicting the forest show long neck giraffesyilanTourists are the dust!

Some U.S. (Jimmy Liao) profile
1958 Year born。Children's book author living in Taipei。
With the leukemia to suffer from、1998 Since starting a creator of children's books。
1999 "Where you are" annual line becomes a best seller、Adult picture book boom sparked by Taiwan、
A film by Takeshi Kaneshiro starred from Warner Bros.。
So far more than 50 works、Translated and published in more than 15 countries。
Many of his works is a musical and drama、Become a movie、'Smiling fish' no. 56 Won the short film award at the Berlin International Film Festival。
Domestic and international publishing culture award、It has received numerous children's literature award。


Yilan StationNow、
yilanThe hotel will care "Silks Place Yilan"of
Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoAnd
Reception staff speak JapanJack ChangYour coming to pick up、
Checking in to the hotel before easilyyilanThe will take the streets.


Marketing Communications ManagerMavis KuoThe、
Also understands that Japan is broken、Communication is easier to take, I was really。
Seriously, a mild-manneredMavis KuoThe、
Marital status close to、Converse soon became good friends.


Huge RC art come into view in front of the train station "丟 丟, forest"Even
Daiki USD(Jimmy Liao)Is the work involved.


From the world of books "Sky train"The、2014It is very popular in the works just newly built in!
Bali boy hanging out from the train or day. will be healed and lumps。
Will be lit up at night as well as fantastic、And trains as a masterpiece nice!


Movie "Turn Left, Turn Right"And
"A Fish with a Smile"、
"Sound of Colors"、
"The Starry Starry Night"As to our characters and
Include stories of the picture image objects、There is placed here、
Is a fun space like it strayed into the world of children's books.


Jimmy PlazaRoofs、
Colorful suitcase started.、Part of the natural objects and、
Without uncomfortable、ThereDaiki USD(Jimmy Liao)The wider view of the world.


"Turn Left, Turn Right"The kids enjoy hero and photograph!


Forest station、Building murals、Colorful suitcase was placed in the square、
Where even background will be in the picture.


Will warm your heartDaiki USD(Jimmy Liao)Of the works、
Awaiting world to not only children but also adults enjoy!

Jimmy Liao

Silks Place Yilan
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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