Holiday healing touch and more than 120 species of animals at the Zoo "Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo" great deals!

Hamana Lake "still Hamamatsu flower park" in adjacent "Waku Waku Waku still ZOO" "Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo"! The animal corner "Hamamatsu children's Expo" was held in 1950, based at the former site of Hamamatsu Castle Park in Shizuoka Prefecture and first be opened Hamamatsu Zoo、And start from about 30 different animal exhibits、1983In "still Hamamatsu flower park" to the next during the transfer、Extend 6 times in the former location of space、Grow a Zoo exhibit animals number commune with more than 120 kinds of animals、Long period of time、Municipal Zoo is familiar from many tourists including Hamamatsu City. This Zoo is "still Hamamatsu flower park" of the entrance fee 800 yen、By using the "set ticket super deals" only adding only 150 yen plus、It is possible that both Park and forth a full day of fun! (Note:Flower park entrance fee varies for every season) "still Hamamatsu flower park" continued to see waterfowl pond"back in to the entrance to the"Hamamatsu Municipal Zoo"、From there we entered! Also、For the common gate of the Zoo and offers during the Japanese iris garden "a white wisteria.、From here on out is available! The beginning of the extensive grounds、Square of the play where the children can play from the beginning、Playground equipment, slides, horizontal bar installed! And the plants were planted in the lush garden or about "Giraffe"、On-site pick up is waiting! In the garden on the type of animal (27) one divided into areas、Will find the first (1) and the area of the "Kangaroo" will be! Kangaroos at night to face a very mild during the day, and while crowds in the rest! Occasionally、While lying down face up, "do you want me? "And even saying before the fence face partitioned as reassuring laugh (haha)、On the ecology of kangaroos was the brother of the Guide、While showing the photograph Panel had thanks for explaining! Here, on Saturday.、On Sundays、13 public holidays:30~はカンガルーの餌やり体験が可能です! 進む右手は③「クモザル」のエリアとなり池の上に設置された遊具の上を軽快に動き回る「ジェフロイクモザル」に出会えます! 細長い手足や尾をフル活用し、Spider seems hanging on the tree the appearance that is named。And now kept in pairs、Dark hair color is ' toque (♂) "In the、Brown is "Nana (♀) "It is! On the opposite (2) "llamas and EMUs" area! In the full length、It's the emu of the bird which cannot fly bigger after the ostrich.、小さく身を屈めてこちらも休息中! 隣のラマは草食中でしたが、When you notice our camera,、まるで「撮って!撮って!」と言わんばかりに近付いて来てくれました! 顎を突き出し、Jumped out of the lower lip bottom teeth I can't face、Towards the camera "grin! "And also to have no end! Advancing as it is、Floor area: 816 m ² of (4) appeared in "flying scale"、You can watch the free-range birds, just around the corner! (* Not birds! ) As well as several Japanese Crested Ibis、Pigeons and colorful parrots and mynah birds、Duck, Mandarin Duck、Pheasant、You can find various birds, such as the Peacock! Above all、Let me shoot without being afraid of the camera、ふっくらと真ん丸く愛らしい姿の「ジュズカケバト」! 後頸部に数珠をかけたような黒い帯模様があることから「数珠掛鳩(ジュズカケバト)」と名付けられております! その隣の背高のゲージは⑤「ワシ&タカ」のエリアで鋭い目付きで勇ましい姿が拝めます! カブトムシのマークが描かれた建物は子ども達が大好きな⑥「こんちゅう館」エリア! 館内には世界中の巨大カブトムシやクワガタ、Dragonflies, etc.、昆虫の標本がズラリと並びます! 蝶に至っては、You can see a rare bewitching butterfly with beautiful gradation feathers like a shell.、充実の展示内容です! 二手に分かれる道を右ルートへ進むと㉗「サル山」エリアへ到着! こちらではニホンザルが飼育されており、Saturday、On Sundays、15: holiday-is food do experience is possible! Next in line (26) in the area of the "Vine"、Around the eyes and red and white-naped crane in flag of Japan、真っ白い頭部と風切羽の先は真っ黒と上下対象的な色持ちで全身は青みがかったグレーカラーの美しい羽毛を持つハゴロモヅルが見られます! ㉕「猛獣舎」ではトラとライオンが飼育されており、2019In March of this year, the Amur tiger that had just moved from Asahiyama Zoo in Asahikawa City♂3 years old"、I don't seem to be familiar with the environment of Hamamatsu yet.、静かに鑑賞するよう注意書きがされています! その先の広場は㉓「ゾウ広場」となり、A giant Asian elephant weighing about 3,000 kg♀I'll see you! On this day、ハナコのお尻しか見れませんでした!(笑) 広場の向かいは㉔「オオカミ&クロヒョウ&ユキヒョウ」のエリアです! 皆、How limp and have heat! Go ahead and (22) to see Capybaras and porcupines' area! No fence area is of course easy to shoot、For me come nigh with any luck、It is also enjoying observing at close range is limited! Walk slowly、ひょうきんで愛くるしい顔立ちのカピバラにほっこり癒やされます! その奥には㉑「レッサーパンダ&コツメカワウソ&ミーアキャット」のエリアです! 集団の絆が深いミーアキャットは、I can't say anything about the way i'm sleeping on top of each other、She was so far away、Sat and sat so severe、To look like a human being without justification I! Wearing a cute Asian short clawed Otter play along with parent and child is not to be missed! "Let there be、It's a stuffed animal. Lesser panda that did not move with pikuri to the extent that it is confusing、目を開けたままグッタリとお休みタイムのようです! ⑳「小型サル舎」エリア この動物園は、By and large primates such as the Gorilla exhibit when it comes second in Inuyama-Shi, Aichi Japan monkey Centre in one of the largest、国内飼育では唯一とされる「ゴールデンライオンタマリン」も2頭飼育中! その名の如くライオンのようなフサフサとした赤毛の鬣がとても綺麗! 子宝に恵まれ3世代に渡り、Common marmo set with white hair of fusafusa in the ear [em (♂" and "Iroha (♀) "Of the family is popular! At the far end (19) "pony & bison.、(18) "donkey" area、Pony "Tony (♂) "And the" Cha Cha、Ruby (♀) "Of being bred 3! Also on Saturdays、On Sundays、13 public holidays:30-14:00In between the、Opens the photo session can take pictures with a pony! Was most overwhelmed in the Park is in size of Giraffe、(17) "savannas" area、Ostrich、Follow Zebra、Be pegged to spend leisurely giraffe in a spacious meadow、長いこと足を留めておりました! こちらには 2009年にこの園で生まれた「リョウ(♂It's not like i'm、2014From Kyoto City Zoo in the year of The Siun (♀)」が仲睦まじく一緒に暮らしています! 下り坂を進むと⑭「ミニブタ&イノシシ」エリアとなり、A female Japanese wild boar is a pig of the potberry kind with one head "Linker"、Karin (♀)」を2頭飼育されています! ⑬「クジャク」エリアでは、A beautiful macjak with hair、Indian Peacock、I saw a white peacock.、タイミングが合えば羽根を広げる姿を拝めるかもしれません! 道なりに進み⑫「ヒグマツキノワグマ」エリアへ! ツキノワグマの「航(ワタル)2017.2.7生(♂"、"Hana 2017.2.7♀)」を飼育中! エゾヒグマの「ゴロー(♂I was just sleeping rumbling.、"Pilica (♀Very friendly、You shake your head in front of the camera.、しなりしなりとまるでダンスするかのように歩く姿を披露してくれました! ⑪「フラミンゴ」エリアではスラッと細長い首と脚を持ち美しく華やかなピンクカラーが目を惹きます! ⑩「ふれあい広場」では、Saturday、On Sundays、Holiday 13:30-14:15There is an experience corner where you can interact with rabbits until、もふもふのウサギを抱っこできたりと子ども達に大人気! ⑧「ホッキョクグマ&アシカ」エリアでは、2016In June of this year, there was a mother and daughter of "Baffin", "Mother", and "Momo- daughter", who had been transferred from "Osaka Tennoji Zoo" as a mother and daughter.、In the pool below it、"Lucy" showing the swim comfortably♂"、"Anko (♀)」の2頭を飼育中! その向かいには⑨「ペンギン」、(7) Become an area of "Beaver"、フンボルトペンギンがヨチヨチ歩きで和ませてくれています! ⑮「類人猿舎」のエリアでは、Gorilla、Orangutan、Chimpanzees、さらにフクロウの様子が伺えます! 2003年3月に「日本モンキーセンター」から来園した「バリ(♂Come on, come on.、ガラス越しにジッとにらめっこ! 1983年3月に「名古屋市東山動物園」から来園した「ムカ(♀It seems to be very nervous.、この日は姿が見えませんでした! 共通門付近の最終エリアとなる⑯「サルのアパート」では、Blue-yellow red and flashy complexion mandrill and、The gray mane is dignified sisiosal.、Adorable Squirrel Monkey、親子で寄り添い合うワオキツネザルの姿が楽しめます! 共通門を利用し「はままつフラワーパーク」内へと戻ります! 丸1日掛けてゆったりとした時間の中、Looking forward to shooting、And natural landscape and rich flowers makutta healed in contact with a number of animals per day、20But the first time in years、大満足のデートスポットで御座いました! 浜松市にお越しになる際は四季を楽しめる「はままつフラワーパーク」と癒やしの「浜松市動物園」に是非訪れて見て下さい! 浜松市動物園 住所静岡県浜松市西区舘山寺町199 TEL:053-487-1122 Entrance fee:410 yen (high school students and older)、中学生以下無料 ※はままつフラワーパークとの共通入園券がお得です! 開園時間:9:00~ 16:30(Admission is 16.:00まで) 休園日:12月29日~12月31日 駐車場:Chapter 1、Chapter 2、Third parking area (fee required:200円)

"Still Hamamatsu flower park" "Hamana Lake flower Festa 2019" held in surrounded by flowers and greenery!

Seasonal flowers bloom、A lush garden park "still Hamamatsu flower park" to! Has been opened in 9/10/1970 here、300000 square meters (Tokyo Dome 6.4 minutes)、植栽は3,000種にも及ぶ巨大フラワーパークです! 現在「はままつフラワーパーク」では、3/21(Thursday)-6/30 (Sunday) spring and over the summer as "Hamana Lake flower Festa 2019"、During the hold a variety of events, including special exhibition! The rainy season, although、This day exactly during the rainy season, was watching the dazzling sunshine、Numerous clouds and blue skies, pleasant wind shoot date! Flowers in full bloom at the moment would be mid-June's first Japanese iris garden "irises"、In the forest of "Lilium"、"Hydrangeas" their color "hydrangea tree-lined" you can enjoy! That would be approximately 20 years revisited、Recent、Under the guidance of her husband with her husband's hand-me-downs camera "Canon 1 d Mark III..."、Because you're camera shoots exercises、A beautiful contrast of stunning natural scenery and has a colorful flowers、It would be good practice place! Immediately、Tickets buy tickets! The flower will be adults 800 yen、And Hamamatsu Zoo next to the ticket can be purchased and 150 yen in additional 950 Yen、Percent of the exceptional feeling is recommended! For the flower garden and Zoo are connected by common gate、QRコード付のチケットで両園共に出入りが自由に可能です! 園内マップを見ながらガイドスタッフに両園を効率良く進む散策ルートを伺いましょう! 左回りで進めば下り坂となるため、There is less strain on the body! Increases the feeling of openness and slip through the front gate expansive welcome garden! To its destination、Is a spectacular hotel garden, me 1周 about 15 minutes.、For the fashion of the day welcomed a perfect blue、Memorial to shot! And a lame foot、Young children would have recommended ride! (* Fees:1Ride:100 yen for adults / children 50 yen) in the gardens surrounding a huge 'fountain pond"below、Mr./Ms. Harada Masaki with LD (learning disabilities) while also excellent color sense and sensibility in "triangle flower" will be watching! In the flower bed of various color triangle、Seedlings are approximately 5000 shares are used、Red and pink、黄色やオレンジなど色鮮やかな共演を遂げています! 5月中旬から6月上旬までが見頃となる「ローズガーデン」では約3,000㎡に170品種およそ1,000本の薔薇が楽しめるとのこと! 現時点では、Could enjoy several rose slightly、満開の時期はさぞ美しいことでしょう! シーズン中であれば、Rose tunnel is a sight to see! "Rose garden" further left to go.、Stairs under management have come! There can enjoy cherry blossoms and Tulips in the spring "cherry trees" and "Tulip flower.、V "mini Garden"! "Mini Garden" in full bloom in mid-June、Hydrangea blooming in the alley with severe color is brilliant! To its destination、For insta Sheen spot established a cinematography Panel、You can enjoy the pictures using the small standing Netherlands wind turbines and cute duck! The appearance of the spectacular red and green color scheme is matched to landscape flower No.! Cherry Blossom tree overtakes and, gradually sight is very picture! Pond waterfowl ancient lotuses and OGA Lotus is spread.、Arched bridge and across to the cool pond、鯉がパクパクと口を開けて餌を待つ可愛い姿も! 今が見頃となる「アジサイ並木」では長さ600mの並木道が続き約3000株の紫陽花を楽しめます! 前夜に雨露を含んだ紫陽花は色濃く鮮やかで、Shaken by the wind you can see also loved! Upon the arrival to the iris garden from early June until mid-June but will be at their best、Surrounded by green trees and、Expands the scenery like a paradise! The wide spread to 5000 m²、You can enjoy seeing than about 700 varieties of IRIS! Iris flowers、The short-lived flowers flower starting to bloom only ends in 3 days or so。As a result、This season's morning staff、Picking up dead floral print、Well as keeping its beauty! For the State is faced is in full bloom as early as in early June was published on the official website、Early-flowering varieties are already finished and、Also typically enjoy varieties of blooming after would be less! Return from "iris garden.、"White Wisteria" at the end of the pond (from late April early May is the best) to see the smile hotel! This is、And 150 m was produced by Yoshitani Keiko's Garden Designer representing Japan, English-style border gardens、Spread out on both sides of the small flowers can be enjoyed! Above all、There's a myriad of subtlety、Purple show looks cool in a distinctive look like sculpture "Eryngium pranam" is my favorite! And landed up to "grass"、Because the rest area with shops and stores、Will be taking a break! By walking slowly and enjoy shooting、Walking time is about 3 hours! Due to having a calm nature?、Not feel tired at all! Average easy Ranch in the hamakita had been opened for "gelato" 400 Yen to buy! Two choice price does not change for、Ordered in a double salt milk and green tea! Salt milk、By joining the salty milk、Taste a rich deep flavor、The green tea are buried beneath the cone、Enjoy your green tea fragrance、You can enjoy the milky taste! Exposed to the summer sun、To speed melting while we get delicious! And journeyed to see Vantage Hill]、You will see the sculpture of the plants 'mosaiculture'! In the "mosaiculturememorial Garden"、And the character of the mosaiculture World Expo mozai Kun、Worthy of Hamamatsu City instruments in the harmony of the smile、"City watch, Geneva.、Nazca "Nazca lines"、In a balloon "fly away into the future" suit、This is also recommended as insta shines! On the wooden deck stage large greenhouse before the weekend、Events are held on a regular basis, is busy! The day unfolds "The favor and Dragon Heart" wadaiko performer、参加していた来場者の皆さんも体験を楽しまれておりました! 時刻は15時30分を迎えたところで「噴水池」で毎時00時と30分毎に開催される大噴水ショーで涼を楽しみながらベンチで一呼吸! 大パノラマで鑑賞できるこちらのスポットは最高の見晴らしです! 音楽に合わせて水しぶきを上げ噴水高15mにも及ぶ噴水が湧き上がる様子が楽しめます! 高さ14.6mと開放的で自然光がたっぷりと降り注ぐ「大温室クリスタルパレス」では夏を迎えており、2019年3月にリニューアルオープンされた入口のパティオは花々が活き活きと輝く様子が伺えます! 夏の温室と聞くと猛暑のイメージですがこちらは空調施設が整っているため快適な散策を楽しめます! パティオで一際人気を放っていたのは、The famous beautiful night blooms "cereus"、昼に咲くように開花調整されており展示されています! 月下美人は一夜限りの花となり、It would shrivel in the evening let bloom the morning after、まさに「美人薄命」の花! 「うまく開花した時のみの特別展示」となりますので儚げながらに艶やかな姿の「月下美人」を観れたわたし達はとてもラッキーだったと思います! 温室内のガーデンシアターでは季節毎に趣向を凝らされており、This season is "seeking peace. To travel "exhibition theme、南国をイメージしアレンジされています! 「バリガーデン」内では、On the island of Bali and is surrounded by tropical flowers and trees of the tropical mode to、南国の熱気を感じます! 「メキシカンガーデン」内では、Rare varieties of succulent plants becomes complete.、And the appearance of the "Golden shachi (kinshachi)" King of the cactus and、Showed up at a huge "agave" bewitching、異国情緒満載です! 園内をぐるっと一回りし正面エントランスへ戻り最後に「特別企画展」の「大物盆栽展」を鑑賞! 期間中は、2016Large bonsai 200 million yen adorned in Ise Shima Summit was held in the year started.、Old 150 year、樹高3~5mに仕立てられた超巨大盆栽が展示されています! 見たことも無いような巨大な盆栽の大迫力に圧倒されながら青空に映える繊細な日本の美を堪能することができます! この日本の美には海外からの来場者ファンも多い様子で賑わっていました! 青い空に清々しい空気、Guests can enjoy flowers in every season、Area in natural scenery "still Hamamatsu flower park" of walking alone to enjoy、お次はお得なセット券で出向いた「浜松市動物園」の紹介です! はままつフラワーパーク 住所静岡県浜松市西区舘山寺町195番地 TEL:053-487-0511 Entrance fee (5/23-6/30):Adults: 800 yen、Elementary school students: 400 Yen、Zoo set tickets:大人950円 開園時間:9:00-17:00(3月~9月) 休館日:No Parking:600 passenger cars (charges apply:200円)

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