Invite Taiwanese friends and family to the Michelin-starred French restaurant "Restaurant L'Arjan" in Ginza for the second consecutive year!

Ginza 4-chome intersection、Directly connected to Ginza Station、"GINZA PLACE" towering in front of the Wako Clock Tower。Featuring "Klein Dytham Architects (KDa)" who is highly acclaimed internationally as an exterior design architect and has a deep knowledge of Japan, the façade with the motif of "FRETWORK (watermark carving)" is、It stands out as an elegant and unique design! Located in the middle of Ginza、On the first floor of "GINZA PLACE" in front of the Wako Clock Tower、What we are meeting this time is、He is one of the members of the Porsche Club in Taiwan、Mario Fang and her family are good friends! On the first floor of "GINZA PLACE"、Became the "Nissan CROSSING" showroom as a base for disseminating the Nissan brand globally.、2There is a café on the floor.。 In the 1F cylinder type showcase in front of the entrance、Christmas tree decorated with miniature cars of successive Fairlady Z on 12/25(Day)It is exhibited until、It attracts the eyes of the sports car generation on the street! Located on the 7th floor of this building where you can feel the bustle of Ginza、2020Opened on December 11, 2023 in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 and 2023、We invited the Mario family to Restaurant L'ARGENT, which has received one star for two consecutive years.、Let's have a lunch meeting together! The name of the store with the meaning of "silver" is、It is named from the desire to convey new value that has never existed in this city until now。 Chic and modern monotone with gray tone、It will be a calm space unified with a stylish design.、This is the main dining。 The restaurant is also designed for Christmas.。 Private room reserved on this day、Mario and the Mario family (with Mario's wife, Cindy)、With two beloved daughters Silvia、Cindy's mother with Gloria、Spend a relaxing time with 6 of us。 Mario Fang 世新大學公共關係暨廣告學系 兼appointed Associate Professor、Founder and President of the start-up company "CellWine"、台灣hepatitis醫療策進會 Secretary General is a well-known strategic and creative expert in Taiwan.、marketing、PR、digital、 and businessman with more than 20 years of experience in the advertising industry。 Using the experience、He is also a long-term lecturer and associate professor in the Department of Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Taipei、 PR Management and PR Strategy and Planning as Subjects、I create a curriculum such as PR case studies and give lectures.。 He is also famous as a wine lover.、Interacting with wine lovers from all over the world through the "CellWine" application that he launched、 2022In this year, we opened the first storage cellar of "CellWine" in Taipei.。 During this visit to Japan,、Towards Christmas、1Mario's family planning a week-long holiday stay。Make your Ginza hotel your stay a base、I heard that it is filled with an overcrowded restaurant schedule every day and night.。Despite such a busy schedule、Thank you Mario for contacting me.、We had a special half course prepared for us.。Why is、That's because the tempura of "Mikawa Koreyamai" is waiting for them at night (laughs) Chef Kato himself Japan the menu with carefully selected ingredients from all over the country、Production area also disclosed。Chef Kato's dishes are、While incorporating the essence of Scandinavia into the base of French cuisine that has been cultivated、Using ingredients unique to Japan and rich climate、We offer modern French that can only be found here from Ginza.。 The manager, Kibou Ogura, will open the champagne that the owner gave you as a gift! From us to Mario、Champagne "Jacques Lassaigne × Kisui Nakazawa" produced by our company for the first time in stock of Japan。 One opening、Manager Ogura introduced himself in fluent Chinese。That's all I can say in Chinese.、After that、It was very impressive to see them serve smartly in English! (Thanks) Cheers to celebrate the reunion for the first time in 4 years! Best wishes to Mario and Mario’s family during this holiday season!! 「J. Vinier Champagne Ola Alba Grand Cru" Claman on the Côte des Blancs、O'Walee、With three grand crus of Shuilly、J. Vignier growing only Chardonnay。9Natalie, the owner of the farm, is in charge of the field and cellar.、My brother takes charge of the business。Family friends、Working with brewer and biologist Sebastian Nickel、Champagne in pursuit of true terroir。In Japan Lover、Pay attention to etiquette like a brush。Ripe and powerful attak with honey and spices、For the smell of ginger、Bursting with nutty biscuits and nuances of exotic tropical fruits。 Chef Junichi Kato went with one item。 Chef:Junichi Kato Born in 1982、Born in Kakegawa, Shizuoka。 2003Graduated from Sentsuji Culinary College France。Joined Shiba Park Hotel "Tateru Yoshino"。 2007Became a sous chef at the Hôtel de Yoshino of the Year。2010In Paris "Astrans" he worked under Pascal Balbo.。 2012Year Danish "AOC"、Returned to Japan after experiencing "Restaurant Marshall"。 2015In the year he became the chef of "Sublim"、Awarded one Michelin star。 2020 December、With the opening of Ginza "Larjean", he became the chef of the same restaurant、 Awarded one Michelin star here for the second year in a row。 "Gault&Millau)" won 3 tocks.、To the present。 "Tottori Snow Crab" The first dish of amuse bouche is、Bite-sized finger tart made with plenty of Tottori snow crab。Spinach puree and gentle flan flavor、The saltiness of the fresh caviar "HAL CAVIAR" from Shizuoka that accompanies the accent is the best match! A beautiful appetizer appeared! Put on a white-green color sauce and you're done! "Kagoshima amberjack" marinated amberjack、Combination with compatible apples。Salad with herbs、Served with powdered sorbet of Western hollyhocks。Delicate and light taste、The harmony between the sourness and sweetness of fresh apples and amberjack is a wonderful dish! "Homemade bread sourdough bread" Homemade bread sourdough bread based on rye is、Whey and shrimp beer are used.。Why、Is it limited to shrimp beer? He told me that。Based on the historical fact that the first store of the beer hall "Ginza Lion" on the basement 2nd floor of this building was the same as the address of the same building as Ginza 5-chome 8-1、Limited use to "Ginza Lion" shrimp beer。Homemade yeast is、Chef Kato was enrolled in a bakery during his training in Denmark.、Take home the yeast cultured from the bakery.、It's still being used today.。For sourdough bread that feels the aroma of rye and firm umami、Every morning、With fresh butter that we are making、Served with two kinds of thick whipped butter combined with charred butter and buttermilk。On this day, we will enjoy caramel and nutty taste! The main dish is here! "Hokkaido Ezo Deer" Roasted inner thighs with moist, soft and rich taste of Ezo deer。Wearing a sheet made of blackcurrant、Served with pickled beets or roasted andives imitating petals。The richness of the sauce poivlade, which is boiled down with red wine and peppered, goes well with the acidity of blackcurrants! The appearance of Deserre imitating the ephemeral Danish winter! "Rum Raisin" A dish that expresses the cold winter scenery of Denmark trained by Chef Kato。Vanilla and whipped cream are powdered to resemble snow.、Inside, homemade pickled rum raisin ice cream served with banana puree。Conscious of the SDGs、A nice approach that sprinkles cocoa powder on the estragon stems used in cooking and resembles dead branches。The combination of refreshing aroma and rich rum raisins exudes an adult taste.、An excellent desale worthy of enjoying winter! For English announcements of cooking explanations、Her daughter Silvia interprets into Chinese from time to time.、She explained it to her grandmother, Gloria.、A scene where you can feel the warm family love of Silvia with grandma thoughts。 What is Silvia at an American university?、When this winter break is over、It is said that the life of separation will begin again.、They are a loving family that values family time very much! On the appearance of Mignardiz、I looked at the sphere vessel and said, "I have、This!" Cindy immediately commented (laughs) "Today's Mignardise and coffee" Bonbon chocolate using Kakegawa tea, which Shizuoka Prefecture is proud of, where Chef Kato was born and raised.。Hemispherical and planetly beautiful alms。 Rich chocolate mousse with black tea Earl Grey and caramel。It's also my favorite Earl Grey lover! A four-layer cake made with noble Ginza honey from bees flying around the Ginza area、Macaroons、Marshmallows with lemon。 This time、Thanks to the special reduction in the number of dishes、The best amount for us who eat small、I was able to spread it deliciously until the last Mignardiz! After eating, move to a terrace seat with a good view and take a commemorative photo.。The scenery overlooking the Ginza Wako Clock Tower in front of it is a luxurious location!...

Birthday trip in Karuizawa (4) Blissful birthday dinner at "Auberge de Primavera"

Auberge de Primavera, led by owner-chef Yasuyuki Onuma, who pioneered French restaurants in Karuizawa.。This time the、紅葉に包まれたこちらの素敵な洋館にてスペシャルなバースデーディナーを楽しみます! 陽が落ちる夕刻には木々に装飾したネオンが灯され、Creates a warm atmosphere while emitting a dazzling light。 The garden of the main building shows a different face from the atmosphere of the daytime。 An illuminated symbol tree reveals its existence、Welcoming guests for the night。 小沼康行オーナーシェフ プロフィール 千葉県出身。From Chiba Prefectural Yachimachi High School, I entered Tsuji Culinary College in Osaka.。1981After graduating in、Got a job at the French restaurant "Rengaya" in Daikanyama, Tokyo。Ginza "After training at Lekan、"Fit Resort" in Kawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi、Served as the head chef of "900 City Club" in Nagano and Karuizawa。After working as the cooking manager of the auberge "Au Mirado" in Hakone, Kanagawa、1996 year、French restaurant "Primavera" opened in Karuizawa。2002Attached accommodation for years。Since the、There is also a wine cellar and a sister store "Pyrenees"、2020In the year Japan opened a restaurant "Calm Za" and "Vegan Prus" focusing on vegetable dishes.。 Why、Owner-Chef Yasuyuki Onuma、Despite starting as a French restaurant、Did you name the restaurant "Primavera" in Italian?。It's、Memories on one page of the chef's life are deeply involved。For details,、その想いが記されている「公式サイト」をご覧ください。 1The main restaurant on the floor has、Non-guests also come to enjoy the meal.。 Polished glasses and cutlery are lined up on pure white tablecloths、Crown napkins will be trimmed。Bright red apple balls that can be harvested at this time of year in Karuizawa are served beside candles。 On this day、To match the special dinner course of owner chef Yasuyuki Onuma、We asked manager and sommelier Ken-ichi Tanaka for pairing wine.。 今年で49歳となる私の誕生日前夜祭を祝してシャンパーニュにて乾杯! Champagne「ジャン・ヴェッセル ウイユ ドゥ ペルドリ(Jean Vesselle Oeil de Perdrix)」 「やまうずらの眼」と名付けられた、100% Pinot Noir champagne with a pale pink color as the name suggests.。It's hard to see them in Japan、It is made by a very rare direct pressing method.。Bright bright pale pink tones illuminated by candles、Make an even more gorgeous impression。Foams well、Fruit aroma spreads、Adds a hint of tea leafy nuance and spiciness、バラの花やミネラル香が楽しめる豊かなボリューム感を味わえます! ガラス越しに映る中庭の池には、Bright red autumn leaves appear all over the place.、It has become a carpet of autumn leaves.。Looking at the illuminated courtyard、Mr. Tanaka, the manager, said, "You came at a good time."。Only a few autumn leaves can be seen floating in the pond、After a few days, the autumn leaves containing water will sink to the bottom of the pond.。Even this scenery is a page that makes you feel the precious four seasons of Japan.。I feel like I'm having a special time on a special night。 Amuse (1) "Red Bell Pepper Mousse Courido Tomato" Amuse (2) "Homemade Ink and Cheese Sable" White Wine "Le Sec de Rayne Vignau 2020 (LE SEC DE RAYNE VIGNEAU) Bordeaux / Sauvignon Blanc "Chateau de Rayne Vigneau)"、1855It is a historic chateau rated 1st class in the Sauternes district。Lemon yellow with shine、Grapefruit and herbs、Honey、White flowers are felt、It is characterized by freshness and soft acid.、It has a pleasant taste and is easy to drink.。オマール海老のスープに合わせていただきましょう! 前菜「高原野菜とオマール海老のテリーヌ オレガノ風味」 スープペアリング「クレームクリスタッセ」 オープン当初から不動の人気を誇る前菜。13So that you can enjoy the texture and taste of the highland vegetables、Divide each vegetable and cook it carefully.、Colorful terrine finished only by pressing without using any joints。Served with a special consommé jelly and oregano-flavored green sauce。In the center, the umami of Omar shrimp is condensed.、The highland vegetables packed around it are fragrant、It has a crunchy texture and is fresh! It is no exaggeration to say that you can experience the splendor of Karuizawa's highland vegetables in this dish.、身体が喜ぶ食事をいただくとはまさにこの事のよう♪ パン お次の「松茸のパイ包み焼スープ」に合わせて、Red wine。 Red wine "Moret Saint-Denis 2020 ステファン マニャン (Morey-Saint-Denis Domaine Stephane Magnien)」 1897年創業のモレ・サン・ドニに本拠を置くドメーヌで、2008It was inherited by Stephane Magnien as the fourth generation owner.、Traditional winemaking methods。Beautiful garnet shades、Raspberry or blackcurrant、Fruity aroma of ripe fruits such as wild berries、It is juicy but also elegant.、余韻も長く楽しめます! スープ「松茸のパイ包み焼スープ」 パイの端からスプーンをサクサクッと入れて、First of all, let's have a soup that locks in the umami with a pie.。香り立つ芳しい松茸の香り! こちらの秋の名物料理の一つとして人気の高いパイ包みのスープ。It becomes a special consommé base that was carefully taken over 3 days.、While there is a gentleness that fits in with the body、Like a deepening autumn、Enjoy the deep taste that slowly permeates the marrow of your bones.、It is an exquisite soup that shines a beautiful golden color! Later、By soaking the pie、There are two ways to enjoy。The coming seasons、松茸がトリュフに変わり楽しめるとのこと♪ 白ワイン「サン・トーバン プルミエ・クリュ レ・フリオンヌ 2019 フランソワ・ダレーヌ (François d’Allaines Saint Aubin 1er Cru Les Frionnes)」 ピーチや青林檎を感じさせるミネラル感にシトラスや白い花を感じるフルーティーさがあり口当たりが滑らかでエレガントなシャルドネを魚料理に合わせて! 魚料理「本日の鮮魚 洋梨仕立て エストラゴン風味のバターソース」 スープガルビュー「5つの野菜の取り合わせポタージュ」 この日の鮮魚は「鱸」。It imitates the shape of a poppy pear.、Stuffed with crab and scallop mousse and steamed、エストラゴンの香り高いバターソースが良く合います! テーブルの籠一杯に積まれた軽井沢の林檎(紅玉)。 Next is the appearance of red wine to match the meat dishes of the main dish.。 Red wine "Chateau Dassault Saint-Emilion 2016 (CHATEAU DASSAULT SAINT-EMILION GRAND CRU 2016)」 1955年に戦闘機メーカーの創業者であるマルセル・ダッソー氏がシャトー・クープリーを取得し、Renamed Château Dassault。Deep garnet purple hue、Plums and boysenberries、Following the aroma of Black Forest cake、lilac、The scent of star anise、The vigorousness of full-bodied and condensed black berries is felt,、フローラルな香りが漂います!...


西武池袋線「小手指駅」より車で5分ほどのところにある所沢は463号線沿いの隠れ家的なフレンチ「CPレストラン」へ! こちらは、From the thought of "a modern and stylish restaurant that anyone can easily drop by in this place in Tokorozawa"、2005Opened in Tokorozawa in May、It is a French restaurant where a stylish modern building with a sense of cleanliness based on white and a well-maintained green garden produce an extraordinary space.。When entering from government road are bustling、想像もできないような緩やかな時を過ごせる素敵空間が貴方を待ち受けています! アプローチには緑溢れるガーデンを誇り、In a simple modern and cosy atmosphere、Regular restaurant lunch & dinner、1A one-of-a-kind restaurant wedding limited to one set a day is also produced、"Bespoke wedding" as a keyword、Planning is possible with free ideas according to the request、思い出深いウェディングを希望される御二人に大変人気です! 入口から伺えるレセプションには、While using white as a base,、The works of artist Mieko Yuki full of personality are exhibited、Like a room in a museum。 Shop、A stylish modern space with a sense of cleanliness based on white spreads.。On the floor in、Big flower-based giving colours with fascinating flowers、In addition, each table is accompanied by a dignified flower to greet guests.、A number of seats are available for you to relax and unwind。The table seat in the back quickly changes into a private room with a partition door、Your daily diet is of course、And celebrate every、It is also possible to charter at events etc.。 One of the Japan's leading Grand Maisons、Worked at the long-established "Ginza Recan" for many years、Yasuo Shiono, who studied with the French master Mr. Etsuo Shiro.、2019Has been welcomed as the head chef of CP Restaurant in the year。With the theme of "Inheriting Traditional French Cuisine and Delivering New Creations"、Order seasonal ingredients not only from Japan but also from authentic France、素材の良さを最大限に引き出す料理を提供! 随分とご無沙汰してしまっておりましたが、I was able to go to lunch for the first time in about 3 years! Unfortunately for moving around the car this time、Leave your wine。While serving by Sommelier Mitsuo Nakazato、楽しい食事のスタートです! 「Amuse bouche(アミューズ ブーシュ)3品盛り」 まるでデザートのような可愛らしい小さなアミューズが3種類一皿に盛り込まれてやって来ました! ①Mousse de Carotte(ムース・ド・キャロット) スライスした人参をコンソメで4~5時間弱火で煮込み、Pureed with a mixer、Mousse de Carrot served with whipped whipped cream。人参の優しい甘みをシュワッと口溶けの良いムースで楽しみます! ②Jambon oux chou(ジャンボン・シュー) スライスしたロースハムを牛乳で煮込み、Let cool and then puree with a blender、Jambon shoe to be combined with whipped cream and then sneaked into the shoe。軽やかな塩味と香ばしさを楽しめる一口サイズのご馳走! ③Blanc Mange(ブランマンジェ) ベーコンを糸状に切ったものを牛乳で煮込み、Add whipped cream、Blancmange made by adding gelatin while adjusting the taste。透き通ったゼリーが夏の装いです! 「Oeuf Bouille Caviar(ウーフ ブイル キャビア)」 ”エッグキャビア” 以前もいただきましたが、The egg served to be held in the palm of the hand is、After all, it has become a staple of this amuse ghoul that attracts the eye visually as well! Salt in eggs、Pepper、Butter、Add whipped cream and add the fire over low heat、Makes it into a troubling scrambled egg shape、In a shell that has been neatly cut and turned into a bowl、Eggs and caviar are served in two layers。When scooped up with a spoon、フワフワ食感のスクランブルエッグに厳選されたキャビアの塩味を合わせ楽しむ嗜好の一品! 「Poisson de Jour SASUE ala Jardin (ポワソン・デュ・ジュール・サスエ・アッラ・ジャルダン ~サスエ前田から届いた鮮魚 庭園風~)」 静岡県焼津市の「サスエ前田魚店」から届く、A dish of atsumi that serves special seafood! Famous chefs from home and abroad、Seeking the fish of the treasure technique "dehydration tightening" devised by shop owner Naoki Maeda、We are creating the best dishes with its tailored fish。「CPレストラン」でもこだわり抜いた魚料理を提供されておりこの日は「フエフキダイ」を炙りでいただきます身の締まった笛吹鯛の皮面を炙り香ばしさをプラスし上にはポワロー葱と人参を使用したドレッシングを用いてソースベルデはクレソンのソース。Tomatoes will be served with colorful mini tomatoes from "Enomoto Farm" in Saitama City! The main dish of the day will feature one of the signature classics of French cuisine! Appeared in a beautiful pie wrap before cutting! "Filet de Bœuf Wellington" Foie gras truffle Champignon duxel stuffed in beef tenderloin、After salt and pepper、It is also wrapped in net fat and baked.。Cool the baked food、Wrap in filter ju and let rest in the refrigerator、Then bake in the oven and then、ソースペリグーで仕上げ!ナイフには「龍泉刃物」を用意され、The blade enters smoothly without applying force、現れる肉断の美しさに見惚れてしまいます!サクサクとしたパイの中からお出ましとなる牛フィレの柔らかさと溢れる肉汁は絶妙な火入れで楽しめます! 「Peach compote(桃のコンポート)」 酸味が少なく果汁の多い桃の王様「白鳳」を使用しており、Finish with a compote with reduced sweetness so as not to spoil the deliciousness of peaches、A jelly accented by the aroma of peach and mint、出来立ての桃のジェラートを乗せた桃尽くしの一皿です!果汁をふんだんに楽しめる半身の果肉と爽やかな桃のジェラートとの組み合わせはまさに極上のデザート!添えらられたスティック状のアーモンドチュイルやベリーの果実の酸味が程良いアクセントになります! 食後のコーヒーをいただきながら、Discussing the latest status report with Mr. Nakazato、Temporary chat time。 I was able to take a commemorative photo around Chef Shiono, who had free hands! Next time、To make it more enjoyable、Wine for you、ゆっくりと訪れたいと思います! CPレストラン 住所埼玉県所沢市北中2丁目153-2 TEL:04-2923-0001 営業時間 【月・火・木~日・祝・祝前】 ランチ 11:30-15:00 (最終入店:13:00) 【月・火・木~日・祝・祝前】 ディナー 17:30To 22:30 (最終入店:20:00) Closed:毎週火曜日・水曜日(定休日が祝祭日の場合前後の日程で振替休業)

Fujieda French "L'AGAPE Lagup" A classic French restaurant that is happy with its unchanging deliciousness

At the French restaurant "L'AGAPE" in the corner of a tenant building along Aoshima Junior High School Street in Aoba-cho, Fujieda City、For the first time in a long time, we went to Fujieda lunch! This shop is、Owner-chef Takayuki Matsushita、Tokyo、Gain some experience in your stores in the Kansai region、After France also trained independent in September 2008。The inside of the store is a simple modern construction based on simple white、It will be a restaurant full of private feeling like a hidden place with about 10 seats。Here you can enjoy classic French cuisine based on French regional and traditional cuisine.、私たちが結婚してから10年ずっと通い詰めているお店の一つです! ランチメニューは2,600円のデザート付きの気軽なAコース(※デザート無しのコースは2,000円)から、It will be a 5 course that can respond widely up to 10,000 yen for a special E course using seasonal ingredients of Chef Omakase、In the course of all Pan (pork Rillettes with)、Soup, and Cafe、Dessert included、This time the、Order a B course 4,200 yen for each of the B course where you can choose one dish of your favorite thing for both appetizer and main dish、メインを魚料理と肉料理でセレクトしシェアします! 店頭にはコースに添えられる焼きたての自家製パンが並びます。 Dessert、I choose from what is written on the blackboard.、Because it is also possible to take each one little at a time、If you have room in your stomach, let's go to all kinds by all means! Ice confectionery (glass、Sorbet)、黒板に書かれている中から2種類をチョイスできます! この日はマセラティで遠征しているため、Unfortunately, wine is a treat, so、Order water with gas。 It was said that this was not much affected by the corona disaster、Lunchtime during summer vacation is、Madame doesn't seem to be there.、In a quiet interior、まさにプライベートキッチンのようなひとときを楽しむことができました! 前菜「フォアグラ プラムのコンポート詰め テリーヌ」 ほぼ毎回オーダーする最初の一皿「フォアグラのテリーヌ」です!フォアグラをコニャックと白ポルト酒で香り付けしテリーヌに仕立てられており、This version had a plum compote tucked in the middle.。Honey mixture of nuts and raisins served with brioche。一口頬張れば舌の上でとろける滑らかさと濃厚な味わい深さに悶絶!下ごしらえや調理法においてとても丁寧な仕事ぶりが感じられる味わいが楽しめます! 前菜「北海道産時鮭(ときしらず)のスモーク 厚切りポワレ」 これがメインの魚料理と言っても何ら疑わない前菜が出て参りました(笑)北海道産の時鮭のスモーク厚切りポワレは、After marinating overnight、Keep it in good condition with a dehydrated sheet、Baked crisp and fragrant on the skin surface、White wine-based sauce with a sauce entangled with blue laver from Lake Hamana。Mashed potatoes underneath、Accompanying vegetables are like summer、Served with okra frites or roasted tomatoes。The knife crisply enters the fragrant skin of crispness、中はしっとりふんわりの身厚感が堪りません!青海苔の優しい磯の香りと共に堪能! 「自家製パン」 全粒粉とライ麦の香り高いフランスパンとコーングリッツ(とうもろこしの粗挽粉)を塗したふんわりもっちりの香ばしい丸パンの二種をいただきます飴色の玉葱と白ワインで煮込んだ豚肉を丁寧にほぐして煮汁と焦がしバターで練り上げる定番のポークリエットとの相性も抜群です! 「桃の冷製スープ」 今が旬の静岡県産の桃を用いた冷製スープ滑らかで濃厚な味わいは上品なデザートのような仕上がり! 「本日の鮮魚料理」 本日の鮮魚料理は嬉しいことに私たちの大好きな「甘鯛の鱗焼き」!発酵バターのブールブランソースにトマトを加えていただきます。Served with vegetables、Carrot、Yellow Zucchini、Leo thank you、Eggplant、ペコロスのグリル甘鯛の鱗の美しさに思わず見惚れてしまいます!こちらの皮面の火入れも絶妙で、Crispy、サクッと心地良い音が鳴り響き香ばしい香りと共に食感が楽しめフワッと溶けてなくなる身の柔らかさは極上の一皿となります! 「フランス・シャラン産 窒息鴨のロースト」 こちらのお店で私たち夫婦の一押しメニューがこのビュルゴー家シャラン産の窒息鴨です。Do not eat the duck in this shop!、Will life.、I'm sure (laughs) What is Etfe (suffocation)?、Originally、Put the needle to the back of the neck、And in a State of suspended animation、The bird carcass without removing blood.、Is there a way to ETFE with electric shock in recent。By letting ETFE、With engorged blood in the body of the duck、As a result、血が肉全体にまわります。Thereby、Strong flavor of duck meat containing iron is delicious。エトフェ(窒息)した鴨肉に煮詰めた蜂蜜を塗って、The aroma increases by roasting the skin surface with impatience、It is finished without missing the umami of the meat。This time too, with a splendid fire、At the moment put the knife、A smile fills the elasticity of the flesh lying with a pull-up.。Dressed in a sauce stewed with honey and red wine、When chewed, the aroma of the skin becomes umami.、The thick part has moderate elasticity、Juice overflows.。And the rich taste that feels sweet with the juice is transmitted、The body is soft and moist and full-bodied and smooth。It is a dish that I do not know how many times I have already received、変わらぬ美味しさが飽きることなく至福の時に導いてくれる一皿です! 「デザートの盛り合わせ」 贅沢にも全種盛りをオーダーしているため、It will be a luxurious platter! The two kinds of glass are、Honey ice cream with nougat grasse and chestnut flowers on top、The cake is a three-kind, smooth texture and full-bodied crème caramel、Tart tatin filled with summer apples from Fujieda、ラムレーズンのガトーと盛り沢山! まだ少し早いのですが、8月14日に46歳の誕生日を迎える主人のお祝いをサプライズで松下シェフがしてくれました!良く覚えてくれていますね!こういうさり気ない心配りがとても嬉しく感じます♪ 「Happy Birthday TAKAHIRO おめでとうございます」 思わぬフライングバースデーのお祝いに主人の顔もほころびとても嬉しそう♪こちらのソルベはパイナップルとヨーグルトと爽やかな二種をセレクト! 「桃のコンポートゼリー」 「コーヒー」 お茶菓子と食後のコーヒーをいただきます! 食後に手の空いた松下シェフと近況報告会を開くと、From around the middle of next month、It seems that you can enter the construction to renovate the interior of the restaurant、2週間ほどお店を休まれるとのこと!丁度良いタイミングで足を運べたと思います!開業14年となる店内の改装がどんな感じに仕上がるか次回の来訪が待ち遠しくなりそうです! 現在ラガップではホールをお手伝いしてくれるサーヴスタッフを募集されています!興味のある方は是非お問い合わせされてみてください! 松下さんリニューアルオープンを楽しみにお待ちしています!改装休業中は是非浜松に泊まりに来てくださいね! L’AGAPE(ラガップ) 住所静岡県藤枝市青葉町3-3-28 TEL:054-637-0290 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00、18:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:月曜日・その他不定休有(※お店に直接お問い合わせください) 駐車場店前に有

Ginza Michelin 1-star "Restaurant Larjean" Modern French incorporating the essence of Scandinavia and Japanese

Ginza 4-chome intersection、Directly connected to Ginza Station、"GINZA PLACE" towering in front of the Wako Clock Tower。Featuring "Klein Dytham Architects (KDa)" who is highly acclaimed internationally as an exterior design architect and has a deep knowledge of Japan, the façade with the motif of "FRETWORK (watermark carving)" is、エレガントで個性溢れるデザインとして一際目を惹きます! 銀座の賑わいを感じるこのビルの7階に位置し、2020Since opening on December 11, 2022, we have already received one star in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 to Restaurant L'ARGENT! Chic and modern monotone with gray tone、A unified calm space spreads with stylish design、Confirm your reservation at the reception。 The store name with the meaning of "silver" is、It is named from the desire to convey new value that has never existed in this city until now。 The 8 counter seats are called "BAR L'ARGENT"、16:00-23:00In the open。Bar food supervised by Chef Kato is also substantial.、While occupying the night view of Ginza's prime location、It can be used as a bar for everyday use! Greet your guests、In a 2015 work by Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman、Bold hues and meticulous, intricate touch of the painting will give you an uplifting feeling! The main floor has 28 seats while maintaining a spacious spacing、An open space with a high ceiling becomes a dining room.。 This time to the innermost corner seat。This is a high-back sofa seat drawn in a semicircle、You can enjoy a relaxed posture even for a long meal、It would also be nice to have a view of the entire floor.。I also recommend the seat in front where you can see the state of the kitchen, ♪ and the lunch menu is、"Larjan Lunch Course" will be only one course of 9,350 yen (excluding service charge including tax)、"Wine pairing" 7,700 yen (excluding service charge including tax) is also possible。 A table surrounded by ladies and gentlemen in polished wine glasses。While feeling the rhythm in the nimble movement of the staff、It is the start of a moment that makes you feel the gentle passage of time! For a toast I ordered a glass of champagne、Chef Sommelierの福田遼矢(Ryoya Fukuda)さんにサーヴしていただきましょう! 「ヴァンデミエール ブリュット ドワイヤール (Cuvee Vendemiaire Brut Doyard)」 シャルドネの聖地として名高いコート・デ・ブランの4つグラン・クリュのブレンドから成るブラン・ド・ブラン。Fresh green apple acid and clear mineral feeling、Expressive aromas are elegant and of quality、Biodynamic as the motto、Because it values the original taste of nature with a small amount of dossage、ピュアな果実味を楽しめます! 食材はほぼ国産にこだわり、Chef Kato himself Japan the menu that arranges carefully selected ingredients from all over the country、Production area also disclosed。Chef Kato's dishes are、While incorporating the essence of Scandinavia into the base of French cuisine that has been cultivated、Using ingredients unique to Japan and rich climate、We offer modern French that is only here that originates from Ginza。 Cheers to the first Ginza date in a long time without a couple's water! You can go out once in a while like this.、我が家の愛犬ショコラのお守りをしてくれる友人Aに本当に感謝しています! ペンダントライトに透かし、That golden-tinged lustrous color that emerges is、Symbolism of ripe wine。時間経過による変化の振り幅も楽しめる余韻の長いシャンパーニュです! 一品目と共に加藤順一(Junichi Kato)シェフが出向いてくださいました。Although it may be the same Shizuoka Prefecture resident、とてもフランクに接してくれる親近感溢れるシェフに御挨拶! シェフ:Junichi Kato Born in 1982、Born in Kakegawa, Shizuoka。2003Graduated from Sentsuji Culinary College France。Joined Shiba Park Hotel "Tateru Yoshino"。2007Became a sous chef at the Hôtel de Yoshino of the Year。2010In Paris "Astrans" he worked under Pascal Balbo.。2012Year Danish "AOC"、Returned to Japan after experiencing "Restaurant Marshall"。2015In the year he became the chef of "Sublim"、Awarded one Michelin star。2020 December、With the opening of Ginza "Larjean", he became the chef of the same restaurant、Even here we get one Michelin star.。"Gault&Millau)" won 3 tocks.、To the present。 「宮城 ムール貝」 三陸・宮城のムール貝を白ワインで火入れした後、Pickled like escabeche and laid out on crispy crustad、Softly wrapped in grilled aubergines espuma、Served with caviar and hoshi su on top。Finger food in one bite。Smooth espuma of fragrant baked aubergines spreads in the mouth、Can feel acid in the accent、食欲を増進させる夏に相応しい一皿となります! 二皿目はManagerの小倉希望(Kibou Ogura)さんがサーヴしてくださいます。I learned the name "hope" from the business card I received later.、I involuntarily asked, "Is it your real name?"。なかなかお目にかかれない素敵な御名前ですね♪ 「鹿児島 喜界島とうもろこし」 加藤シェフの師匠にあたる「タテル・ヨシノ」の吉野建氏の出身地でもある喜界島から、Stocking fresh corn of very sweet varieties、Freshly baked pancakes are finished。Top, accompanied by Royrom caviar, which Sweden boasts to be "more than caviar" and fresh pickled elderflower。What is Royrom Caviar?、Refers to the egg of a fish belonging to the white trout family that inhabits the Nordic Baltic Sea sandwiched between Sweden and Finland、With a fish named Loy、Because it is a fish egg (rom)、It's called Royrom.。The taste of bright orange roy rom caviar full of transparency is、It has a mild and very elegant flavor。熱々でふっくらと焼きあがったとうもろこしの甘みたっぷりのパンケーキと共にいただきます! 「千葉 コチ」 旬の魚料理には千葉・房総半島のコチを用いて、In a dish inspired by ceviche。Celery or green pepper、Carving the Strawberries、It is combined with a kochi that has been dehydrated and brought out the umami taste。On the、Served with tomato consommé jelly and seaberry sorbet with liquid nitrogen、Just enjoy the refreshing sour taste、洋に和をうまく融合させた一品!脱水させたコチの弾力味溢れる旨味が噛めば噛むほどに後を引く美味しさです! お次は、It is one of the specialties based on Kakegawa tea that Chef Kato was born and raised in Shizuoka Prefecture,、It's served at night.、今回特別にランチメニューに組み込んでくださいました!まるで抹茶ロールのようなインパクトのある出立ちで登場! 加藤シェフの故郷であり、Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where your parents' home is located, is also a famous tea producing area、"Foie gras terrine" using this year's new tea that Chef Kato's grandparents are growing in Kakegawa。 「静岡 掛川茶×フォアグラ」 鶏出汁でトーション仕立てにしたフォアグラは、By finishing in the oven carefully, excess fat is removed.、For a refreshing tailoring。Covered with a cream sauce that makes you feel mellow new tea、A dish that wraps the rich richness of foie gras with fragrant tea。Add glamour with roasted fragrant pistachios and latafia jelly that you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of grapes、It is decorated with a more concentrated Kakegawa tea sauce。While admiring the beautiful foie gras cross-section of pinkish shades、一口ひとくちの余韻を楽しみます! こんがりと焼かれたサクサクのブリオッシュに添えれば相性も抜群! 「自家製パン サワードウブレッド」 ライ麦をベースにした自家製パン・サワードウブレッドは、Whey and shrimp beer are used.。Why、Is it limited to shrimp beer? He told me that。Based on the historical fact that the first store of the beer hall "Ginza Lion" on the basement 2nd floor of this building was the same as the address of the same building as Ginza 5-chome 8-1、Limited use to "Ginza Lion" shrimp beer。Homemade yeast is、Chef Kato was enrolled in a bakery during his training in Denmark.、Take home the yeast cultured from the bakery.、It's still being used today.。For sourdough bread that feels the aroma of rye and firm umami、Every morning、Fresh butter that is making a squeaking sound in the kitchen、Served with two kinds of thick whipped butter combined with charred butter and buttermilk。 「和歌山 スズキ」 メインの魚料理は、Suzuki's Viernoise in Wakayama。Spices and herbs、Wearing bread crumbs with cheese、The surface is fragrant and the inside is plump and baked.。It is served with a sauce that takes advantage of the umami and acidity of salt-dried tomatoes.。Served with vegetables、Sautéed Pecoros、Pickled red onion、Green asparagus、ネトル(イラクサ)のペーストや酸味のアクセントが楽しめるオゼイユなどを添えて! 「岩手 ホロホロ鶏」 メインの肉料理は岩手の「石黒農場」のホロホロ鶏の胸肉をシンプルにロースト。Wearing a thin sheet made of apples and onions、Summer truffles and amaranth、Pasted potatoes rolled up and served with fried garnish。At "Ishiguro Farm" in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, which is also a hot spring resort、Build a chicken coop on a vast site、Use the hot springs that spring up to lay down floor heating, etc.、It is successful in breeding holoholo chickens that are difficult to raise in Japan with four seasons、The only dedicated farmer of holoholo chickens in Japan。What is a holoholo chicken?、In the pheasant family of birds inhabiting the tropics、It is also said to be the queen of birds of prey、No smell or habit、柔らかくジューシィーな肉質でコク深い味わいが楽しめます! 「長野 ラベンダー」 本日のデセールは、Edible lavender in Nagano。Sneak mascarpone and ice cream under the disc、Raspberry Chocolat、Rasberg boiled with apple vinegar、With viola。You will be served while breaking the disc made by combining lavender vinegar and milk! Lavender desale that shines in a chic outfit on a gray bowl、その味わいも見た目通りの大人の味わいとなります! 食後のドリンクとミニャルディーズは、We will move to the terrace seat with a good view。銀座和光時計台を正面に見下ろす風景は何とも贅沢なロケーション! 外気に触れ、A moment while feeling the bustle of Ginza with your own skin。車の音や人の流れ全ての喧騒が普段静岡では味わうことのないBGMとなっています(笑) 謎の球体を抱え再度顔を見せてくれた加藤シェフ。Apparently、ミニャルディーズの入った器で蓋を取れば三段重に。Now、一つひとつの小菓子を説明していたただきましょう! 「ミニャルディーズ①」 ミニャルディーズの一段目は焼きたてのパンケーキこちらはデンマークの伝統的なパンケーキで現地ではテニスボールぐらいの大きさになるようですが、In order not to become a small candy、It seems that it is baked cutely with a takoyaki (laughs) This pancake has、Sneak up on Reverb Jam! "Mignardiz (2)、③、(4)" The second stage is、The color is also adorable and incorporates three kinds。山形を代表するブランドさくらんぼ佐藤錦のタルト銀座界隈を飛び回るミツバチから採れる高貴な銀座はちみつを使った四層のケーキ幻の果実・ポポーのマカロン懐かしい思い出のあるポポーに思わず声を上げると「30人に1人ぐらいしか知らないポポーを御存知なのですね」と笑みを浮かべる加藤シェフポポーは以前果実のまま頂いたことがあり、It's a mysterious fruit.、It's something I googled at the time.。It has a sweetness with a complex taste, like mango or banana plus coconut、And yet, I could feel the refreshing smell like pineapple.、Popo can enjoy the taste just like a tropical fruit。忘れるはずがありません! 「ミニャルディーズ⑤」 三段目は紅茶のアールグレイとキャラメルを使った濃厚なチョコレートムースはとろける美味しさです! どの小菓子もプティサイズでありながらきちんと主張をしてくる逸品揃い!コーヒーに合わせて楽しみます! 「コーヒー」 この日は生憎の天候で雨が散らつく中ではありましたが逆に夏の涼を感じられる過ごしやすいテラス席となり、Eyjafjallajökull、時計台と睨めっこ。 Ringing from the Wako Clock Tower、14The sound of a bell announcing the time。Feel the majesty in the quaint appearance reminiscent of the good old days.。 パリにはパリのコペンハーゲンにはコペンハーゲンの料理がありここ銀座では「本場の味そのまま」でも「懐かしい銀座ノスタルジー」でもない一から築き直すような気持ちで「L’ARGENT」の料理を作り上げていきたいと願う加藤シェフの心意気が感じられた料理たちを堪能最後に加藤シェフと小倉マネージャーと一緒に記念撮影!また是非足を運びたいと思います! レストラン ラルジャン(Restaurant L’ARGENT) 住所〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5-8-1 GINZA PLACE7F お問合せTEL:03-6280-6234 Reservation number:050-5384-9609 Hours of operation: Tue ~ Sun, holiday, celebration:Lunch 11:30-15:00( L.O.13:30) 火~日・祝・祝前:Dinner 17:30-23:30( L.O.20:30) Bar:16:00-23:00( L.O.22:30) Closed:Monday ※2022年7月現在ソムリエの求人募集中!...

Toyohashi French "aru" Delicate and neat full course along the body naturally by making use of the local material of Higashi-Mikawa

Since 12/27/2017 opened in the city of Toyohashi, Aichi prefecture building 2nd floor、As early as distinguished oneself、I went to French restaurant "aru", which has grown into a popular restaurant in the Higashi-Mikawa area.、Full course lunchtime! The location is on the 2nd floor of the Yoshida Building along Hirokoji within a 5-minute walk from JR Toyohashi Station.、A simple brass sign under the soft light lit by eucalyptus trees and naked bulbs is a landmark! If you visit for the first time in a while、1On the 1st floor, there was a high-end bread specialty store "Muginokura"。 The name of the shop is named after the names of your two children.、"aru(al)"。 At the end of the leisurely approach、The smoky blue wooden door that becomes the theme color of this shop welcomes you gently、A comfortable space awaits you at the end of the door! The design of the store is、Toyokawa is active mainly in architects ' HAAG DESIGN + Haag Cafe (Hague Design + The Hague Cafe)" is designed to incorporate the chef's attention、Exudes a cosy soft air to flow into the simplicity of space。Kitchen suggests that the appearance of the floor are arranged on the right、We have about 14 to 18 seats in a relaxed manner.、It seems that the sales style while the number of seats is slightly limited by corona disaster continues。 20I wanted to out the atmosphere of the restaurant you like found in the apprenticeship in Paris in the late、Suzuki chef talk round table using the old material was item 外せない。Think that chef is granted the、Kazushi Aoyama, a craftsman of the workshop "Wood and Leather aoyama" in Shitara-cho, Aichi Prefecture! dare、The round table with taste created by stitching together old wood is packed with Chef Suzuki's warm thought that "I want you to enjoy the meal without straining your shoulders and elbows"! Fresh flowers that make you feel the season are、Kaori Akaya of Toyohashi's small flower shop "Lacle Florists" regularly asks for arrangement and maintenance、I am always healed by the flowers and plants that are set up very tastefully! This is、Learn the basics of cooking from Chef Yuji Kawada of osaka's bistro "Avolonte"、In addition、Hiroki Yoshitake of the popular restaurant "Sola" which became independent after training at the 3-star "l'Astrance" in Paris and earned 1 Michelin star at the shortest (Yoshitake Hiroki)And the chef、I learned a lot how to make use of the ingredients from chef Minoru Ogata of "nacrée" in Sendai, who is also from "Astrance" and becomes a Michelin star.、Chef Takumi Suzuki, who gained experience as a service and Sommelier at Restaurant Eternite in Osaka, was 32 years old.、It is an independent shop with Sommelier's wife, Aya Suzuki, and two tripods! Although "ARU" has been cheering since the beginning of the open,、Gault, a restaurant guidebook from France published in 20 countries around the world as a restaurant guide recommended by gastronomic experts&Millau (Go et Millau) 2022" won two tocks for the second consecutive year、Makes its national debut! Currently lunch、Recommended one course "saison" for both dinner ¥11,000 (around 12 dishes)、Taking advantage of ingredients that can see the faces of producers who place trust with the chef's own eyes、We are offering dishes unique to Higashi-Mikawa that can only be tasted here! In the walk-in cellar in the store、About 700 bottles of Wine, mainly Japanese wines, are placed.、The treasured children who have collected little by little by two people up to now are lined up.。You can also enjoy Japanese wine, which has attracted attention in recent years, to match the dishes.、Only in this shop! Today's Menu Drinks menu includes、Available in a wide range of drinks from alcohol to soft drinks、For those who like wine、Mainly Composed of Japanese and French wines、A pairing wine course is also available to snuggles up to the dishes。This time, we selected 7 kinds of dishes with wine for each of them! Champagne「Petitjean Pienne / "Champagnes Blanc de Balncs Extra Brut" / プチジャン ピエンヌ) 「ブラン ド ブラン エクストラ ブリュット シャンパーニュ プチジャン ピエンヌ」は、Blanc de Blanc Champagne made only from Chardonnay。One of the most highly regarded Côte des Blancs districts known for their high-quality Chardonnay、Produced only in Chardonnay from the Village of Claaman, a Grand Cru-rated village。Made by assembling wines from several different years、3Released after 20 years of maturation。Charred butter、Honey、With a faint citrus flavor、It is a well-balanced champagne that harmonizes delicate sourness and gorgeous fruitiness.! 「春人参とライム」 春人参の香りや旨味を水に移した澄み切った冷製スープ。Dripping olive oil、A dish with lime skin shaved to finish。Feel the smell of the soil and the natural sweetness of vegetables、一気に食欲を掻き立てられる魔法のスープです! 最初の冷製スープで食べるモードにスイッチが入ったのか俄然食欲が湧いてきました!初夏に相応しい色鮮やかな盛り付けも思わず心が躍ります! この日は、I visited with my friend Ono-san.、Although I had recommended "aru" for a long time、The timing is not right easily、This time、初aruを体験していただきます! 「ミニトマト」・「もものすけ」 定番で提供している豊川の「ミニトマト」は、tart with rosemary scent。Served with asparagus grown spikes and leaves。"Mini tomato" made with great pains by the family of mr. and Mrs. Suzuki's friends has become one of the indispensable ingredients for "aru"! If you take a bite,、The sweetness of the tomato that can be played with a petit、moderately salty、Finger food with rosemary scent tickles nose。薄タルトのサクサク食感がまた良いアクセントになります! 赤蕪の一種で生で食すのに適している「もものすけ」を薄くスライスし、Homemade karasumi sandwiched between、Served with Nastatium。柔らかな肉質で甘味の強い「もものすけ」にねっとりとした半生カラスミがマッチング! 愛犬ショコラを飼うようになってから、I'm really going out at night and it's really less、Originally, we who drink lunch are more suitable for the character。While the pleasant sunlight shines in、緩やかな時の流れを感じながら味わうワインはまた格別です! 「デラ空洞 2021/LES VINS VIVANTS(レヴァンヴィヴァン」 長野県東御市の「LES VINS VIVANTS(レヴァンヴィヴァン」から初リリースのワイン「デラ空洞2022」。2015Mr. and Mrs. Ogino who moved to Tomi City in 1997、Pinot Noir、Gamay、Chenin Blanc、Chardonnay, etc.、We cultivate various varieties naturally without using pesticides or chemical fertilizers.。This is made by purchasing Delaware from Yamagata Prefecture、Whole chamber semimasseracion carbonic preparation without de-infarction crushing in an open stainless steel tank。Wait for fermentation to begin with wild yeast。I didn't do pijaju.、Light le montage from around the 4th day after fermentation begins。Squeezed with a pneumatic membrane press in the middle of fermentation、Switch to fermentation of only fruit juice。After fermentation、Surreal until bottled to give it a little umami。No sulfite is added from preparation to bottling、Unfiltered、Bottled。ヌーヴォーらしいチャーミングな香りとデラウェア特有の溌剌とした酸と旨味のバランスが取れたワインを「玉レタス」に合わせて! エチケットのイラストは、Illustrator Yunico Uchiyama's unique and cute design、It's etiquette that I don't often see as wine.、I feel like that's the time、一瞬「YOASOBI」的だと思いました!(笑) 「イチローファームの玉レタス」 豊川の「イチローファーム」は、Yoshiyasu Kitakawa's older brother of "Biryoku no Kaze Farm Kitakawa" where green asparagus is made、Looking up to Ichiro Kitagawa、"Ichiro Farm" taken from the name。The organic "tama lettuce" made here、No lye or ebb at all、Lushly、Leaves are softer than winter lettuce、You can feel the sweetness! Served with baby leaf salad on top、Pickled kumquat compote and chalets in some places、Salad lettuce with oil made with toyohashi leaves, which boasts the largest production volume! There is no crispy feeling、Feel the sweetness of lettuce every time you chew、The bitterness of kumquat、The faintly fragrant leaf oil is beautifully fused、デラウェアのナチュールワインとの相性も抜群!このレタスの持つ素材の強さを存分に活かしているサラダレタスにハマってしまいました! 自然の恵みが織り成す断面美!これほどに瑞々しく美味しいレタスであれば一玉をあっという間に平らげてしまうことでしょう!愛知県と静岡県は本当に美味しい野菜を作る農家さんで溢れています! 「こことあるシリーズ 2018 ぴのろぜ/ COCO FARM & WINERY(ココ・ファーム・ワイナリー)」 このロゼワインは、It all started when I tried pinot noir, which I originally intended to make red wine, and made rosé wine.、The wine made with the intention of being a one-time limit was so popular that、It later、It is built while refining and exploring the best way。The mouthfeel has a pink grapefruit-like umami and bitter aroma centered on a sour taste with a smooth core.、フレッシュで豊かな果実味のある味わいが心地好いワインを「初鰹」に合わせて! 殆どのサーヴを奥様の彩ちゃんが担当してくれますが、Occasionally、鈴木シェフもキッチンから出てきて料理の説明をしてくれます!アシスタントを付けずに全てを一人で担う鈴木くんには脱帽です! 「新玉葱 初鰹」 御前崎の初鰹に薪の香りを纏わせ、Pureed onion served instead of sauce。Purple radishes or pickled carrots、I taste it with tsubokusa with the bittersweetness of wild vegetables。Wildflowers, which are natural and ask masters of wildflowers, are also attached to the dishes.。The nutritional value of wild grass and the power of nature are inscapable.。The first bonito cut into thick dice、In a beautiful color with a pale and transparent feeling,、Enjoy the light taste that comes perfectly at this time of year、滑らかで上質な新玉ピューレの甘味が初鰹を優しく包んでくれています! 「北河さんのグリーンアスパラガス」 「豊橋百儂人」に認定されている「美緑の風ファーム北河」の北河芳泰さんのグリーンアスパラガスの登場です!太くて立派なグリーンアスパラガスですが瑞々しさを味わうために下茹でなしで調理し提供グリーンアスパラガスからとったお出汁をバターで乳化させたソースと木の芽、Dill、ボリジ柚子のコンフィチュールを添えて北河さんのグリーンアスパラガスは香りが強く柔らかくジューシィーな果肉が特徴でバターソースの香ばしさにも負けず劣らずの個性が引き立ちます!...

Hida Takayama Kiyomi "Cure Nonchue" Ham and sausage specialty store pursuing the taste of authentic French tradition

In the town of Kiyomi near Hida Takayama、Looking for the same cool air and delicious water as france、Curnontue, a workshop at Charcuterie Salezon, which specializes in french ham and sausages。 Mr. Junji Yamaoka, who was a founder and famous owner who was passionate about smoking making、I left the trading company I worked for and went to France at the age of 60.、After training for three years in Jura Mountains Mortoo, famous for smoked products in Europe、After returning to Japan、After repeated selection of locations、1998Opened in the Hida Mountains in the autumn of 2008。What is the shop name "Kurnonchue"?、In honor of the writer-foodies Kurnonsky, who has made France's local cuisine and tourism resources known to the world、Apply the same sound verb (give in) as the smoke guidance (=tue) of the smoking equipment peculiar to the provinces、It is named with the meaning "Why can't I let you come in with delicious food?"、Mr. Yamaoka still died、The authentic taste has been handed down by the handwork of the disciple craftsmen.。 A wooden workshop that blends into the peaceful scenery of Kiyomi rich in nature、in the Jura Mountains of Fransch-Conte、17Because it is equipped with a smoke chamber as well as a custom to design the building around the smoke guidance (Chue) of smoking from the old days of the 21st century、屋根から聳え立つ煙突が目印にもなっています! 鹿児島の霧島高原で元気良く放牧地を駆け回り、Prosciutto and sausage made from "Kagoshima Kurobuta" grown on natural feed、Smoked products such as bacon、Mature products、Heating products and more than 40 items、幅広いバリエーションで揃う店内! キュルノンチュエの味覚の土台となる四本の柱「①ブルターニュ”ゲランド塩田の天日乾燥塩”、Setouchi "Hakata's Salt" and Self-Contained Salt、"(2) Traditional Techniques of 2,000 Years in Europe"、"(3) Kagoshima Kurobuta of the Imperial Household Agency's delivery ranch"、"(4) Spring water filtered with buried Jomon cedar"、It has been reproduced a real smoked that can not be imitated by anyone who dwells only in the smoked product of Curnontue born from a french traditional technique、It is a famous restaurant in many famous restaurants who come to see this ham and sausage from all over the country。It is only a gem that is pleased as a gift and a souvenir、詰め合わせセットの直送便も人気です! 奥は試食&イートインスペースが用意されています天井を覆うように吊るされた「白かび熟成の乾燥ソーセージ」たちの夥しい数のソーセージはいつ見ても圧巻です! こちらでは、It is possible to sample some of the recommended hams and sausages of the day。When you enter the store, the staff asks me, "How many people?"、Please prepare a tasting for the number of people.。Not have to put up with a driver、Because beer is also sold in stores、試食のハムやソーセージをいただきながら一杯いただくことも可能です! この日の試食は6種類。"Dried sausage of white kabi aging" which can be said to be a signboard product、"Frankfurt sausage"、"Lyette du Man Speciale"、Limited edition "Andeuil"、"Smoked black pork tongue"、"Smoked malto sausage", etc.。All of them are delicious.、After all, because it does not understand if it eats and it sees、試食サービスはいつも助かっています! 温かいお茶もサービスで添えてくださるので、Take a break。It is possible to carefully examine and select slowly、To make my dog chocolat wait in the car、Papapatsu and I have you、I'll spare you a quick decision to shop.。Because the terrace seat which was not when I visited before had been expanded、暖かくなったらテラス席での試食も気持ち良いでしょうね♪ 試食した中からお気に入りのソーセージを数種類。 Bacon "smoked pork belly" which is also the basic material of carnivorous culture and smoked prosciutto "smoked prosciutto of chimney" unique to smoked kingdom Franch -Conte。 Wrapped in blank paper、A wide variety of flavorful aged dried sausages distinguished by colorful paper straps、それぞれに味わいが異なり楽しめます! 試食後にスタッフさんにお声がけしながら、I will choose my favorite product。Day trip to Hida Takayama、Here at the end of "Kurnonchue"、On the way back to Hamamatsu。 To return home.、The goods that I have purchased、オーストラリアの赤ワイン「FLUUS 2012 RUGGABELLUS(フルウス 2012 ラガベラス)」と共に早速いただいてみましょう! ①水色の紙紐 「ソオスィソン・セック・フルール・ブランシュ(白かび熟成の乾燥ソーセージ)」100g¥1,620(税込) ②黄色の紙紐 「モンベリアール・セッシュ(モンベリアールの乾燥ソーセージ)」100g¥1,221(税込) ③赤い紙紐 「チョリソ・セック(チョリソの乾燥ソーセージ)」100g¥1,404(税込) ①看板商品とも言える極上乾燥ソーセージ「白かび熟成の乾燥ソーセージ」は、Covered penicile white bacteria can be eaten as they are。その独特の風味ゆえにファンの多い人気商品です! ②モンベリアールのソーセージの乾燥バージョン「モンベリアール・セッシュ」は、Aroma of cumin、熟成味が堪りません! ③スペインの歴史と共に生まれたパプリカ風味が魅力のピリ辛ソーセージ「チョリソの乾燥ソーセージ」は辛いもの好きな大人向けの酒の当てとなります! 乾燥ソーセージ3種もそれぞれの味わいを楽しみながらワインが進みます! 今回燻製品の中で一番のお気に入りは「黒豚舌の燻製」100g¥756 鹿児島黒豚は流通主力品種三元交配豚に比べ飼育期間が長く、High-end varieties with a small number of piglets and a distribution price of 3 to 4 times。This "smoked black pork tongue" to make use of a unique texture and a light taste、10More than 10 kinds of spices and white wine、Seasoned with liqueur、I'm smoked from vacuum。気付けばスライスした1本をあっという間に食してしまうほどに「ワイン⇄豚舌」の無限ループが続きます! 「アンドュイユ」100g¥875 豚の内臓(胃・大腸・豚トロ)を粗目にカットし、Salt、Add seasonings such as spices、It is made by stuffing and heating and smoking in the intestines of cows。To taste deliciously as it is without heating、The best dish for appetizers! Because this is a limited product、お求めになりたい方はお店に事前確認してみてください! 「リエット・デュ・マン・スペシャリテ」120g¥1,050(税込) 飛騨高山のブーランジェリー「TRAIN BLEU(トラン・ブルー)」の「バタール」に添えて。 Only pork is boiled using bone-in pork belly as the main ingredient、To the material of the fiber-like which loosened carefully by the hand、Bouquet Garni and prosciutto cut off、Bouillon drawn from the femur、Proprietary oils and fats、Spice、Add the dice of back fat、A gem in the gem that was all finished by hand! I'll make Pork Lyette, too.、After all the material is different、Because the amount of time and effort is too different、雲泥の差を痛感する極上のプロの味わいが楽しめます! 晩酌タイムが、A night of "Kurnonchue" that feels even richer。皆様にも是非ともお勧めしたいシャルキュトリー・サレゾンとなります! Curnontue(キュルノンチュエ) 住所:3154 Makiga-dong, Kiyomi-cho, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture TEL:0577-68-3377 Hours of operation:10:00-17:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday Parking:There is next to the store (free)

Nagoya French "Reminisense" Tin wedding ceremony with a course of recollection that a pleasant aftertaste sharpened gently resonates

It is close to "Shirakawa Park" full of greenery in Nagoya.、At reminiscence, a 2-Michelin-starred French restaurant enshrined on the 2nd floor of the Comfort Sakae Building where the high-end raw bread specialty store "Nogami" along Shirakawa Park Higashihonmachi Street、2022年2月22日に錫婚式を迎える私たちの結婚10周年記念のお祝いへ! こちらは、Chef Kishida Shuzo of Quintessence、West is under Chef Hajime Yoneda of Hajime、Chef Masaki Kuzuhara (36 years old) trained at one of Japan's leading Michelin-starred restaurants in the East and West、In the shops opened on the 30-year-old's birthday is 7/23/2015、An instant popularity、20192 Michelin stars in 2008、Even now, the 7th anniversary of this year continues to evolve、And many foodies have to groan quite French、わたし達もお勧めのレストランとなります! 「Reminiscence(レミニセンス)」 コンセプト 生きること=豊かな人生を送ること 豊かな人生とは心地よい余韻と心に残る暖かい記憶の調和が 充実していることだと思います。 Finish with storage。 By making meals、As well as the people's body to create food nutrition、 But the time we spent in reminiscence customers remain customers finish with storage、 素晴らしい人生に思い出という形で残ってほしい 食の豊かさ、And can enjoy the pleasure of food、人生がより豊かになると祈って 柔らかな自然光が降り注ぎ、Clean interior based on white。2018年に再訪した際に飛騨高山にて北欧名作家具をライセンス生産する家具メーカー「キタニ(Kitani)」を紹介させていただいたことを機にテーブルとチェアを一掃され、Everything is made to order with Kitani! One year after the conception I drew in 2018、2019From October 2008、We welcome guests with a dignified appearance as much as possible as a face of reminic sense by changing the decoration。 Jakob Care's masterpiece, also known as the "FN Chair", designed for the United Nations Building in New York-03(Jacob Kjær 1948)」。It is unusual for his work mainly to be classical design、It becomes a modern design that symbolizes the times。Selected "sakura" of natural wood that becomes a pale color、Creates a soft atmosphere familiar to the hand。The square table is delicate and stylish with a round leg design.、We have devised a way to make room around the guest's feet comfortable.。 In the back seat by the window、「JK-03(FN chair) with a chair designed to add a sense of peace to "JK"-05(Jacob Kjær 1948)。Urethane foam is laminated on the back cushion.、The back and seat surface gently wrap the back and support it with an integrated structure。 A meal at Reminisense that has been a long time。"It has changed from before Oita, so please look forward to it"I received a message、どのような変化が感じられるのか心が躍ります! 現在のレミニセンスのコースは「おまかせコース(料理+デザート+食後のドリンク)」20,000円(税込)のみとなりますが、2022April 1- -、"Short course" 15,000 yen (tax included) will be introduced for lunch.。This time, 9,800 yen of "Wine Pairing Half", which can be paired with 6 kinds of wine (*including Champagne), is added to each full course。 飛騨高山にて行列の絶えない人気ブーランジェリー「TRAIN BLEU(トラン・ブルー)」の成瀬正(Tadashi Naruse)氏との出逢いにより、If your goals and beliefs align with each other、As a partner who respects each other and can trust、「レミニセンス × トラン・ブルー」のコラボレーションが此処で実現しています! Sommelierの松永新一郎さんがセレクトのワインペアリング先ずはシャンパーニュから! 結婚10周年。There were many twists and turns.、いつも素敵な刺激を与えてくれる主人に感謝して乾杯! 「キュヴェ・743・エクストラ・ブリュット(CUVEE 743 EXTRA BRUT)/ ジャクソン (JACQUESSON)」 ブドウ品種:Chardonnay 50%、Pinot Noir25%、ムニエ25% 創業1798年と200年を超える歴史を持ち格式高いメゾンの「シャンパーニュ・ジャクソン」。Focusing on the own fields of Dizzy village and Gran Cruai village where it is based、52We create the world's highest champagne from the fields of ha。Jackson's representative cuvée 700 series、A generous blend of the grapes that were once used for vintage、It is a popular series that has been enhanced to the quality comparable to The Prestige Champagne。Among them, this cuvée 743、In the first non-dosage、In the best possible in the history of the series selected as all Champagne No. 1 by the world's best sommelier、良質な果汁のボリュームをギュッと締まった酸と研ぎ澄まされたミネラルが見事に調和した最高峰のノンヴィンテージシャンパーニュ! 御料理は第一章〜第三章(余韻・記憶・安堵)に分かれ、It is composed of a four-part work up to the tea confectionery that becomes the last chapter (recollection)、先ずは余韻を楽しむ第一章の一皿目からスタートします! 第一章〜余韻〜 「雲丹」 葛原シェフが食材の中で一番心地の良い「余韻」を感じる食材は「雲丹」だと仰います。And ingredients had changed his life, and、"Sea urchin" seems to be indispensable among the ingredients that you want to express with "reminisense".、The start of the afterglow of Chapter 1 is decided as "Sea urchin"。佐賀の有田焼「カマチ陶舗(Kamachi Toho)」のドーム型の真っ白な陶器に添えられた最初の一品は手でそのまま頂くフィンガーフードです。Sea urchin on a tuile with the scent of the sea。Lily root oil and rock nori、Micro-amarantus。一口で頬張ると溢れ出る極上の甘味と鼻に抜ける磯の香りで余韻を楽しめます! 「コトー・デュ・ロワール ブラン・レフレ 2019 (Coteaux du Loir Blanc L’Effraie)/ ドメーヌ・べリヴィエール(Domaine Belliviere)」 ブドウ品種シュナン・ブラン100% コトー・デュ・ロワールにある6つの区画の樹齢50年以下のブドウを使用。has the scent of flesh-filled yellow fruits such as apricots and yellow peaches、A transparent fruity taste that spreads smoothly in the mouth。A dry type with a faint bitterness of minerals and firm acid that tightens the milky aftertaste。While enjoying the scent of the slightly fragrant sea, match the next Shirako。 第一章〜余韻〜 「白子」 香ばしくソテーした口溶け滑らかな鱈の白子に、Rubbing the oni-down of winter melons and adding it in a flowing style、A little jam-like yuzu is a good accent。The beautiful greens around you are the oil of shiblets.。Herbs and Flower Hoshiso、Powder chili pepper、Served with nuts、A gentle dish that is easy to adapt to the body incorporating Japanese elements。 トラン・ブルー「あられ」 「トラン・ブルー」から調達されるパンは、Three types are offered between course dishes、8~90% of the finished bread is baked in the oven and completed.。Here is、by combining hail made from rice with wheat bread from the same grain、Each of them claims a texture and aroma、A dish to enjoy the taste。In the crunchy texture of the most fragrant hail、In the fabric that is crispy and chewy、It goes well with soft, light and soft wheat.、While snuggling up to reminisense dishes as delicious meal bread、Appeared in perfect standing position。Be honest、Personally, butter feels unnecessary.、優れたバランスの旨味の強いパンです! 「ブルゴーニュ アリゴテ 2016 ブノワ アント (Bourgogne Aligote Benoit Ente)/ ドメーヌ・ブノワ・アント(Domaine Benoit Ente)」 ブドウ品種アリゴテ100% ムルソー村の頂点に君臨するアルノー・アントを兄に持ち、1990A phantom Burgundy produced in a very small amount from a field of only a few ha that has been released since 1998, inheriting the fields of grandparents since 1998。We want to create a more elegant and balanced wine with a strong impact、Pruning reduces yields and harvests only grapes that are mature。a blend of age planted about 70 and 20 years ago planted in Purigny Montrachet。It has a thick yet rich acidity and a crisp and firm taste、Full of minerality、樽由来の柔らかな余韻も楽しめるアリゴテはお次の牡蠣に合わせて! 第一章〜余韻〜 「牡蠣」 富山は八尾の木工ユニット作家・下尾和彦&下尾さおり夫妻が手掛ける「Shimoo Design」の美しい木目が引き立つ浮造りの技法を用いた「浮様シリーズ」の美しいオーバル皿に盛り込んだ三皿目。Lightly stewed with oysters and eggplant、Wrap it in spinach.、Wrapped in part filly and baked in the oven。Underneath, a smooth cream with oysters and potatoes、Mushroom paste in front of you、Served with a sweet sauce made with Madera。Top is oysters grilled over charcoal and cream with fromage blanc、Fresh herbs with kumquat jam and kumquat chips、Oyster scallops are marinated in blue benier dough and finished with a light frit。サクッとした食感の中から牡蠣の旨味が溢れ出る一品でハーブが良い仕事をしています! 「ドメーヌ・ツィント・フンブレヒト ゲヴュルツトラミネール 2018 (Domaine Zind Humbrecht Gewurztraminer)」 ブドウ品種ゲヴュルツトラミネール100% アルザス地方ゲベールシュヴィールのフンブレヒト家は、1620With a venerable family that has been making wine since 2000、1959In 2005, Leonard Humbrecht joined Junuviève Tsint, the creator of The Alsace region of Vintsenheim.、Domaine Tsint Humbrecht established in Turkheim。From the commitment to the quality of the wine、Converting all of our own fields to biodinami farming methods that are more stringent than organic cultivation、In brewing, high-quality juice is squeezed by pressing grapes overnight under soft pressure、By the method of winemaking which pursues the maximum quality such as long-term fermentation in the large barrel using only native yeast、It produces a pure, condensed wine that maximizes the individuality of Alsace's supreme terroir and grape varieties。Citrus fruit、The aromas of fruits such as lychee and spices are gorgeous、It is in harmony with rich taste、Fresh finish。The ultimate Alsace Gewürztraminaire by natural biodinami farming to the next shark fin。 第一章〜余韻〜 「フカヒレ」 甑鮫のフカヒレを7時間、Stewed in chicken soup with scallops and dried shrimp、I put together the kudzu flour and finish it in the frit shape。Braised shark fin soup with hair crab and shark fin、Served with black oil with mushrooms。It goes well with Ishikawaimo, which has a moist texture made by wearing sesame seeds on fragrant baked rice cakes.、旨味の強い神戸牛の生ハムの残り香が良いアクセントに!...

Lake Hamana "THE HAMANAKO" Great day-trip hot spring plan with French lunch to enjoy Yuto Onsen!

"The HAMANAKO" overlooking Lake Hamana、All rooms are lake view、2014Oriental Modern & Resort」をデザインコンセプトに全面リニューアルした露天風呂と大浴場の「ONSEN La Coon(温泉ラクーン)」が楽しめる大人のリゾートホテルです! 今回は、While enjoying Yuto Onsen at this hotel、Enjoy lunch at a French restaurant、客室での休憩までもが付いてくるお得な「日帰り温泉ランチ付プラン」を利用致します! 2012年に大規模リニューアルされたロビーは、With the theme of "Japan from the East"、It's christmas season.、中央に設置された巨大クリスマスツリーが出迎えてくれます! 「日帰り温泉ランチ付プラン」は、11:30~ 17:00Up to the time、ゆったりとホテル利用が可能となるお得なプランです! フロントでのチェックインを済ませ、I was guided.、After receiving the room key, head to the restaurant! The restaurant is、1階「日本料理 遠州灘」の和食または最上階となる13階「スカイレストラン バンボシュール」のフランス料理のいずれかを選べます! 私たちは抜群のロケーションを誇る13階「スカイレストラン バンボシュール」のフランス料理のランチをセレクト!Sommelierの水口さんが出迎えてくださいました! コロナ禍で外食が減ってしまっていることもありますが、It's been a few years since I visited here.。I've been talking about it a lot.。 クリスマスの装飾と共に並ぶ錚々たるワインのボトルたち! レイクビューとなるお席は、Sunny and comfortable、Warmth that can't be thought of as winter。 The beauty that the surface of the lake reflects in the sunlight is dazzling enough not to be suppressed by the image、The view from the top floor spreading like a panorama、浜名湖随一のロケーションを誇ります! 「デュク・ドゥ・モンターニュ・ロゼ(DUC DE MONTAGNE ROSE)」 ノンアルコールのスパークリングにて乾杯!ベルギー大使館推奨の飲料メーカー、This "Duc de Montagne" made by Neobül、It is a big hit product that boasts annual sales of 1 million bottles in France、It's made with the same time and effort as wine.、ノンアルコールとは思えないほど完成度の高い味わいを実現しています! クリスマス仕様で小さなサンタさんとツリーに囲まれて一足早いクリスマスランチ! オードブル 「真鯛のカダイフ包み揚げ ドライトマト、Red-turnip、ビーツのソース」 クリスマス週間に相応しいオードブルの登場で赤と緑のコントラストが美しい一皿! 本日の鮮魚は真鯛でカダイフで包み揚げ、I enjoy the crunchy texture of crispy and fine kadaifu outside、The inside is a fluffy sea bream! The sauce under the kadaifu is a sauce condensed with the sweetness and sourness of dried tomatoes.、器に描かれた鮮やかな赤いソースはビーツで仕上げられています! 「チキンのロティ」 皮面をパリッと焼き上げオーブンでじっくりと火入れしているため身はふっくらと柔らかく焼き汁に牛の出汁フォンを加えて煮詰めたソースでさっぱりといただきます! 「ポークグリエ」 焼き目を付けた後にオーブンで火入れし中はしっとりと柔らかに仕上がっています!ソースはチキンと同じく焼き汁に牛の出汁フォンを加えて煮詰めたソースで! 「小さなロールケーキ フルーツ バニラグラス」 たっぷりのカットフルーツが添えられた器にはふわふわの小さなロールケーキは忍ばされており、With vanilla ice cream。Vanilla and cream sweetness with fruit sourness、後味さっぱりとしたデザートです! 「コーヒー」 「フォンダンショコラ フランボワーズグラス」 通常の日帰り温泉ランチのプランではデザートは一皿ですがソムリエの水口さんからもう一皿のクリスマスデザートを頂戴しました! 中はしっとりと濃厚なフォンダンショコラに酸味のあるフランボワーズのアイスを添えて! そして、Good news is that、デザートに合わせて特別な「貴腐ワイン」も頂戴します! 「サンタ・バーバラ・ワイナリー・ジンファンデル・エッセンス 2003 (Santa Barbara Winery/Lafond Vineyard Zinfandel Essence 2003)」 カリフォルニアの風光明媚な観光地サンタバーバラの街中にある老舗のワイナリー「サンタバーバラ」。At the time of establishment, it was only the scale of selling dessert wine locally.、Santa Barbara's leading winery now producing more than 20,000 cases。Ripe Zinfandel、I made wine by the chance of the winemaker of the grape which was originally going to be discarded.、Unexpectedly, you'll have a wonderful red dessert wine.、Very rare red rot wine! It has only been produced six times in more than 40 years since the winery was established、In a very rare wine、The original Zinfandel old tree has already been pulled out, so it is a very valuable thing that can never be obtained again except the existing one!In the manga "New Sommelier Shun no Wine" by Mr. Shiro Araki、This Zinfandel Essence has appeared、Kenichi Hori of the California Wine Institute made a lot of headlines with his comments about wine! in a glossy reddish purple、ふくよかで濃厚な味わいながらも綺麗な酸を持つプラムジュースのような味わいが楽しめます! 東側を望む窓からは浜松の街のシンボルとなる「浜松アクトタワー」の姿も捉えることができます! BGMにはシャンソンがかかり、Enjoy an afternoon when the flow of time feels gentle。 The staff who knows the face in Bambosure decreases, too.、I've met Mr. Mizuguchi for the first time in a long time.、お元気そうなお顔が見れて嬉しかったです! 食後は、With the towel set you prepared in your room、1階奥にある「温泉SPA」へと参りましょう! 2014年3月に「Oriental Modern & Resort" is a completely renewed open-air bath and large public bath with the design concept、南国リゾートの雰囲気で清潔感のある寛ぎの空間に生まれ変わっています! 男湯と女湯に分かれて入浴。This hot spring is、The private source "Yuto Onsen" gushing out from 500m underground is drawn、The name of the hot springs、地元の雄踏(ゆうとう)町から名付けられています! 男湯「露天風呂」 ガゼボ(西洋風あずまや)のような露天風呂が中央に設置されており、Surrounded by tropical trees、Look up at the blue sky、外の風を心地良く感じながら入湯できます! 男湯「露天風呂」 外湯ということもあり、I'm glad that a little hot water is prepared.、Because the hot water temperature changes depending on the place to enter、Let's enjoy the hot water temperature that suits your body! Because the number of customers is overwhelmingly different on weekdays than on weekends、混雑を避けたい方は平日利用がお勧めです! 男湯「露天風呂(お茶風呂)」 外湯の中には、A teacup-like bathtub is installed for both men and women.、Tea venue Shizuoka's unique event、You can enjoy a fragrant "tea bath" using plenty of "Shizuoka prefecture tea leaves"! If you take a deep breath while soaking in the tea bath、You will be healed by the fragrant aroma of tea! Because this "tea bath stock" is sold in the souvenir shop、御自宅でも「お茶風呂」を楽しむことが可能です! 内湯に設置された「男湯サウナ」は、Hot dry hot air promotes sweating、It becomes a dry sauna where you can enjoy the exhilaration when sweat vaporizes、"Women's Bath Sauna" is、A mist sauna with high humidity is installed.。Mist sauna is because there is a lot of moisture in the air、お肌の水分量を保ちながら利用することが可能です! また、In the women's bath、You can enjoy a change bath that is nice for healthy and beautiful skin, such as "carbonated spring" that is good for blood circulation and "silk bath" to make beautiful skin、乾燥肌持ちの私の一番のお気に入りはやはり湯上がりの肌がしっとりとした「シルク風呂」となります! 雄踏温泉を満喫した後は、Take a short break back to your room。今回お世話になった客室は9階「915号室」 柔らかな色調で温かみがあり、In a Western-style room that becomes a simple and tireless design、36In the area of the square meter、ツインベッドは120cm幅のセミダブルでゆったりとしています! お部屋に用意された静岡茶で一服しながら温泉で温まった身体を休めます! 全室レイクビューとなる「THE HAMANAKO(ザ・浜名湖)」の景色に癒されながら、Hot Springs and Meals、A petit-rich day trip plan where you can enjoy a room break、You can relax both mind and body、浜松市在住の方にもお勧めできるプランとなります! THE HAMANAKO(ザ・浜名湖) 所在地:4396-1 Yamazaki, Otocho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka PREFECTURE TEL:053-592-2222 Parking lot:約300台有(利用者無料)

Kikukawa French "Western Cuisine Savaka" A hidden gibier restaurant nestled in a small satoyama village "sabaka"

A special dinner at the hidden French restaurant "Western Cuisine Savak." standing in a small satoyama village "sabaka" along the Sawamika River flowing along the valley between Kikugawa mountains! On this day、浜松の「Pâtisserie Abondance(パティスリー・アボンドンス)」のオーナーパティシエのベルナール・エベルレ(Bernard Heberle)と豊佳さん夫妻にお誘いいただき、With transfer of Your Favorite Car Citroën Traxion Avant in Bernard、The ride and running of a classic car that makes you feel the times is wonderful more than I imagined、まるで貴族のような気分を味わえました! 冬のこの時期ならではの滋味深い味わいのジビエ料理(Le Gibier)を求めて久方振りの訪問となり、Last time it was lunch time where you can enjoy the view of the lush satoyama、This day is night。When I push on a mountain path of darkness with almost no streetlights、A warm wooden structure standing in the mountains appears、Relief at the glittering sign at the store's store。 Open the door、A splendid deer antler hung on a bright blue wall welcomes you。"Go et Millau 2021 " (Gault) announced this year&Millau)、評価3トック(15/20点)を獲得されています! 人里離れた静かな集落の夜とは思えぬほどに賑わいを見せる店内! シャンパーニュ 「アスランジェ・ブリュット(M.HASLINGER BRUT) /G.H.マーテル(G.H.MARTEL)」 ベルナールの誕生日祝いを飾るに相応しいシャンパーニュとして、The historic Champagne House's orthodox Champagne "Aslanger Brut (M.HASLINGER BRUT)/G.H. Martell (G.H.MARTEL)"、I'll serve you! (*Wine rental fee):3,000円/1本) ベルナールのお誕生日を祝して乾杯! (Tous mes vœux pour votre anniversaire,Bernard!!) 「アミューズ1:Shiba Shrimp and Aoriika、Autumn Poet and Sakura Shrimp、 ニンニクのチュイル」 桜海老とニンニクの香ばしい香りが広がる見目麗しいアミューズからスタート!ソースは、Gure (Medina) egg in karasumi style sauce arlio。It's made with escargot butter charred on the noisette.。パリパリとニンニクのチュイルを崩しながら混ぜ合わせて頂くのが美味しいです! 「アミューズ2:White ginseng and yellow ginseng mousse、とうもろこしのクーリ」 菊川で契約栽培されている白人参や黄色人参を使用した二皿目のアミューズ。A cute cube like tofu looks like a carrot mousse、There is a yellow carrot mousse in the white ginseng mousse.、You will be served with thick coulis made with late corn "Milky Queen" from Kakegawa! The dill-ousting tuile is as delicate as thin glass.、It's as beautiful as a dead tree trapped in snowflakes、The figure can be seen as a painting.、一足早いクリスマス気分を味わえます! 「自家製ポンデケージョ掛川のポワポワのパン」 もっちもちの小さな丸パンは自家製のポンデケージョでチーズの香ばしさがワインの当てに最適! その他のパンは掛川で国産小麦や種子島の粗糖、Gerand Salt、オーガニックのドライフルーツなど良質な素材にこだわり焼き上げてるパン屋「ポワポワ(POWA POWA)」のもので、I enjoyed about 4 kinds on this day! Enjoy the rich aroma of wheat even if the moist and fluffy bread is intact.、噛み締める毎に自然な甘みが楽しめます!クーリに浸していただいても美味しくいただけます! 「アミューズ3磐田産仔羊のヴァリエ」 お次のアミューズは、3Valier of the Species。Sheep became crossbreeding of the Corridor seed beas.、Because they feed only okara and grass、It becomes a wonderful quality thing without the smell at all、Uses 8 months of lamb in full grazing。With this lamb、3種それぞれに楽しめるバリエーションで提供! ヴァリエ① 「磐田産仔羊のテリーヌ、Rillettes、Heart Smoke、ソシソン」 磐田産仔羊のテリーヌやリエット、Heart Smoke、Socison (Lyon's specialty sausage) with akayamadoritake mushrooms is lined up! None of them smell at all.、The taste is also gentle、羊肉の味わいを活かした仕上がりで絶品! ヴァリエ②「ボロネーゼ、Naballan、聖護院蕪」 丸くくり抜いた聖護院蕪はほっくりと煮込まれておりボロネーゼと組み合わせたフランスの羊肉の煮込み料理ナバラン!上品な赤ワインが恋しくなるお味! ヴァリエ③「スネ肉のポトフ冬野菜」 スネ肉から滲み出る出汁と野菜の甘みが胃に沁み渡る一品で少しずつ色々な味わいが楽しめるのが嬉しいヴァリエ! オードブル1「天然鮎、Long shrimp and dacha beans、黒人参とトマトの温かいジュレ」 大井川産の天然鮎には、Served with long shrimp and Kikukawa dacha beans caught in the second-class river "Nakanishi River" located in the eastern part of Omaezaki City。黒人参のジュレとフルーツトマトを閉じ込めたプルプルのジュレを添えて!存在感のある天然鮎の味わい深さに悶絶! オードブル2「ニホンキジとコガモのロティサラダ仕立て」 右手、Japanese Pheasm、Because I mature the high-quality thing which I finished with a neck shot (neck shot) for 3 degrees Celsius for more than 2 weeks and then roti、You can taste aged aroma and concentrated umami。The sauce is a tashigi with a straight long beak or、It is served with a finished finish by adding cream to a bisque sauce made by crushing the whole gray-colored bulbul etc.、山の恵みが滲み出る一皿! オードブル2「ニホンキジとコガモのロティサラダ仕立て」 左手、The red duck、2Roti the fresh one of the day、色とりどりの根菜や葉野菜などを添えてサラダ仕立てにさっぱりといただきます! 「ルー・デュモン レア・セレクション ブルゴーニュ・ルージュ 2000年 /仲田晃司 天地人 (LOU DUMONT LEA SELECTION BOURGOGNE ROUGE)」 ワインの買い付けのために毎日のように生産者を訪ね歩いている仲田晃司さんが、In the old sake of the brewery which I found in a steady activity、Open the carefully selected "Rare Selection"! The aroma of mellow red fruits produced through aging、Soft acidity、Less tannins.、ふくよかな味わいはとてもエレガント! [仲田晃司/ルー・デュモン] 大学生時代にアルバイト先のフレンチレストランでワインと出会い「いつか自分の手でワインを造ってみたい」という夢を抱き、1995a single-handed Buddha who can't rely on the age。While studying French, I trained by knocking on the gates of brewers in various places.、2000Established "Lou Dumont" in Burgundy on July 7, 2008。2003In May 2005, Henri Jaie trained me to express your identity in wine.、"Being Japanese"、Established the "Heaven, Earth, and People" brand as a symbol of "sincere respect for nature and human beings"。 Fish dish "Black muttu poele"、国産トリュフ入り天然きのこのコンソメスープ」 皮面香ばしく仕上げた黒ムツのポワレは火入れも抜群の状態で仕上がっており、The inside is soft and elegant umami、Natural kuromaitake mushrooms (Daikoku maitake mushrooms) and natural enokitake mushrooms、Kuritake、You will float in consomme soup using truffles from Okayama and plenty of mushrooms! Consomme berth is made from deer and suppon、In the soup with a strong umami that overlaps many layers、菊川産の冬野菜の根菜パースニップのスープをアクセントに加えて! 肉料理「菊川産カルガモのロースト ソースサルミ」 鴨のソースはサルミ(サルミとは、Especially in the sauce used in wild bird dishes、Fragrantly grilled wild bird gala and flavored vegetables with wine and phong、It is a sauce strained while crushing the extract in the bone)。To garnish、Botchan pumpkin dofinnes (potato purée and puff pastry fried in oil):This time I used botchan pumpkin) and root vegetable rutabaga black mesuki (bite-sized croquette) and black radish、Served with potato chips and paste。 肉料理「熟成鹿肉のロースト 赤ワインのソース」 舌に吸い付くようなしっとりと滑らかな舌触りで見事な火入れとなる鹿肉。The garnification is the same on top。ジビエ料理の中でも忘れ難い一皿に! 山口シェフより「ベルちゃん、Congratulations!" and to the birthday cake served by surprise、Bernard can't hide his joy like a child with his cheeks bluish! Congratulations with cream and chocolate cream decorated with a bowl of bowls! Every day seems to have been a birthday party for the past few days.、本当に皆に愛されているベルナールです! バースデーケーキ「苺のショートケーキ」 「デセールは別でございますがお食べになりますか?」と勧められ、Bernard answered immediately, "Of course!"。We also aposted the benefits of the celebration.、お裾分けしていただきました! デセール 「りんごとキャラメルのミルフィーユピスタチオのアイスクリーム添え」 長野県産「やまさ農園」の青リンゴ2種を使用し、Combined with rich caramel、Mille-feuille layered with crispy pie dough。Sautéed apple verdo bos coupe that looks like a pear、Served with fresh bernum oranges、Add hazelnut moment pralines to accents。ピスタチオの濃厚なアイスクリームとの相性も抜群です! ミニャルディーズ(食後の焼き菓子) 「フランボワーズのコキーユ、Black Sesame Macaroons、 Astringent Marron Tartlet、オレンジのチュイルダンテル」 「コーヒー」 昨年足を運んだ際にはなかった「ヤマドリの剥製」の姿が目に留まり、I was allowed to see! In the back is also decorated with a wreath using pheasance feathers、Nice booth! On the face of the pordori, there is a bare out part of the red skin similar to the pheasm.、Black and red-brown hair color for scaly spots。What's even more distinctive is、Long and beautiful tail feathers with wide stripes。The more the stripes there are, the more valuable it is! There are about 13 steps when counting、とても立派な尾羽に見惚れてしまいます! 山口シェフとの歓談を楽しんでいると私たちが最後のゲストとなってしまいました!遅くまでお付き合いくださり有難う御座います! 冬の御馳走、Le Gibier、美味しいワインと共にベルナールのバースデーを祝して過ごす楽しいひととき! 滋味溢れるジビエの肉本来の旨味を味わいたい方は、Right or wrong、菊川の里山にある「西欧料理サヴァカ(Cavak.)」に足を運ばれてみてください! 西欧料理サヴァカ(Cavak.) 住所静岡県菊川市沢水加791-11 TEL:0537-37-1820 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-14:30(LO.13:30) ディナー18:00-21:30(LO.20:30) Closed:月曜日(祝日の場合は翌火曜日) 駐車場有

Angel sound melon appears in "Reminisense" Nagoya Michelin 2-star desale!

名古屋の緑溢れる白川公園から程近い白川公園東本町通り沿いのフレンチレストラン「Reminiscence – レミニセンス」のコース内一皿目のデセールに「影山メロン農園」が手掛ける静岡が誇るマスクメロンの新ブランド「天使音マスクメロン」が期間限定で登場しています!(※2021年4月~2021年6月末までを予定) こちらレストランは、Chef Shuzo Kishida of Quintessence Kantesans、Hajime Yoneda of Hajime Hajime (Hajime Yoneda)Young chef Masaki Kuzuhara, who trained at a top-notch restaurant in east and west under a chef, opened on July 23, 2015, his 30th birthday.、It quickly gained popularity and two stars in the Michelin Guide、A famous restaurant in Nagoya that has won 5 toks at Ngo et Miyo。   Enjoy the cut with frozen melon shaved like powder snow on a rounded melon ball.、Scented with edible flowers & mints、A refreshing taste with a cool tonic gire、The world of richness and sweetness with the texture of brown sugar cookies、A stylish combination that will make the sweetness of angel sound musk melon more enjoyable with a touch with lime cream with the sourness you like moderately。The smooth chocolate cream melon with the scent of matcha with a slightly tickle of the nose was lightly aligned and immersed me in the feeling of good mouth.。 There is an interesting device where different flavors overlap and infinite deliciousness spreads every time you eat a bite、A dish where you can fully enjoy the "remembrance" characteristics of the restaurant name of Remin sense。 I would like everyone to enjoy this dish that you can enjoy various faces while taking advantage of the original taste of angel sound muskmelon.。 レストラン レミニセンス Restaurant Reminiscence 住所:2-15-16 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Comfort Sakae 2F Reservation TEL:052-228-8337 Contact TEL:052-228-8275 Hours of operation:Lunch 12:30- (Lunch resumes from April 20, 2021 to the end of May)、Dinner 17:00~ L.O. 20:00 ※営業時間短縮要請に伴い営業時間にも変動があるため必ずレストランへお問い合わせください 完全予約制 定休日公式サイトのカレンダーをご覧ください Kageyama Melon Farm (Representative):Masaya Kageyama) Hinon Agricultural Co., Ltd. Address:118 Oshimacho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-545-3473

Bangkok's Gaggan relocated to 50 best restaurants in Gaggan Anand

Gaggan Anand closed his Bangkok restaurant, ranked No.4 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019, at the end of August. November saw the world-famous chef’s new incarnation open in a foliage-clad site in the south east of the Thai capital. 50 Best enters the secret garden The gregarious Kolkata-born chef Gaggan Anand made no secret of the spat with his previous backers that heralded his original restaurant’s ahead-of-time closure. Fuelled in part by ‘vengeance’, he sought a new site, completed a root-and-branch refurbishment of the building and curated a new menu in just two...

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