Riding on the Taiwan high-speed railway , the journey from "Taipei Station" in southern Taiwan to "Zuoying Station"


Taipei stationThe、1989 yearThe huge building was completed、
Chinese-style PalaceDecorated with a unique design that mimics the、Conspicuous, is presence.、Swaying palm trees。
Six floors above ground、4 basement floorsIn the structure、ExitNorth East-West and SouthEach set is.。
Also2 floorIs there a huge food court, gourmet venues are also popular。
Current、This station is in the conventionalLine of Taiwan Railway Administration (commonly known as:Taiwan Railway)Introduction、
Taiwan high speed railAndTaipei MetroFor freshwater and plate South lines connecting station。
1The guests of the day、Approximately400 thousand peopleThe has reached、Boasts the largest in Taiwan。
Here you will、Bullet train and train and MRTService operates.


Taipei main stationOf the premises、6Is equivalent to floor atrium、In the open atmosphere of the magnificent。
Back at skylight、And bathed in natural light from the ceiling is、
The weather is nice,、Will be endowed with comfort in the warm sunshine.


Taipei station East Third GateIn "GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"of
Marketing Maneger&Communication Dept. ofEve LoAnd
PR/Copy Writer,Marketing&Communication Dept. ofStephy LiangAnd was able to intercept safely!
Taiwan travel 3 day、The southernmost tip of TaiwanKentingTo the one
Gloria groupRun hotel "Gloria Manor"To and.。
They both speak Chinese or English only、
Always more than using body language、Advances the conversation in a frank conversation (laughs)


The Taipei station to Exchange "Taipei postal Office"What。
At the post office here near the southern 1門、Exchange becomes possible、In addition to fees is very reasonable and free of charge!


The LCD screen on the back of the post office、Shows the rate of the day。
Show your passport and、Would you like to sign for receipt.


The Taiwan currency exchange worth 10000 JPY Japan Yen、In this day of2,793TWDIn the Rocky Mountains!


Ticket Office of the Taiwan high speed rail

The high iron tickets、Iron station counter or vending machine、Or Internet, convenience store、
Reservations & ticketing and、You can buy a ride 15 days prior!


Taipei StationFromZuoying StationUntil the ticket!
Because this is a reserved seat fares1,490TWD (Japan Yen:5370 JPY)It is。
Free seat1,445TWD (Japan Yen:About 5200 yen)、In the green car1,950TWD (Japan Yen:7020 JPY)And will be。


"Palais de Chine Hotel"The Concierge.Wei Huangis、
Thank goodness for luggage coming up here! (Xie Xie!)
Boarded the elevator click here、Let's to the underground platforms.


Taiwan High speed train 700T seriesThe、Is the model was made by the joint development of JR Tokai and JR West Japan Shinkansen 700 series、
"T"Is the abbreviation for Taiwan、Geography of Taiwan、Consider the climate as well as the designed。
Stop station、Taipei Station、Banqiao Station、Taoyuan Station、
Hsinchu Station、Miaoli Station、Taichung Station、Changhua Station、
Yunlin Station、Chiayi Station、Tainan Station、Zuoying StationWill be!


Filled the Shinkansen in cleanliness、
Sit down on the seat and、Is in the interval between the sheets were loose and comfortable.


Space for your suitcase and other luggage is convenient!


Taipei StationFromZuoying StationUntil the、
The train trip while enjoying the view from the window is。
On the way、Car sales at your lunch and snacks、Will have to sell desserts!


In about 2 hoursZuoying StationTo able to arrive safely.


High ironZuoying StationThe、In the, zuoying district, Kaohsiung City、
High speed train、Taiwan Railway、Is the terminal station where three of the city MRT station。
With single ironXinzuoying StationWill be!


High ironZuoying StationIn opposite to the exit 4、
KentingUntil the private taxi is booked from。
Annual (14:15) To the guests using the Gloria manners to leave shuttle (reservations)、
High ironZuoying StationThe exit 2、
Down the escalator right toward "Rainbow Bazaar (Shin Kong Mitsukoshi)"Take the train in front.

Taipei main station

Taiwan high speed rail

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