Birthday trip in Karuizawa(3)French restaurant with accommodation "Auberge de Primavera"

For a birthday trip to enjoy the autumn leaves this year, go to the French restaurant "Auberge de Primavera" in Karuizawa, which has accommodation in all junior suites! Surrounded by rich forest nature、A French restaurant opened in the early summer of 1996 in Karuizawa, an area suitable for spending a quiet time.。Owner-chef Yasuyuki Onuma, who trained at a famous restaurant in Tokyo,、It has been renovated and expanded several times as an utopia.、Launching accommodation facilities attached to restaurants so that guests can relax more、Reborn as an auberge、2020On April 1 of each year, we also opened "ONZA" where you can enjoy Japan cuisine.。 Not far from "Kumba Pond", which is also a famous place for autumn leaves、Auberge facing Kumba Pond Street。Each placemark、It is a yellow sign that says "Primavera"。 You will be greeted by a symbol tree with beautifully colored autumn leaves、A wonderful Western-style building with ivy crawling。This is the main building facility with a restaurant.。 A bracket light that welcomes guests with a warm light、The reddish leaves are also illuminated by lights and the maple is colorful.。 "Primavera Depuis 1996" and、A sign board with the opening date and the chef's name engraved on the restaurant's name。 Terrace seats that are active in the season of fresh greenery when a pleasant breeze blows from spring to summer、Pets are allowed。 Walk through the tranquil garden where you can enjoy picking autumn leaves that change in various shades、To the front desk of the main building。 Check-in at the reception desk of the main building。Check-in time is 15:00、Check-out is 11:00And will be。 This is a hotel where you can enjoy authentic French cuisine.、Fortunately, there is only one room where pets can stay together.。Pets are charged separately、1¥4,000 for small and medium-sized dogs per night、Large dog ¥5,000 (tax and service charge not included)。 Write your address, name, contact information, car number, etc. on the check-in sheet.、Sign to agree to the terms and conditions。 This time to stay for consecutive nights、While asking Ken-ichi Tanaka, who serves as the manager, about recommended spots in the area、Chat for a while。 If you go to the right with the main building in the background,、You can see the accommodation adjacent in front of you.。The parking lot is in front of the main building.、I decided to park on the street and drop off my luggage first.。Traveling with a dog can quickly increase the amount of luggage.。 Walk along the cobblestones filled with autumn leaves、To the accommodation that will be taken care of。 In front of the property、Because there is a breakfast venue "VEGAN + Plus"、Let's introduce it at breakfast the next morning。 Wooden deck spreads out、Accommodation tucked away as if blending in with the forest。There are 10 guest rooms in a two-story building.、At the foreground of it、Because the corner room on the road side is pet-friendly、It's also easy to take your dog out for a walk! The fallen leaves piled up on the pile were so beautiful、Involuntarily peeking、Even on iPhone for Instagram stories。 While it seems to accumulate naturally、You can enjoy the gradation of splendid autumn leaves! 1st floor R0om 1 (pet-friendly room only) The room key holder with a leaf motif is very nice。Recently, there are many convenient card keys in any hotel.、I still enjoy the atmosphere、I am attracted to such detailed arrangements.。 When you open the entrance、A natural space where you can feel the warmth、To the right of the coat hanger is a large mirror attached to the wall.、It is also convenient as a view before going out.、You can also feel the depth of the space。 On the right side of the corridor is a bathroom lined with a powder room.、There is a toilet on the left hand door.。If you go to the back, the living room and bedroom will expand.。 France is a relaxing space with antique furnishings in an atmosphere as if you were visiting a country house in Paris.。All guest rooms are junior suites of 50 square meters.、It is large enough for two couples (+ one small dog) to stay.、It's comfortable! The view from the window side in the bedroom、A wide bed is available with two single beds connected by a highly cushioned headboard.。 Free Wi-Fi on TV、There is also a small refrigerator.。 When I go out to the veranda、A coffee table is provided.、Although it is on the road side、Blindfolded by lush trees,、It is possible to relax and relax.。 The powder room is on the left as soon as you enter.、Because it is raised slightly from the bathroom、No need to worry about flooding。 Thick and absorbent fluffy bath towels, face towels and hand towels、Shirt-shaped sleepwear is also available.、If you stay for consecutive nights, everything will be replaced at the time of cleaning.。A hairdryer is also available in the cupboard.。 Hand towel in the basket、Toothbrush set、Cotton、Preparation of swabs。 Bath salts、For bubble bath (bath salt)、France has a lineup of bath items from the pioneer of marine cosmetics "ALGOTHERM" born in Brittany、Gentle shampoos and treatments for delicate skin、shower gel、Hand soap is available。 Spacious bathroom with a large bathtub where you can stretch your legs comfortably。 If you pour hot water from a cute antique-style European-style faucet、Relaxing bath time comes。 There is also a double-head tiled shower booth with a head shower and a handheld shower head in the back.。 Toilet equipped with a washlet The pet cage prepared in the room is lined with a pee sheet.、Tableware for pets is also provided.、Even a roll for hair removal! Your dog Chocolat will get used to this room right away.、I'm having a good time。 Flower frames and furnishings hung on the wall、France visited marchés such as the Clignancourt flea market in Paris、What was actually purchased.。 Air Purifier、Air conditioning。11At night in Karuizawa in the early months、It's so cold that you forget the warmth of the day.、25The room will be warmed up enough by setting it to about degrees.。 The cold chocolate is "on your lap、Let me put it on."、While holding it in one hand、I saw "Rurubu Karuizawa" at the front desk、Let's ♪ study the tourist attractions in Karuizawa The welcome food set on the table is "walnut"、Isn't it too cute! And、Set walnuts in a squirrel-shaped nutcracker、Get behind the wheel、Crisp the walnuts! From the inside, the magnificent walnut is so cute that I am in agony ... I went outside and picked up the autumn leaves for shooting (laughs) I enjoy ♪ this kind of detailed production. Dinner time at the restaurant、Of course、Pets are not allowed、Give the chocolate a homemade dinner that you brought earlier.、Let them stay clever for a few hours。Choko-tan、Wait smartly in ♪ a warm room, the lantern is lit.、There are a lot of autumn leaves at your feet! An evening in Karuizawa where you can feel the "little autumn" abundantly。 No one dropped it.、Even the fallen leaves of autumn leaves woven by nature feel like an art.。 A good trip、We're just getting started。Now、It will be the time for the main event, which is the main reason why I chose this auberge for this birthday trip.。Let's come with a special dinner by Chef Yasuyuki Onuma! Auberge de Primavera Address:1278-11 Karuizawa, Karuizawa-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano TEL:0267-42-0095

Birthday trip in Karuizawa(2)Yamanashi "Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge" Mountains deepening in autumn with a 360°C panorama

Drive for about 15 minutes from Nagasaka IC on the Chuo Expressway.、The view from the top of the "Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge" called the "Yellow Bridge" over the Kawamata River Valley on the Kiyosato Kogen Road is、A panorama of nature with Yatsugatake in the background! At the end of the bridge (Kiyosato side), there is a free "Yatsugatake Kogen Ohashi Kitazume Observatory Parking Lot"、More than a dozen cars can be parked。If you park here and get out of the car,、You can enjoy the view while strolling! "Yatsugatake Kogen Bridge" is called "Red Bridge" as opposed to "Higashizawa Bridge"、100m high called "Yellow Bridge"、It will be a bridge with a total length of 490 m.、It is a famous place as a popular spot during this time of fresh green and autumn leaves.。There is also a sidewalk on the bridge.、People trying to capture the beautifully colored scenery of the mountains at a glance。 From the top of the bridge、Yatsugatake to the north、Southern Alps to the southwest、Mt. Fuji can be seen to the south、360A wonderful view awaits you in a panoramic view of °C! Yatsugatake is a volcano that runs from north to south from Nagano Prefecture to Yamanashi Prefecture Japan and is said to be one of the 100 famous mountains.。 Autumn leaves coloring the mountain stream of the Kawamata River Oak、beech、rowan、Maple、Autumn leaves with colored larch and other trees、A superb scenic spot that boasts tremendous healing along with the mountain stream of the Kawamata River! I was researching about Mt. Fuji Yatsugatake、"Yatsugatake was a long time ago、It was higher than Mt. Fuji."。Both Mt. Fuji and Yatsugatake are volcanic belts.、There are even papers that are considering geological studies focusing on volcanic activity.。Mt. Fuji erupted repeatedly in the same crater, resulting in lava accumulation and higher elevation.、In fact, Yatsugatake crater moved every time it erupted.、It looks like his head has been cracked.。The altitude of Yatsugatake is、About 250,000 years ago it was about 3400m、About 100,000 years ago, it was the same as today at 2805 m (Mt. Amida)、2899M (Mt. Akadake)、At that time、Because Mt. Fuji was still only about 2700 meters、In fact Japan the number one mountain was Yatsugatake! however、Volcanic activity on Mt. Fuji began about 10,000 years ago.、Continuing to increase the altitude with each eruption、Because it reached the current height of 3776 m、It means that "the best mountain in Japan = Mt. Fuji"。Fluctuations due to volcanic activity in nature、This destination、Will Japan number one mountain ever change? While remembering the relationship between Yatsugatake and Mt. Fuji、360Rotate and degree、What is this view that can be seen at once?、There is something deeply moving! Before you reach your destination、Fun refreshment time along the way! Walking on the sidewalk with your dog Chocolat、Feel the pleasant breeze while placing yourself in the magnificent scenery、I was able to take a commemorative photo!...

Birthday trip in Karuizawa(1)Yamanashi "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN Hokuto Store" Terrace lunch with dog accompaniment

Every year、11Birthday trip to go out on my birthday in the month。I can't go abroad due to the corona disaster、For the past few years, I have hated to travel.、Last year, I went on a trip to Atami to enjoy hot springs.、This year, I came to Karuizawa to enjoy the autumn leaves! Because I have my dog Chocolat who welcomed my family during the Corona disaster、今回もショコラ同伴で過ごすワンコ旅となります! 私たちが住まう静岡県浜松市より目的地となる軽井沢までの移動距離は約400km、It takes about 4 hours.、Enter the Chubu Crossing Road from Shimizu、Go slowly with breaks along the way、Entering Yamanashi Prefecture。In the mountains as autumn deepens、Surrounded by yellow-colored trees、紅葉ならぬ見事な黄葉が見られます! 軽井沢へ向かう途中、Lunch at the southern foot of Yatsugatake、Yamanashi is a hamburger and pizza made with local organic vegetables in Hokuto City.、Go to "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN Hokuto Store" where you can enjoy special roasted coffee! This is、In Tokyo, Ikebukuro became a branch of "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN", which is a place of relaxation where hostels and café bars coexist.、The owner is based here、It was opened when it was moved to Hokuto City in Yamanashi.。2012"Cafeteria Copan" opened on September 5 of the year、2014From April 27, it has been changed to "Good Diner in Copan Hokuto Store".。 The inside of the store has a high ceiling.、It becomes an open and warm space full of the warmth of wood.、Table seats、Private room、About 50 seats are available on the terrace.。 Because the open terrace is allowed to be accompanied by a dog、I will visit you on the terrace with my dog Chocolat.。Because the temperature in early November in Yamanashi is less than 10 ° C.、It seems that lunch is the limit for spending time on the terrace.、It seems that if there is no wind, it is within the range of time。There are also considerations such as preparing blankets from the store side.、Helpful! Order while looking at the menu table。Take-out is also available! Hearty burgers and colorful sandwiches、Pizza made with plenty of local organic vegetables。 11:00~ 14:30There are service drinks for a limited time、As for hot coffee, it will come with a nice service of "free refill"! Warm your chilled body with plenty of warm coffee in a cute mug with the store's logo! With the commitment of the owner who loves coffee、Coffee beans are freshly roasted coffee beans.、It will be a mild and easy-to-drink American coffee! There is a coffee roastery across the road from the shop.、The owner comes on weekends and roasts it.。 The coffee bean roaster is equipped with a roaster from "FUJI ROYAL", which is headquartered in Osaka.。 When the hamburger plate you ordered is ready,、Look at the camera of Chocolat、The usual "Hi、Pose!" "Bacon Cheeseburger" 1,400 yen on a thick fluffy bun、For a juicy patty made with minced beef and pork、Melted rich cheddar cheese、For thick bacon full of satisfying eating、A tower-type hamburger with crunchy lettuce and fresh tomatoes、The sauce is covered like an avalanche of sweet aurora sauce with grain mustard! Garnish is、French fries with cucumber and pickled carrots on one plate! "Cheeseburger" 1,250 yen I ended up with the same picture surface、"Cheeseburger" without bacon from the hamburger above。Because both are tall、To make it easy to eat、Put it in the included burger bag、Please don't spill it! Chocolat meals are served with homemade rice and trays.、Get permission from the shop、Feed on the terrace。Were you too hungry?、It's all over in no time! When your stomach is full、Chocolate plunged into nap mode。I can climb stairs, but I'm not good at going down.、抱っこ待ちの様子です(笑) 深まる秋と紅葉を楽しみながらの軽井沢への誕生日旅行の始まりです! GOOD DINER INN COPAIN 北杜店(グッド・ダイナー・イン・コパン) 住所:8240-6321 Nishiide, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi TEL:0551-38-1023 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00(14:30LO)、Dinner 17:30-21:00(20:30LO) Takeaway:Order 10:00-20:00、Receive:11:30-15:00.17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday) Parking:15台

Hamamatsu "Yakitori dashi" Yakitori carefully grilled with binchotan charcoal until you put a stop on the omakase!

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city、Charcoal-grilled yakitori specialty store "Yakitori dashi" opened in December 2020 and during the Corona disaster in Sameidai 2-chome, which is a quiet residential area.。 It is not far from my house in Lake Same.、Happy to have a yakitori restaurant opened nearby.、Continue to follow Instagram official、Days to check availability of reservations。The timing is finally right、I was able to make it to the visit! Business hours are from 4 p.m.、Sometimes opens a little earlier than a regular store.、Thank you for those of us who no longer go out late at night.、I asked for a reservation from early。 Because the owner, Keita Suzuki (33 years old), is running it alone.、Counter 6 seats、A small restaurant with only one table seat。While looking at the grill at the counter、I would like to enjoy the fragrant aroma and grilled yakitori.。 Here is、There will be only one omakase course.、Starting with appetizer small bowls、Yakitori carefully grilled with Tosa binchotan charcoal、It will be "until you put a stop" according to the stomach pouch.、It will be a style that provides the owner's leave to you in a well-balanced manner.。1About 350 yen。If there is an ingredient you are not good at,、It would be better to tell us in advance。 There is only one table seat.、If you want to enjoy a relaxing meal on the sofa seat, this seat is recommended.。Counter on this day too、Both tables are full! There is also a desire for the owner to concentrate on the grill、Drinks are a self-service system that allows you to freely enjoy bottles in the refrigerator or in the refrigerator.。This style also has a cozy feeling.、There is also a nostalgic impression、It's relaxing! Alcohol is bottled beer、Japanese sake、Shochu、Plum wine or gin、Vodka and more are lined up.。For cold sake, etc., just ask the owner、It seems that recommendations of the day will come out。 Bottled beer in the refrigerator、Sapporo Lager Beer、Non-alcoholic drinks are、There are two types of non-alcoholic beers: Sapporo and Kirin、Cola and herbal teas、100%There is juice and so on.、Mineral water and Wilkinson's carbonated water are available as splits.。 First of all, it's beer.、Let's have a bottled beer、The glass is in a squeaky state in the upper freezer! "Sapporo Lager Beer" First time eating out at night in a long time。Every night、Although we have dinner at home、What about the beer you have outside?、I feel ♪ that it has a special taste somewhere, and the chopstick rests that are made of broken pottery and stones in a perfect balance are tasteful.、It was nice, so when I asked the owner、2It is handmade by a wife who is encouraged to raise a young child who is getting older! Although we are helping you prepare before opening、Because I still can't stand at night business hours now.、With gratitude to our customers、It seems to be breathed into it.。I could feel the heartwarming domestic help of my wife.、What a wonderful couple! Appetizer small bowl "Steamed lotus root chicken soborogake、Potesara with taro and quail eggs" Thickly cut steamed lotus root、Served with a strong flavor of chicken soboro with concentrated umami、I'll have it with you。Potesara with taro and quail eggs has a soggy and gentle taste.、A glass of beer in a small bowl can be light! Trained at chicken specialty restaurants "Rooya" and "Charcoal Grill Abe" in the city、Mr. Suzuki became independent。Judge while adjusting the heat of charcoal at the place of grilling、Skewers carefully baked one by one。As for chickens, they visit the "Toriichi Butcher Store" in Toyohashi, which we often use, to purchase Mikawa red chicken and Aichi duck directly.。Mikawa red chicken、With long-term breeding using wood acetic acid for feed、 The meat taste is crisp、It is a delicious chicken that you can enjoy the umami and richness as you chew! Yakitori is coated with chicken oil、Olive oil for vegetables、A sprinkling of sun salt from the sea of Tosa、Some are pickled in homemade sauce jars、To let you taste the original flavor of the ingredients、It is suppressed to the taste of good salt plum.。 "Sasami" The first one starts with plump fillet! Taste with mellow sun salt with a sweet taste without horns、Serve with plenty of freshly grated Honyama Aoi! Inside、Exquisitely cooked dyed pink and baked、Enjoy the plump, moist and soft fillet! The pungent taste of Aoi Motoyama is also a good accent.、You can enjoy the umami and richness of Mikawa red chicken! "Gizzard" Speaking of gizzards、Although it is characterized by a crunchy texture、Really high-quality gizzards can be softened by carefully cooking them! This gizzard is just that! It has a good texture.、You can enjoy it with a very good fire! "2 ginkgo trees" The aroma of roasted ginkgo is、It goes great with beer! "Imo Shochu Osuzuyama Yamaneko Kojime Yamada Nishiki / Miyazaki Osuzuzan Distillery" bottle 3,000 yen Sweet potato "Joy White" cultivated by the agricultural corporation "Reviving Earth Association" and、Special limited potato shochu made with koji rice and "Yamada Nishiki"。Steaming koji rice is changed from stainless steel to local cedar、Aiming for more powerful koji making、From raw materials lychee or muscat、It brings out the aroma of elderflower and tea leaves.。The taste also has a richness derived from rice malt.、Gentle sweetness leads to ease of drinking、It's a sweet potato shochu that just keeps going.。Ice cream in a pair of tumblers depicting black ships like Perry's arrival、I'll have it on the rock! Coincidentally、The eldest daughter of Hagioka's Chinese "Hundred Flowers", a good friend of the family:Chiyuri has made a reservation with her gourmet friends.、It was a fun reunion! A generation that can enjoy yakitori in Non-Al、It's amazing in a way (laughs) "Aichi duck red cabbage moss" We also love "Aichi duck"。Aichi duck oil has a low melting point of 26 degrees Celsius and melts at body temperature.、It is a healthy fat that does not accumulate easily in the body and has a strong sweetness.、The taste of Aichi duck with pure white fur is not particularly light.、It is characterized by a rich taste! The red cabbage moss served below is、Less bitter taste、Crunchy and crunchy、When boiled, there is a little slime、It is a very delicious vegetable leaf! "Onima" so that you can feel it even when you look at it、Chicken skin crisps and pops、The onion, which is so juicy that the meat juice overflows from the inside! Because "shichimi" and "sansho" are prepared on the table.、You can change the taste to your liking! "Lever" Although my husband is not very good at levers,、My favorite part、Lever。I've been waiting for you.、No fishy smell、I was in agony at the deep taste that rushed in from behind! I also like the delicate fact that this homemade sauce is not sweet and spicy! "Shiitake mushroom" is a vegetable that is grilled with charcoal.、The flavor is terrifyingly condensed! Subtle aroma of olive oil、If you chew it, the shiitake mushroom juice will overflow! Taste of autumn、It's a treat! "Seseri" Seseri that you can enjoy elasticity、Grilled with dashi soy sauce、The chives prepared in between are fragrant、Gives you a good job! For each skewer served、This pebble that the shopkeeper puts on a small plate。Finally, the unique style of paying with the number of pebbles is adopted! anything、This pebble is the former owner of "Shiota Tatami Store":Tatami Shoji (real name:Shoji Shiota)、Mr. Suzuki is collecting little by little.、Let's use this for the store's accounting.、It seems that it was conceived。There is a sense of playfulness in even the little things.、It is a work that fascinates you unintentionally。How many pebbles is Mr. Suzuki collecting?、It seems that they already have about 100 of them.、Octopus or turtle、Horse、Raccoons、pigs, etc.、If you look at the back, there is a date、It will make you laugh with a picture with an indescribable unique touch! Eat 9 skewers、My stomach is almost full.、Check the ingredients that will come out after this.、You can't remove the part you really want to eat.、Chicken wings、Hatu、I asked you to go to Tsukune 〆Meshi! "Chicken wings" The skin is crispy、Fat is sweet、The flesh is soft and soft、Good bony chicken wings! best、Chicken wings have drawing power! "Hatsu" I also love the heart of chickens! No odor、You can enjoy a crisp and unique crunchy texture with a light taste! This is the last time the skewers are served! Let me enjoy the flowing hands.、You can also see the brilliance of the skewer that is said to be a sauce jar! "Tsukune"、The scorching Tsukune of this day is the autumn version.、Because lotus root is also finely chopped and mixed with yogen cartilage,、You can enjoy the texture well! "Today's messi" written on the blackboard is simply "donabe gohan" and "ramen" written in hiragana.。I'm also worried about the freshly cooked rice in the clay pot.、This time, I chose "Ramen" that you can enjoy smoothly! By chance、Because the older brothers who were next to me were asked for "who to eat"、I stared at it! Use clay pots of different sizes.、It is used according to the number of people in the order.、The accompaniment of "Donabe rice" on this day was "kamaage shirasu"! Delicious conversations bloom with older brothers in their twenties who are regulars in the neighborhood、Such an encounter is unique to counter seats! "Ramen" Clear soup with beautiful white onions、Chicken oil full of collagen seems to be good for beautiful skin、Even though it's 〆, it's appetizing! Gently salty、The salt ramen that goes through the throat is、Perfect for a cup of 〆! Your heart and stomach will be satisfied and you will be very satisfied.、I thought I would take a taxi on the way back.、Chiyuri-chan, who was enjoying non-al in non-al, is the way to go.、They will send me home.、I had a lucky night! (Thanks) Charcoal yakitori to enjoy、There is also warmth because it is a small shop.、A good shop that conveys the feelings of an honest owner。Another favorite restaurant has ♪ increased Yakitori dashi address:Nagura Store Room 2, 2-16-16 Sameidai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:053-555-6471(Reservation priority) Business hours:16:00-23:00 Closed on Mondays:Irregular holidays No cards accepted:Cash only

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