Let's go to the opposite from the "Yilan Station" to Taipei in Taiwan railway "Songshan Station"! When Taiwan's Obon Rush!


"KAVALAN WHISKY"In the end tour、
"Silks Place Yilan"The car
The front desk staffJack ChangOur Government came to pick up、
Once、Return to hotel、1In-floor Concierge luggage、
Yilan StationTo and will transfer.


High Priest Kavaren whisky plantThan、Yilan StationUntil the、
Arrive by car in about 20 minutes.


TaiwanThe children's book author shouldJimmy LiaoMaker
Yilan StationWe have seen。
yilanFromTaipeiTo the means of transport、Yilan StationTravel by train from?、
Bus trip、It is possible to choose travelling by taxi。
On this day、Lantern Festival in TaiwanIt is also available、Get information and road conditions are assisting、
Decided to abandon the bus and taxi。


You down the heavy bags、Helped me
The front desk staffJack ChangAnd the、This is goodbye! (Xie Xie! )


Yilan StationEven as crowded as I imagined、Is crowded with many people、
In the window of the ticket office、TaipeiOfSongshan StationUntil the
Ticket to ride157TWD (Japan Yen:About 570 yen)In the purchase。
TaiwanThe holidays and public holidays, including more information in advance and better!


Yilan StationFrom one steel train、Songshan StationUntil the、
Will be approximately two hours train journey.


At this time、So far noticed had left in the car, was in trouble、
Jack ChangForgot to deliver me dash to the home! (So thanks! )
While panting up the corners of the mouth at the end of last、Showed my best smileJack Chang
Smile is quite good actually, is he shy、It is honest, sincere and very nice personality。
From this little practiced smile please! (look!)


Lantern Festival in TaiwanIt is also available、
Unfortunately was vacant in the train、Now I was standing。
While healed in the peaceful scenery、yilanThe enjoyed a lush natural landscape.


Songshan StationTo have arrived safely.


For the first time useSongshan StationThat is the、Now this became the area redevelopment、
In July of this yearStationThe hotel "amba Taipei Songshan"We intend to open。
Here "AMBASSADOR Taipei"In 2012
And the third store to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary, launched a second brand。
The next time、7So we plan to stay at the Taiwan branch of the month、We will also introduce!


FriendsRyohei Hieda.、From beginning to end、Me with heavy bags of my helpful!
Songshan StationIs by taxi.、TaipeiIn the "Your Home Away From Home"And welcoming
"The Sherwood Taipei"To and go!

Taiwan high speed rail

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