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Taipei City、And the capital city of Taiwan well on the banks of the river flows through the northern part of Taiwan and on descending River。
This article offers historical sites around Taipei main station-packed or、As a major tourist spot crowded Taipei 101 area、
In the treasure trove of B-class gourmet night city tour is the city not to mention、
Suburbs of nostalgic town Jioufen spread Taipei Northeast antelope and Outback 10, introduction。
And not just tourism、Local guide Ms keep in touch with and the popular foodie blogger、Enjoy delicious Taiwan food together!
Also range from the historic 5 star hotel design hotel here!

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Very recommend! Cheap taxi tours

Other than Taipei TaiwanSightseeing in northern Taiwan (Jioufen, ten, which, Keelung & Yehliu geopark and Golden mountain Castle, etc.)Usually when trying to、But many people booking tours and it seems this time、Japan to local drivers and it's driving、To move in small groups、Tourist spots such as various versatile, very comfortableOne day a cheap taxi tours.We introduce。If your large group is very reasonableA taxi tour click here、In this Taipei coverage most recommended is the information you want!

Contents : Yehliu、Jioufen、10, which、Gold gourd stone
Number of persons : Based on 4 names (up to 6 persons at extra cost-friendly)
Time : 6Hours and rates : NT $ 4,000-(Japan Yen around 14800 yen)

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Local tour guide book in the 'Voyagin'!

Go with the free international travel、Great Guidebook with one hand。However,、It just somehow helpless, not enough。More people wanna! Learn more about local culture and characteristics、Want to experience! But most of the major tourist attractions、Not listed in guidebooks、Even if such a local tour it's good! But such wishes、A unique site that attended the meet the requests from the local host host 'Voyagi"It is。VoyaginAnd the、Voyage (travel) inLocal gin (person)To interact with and is named in the sense that。This time the、Using this site、Book a local host to show Taipei City and Taipei tour!

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