Summer Festival "Champagne Party 2022 - Soiree Blanche" at The Oriental Terrace

Every year、This year's theme of "Champagne Party" organized by "WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU (Wine Club Hamamatsu)" held annually on "Marine Day" is、As a white-themed summer party born in the south of France, titled "Soiree Blanche"、All Whiteをドレスコードとし開催致しました! 会場は、Overlooking the lush Lake Sanaru、Deep blue sky and sparkling lake surface、緑生い茂る大自然の共演となる佐鳴湖の雄大なロケーションを誇る「THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス)」です! à votre santé〜乾杯〜 天候にも恵まれ、The beauty of the lake surface of Lake Sanaru and、With the sparkle of Champagne、Dressed in a dazzling white dress、With the finest champagne (15 kinds) to moisturize the dry throat、A summer afternoon when everyone's smiles shone brightly.。極上の夏の始まりです! 御参加くださった皆様有難うございました! <開催日時> 開催日:2022年7月18日(Mon)海の日 ※終了 開催時刻:14Reception at 30:00、15時00分~18時00分 <会費>16,000円/税込 <定員>80 名 <料理>着席ブッフェスタイル <ドレスコード>オールホワイト/白のコーディネート 注)ドレスコードを守らない方は入場不可となります<会場> THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス) 〒432-8021 静岡県浜松市中区佐鳴台6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 <主催> WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU(ワインクラブ浜松)...

Champagne in stock for the first time in Japan! "Jacques Lasseigne, called Montrachet of Mongoo, and the calligrapher Kisui Nakazawa"

Southern Champagne Region、The village of Montgueux, near Troyes in the province of Aube, is、Chardonnay production areas that major Maisons are also paying attention to。He was the creator of Jacques Lassaigne.、Jacques Lassaigne, father of the present lord, Emmanuel Lassaigne,、Born here in Mongoo。Jack、I was attracted to the land with the privileged location of this village, which is my birthplace.、"We should be able to make great wine here," he said, planting grapes with his four brothers.、1964A small family-run Champagne Maison that started from scratch in the year was the birth of Jacques Lassaigne.。 The Maison founded by his father, Jacques Lasseigne, was taken over by his son Emmanuel Lassègne in 1999.。Although chemicals have been avoided and manufactured as much as possible since the time of my father, Jack,、His son Emmanuel sought further reforms.、Take a step or two forward based on your convictions、Conversion to biogiloc farming。Cultivation abolished chemical synthetic fertilizers、Natural fermentation with autogenous yeast、Addition of sulfurous acid (SO₂) is minimized only when squeezing、Unfiltered、Sticking to unclearness and natural construction、Establish a policy not to detract from the delicate aroma of grapes。Mongoo Chardonnay is highly ripe and easily rises to more than 11 degrees Celsius.、Reduces sugar addition during tilage、Do not supplement base wine、Carbon dioxide gas is set to a relatively low of about 5 atm.、Degorgeman (without lees) is a la volé (crown removed by hand)、pushing the lees out by the pressure inside the bottle)。Dry type of champagne brewed without supplementing with desage zero and sugar is、Attention to detail stands out、It creates a creamy blanc de blanc。 "Jacques Lassegne" called Montrachet of Mongoo The ultimate champagne "Reserve Extra Brut" is the ultimate champagne in which "Jacques Lasseigne" called Montrachet of Mongoo expresses the personality of the harvest year in the best possible way.、Based on 2015, including a 50-year-old vineyard, reserve wines from 2010 are used.。Mongoo's Chardonnay-like pure acid and rich mineral feeling、Aroma of ripe exotic fruit with nutty complexity、The soft foam that blends in with the tongue like silk gives it a dignified purity.、Blanc de Blanc with unparalleled characteristics。 "Producers:Emmanuel Lassaigne, born 1970。10Years after working in packaging machine factory、1999Determined to take over the family business, which would become a small Champagne Maison of the family in a year.、2002Since then, he has been in charge of the 3.5 hectares of vineyard and management by himself, presiding over the Maison.。Brewing is self-taught、I didn't go to brewing school.。He says, "I'm only going to be taught to use chemicals."。From Emmanuel's Champagne、Not a few feel the cries of his heart as he craves the terroir of Mongoo as it is.。 "Called the Côte de Blanc of the Second、9000Chalky soil where the seabed was raised 10,000 years ago" The major feature of "Jacques Lasseigne" is、Like the Côte des Blancs districts、That it is a chalky soil suitable for the cultivation of Chardonnay。Its geological age is 15 million years older than the Côte des Blanc districts.、9000Located on a hill at an altitude of 260 m consisting of cre (chalky) where the seabed was raised 10,000 years ago。The vineyard of Mongoo village is about 215 hectares、About 90% is occupied by Chardonnay。Because it is located south of the Côte des Blancs districts、Grapes have a higher sugar content。This chalky soil sinks deep into the ground south of the Côte des Blancs.、It reappears on the surface around Mongoo village like a remote islet。For that、85% of the village is planted with Chardonnay.、It is called the "Second Côte des Blancs"。 "The name of the Meiji era government connecting Mongoo and Japan" Actually,、Ecoil says that the single vineyard "Clos Saint Sophie" in Mongoo is a vineyard closely related to Japan.。Meiji period、In the name of the government、Two young men from Katsunuma went to France to study viticulture and winemaking。What they relied on was、Troyes agronomist Charles Barte。They brought home 100 saplings.、It is said that it was planted in Katsunuma、The field where the seedlings were grown was "Clos Saint-Sophie."。Emmanuel has been using Chardonnay from this vineyard since 2010.、Brewing Champagne。2007The barrels used in Saint-Toban of the year and、2004500L used in the Macon Solutre of the year、1997Barrel used for savanyan supplemented by the year、1976Fermented in the barrels used for the cognac of the year、6Blend after maturation。In the label、Barthe, who received the Order of Merit from Japan,、It depicts "chrysanthemums" in honor of the gift of "chrysanthemums" to the Emperor of Time。For Japan、There is no difference that this place is a very connected place.、I also want to thank Emmanuel for still cherishing that connection.。 During such、With the spread of the new coronavirus infection that plunges the world into a vortex of fear、The impact on the economy will be remarkably large, which will be the largest recession since the Great Depression and the Lehman shock.、While the number of producers affected by this is innumerable,、"Jacques Lasseigne" was no exception.。 Jacques Lasseigne's "Reserve Extra Brut" which was originally shipped to restaurants in Paris。 The impact of the coronavirus lockdown continues for a long time、"Jacques Lasègne", which became a champagne that temporarily had nowhere to go,、It will get an unexpected ripening period longer。 To the news from Emmanuel from Mongoo village、It depicted the heartbreaking cry of wanting to put the champagne out into the world.。 ”日本初リリースとなるプロジェクトチームを発足” 日本初入荷となるシャンパーニュ「ジャック・ラセーニュ」を日本から世に出すためにプロジェクトチームを発足し、Codenamed "AIDER"。 Embracing the convictions of Emmanuel, the creator of proud Champagne、A heated battle of team members who are also Champagne lovers begins。 The project team、Fundraising, planning, production, sales, advertising, sales, etc.、Specialists skilled in each field、Careful planning。 ”書道家・中澤希水とジャックラセーニュの出会い” フランスと日本を繋ぐ架け橋となるよう、"Let's release it with an original label that looks like Japan"、Kisui Nakazawa, who is active as a calligrapher, stood there with a blank slate.、The day of his first tasting of "Jacques Lasseigne" was celebrated。 "Calligrapher:中澤希水(Kisui Nakazawa)” 中澤希水(Kisui Nakazawa)1978年1月6日生まれ。Graduated from Daito Bunka University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Chinese Literature。Presiding over Kisui。Born to calligrapher parents, he began calligraphy.、Learn traditional calligraphy based on the classics。2014Winner of the 9th Teshima Right Lord Award、2016Appointed as Hamamatsu City Goodwill Ambassador "Yaramaka Ambassador"。Drama Title、Calligraphy supervision and logos、Calligrapher who has worked on many calligraphy classes。 Mr. Kisui also has extraordinary feelings for France。When I was young, I still felt immature as a calligrapher、Overturning the image of a traditional calligrapher、I want to build a world of expression that is unique to me、Travelling to France to spread his knowledge。Carefully nurturing the rich sensibility gained from the climate of a foreign land、It is said that the expressive power gained at that time is also cherished in the current book。 Thinking back to the days I spent in France.、In the bridge that connects France and its own country, Japan,、Think of it as "a place where you can demonstrate your own power"、When I touched that champagne,、Decide to brush from the inspiration that springs up。To breathe life into a single tree that looks forward to the day when it will come out into the world。 Love Nature、Like Emmanuel, who wants to express Mongoo's terroir as it is,、The beginning of Mr. Kisui's brush is powerful、The flowing brush shows very natural movement。 It's as if、As if to reflect the delicate bubbles of "Jacques Lasseigne" delicately rising in layers、So naturally。 Light brush tip。Even if it looks like you are drawing irregular lines、I felt overwhelming power from the movement without a single thread disturbance、The figure that overlaps many layers is、Reminiscent of rich complex flavors。All of it is like "Jacques Lasseigne"。 Champagne while still、In an attempt to release it for the first time in Japan、When the team member in charge of the design told me that I would be using Hiragana,、A beautiful appearance that can be taken as a kind of work of art "Jakkuse-ni" has emerged.。While cherishing Japan's good old culture、For Mr. Kisui who always keeps in mind that he wants to establish a new field、The appointment of this hiragana is、While being a very familiar character、It was also a challenge to a new field.。Converting French to Hiragana。 There、The number of sheets of paper that reminds us of the hardship to complete。 Improves concentration、Enrich your imagination、I decided to make this historical culture of calligraphy something that was close to the modern world.、With that thought in mind。Waiting for that moment when the heart dwells in the book you draw、I wrote down many sheets and completed them.。 「ジャック・ラセーニュ レゼルヴ エクストラ ブリュット NV/ JACQUES LASSAIGNE RÉSERVE EXTRA BRUT NV」 × 「中澤希水(Kisui Nakazawa)」 こうして誕生した「ジャック・ラセーニュ」と書道家:Champagne in collaboration with Kisui Nakazawa、Moving from France to Japan、We're about to celebrate the day of its release with a bang。 Reserve Champagne that has undergone in-bottle aging born by chance、Like a specially aged Prestige Champagne。Breathed new life by the hands of the project team joined by Mr. Kisui Nakazawa、It will be the first cuvée of "Jacques Lasseigne" to arrive in Japan。 JACQUES LASSAIGNE

Summer Marine Day Tradition! The "Champagne Festival" by WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU is coming!

Every year、"Champagne Party" organized by "WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU (Wine Club Hamamatsu)" which was held regularly on "Marine Day"、今年復活の日を迎えやって来ます! 4年ぶりの開催となる本年の会場は緑豊かな佐鳴湖を一望する「THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス)」です。Deep blue sky and sparkling lake surface、緑生い茂る大自然の共演となる佐鳴湖の雄大なロケーション! 真夏の乾いた喉を潤す極上のシャンパーニュ(15種類)とともに今回は南仏生まれの白をテーマにしたサマーパーティーとして「Soiree Blanche(ソワレ ブランシュ)」の雰囲気でお楽しみいただきます!定員人数に限りがありますのでお申し込みはお早めに! <チケットのお申し込み(Peatix)> <開催日時> 開催日:2022年7月18日(Mon)海の日 開催時刻:14Reception at 30:00、15時00分~18時00分 <会費>16,000円/税込 <定員>80 名 <料理>着席ブッフェスタイル <ドレスコード>オールホワイト/白のコーディネート 注)ドレスコードを守らない方は入場不可となります<会場> THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス) 〒432-8021 静岡県浜松市中区佐鳴台6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 <主催> WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU(ワインクラブ浜松) お問い合わせ先

Hamamatsu・Nekenke Afternoon Tea Party "Tea Gathering - Wrapped in the Scent of Earl Grey"

On a late afternoon in May when you can feel the wind blowing in the summer、Invite friends who like tea、Titled "Tea Gathering: Surrounded by the Scent of Earl Grey"、We will hold an afternoon tea party at our house! The "tea gathering" planned this time is、Surrounding a friend from Hamamatsu and a friend from Nagoya who responded to the tea article I posted on Facebook、Please bring your favorite Earl Grey tea and tea confectionery to each of them.、It will be a casual tea party, ♪ even though the weather was so bad that a heavy rain warning was issued until the day before.、On the day, we were blessed with good weather that made us peek into the sunny weather.、We are welcoming a refreshing tea day! The Scandinavian antique dining table installed in our dining room is、Because it becomes an oval-shaped extension table that extends in three stages of width、Take out the stored auxiliary top plate and extend it to the longest、Set up so that 6 people can sit comfortably。伸長式のダイニングテーブルは本当に重宝します! ウェルカムドリンク「PERRIER JOUET GRAND BRUT (ペリエ・ジュエ・グラン・ブリュット)」 雨も上がり、The afternoon welcome drink that peeked out into the sunny sky was、I thought that I would toast with foam first to moisten my throat lightly.、Champagneの「PERRIER JOUET GRAND BRUT(ペリエ・ジュエ・グラン・ブリュット)」を開栓! 1811年創立の老舗シャンパーニュ・メゾンとなるペリエ・ジュエ社は、1861In the year became Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom、In addition, a venerable Maison who was given the life of a purveyor of the French royal family。The solid composition and complexity of Pinot Noir and the heaviness and harmony of Pinot Meunier、And the elegance of Chardonnay, synonymous with the Maison, adds glamour to the finish.、Savor an elegant, sophisticated and harmonious Champagne。Afternoon afternoon、シャンパーニュを口にした淑女の皆様は淡く頬をピンク色に染められておりました♪ 装花「FLOWER AND DISGN SOWAKA (フラワーアンドデザイン・ソワカ)のフラワーアレンジメント」 そして、The flowers that decorate the table are、華道家がプロデュースする花屋「FLOWER AND DISGN SOWAKA(フラワーアンドデザイン・ソワカ)」のオーナーで友人の永井裕心くんに要望をお伝えしてオーダー。Use a candlestick arrangement that increases the gorgeousness and a trapezoidal flower pot that is easy to capture on the background of the teacup、The shades of the two kinds of arrangements with height differences in the position of the flowers are、I hope to unify with adorable colors as befitting a tea ceremony、It also matched the atmosphere of the classic and antique tea cup set used for the tea party.。The finish exceeded my expectations.、Favorite peonies and several kinds of roses arranged in a dome shape、360°C Beautiful finish no matter where you watch it! Our dining room is enveloped in the fragrant scent of fresh flowers、With the hope that it will be a moment full of smiles ♪ for friends [Candlestick Arrangement Fresh Flower] Peony / Yae Lily / Nine Kinds of Rose / Two Spray Roses / Bubardia / Lace Flower / Lemon Leaf [Trapezoidal Arrangement Fresh Flower] Five Kinds of Roses / Carnations / Anthurium / Lace Flower / Peony Seed / Strawberry Leaf Large ring of peony that becomes seasonal flower and elegant eight-fold lily、Combine several different roses、From shades that give off a soft impression to shades with gorgeous shades、Layered petals create a classic atmosphere。Yushin-kun、いつも素敵なアレンジメントを有難う御座います! 持ち寄っていただいた紅茶と我が家の紅茶を合わせて今回飲み比べるのはアールグレイを中心にオーガニックものやカフェインレスも含む七種の紅茶となります! ①「Highgrove/Organic Earl Grey(ハイグローブ/オーガニック アールグレイ)」 ②「JUN CHIYABALI TEA GARDENS/HSP FIRST FLUSH(ジュンチヤバリ茶園/ヒマラヤン・スプリング 2022 ファーストフラッシュ)」 ③「TWG Tea/French Earl Grey(ティーダブリュージー・ティー/フレンチ・アールグレイ)オートクチュール缶」 ④「なごみナチュルア紅茶/カフェインレス紅茶 アールグレイ(ティーバッグ)」 ⑤「TWG Tea/Earl Grey Gentleman(ティーダブリュージー・ティー/アールグレイ・ジェントルマン)オートクチュール缶」 ⑥「KUSMI TEA/EARL GREY INTENSE(クスミティー/アールグレイ・インテンス)」 ⑦「TWG Tea/Tea Party Tea(ティーダブリュージー・ティー/ティー・パーティー・ティー)オートクチュール缶」 紅茶の美味しい淹れ方は茶葉により若干異なりますが、Basically using boiling 100°C boiling water、After warming a teacup or teapot、Pour boiling water vigorously over the tea leaves of the teapot。A good rule of thumb for tea leaves is、1 teaspoon (2~3g) for 1 person、Add tea leaves for the number of people、1Pour 150~160ml of cup as a guide.、Take time to steam、Fine tea leaves steamed for 2 minutes ~ 3 minutes、Large tea leaves should be steamed for 3 minutes ~ 4 minutes as a guide.、After lightly mixing in the pot、Pour into a teacup。ティーストレーナー(茶漉し)を使うことで茶葉の入りを防ぎましょう! 「Highgrove Organic Earl Grey (ハイグローブ オーガニック アールグレイ)」 この日、The tea that decorates the top batter is、「Highgrove(ハイグローヴ)」のオーガニック・アールグレイ! 英国王室御用達の紅茶と言えば「Fortnum & Mason (Fortnum & Mason)" but "High Grove"、Prince Charles launches the brand、Contributing to the Social Environment as Our Philosophy、Only those approved and carefully selected by Prince Charles will be commercialized.、オリジナルのオーガニック商品を取り扱うことを徹底されています! 「ハイグローブ」は、At Prince Charles and his wife's private residence near Tetbury, Gloucestershire,、1980Since you have lived in a year、There is a figure of Prince Charles who was instrumental in the renovation of the garden.、It is known as a very innovative garden。This tea, named after Prince Charles, is、丸みのあるアッサムとしっかりしたセイロンティーのブレンドでモーニングティーなどに最適! 紅茶のベースは中国紅茶と中国緑茶のブレンドで、Good quality because it is organic、Astringency is modest and light taste。If you can smell the pleasant scent of bergamot、そこはまるで英国のティーパーティーに参加しているかのような雰囲気で一気にトリップできる紅茶です! 「Fortnum & Mason(フォートナム&メイソン)/ ショートブレッド(デメララシュガー)」 こちらに合わせるお茶菓子は、「Fortnum & Mason(フォートナム&メイソン)」のショートブレッド。Known as a Scottish traditional confection、Shortbread from the British Royal Family and Prince Charles' Brand Tea、It's the best combination of the best.。Demerala is a large grain of sugar with a refined yellowish gold color.。It is made from sugarcane、It is named after the first Guyana Demerala colony that was produced。The rich aroma of butter spreads richly、Enjoy the crunchy texture、You can feel the moderate sweetness。英国式にジャムを付けながらいただくのも良いでしょう! 柑橘系ベルガモットの爽やかで芳しい香りが部屋中に心地良く漂い、Healed lightly、自然と笑みが溢れてしまいます♪ 産地や茶葉の品種により、The world of black tea with greatly different colors, aromas, and tastes。Flickering and swaying in the teapot、Tea leaves slowly open、味わい深く仕上がっていきます! 「ジュンチヤバリ茶園 ヒマラヤン・スプリング 2022 ファーストフラッシュ (JUN CHIYABALI TEA GARDENS HSP FIRST FLUSH)」 お次は、First picked tea picked in the spring of 2022 when it arrived from Nepal。"Junchiyabari Tea Plantation" opened in 2000 in Finle, Dankuta District, Nepal。27°1′N、87°19 minutes east longitude、Located in the Himalayan Highlands at an altitude of 1650~2200m、It is a family-run tea plantation with an area of about 90 hectares.。"Jun = Moon"、"Chiya = tea"、"Bari = Garden"、means moonlit tea garden。ヒマラヤ山脈を有するネパールから届いた貴重な初摘み紅茶をいただきましょう!...

Hamamatsu "Maserati Hamamatsu" Maserati's second SUV appearance "Grecare" Japan Tour!

Operated by GLION GROUP, headquartered in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture、As a sports car feel the wind of Italy、To "Maserati Hamamatsu" which handles the luxury car "Maserati" with the logo of "Neptune's trident" impressive! On this day、I just finished the event of last month's special exhibition "MC20 SPECIAL PREVIEW"、Maserati Grecale Japan Tour, the second most recent SUV in Maserati history, is presented.、we are patrolling Maserati dealers nationwide、5-1 day、5For two days only on the 2nd of the month, we went to the new car announcement meeting that was unveiled at "Maserati Hamamatsu"! "Maserati Grecale Trofeo European Specification" The second SUV in Maserati history, "Grecale", which was just unveiled on March 22 this year, is、With the concept theme of "The Everyday Exceptional"、Strive to improve the quality of lifestyles、It will be a model that pursues high level of drivability! Stylish sleek design and interiors made from the highest quality materials、While demonstrating outstanding performance during operation, such as high technical specifications、It is considered to be active in all aspects of daily life such as picking up and being of children and commuting、By making the body size compact、This time, we also added young families and women to the target! The body size of the new Grecale is、Total length × width × height = 4846×1948×1670mm、Wheelbase 2901mm。The Japanese Levante is × full width × height = 5020×1985×1680mm、Because it becomes the wheelbase 3005mm、A size that is one size more compact than Levante! Maserati has made it a tradition to use the name of the wind as the name of the car.、This time"Grecare" means "northeastern wind of the Mediterranean Sea" in Italian.、Maserati takes a whirlwind in every city in the world with colorful winds。And、Produced based on such a concept! Interior、It is fully digitized、Become cleaner & more stylish、Next to the meter, a large screen with a two-stage configuration will be an eye-catching design。Two digital displays are lined up.、The top monitor for infotainment is 12.3 inches、The lower monitor, which is a control panel for air conditioners, etc., is 8.8 inches and、Both are easy to see and boast a good sense of size with good operability。It is also convenient that a contactless mobile phone charge is secured under the panel! With a sporty finish accented by yellow stitching on the glossy black seat、The V design of the sheet-like becomes trofeo specification。As usual、Equipped with heater and blower function。By making it full digit、Because the shift knob is eliminated、Laid-back armrests are secured。 Wheelbase 2901mm and、Thanks to the long-taken foil base、The space of the rear seat is spacious、Comfortable positioning in the back seat。 The biggest difference is in the door handle.、Like lexus' new NX, it replaces the door unlatching mechanism with electrical control by a switch.。And、There is no door handle in the door lining in the room、It's a simple design.、Round switch is prepared for opening and closing、You can open the door by pressing。When I get on immediately,、Steering that became slightly smaller with a grip that is easy to grip even by me as a woman。Multifunctional steering wheel、Engine start button、Drive mode selector、Important features such as the ADAS control button.、It is possible to operate while holding the steering wheel。Standard aluminum paddle shift is positioned in an easy-to-operate position、It further emphasizes the sportiness of Grecale! Full LCD Instrument Cluster、12.31 inch TFT full LCD monitor and、We are particular about high fine design made of view。Also、It is also equipped with a head-up display、Catch important information without averting your gaze during the drive! With touch sensor、You may need to get used to it at first.、High visibility and quick operability will be supported。The traditional clock at the top of the dashboard is a digital interface, albeit inherited、The analog clock is projected in a graphic、Three patterns of display mode are prepared、It can also be a compass.、It also becomes an interface for drivers that respond to voice recognition! The lineup is、Top Grade Trofeo、Middle Modena、Entry "GT" and 3Type are available。 The trunk room is perfect.。 By dividing the rear seat into three parts、There is also the convenience of being able to change the storage space according to the application! Triple Side Air Vent、1947It has been an indispensable element in Maserati's design since the years! New design of aluminum wheels reminiscent of the Trident logo。 LED headlights with design signatures derived from the MC20、The vertical line fits the shape of the body! The C-pillar emblem has the same classic finish as the MC20。 Designed by Giugiaro、The rear of the tail light that inherits the shape called the boomerang type of "3200GT" that we married do not stop loving、It gives a very clean impression.、It is not comparable to "3200GT", but it is an elegant finish! Body design with moderate plump and gentle bulge、Although it is slightly different from the impression of Maserati so far、「MC20」の流れを継承している部分も多く存在します! フロントグリルのエンブレムは、Designed to be low、センサーも搭載! 今回展示の欧州仕様はあくまでも、Because it is a European specification、How will the Japanese specification be finished in the future?、Not yet known。That's where it's troubling.、日本仕様もきっと素晴らしい仕上がりとなることを期待致しましょう! ボディカラーはイエローに少しブルーマイカが混ざっているという「Giallo Corse」でスポーティーさを強調! 全国を巡回する「グレカーレ」の艶やかなイエローのボディカラーに合わせて、Arrangements that unify the flower arrangement to yellow! Like the blue of the previous "MC20"、印象的な華々しいカラーが映えています! ボンネットを開けてエンジンルームをチェックしましょう! 「グレカーレ」には、Developed for supercar 'MC20'、ネットゥーノ・ユニット(Nettuno)がフロントに搭載されたV型6気筒DOHCツインターボ! SUVへの搭載に合わせて若干デチューンされているものの、3.0L V type 6 cylinder twin turbo gasoline、Maximum output of 530ps and maximum torque of 63.0kg-m、最高速度は285km/hを記録します! 現代F1エンジンの燃焼技術である「プレチャンバー」を採り入れています! 今回の発表会では先行予約を開始しており、Although the details of the Japanese specification remain undecided、Orders from owners who want to get it quickly enter smoothly、100Complete your reservation with a deposit of 10,000 yen.、来年頭から順に納車されるのを待つばかりとのこと! レヴァンテよりコンパクトなボディに最新のパワートレインを組み合わせたその走りの質には大きな期待が寄せられている「グレカーレ」地中海に吹く北東の風のように市場を駆け抜ける勇姿を楽しみに待ちたいと思います! マセラティ浜松 住所:Hamamatsu-Shi Higashi-Ku, North Island town 772 TEL:053-589-4366 Hours of operation:10:00-19:00 Closed on Mondays:水曜日

Hamamatsu "Maserati Hamamatsu" MC20 SPECIAL PREVIEW & Italy Fair Special Exhibition!

Operated by GLION GROUP, headquartered in Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture、As a sports car feel the wind of Italy、”ネプチューンの三叉の鉾”のロゴが印象的な高級車の「Maserati(マセラティ)」を取り扱う「マセラティ浜松」へ! 今回はマセラティが誇る新たなスーパースポーツカーとなる「MC20」が全国のマセラティ・ディーラーを巡り「MC20 SPECIAL PREVIEW」と題された特別展示会※4/14日(Thu)〜4/18(Mon)の5日間限定に参加して来ました! 通常、Three to four maseratis are arranged in a well-balanced and exhibited in the showroom.、"MC20", which will be a special exhibition、So that you can see its beautiful and elegant highly complete form from a distance、1Only the stand is on display calmly、You can feel its overwhelming presence! The body color is、A combination of colorful blue called "Blue Infinite" and a carbon fiber roof! All six colors prepared have become new colors planned, developed and adjusted for "MC20"! What's remarkable is、天高く翼を広げたマセラティ初となるガルウィングドア(バタフライドア)! 最高出力630ps、Maximum torque of 730 Nm、100%Equipped with a new V6 engine Nettuno developed by Maserati。0-100Km/h acceleration is less than 2.9 seconds、Top speed is over 325km/h。Although it is an ultra-light model、630Proud of ps output、Best-in-class power-to-weight ratio of 2.33 kg/ps、Performance、Sports performance、Luxurious、マセラティのスタイルを代表する新たなスーパースポーツカーとなります! この日は期間限定で「MASERATI Hamamatsu ITALIA FAIR 2022」も同時開催されており、Shops related to Italy are opened、The event is buzzing、Good timing、オペラ・テノール歌手であるmariottinoこと三浦幸未知さんの生歌とアコーディオン奏者の生演奏を楽しむことができました! 「MC20」を囲んでのオペラ鑑賞会は、It's an elegant moment。He also responded to the grand encore、It's like traveling in Italy、本場の劇場に足を運んでいるかのような臨場感を味わえました! もちろん「MC20」とともに記念撮影も自由に可能です! コクピット(運転席)へ乗車することもでき、You can immerse yourself in the owner's mood (laughs) Compared to my favorite car Mserati Quattroporte (Maserati Quattroporte)、Its design and functionality are very different、There are some things that are somewhat annoying in terms of practical、やはりこのスーパーカーならではの高揚感は右に出るものは限られているでしょう! リアは、Lamps similar to GranTurismo and Levante。 Muffler end laid out slightly higher。リアグラスにトライデントをイメージしているところも見逃せません! ボディサイズは、4,669×1,965×1,221mm、Wheelbase 2,700mm。Vehicle weight 1,640kg。 マセラティ自社開発の3.0L V6「Nettuno(ネットゥーノ)」エンジン!カーボンファイバーエンジンカバーを装備! タイヤはフロントが245/35ZR20、Rear tyre driving 305/30ZR20。 The emblem that decorates the front changes from red and blue to white and blue.、シンプル且つクラシカルにチェンジ! トライデントもダイナミックに、Is more three-dimensionally changed、縦長にも見えるスッキリとしたクールなデザインになっています! 期間限定で珠玉のマセラティ認定中古車も展示されており、"Ghibli I SS specification spider" which is said to be one of Giugiaro's best masterpieces and coupe full of state-of-the-art mechanism by Marcello Gandini design "Khamsin" appeared! This is something you rarely see! Debuted as a successor to Ghibli The coupe full of state-of-the-art mechanics by Marcello Gandini design "Maserati Khamsin" "Maserati Khamsin"、1973a sports car produced from 1980 to 1982。To be the successor model of "Maserati Ghibli"、It is designed by Marcello Gandini! Luxury interior with 2+2 specifications with small back seat、It is characteristic that the rear panel on which the taillights are attached is made of transparent glass! I heard that both of these cars are one of the collections of the same owner、It attracted Maserati fans with its appearance befitting a special exhibition! Giugiaro's most famous high-performance coupe "Ghibli I" SS specification spider Beautiful high-performance coupe "Ghibli I"。Among them, only 5 SS specification spiders were produced! It will be one of the rarest of the Maserati Road Car! Two beautifully restored gems are、Not only appreciation、It is said that the running is alive and well! Two cars that hotly reignite our dream of owning a classic car someday。I was able to see something truly valuable! "Kartell Shop Shizuoka" "Kartell Shop Shizuoka" which was opened for a limited time in the showroom。Kartell 1949、Founded by Italian chemical engineer Julia Castelli。We have collaborated with world-renowned designers and have been recognized for their design and quality.。What items are in the lineup?、color、irony、transparency、Beautiful in a unique way、The functionality of products made using the latest technology is outstanding、Combines beauty and functionality、It is an Italian furniture brand loved all over the world! "Acetaia Sereni Japan" The raw material is grapes only! and、Balsamic vinegar brewery "Acetya Sereni Japan" that sells high-quality balsamic vinegar made by traditional manufacturing methods of Modena, Italy。2021Plays Rein Quinn to Forbes Italia in 2009。High quality balsamic vinegar born in Modena, Italy, the same as Maserati, is here! "Cheesecake and baked goods shop PoliPoli" Opened a store on the 1st floor of Aroma Garden 109-5 Hiragaki, Fuji City、Cheesecake and baked goods shop "PoliPoli"。Italian cheese (Tarreggio、Parmigiano Reggiano、Gorgonzola Picante) cheesecake in it、Cheese stick assortment 5 bottles and so on! You can enjoy cheesecake using cheese from all over the world! "Cheese stick 5 kinds assortment" ¥ 1,690 (tax included) Let me try it、Because I was able to enjoy a rich taste that seems to be a guess of wine with a modest sweetness、チーズスティック5種入りアソートを購入! ①富士宮七富チーズ工房のホエーとフロマージュブラン (チーズ工房の高木さん手作りのチーズを使用ヨーグルトの様な風味) ②コンテとアーモンド (フランスのチーズ。Sweet and rich cheese、It goes well with nuts.。コンテ(エクストラ)を使用) ③関谷ファームさんのりんごとピエール・ロペール (小布施、Uses plenty of 100% apple juice and jam with pulp that is not mixed by Sekiya Farm。Pierre Robert is a French cheese。With the creator Pierre、It is a butter-rich white mold cheese named after his friend Robert.。甘酸っぱいりんごとピエール・ロベールのミルクの味の相性がとてもよい) ④ゴルゴンゾーラ・ピカンテ (イタリアのチーズ。There are two main types of Gorgonzola, Picante and Dolce、Picante means "spicy"。ピリリとしたさわやかな刺激のあるチーズケーキ) ⑤タレッジョ (イタリアのウォッシュタイプのチーズ。Wash type is cheese that is aged while washing the surroundings with salt water during maturation.、has a strong fragrance。While leaving the aroma by making it a cake、ミルクの味をしっかりと感じられる) 「AMEDEI(アメデイ)」 トスカーナ発の最高品質のカカオにこだわったチョコレート「AMEDEI(アメデイ)」。Of overwhelmingly popular products、White chocolate with pistachios (10%) from Bronte, Sicily, Italy, which is said to be the highest quality”Pistachio White”Start、様々なチョコレートを販売! はじめましてセット「プリモ・アメディ」¥1,500(税込) 「ネーリ・ミニ」¥1,300(税込) 5種入りアソート「ネーリ・ミニ」とはじめましてセット「プリモ・アメディ」を購入し様々な高カカオのチョコレートを楽しみたいと思います! 5種入りアソート「ネーリ・ミニ」 ①”9″ノーヴェ (9つの農園のカカオ豆をブレンド)良質な樹木のような香り、Citrus & stir-fried nuts、Rich in taste。上級チョコレートラバーにオススメ) ②”CHUAO”チュアオ (伝説のカカオ、Juicy and exotic fragrance with chuao。ベリー系の果実や蜂蜜の風味を感じる持続性の長いチョコレート) ③”PORCELANA”ポルチェラーナ (ベネズエラ産の希少なクリオロ種のみを使用。Refreshing and gorgeous fragrance。There is a harmonious aftertaste、貴婦人のチョコレートと呼ばれる) ④”ACERO95″アーチェロ95 (新規商品でメープルシュガーを使用したAMEDEIの新しい味) ⑤”BLANCO DE CRIOLLO”ブランコ・デ・クリオッロ (深い森林、Dry Prunes、Roasted almond-like aroma alternates。Only rare cliolo from Peru。ウッデイーでスモーキーな味わい) はじめましてセット「プリモ・アメディ」 ①”TOSCANO RED”トスカーノレッド (ストロベリー、Cherry、フランボワーズが入ったさわやかな食感) ②”TOSCANO BROWN”トスカーノブラウン (繊細な舌触りとまろやかさを楽しむミルクチョコレートでキャラメル感あり国際コンクールで9回の金賞を受賞した人気商品) ③”TOSCANO BLACK70%”トスカーノブラック (さまざまなカカオを混ぜて作りだされたアメデイを代表するチョコレートでしっかりとした存在感が楽しめます) イベント装花は今回も静岡市葵区本通沿いにあるお洒落なフラワーショップ「MILK FLOWERS(ミルクフラワーズ)」が担当されています!マセラティのブランドカラーでもあるブルーと「MC20」のブルーインフィニートに合わせて鮮やかな青で統一されたアレンジメントがコラボされています!...

Vintage poster exhibition is being held at Hamamatsu and Nordic vintage furniture "Learner's"!

Focusing on Danish and British vintages、Learner's furniture and miscellaneous goods。Current、3月4日(金)〜3月13日(日)まで開催されている「ヴィンテージポスター展」へ行って参りました!浜松は舘山寺街道沿いに佇む白い建物サインが目印です! オーナーの内藤慎一(Shinichi Naito)さんは、Leveraging our experience selling vintage furniture and repair and maintenance skills、2007Opened the long-awaited store in front of my home on May 30, 2008。 Things that have been used for a long time、What is currently being made?、With the concept of a select shop that proposes interior life that combines these to live happily in your own way、デンマークやイギリスのビンテージを中心に家具と雑貨(ビンテージと新品)を取り扱われています! 北欧ビンテージ家具は、Many of them are teak, known as high-grade wood.、its beautiful deep brown hue and wood skin、And the delicate grain of wood is easy to blend in your hand、Gives a very soft impression、Over the years, it has changed over time.、The tasteful atmosphere provides peace of mind。 Fresh flowers in the store、Occasionally, there is、助信にある花屋「FLANNEL FLOWER(フランネルフラワー)」の山本さんが時折活けにいらっしゃっているとのこと私たちも大好きな山本さんのセンスの良さが光ります! コンパクトなサイズ感の店内だからこそ、Furniture and sundries installed in a natural style as if they were a corner of the living room of the home。Every time I visit、There is a change of furniture.、being repositioned is a different atmosphere and、A nice shop that shows various faces。 Tableware and accessories、Interior miscellaneous goods etc.、Some are Nordic vintages.、New brand-name products are also lined up、The old and new designs are very natural fusion! other day、We were born in Antwerp, Belgium, and we also had a bowl of MINSK (Minsk) of "DOMANI" (color):Brick)とヨーロッパ製のガラスのフラワーベースをこちらで購入したばかりです! この日の目的は、"Vintage Poster Exhibition" currently being held。And、それを主催している友人のアートコレクターである宿里博(Hiroshi Yadori)さんにも久方振りにお会いしたくて足を運んで参りました! 今回は、1967Vintage posters such as posters for events organized by the Marg Foundation in Miró of the Year and posters for Picasso's exhibition in 1973 and Hockney's exhibition posters from the 80's have been showcased.、96Tillmans poster at the Louisiana Museum of Art of the Year and Egleston、Ellsworth Kelly and others will be relatively new works。Picasso caught the eye among the dozen or so vintage posters。1973Annual and、They're the same age as me.、I feel attached to it.。 There are also children who have already decided on a marriage destination after being held、I heard that we are replacing several new works.。If you have a favorite piece you want to buy,、Contact Us、It might be good to visit。 While listening to memories about vintage posters from the organizer's Mr. Shuri、The story is one of the present pleasures of our home.、Spreading about the collection of Scandinavian vintage furniture and accessories、We had various discussions with the owner Naito!! What we like is hot、こうした会話を楽しめ共感し合える仲間が居てくれるというのは嬉しい限りです! 宿里さんお気に入りのデビッド・ホックニーのポスターも2点展示されており、It is one of the works that has been kept carefully.。 In the Lerners.、Because repair and maintenance of Nordic vintage furniture are also possible、There are many cases where we actually consult、この日も購入したばかりのサイドボードの引き出し内部のリペアについて伺ってきました! 物腰が柔らかく、Naito-san who is easy to talk to。They are very easy to understand and kind to me.、安心してお任せできます! 居心地の良さでつい長居をしてしまいがちなラーナーズ。I'm sure、貴方のお家にプラスアルファできるお気に入りの家具や雑貨に出会えることでしょう! Learner’s(ラーナーズ) 住所静岡県浜松市中区富塚町3003-36 TEL:053-476-8571 Hours of operation:Weekdays 13:00-20:00、Saturday and Sunday:11:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday Parking:店前に有(無料) ヴィンテージポスター展 開催期間:3月4日(金)〜3月13日(日)※火曜定休 (アートコレクター宿里氏も夕方17時ぐらいまでは在店予定)

Toyohashi "Christmas Party in Ueno House" The best afternoon at a high-rise apartment building

Daisuke Matsumiya, representative and manager of the operating company of kamakura koima, an old private house hotel in Kamakura (Daisuke Matsumiya)At the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kunihisa Ueno and Tomoko, who I met with Mr. and Mrs.、Let's hold a Christmas party a little early!" and received a nice invitation.、ホームパーティーにお邪魔しました! 豊橋の再開発が進む高層ビルのマンションの一室でありながらも、There is an atmosphere like being invited to a resort hotel some place overseas.、Enjoy an elegant time looking down on the panoramic cityscape from the large window! The view of the sunny day without a cloud、三重の山々までが望めるほどのクリアな視界が待っています! 今年5月に素敵な御宅にお邪魔させていただいてから、Here's to celebrate the reunion for the first time in about 7 months! It may be a high-rise apartment building with high confidentiality、Even in winter, the temperature in the room seems to rise to about 27 degrees.、By the window where the sun shines、It becomes pokapoka day like spring、暖房要らずの暖かさで居心地抜群です! シャンパーニュ「ニコラ・フィアット セレクション ブリュット(Nicolas Feuillatte)」 フランス国内販売数量No.1世界3位のシャンパーニュ・メゾン「ニコラ・フィアット(Nicolas Feuillatte)」の洗練された軽やかな1本で乾杯! 「クリームチーズと紫蘇のポテトサラダ」 茹でたジャガイモに笹かまぼこやちくわなどの練り物を合わせ、It is a stylish potato salad that prepares the taste with cream cheese! It is said that about 20 pieces of shiso, which is the key to aroma and taste, are recommended! The accent of Shiso is exquisite and very delicious、ワインにも合うポテサラ! 「釜揚げしらすとモッツァレラのサラダ」 舞坂産の釜揚げしらすとモッツァレラを組み合わせ茗荷をアクセントに!和と洋のバランスの良い組み合わせでさっぱりとしながらもコクの楽しめる一品!素材の組み合わせ方が本当に素晴らしい朋子さんの手料理はいつも勉強になります! 「ブルーチーズ3種・チェダー・ゴーダ」 大好きなブルーチーズ3種類の食べ比べに一口サイズで食べやすくダイスカットされたチェダーとゴーダチーズ! 「牡蠣のソテー」 肉厚で大振りな牡蠣がどっさりと盛られた牡蠣のソテー!片栗粉をまぶした牡蠣をニンニクオイルで素揚げし、Make the sauce with butter, soy sauce and pepper there、絶妙な火入れで仕上げられたものを水菜と赤からし菜のサラダに盛り付けてリース風の美しさに!中からジュワッと滲み出る旨味が堪らない一品です! 「カリカリ!ハワイ風カリカリガーリックシュリンプ」 プリップリの海老とシャキシャキの青梗菜が美味しい炒め物は中京テレビの「虻ちゃんのちゃちゃっとめし」からレシピを拝借された一品とのこと!レシピをサラッと見てチャチャッと美味しいものが出せるところが素敵!一皿ずつ出来立て熱々の状態で提供できるように終始キッチンで調理してくださる御姿を拝見しながら邪魔にならないように勉強させていただきました! [材料3〜4人分] むきエビ(大)200g、2 greens、2 cloves garlic、Salt and black pepper each 2 knobs + a little for finishing、1 tablespoon of flour、3 tbsp olive oil, 15g butter、1 tsp chicken soup broth (powder)、1 tsp liquor、1 tsp soy sauce、レモン汁小さじ2) 「ベリンジャー ナイツ ヴァレー カベルネ ソーヴィニヨン (Beringer Vineyards Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon)」 上野さんの著書「3つの国の企業で働いてわかったこと/上野国久」にも登場してくるSEGAの大川功会長お気に入りのワインで当時上野さんも多いに飲まれていたもので、After I was able to insert it at the last home party、That it has been pochitsud on regular flights、思い出深いワインをご相伴預かりました! 「鰆と帆立と長葱のオレンジソテー」 長ネギをバターとおろしニンニクでしんなりするまで炒め、Add the orange juice.、Make a sauce that has been seasoned with salt and pepper.、Lightly put flour on salted and peppered sardines、Sautéed in olive oil and grated garlic in another frying pan、仕上げにバターと醤油で絡めてお仕上げ!鰆と帆立の身の柔らかさとオレンジの爽やかさが広がる一品です! 「あいち鴨のフォアグラのソテー バルサミコ酢ソース」 上野さん御夫妻にお勧めしていただいてから私たちもハマってしまっている豊橋の「鳥市精肉店」さんのブランド鴨「あいち鴨」の新鮮なフォアグラが出て参りました!軽く塩胡椒し、Sautéed butter in flour。バルサミコ酢を回し掛けて仕上げれば極上の香りが立ち込めます!プルンプルンのフォアグラは口中でとろけてしまう美味しさで赤ワインに良く合います! 今回はバターの使用率が多くてごめんなさいね、Tomoko-san told me、We are particular about the butter used.、地元スーパー「サンヨネ」のオリジナルのバターを使われています!サンヨネのオーナーさんの御家族にはアレルギー体質の人がいらっしゃるため、It is made a variety of original products of safety and security developed for the family、Butter is one of them.。地元豊橋市の「中央製乳株式会社」と提携して作られたサンヨネオリジナル商品の「サンヨネバター」は、Because you can have a light taste、Even if it is often used in cooking、Less burden on the stomach、There is no time left! I am particular about one seasoning、Tomoko-san who teaches us without hiding them。本当に足を運ぶ度に色々学ばせていただいております! イタリアはムラーノ島に在住し世界的に活躍するヴェネチアン・ガラス・アーティストであり画家でもある「土田康彦(TSUCHIDA YASUHIKO)」氏のイベントに参加された際の素敵なお話を伺い、As a reference material、I saw your book! Mr. Tsuchida、I'm from Tsuji Culinary College.、At the same time as graduating, he left Japan and went on to the path of food and art in Paris.、What is your origin as an artist?、It is said that it is "food" and "dignity" that I learned in Tsujicho.。Strong message and concept consistent in a variety of style、And there's philosophy、Mr. Tsuchida, nicknamed "Poet of Glass"。In the collection of works、Bold use of colors and the impact of unique design、その作品の一つひとつが印象深いものばかりで御座いました! 「メレンゲ豆乳鍋」 ル・クルーゼの中から突如現れるその見た目にあっと驚く、[Meringue soy milk pot] appeared! "Meringue soy milk pot" where a meringue made with egg whites fluffyly whisked is put in a pot.、中に忍ばされた具材と一緒に食べると口の中でシュワシュワッと溶けてなくなる新食感のお鍋です! 昆布出汁に豆乳とすりごまペーストを加えるあっさりとしたベースの鍋は、It becomes a fun pot for eyes where you can enjoy the fluffy texture of meringue、Sanchu and Paprika、Green beans、By winding vegetables such as carrots with pork belly、A vivid pork belly roll is visible from the meringue-like snow! Add rar oil to vinegar soy sauce and flavored soy sauce、If you can add spicy sauce、さっぱりといただける〆の鍋となります!ひと手間を惜しまずに趣向を凝らしてアイデア満載の手料理の数々を披露してくださる朋子さんに感謝感謝です! 「鍋には日本酒だよね」と素敵なペアリングを用意してくださる上野さん!御二人のおもてなしの心にどっぷりと甘えてしまいました! 「三諸杉 純米初しぼり/奈良:Imanishi Sake Brewery" Soft and plump sweetness and umami、The aftertaste is refreshing, fragrant and easy to match the meal! Maine Suzuran Did you get used to it from the time of the first meeting?、早々と逢いに出てきてくれたメインクーンの鈴蘭ちゃん♪凛とした顔付きが本当に別嬪さんです♪ [6匹の保護猫と暮らす上野夫妻] 1猫 おそらくジャパニーズボブテイルで人が大好きな美ら(ちゅら)ちゃん。 2Cat Black Face Shy Coral。 3Suzuran-chan of Maine full of elegance like a queen in pure white。 4Cat Sumire-chan, who is cold and my favorite in the bed。 5Griffe-chan with a cat striped pattern。菫とグリフは洗濯機の横の小さな隙間に縦に重なり合いながら隠れていました! 6猫 小さくて可憐な蓮華(れんげ)ちゃん「ジャパニーズボブテイル 美ら(ちゅら)」 窓際に用意されたブランケットの上で寛ぎ、I don't like stroking it.、人好きな美らちゃんもずっと一緒に居てくれました♪ 「京菓子 鶴屋吉信 果の彩」 京都の老舗和菓子屋「鶴屋吉信」から発売された羊羹とドライフルーツを組み合わせた新スタイルの羊羹「果の彩(Aya Ka no)」! glimpse、With the beauty like tablet chocolate、Beautifully arranged dried fruits on thinly formed yokan、優しい甘みの羊羹とジューシーな香りと酸味優しい味わいの果実をマリアージュさせた一品! 「コーヒー」 食後の珈琲はいつも御主人の上野さんが担当してくださり淹れたての香り高いコーヒーをいただきます! ふと気付けば外は、It is finished in the winter sky of a beautiful gradation、Too comfortable、A superb moment at Ueno Residence where you will just live for a long time。 Mr. Ueno、Tomoko、素敵な時間をいつも有難う御座います!次回は宜しければ我が家にもいらしてくださいね♪ 豊橋駅へ向かう途中に開発の進んでいる再開発ビル「emCAMPUS(エムキャンパス)」のライトアップに引き寄せられパチリ!こちらは「サーラグループ」が開発に携わっており、"Many people and local resources、新たな価値の発信拠点に成長してほしい」とサーラグループ代表の神野吾郎氏が挨拶されています! 東棟となる「emCAMPUS EAST(エムキャンパス イースト)」は、2021it opened on November 27, 2010.、On the first floor with the theme of local food and agriculture、食のセレクトショップ「DEAN & DELUCA」が監修する地元生産者らのこだわりの食材が並ぶマーケットがありさらにフードコートやレストランも楽しめます! 東館1階のマーケットには私の一押し商品として地元の先輩である牧之原市の養蜂家・河村充さんが手掛ける河村養蜂場の国産蜂蜜「Honey boy(ハニーボーイ)」(※ふじのくに新商品コレクション最高金賞受賞)も絶賛販売中ですので是非チェックしてみてください! 東館の2〜3階に位置する市営図書館の「豊橋市まちなか図書館」は約4千㎡で520席を保有しており従来の市営図書館のイメージを覆し飲食も会話もOKとのこと!蔵書はすべて開架で約6万冊将来的には10万冊を目指されています会話がOKというと本来の読書の邪魔になるのでは!?と思いの方は御安心くださいこちらには静かに読書したい人向けの予約制「ラウンジ」までも用意されています!愛知県豊橋市が「知と交流の創造拠点」と位置づける「豊橋市まちなか図書館」駅前の活性化に繋がりとても実用性の高い施設の誕生は喜ばしい限りで、In the future、来年1月にオープンを予定する西棟の完成も楽しみでなりません! emCAMPUS(エムキャンパス) 住所愛知県豊橋市駅前大通2丁目81 定休日:Monday

Audi e-tron GT, a new Audi Hamamatsu electric vehicle (EV), will be unveiled at a preview event!

Audi Hamamatsu, an authorized Audi dealer、Ahead of its launch in Japan this fall、全国のディーラーに 「Audi e-tron GT」が登場するプレビューイベントが2021/7/31(Sat)・2021/8/1(Sun)の二日間限定で開催! ドイツ本社から特別に空輸した欧州仕様車の先行限定公開となる実車を見学させていただき、3Because I have been taking virtual photography in D、多くのアウディファンの皆様にもお届けできればと思います! 「アウディ浜松」は「サーラカーズジャパン株式会社」が運営するAudi正規販売ディーラーです! 「サーラカーズジャパン」は、Three audi dealers in Aichi and Shizuoka prefectures、2 Audi certified used car sites、8 volkswagen dealers、We operate 4 Volkswagen certified used car centers! Audi Hamamatsu、2019In January 2009, it was reborn as a showroom in accordance with the terminal concept of the latest design.、Site area is 3633㎡、The total floor area of the building is 1,320 m2.、The number of exhibits is 12 units, and a spacious space is secured with a full lineup、While launching the latest model exhibitions and various campaigns、There are also many test rides so that you can experience Audi more closely! Audi e-tron GT, a limited edition tour of dealers nationwide! See the 3D virtual world that you can enjoy at the same time while playing around at 360 degrees! Technology at the forering the times and、感性を刺激するエモーショナルなデザインを両立したAudiの理想を体現する電気自動車のフラッグシップモデル! 上品さが備わるデザインを持ちながらスポーティネスでパワフルな電気駆動システムを備えた4ドアクーペ! グランツーリスモでありながら、Thoroughly pursue efficient and comfortable driving performance that takes advantage of the characteristics of electric vehicles、The electric motor mounted on the front and rear has an overwhelming performance with a maximum output of 350 kW / maximum torque of 630 Nm.、ブーストモードを利用すれば最高出力390kW/最大トルク640Nmに達するパワーでパワフルにスポーツカーを思わせる発進加速を高次元で実現可能に! 空気抵抗を極限まで抑え効率を徹底的に追求することによって生み出された究極のプロポーションは従来の電動自動車にはない仕上がりになっています! サステイナブルな未来をめざす電気自動車の理想も込められており、Audi e-tron GT is a material that also cares about the global environment! Leather-free package that does not use any leather、Sheets and center console trims for polyester fibers extracted from artificial leather and recycled materials、Adopted for floor mats, etc.、先進のインフォテインメントを搭載した究極のグランツーリスモとしての快適でスポーティなインテリアとなっています! アウディの電気自動車のフラッグシップであり次世代を担う最注目の一台となりうる「Audi e-tron GT」! 今秋予定される日本国内発売をお楽しみに! 駐車場には、Looking ahead to the introduction of Audi's first electric audi e-tron、Introduction of high-power quick charger installation (supercharger) etc.、We have a full service system in place.、安心対応です!今回はこちらのEV e-tronの試乗をさせていただきました! サイズでいうとQ5とQ7の間に位置するクーペライクなSUVとなり、Total length 4901mm、Width 1935mm、Height 1616mm。Wheelbase is 2928mm and a sense of size、さほど高くない車高からスマートな印象も受けます! e-tronには、Virtual exterior mirror with symbolic optional equipment for aerodynamic improvement、カメラ映像を映すモニターで確認します! 本来ドアミラーが備わる場所からスマートなステーが伸びており、Because it is equipped with a camera beyond that、the image transferred by the camera is projected on a monitor built into the door。I was surprised at the reality of the video projected、Because I look at the door mirror with the usual habit while driving、ドア内のモニターとの位置間隔に多少の慣れが必要かと思いました! しかしながら、There is also the space in the car and the space of the trunk room, so it is long in practicality、軽快な走りで快適なラグジュアリーEVとしての完成度の高さを実感致しました! 今後のアウディのEVラインナップに期待です! アウディ浜松(Audi Hamamatsu) 所在地静岡県浜松市東区宮竹町667 TEL:053-468-7961 Hours of operation:10:00-19:00/ Service reception hours 10:00-18:00 Closed on Mondays:第1.第3火曜日・水曜日

"Shintaro Amioka Atelier" See the plum picking of Nanko Plum and the creation of works for the next solo exhibition!

Toyohashi-based contemporary artist Shintaro Amioka's residence and office atelier! In response to the announcement of the annual "Plum Picking" at Amioka House held before the rainy season every year、ドライブがてら足を運ばせていただきました! 娘の明里ちゃんが知らせてくれ午前の内に一部の収穫作業を終えていたところに到着! 梅の実は高い位置にも生るため、It will be harvested while using a bedt。 In addition、Because there is pest damage such as caterpillars in the plum tree,、収穫はいつも手慣れた明里ちゃんの梅雨前の大仕事となっているそうです! 庭に植わる3本の梅の木から毎年収穫できる南高梅日本では雨が多く降る時期のことを「梅雨」というのはなぜか御存知ですか? 諸説あるようですが、It seems that the plum fruit is called "Tsyu" by writing "rainy season" because it ripens under the moisture of rain and sunlight.。 In general,、The harvest time of the plum is from June to July.、This year, the rainy season is earlier than normal nationwide.。 The plum blossoms bloom from February to early May, after which the fruit grows and ripens.、今回は梅酒やカリカリ梅にするために熟す前の若い青梅を収穫させていただきます!(※梅は用途により収穫時期が異なります) 私は背丈の届く範囲で収穫する「梅狩り」を初体験! 一粒一粒が大振りで立派な梅の実傷を付けないように大事に大事に一粒ずつ大切に優しく手でもいでいきます! ほんのりと紅い部分もありますが、It is proof that Nanko Ume was bathed in the sun.。 The plum under the leaves is blue buns.。 Children who become umeboshi of Nanko plum from Wakayama familiar in "Kishu Nanko Ume"、It is said that they wait for the time of harvest and wait for the time of ripening on the tree for a while.。 In the first place, "Nanko Ume" was discovered by a person named Sadakusu Takada in 1890.、Originally called "Takada Ume"。 In 1940, the Ume Excellent Mother Tree Selection Committee was established to select excellent varieties suitable for suitable land among dozens of plum varieties in Nanbu Kawamura, Wakayama Prefecture.、The head teacher of the Southern High School Horticultural Department who chaired it、Results of a 5-year plum variety survey conducted by Dr. Katsutaro Takenaka with his students、「高田梅」が最優良品種に選ばれたのです! その時の功績を評し「南高梅(南部高校=南高)」と命名されたとのこと。*Registered as a name by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in 1965。 Previous、When I visited Wakayama Prefecture, which is the production area of plum blossoms, I saw the plum garden of Nanko Plum Everywhere.、Not to mention the brand name ume = Nanko ume of the highest quality in Japan、that everyone is aware of。 Now、日本で一番高級な南高梅は御存知ですか? 和歌山県日高郡みなべ町にある天保五年創業・現在五代目が継ぐ老舗中の老舗「東農園(あづまのうえん)」が2016年に予約を開始した12年に一度の限定販売で「丙申年の梅 五福 1.8kg」10万円(税抜)という神事を行なった直営農園で収穫し丁寧に漬け込んだ白干し梅の金箔付の梅干しがあることを知りました! 「丙申年の梅 五福 1粒」3,240円(税込)なんていう桐箱入りの甕に1粒という贅沢品までも存在します! 通販サイト「五代庵」 梅好きな旦那様への誕生日プレゼントにでもしたら喜んでくれるでしょうか?(笑) 今回は梅酒やカリカリ梅用に何と!5.4kgもの青梅を頂戴しました!(感謝) 梅の実の追熟は早いため帰宅後は直ぐに「梅仕事」にかかりたいと思います! ※その模様は次回の記事で詳細を記載致します。 When I looked at Mr. Amioka's atelier on the way back、丁度来月6月26日(土)~「Hirano Art Gallery」にて開催される「味岡伸太郎展-えんちゅうのしぶんのいちのしかくちゅう-」の作品づくりに精を出されているところを見学させていただくことができました! いつも1階のサロンか2階の事務所でお会いすることが多かったのでアトリエを拝見するのは初めてです! そして、It is the first time to see mr. Amioka's work scenery.。 How works are born、制作過程を見せていただけるというのは大変貴重な時間となります! 丸木の複雑な組み合わせのようにも見えますが、The way nature comes in Amioka's hands。 While making many bodies of works、こちらはかなりの大作です! 木片と木片を組み合わせ、An atelier with the sound of drilling holes。 Kankan Khan and、The sound of hitting wooden piles also resonates.。 丸木を四分の一にカットしひっくり返した作品で「えんちゅうのしぶんのいちのしかくちゅう」 手斧やナタにクサビ、Tahgane, etc.、Tools of the year。 And the floor where the wood is scattered.、Look、It looks like art, so it's strange.。 It will be finished in a powerful three-dimensional shape that the vitality of the tree has。 味岡伸太郎展-えんちゅうのしぶんのいちのしかくちゅう- 開催期間:2021年6月26日(土)~7月18日(日) 開催場所Hirano Art Gallery 土日 10:00-17:00 OPEN(月~金 休廊) ※火~金は予約にて13:00-15:00We will open at。 オープニングイベント6月26日(土) オープニングトーク16:00~櫻井拓 × 味岡伸太郎「美術と自然」 オープニングパーティー17:00~(※参加される方は必ずお問合せ下さい) 味岡伸太郎アトリエ

"Ueno Residence Home Party" The best time to unfold in one room of the apartment on the upper floor

Daisuke Matsumiya, representative and manager of the operating company of kamakura koima, an old private house hotel in Kamakura (Daisuke Matsumiya)さんの御紹介で知り合えた上野国久さんと朋子さん御夫妻の御宅にお招きいただきホームパーティーを開催! 先日は我が家に足を運んでくださったのですがこうして互いの家を行き来させていただけるなんてとても素敵なご縁を頂戴しました! 高層階のマンションの一室でありながらも、There is an atmosphere like being invited to a resort hotel some place overseas.、Elegant time overlooking the panoramic cityscape from the large windows。 What greeted me in the living room was、3Dプリンターで作られたという御二人の3Dフィギア! こちらのクオリティが観れば観るほどに酷似していてリアリティさが素晴らしく、If you actually line up with your clothes and shoes,、より一層にクオリティの高さが伺えるとのこと! 上野さん御夫妻も旅行好きでグルメで車好きという共通の趣味が重なり会話に尽きることなく楽しいひとときが始まります! 予め冷やしておいてくださったイタリアのスプマンテやシャンパーニュで乾杯! 「アペリティフプレート」 アペリティフを楽しむために用意してくださったプレートは、Walnut Baguette、Italian olives、Pate de campagne、Prosciutto and cheese are "tomato and basil cheese"、"Truffle Cheese"、"Camembert Cheese"、"Tet de Moine", etc.。 "Tet de Mowanne" is a semi-hard cheese from Switzerland、With a light mouthfeen for thinly slicing、The taste is rich and rich and has umami、独特な複雑味が楽しめます! チーズ専用のジロールという削り器を用いてくるくる回すと花びらのように薄く綺麗なフリル状にスライス実は我が家も数年前に購入したのですがなかなかお披露目の場を見ることがなく倉庫に眠っています(笑) 「BANトマトといぶりがっことクリームチーズのサラダ」 豊橋の道の駅「食彩村」でも大人気という「ばん農園」の「高糖度Banトマト」が並び刻んだいぶりがっことクリームチーズに極上のエキストラバージンオリーブオイルをたっぷりとかけたカナッペ! 能登半島の陶芸家である藤井博文さんの器も素敵! 「高糖度トマトの食べ比べ」 Banトマトの弾けるような皮の張り濃厚な甘味と旨味があまりに美味しくて無類のトマト好きだとお伝えすると同じく「食彩村」の人気ブランドトマトを3種を食べ比べさせてくださいました! それぞれに特徴があり味わいの濃い旨味溢れるトマトたちは御馳走です! 「雲丹のフラン」 上野邸でファーストビジターに必ず提供されているスペシャリテの「雲丹のフラン」は雲丹の芳醇な香りと口中でとろける食感にフランの滑らかな舌触りと上品で深みのある極上の味わいが楽しめ贅沢の極み! こんな素晴らしい料理が最初に出てきてしまったら、The stomach is grabbed gutsy (laughs) "Handmade miso made with the handmade miso experience of Miso Studio Xita" Tomoko who is addicted to making miso of Kisitamiko of "Miso Studio Xita" in Hamamatsu。 こちらの味噌は一般的に市販されている味噌の5倍もの麹で作られており凝縮された旨味が楽しめ味噌が主役になる一品! まさか地元にこんなに美味しい味噌があったとは露知らずこのご縁を機にキシタさんとインスタで繋がらせていただいたので今度足を運んでみたいと思います! 「深川ワイナリー東京 山形デラウェア無ろ過」 山形のデラウェアですっきりとしており、You can enjoy the umami of unfiltered! "White mushroom and avocado salad" Flavorful aroma of thinly sliced white mushrooms、Richness of avocado、Seasonal vegetables with okra、The freshness of micro herbs goes well with homemade miso dressing! Of course, miso will be tomoko's home-made miso! "Syssyaki with cream cheese" Take the seeds of 6000、Kiriのクリームチーズを挟み冷蔵庫で寝かせてから香ばしく焼き上げ鰹節をたっぷりとかけて麺つゆ少々これがまた絶品! こういうおつまみ系がさらりと作れてしまいサッと出てくる奥様は本当に尊敬してしまいます! レシピも伺ったので我が家の晩酌レパートリーにも早速加えさせていただきますね♪ 「エガワコントラクター 喜多方アスパラガス」 福島県喜多方市で雄国山麓の木々に囲まれ阿賀野川支流がながれる環境で野菜を育てている農家「エガワコントラクター」さんの喜多方アスパラガスは大地の恵みを受けた本物の美味しさが味わえます! 「喜多方アスパラガスのバターソテー ホワイトトリュフ塩を添えて」 こちらは軽くバターソテーしたものをホワイトトリュフ塩を添えていただきます! シャキシャキの食感と大地の恵みを感じる瑞々しさに、Enjoy the original aroma and rich taste of asparagus、Add a little white truffle salt to it.、それはもう至高の香りが漂い天にも昇る勢いです! 「シノン レ・パンセ・ド・パリュ(ドメーヌ・ド・パリュ)/Chinon les Pensees de Pallus (Domaine de Pallus)」 お次はお好きなワインを開けてくださりエレガントで果実味豊かなシノン初夏という時期的にも少し冷やしてから飲むのが良いと準備してくださりカベルネ・フラン100%の品のある味わいを堪能! 赤ワインとホワイトリュフ塩をまとった喜多方アスパラとの相性も抜群です! 「鳥市精肉店 源氏和牛」 以前我が家にいらしてくださった際に差し入れいただいた豊橋の老舗の精肉店「鳥市精肉店」の「あいち鴨」も絶品でしたがこちらの精肉店でこだわる肉として忘れてはならない「源氏和牛」の登場です! 地元愛知県を代表するブランド「鳳来牛」を育てる名人集団「源氏肥育組合」が手塩をかけて育てた黒毛和牛「源氏和牛」。 From about 10 months old, 5% of the feed is grown by mixing sake kas of Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.'s famous sake "Horaisen".、育てるのにかなり手間暇がかかるため流通量が極端に少ない貴重なブランド和牛です! こちらの「源氏和牛」は厚切りとオーダーしてくださっていて見事な霜降り具合となり常温に戻してから調理開始です! 終始キッチンで準備してくださり次から次へと順良く極上の料理を提供してくださる朋子さん! こだわりの食材や美味しいと美味しいの駆け合わせや極上レシピなど都度勉強させていただくことばかり! 都内からこちらへ越されてきてからは地場野菜の美味しさに目覚め本当に良く野菜を食されるようになったとのこと! 浜松の野菜も美味しいですが愛知の野菜たちは私たちも日々通う「クックマート」で御用達ですからね♪ 「源氏和牛のソテー 蓮根 アーリーレッド」 表面は香ばしく中は見事なロゼで美しいミディアムレアにソテーされた「源氏和牛」! ジュワッとくちどけの良い良質な脂噛むほどにほとばしる旨味溢れる肉質上品な肉の香りが溜まりません! 「レ パゴド ド コス 2007 サンテステフ(Les Pagodes de Cos 2007 AOC Saint-Estephe)」 源氏和牛に合わせてコスを開けてくださいました! こちらはロバート・パーカー氏が2009年に100点満点を付けており個性的なスパイスのニュアンスと柔和なタンニン滑らかな口当たりが楽しめるフルボディです! ※画像は撮り忘れてしまったのでイメージです「ロバート・モンダヴィ(Robert Mondavi / Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley)」 「ベリンジャー ナイツ ヴァレー カベルネ ソーヴィニヨン(Beringer Vineyards Knights Valley Cabernet...

"Amioka Shintaro's Yutani house" under the sun of fresh green trees leaking、Tea ceremony held in mud dyeing tea room

Sandwiched between the Uren River and the JR Iida Line near Yutani Onsen in Shinjo City, Aichi Prefecture、板敷川を見下ろす林の中にアーティスト味岡伸太郎の作品となる「泥染茶室」を設営し開催された「茶会」へ! 豊橋駅(愛知県)~辰野駅(長野県)まで195.7kmの間に94もの駅があり、JR East Iida Line with an average distance between stations of only 2.1km。Beyond Yuya-Onsen station (middle station) one in the middle of the IIDA line、Walk 5 minutes IIDA towards a peaceful alley、Cross the tracks past the Tanoshima Railroad Crossing。How to go to Yutani's house、There is no way but to cross this track.。 a small house with a red roof that can be seen over the tracks。This is artist Shintaro Amioka's villa "Yutani no Ie"。 A mud dyeing tea room is set up on the site.、Mr. Amioka devotes himself to preparation。 Because the tea ceremony is held after dinner、先ずは腹ごしらえと参りましょう! この日の茶会での炊き出しは「野草の会」でもお馴染みのゲーテ高橋さんの野草料理と豊橋のワインカフェ「夏目」の夏目晴夫さんが担当されています。 Haruo Natsumi is the owner of Natsumi Wine Cafe in Toyohashi.、Cook is.、And he has the title of Senior Sommelier certified by the Japan Sommelier Association、1We operate a restaurant that is limited to one group per day and is a complete reservation system.。 Mr. Amioka and Mr. Natsube have been ing together for a long time.、Natsume's restaurant itself is also created from the ground up with Mr. Amioka.。 この日は3升炊きの大きな羽釜を用いて庭にあるレンガのコンロに薪をくべて御飯を炊き上げてくれます! 羽釜の蓋がなかったため、Mr. Amioka said that he made the lid him owned to match the size of the hagama.。 本当に何でも手づくりされる器用な方です! およそ10年ほど前から味岡さん自らが手を加えリノベーションし続けている湯谷の家は、Not only the interior with the atmosphere like an art gallery、建物全てがアート作品です! 設置される自身のアート作品は定期的に入れ替えられており、Choose a flowerware and decorate the flowers of the wild mountains for each season to create the four seasons。 There's no such luxury。 A sense of balance in the cutting and pasting of Washi paper and fine work by hand even if it is one wallpaper。 It is a work of 2008 which wrote haiku poet Masahiko Hoshino's phrase "Kagome Kagomeko etc. and immediately empty"。 This is a Buddha who was got by Mr. Amioka's eyes at the antique market of Oyama Shrine in Tochigi Prefecture。 of an old age with a little gold leaf、The back of the light is painted with gold powder on an old hoe and shines.。 The pedestal is blacked out from the firewood and placed in a place according to the Buddha。 「花頌抄(はなしょうしょう)― 野の花を生ける ― 」 14ヶ月もの間、Mr. Amioka picks flowers blooming in the field、Vase、My daughter, Akisato Miyata, kept taking pictures.、It is a catalog that summarizes what the haiku poet wrote the phrase.。 "Admire" the praise of any、Extract from "part" of。That is a record of the year loved flowers。 It contains many familiar wild grasses and is also a picture book of wild flowers of the four seasons、折々花の変化も楽しめる超大作です! 見渡す限り緑の森と山々に囲まれ、Peaceful land of cool toilet。 Cover the hearth、The Japanese-style room with a single-board seat table is comfortable on your bare feet.。 The glare of fresh green from the open veranda and the 囀 birds make you feel extraordinary moments。 The seseragi of the Uren River becomes the background music of healing、Yutani's house where rich time flows。 Goethe Takahashi, a master of wild grass, picks wild grasses from wild mountains and makes wild grass dishes! This is one of the wild grasses planted by the Yonezawa domain, which had famine, to outsoever hunger.、The Yonezawa domain perused the book "The One" which put 140 kinds of rough plants as a popularization book of the plant which can be eaten.、It is said to have surpassed the predicament of famine.。There is a culture of food that eats wild plants, the blessings of mountain nature、That culture is still passed down.、We can also touch and eat wild grass.。 "Tempura of wild grass" Freshly picked tea leaves、Light bamboo、Kogomi、Seita Kawadachisou、Seri、snapdragon、Roses, etc.。 The tempura of freshly picked tea leaves has a good fragrance.、A tasteful taste where you can feel the blessings of the mountains and mountains。 Taking the time to participate in the "Wild Grass Association" held here several times before、I'm really a fan of wild grass dishes.。 「田口塩鶏」 奥三河で親しまれている味付け鶏もも肉で焼くだけの手間要らずの一品。 The meat is softened by salt koji.、だしは貝柱だしを使い旨みを濃縮した旨塩味となっています! 「羽釜炊きおにぎり」 羽釜で炊き上げ、Onigiri, which is gripped with the aroma of charred and flavorful white rice, is wrapped in nori seaweed with umeboshi on the ingredients.、It is held cutely and roundly in a small size that is easy to eat。 「手摘み茶」 茶葉を手で摘み煎ってから豪快に鍋で煮出す手摘み茶。 Aldning that it was not sunny on this day、20in a climate that is easy to spend around the、The swaying leafy sound of the trees and the wind are comfortable on the veranda。 We enjoyed our time with our guests.。 Visit once or twice a week、Mr. Amioka comes to care for plants and plants and manage the house, mainly mowing the grass。 It seems that a few pine trees have withered.、Instead, the new pine buds seem to be growing as they begin to appear, and I feel the power of the earth.。 Families with small children go down to the river、Wading。 The boy's shoes got wet.、Isn't this also a scenery with a taste unique to early summer?。 It can also be said that coronal disaster、This tea ceremony where each gathers at 3-5。 Guests waiting in front of the mud dyeing tea room for the order of the tea room。 この泥染茶室は2017年に開催された「愛知県陶磁美術館」でのワークショップ「土の色発見・楽焼作りと茶会体験 土・色・茶の湯」の際に子供たちと一緒に作成された茶室です。 Let elementary school children experience tea leaves by hand picking、I had the tea leaves finished in matcha in Nishio.、Make a teacup out of clay.、Draw a picture, make a matcha teacup, and bake a teacup in a rakuyaki kiln.、Mud dyeing experience that becomes part of the tea room、Matcha tea bowls picked by their own hands and handmade、And、At the grand event of ing a tea ceremony in this mud dyeing tea room、It took about four months to produce.。 A wonderful event where children can enjoy the joy of manual labor and the joy of manufacturing、味岡さんが当時の様子を大変ではあったがとても楽しかったと語ってくださいました! 私たちの番が回ってきたので、I'll disturb you in the tea room.。 Mr. Amioka who can serve as the husband。 And this time, it is ceramic artist Inayoshi Osam who is based in Toyohashi who will make matcha tea.。 Tea confectionary "Acorn"、Bitter gourd、Small eggplant、End-made figs、夏蜜柑のピール」 お茶菓子は陶芸家の稲吉オサムさんが用意なさってくださったもので、Bowls and chopsticks are made by Amioka。 The branch of the chromozi which Mr. Amioka got in the mountain in Haruno-cho which mr. Amioka spent 9.5 hours climbing was adopted for this chopsticks。 You can enjoy an elegant and refreshing fragrance full of woody and transparent feeling、It is healed by the fragrance of chromozi, which is also used in high-quality toothpick materials and essential oils.、最後にお土産で持たせてくれました!(感謝) 野草料理を出し終え、Mr. Goethe Takahashi, who was going up to me, looked into the tea room.。 いつも美味しい野草料理をありがとうございます! 茶碗「稲吉オサム」 お抹茶がそれぞれに用意されて参りました茶碗「稲吉オサム」 今回の茶会に用いられた茶碗は、Works by shintaro Amioka, who is also a ceramic artist, and works by ceramic artist Osam Inayoshi。 I'd like to receive a point.。 When I hear that it is a tea ceremony, I feel an extraordinary and rigid image.、The tea ceremony held by Mr. Amioka、It may be done in a rough summary、I think it's a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture and people's warm care.。 Mr. Amioka himself said, "I would like to hold such tea ceremonies regularly."、Eventually, a permanent tea room will be set up in this Yutani house.、It is said that it is considering the creation of a tea room with a sea river.。 Of course, the art work placed in the tea room is Amioka's work.。 This is a work that cut a round tree into quarters and turned it over, and it is a work called "Enchu no Shibun no Ishino-no-Kyu".。 Solo exhibitions of only these works、来月6月26日(土)~7月18日(日)まで「Hirano Art Gallery」にて開催される予定です! 陽に透かされた泥染茶室は土に染められた温かな色合いで、It exudes an indrudable soft texture.。 Mud-dyed tea room in fresh green trees。 Previous、I had seen it in the indoor exhibition.、After all, it seems that something close to the natural world is present in the natural world.。 Just、JR飯田線を走る電車がやって参りました! 1時間に1本程度の路線ではありますが一度この電車に乗ってのんびりと鈍行列車の旅をしてみたいものです! 本日の用を果たして身綺麗にしてもらった器たちの顔はどこか誇らしげにも伺えます。 Demolition work of mud dyeing tea room where branches are attached with strings and assembled。 It is a parting for a while until eyes of the day are looked at again.。 Ajioka,、I'm so happy to see you again after a long time.、楽しいひとときをありがとうございました! また、We look forward to seeing you again next time.。 泥染茶室の茶会 会場田ノ島39番地 泥染茶室味岡伸太郎 茶碗味岡伸太郎/稲吉オサム 野草料理ゲーテ高橋 飯炊きワインカフェ夏目 夏目晴夫

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