Marc BIBEAU Okonomiyaki heaven clothing in new food crunchiness! During the sting moist spring cabbage sweet!

Along the street of Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital in Sumiyoshi, there is a shop with a noren called "Kokoro" in three hiragana letters.。2007Opened in April 2015, this year celebrates its 8th anniversary in 2015。Since coming to Hamamatsu, "Kokoro-san speaking of esnomiyaki" has become a staple of us, and now it is famous at the national ward level。And、Currently Western in log eating Okonomiyaki.、It is a very delicious esnomiyaki shop that boasts the first place in both shizuoka area! What is kokoro's esnomiyaki?、Suddenly to be tempted to eat very much、"Kokoro Syndrome" is activated (laughs) On this day, after visiting Kageyama Melon Farm, Mr. Yasuurant Bio-s's Yoshihiro Matsuki asked me that he liked powder.、I have been visiting "Kokoro" for the first time in a long time! There are 6 counter seats and 14 iron plate table seats in the store.。The first、It seemed to get burn themselves at the plate-style、In order to save time loss and to let you know the taste that can be made by professionals, the owner Ryuya Oishi is said to have changed it to a style of baking in the back kitchen and taking it out on a warm iron plate in front of customers.。 There was also a fun pancakes certainly bake yourself a decade ago、Now that I had hurt feelings。They do not at all suitable for baking professional taste.。 It is a very difficult situation for restaurants due to corona.、"Kokoro" is firmly protected against infection as a safe and secure restaurant certified store、Each table has a clear sheet to keep splashes from flying。Takeout such as Uber Eats is also supported、It is gaining popularity because you can enjoy delicious esnomiyaki at home! 25-year-old Kokoro's most popular "seafood mix" 880 yen Using homemade formula、Is characterized by meticulous bake、Surface heaven dying already Calipari finish so flaky texture is soft and as is moist and delicious with a nice fire。Even the flavor of sesame seeds and chopped ginger soy sauce is.。This way of baking seems to be the master original baking way, so if you eat it for the first time,、Seems to be quite a shock。実際にわたし達も初めていただいた日の衝撃は今でも忘れません♪ お好み焼きこころさんの2番人気「もちーず焼き」880円 わたし達夫婦のこころさんでの定番メニューとして、I can't take this momozu yaki off.。Also, chiizu、Fluffy cakes cut into cubes with embedded fabric、Natural grounds and a nice cheese square、As for the texture of okonomiyaki, I finish it on the surface of an interesting texture that i have not tasted before.。In difference with crunchy surface、Enjoy a soft moist texture、With plenty of cabbage and umami ingredients of pork、Toro-(s) filter 1 Chili to cheese and mochi! Most of the female customers、The moment you see this naming, it seems that it is here ♪ "I want to do this ~ this", and cheese is still for women、不動の人気メニューですね! お好み焼きのデコレーションは、Can be done to your liking yourself on the plate brought from。We have、Always your favorite source.、Mayonnaise sauce、Topped with bonito、Is the order of the seaweed。熱い鉄板の上にソースがかかると「ジュッジュ~ッ」と食欲をそそる良い音が鳴り響きます!マヨネーズとの相性がまた最高に美味しいです! 竜也さんのお好み焼きは、By using a tenkas on the surface, it has a crisp and crispy texture, but the inside is fluffy and moist、You can experience the new texture without having ever tasted pancakes。For an exquisite stay、Is by all means with the food to you in the shop we invite you。That since I came to Hamamatsu、Your friends everyday gourmet、I recommended esnomiyaki that you have here, and it is very highly evaluated by everyone.、You repeat visitors and fans coming in、It is "kokoro" worth recommending。 Mr. Tatsuya、いつも美味しいお好み焼きをありがとうございます! お好み焼き こころ 浜松市中区住吉1-16-14 TEL:053-476-5086 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:日曜日

"Kageyama Melon Farm" I want to protect the future of Agriculture in Japan! Let's support angel sound muskmelon!

A fragrant supreme fragrance、Superb mellowness and silky-less、It was exactly one year ago that we encountered "Angel Sound Muskmelon", which is characterized by the superb sweetness that stimulates the brain heavens.。There was the appearance of "Angel sound muskmelon" in the "carefully selected assing box" sent by Takahide Akashi of "Akashi Shoten" which handles high-quality vegetables and superb fruits in Kyoto and wholesales it to top-notch restaurants。Muskmelon is often enjoyed as a high-quality gift、It releases the presence of the king class in the fruit! Of course, I knew that muskmelon cultivated in greenhouses is a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture.、I had never heard of the brand name of "Angel Sound Muskmelon"。"Angel sound muskmelon" cultivated by a special technique called double ripening、The sugar content is 16 degrees.、The sweetness and aroma that I have never tasted before when I first tasted it、I was shocked to be able to feel the supreme taste that the word "superb" is suitable! After eating the fruit as it is、I would like to share information so that many people can know its deliciousness.、Last year, I made "angel sound muskmelon fruit tart" and made it into an article、This year, we made a "whole melon cake" that became a hot topic in Moe、Where I was going to deliver eye-catching with importance、This "angel sound muskmelon"、I learned that I was so distressed that I had to participate in crowdfunding because of the coronal disaster.。In there、If we can support by what we can do, we are delivering and spreading information in articles without permission! Thank you through web magazine lade、Top-notch hotels and inns in Japan and overseas、I am happy that I had an exchange with people involved in eating and drinking because of the relationship that was born from interviews with restaurants, etc.、Really many owners and chefs、In addition, gourmet people who place great weight on food are cooperating! Kageyama melon farm representative who is cultivating "angel sound muskmelon" in such a time、While having contact with Masaya Kageyama of Hinon Agriculture, we consulted with our company about what to do in the future because crowdfunding is only a 10-something thing.。 In there、In some promotional promotions, we are familiar with agriculture and food and drink.、With the cooperation of Yoshihiro Matsuki, who was founded as a photographer and video creator after the closing of "Restaurant Bio-s" in Fujinomiya、We will launch a website! Mr. Matsuki immediately visited the melon house where greenhouse cultivation is grown in Hamamatsu.、In addition to future prospects,、どのようなWEBサイトを構築してくかをディスカッション! 温室のメロン栽培はポット育成による種植えから発芽まで土づくり後の定植摘心人工受粉摘果収穫と成長過程があり影山メロン農園ではさらに独自でダブル完熟収穫の技術まですべて一連の流れが一挙に見学できます! メロン栽培は温度管理とともに水分管理も大変難しく成長段階によって必要な水分量が異なるため日々の手入れが美味しいメロンへの要となるようです発芽した小さな愛らしい芽から始まり成長過程を経て摘果後に1本のつるに対し1個のメロンがようやく出来上がるまでを見学し今か今かと収穫を待ち望んでいる最終段階まで到達するとその愛おしさは倍増! 影山さんたちが手塩にかけて育てられる過程はまるで子育てのようで朝の水やりでも日々の手入れでも苗や実に直接声掛けをしているという影山さんの気持ちがわかる気がしてしまいます見学されていく中で農業未経験者の私たちとは目の付け所が違い農家ならではの目線での質疑応答に理解も早くさらに松木さんと影山さんはほぼ同じ年ということもあり話が弾んでいるご様子でやはり今回の案件は松木さんにお声掛けして良かったと思っています! 影山さんは今回のコロナ禍で大きな打撃を受け運営継続の危機に直面されてしまいましたが「ともかく動こう!」と今回クラウドファンディングに初挑戦されています【※知覚動考(ちかくどうこう=ともかくうごこう)知って→覚えて→動いて→考える】私が大切にしている言葉の一つです影山さんはこうも仰ってくださいました「動いたからこそ根建さんたちに出会えた」と影山さんは今の日本の農業は時代性や様々な問題で危機的状況にあると感じられており「本当に身体に良いもの」「本当に美味しいもの」を人々に届けるはずの農業が年々力を失いつつあるのではないかと思われ日本の農業の未来を守るため日本の農業に貢献する事ができるよう努力したいと願われています! 2月から始めたクラウドファンディングも残り2週間を切り、4月4日(日)に締め切りを迎えます! クラウドファンディングプロジェクト 支援されている皆様これを機に支援したいと思われている皆様、4月中頃には「天使音マスクメロン」の美味しさに恥じぬそして静岡を代表していくマスクメロンの新ブランドとして世界中に羽ばたく「天使音マスクメロン」の個性を活かしたECサイトを立ち上げますので楽しみにお待ちください! 影山メロン農園(代表影山雅也) ヒノン農業株式会社 住所静岡県浜松市東区大島町118 TEL:053-545-3473

Discussion on promotion of Angelon Melon while having "Kanerin Eel Shop" Hamamatsu's famous eel

In the flow of the collaboration event held at "French restaurant aru" which won three tocks of Goemiyo 2021 in Toyohashi held until yesterday and attracted attention、Mr. Yasuhiro Matsuki of Bios stopped by Hamamatsu! I stopped by to discuss future promotions with Masaya Kageyama, who produces angelon melons.、First of all, where did you go for the stomach?、浜松市西区入野町の雄踏街道沿いにある1952年創業のうなぎ専門店「かねりん鰻店」! わたし達の住まう”浜松の食”と言えば、But first and foremost "eel" to raise、Eel shop very much、Taste sauce and bake、How to Cook rice into a particular、It is thought that there is a favorite shop for each person! In our husband and wife's dogma and prejudice、Storefront、Customer service、Material、Taste、As a cost-performance score、The shop which acquires the No.1 with a very good balance is here "Kanerin-an shop"! This one was originally、That had been operating in the town、 1977In October, and moved here INO-Cho, 39 years、In relation to earthquake-proof outlets、In the form of the new and reformed、2016To set up a Japanese garden on 23 June, the quaint atmosphere has changed、The Japanese space full of restless、While not facing the street was described as too cozy、益々その名を轟かせる名店となります! 暖簾をくぐる前から駐車場にまで立ち込めるうなぎを焼き上げる香ばしい香りが食欲をそそります! いつもならお昼は平日でもほぼ満席で、The waiting time is a very popular shop that becomes on the basis of awareness、ディナータイムということもあり待つことなく入店することができました! 店内は、Counter seating around a central courtyard、Table seats、Private room、A sitting room and all 61 seats are available.、This time you will be guided to a table seat where you can see the courtyard! The window is opened and ventilation is improved.、Alcohol disinfection is installed next to the cash register.、Because it is also infection prevention measures here、As soon as we finished our meal without staying long, we left.、I want to make it careful not to become the source of the infection myself.。 Let's join Kageyama, the producer of Angelon Melon, and first enjoy Hamamatsu's famous eel! While eating、While asking about Mr. Matsuki's current focus on photography and video photography work、We had a discussion on how to promote Angelon Melon.。 I hope that matsuki-san, who has been engaged in agriculture and the restaurant industry for a long time, will be able to create works that convey the wonders of angel root melons from an angle unique to him! In addition, please match mr. Matsuki's fellow chefs and pastry chefs、この天使音メロンを活用した新しいデザートなどの商品開発もできそうなので今後の展開がとても楽しみです! 「うな重(中)」3,780円 こちらでは、Deprecating quick quality eels to its seasonal's supply chain、We will bake it with Kishu Binkotan! The outside is fragrant and the inside is baked plumply.、It founded 67 years.、A secret kept from his grandfather's long shirttail while sauce three times under、Taste、Luster with the best to finish、It is served on hot rice cooked plumply to the core of cooked rice in a large kettle! Sprinkle with powdered japanese pepper between eel and rice、口の中で広がる山椒の香りを楽しみましょう! 鰻は箸でさっくりと切れるほどの柔らかさで、Sauce is not too sweet and spicy, which is common in the countryside、Elegant and just right salt plum。The grain stands firmly while the white rice is small.、In a state of gloss to entangle the sauce、The heavy box becomes the heat which can be able to be in the state of heat while raising the steam to the last minute.、The deliciousness that chopsticks advance unintentionally is exceptional! For sucking eel liver with liver、Bamboo shoots of the season become served.、Pickles、Cucumber、Shiba pickles、It will be three kinds of Takuan! Boost immunity by eating vitamin-rich nutritious eels to help strengthen immune cells、ウイルスに負けない身体づくり! よく食べ、Sleep well.、Laugh a lot! The weight of "Kanerin" with very high satisfaction。If you eat eel in Hamamatsu、断然「かねりん」がお勧めです! 本日は午前から天使音メロンの農園へみんなで見学です!お天気にも恵まれ心地よい青空の下でメロンの育っていく環境を一緒に見たいと思います! かねりん鰻店 住所:731 Iinocho, Nishi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-448-9335 Hours of operation:11:00?13:45[O.S]、17:00?20:00[O.S] Closed:Every week Wednesday、3rd Tuesday

Edomae sushi at a modern hide-at-home with 6 counter seats to commemorate the 9th anniversary of toyohashi sushi taketo wedding anniversary!

February 22 is the 9th anniversary of our marriage. The cherry blossoms have begun to bloom in Lake Sanaru near my home, so I feel the merry of spring. On this year’s anniversary, we visited “Sushi Takemoto”, a sushi restaurant with only 6 seats at the counter, next to “Mantaro Sushi”, which has been in...

Save the "Angel Sound Muskmelon" farmer from the corona! A gem of the supreme fragrance and mellowness!

“AMANE melon” is characterized by “mellow taste,” “wonderful aroma,” and “melting and delicate texture.” It’s a touching taste that probably no one has ever experienced! Due to the influence of COVID-19, this producer may not be able to ship many melons and may end up discarding them. That’s why producers started crowdfunding! We want...

「Front Row Society」ドイツのライフスタイルWEBマガジンにladeの記事が紹介されます!

German luxury lifestyle WEB magazine “Front Row Society” will introduce the article of “WEB magazine lade” operated by us!”Front Row Society” delivers high-end lifestyle information preferred by wealthy people, such as Michelin restaurants, luxury resort hotels, cruises, travel, art, food, wine, and automobiles. Like “WEB Magazine loading”. This web magazine is the only one...

2021On New Year's Day 2009, we welcome you with a good-friend and special nishi sushi and toast with a friend of sake!

Happy New Year! Welcome to the New Year、It becomes a refreshing wake-up to look at the first day that can be overlooked over Lake Sana sound from the morning、In the TV program, you can worship the first day that becomes a splendid double Fuji、The fortune was "Daikichi" and we were lucky to welcome the new year! At the table in my house、I'm grateful to my friend Keiko Shimizu and Nanako Saito this year. (Nanako Matsui) The sisters' mother, Keiko,made the dishes carefully and our home's moni and sashimi、While enjoying your husband's special nishi sushi、Cheers with famous sake! From the meaning of happiness, gosetsu cuisine、It is common to pack it in a heavy box.、My favorite ceramic artist in Toyama this year is "釋 Mt. (Gaku Shakunaga)Included in the bowl of]、I would like to celebrate the New Year with great respect while having fun with my eyes! "Gosetsu Cuisine" × "釋 Mt. Minaga (Gaku Shakunaga) gen platter Φ420" Matsui family's special dish of the year、Simmered rice、Hachimanmaki、Tara-no-Kombu-maki、Rice field making with walnuts、Teriyaki of the salmon、Grilled shrimp、Vinegar dako、Red and white quail egg、Sweet chestnut、Black Bean、Red and white kamaboko、Kouhaku namasu、An egg、Datemaki、Western-style grilled shiitake mushrooms、Shiso Roll of Curichi Salmon、Salmon roe、And wonderful items with plenty of love that time and effort are lined up! Actually、This year's festival has a little circumstances of the other person、I had heard that it might not be possible to make it.、It seems that they prepared various things in advance.、As in the past、Though、In addition, they have elaborated their taste in taste、より一層に滋味深い味わいを有難く楽しむことができました!(感謝) 「刺身の盛り合わせ」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) áge Φ320」 鮪大トロ、Toro Tsubonaka、Naka-Ochi、Flounder、Britney、Torigai、Salmon、And luxurious sashimi that you can enjoy mainly tuna! "Niri Sushi×", "Shimoo Design" (Kazuhiko Shimoo) / Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo) KAZARIDAI W500 ×D90 × H30" Sushi Lovers Are Growing、Now recognized by the general of the late coffee shop、My husband, who also had a surprising career that I was allowed to hold at the counter, held a special sushi again this year! Flat eyes from the front、Tuna Daitoro、Britney、Toro In the Middle、Salmon、Enjoy with tori shellfish and shari of people's skin! "Gunkan Sushi" × "釋 Mt. Naganaga (Gaku Shakunaga) Gen Stand Φ20×H5" Drop、Number children、Salmon roe、4 dishes of seafood salad! "Mingoni" × "釋...

釋 Eigaku Ceramic Art exhibition × Rain and fine "L’assiette por les cuisiniers"

Ceramic artist "Mt. Naganaga" making pottery in Iwase, Toyama, which attracts attention 釋 the world (Gaku Shakunaga)" will hold an exhibition of vessels at the select shop "Amaharu / AMAARE" in Shirokadai, Tokyo for the first time in about 5 years! 釋 Mt. Nagatake adopted by Michelin-class restaurant chefs and luxury hotels in Japan.、He now gets the attention from overseas work、One one be all handmade、Strength of the earth caused by soil with instruments to express、It will be a work full of presence! We launched a project called "Vessel and Travel Series" in The Web Magazine Lade, which we operate for many years to convey the wonderfulness of his vessels.、I visited not only 釋 but also around the world while holding the vessel of Mt. Nagatake、We collaborated with Nagatake's 釋 dishes prepared by various chefs! In fact, most of them bring in vessels without apo.、We negotiated on the spot (laughs) Although there are chopsticks and glasses、As expected, no one will bring in the vessel.、I thought that there were many hotels and restaurants that showed difficulties.、Even if you mess with the chef to "eat it in this bowl"、Many chefs agreed that it was interesting.、While facing the vessel 釋 Mt. Nagatake for the first time to see、Inspired on the spot、Each of the chef's own dishes was possible! Web magazine lade "Vessel and travel series" article /.?s= Series to travel with vessels In this article, we uploaded a photo of the collaboration, so I hope you can refer to it when you actually serve the dish.。 釋 Nagatake "Vessel and Travel Series" Photo Album 釋 of Mt. Naganaga is very popular, and until now it has been taking nearly a year from order to delivery.、Because it is possible to purchase it in the shop and the online store of rain and fine this time、If you want to use it now, please take this opportunity! —————————————————- Online & Real Shop ExhibitionGAKU × Rainy weather "L'assiette cour les cuisiniers" —————————————————- Earth、Mars、Dawn。 "GAKU", a work brand by 釋,[1] which has an atelier in Higashiiwase, Toyama Prefecture, is only a reminder of beautiful natural scenes。 While feeling gratitude for nature, we share our thoughts with the chefs who are active in Toyama and create a place for cooking every day.。 Mr. Yoshinaga's first exhibition 釋 rainy days Please look forward to it.。 【Period】 Online shop A rainy weather dining room From 9:00 p.m. on Friday, December 11, 2020 to 9:00 p.m. on Monday, December 21, 2020: Shirokaedae Rainy fine / AMAARE December 17 (Thu) - December 20 (Sun), 2020 Hakukadai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0071 5-5-2 TEL:03-3280-0766 *In light of this situation釋 Mr. Nagatake will refrain from visiting the gallery.。※Online Shop and store handling goods、Inventory will be common。 Online...

"Sunny Café" is an old private house café that has been built for more than 100 years! An afternoon listening to fragrant coffee and famous jazz

As a good old townscape in the Yokosuka district of Kakegawa City、Now, though,、Go to "Sunny Kafu" standing quietly along the windy Tonjo Yokosuka Road! "There's only coffee and music here.、Between everyday and extraordinary"、In a 100-year-old private house that was breathed with the thoughts of seiko Ota, the owner、The speaker who should have slept quietly while ticking the time of half a century、As if looking forward to it, I greeted the famous jazz board and played a sound、On October 20, 2020, "Harukafu" is a café that comfortably engraves time and sound with the scent of coffee that can be stored! My favorite car Maserati also tried as a patsy at the same angle that the Citroen DS that decorated Insta gorgeously with a car-drawn shot was reflected、A classic car looks better in an old private house.。 When you open the sliding door of the glass which makes a nostalgic sound with carahara、A lilicism tone gently blends into the ear、Inside the store where you can relax with the scent of freshly ground coffee。 Three round tables are prepared、Because it is placed at a leisurely interval、It is also luxurious to enjoy like a private space。 Wall-mounted hand-ground coffee mill and analog records。 The shelves are lined with old records.、Just looking at the jacket will make you enjoy it! From the collection of New York brand Tom Browne handled by Kakegawa's Cento COSE CO., LTD.、A unique check × the whole body with a set-up suit of the check、小洒落た雰囲気を演出! 定期的に入れ替えられているフラワーアレンジメントのディプレイは、Fukuroi's "Nari HanaClub" is in charge、Add seasonal colors。 Because it will be changed to Christmas specifications directly、It will be a fun outfit♪ The rare Macintosh vacuum tube pre-main amplifier and speakers released in 1964 reveal its presence.。 On this day, on the speaker、With "Portrait in Jazz" by his beloved Bill Evans、"Circle Waltz" by Don Friedman, described as his favorite enemy、2The records of two famous jazz pianists line up shoulder to shoulder、聴き比べを楽しむことができました! 壁には極めて状態の良い非売品ポスター「BLUE NOTE BLP 1500SERIES BEST JACKET30」が掛けられどれも御馴染みの名盤ばかり!まるで我が家のセレクトかのように(笑) カフェのメニューはわかりやすく、Simple。 Only sweets for the day's recommended coffee and Japanese tea。 Freshly brewed freshly brewed coffee、Fukuroi's home-roasted coffee bean shop "Mameya-guchi" is produced、On Tuesdays, "Mmeya-yafu" is closed.、Hama-chan, Hamakoji Nintoku and his wife, Ayami Hamakoji, stand、It is very valuable that you can get coffee that Hama-chan brews。 まめやかふぇ 「これ、Recommended! It's designed so that the hand comes in a good way.、It's easy to brew! And、Hama-chan praises professional coffee thinking drink pot。The amount of hot water poured from the ultra-fine mouth is easy to adjust、You can aim pinpoint、本当に淹れやすそうです! 美味しい珈琲を淹れるためには、It's also a fun way to get your favorite tools ♪ it's nice to have a 3-inch analog record instead of a coaster! We ordered each of the recommended coffee on this day to drink and compare、おすすめスイーツと共にいただきます♪ テーブルには庭に咲く一輪のサザンカの蕾があしらわれ、The way you breathe quietly will make you feel late autumn.。 「タンザニア産ディープブルー」550円 完熟果実を彷彿させるジューシィーな旨味があり柑橘系の酸味としっかりと味わえるボディ感が楽しめます! 「インドネシア産マンデリン ビンタンリマ」550円 コーヒー通も納得するクリーンで強いマンデリンのフレーバーは、There is a long-lasting aftertaste and richness、a cup of bitterness。 「MONACA」380円 遠州森町に伝わる昔ながらの製法で手焼きする最中職人・一木氏が手掛ける最中の皮につぶ餡と生クリームを添えて。 What is the "sunny" brand that can be heard on the skin in the middle?、It seems to be a stylish gift from a customer、毎回一つずつ丁寧に手作業で刻印されているそうです! 皮はパリッと香ばしい香りに包まれておりまろやかなつぶ餡にマンデリンの苦味がまた良く合います! 珈琲を飲み進めるとカップの中から自転車のマークがお目見え! 揃えたコーヒーカップの中から数個だけ存在するラッキーカップだったようで何だか得した気分に浸れてしまいました♪ この日、You will be able to sample freshly baked cannure of "Western confectionery shop mokara" in Hamamatsu where samples were taken by accident、贅沢なコーヒータイム! 焼き色はカラメル色でしっかりと香ばしく、Cannure where you can enjoy a feeling that is just right inside。The eggs, which can be said to be the life of the cannure material, are made with carefully selected eggs with the rich taste of "Blue Bird Farm" and rich "Inasa Milk"、風味豊かな味わいが楽しめます! 洋菓子店mokara

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