"Circus plays Ilan" multinational cuisine all dining at the gourmet buffet.

The sky is becoming a blue sky、"Orchid Castle Jing Ying Hong Silks Place Yilan Silks Place Yilan] is lit with a warm light throughout、You are entering the night!

Dinner on the first day that all dining restaurant "mix gourmet (Gourmet Mix)-LAN Castle hundred Hui self-help 餐廳" to!

Here is、And Yi ran's largest buffet restaurant、Introduction to Asian cuisine using fresh seasonal ingredients、Western and Japanese Japan even with international cuisine restaurant.

Compared with the previous、Since the latest machines have been introduced new Marketing Communications Manager Guo Ying 珊 (Mavis Kuo) And the front desk staffBSS,(Jack Chang) the introduction itadakimashita!

1One eye、In the machine has been introduced in more than 90 countries worldwide、Fresh-squeezed juice juicer you can put whole oranges "Zemeckis (Zumex)"! The machine here has its headquarters in Valencia Spain、In its movement is simple, yet very lovable、And skin whole Orange has been introduced in large quantities、By simply pressing a switch with one finger、Better make up 1 cup fresh orange juice in about 8 seconds! Squeezed fresh fresh orange juice、The dish is loved by everybody, young and old alike!

2One eye、Introducing commercial latest machine "Nespresso (NESPRESSO)" "AGUILA (Aguila) 420"! In 12 different flavors、Brewed fresh full-scale coffee to your liking and enjoy!

Speaking of drink in Nice、Here is what! And all you can drink beer beer in chilled in the refrigerator and soda、Taiwan beer (with Wan Chai 啤酒) started.、Corona or Heineken、Carlsberg、In addition to Budweiser、Asahi of Japan, Ichiban shibori becomes complete.、On the road!

The hotel occupancy rate may、Always fresh ingredients and ingredients、Elaborate dishes are delicious、Lost to choose how much to eat breakfast!

"Taiwan beer (with Wan Chai 啤酒)、By Kai.
Taiwan beer (with Wan Chai 啤酒) offers a light sensation like water!
Braised sweetened it with making any shellfish、There will be endless drink! (Lol)

"Salt-baked fish、Shumai、Fried vegetable、White jellyfish salad.
30cm over a giant fish, salt and by baking moist and、Nice well worth the visit、 These focused and lemon、Himself is a rarity as it melted in the fluffy!

"Roast beef、Steamed vegetables.
Roast beef finished with a huge meat loaf、Slice and serve it just before eating for、If moist and at Jussieu fancy enough to feel the flavor!

"Sushi roll、Sushi、Inarizushi.
There was a wide variety of sushi、Guests can enjoy a colorful!

"Shari without healthy hand-rolled sushi.
With Shak、Healthy sushi only vegetables and your choice of wind up in seaweed in a lot of very popular!

Deep fried Tempura had just、Preppy of burning State shrimp enjoy Eggplant and peppers with salt!

Beef noodle (no juice)
Speaking of the Taiwan beef noodle soup! Shop every different taste of soup or broth、Beef noodles、Pacific noodles, I dust kid、The beef ones are cooked and tender、Great taste, it is recommended!

Taiwan ramen
Finish in happy Taiwan ramen、Delicious spread of minced meat soup、Steak and ate it!

"Dessert plate"
Freshly baked egg tarts and colorful macaroons in cheesecake、Choco tart in the Mont-Blanc、And the mango pudding、Phthisis offers a lot! Of course、Along with gourmet coffee from the Nespresso machine!

In the buffet restaurant、You never enjoyed slowly and so marks the closing time!
So、Staff how to "mix gourmet (Gourmet Mix)-LAN Castle hundred Hui self-help 餐廳"! I would recommend!

Mix gourmet (Gourmet Mix)-LAN Castle hundred Hui self-help 餐廳
TEL:886-3- 910-1010
Hours of operation:Breakfast 7:00-10:30、Lunch 12:00-14:00、Dinner 18:00-21:00

Silks Place Yilan
Ran Jing Ying hotel (Silks Place Yilan)
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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2018/4/19Taiwan travel /Silks Place Ilan Orchid Vol.1


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