Yokohama "Mira! Tama Plaza " Enjoy a glass of wine to go to feel free to Spanish Bar!

Yokohama's "Tama Plaza" is、In the exclusive residential area of 25 minutes from Shibuya Tokyu denen toshi line "、 Nearby is the kohoku new town、Quiet residential area expands。 There is "Tokyu Department Store" in front of the station.、Climbed up the first slope shopping、 A bustling Spanish bar "Mira"!There is a "Tama Plaza"。 2010Since it opened on September 7, please feel free to drop by.、"A shop where you can enjoy wine at a reasonable price" spread by word of mouth、Quickly became a popular store、 2012On April 23,、You have ♪ opened a casual Italian restaurant "Barbaro Barbaro" as a sister restaurant nearby. There are 14 table seats.、Counter seating for 10、And the 32-seat patio 8 seats、 Business hours are 15:59-25:59(L.O.)。 Evening 15:59To 18:29Named "Happy Shower Happy Shower"、 Only 980 yen per person! A wonderful event called all-you-can-drink sparkling wine for up to 2 hours and 30 minutes is held ♪ every night at "Mira!On opening "Tama Plaza"、The owner, Hiroki Okubo,、 Thorough research and flow around the store and people、It was kodawara to search for properties along the conditions。 And、The TAMA Tama Plaza North、Although Italian、 Spanish、Spain charges especially authentic food & wine Shoppe is not that、 Also、Not only about the Ramen shop come back by train、 From meet the needs you want to enjoy some yummy food and wine shop、 We incorporate the Spanish style。 「Mira!The shopping street on the street where "Tama Plaza" is located is bright even at night、With many eyes of people home from work for、 Alone as well as casual counter seating many established、 Without charge、The menu offers a great "single meal set" for 1,500 yen (wine, appetizer, 1 dish).、 That worked out the concept that matches the style of the city、 You've ♪ grown into a restaurant loved by many people. Owner Hiroki Ohkubo Chef Okubo during the Faniente era Faniente "Vegetable Terrine" Decorate the cover of Tokyo Emotion Cafeteria Born in 1976、Hiroki Okubo from Kanagawa Prefecture、"Rosso enero"、After "bisboccia]、 1996In the year went to Northern Italy alone、Are trained in the area, such as the "Antica Osteria del Ponte.。 After returning to Japan in Yokohama、As the Executive Chef at Tokyo's Ristorante、 After that、Kawasaki saginuma opened in 2005, the young "fanniente"、 It continued.、2008Italian restaurant called "ultimatum" is to open in。 Despite the location away from downtown.、Quickly became a hot topic among the Italian favorite foodie、 Many repeat customers、Has been noted in most of the major Gourmet magazine。 Mr. Okubo has been aiming to create a store that sticks to the format of "Ristorante".、 2010In backup of the San-m project in Ginza in casual "Trattoria artifice.。 While in the same year to Tama-Plaza of the Spanish casual "Mira!Tama Tama-Plaza "、 2012Open in ├italianbar "Barbaro Barbaro.、Where I am today。 「Mira!Tama Plaza" makes headlines with "Happy Shower Happy Shower"、 On 300-400 of Cava is open。 Due to this project、Instilling the perception of a "wine drinking shop"、Customers say, "Mira!Gather at "Tama Plaza" for wine、 It's amazing that 600~700 bottles of wine are available a month! Wine by the glass、380Circle-centers up to 1,500 yen、Wine of considerable range from casual clientele and respond、 By placing the wine at 380 Yen cheaper than beer prices、Your order and focus on wine、 How to establish a "wine drinking shop"、As we recognize the various。 「Mira!All of the wines offered at Tama Plaza are Spanish wines.、 The wine is kept more regular rate to、 Customers are familiar with glass of wine、Is always noticed the high cost performance。 And、"If you drink wine, Mira!I guess ♪ it became to the manager Hiromi Ueda.、My sparkling top,、 The driver's husband will provide ♪ grape juice "PARES BARTA CAVA BRUT NV" Spanish Cava Glass 750 yen / bottle 3,480 yen Palace Balta is a Penedès region of Spain's sparkling wine "Cava", about 40 km southwest of Barcelona.、 Now for more than 200 years ago in 1790 was founded by home cusine、The family-run producers、2Is a female brewery House。 Cava started.、Casual range of red and white wines、 And better known as the micro-cuvée has been producing a very high quality wines only,。 Commented wine tasting and fully represents the vineyard and varietal character while also、 Majolica "unique home brewed taste, not a natural taste。 2005Years in the United Kingdom、The Decanter Magazine wines of Spain by John Radford,、 "Coming from this Winery、Spain Top20 "on has been chosen、 Introduce the Palace Balta's Winery in the Penedès has become the envy of even the wine advocate、 It has been praised ♪ as "continuing to develop to grow into an international winery" The aroma is very elegant, with aromas of fresh green apples and ripe citrus fruits.。 Is reminiscent of the wine were harvested in the Highlands, in the delicate freshness.、The delicacy is well felt "Svit Most" 580 yen It luxuriously uses the grape variety "Airen", which is ♪ often used in Spanish wine.、 With no preservatives, colourings, sweeteners、Is a premium non-alcoholic grape juice fruit juice 100%。 Is the best suites of the adult thick.、It is characterized by a rich sweetness "Jamón Iberico de Bejota "Joselito"" 1 dish 3200 yen, 1/2 plate 1600 yen Prosciutto is ♪ a jewel of high-class gastronomy.、It is the first in Kanagawa Prefecture! Joselito、1860Years by Mr. Eugene Gomez、Established in 1000 m above sea level is located Spain Midwest Salamanca giver.。 Low humidity in the cooler climate here、Ideal for dry and aged prosciutto。 Using fine craftsmanship、Jamon is evaluated and superlative、20Inherited the family business years ago ....

No1 Italian is touted as the "SALONE2007" traditional rebuild and leading Yokohama

Yokohama、Shibuya 2、Minami-Aoyama、The SALONE Salone Group, which has five stores in Osaka and all stores,。 Italy regional cuisine with creative cuisine, offering a reputation for restaurant group。 SALONE2007, the flagship store of the Salone Group,。 Always seeking cutting edge culinary Italy、To rebuild the new while retaining the traditional Italian, pride with technology、 Anniversaries and celebrations each and、Fit to produce an extraordinary special moments、 Fame has on hand as Yokohama's Ristorante。 7At the end of November 2014, which marked the year of the year, we moved from a small shop in the back alley of the former Chinatown to the basement floor where the original mod hair of "Barneys New York Yokohama Store" was located.、The store has been expanded ♪. With the double chef system of Chef Kentaro Hosoda and newly appointed chef Yoshikuni Nagashima, it is a high-quality ristorante where you can enjoy dishes that continue to deepen Cucina Creativa (*) based on Italian tradition and wines mainly from natural sources throughout Italy to your heart's content. * What is ♪ Cucina Creativa?、 Italy food traditional cuisine and regional specialties by utilizing the latest technology and the rebuilding of。 There is so much in each region in Italy cooking local rule.、 By complying with the rules、Refers to the dish evolved from the world of gastronomy (gastronomy)。 1Down the stairs from the entrance on the floor, please proceed to the basement floor。 Entrance A moist and calm space based on royal blue, which is also the image color。 The iron art with a chic and modern design is impressive ♪.、Manager Yosuke Yamashita。 5Greeted the birthday month、He is ♪ a young manager who has just stepped into the world of 30-somethings. A calm interior with a modern atmosphere in sparkling wine glasses。 20Front seat only for shops、This has been extended to 16 table 32 seats。 Sometimes a basement floor、As the atmosphere day and night、You will ♪ be able to enjoy the adult world moistly on this day.、CENA Corso di consists of monthly changes as the best dinner in Yokohama 8 Piatti We have asked for a full course in May of 12,960 yen.。 (10% service charge will be added) Bright navy blue table napkins、 Next to it、The carefully written menu is prepared ♪ in a stylish envelope、When you take a break, chef Kentaro Hosoda will greet you at each table.。 It's great to see the chef's face before you cook.。 Here you will、Chef Hosoda and Chef Nagashima in the kitchen、5The course is assembled by the staff of the name.。 Chef Hosoda has an unusual background as a former hairdresser.、 In terms of manufacturing,、There may be things that the world of beauty and the world of food can pass.。 In it、It's ♪ the beginning of a blissful time, and here we have a full and half pairing of Italian natural wines for each dish.、 If it is full, it corresponds to one bottle per person.、If it is half, it seems to be able to enjoy the amount of about one bottle of wine by two people.。 Also、If you want to reduce the number of cups、It is also possible to have it adjusted at any time。 First of all,、Order♪ a toast of champagne from Sayuri Oshiro, caposara in charge of wine "Edmond Surrain Brut Carte Noir" Glass 2,000 yen held by Richard Surlain、70% Pinot Noir under the Negossian brand、30% Chardonnay。 The grapes、Harvested from an average 25-year-old tree。 The palate is、There is a refined plumpness of Pinot Noir、 Crisp acid and well-balanced fruitiness、I feel ♪ comfortable that you can enjoy it even after "inizio / Introduction" A5 Sirloin potato truffle This mouth inizio / Introduction and fish soup filosofia / Only two dishes of philosophy、 And specialties offered in style have been unchanged since opening。 In your appetizer and the meat of the A5、Also changed、 It is a dish to grip the stomach of all the guests who were hungry.。 Sirloin with a white truffle scented make-in puree。 Soft, high-quality meat quality、With a taste full of gravy every time you chew、It is true that gastric juice begins to work actively in one bite.。 against the stomach、A reliable dish ♪ that arouses motivation as a signal that the meal has started Daisuke Suehiro, a hall staff,、I hear you're from Osaka.、The splendid Kansai dialect does not come out at all.。 However,、While it is a soft serve、The area where laughter is also firmly incorporated is the Kansai people (laughs) "STAGI / Sicilian Aroma" Green tomato, ricotta, bonito Using green tomatoes harvested in Sicily this season、Finishing with gazpacho and a。 Blue tomato slices、With a cinnamon-scented ricotta cheese、Spearmint、Skin-Muscat、 And then marinated in various spices、Served with cold cooked bonito。 Fresh bitterness of blue tomato blue feel wrapped in mild ricotta cheese、 And sweet scent of mint and Muscat.、Produce a refreshing cool glass、It is ♪ a suitable appetizer for early summer "fusione" pork, crow, pistachio in Italy、Many dishes combining seafood and riches of the soil、This is a combination。 Piglet fillet surface to clothe [mustard、And then burned at a low temperature, soft finish、 Sauce is filled with delicious melted crowded broth made from pork and Sicilian tuna and mullet roe。 Pistachio paste and powder and malt sec、Interweave crushed pistachios also in flavor and texture than can be enjoyed。 With the texture crisp green asparagus。 Potion in one bite you feel very very good volume。 Bizen-yaki is also nice、Carefully handmade pottery, each dish has a different ♪ flavor. "Filosofia / Philosophy" Fresh fish, octopus, clams This is also the same as the mouth.、Vapore fresh fish specialties provided by the style from the first。 The marbled sole pleuronectes yokohamae with Octopus from Akashi and Chiba prefectures, clam、Are raised tender steamed clam broth alone。 The soup with a very refreshing aroma of olive oil pressed with orange has ♪ a gentle taste that permeates the stomach "Trebiano d'Abruzzo Damigiana 2013 Labasco" Italy ....

Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu minatomirai Mirai's enjoy the Ferris wheel and the harbour view hotel

It is about a 1-minute walk from "Minato Mirai Station" on the Tokyu Corporation Minatomirai Line in Yokohama, and has good access.、 Located on the waterfront、Offices, concert hall、Department store、Specialty stores、 And "Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu" in "Queen's Square Yokohama" with a green park。 From the rooms、Location of Yokohama's beautiful and sparkling ocean view、 And、You can enjoy ♪ the glittering night view of the large Ferris wheel of Minato Mirai Hotel Lobby If you take the escalator from the hotel entrance to the 2nd floor, you will be on the lobby floor of the atrium.、There is a reception。 A colorful cylindrical shades full impact remains in the impression。 On this day、Yokohama travelers suddenly decided the night before to、We will be ♪ indebted to this hotel "Room 1601 Grand Corner Suite" this time、This grand room is your room。 Panoramic Bay View bedrooms and offers in a separate type of living room with a balcony、 It boasts an area of 101 square meters.。 Yokohama Minato Mirai into sweeping corners、1This is ♪ a special suite with only one room on the floor. View from the living balcony Ocean view in front of you、And、In the back, you can enjoy ♪ the Bay Bridge and the Minato Mirai Ferris wheel nearby. Night view、Jewel-studded night。 Colorful Ferris wheel that color is、Water reflection of the light on the surface of the water is also a fantastic and beautiful shine、 You can ♪ also enjoy the countdown to the ticking of midnight. Panoramic bedroom Twin bed bedroom with panoramic view。 Hope glass Windows when、180It is possible ♪ to blend in with that wonderful view of the panorama close to the sunrise at 4 o'clock in the morning.。 Waking in a noisy roaring of bikes and should、 In front of a magnificent Sunrise spreads。 Sunrise gradation The gentle morning sun begins to peek out from the pale clear blue sky.、The moment of changing to Orange。 The overlap is fine up to and tinged with pale purple gradient、 I was able ♪ to enjoy a fantastic world that disappears every moment Early risers are a three-sentence virtue。 It's ♪ the beginning of a wonderful day with the morning sun Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu 2-3-7 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, YokohamaTEL:045-682-2222(Representative)

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