Renovating the old folk house of Gamagori "Panbyses" in Aichi! A popular bakery that values the taste of ingredients

Renovated old house and opened in 2017、Hard bread, bread, etc.、Reasonable bread that values the taste of the ingredients、Gamagori's popular bakery "Pan Buses" is supported by local fans。 On the way back to Hamamatsu from Mikawa through Gamagori、I was fascinated by the cute store.、When I found out that it was a baker, I couldn't resist the temptation、Immediately make a U-turn。 Here you will、There is a small bakery "Panbyses" on the right.、In the back, a beauty salon and nail salon run by a friend "Hair & There is a "Nail Rapuchi"、Parking is shared。 I visited around 15 p.m.、Maybe it's because it's raining.、Happily, there is still enough to choose from。 The baker's husband, Kunio Yamamoto,、He traveled to France many times during his training years and worked hard to study.、independence。Because I used to wear glasses、The catch phrase of the store name is "Bakery of glasses"、The name of the store "Pan Buses" is not "Pan Buses"、In the "Panbyses" without delimitation、It is said that the word was coined from the Japan manga "Cambyses Basket (*)" by Fujiko Fujio Fujimoto Hiroshi。"The Basket of Cambyses" is a story about a man and a woman who are in a world after the Doomsday War.、An epic sci-fi short comic strip that questions the meaning of human life。 I'm not sure which one to choose.、As I looked into the bread, he recommended a tasting。When I asked if the two of you were a couple,、It seems that you are about to get married.、Congratulations! This bread, which makes you imagine a fluffy texture from the looks of it, is "brown rice and millet domestic wheat bread"。 No matter which bread you look at、It looks good and delicious.。And、The most surprising thing is that、The price of all the breads is set very reasonably。There is no pretentious atmosphere、The naming of the bread is simple and easy to understand, which makes it easy to pick up。 Choosing bread while considering that you will take it home and eat it the next morning、I also got the bread that was recommended, but my wife was cute and good at sales (laughs) Although it was a limited product,、Among them, the fluffy and soft "bread" is the most popular.、Let's have this "bread" in the morning the next morning。Normal、If you buy 6 types of bread at the bakery、I expect it to be about ¥2,000.、The total price here is ¥1,134、I couldn't help but look at it twice。As a bread lover who wants to eat it every day, I am grateful for the pricing.。 To return home.、Brew coffee with "Mameyakafu" coffee beans、Pick a sweet snack bread。 "Chocolate Croissant" ¥ 120 "Chocolate Croissant" with chocolate sticks sandwiched between a fluffy and light croissant。The small size is just right。 "An Butter France" ¥ 190 Uses 100% French flour, the same as French bread baguettes。Even though it's a hard system, it's not too the outside.、The inside is fluffy and chewy。The bean paste has a gentle sweetness.、It has a sweet and salty taste with thick butter.、Satisfying snack bread。 "Brown rice and millet domestic wheat bread" ¥ 100 This bread that I sampled。The gentle aroma of wheat and the texture of brown rice and millet、While having a simple taste、It is fluffy and easy to eat as meal bread.、Above all, the price range of ¥100 is cost-effective.、It also shows its excellence as a bread that is eaten every day。 "Glutinous Custard" ¥ 180 Another one recommended by my wife is "Glutinous Custard"。Although the name emphasizes "glutinous"、With a chewy feeling that does not disappoint、Girls will surely like the texture。It is filled with sweet and gentle custard。 "Glutinous Bread 1/2" ¥ 220 Half size of the most popular "Glutinous Bread"。When you hold it in your hand、You can feel its fluffy softness。I tried toasting it lightly.、It has a lot of water and is moist and chewy。This is for everyone from small children to the elderly、Softness loved by a wide range of people。 "Walnuts and Oranges" ¥ 240 French bread dough kneaded with flavorful walnuts and refreshing oranges is "Z-shaped"。"I've heard that customers often call me an 'S-shaped guy'、If you look closely, they are all "Z-shaped"。The muttering of the owner who talks on the Instagram dedicated to the store、Somewhere, I feel a smiling compassion for bread (laughs) There is not much explanation of bread on the Instagram of "Pan Buesses".、You may be ♪ able to get in touch with the personality of the baker's master Panbyses Address:2-358 Aimachi, Gamagori-shi, Aichi TEL:0533-95-2778 Hours of operation:10Open from about 19 o'clock Closed:Monday、Tuesday

Aichi Mikawa "Coffee GOU" Nostalgia café with a dog run that sticks to specialty coffee

Spend time with your dog、In search of a café where you can enjoy delicious specialty coffee, I went to "Coffee gou" in Koda-cho, Aichi Prefecture。 This is a doggie OK café run by a couple of dog lovers.、4A small shop with only tables。The interior of the store has a nostalgic atmosphere somewhere.、It is filled with a space full of attention to detail by a Japan owner couple who like China。 The "狗-gou-" in "Coffee Coffee-gou-", which is also the name of the restaurant, means "dog" in Chinese.、Naming unique to a dog lover couple。 Doggie goods are displayed everywhere in the store.、The owner's favorite brand "MARRONE"、「dogstreet」、Selling "Free Stitch" merchandise。 There were many things that I liked in terms of fabric selection and design.、There are many sizes that fit medium-sized dogs.、It seems that it was a little too big for our chocolate。 "Horse meat jerky" and "autumn salmon jerky" from the dog snack specialty store "Umakanro"、"Tuna paste"、"Autumn Salmon Paste"、"Young chicken paste", etc.、Safe and delicious treats that care about your dog's health。 Handmade and hand-knitted necklaces, etc.、Cute systems are also available。 Harness on collar、Reed and doggie goods are also lined up by type、You can even enjoy shopping at the café。 In the store where you can see the Mao Zedong series scattered everywhere、We are creating a unique space full of love for China。 Introducing the signboard dog kept by the owner and his wife Simako-chan who became a star in the sky Chairo-chan、gou-chan, which is also the name of the store、Sumiko-chan、There are days when you go to work at the store。 The dog run attached to the backyard is、It is divided into a small dog area and a large dog area.、If you abide by the terms of use and terms of use、Available for a fee (¥300 per owner / ¥300 per dog)。 Because there is a notice on the wall saying "Nice to meet you" and precautions for accompanying your dog.、perusal。For the survival of the valuable store where your dog can enter the store、These basic rules are something we want to adhere to strictly。 With the permission of the store,、Homemade rice brought to the hungry chocolate。 Mao Zedong Poster Mao Zedong, who lived from 1893 to 1976,、He is a politician of the People's Republic of China.、1945He has served as chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China since 200、In the Communist Civil War after the Second Sino-Japanese War, the government of the Republic of China led by Chiang Kai-shek was expelled to Taiwan.、1949The founding of the People's Republic of China was proclaimed on October 1, 2010。 A number of posters that make you feel the times A desk lined with the manga magazine "Monthly Manga Garo" published by Seirindo from 1964 to 2002。It was supported by readers in a relatively older age group, such as university students at the time.、Sticking to its own line in the midst of an original magazine and legendary financial difficulties、A monthly manga that has produced many authors who are considered to be extraordinary talents in the manga world。 Including the animal comedy "Animal Doctor" by Japan manga artist Michiko Sasaki、There are plenty of other dog-related books。 The pasta and sandwich you ordered are ready、It smells good。 "Italian Spaghetti" ¥ 850 Spread beaten eggs on a griddle、"Italian spaghetti" served hot。With a firm seasoning of ketchup sauce entwined with plenty of chewy pasta、Onion、Green peppers、Shimeji mushrooms、Bacon and royal Neapolitan style。Grated cheese and Tabasco are available to your liking、The nostalgic taste of the old days makes you feel relaxed。 "Ham Sandwich" ¥ 700 A sandwich using homemade natural yeast organic bread using wild herbs from "Soramimi PAN" in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture、Layer crispy lettuce and ham、It is served with rich mustard mayo。The bread is also delicious.、Simple yet exquisitely assembled! The mini salad that comes with the sandwich plate is、Coleslaw and taro、Carrot、With a light stew of konjac。 I asked for a coffee and cake set after the meal。 "Winna Coffee" ¥ 650 "Winna Coffee" is a standard coffee from an old-fashioned coffee shop.。I'm also on the menu and、I just order it。Because coffee originated in Vienna, Austria、Although it is called "Vienna coffee" in Japan、In Austria、It is called "Einspener", which means a one-horse carriage。 Old、While waiting for the master to spend time in the café、From the fact that the people who operated the carriages drank to keep warm、That's how it got its name。The base has a、Using the shop's original bean "gou blend"、With the sweetness of whipped cream and the marriage of bittersweet coffee、Even a cup is a highly satisfying substitute。 "GOU Blend" ¥ 550 / Cake set ¥ 850 This coffee bean is、Using specialty coffee from "COFFEE KAJITA" in Nagoya City、Each cup is carefully hand-dripped。The shop's original coffee bean "gou blend" is、Even though it is mild、It has a unique taste、It is a delicious coffee that you can feel the thick richness。If you like a thick and strong flavor、We also recommend "gou blend strong", which is slowly extracted with a large amount of beans over time。The "WEDGWOOD" coffee cup is also wonderful ♪ "Cheesecake" A moist and rich cheesecake with plenty of cream cheese。The bittersweet base of cocoa and the sweet and sour blueberry sauce accentuate it。 It was the second day when it rained.、I was able to find a very cozy café、A relaxing time with chocolate。Going out with your dog、It is often affected by the weather.、There are also such wonderful encounters。 The shop "Coffee gou" filled with the commitment of the owner and his wife The design of the stamp card received at the time of payment is also Mao Zedong.、I felt a unique consistency until the very end。It was a wonderful café that I ♪ would definitely like to visit if I have the opportunity again Coffee gou Address:58-1 Gohigashi, Koda-cho, Nukata-gun, Aichi TEL:0564-63−2266 Business hours:Monday, Thursday & Friday 10:00To 18:00(Lo.17:00Saturday and Sunday 11:00-19:00(Lo.18:00) Closed:Tuesday & Wednesday、1st Monday of the month、3rd Thursday of the month (Temporary closure) Parking:In front of the store

Aichi-Mikawa "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" Wedding Anniversary Trip (4) Calligrapher Art and Breakfast of "Away Yuragi"

A hot bath inn with a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay and all rooms where you can spend time with your dog on the oceanfront "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei"、The newly established guest room with an open-air bath, "Away Yuragi -yuragi-", was born in April 2022。In the corridor that connects the second floor of the main building、Set up an art gallery to exhibit the works of calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi, who was in charge of the logo of "Away Fluctuations".、It is a delight and fascination for the eyes of guests。 Calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi Interested in calligraphy from an early age、22Obtained a master's degree at the age of。 Collaborations with other arts, etc.、He has a unique worldview that sublimates calligraphy as a comprehensive art form and is active。 Conveying the world of traditional calligraphy、It has a unique style、Collaborations with music and art, etc.、 We are also active overseas.、Attracts a large number of fans around the world。 In the production of the work, I was impressed by the work of the painter Pierre Soulage.、 He is working on a group of works based on the motif of "Ichi", a work on the theme of enso.。 2014 FIFA World Cup Japan National Team's new uniform concept "Enjin" volatilization。 ITALY THA SO6 EELL PROJECT Catalog/Press Release Logo。 2015 Installation at the Japan Pavilion Certification Event at the Milan Expo, Italy。 2017 Invited to France on tour with guitarist Yvan Knorst to perform and lecture in 10 venues。 2018 Shiseido Co., Ltd. Clé de Peau Porté Selected as "Six Women"。 2018 Solo exhibition held in the main lobby of the San Francisco Public Library。 Invited to the JAZZ Festival held in France、 2019 Performance tours in France。 Japan Created a three-floor mural painting for Oracle Corporation。 2021 Yukiko Shiraishi Online Calligraphy Lecture with French Interpretation。 2022 Popular game series "Touken Ranbu Warriors" logo volatilization。 Expanding activities beyond the framework。 Title of work: "Loving the days of existence" (left photo) "Ink Landscape: The Whereabouts of the Wind in a Flat Heart" (right photo) From the touch of a delicate and fragile thin ink brush、Even the bold and bold power of the brush that exudes vitality、 It entertains you while showing a different expression for each work。 "Away Yuragi -yuragi-" The oversized curtain of Mikawa cotton that decorates the entrance is made by "UZUiRO"、Hand-dyed and processed in the image of the sea。The logo of calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi applied to the Mikawa cotton welcomes guests "Away Yuragi -yuragi-"。 Here you will、3 types including suites with modern and stylish open-air baths、4Prepare a room。Only 2 of the rooms are pet-friendly and popular。 "Fluctuation Comfort" Bright guest rooms based on white and natural wood grain、"Yuragi Comfort" Type featuring a Japanese modern living room with a skip floor and tatami mats。It is spacious with an area of 56 square meters.、Relax in a spacious double bed。The fabric panel that colors the wall is also made of Nishio's fabric dyed with "UZUiRO".、In a healing space where you can become one with the sea。 While soaking in the open-air bath in the guest room facing the sea、The best location with a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay。 "Dining Nagi" exclusively for guests staying away。The sign board with the calligrapher Yukiko Shiraishi writing her own brush is also eye-catching。 Guests staying apart can choose to have dinner here (additional fee)。You can enjoy the blessings of the land where you can feel the four seasons of the three rivers nurtured by rich nature。 Breakfast time is 7 a.m.:30〜、or 8:00You can choose between two options。After taking a bath first thing in the morning, we went to the large hall where breakfast was held.。 Each room has its own table.、Breakfast with a pure Japanese set meal where you can enjoy local flavors。 "Homemade tofu"、"Hot Spring Egg"、"Salad (sesame dressing)" "Grated whitebait"、"Simmered Hijiku"、"Natto (condiment)"、"Pickles" "Dried mackerel" Dried mackerel grilled in a net。Grilled fish is generally said to be "the sea (fish) is from the flesh。Because it is said that the river (fish) is basically grilled from the skin.、Grilled from the flesh、Turn it over and bake the skin。I can't stand the rice served with freshly baked dried fish with plump meat。 "Red soup stock" The happiness of being able to enjoy soup without getting cold。 A very satisfying breakfast with all well-balanced Japanese set meals laid out beautifully! On the second day, I was hit by terrible weather.、The light rain does not stop in the cloudy sky。 Huddling together、Countless seabirds drifting on the surface of the sea。 Morning 10.:00When you check out to、In the lobby, we chatted with a family with a Chihuahua of the same breed, LULU。When I'm traveling with a dog、You will be blessed with various encounters。Due to inclement weather、We will have to make a big change in our plans for the second day。The staff of Kaiyutei、Thank you for your help! If the weather is favorable,、Stretch your legs to Kira Waikiki Beach in the next town、I was going to spend a relaxing time at a facility around the coast.、If you have your dog, you will be using the terrace seats.、On this day, I just drove around Kira Waikiki Beach and gave up.、On another occasion。While searching the internet for a restaurant where you can have lunch with your dog、Research pets allowed in the store。I was able to find a café with a good feeling.、Immediately、Let's head to our destination! Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei Address:186-2 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-62-6666 Check-in:15:00/Check out:10:00 Parking lot:100台可能

Aichi / Mikawa "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" wedding anniversary trip (3) Creative kaiseki to taste the seafood of Mikawa Bay

There were dishes that used plenty of seafood caught in Mikawa Bay.、At the hot bath inn "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" where you can spend time with your dog in a heartwarming hospitality, it's time for dinner。After taking a bath, take your dog Chocolat for a walk along the seaside walkway。 It is a 1-2 minute walk across the road to the beach of Mikawa Bay in front of you。On this day, the sky was cloudy and I couldn't see the sunset.、A beautiful blue sky night sky spreads out。 Nearby are the lights of the "Ocean Community"、In the distance, you can see the lights of the neighboring town of Nishiura here and there、 Because there are few street lights and few cars on the street.、In a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle、You can enjoy a magnificent location facing the ocean。 This dining venue is prepared in the large hall on the second floor.、The restaurant on the right is "Umirasu"、It will be a restaurant where you can bring your dog。 "Umirasu"、The works of calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi decorate the hall and Mikawa local sake from the brewery "Emperor Kuramoto" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture are lined up.、 A souvenir that can be left as a memory of your trip、Bags and pouches of the women's casual wear brand "UZUiRO" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture made from local fabrics、Hair bands and coasters、Small items such as hand towels are provided。 Because "Umirasu", which can be accompanied by your dog, was full.、For your dog Chocolat in your room for a while、Let them stay home。 Here you will、A chef who trained at a first-class restaurant in Nagoya and is dedicated to Japanese cuisine、From menu planning to selection of ingredients、Offering a creative kaiseki using seafood from Mikawa Bay that is particular about cooking methods。This day is the anniversary of our 12th wedding anniversary.、There was a pleasant surprise gift of sparkling wine from the inn.、I will ♪ enjoy it with a meal (thanks) "Matsukaze yaki"、Squid Menta、Crab pressed sushi" Made-up "Luxurious boat serving of lobster and abalone" For the boat serving、Sea bream on tuna、Three kinds of amberjack and thick sashimi are included.、 The main dish is lobster and abalone! Ise shrimp that has a firm elasticity but a sticky and strong sweetness。 It is finished in sashimi that is easy to eat with a hidden knife.、Thick abalone with a crunchy texture and a strong flavor。 Savor the scent of the sea that overflows with every bite。 A table that is gorgeous at once with the presence of a boat "Steamed clams and shrimp" "Large clams" and shrimp, which are famous for tide hunting on the uninhabited island "Kajishima", are steamed and grilled.、Enjoy the rich flavor。 "Mikawa Pork Shabu-Shabu" Put the vegetables first in a small pot with broth、Look at the time、Shabu-shabu thinly sliced Mikawa pork、Chinese cabbage and bean sprouts、Roll up the mizuna、I will dive into the sesame sauce。It has a beautiful light red color, and the tender and fine flesh melts with just the right amount of fat。 "Tempura" Freshly fried shrimp tempura、Pumpkin、Sweet potato、Shishi Tang tempura grated with tempura sauce。 "Steamed teacup" Finely chopped chicken and small shrimp、Shiitake mushroom、Bamboo shoots、Hot steamed tea bowl with ginkgo in it。 "Rice, shimeji red soup stock, incense thing" One dish at a time、The creative kaiseki that is carefully cooked with hands、It was served in just the right amount for me who has a small meal.、Delicious and complete until the end。 Sweetness "Matcha Pudding Chocolate Cake" Enjoy dessert with tea after dinner、1Dinner finished in about an hour and a half。 After enjoying a meal、After all, I went to the public bath。You don't have to feel that you can't go to the bath because you're in too much pain because you've eaten too much.、I was able to enjoy a well-balanced meal that did not put a burden on my body。Next, I would like to introduce the newly established "Away Yuragi -yuragi-" and the next morning's breakfast。 Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei Address:186-2 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-62-6666 Check-in:15:00/Check out:10:00 Parking lot:100台可能

Aichi / Mikawa "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" Wedding Anniversary Trip (2) Ocean View Hot Bath Ryokan to spend time with your dog

All rooms with a panoramic view of Mikawa Bay are oceanfront rooms.、There were dishes that used plenty of seafood caught in Mikawa Bay.、Go to the hot bath inn "Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei" where you can spend time with your dog with heartwarming hospitality。 2022In April,、3 types including suites with modern and stylish open-air baths、4The room "Away Yuragi -yuragi-" has been newly established.、A total of 23 guest rooms are available。 1971Opened in the year、A long-established company that has been in business for 53 years。The name of the inn says "Mikawa Onsen".、This is a hot bath facility that uses "π water" instead of natural hot springs。2023From February this year, we have prepared some guest rooms where you can spend time with your dog in the wake of the Corona disaster.、A pet-friendly plan has been added.、It has undergone a renewal that is pleasing to dog lovers。 The front lobby is based on natural brown In the lobby, you will be greeted by a huge stone statue of auspiciousness.、It is helpful to be able to move your dog from the hotel to the guest room。 Another name for auspicious Daruma is "Fukudaruma"、Say "Takasaki Daruma"、Eyebrows are cranes、The beard is a good luck charm with the characteristics of a turtle。The auspicious daruma of "seven turns and eight rises"、A stable shape with a low center of gravity indicates the place of the mind, a calm mind, and perseverance.、The mellow shape indicates the state of the mind and represents a calm and harmonious humanity。It was produced by Yasuo Ogawa of the stone store.、The weight of the auspicious daruma made of Indian marble、The total weight is 5 tons、It has an imposing appearance with a height of about 1 m 50 cm。 Finish lunch at the pizzeria next door、Even if I drove along the sea, I couldn't kill time until the check-in time of 15 o'clock、14When you arrive around the time、Please check the cleaning status of the room.、I'm glad you let me enter the museum early.。The front desk staff, who made me feel a little like actor Masaki Sugata, responded kindly and politely with a gentle smile。If you are traveling with your dog、Mixed vaccine vaccination certificate or antibody test result certificate、And、A copy of the rabies vaccination certificate must be provided at check-in。The room rate for your dog is 3,300 yen per night (tax included) and is payable at check-out。 On this day、The names of the ones who plan to stay are slurry.。Heartwarming hospitality for families going out with their dogs。 A self-service coffee maker is installed as a welcome drink in front of the lobby shop.、You can enjoy it at any time。 We take care of、4Room 412 on the floor。Let's go up by elevator。 This is a standard Japanese-style room with B type and 12 tatami mats (with bath and toilet)。Room facilities include:、Free Wi-Fi、TV、Electric kettle、Refrigerator with free mineral water、Hair dryer (rental)、Iron (rental)、Humidifier (rental)、safe、Toilet seat with washing machine、Individual air conditioning is available in each room。Pet-friendly rooms、Cleaning and deodorization are neatly done.、Clean room。 All rooms have an ocean view in a good location just a 2-minute walk to the beach, overlooking the beautiful Mikawa Bay in front of you Brew green tea in a pot prepared in your room、Take a sip of tea confectionery "Thinly Baked Chocolate Sandwich Nishio Matcha Futaba Hirari" and "Seedless Plum"。Spend a relaxing time with the sound of the sea waves as background music。 In the room where you can spend time with your dog、In the unlikely event that you forget your doggie goods, as a safe response、Amenities for your dog are available。Set up a cage for your dog,、Food Bowl、Pet Sheets、Roller Cleaner、Deodorant、Poop Disposal Bag、Towel for wiping feet、Equipped with wet wipes。 The room was、Haori in yukata by size、Body SOAP、Shampoo、Rinse、Toothbrush、Razor、flannel、Bath towel、Slippers provided。It is a style to bring a towel from the room to the public bath。Immediately、1Let's head to the public bath on the floor。 Bathing hours are available for、Both men's and women's baths are 14:00-23:00Until the、6 the next morning:00〜9:00Until the next、There is no gender swap。 Sauna room with TV Coin locker、The dressing room and washroom are spacious.、The large public bath is a water bath from the front.、Jacuzzi、Large indoor bath、Large indoor bath。 This is not a natural hot spring.、It is a hot bath facility that uses π water, which is good for the body。π Water has、(1) Smooth skin、Smooth。(2) It can be expected to have a fatigue recovery effect。(3) The body warms up well、It is difficult for the water to cool down.。(4) It can be expected to have an effect on health promotion。There are features such as:、Clean your body from the inside out。Because it was reserved in this size、I was able to enjoy it to the fullest。 The bookshelves in the rest area are lined with comic books.、Prepare a small raised room where you can relax。Massage chairs are also available for a fee。 The playroom (for a fee) has、There is a table tennis table and a billiards table.、On the wall、Photographs and autographs of the stage actors of the popular theater "Mikawaza" that was previously held here are staggered。Current、Popular theater is on hiatus。 2At the photo spot for dogs set up in front of the restaurant "Umirasu" on the floor、My chocolat is also pachiri。 It looks like you're making a dodgy face, but、In fact, it's a scary chocolate。I'm moistening my eyes by taking a quick picture (laughs) Next, I would like to introduce the inn's proud dishes where you can enjoy the seafood of Mikawa Bay。 Mikawa Onsen Kaiyutei Address:186-2 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-62-6666 Check-in:15:00/Check out:10:00 Parking lot:100台可能

Aichi Mikawa "Pizzeria Ocean" Wedding Anniversary Trip (1) Stone oven pizza on the terrace overlooking Mikawa Bay

Stone oven pizza lunch at "Pizzeria Ocean", which stands along the coast of Mikawajibe and has a terrace seat with dogs that overlook Mikawa Bay! On the premises where the group's "Ocean Community" spreads, there is a "Uminomae store"、"Pizzeria Ocean"、"Italian Food and Wine Kisaku"、Currently, these three stores are lined up like a collective facility。 "Uminomae store" This is eco-friendly clothing and accessories.、Accessories、It will be a select shop that stocks foods and ingredients that are gentle on the body.、Holding exhibitions and events with artists and artists。Also、As a marine sport in Mikawa Bay、Uninhabited Island Sea Kayak Tours and SUP、kayak、Trekking to SUP YOGA Trial Lesson、Activity tours are planned and held.、You can receive a play experience that makes use of nature.。 Park your car in the parking lot、If you go up the wooden stairs next to "Uminomae Store" and go to the right, you will reach "Pizzeria Ocean"。This year、Our wedding anniversary, which celebrates the 12th wedding anniversary and becomes a "silk wedding ceremony / flax wedding ceremony",、I came to "Mikawa Onsen" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, which can be reached in about one and a half hours by car from Hamamatsu。To be a doggie trip with your dog Chocolat、Go to dog-friendly restaurants and cafes。 "Pizzeria Ocean" A chewy and unique dough made with pesticide-free ground flour and homemade brewer's yeast is freshly baked in a stone kiln.、Enjoy authentic pizza at "Pizzeria Ocean"。 Like the exterior, the interior of the store is full of cuteness in a natural style using wood grain。 If you are accompanied by a dog、It will be a meal on the terrace、Orders can be placed at the cash register in the store while holding the dog.。On this day, it was reserved in the store after exactly one turn.、It is so popular that the Soldout menu has already come out。I can't make a reservation.、From the official website、By accessing the online order reception online before entering the store,、There is also a grateful service that allows you to check the number of people waiting.、Peace of mind even when visiting from afar。 Counter seats with a view of Mikawa Bay。 The number of seats in the store is limited.、Setting up 2-3 people in a small table。 The staff is friendly and polite.。 The round stone kiln resembles the head of an octopus.、A cute structure with sea blue and octopus legs on the wall。Pizzaiolo's older sister wearing a turban like MISIA。While burning firewood and adjusting the temperature of the stone kiln、The dough is made with natural yeast and slowly fermented for at least 36 hours, and the sauce and ingredients are lined up and quickly put into the kiln。The moment when you pull your hand to unload the dough from the top of the pizza peel at once、A small sound of "swoosh" resonates。 The baking time is only about one and a half minutes, and it is baked all at once。 We with a dog、While the pizza was baking, I headed to the terrace seats.、Let's wait for it to be finished。 Despite the rain forecast、Miraculously, the rain lifted and even the sun peeked out on this day。You can enjoy the view of Mikawa Bay from the terrace seats。 Terrace seats、There is also a covered space inside.、There is no problem even if it rains a little、Don't worry if you don't like the strong sunlight of summer days。 Water in a glass on the counter、Hot water is prepared in the pot.、You can enjoy it freely on your own。 On the blackboard, there is a guide map to the sister restaurant "Williams Gelato / Williams Gelato" in the neighborhood and recommended menus、Event introductions are depicted。 The terrace seats on the wooden deck are spacious and comfortable.、There are more than enough seats。Here it is still、Let's sit at the counter seat along the coast with the best view。 Kajishima is an uninhabited island floating in Mikawa Bay in front of you。It is famous for its "large clams" that become the brand Asari, and tide pickers are also popular。 Even though it is a warm winter、2Because the outside air of the moon is cold、If you ask the staff、Hot water bottles and blankets are available for free。 While admiring the scenery, the freshly baked pizza is ready! Enjoy it with your dog Chocolat、The terrace seats overlooking Mikawa Bay are the best view! "Margherita" ¥1,300 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥900 Stone oven self-roasted coffee beans "Hot coffee" ¥500 The best combination of freshly baked pizza and craft beer。They will also provide you with one pizza that you ordered for each.、You can share it while it's warm。I should have ordered coffee after dinner、When I told you that it has cooled down、Reheat it、The hospitality and service spirit are also outstanding! The coffee brewed with coffee beans that are roasted in-house in a stone oven has a fragrant and mellow taste and is very easy to drink。 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥ 900 Ocean's original craft beer created in cooperation with the brewery "HYAPPA BREWS" in Nishiura, Gamagori。An Australian-style ale beer with a slight bitterness in the light mouth.、Because it is inspired by a sunset and roasted malt is added to add color and flavor.、Vivid colors that make you think of the sunset! I would like you to drink slowly while looking at the sky of Mikawa Bay、And、It is a craft beer with such thoughts。 "Margherita" ¥ 1,300 This fabric is、We use wheat grown with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers from the directly managed farm of the Wappa Chita Collaborative Office.、With fresh wheat because it is milled to order、When you bite into it, the aroma spreads、It has a gentle sweetness、The scent of wheat softly passes through the nose、Chewy and chewy texture。The cheese is made from the cheese workshop "Santolcio", which has been handmade since 2001 in Kira-cho, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture。Particular attention to the selection of fresh milk as a raw material、No additives、Formulation and manufacturing method of lactic acid bacteria、The cheeses are carefully handmade one by one with the utmost care in aging, and are fresh。And、Oil、No chemicals are used、Without deodorization or decolorization、Uses precious domestic rapeseed oil that is made by the traditional method and is particular about 100% purity。Sticking to the material、Stone oven pizza baked by artisans。 Among the pizzas, the standard menu "Margherita" that you must order。Tomato sauce with a good balance of sweetness and acidity, fresh mozzarella cheese from Aichi Prefecture, and fine cheese、Served with fragrant basil、The cornicione (ear part) is crispy and fragrant、Appetizing saltiness is felt,、A piece where you can enjoy a flavorful pizza that blends in with the chewy dough。 Despite the fact that the chocolate is also after eating my own rice、I'm tempted to eat pizza (laughs). "Tonno" ¥1,550 in Italian”"Tonno" means "tuna"。Plenty of tuna on board、Mozzarella with fine cheese、Fragrant basil on sweet onions、And the black pepper accent tightens the taste of "Tonno", which is easy for children to eat。 A change from light rain、Mikawa Bay with a beautiful gradation of the sky。 Thanks to the blanket wrapped in a hot water bottle, it will be warm from the feet、2I was able to enjoy a leisurely meal on the terrace seat of the moon。 After the meal, take a stroll around the grounds of the Ocean Community。 The Italian restaurant "Italian Food and Wine Kisaku" on the slope of the pizzeria is closed on this day。A restaurant where you can easily enjoy wine, pasta, and one-dish dishes to match your meal。 The trailer house next to the Italian restaurant is also on a small hill overlooking Mikawa Bay.、1It is rented out with a plan that allows you to share a timeshare limited to one group per day。From early in the morning, active activities such as SUP and kayaking (April to October)、For lunch, enjoy pizza and an Italian lunch course at your leisure、Looking at the sea and having tea in the garden、BBQ is also a place where you can enjoy it with friends and family。 This excursion to Mikawa is、Spend a relaxing time looking at the sea、Soak in the hot springs、It is an anniversary trip to heal the fatigue of daily life。In search of delicious stone oven pizza、I would like to visit again when the weather is nice! Pizzeria Ocean Address:186-36 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-65-2016(Reservations are not possible, online order reception is possible) Business hours:11:00~ 17:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday & Wednesday Parking:In front of the store

Nagoya Italian Restaurant "BOTTEGON / Bottegon" reopened! A course with the best carefully selected ingredients

Taro Yamaguchi, who develops wine dining centered on Italian restaurants in Nagoya and operates MIPROVINI Co., Ltd.:TARO-CHAN) OPENED ITS FIRST ITALIAN RESTAURANT "VINI DEL BOTTEGON " ON OCTOBER 1, 2012. / Vini del Bottegon"、Last year、After about a month of renovation、2022 June,、The store will be renamed "BOTTEGON / Reopened as "Bottegon"、2023We celebrated our 12th anniversary on October 1.。 「BOTTEGON / What is "Bottegon"?、It means "small workshop" in Italian.。Before independence、「ENOTECA PINCHIORRI / Enotecapinchiori" and "The Ritz-Carlton Hotels / The Ritz-Carlton Hotel" and more、Taro-chan, who has fought in various big box restaurants、The name of the restaurant was named in the hope that anyone can easily enjoy wine and food.。 This store renewal is、Mr. Takeshi Nishimura of Osaka-based Design Create Corporation "Design plus alpha", which is widely active, is in charge of the same as the old store.。The old store design that felt good old Italy has been renewed with a classical modern atmosphere with the theme of "glamour and sunshine"、Facade with stone and leather doors for added dignity。 The inside of the store has also been renewed.、A private room is set up by the window on the right side of the entrance.、In the back, there is a dining room overlooking the kitchen.。 "LOBMEYR" with a delicate silhouette with an elegant design / Shelves with Rob Meier glasses。 We always have 3,000 bottles of whiskey and wine.、Utilizing my experience as an owner sommelier、Abbinamento (Italy):Abbinament)。 Dining、2There are 4 tables for people、With a glass wall that gives a sense of depth、Create a spacious space。 The counter over the kitchen is alive and well.、The atmosphere of a single board、It enjoys an even more profound atmosphere.。 The interior of the store is moist and you can enjoy lunch and dinner in a calm atmosphere.。 It is also fun to see the state of the kitchen inside the counter.。 The pinnacle brand of Italian slicers "Berkel / Berkel" is installed、It makes a mouth-watering prosciutto.。 Nagoya lunch on this day was、Special order of a course meal of ¥14,000 (tax and service charge excluded) served at dinner time。Before meals、I was able to meet the owner Taro-chan, who visits each store for the first time in a long time.。Current、At MIPROVINI Inc.、11Expanded to 8 stores per month、Considering expansion into Hawaii next year、They will work toward further business expansion.。Here Recent、2023on September 23,、We were also able to hear about the new store "Tonkatsu Butaro" that has just opened in Izumi 3-chome.。Tonkatsu restaurant with only 7 seats at the counter、Quite curious! Private room that can accommodate up to 12 people。This time, we will use it luxuriously as a couple.。 Currently known as BOTTEGON / Satoshi Nakagawa, 43, who is in charge of Bottegon's chef,、I joined this company during the Corona disaster.。Aiming at the chef、After graduating from "Mizumoto Gakuen Tokai Cooking and Confectionery College" in Hamamatsu、Long Italian and Spanish cuisine、About 20 restaurants serving Japan cuisine、GRANADA Co., Ltd., which is operated in Tokyo and Nagoya, / Granada"、There was a turning point in the Corona disaster.、Joined MIPROVINI Inc.。After being assigned to each store to understand the restaurants in the group、HERE: "BOTTEGON" / He is the top chef of "Bottegon"。We hear about nostalgic memories of our days as a vocational student in Hamamatsu, where we live.、There is a sense of closeness because there are mutual acquaintances.、We shared a great time。Above all、Who is Kenji Masaki, the owner-chef of the popular Chinese restaurant "Chinese Restaurant Masaki in Hamamatsu"?、I was a classmate of mine at vocational school.、Abondance, a French pastry shop that we get along well with, / Pastry chef Heberle Bernard Pierre Claude, owner of "Abondons", was a lecturer at a vocational school.、Bloom into ♪ memories Appetizer "Hida Takayama Higashi Farm Paprika Mousse" Delivered from "Higashi Farm", which has been farming in Hida Takayama for three generations、Roast thick and tasty paprika in the oven、Puree in a juicer、A dish where you can enjoy the original taste of paprika finished in mousse with puree and whipped cream。 To bring out the sweetness of paprika without adding any sweetening、A little salt is used to bring out the sweetness.。 Added "Gifu Ena Gobal Pork Prosciutto" Domestically produced ham jointly created by Yoshinobu Niiho, owner of the butcher shop "Sakaeya Co., Ltd." in Shiga Prefecture, where the owner Taro-chan was born, and a prosciutto workshop in Nagano Prefecture。The raw material is healthy pigs raised on feed carefully examined by "Yama no Ham Kobo Gobal" in Ena, Gifu Prefecture.。Handmade prosciutto without any chemical seasonings or additives、Aged over time、The shoulder loin prosciutto, which is finished with a concentrated taste, has a deeper taste the more you chew.、Features a nutty aroma。 Bread "Homemade Focaccia" The original table focaccia that has inherited the unchanged taste since the opening、Sweet potatoes and milk give sweetness and richness、The salty taste of rock salt on the surface is accentuated.、Fragrant outside、Focaccia with a medium fluffy texture、Blends well with meals and sauces.。 Appetizer "Toyosu Yamayuki Oma Main Tuna Hokkaido Untan Onion Based Vinaigrette Sauce Squid Ink Couscous" From "Yamako Group", which is the number one tuna trading in Toyosu Market Oma main tuna to be purchased。Sneak in the texture of squid ink flavored couscous、The melting-flavored fat of Omamoto tuna is connected with an onion-based vinaigrette.、For refreshing tailoring。You can enjoy the umami of Hokkaido sea urchin with caviar olive oil.。 Lunch Antipastomist Speciale (appetizer platter)。The one-plate style that can be enjoyed little by little is also unique to lunch.。 Appetizer "Western-style spring rolls with shark fin, oscetra caviar, shark fin bean paste cooked in beef broth" Even though it is an Italian restaurant、Utilizing the experience that the chef has cultivated so far、Based on Western style、Incorporating Japanese and Chinese elements、For a configuration that will not make you feel bored。Loosen shark fins prepared with beef broth、Cooked with vegetables such as onions and mushrooms and made into spring rolls.、Served freshly fried hot。 Look、Although it seems to be Chinese、The seasoning of the bean paste is Western-style.、The style of salting caviar instead of sauce。 Fish dish "Tachiuo Fresh Porcini Karasumi" Thick sword fish cooked beautifully and plump。Poiret the swordfish fragrant、For sautéed mushrooms cut into large pieces、Using fresh porcini from Italy、Finish with Karasumi oil、A dish with fragrant aromas that whets your appetite。 "Omi beef and jibeef burger Kitaakari's low-temperature potato fries" with a playful touch、Although it is a burger served as a chopstick resting existence、Even if you say "it's a main dish", you will be convinced and it is a hamburger that is so satisfying to eat.。Buns are fluffy homemade brioche、For a thick and juicy patty made with minced Omi beef and gibeef、Thick cheddar cheese sandwiched between、Even though it is a hamburger, it feels like eating meat.、A favorite dish。The potato fries of Kitaakari served with it are、It is slowly fried at a low temperature.、For a garnish where you can enjoy the sweetness like sweet potatoes。 Next, shake the frying pan quickly in the kitchen and emulsify it.、Enjoy freshly made pasta with a sense of heat。 Pasta "Fresh Pasta with Fresh Italian Porcini Kitalla" The first dish of pasta where you can enjoy porcini mushrooms that arrive fresh from Italy in a luxurious and pepperoncino style。...

Nagoya French "Reminisense" relocation renewal aiming for Grand Maison - Course meal edition -

日本フレンチレストラン界の二大巨頭である東の「Quintessence(カンテサンス)」西の「HAJIME(ハジメ)」と、Studying at a famous French restaurant、名古屋で自身の誕生日でもある2015年7月23日に独立した「Reminiscence(レミニセンス)」の葛原将季(Masaki Kuzuhara)シェフが開業8周年となり、9Now that we are celebrating our anniversary、Taking on the challenge of a new stage、Relocated to the roadway、We have reopened with the aim of becoming a grand maison。 The previous article was、店舗内容が伝わる〜新店舗編〜となり、This article is、It will be a course meal edition that introduces the teamwork that unfolds hot in the kitchen and the full-course dinner menu.。 名古屋・フレンチ「レミニセンス」グランメゾンを目指し移転リニューアル〜新店舗編〜 祝い花の胡蝶蘭で華やぐメインダイニング。Based on white reminiscent of the world of white silver、Soft light welcomes guests comfortably.。飛騨高山の北欧家具メーカー「Kitani(キタニ)」特注のダイニングテーブルに「Jacob Kjær(ヤコブ・ケア)」の代表作であるJK-03Prepared with Yamazakura、葛原シェフのフルコース料理と向き合うためのお出迎えを。 Full course meals for both lunch and dinner、Like the old store、¥19,800 (¥21,780 including tax) plus 10% service charge、About 14 dishes with dishes and desserts、After-meal drinks are prepared。It is better to plan to take about 3 hours.。 第一章の〜余韻〜からスタートし新店舗にて新たに追加した第二章の〜創造〜のテーマ第三章に〜記憶〜第四章に〜安堵〜そして終章の〜追憶〜を用意し、It is finished in five parts according to each theme.。 If you are specially allowed to tour the kitchen,、I'm working on the first dish of "aftertaste"、Head-to-head with carefully selected ingredients、Witness the moment you face it。Currently, there are 6 kitchen staff.、From the heat of charcoal and the shouts that come and go、You can see that you can't waste every minute。 Wine pairings with full-course meals、Standard(7glass)¥13,750、Half (7glass) ¥10,450、Available from 3 courses of Short (3glass) ¥ 7,920、Sommelierの高鍬未翔(Misho Takakuwa)さんによる料理に寄り添った絶妙なマリアージュが味わえます。Mr. Gao Ho、Received the Excellence Award of the 4th "J.S.A. Sommelier Scholarship"、A thoroughbred who owns the long-established French restaurant "Les Mirepoix" in Nagoya at his parents' house。After starting your career at your parents' house、「マンダリン オリエンタル 東京」ではザ・セラー ソムリエ スーパーバイザーとして活躍。Soft and smart hospitality、The smile she sometimes shows is very cute, and her playful personality is also likeable.。Chef Kuzuhara, who puts his trust in him,、"Building on the wines inherited from our predecessors,、While adding a high hoe color, it is declared, Japan We aim for a day when the best product lineup and the price is said to be reasonable."。 Champagne「アンリオ ブラン・ド・ブラン NV (Henriot Blanc de Blancs NV)」 繊細さと優雅さを兼ね備えた200年の歴史を持つアンリオ。White flowers and lemons with fine bubbling、Complex aromas such as pastries and fresh butter。Full of elegance with a smooth mouthfeel、A cup of Chardonnay elegance。 On this day、Arrived in Nagoya at night on a hurried move from Kyoto、Rush to celebrate the opening of Reminisense for a full-course dinner。Survive the sweltering heat、It is a thought that the heart will be melted by this cup that moistens the dry throat.。 Chapter 1 - Aftertaste - "Undan"、「キャビア」 一皿目の「雲丹」は、If you know the old store, it will be the same tailoring that you know.。It is the ingredient that Chef Kuzuhara feels the most comfortable among the ingredients.、This will continue to be provided at the new store.。佐賀の有田焼「カマチ陶舗(Kamachi Toho)」のドーム型の真っ白な陶器に添えられた最初の一品。Kudzu powder and sea lettuce chip croutons、Pickled shallots with Saga seaweed to finish。With finger food in one bite、For accents of various textures and flavors、The scent of the seaweed that brings out the aftertaste of the sea urchin is pleasant.、まさに〜余韻〜のテーマに相応しい一口。Also、Untan、It is intended to be the third tag of Tachibana Fisheries.、Don't you think it's auspicious to say "three stars"?。This time, two types of raw untan from Shiozaki Port in Aichi Prefecture and raw untan from Hokkaido were in stock.、It is specially offered in two blends.。Untan with different characteristics× the depth of taste woven by sea urchin is the aftertaste itself.。 The second dish "caviar" is、Bread made with natural yeast hollowed out in small circles、Kensaki squid and caviar on top、Flower spike and lime powder、A dish with shredded onion frites to accent the texture。In the sticky and sweet Kensaki squid、The rich flavor unique to popping caviar spreads.。 Dishes finished with Aun's breath。As can be seen from the introductory concept that Chef Kuzuhara put his thoughts into、By making people feel the richness of food and the joy of food、Wishing for a richer life、It's like pouring more soul into each dish。 Chapter 1 - Aftertaste - "Foie Gras"、「地魚」 次なる料理には面白い取り組みがプラスされ、"After enjoying the foie gras terrine in the left hand,、45Set up an hourglass to match the seconds、By eating ground fish (sashimi) after the sand has fallen,、You can enjoy the afterglow even more."。The accompanying hourglass is、「東京硝子工芸」が手掛ける90秒の砂時計で、A small S-size one used when brewing sencha。90Set to 45 seconds, which is half of a second, and serve lying down。Although it is a taste that was adopted because it pursues the aftertaste,、Because the lingering taste in various seconds is tested、70It seems that providing seconds is also in sight.、新たな秒数の砂時計を製作中! 水の中に浸して丁寧に血抜きをした後、Heat at a low temperature while measuring the core temperature in a steam oven.、For moist foie gras with high-quality fat、Potato chips underneath with foie gras、Black pepper、Hazelnut、Mango、Cocoa nibs、Dill、To Estragon、Finally, sprinkle onion chips and powder on top to complete the process.。The combination of materials that seem to be two things with strong individuality creates a complex taste.、The sense of unity that can be felt is one word.。 The local fish of the day is "red sea bream"。Carefully lay down fresh fish caught at the local port of Shizaki in Aichi Prefecture、Although it is a French restaurant、Attempt to serve sashimi。Horse-radish、Sesame sauce、Seasoned with a very small amount of olive oil.。The sand in the hourglass falls、45Seconds elapsed、Sea bream that is brought to the mouth while leaving the aftertaste of foie gras terrine that has been eaten。Much more than saying it at the same time、I was able to enjoy the sweetness and aroma of red sea bream.。 "Domaine de Boaunerd Châteauneuf du Pape Blanc 2021 (Chateauneuf du Pape Blanc Domaine de Beaurenard)」 鮮やかで輝くような金の色合いと薄緑が絡み合う夏に駆ける美しさ、For a rich aroma reminiscent of apricot、Pear or peach flavor、Jasmine flowers are felt、Certified organic wine with a fresh and mineral feel, but a smooth and thick mouthfeel。Match the freshness of lemon in the next dish、Exquisite pairing。 第二章〜創造〜「鱧 レモン」 お次の〜創造〜は、In a new attempt、Finished with ingredients that the chef has never combined before.。Summery、Lemon yellow looks great in a clear blue bowl、Cool production of "鱧"。Frit the osteotomy、Use lemon to go with it.、It is served with two types of cream, one with acidity and one cooked in butter or egg yolk to make it mellow.。Enjoy puree and herbs with various accents using a vegetable called rutabaga, a type of Western turnip native to Sweden in Scandinavia.。A dish that combines the aroma of frit with the freshness of lemon。The amount of heat you feel from frit is the best、中の鱧からは湯気が昇ります! Reminiscenc × Train Bleu「あられ」 岐阜・飛騨高山の「TRAIN BLEU(トラン・ブルー)」の成瀬正(Tadashi Naruse)さんが、I'm baking bread that accompanies Reminisense's cuisine。Three types are offered between course dishes、8- 9% finished bread baked in the oven and served。by combining hail made from rice with wheat bread from the same grain、Each of them claims a texture and aroma、A dish to enjoy the taste。Than ever before、It has been improved to have a soft texture.、I feel that the stickiness has been emphasized more.。 "Les Bois Blanc Saumur Champignies 2015 (Les Bois Blanc Saumur Champigny 2015)」 チャレンジングなペアリングとなり、Cabernet Franc of the Loire and。2015To feel the earthy nuances in the age and a little maturity、Combined with the unique bitterness of ayu。Beautiful ruby color。Spicy aroma with black cherry aroma、Enjoy the harmony of the taste of barrel aging and the concentration of fruit flavors.、A wine with delicate tannins that make you feel comfortable。 第二章〜創造〜「和良鮎 トリュフ」 岐阜県和良川で採れた「天然の鮎」。Charcoal grilled black、Black in liver sauce、Match the black of the truffle、富山八尾の木工作家ユニット「Shimoo Design(下尾デザイン)」の黒浮様 銀の鎹(kasugai)オーバルでクールな装い。Put down the ayu into three pieces、Rolled in part filo dough using seaweed tsukudani、Sneak up on edamame and mozzarella cheese、Fragrant sautéed wara ayu。The liver that comes out when it is lowered is also used as a sauce.、Add depth to taste。Cooking rice harvested in the county、Puree or potato puree with lotus vinegar、Shallot Revision、Sweet sauce made from Madera liquor boiled down、Serve with sliced truffles or truffles with vinaigrette。In the foreground, from Chef Kuzuhara's belief that "ayu is best grilled with salt"、Because live ayu of the specified size caught in Lake Biwa is pierced on a skewer just before and grilled with salt and served、2You can enjoy the seed ayu。The difficulty of wine to match with ayu is immeasurable.、Without exaggerating too much、It's the perfect wine to accompany you.。 「フランソワ・カリヨン サン・トーバン 1er ミュルジェ・デ・ダン・ド・シアン ブラン 2018 (FRANCOIS CARILLON SAINT AUBIN LES PITANGERETS 2018)」 ルイ・カリヨンといえば、Along with Lefrève and Sozé, he is one of the best makers of Puligny Montrachet.、The history as a viticulturist is 1632 and the family has a long history.。With the retirement of the previous Louis、2010In the year the domaine was divided between two brothers.、Brother François、Inherited about 5.4 hectares of fields, including Premiere Cru, a famous brewery such as Les Perrières and Champ Gan.、Independent from the domaine inherited by his brother Jacques、New domaine "François Carillon" established。2014In the year at "La Revue du Vin de France"、Named one of Burgundy's 50 Greatest Domaines、Attracting attention。2013The field of Mulget de d'Andan-de-Sien, purchased by François in the year、On a plot up the hill of Le Montrachet、Adjacent to the first-class field Shan Gang in Puligny-Montrachet。You can feel the concentration of rich fruits、Chardonnay with a deep taste with minerals。...

Nagoya French "Reminisense" relocation renewal aiming for grand maison - new store edition -

日本フレンチレストラン界の二大巨頭である東の「Quintessence(カンテサンス)」西の「HAJIME(ハジメ)」と、Studying at a famous French restaurant、名古屋で自身の誕生日でもある2015年7月23日に独立した「Reminiscence(レミニセンス)」の葛原将季(Masaki Kuzuhara)シェフが開業8周年となり、9Now that we are celebrating our anniversary、Taking on the challenge of a new stage、Relocated to the roadway、We have reopened with the aim of becoming a grand maison。 新しいステージとして選んだ場所は名古屋・車道かつて尾張藩の別宅としてあった御下屋敷の建設のため石材を車で曳いて運んでいたことがこの町名の由来このエリアは一部開発は進んではいるものの昔ながらの住宅やマンションが今でも残る住宅街細長くクランクした土地に建てられた店舗はメイン道路からも路地裏からもアクセスができレストランのメインエントランスはあえて狭い路地裏を選択。It's almost as if、幼少期に登下校するときに近道として使っていた路地裏のようで古くからある家の軒下には洗濯物が掛けられおばあちゃんが登下校する子供たちを温かく見守っているような情景が目に浮かびます「Reminiscenc/レミニセンス」は過去を偲ぶ「追憶」という意味を持ちオーナーシェフ葛原将季(Masaki Kuzuhara)は人生を豊かにするために最も大切なものは「思い出」でありそれこそが本当の豊かさであると考えていますこの店名を掲げ自身のレストランで過ごす時間はただお腹を満たすためだけの場所としてではなくその瞬間を良き思い出として記憶に残せるよう料理やサービスのみならずここでしか得ることのできない唯一無二の体験とは何なのか自問自答を繰り返してきました。Exactly what、この新店舗はレミニセンスの哲学を究極まで推し進め具現化したものですそんな昔の記憶に浸りながら裏路地を進んだその先に伺える新たな扉それは現在と過去の記憶を繋ぐタイムゲートその扉をゆっくり開けると夢の中に迷い込んだような白い別世界が現れますその空間で目を瞑り心を落ち着け過去の記憶を思い出してみてください記憶を辿りながらアプローチを進むとその先には窓から光が差し込み明確なビジョンが脳内に広がっていくのを感じられることでしょう白を基調としたこの空間はシェフが幼少期に雪遊びをした北国の記憶や料理に対する哲学自然の摂理といった形を持たない”イデア”を造形化ゴツゴツした力強い造型と不規則な曲面と流線的なカーブというある種相反する不調和で空間はおぼろげな遠い記憶を辿ろうとしている脳内のイメージを表現しています新店舗の構想段階から携わっていたこともあり待ちに待ったオープン日葛原シェフの人望を表すかのように友人知人仲間たちからのお祝いに溢れ彩られるエントランス私たちもディナータイムでお祝いに駆け付けることができましたウェイティングブースでは「Louis Poulsen(ルイス・ポールセン)」Wohlert(ウォラート)のペンダントライトから注がれる柔らかな灯りでお出迎え「Nanna Ditzel(ナナ・ディッツェル)」のソファND-02、ND-01The、1952年にデザインされたものでこちらは近年飛騨高山の北欧家具メーカー「Kitani(キタニ)」によって復刻されたモデル座面の生地は葛原シェフ自らが厳選した京都の西陣織りを「HOSOO(細尾)」にて張り替えサイドテーブルも同じく「Kitani(キタニ)」で岩倉 榮利(Eiri Iwakura)デザインの脚線美を持つローテーブルIE-06STIE-07STの有機的な変形三角天版とサークル天板を組み合わせることで動きを出しています光に反射し神秘的な雪国のような存在感がある上質な生地は滑らかな肌触りで身体を優しく包んでくれますオープンに贈呈した私たちからの開店祝い「Eilersen IW2 CHAIR(アイラーセン)」も華やかに祝い花に囲まれ誇らし気「Eilersen IW2 CHAIR(アイラーセン)」 IW2 CHEAR / この椅子はデンマークで1895年創業の高級ソファブランド「eilersen」の120周年を記念して2015年に国内限定100脚のみ復刻されましたミッドセンチュリー期のデンマークを代表するデザイナーのクリスチャン・イルム・ヴィッケルソーによるデザインで、1958年に発売された椅子を忠実に再現しています背もたれのスポークと重なりあった座面から前方へ伸びるアームの有機的なラインが美しく置いてあるだけでも絵になるデザインですこちらはレミニセンスの移転オープンのお祝いとして孝弘&亜弥子/ ladeから贈られたものですこの椅子が選ばれた理由はレミニセンスがオープンした同年である2015年に製造され同じ年月を歩んできたからですそしてこの椅子は経年変化に伴い傷や塗装にひびが入っていますが敢えてそのままの状態にしてありますそれはレミニセンスでの素晴らしい体験が多くの人の心に刻まれてきたことと同じだと考えているからです今回のインスタレーションによってレミニセンスの料理の味や盛り付けなどの見た目を超えた葛原将季シェフの料理に込めた本質的な哲学を感じ取って頂きたいと思いますこのインスタレーションからは「過去」「現在」「未来」の三つの要素を感じることができますまた椅子は人々が「座る」ことによって身体を「リラックス」させるものでもあり心と魂を「解放」するために作られたものでもありますこの椅子を通じてレミニセンスの葛原将季シェフの料理に込めた「スタイル」「哲学」「コンセプト」を感じてくださいJoseph Kosuth, One and Three Chairs, 1965. Courtesy the artist and Sean Kelly Gallery New York 今回のIW2チェアのインスタレーションは「ジョセフ・コスース(Joseph Kosuth)」の作品である「one and three chairs」をオマージュしています実際の椅子椅子の写真椅子の説明の3つで構成することに意味がありそこにメッセージが込められていますアートとはただ綺麗に書くだけ作品を制作するだけという表面的なものでよいのかというアンチテーゼから彼らが新しい表現の一つとして生み出したコンセプチュアルアートですこれらはレストラン業界にも置き換えて考えることができます世界のレストランのトレンドや存在意義そのものが大きく変わろうとする中ベストレストランで1位になった南米ペルーの「Central(セントラル)」がそれを象徴しておりこれらの現代アートから今後のレストラン業界について考え直してもらえるきっかけになればとアートもビジネスもそしてレストランも基本は同じでありそれらにそもそも境界線はないと考えます経済学者のシュンペーターの「新結合」の理論もデュシャンの「レディメイド」の作品もその根本は同じでありどちらも物事に対して固定概念とは異なる違った見方をし様々なことを「考える」ことから「新しい価値を創造する」ことの重要性を示していますこれはまさに哲学でありソクラテスの「フィロソフィア」そのものですフィロソフィアは日本語で表現すると「知を愛する」となり様々なことに対して「考えることへの探求心」こそが重要であると説いていますいつも思うことですが「愛知」というエリアはまさにフィロソフィアを象徴するような地名でありそのような場所にあるレミニセンスは何か運命的なものを感じます。 This time、なぜお祝いにアートを題材にしたインスタレーションにしたかというとここに書かれていること以外メッセージが組み込まれておりそれは既に葛原シェフに伝えてありますアートに対する考え方・捉え方は人それぞれですのでこのインスタレーションをご覧になった方がそれぞれ何らかを感じ取ってくだされば幸いです。 This time、店舗デザインを担当された「Design plus alpha(デザイン プラス アルファ)」の建築デザイナー西村武史(Takeshi Nishimura)さんが葛原シェフの理想とする創造の世界をイメージして創り上げていますコンセプトに沿った白を基調としシンプルモダンに仕上がったメインダイニング神秘的なアプローチでメインダイニングへと向かう長い廊下をゆっくりと歩き進めるとそれは「追憶」のステージをさらに進めていくための重要なプロセスでありこの空間で様々な記憶が脳内を駆け抜けます辿り着いた記憶のその先には”かまくら”を彷彿させるアーチが見えアーチをくぐるとそこには白と光で演出された神秘的なメインダイニングへと広がっていきますその空間はまるで”かまくら”の中で揺らめくロウソクのように伝統文様があしらわれた大円形のライトから柔らかな光が降り注ぎ希成に彩られた「Jacob Kjær(ヤコブケア)」の椅子に照らし出され訪れるゲストを優しく包み込むようにメインダイニングに身を置いた瞬間この先にある未知なる体験に期待感と緊張感が一気に高まっていきますこの空間で五感を満たす体験が脳内を駆け巡り新たな記憶として刻まれ感動をシナプスのように繋いでゆくレミニセンスはまさに未来における「追憶」を生み出すシステムそのものであると言えます席数4名〜6名対応できる二つの個室を繋げることで、10名ほどまで対応可能となりプライベート感が保てる個室同じく「Kitani(キタニ)」の「Jacob Kjær(ヤコブケア)」JK-02To、こちらも「HOSOO(細尾)」の京都西陣織りに張り替えています白で統一された店内に合わせ階段もホワイト仕様に仕上げ階段の踊り場左手には、2階のワインセラー入り口と右手にはVIP専用の個室を用意。 2階VIPルーム ゆったりと6名ほどで利用可能となるVIP専用の個室には「Kitani(キタニ)」で特注した長テーブルと背中をすっぽりと包み込み安らぎを感じるJacob Kjær 1948 JK-05が配されコンテンポラリースタイルのテラスを設けており屋外テラスの雰囲気も楽しめます”かまくら”の雪を模したワインセラーは、1階〜2階にかけて天高くズラリと2,000本に及ぶ厳選ワインたちを収蔵ワインはブルゴーニュを中心にセレクトおり通常手に入らない希少価値の高いボトルも多数保有ペアリングではリストに載っていてもなかなか頼まないようなけれど美味しいアイテムを提供しワインの楽しさを感じていただけるようなセレクトを心がげられているとのこと必ず正規品しか購入しないことをこだわりとしているため品質には自信があると伺っていますワインセラー内の至るところに温度計を設置し徹底した温度管理によりワインにとって適正な熟成で保管されクオリティを損なうことなく提供しています北口にはレストラン併設の「Wine Bar K」の入り口を用意まるで自邸に帰ってきたかのような入りやすさがあり気軽に足を運べます。 Opening hours、Night 19:00〜0:00の営業となるためディナー前のアペリティフにまたはディナー後の一杯もしくはBar使いのみとしても対応可能「レミニセンス」とは異なりやや柔らかな印象を放つシャネルベージュを基調とした店内にはレストランの待合同様の「Louis Poulsen(ルイス・ポールセン)」Wohlert(ウォラート)のペンダントライトが柔らかな光を届け天窓から注がれる月明かりが楽しめる神秘的な空間にこちらでも”かまくら”を彷彿とさせるアーチトップのバックバーアフリカ産のベリー木材をベースにパティーヌ染色を施した風合いのあるレザーを用いたカウンターの天板レストラン同様にしつらえた「Kitani(キタニ)」の「Jacob Kjær(ヤコブケア)」JK-05を温かみのある赤茶で仕上げ優しく体にフィットし居心地の良い空間に山口華央里(Kaori Yamaguchi) 岐阜県瑞穂市生まれ大学卒業後は急性期病院で約5年看護師を務め所属は循環器呼吸器消化器の混合病棟を担当コロナ初期からコロナ病棟へ配属患者様の一番辛い時に寄り添う看護師と言う職業に誇りとやりがいを感じつつもコロナ病棟で働き患者様と関わる中人生にはいつ何が起こるか分からないということを強く痛感し一度きりの人生に後悔のないように選択しようと決意「看護師が嫌で辞めたの?」とお客様や周りから聞かれることが多いのですが看護師という職業は今でも本当に尊敬しておりますし大好きで看護師として働いた経験は大きな財産となっていますコロナ第3波が落ち着いたタイミングで「レミニセンス」を訪れた際お客様の笑顔が溢れお客様に幸せな瞬間を提供する素晴らしい職業に感銘を受け飲食業界に憧れを抱きますもともとワインに興味があり葛原シェフの助言もあったことから資格取得を目指し看護師とワインスクールを両立させながら、2022年に資格を取得。After that、恩師である「セッタンタ」のソムリエ成瀬がオーナーのワインバー「ドンナルーチェ」にて7ヶ月間修行した後「レミニセンス」に併設する「Wine Bar K」へ移り現在に至りますレミニセンス共有のワインを嗜むことができるワインバー。Current、Foodは季節のフルーツやチーズなどをワインの当てに用意しており今後は高級食材を用いたキッシュやパスタなどのメニューを徐々に充実させていく予定ショーケースに飾られた「Baccarat(バカラ)」マッセナ ワイングラスの輝きがミラー越しに幾重にも重なり千客万来を願っております。 The beginning of the third chapter of Reminisense。移転オープンおめでとうございます! グランメゾンへと成長する次ステージへ向けたコンセプトと、The next step is to convey the contents of the store - New store edition -、It will be a course meal edition that introduces the teamwork that unfolds hot in the kitchen and the full-course dinner menu.。 Nagoya French "Reminisense" Relocation renewal aiming for Grand Maison - Course meal edition - Reminiscence Address:Nagoya-shi Higashi-ku Tsutsui 3-18-3 South Exit ReservationTEL:052-228-8337 InquiriesTEL:052-228-8275 Hours of operation:Lunch 12:00( L.O )、Dinner 18:00-18:30(L.O) Closed:Please check the calendar on the official website..

Nagoya Roadway "Saita Cafe" a cup of coffee that is comfortable for spending a nostalgic quiet time"

Feeling thirsty for the summer heat that you feel when you spend time in the new store under construction of Nagoya French "Reminiscence"、Looking for cafes around。If you go east along the street where the "Wine Bar K" entrance attached to the north exit of "Reminiscence" is located, you will come across a café with a taste that feels a nostalgic breeze.。The name of the restaurant is "Saita Cafe"。 Classical interior with calm colors。A tranquil world view that you feel when you step into it、Feel the extraordinary air、I feel cozy。Quietly resonating classical tones。It seems that live cello concerts are held regularly here.、Instagram公式サイトで告知されています。It was written that "even those who have not listened to classical music or cello are welcome."、Check it out。 On this day、Besides us, we could see another regular couple enjoying coffee and sweets。Warmth in tranquility、If there was a café with such an atmosphere near my home... I can't help but hope。 店主のブログを遡ると店名にもなっている”sai”さんと”ta”さんの御二人で立ち上げたお店のようですが、2015on December 27 -”ta”On the occasion of the exit of the store、Now”sai”It seems that it is run by one person。A talkative shopkeeper who talks in a quiet atmosphere”sai”You can enjoy specialty coffee and homemade sweets brewed by。 「アイスコーヒー」¥550 スペシャルティコーヒー豆をオリジナルでブレンドしているお店の顔となる「リッチブレンド」を使用し、Iced coffee brewed in a machine。Fragrance、It has a plump richness、While also making you feel the fruity taste、The aftertaste is refreshing and well-balanced。 珈琲の炭酸「エスプレッソ・トニック」¥650 メニューを拝見しながら、Coffee carbonation in my eyes。It is a drink that divides coffee with tonic water.、I think it's perfect for quenching thirst、This is my first experience。While retaining the aroma of coffee to the fullest、The light sweetness of the tonic water matches、It is a delicious and refreshing cup that you can enjoy。If you squeeze the lime、In addition, freshness is added to the taste.、You can enjoy it twice。 「スコーン」¥250 自家製のスコーンをリベイクし、Served hot。Halve it in half、For a crisp blueberry jam、It is served with cream that feels smooth like clotted cream and rich like cream cheese。Soft and soft、Moist and finely textured scones are very tasty、I have the urge to try other cakes made by the owner Sai。 With a cup of coffee and soothing scones that make you feel comfortable、Spend a moment of peace、I'm grateful that I found a café that makes me want to visit again。 every day、Hand drip coffee brewed at home。I was attracted by the deliciousness of this "Rich Blend"、I involuntarily picked up the beans。So that you can enjoy the taste you received here at home、I learned how to brew delicious food from the owner Sai。 Get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life、I would like to recommend this store to those who want to spend a quiet time valuing their own time。When you visit Nagoya、I would like to stop by again。 Saita Cafe 住所愛知県名古屋市東区筒井3-15-18 1F-C TEL:052-932-3210 Hours of operation:Tue – Fri 9:30~ 17:00、Saturday 8:00-18:30 Closed on Mondays:Day、月曜日 駐車場無し

Nagoya, French "Furniture delivery and opening celebration of Scandinavian furniture manufacturer Kitani to new Reminisense store"

About a 5-minute walk from Exit 2 of Nagoya's subway and roadside station、Head east at the Tsutsui 3-chome intersection、Next to "Drugs Giyama Tsutsui Store"、いよいよ名古屋のフレンチの名店「Reminiscence(レミニセンス)」が開店9年目を迎える今年2023年7月23日(日)に、Establishing a new store with the goal of becoming the best restaurant in the Japan、We will renew our determination for the next stage。 名古屋・フレンチ「レミニセンス」グランメゾンを目指し移転リニューアル〜新店舗編〜 この日は工事中の「Reminiscence(レミニセンス)」に紹介した飛騨高山の北欧家具メーカー「Kitani(キタニ)」からの家具搬入に立ち会うために、We arrived in Nagoya to celebrate the opening of the store.。The other day、I observed the progress of the construction two to three weeks ago.、The interior is steadily being prepared、Furniture and fixtures、Wine、Vessels, etc.、Various things have been brought in。 「Kitani(キタニ)」の社長である東庄豪(Shougo Higashi)さん自らが、Driving a truck from Takayama、Reminisense goes back and forth between the old store and the new store and does the delivery work while going back and forth many times.、I saw your work。 Because the day is approaching for the opening、Reminisense staff are also working hard to prepare for the opening.。 東庄豪(Shougo Higashi)さんとお会いしたのは昨年我が家で購入した「フィン・ユール(Finn Juhl)ニールス・ヴォッダー(Nils Vodder)No.53」の引き渡し以来東さんからは、If you send me the contents of this work in a photo album、"I am grateful that this kind of delivery work is not recorded as an image."。 Bringing in long tables for newly ordered private rooms, etc.、Heavy lifting continues。 To match the white-based restaurant、葛原シェフが特注したテーブルも個室に無事にセッティング完了今回のデザインを担当された建築デザイナーの西村武史(Takeshi Nishimura)さんと初めましての歓談時間が持て、We were able to discuss the design concept of the restaurant。It is said that it will proceed while making various fine adjustments until completion.、楽しみにしています! 大阪を拠点に幅広く活躍されるデザインクリエイトコーポレーション「Design plus alpha(デザイン プラス アルファ)」の西村武史(Takeshi Nishimura)さんは名古屋にてイタリアンレストランを中心にワインダイニングを展開し「株式会社MIPROVINI」を運営されている山口太郎(Taro Yamaguchi)ちゃんのご紹介とのことで、I feel the connection。 A variety of dining tables and chairs set in the main dining room。Because it is carefully packed and wrapped so as not to scratch、It takes time to take them out one by one.、The effort is immense。 While measuring with a measure so that it can be placed directly under the ceiling light、We will set it finely at equal intervals.。You can observe the valuable delivery work before the opening of the restaurant.、オープンへの期待が益々高まります! 一段落付いたところで葛原将季(Masaki Kuzuhara)シェフに無事開店祝いとして用意したデンマークの椅子「Eilersen IW2 CHAIR」を贈ることができ安堵しております「Eilersen IW2 CHAIR」 インテリアショップ「Acutus(アクタス)」で取り扱うデンマークブランドの「Eilersen(アイラーセン)」が創業120周年を記念して、2015年に国内限定で100脚のみ復刻された「IW2 CHAIR」「Reminiscence(レミニセンス)」のオープンと同じ年にリリースということもあり、It will be what I have been looking for for a long time.。We hope that you will continue to welcome many guests with the restaurant and continue to carve out the history of "remembrance".。 Reminiscence(レミニセンス) ※新店舗完成間近:2023/7/23(Sun)Grand Open 工事進捗状況撮影許可:Owner/chef:葛原将季 住所名古屋市東区筒井3丁目18-3 南口 TEL:052-228-8337 Wine bar K 住所名古屋市東区筒井3丁目18-3 北口 TEL:070-1629-3800

Nagoya, Chikusa "Matsujuan, a soba shop founded in 1987 popular for raw flour making" tempura soba lunch

名古屋の千種にある1978年(昭和53年)創業と老舗で生粉打ちの蕎麦と天ぷらが人気の蕎麦処「松寿庵」へ! 暖簾をくぐれば年代物の蕎麦猪口や漆器手挽き石臼が陳列され待合の椅子に腰掛けて眺める楽しさがあります蕎麦は茨城県産の「常陸秋そば」種を自家製紛し出汁の鰹節は築地から直送仕入れわさびは静岡の本わさび「真妻」種を使用するこだわりで毎朝の市場からの仕入れに加え全国各地から産地直送している旬の食材を楽しめます店内はテーブル席20席小上がりの座敷20席の40席と立派な構え角に用意されたお一人様席まで御座います窓際なので緑化されている通りを眺めながらの独り蕎麦も良いですね平日のお昼時でも満席となることが多く行列が絶えない日もある人気店なのだとか蕎麦は回転が早いためランチタイムも何回転かされる大繁盛振り! この日は名古屋の車仲間で「onde株式会社」代表を務められ全国に100店舗余りの「MTサロン」を展開されている松波正晃(Masateru Matsunami)さんと久しぶりの再会で蕎麦ランチミーティング! 「MTサロン」とは肌本来の美しさを最大限に引き出すことを目的とした「肌力再生」サロンですこの数ヶ月東海地方進出に向けて試験的に浜松エリアでも大平台の「花みずき工房」本社併設の住宅展示場2階をお借りして「無料体験会」を開催して参りましたが新規顧客様に好評いただいていることから本格的に浜松に拠点を構えサロンを展開していくためにスタッフを募集されています美容の知識や技術は入社後の研修で学んでいけるため素直な気持ちと成長したいという意欲があれば未経験でも大丈夫とのこと「喜ばれることに喜びを」を会社の基本理念とされているため自分のためではなく誰かのために頑張れる方を求めていらっしゃいます自身の成長を目指し美容業や独立にご興味のある方がいらっしゃいましたら是非お問い合わせください「(竹)天ざる(竹)天そば(小海老と野菜天ぷら付)」¥1,800 薄衣でサックサクの小気味よい音が鳴りプリプリと弾力があり甘味豊かな小海老が3匹も野菜天は、Eggplant、Shiitake mushroom、Green beans、Sweet potato。 Here you will、蕎麦の種類を選ぶことができ「生粉」「さらしな」「太打ち」の三種が通年用意されており、Among them、つなぎとして小麦粉などは使わずにそば粉のみで打つ「生粉打ち(きこうち)」が人気江戸時代からの十割蕎麦の呼称ですもちろん「生粉打ち」をオーダー。Occasionally、季節の「変わり蕎麦」を打つ場合もあるようです茨城県の蕎麦農家より直送の”常陸秋そば”の丸抜きを石臼で自家製粉しつなぎを使わず水と蕎麦粉のみで打った生粉打ち蕎麦はそばの香りと風味がより楽しめ喉越しも抜群!また消化に良いため胃もたれ知らずのお蕎麦となりますそばつゆは鰹出汁の風味が香る味わいに奥行きがあり名古屋らしく少々甘めの仕上がりとろみの利いた熱々のそば湯を注いで一服「そばがきぜんざい(温・こしあん)」¥550 甘味は丁寧に仕上げた滑らか食感の上品なそばがきに熱々の漉し餡がよく絡み癒しのひととき別小皿で刻んだ塩昆布が添えられるため甘からの塩っぱいを楽しめ〆のお茶でほっこりと名古屋でも人気の高い蕎麦処でのゆるりと楽しむランチタイムコロナ禍で随分とご無沙汰してしまいましたが松波さんの元気そうなお顔が見れて良かったです♪ 「MTサロン」新店舗浜松店スタッフ募集中!未経験者大歓迎! ご興味のある方はご連絡ください松寿庵 住所愛知県名古屋市千種区豊年町4-13 中京レンガビル1F TEL:052-722-0212(予約不可) 営業時間: 11:00-15:00 17:00-20:30 11:00-15:00 11:00-15:00 17:00-20:00 Closed on Mondays:第二第四水曜日の夜、Thursday Parking:有(マンション内11台・中央列16番~27番を用意)

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