Character and play with "Silk sprays Ilan" all dining breakfast!

"Orchid Castle Jing Ying Hong Silks Place Yilan The restaurant "Mix Gourmet "Mix Gourmet" which becomes all-dining of "Silk Place Yilan" is "廳"、It's also a breakfast venue!

Morning 7.:00-10:30Until the hours、Available at any time、Spacious dining space for 300 people, including indoor and outdoor terrace seating、Enjoy a buffet-style breakfast with international cuisine.

Here you will、The hotel's original cactors went out to say hello in the morning.、The children are overjoyed because they come to the table!

Robot character Rainbow and bee character 'DoDo'、Monkey character of strange (ChiChi) appeared、You can see the appearance of the family enjoying the commemorative photo!


The central counter lined with cold Center salad bar、There is an open kitchen on the wall.、Hot dish or dishes freshly cooked per order、A wide variety of menus prepared in a wide variety of international dishes!

In the vegetable and fruit corner、Take your favorite vegetables and fruits in a bowl.、Give it to the staff in charge.、Make your own fresh mix juice instantly!

"Fresh Mix Juice"、Cut Fruit"
Carrot、Celery、Apple、Pineapple Mixed Fresh Juice、The naturally sweet flavor of the vegetables and fruits、Perfect for waking up in the morning!

"Omelet、Salad "
I put a lot of salad in a bowl.、Order an omelette in an empty space!
Fluffy omelette with ketchup sauce!

"Bacon"、Potato、Cherry Duck Ham、Tomatoes"
Thick bacon is juicy.、Whole potato with steamed skin steamed in a steamed basket is a hook-hok-hok! Ham using Yilan's famous cherry duck is a dish that is rich in umami and cannot be removed!

Homemade bread
Select three kinds from the meal bread and prepared bread prepared in various types、I like bread with raisins!

"Fried rice"、Boiled chicken、Steamed vegetables.
There are a lot of variations of Chinese food.、Fried rice with hot vegetables。You can also enjoy the idling!

Taiwan ramen
Taiwanese ramen enjoyed at dinner is my husband's favorite food! Green vegetables with fish tinge and crispy texture、Fungus、Topped with mernies、I change the ingredients and enjoy it! Because it's a light soup.、With a morning ra-like feeling、Perfect for a full of awakenings!

"Taiwan 麵 Line"
Speaking of the staple breakfast in Taiwan、After all, Taiwanese porridge and bean berries are the mainstream.、 This noodle dish is one of the soul food unique to Taiwan.、 Thin noodles like noodles are stewed in a thick soup with dashi soup.、And offers!

The main dining room、Because it is crowded with families playing with hotel characters、Please prepare a sofa seat of "The Lounge 廳" 吧 next door which is open.、We have a quiet breakfast.
Enjoy a hearty breakfast at our well-balanced hotel buffet!

Now、On this day, we will use the "CARSTEL" service given to guests.、I'm going out of the hotel in my favorite car!

Mix gourmet (Gourmet Mix)-LAN Castle hundred Hui self-help 餐廳
TEL:886-3- 910-1010
Hours of operation:Breakfast 7:00-10:30、Lunch 12:00-14:00、Dinner 18:00-21:00

Silks Place Yilan
Ran Jing Ying hotel (Silks Place Yilan)
Location:No.36, Sec. 2, Minquan Rd., Yilan City

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2018/4/20Taiwan Travel/silks Place Vol.2


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