"Granny's Burger" a hamburger shop in the Mikkain station building operated by a pesticide-free vegetable farmer!

To the hamburger shop "Grannyburger Granny & #8217;s Burger" in the station building of "Tenryu Hamanako Railway Sankehi Station"! Tenryu Hamanako Railway Co., Ltd. Tenryu Hamanako Line, which is popularly known as the "Tenhama Line", is、From Kakegawa Station in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to Tenryu Nijo Station in Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu City、"Tenhama Line Shinshohara Station" in Kosai City (THHARA Shinjo Sta.)It is a local railway that runs! This "Tenhama Line"、To make effective use of it as an unmanned station、Because various restaurants and shops are attracted to the station building、There are many gourmet spots on the route.、The "Tenhama Line" is now known as a "gourmet route"、Local people started.、It will be a popular spot for many tourists! On this day、I'm on a drive to see the annual Maserati Touring event scheduled to be held around Lake Hamana next month.、On the way, late lunch time at hamburger shop "Granny's Burger" in the station building of "Mikan days station"! "Amanohama Line/ Mikaka Station", which is registered as a registered tangible cultural property of the country、The quaint atmosphere of the good showa era is wonderful! Both the upper and lower lines、1Although it is a local line of one ryo that runs only one or two times in time、Students and local people are used to school and commute to work.、Just、You can meet the timing when the train of the upper and lower lines passes each other、The appearance of the red flag of the railway worker is left in the impression! Actually, I haven't boarded the Tenhama Line yet.、I'm going to experience it someday! If you come to the store、It becomes a cozy atmosphere to feel the warmth of the tree、17A table of seats is available! Here we、Using "Three Days Beef" of the brand beef, which is a special product of the three days、"Mikanichi beef burger" and、Including popular menus such as "Granny's Burger" which bears the name of the restaurant、無農薬・無添加にこだわったグルメバーガーに出会えます! 「グラニーズバーガー」と「三ヶ日みかんサイダー&ポテト」のセット(単品1,130円+ドリンク280円+ポテト180円+税) オープン当初から人気を誇る店名を冠した「グラニーズバーガー」は、100% beef meaty homemade patty is thick、a half-boiled fried egg finished in thick lying bacon and thick yolk that sticks out of a fluffy bun、And、瑞々しいスライストマトやシャキシャキレタスが入ったボリューム感満載のハンバーガーです! バンズに添えられたピクルスと共にバーガーを貫くように指した串と一緒にバーガー袋をしっかりと抱えてガブリと一口! 大満足なボリュームながらに、The taste that sticks to the additive-free feels gentle、胃もたれ知らずの自然派バーガーとなります! オススメされた「三ケ日みかんサイダー」は三ヶ日で採れた三ヶ日みかんをたっぷり絞り、It is a juice that you can enjoy the refreshing flavor of mandarin oranges and the refreshing taste of carbonate! Because the potato of the assorted was hock-hok, the texture was good, and it felt very sweet.、I thought that potatoes with high sugar content were used.、Thanks to the carefully used sun salt "Chikyu no Kaoru"! What is "Chikyu no Kaoru"、Rare organisms such as the world's oldest biostromatites and dugongs at the time of life's birth、The sea water of Shark Bay, Australia, which is considered to be the source of life registered as a World Heritage Site, is a rare 100% sun salt that has been dried in the sun for more than two and a half years.、Plenty of minerals to please the body、Because artificial heat is not applied、The ingredients of the sea are obtained as they are.、Because it is a neutral salt that is broken down in the body、It seems to be a natural salt that does not put a burden on the body! This natural salt is made by the umami of minerals to add depth to the dish.、こちらのポテトも一際甘みを帯びて感じるようですよ! 「チーズバーガー」と「コーラ」のセット(単品830円+ドリンク180円+税) シンプルに大好きな「チーズバーガー」は、The picture of cheese melting in homemade patties is unbearably appetizing! If it is this thickness, it will be a feeling of size that is easy to eat even for women! (laughs) the current owner, Inui Hasegawa (Kan Hasegawa)Mr. a、Founding member of CyberAgent Co., Ltd., one of Japan's leading IT companies、20Living a life that runs around the generation、After wandering around the world and gaining a lot of stimulation and experience、I was looking for a place to move to.、2016I liked the property and the environment of Lake Hamana in 19、With his wife Mika Hasegawa to make this place her final home、夫婦で移住を決意! 移住後は IT畑から農家に転身され農家直販ストア「MARU FARMまるファーム」を立ち上げ、 We are particular about making vegetables that are not used at all and are conscious of circulation.、無農薬野菜を栽培しています! 縁あって、while farming、2018He took over as the first owner of "Granny #8217 & Burger" since May 2007.、現在に至るとのこと! 入店早々、It seems that it was not thought by the local people though it was a thing every time, and "Are you on a trip?" And open-mindedly with his wife Mika who was talking to me casually、I have a lot in common with my husband.、With the owner's mr. Inui who has been wandering around the world、Talking about Tokyo and traveling stories、If you notice, you'll stay quite a long time.、とても楽しい時間を過ごさせていただきました! 駅前の銅像に寄り添う愛らしい猫ちゃんの姿も平和でほっこり気分! 浜松近郊にお越しの際はローカル鉄道「天浜線」の「グルメ路線」を是非お楽しみください! Granny’s Burger(グラニーズバーガー) 住所: 1148-3 Mikakamachi Mikakamachi, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka TEL: 053-525-2202 Hours of operation:10:00~ 16:00( L.O. 15:30*Open only on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: Monday to Thursday (open on public holidays) Parking:有 https://www.facebook.com/grannys.mikkabi/...

"Pasrel" new menu appeared! A great place to enjoy french cuisine like a coffee shop!

At Pass Relle, a French and Cafe Restaurant that was born in "Sara Plaza Sanarudai" along Orange Street in Hamamatsu and Sanarudai、新たに誕生したメニューのフレンチコースランチへ! 昨年2019年の11月から1ヶ月間のプレオープン期間を経て、12The grand opening on January 1st、A new French course has been launched.、The prefix style French course costs 1,800 yen.、超お得感のあるコースを提供されています! こちらの運営は、Kenji Yamauchi runs a wine bar "Beige" and "Hamamatsu Science Museum Cafe" in the city. (Yamauchi Motoji)It becomes a new store store of kun、Shinya Kato, a French chef who gained experience at a famous restaurant after training in Europe (Shinya Kato)シェフを招き入れオープンさせたレストランとなります! 「Passerelle(パスレル)」とは、It means "bridge" in French, and "people and regions through the cuisine here"、I want to make a store that can become a bridge (Passerelle) with producers! And、加藤シェフたっての希望で名付けられた店名! 昼は自然光が降り注ぐ明るい店内で、The ceiling where the gentleness of the tree increases warmth is full of a sense of openness because of its height.、It becomes a stylish space that is based on white and is inspired by Brooklyn Cafe.、Lunch and dinner、カフェ利用も楽しめます! 「2 plat prix fiex(ドゥ・プラット・プリ・フィックス)」1,800円 ランチはプリフィックススタイルのコースメニューとなり、Both appetizers and main dishes change daily.、2Choose between appetizers and fish or meat dishes to choose from、Bread、Dessert、ドリンクが付いて1,800円と何とも嬉しい価格設定! 今回は前菜・メイン共にそれぞれのプレートをセレクトし旦那様とシェアしています! 前菜「鴨 / レンズ豆」 火入れ後にスモークされている鴨は香ばしさが漂い、Enjoy the moist texture、The accompanying lentils are cooked with vegetable bouillon.、良いアクセントになっています! ビネガーの利いた自家製ドレッシングに、Salt、Pepper、Add the almond smash and season it.、Hamamatsu is a mix leaf of "Kato Farm" vegetables and Shibata "Tomioka Farm"、選りすぐりの農家野菜が楽しめる前菜で食べ応えもあるサラダです! 前菜「苺 / ビーツ」 ホワイトバルサミコを霧吹した苺に、Seasoned beets cooked in the oven with beets with cuisson and orange juice、バターモンテしたソースに合わせています! クリームチーズとオレンジの爽やかなガストリックソースにフルードセルとローズヒップパウダー、Arisamu flowers add color to the adorning、ワインに合わせたくなるような大人感覚の前菜! メインの魚料理「鰆 / Turnip / 浜名湖青さ海苔」 身厚の鰆は皮面は香ばしさを感じさせるも、The inside is provided in a moist and aggressive fire state、蕪の自然な甘味を楽しめるピュレとフュメベースと青さ海苔の出汁を組み合わせることで優しい仕上がりに! 「加藤農園」のミニ蕪を添え、White and green、黄の三色で一足早く春を感じさせる色合いも素敵です! メインの肉料理「鶏ムネ / 加藤農園さんの野菜」 鶏胸肉は肉厚感を楽しめながらもしっとりとした食感となり、With plenty of sweet carrot cream sauce、焦がし玉葱パウダーや春菊オイルで頂きます! 「加藤農園」の野菜は、Chinese cabbage with fragrant lying sweetness and small potatoes with a good texture、根っこまで美味しいミニ人参が添えられます! デザート「ガトーショコラ」 どっしりとした生地で濃厚な味わいのガトーショコラは、Smooth fresh cream and sour flamboise sauce and fun、コーヒーとの相性も抜群です! ドリンク「コーヒー」 嬉しいことにランチコースはドリンクもセットでこの価格! 身体喜ぶ農家野菜にフレンチの技法を用いた色彩豊かなプレートをリーズナブルに楽しめ、Because the space between the table seats is also relaxed、豊かな時間を過ごすに最適なフレンチ&カフェレストラン! フレンチ&カフェレストラン Passerelle(パスレル) 住所:1-11-5 Sanerdai, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Saara Plaza Sanardai) TEL:053-555-6295 Hours of operation:Lunch time 11:00-14:00( L.O.13:30Cafe Time 14:00-17:00、Dinner time 18:00-21:00( L.O.20:30) Closed:Wednesday、Year-end and New Year's:42Units、2nd parking lot 16 cars..

Eating comparison of Hida beef and Hamana beef! Sukiyaki SUKIYAKI, our home's classic New Year's dish

Sukiyaki (SUKIYAKI) appears on our dining table on New Year's Day every year! Two kinds of beef are prepared by the prefecture difference.、I would like to eat and compare "Hida beef shoulder loin thin slice (A5)" from Gifu Prefecture, which is said to be a work of meat art, and local Hamamatsu with "Hamana beef shoulder thin slice" grown in Enshu on three days! Our husband and wife usually prefer gibier meat.、"Cows、Pig、When I say the favorite meat rank of "chicken", it is lined with "chicken> pig> cow"、Because it is rare to choose "beef" other than grilled meat when eating out、1Beef is only a few times a year.、正月の「すき焼き」は何故か定番となっております! 朝昼兼用の食事であったため、I've prepared for an early dinner.、先ずは「YEBISU(エビスビール)」で乾杯! 岐阜県産黒毛和種「飛騨牛肩ロース肉薄切り(A5)」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 台皿 Φ300」 岐阜県を代表する銘柄牛「飛騨牛」は、It becomes the best marbled meat of melting.、Fine fat and sweetness of shoulder loin meat、Because it is sliced with a refined ultra-thin、柔らかく滑らかな舌触りで上質な味わいが楽しめます! 静岡県産の三ヶ日「井口牧場」遠州育ち「浜名牛肩肉薄切り」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) リバーシブル石皿 Φ310」 三ヶ日の「井口牧場」では、It is grown hybrid species (Wagyu x milk seed) that fat is not persistent dare to grow、Because it is brought up to give plenty of dried three-day mandarin orange feed all year round、Cows grown up with love and vitamins, and they have a dignified coat.、弾力感溢れる上質な肉質が楽しめます! 肉は一枚一枚丁寧に軽くしゃぶしゃぶするだけで良い色合いに染まります! 溶き卵に絡めれば柔らかく滑らかな舌触りと口溶けが楽しめます! 「すき焼き野菜」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) áge Φ320」 すき焼きの野菜は、Chinese cabbage、White onion、Carrot、Donko (round-shaped thick dried shiitake mushroom)、Garland chrysanthemum、焼き豆腐など! 牛肉の脂が溶け出した煮汁がたっぷりと染み込んだ野菜の旨味は格別です! 「白キムチ」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) áge 薄鉢 Φ240」 我が家の食卓に並ぶ定番漬物で、Chinese cabbage、Cucumber、It is the one that the nail of the salt kelp and the crab are combined with the shredded carrot, and it is pickled in "Asazuke's white kimchi".、Seasonal pattern、柚子皮と柚子果汁を加えるのもお勧めです! 「蕪の甘酢漬け」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 薄鉢 Φ180」 白カブを1cmスライスにし、Rakkyo Vinegar and Eggplant Skin、鷹の爪を合わせ一晩漬けた甘酢漬け! 「鮪の漬け丼」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 中鉢 Φ130」 鮪の中トロと中落ちを柚子醤油で漬けておいた漬け丼! 柚子の香りで脂がさっぱりと頂けます! 「いくら丼」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 中鉢 Φ130」 北海道産のいくら醤油漬けは、I was allowed to taste various things in the depa basement of Entetsu department store、一番好みの味わいであった100g 2,000円の物を購入! 大粒で程好い張りがあり、Good balance between soup stock and soy sauce、浅く漬けられた上品な味わい! 「海鮮太巻き寿司」×「Shimoo Design(下尾 和彦 (Kazuhiko Shimoo) / Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo) 浮様 丸皿Φ280」 金目鯛、Flounder、Scallop、How much、Rape blossoms、What is the thick roll ed.、残った刺身をアレンジしてくれた旦那様の御手製です! 毎年楽しみにしているGACKT様の「芸能人格付けチェック」を観ながらのんびりと過ごす至福の元旦ディナー!やっぱり我が家は落ち着きます!...

2020New Year's Day is a cup of sake with a special tycoon dish and ozoni!

In my house celebrates new year、I'm grateful to my friend Keiko Shimizu and Nanako Saito this year. (Nanako Matsui) While enjoying the gobo cuisine made with great care by sister's mother, Keiko, and our ozuni and nigiri sushi、銘酒と共に献杯! 御節料理は、Like Japanese kaiseki cuisine, it looks like a course dish.、The big thing is that it's a celebration.、"A mouth-to-mouth"、"pottery"、"Vinegar"、There are five kinds of "simmered food"、それぞれの料理に意味があります ! その品数は、Generally, it can be about 20 to 30 items.、これを一品一品作るには本当に至難の技! しかしながら、What are the dishes sold in general?、The taste is thick by all means.、To be too sweet、I have a strong sense of weakness and my desire to buy is far away.、When I was spending the year to make my own、The dish of the friend Matsui family which was uploaded to SNS every year、It is finished very well balanced、Because mother's festival which is good at elegant and thin taste was very attractive、Since last year, we have been generously sharing the skirts with courtesy.、今年もちゃっかりと甘えてしまっています! 幸せを重ねるという意味から御節料理は、It is common to pack it in a heavy box.、In our House、富山の大好きな陶芸家「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga)Included in the bowl of]、Enjoying it with your eyes、新年を謹んで迎えたいと思います! 「御節料理」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 大皿 Φ420」 松井家特製の御節料理は、Simmered rice、Grilled pork、Steamed chicken、Hachimanmaki、Chicken rolled in kelp、Measures、Teriyaki of the salmon、Grilled shrimp、By Kai、Vinegar dako、Red and white quail egg、Sweet chestnut、Black Bean、Red and white kamaboko、Red and white eggplant (gyoza)、Kindon simmered in bees、An egg、Datemaki、Number children、Vinegar lotus root、Served with radishes、と手間暇掛けてくださった素晴らしい品々が並びます! こちらに大晦日に仕入れた伊勢海老と北海道産いくらを追加して完成です! どの料理も手間の掛かるものばかりですので、Every time you get one dish、その一味ひと味を有り難く噛みしめるように味わいます! 何処か懐かしく、Less salt、Dishes that are sweet and the body is pleased、旦那様と2人でしみじみと堪能! 「刺身の盛り合わせ」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) áge Φ320」 金目鯛、Red sea bream、Flounder、Toro Tsubonaka、Naka-Ochi、Scallop、How much、Torigai、Surf clam、つぶ貝と豪華な刺盛り! 「握り寿司」×「Shimoo Design(下尾 和彦 (Kazuhiko Shimoo) / Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo) KAZARIDAI W500 ×D90 × H30" Sushi Lovers Are Growing、Now recognized by the general of the late coffee shop、カウンターで握らせてもらっていたという驚きの経歴も持つ旦那様が久し振りに握ってくれた握り寿司が登場! 鮪中トロ、Raw shrimp、Flounder、Torigai、Scallop、Hoki shell and、握りたてのお寿司に舌鼓! 「御雑煮」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 薄鉢 Φ220」 具材は、With a red and white freshly made rice cake that Yassa-kun and Sadako-san bought with a newly built single-family upper-building mochi-style rice cake where they live、Daikon radish、Carrot、Donko (round-shaped thick dried shiitake mushroom)、Spinach and simple、While soaking the taste by the material, it is boiled down and served in a bowl.、Pour clear soup based on dashi in a hot state、柚子の香りを添えて! 「菜の花の胡麻和え」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 中鉢 Φ130」 一足早くお目見えの菜の花を和風出汁で下茹でし胡麻和えでさっぱりと! 「赤カブの甘酢漬け」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) gen 薄杯 Φ180」 赤カブを1cmスライスにし、Rakkyo Vinegar and Eggplant Skin、鷹の爪を合わせ一晩漬けた甘酢漬け! 「黒龍 純米大吟醸」×「釋永 岳 (Gaku Shakunaga) 呑みすぎる杯 ゴブレット Φ7.5 × H7」 福井県「黒龍酒造」のスタンダードな大吟醸で、Refreshing and soft、山田錦ならではの膨らみも感じられる上品な味わいが楽しめます! 先ずは、Pour eduffidiating to the coffin produced by my father, which is displayed in front of my father's shadow.、While exchanging axe with my father、2020年も家族皆が健康であることを願って献杯! 床の間を彩るのは正月用生花と「マセラティ 浜松」の親会社「GLION GROUP」より贈られてきた縁起皿宮内庁御用達の窯元「深川製磁本店」の2020年「子」令和初春 雅びの舞です! 服喪中のため、I'd like to refrain from greeting you in the New Year.、皆様の益々のご健康とご多幸を心よりお祈り申し上げます!...

"SobaYa Omori" Concludes New Year's Eve with freshly ground freshly boiled freshly boiled new Year's Eve soba

Shingen near the chosen from around the country changed to weekly a hit、Hamamatsu, which provides polar soba, has an annual New Year's Eve soba at "Sobaya Omori" in Nakajima.、2019I want to wrap up the year! This is、It is a shop where you can enjoy the crispy texture and light taste of tempura that your wife Saeko is carefully fried with hand-made freshly made soba made with great care by Masato Omori, the owner of the shop! In the first place,、The habit of carrying good luck on new year's Eve to eat buckwheat noodles、Beginning from the Edo period.、After、It has been established as a Japanese culture and is said to be "New Year's Eve soba"! Soba is a food that is long stretched and cut into thin pieces.、Thin, long from "healthy longevity.、And eat the good luck and fortunes attracting attention、Buckwheat is easier to cut than other noodles from meaning "breaking the disaster of the year this year.、There are generally many people who hear about soba that you eat before New Year's Eve on New Year's Eve! In recent years, instead of "New Year's Eve Soba", "New Year's Eve Udon" and "New Year's Eve Ramen"、There seem to be a lot of "New Year's Eve pasta" etc.、What kind of "New Year's Eve" did you eat? Because it is not possible to make a reservation on this day which becomes a big prosperity every year、I dared to come after 13:00 to avoid lunch time! Of course,、Because the inside of the store is full、After waiting for about an hour in the car of the parking lot, we went to the usual counter seat! I finished the greeting of the swing for a while with Mr. and Mrs. Omori in the kitchen which turned into a battlefield in a hurry、Let's have delicious New Year's Eve soba! The inside of the shop、10And the room's name and counter 腰掛kereru about 4 people and small shops、High ceilings、Warmth of the tree is overflowing.、A space where time flows in a relaxed atmosphere! It is usual that the appearance of the regularpeople who surround the table of the single plate、Occasionally、Knowing rumors, outside groups from afar purposely go look at it of anybody here seen、A very popular shop for soba lovers! "Hot Toro" 1,200 yen I always do in the cold winter、We will have this "warm toro" like a round moon in warm juice! The cold body warms up when the gentleness of the soup stock and the mellow soba which became mellow in the grated stand are poured.、I'll smile! "Tabekurabe" 1,200 yen Tabekurabe、A great dish that you can eat and compare two kinds of country soba of the ground and ground one at once! Today's fault is using Maruoka from Fukui Prefecture、The countryside 28 of hikigurumi uses Hitachi Autumn Soba! Let's enjoy the difference between the fragrant and sweet Seiro and the ground ground, which makes you feel the taste of soba strongly! If you eat it with salt before you eat it with soba soup,、It is recommended to enjoy the original sweetness and taste of soba! In the large pot that i would have boiled a lot of soba today、Plenty of thick soba hot water、If you put soba hot water in the soba bowl mouth、Warming up to the core of the body、Blissful time comes! Finally, with the owner, Masato Omori, and his wife, Saeko.、A commemorative photo while chatting after a meal! Mr. Omori, who is 72 years old、It seems to be exhausted both mentally and physically by soba making from early in the morning、Recently, I've started to feel the limits of my daily sales.、There are days when Saeko and I are seriously discussing the restaurant's performance.。However,、Every time a regular asks me not to stop、The thought seems to have been shaken.。 To Mr. Omori、But I still want hitting、For me who lost my father who was active as the same soba making craftsman in summer、Being healthy、The most important thing is to have a long life! Please take good care of yourself.、I hope that it does not keep。 Now、While your daughter's husband is helping you on holiday、Because it is said that the training of soba making has also begun、One day、Mr. Omori decided to retire.、Your daughter's husband may be standing in the shop as a successor! Mr. Omori、Ms. Mieko、I was really happy to be able to finish the year with soba noodles of "Sobaya Omori" safely this year! Thank you very much in 2020! You will continue to have a relationship in 2020.、Thank you! Welcome to a good new year! Soba House Omori Address:Nakashima 1-31-1 TEL, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture:053-463-2879 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 Closed on Mondays:Moon、On Tuesday、Friday (Please check the calendar on the website) http://www12.plala.or.jp/sobaya/..

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