In celebration of my dog chocolate's 3rd birthday, we have a "dog birthday cake" once a year!

2022/7/25(Mon)、Our Dog:Chocolat / Chocolat (Long Coat Chihuahua)♀It's his 3rd birthday! Because I no longer go on a reporting trip overseas due to the corona disaster、2020After welcoming him into his family on March 7, 2008、We have reached 870 days at the earliest.。The chocolate that I just welcomed into my home is full of energy.、I was a little snobby.、A child who eats thin and is not attached to food.、I don't eat too much.、During meals, it is difficult to eat unless you take care of it with a stickler、Consult a veterinarian、That's what worried it was。 Your veterinarian said, "If you are well,、Don't worry too much," I felt a little more at ease after hearing that.、It was a wait-and-see day.。At first I was giving them dry dog food presented by a pet store, but、After all, the bite is bad、I've tried all sorts of dog food.、Most of it was in vain.。Only、Freeze-dried domestic scissors that show interest are given instead of sprinkles、Days of deception and deception。During such、There are days every few days when you vomit when you eat in the summer.、There was no abnormality when I tried the checkup.。Although not sick、I'm worried about chocolate that is obviously thinning.、I decided to review the hood.。Homemade rice recipes for dogs, etc.、Research various information、Something to eat、Properly research what you can't eat、色々なレシピにチャレンジしました! 最終的に落ち着いたのは、It is a homemade rice that gives moist boiled "Nishikishu chicken scissors" and fiber-rich boiled vegetables together! Chocolat looking restless at my feet with a sobs from the side of boiling scissors in the kitchen。After I started to give homemade rice, I became full of appetite.、It will not be left to eat well.、As soon as you see it, the gloss of the hair gets better、I became a muscular well-balanced body with a moderate sense of flesh.。Bowel movements are also good and there is no need to vomit、The veterinarian health checkup once a month is also approved、Healthy body without knowing disease! Be careful what people say for their health.、That's no different for dogs.、I began to feel strongly about it.。Homemade rice is a little bit、Although it takes time and budget、愛犬が健康で長生きしてくれるならばお安いものです! 今では、Eat three meals in the morning, noon, and evening、Reborn as a glutton who even begs for yogurt after meals、There is a cheerful chocolat。そんなショコラが今年で3歳の誕生日を迎えました! 「犬用バースデーケーキベリーの豆乳ムース」 一年に一度の誕生日は、Celebrate with a birthday cake for dogs that is a must-have every year! This year、For chocolate that loves sour fruit、We have prepared a healthy "berry soy milk mousse"。Remove fresh cream for chocolate that is not good at fat content、Because the amount is also one piece is a lot、半分ずつ二日に分けて与えます! 普段は、Although it is a smart chocolate that does not touch the meal for humans on the table,、"It's a ♪ chocolate cake," I told him.、While crunching the nose、ソワソワと落ち着かない様子で前のめりに(笑) 先ずは、When I approach my favorite sweet potato with "please ♪"、With a smirk on his face,、I'll lick it and see how it goes.。 Intact、口を開いてパクリ!しっとりと優しい甘味のさつま芋をあっという間に平らげます! お次は、I've been waiting! And just get your face close to the birthday cake、Kunkun and this also from the wait-and-see。Who do they look like?、Gourmet chocolate is a principle of not eating what you don't like.、こちらは合格したようです! 生クリームを外して上げると、Begin to devour vigorously、While licking and licking、I will break it up little by little and eat it! Compared to other dogs、Because chocolate is the type to enjoy a leisurely meal、It takes a few minutes to eat even a small cake.、無我夢中で美味しそうに食べるショコラの顔を眺めているだけで幸せな気分に浸れます♪ 半分のケーキを食べ終えた後に、He licked his tongue and made a satisfied face.、ゲフッと一発(笑) 普段は犬用のおやつも余程のことがなければあげることがなく、I eat three meals a day.、This day is special! Being an only daughter (dog), I sometimes spoil、Bohemian in Wagamama、Although I have grown up to be the type who goes my own way with a heavenly demon、Chocolat full of originality、間違いなく癖の強い我が家に相応しい家族の一員♪ こちらのLINEスタンプは、The daughter of a dog lover made it for Chocolat! The first one is on the left.、The second bullet is on the right。Every expression is adorable、It is full of chocolate full of cuteness that can not be said anything! I hope that you will continue to live a long life together with your health! Chocolat "Happy Birthday"...

Ginza L'Arjan Sommelier and Manager

銀座の一等地にあるミシュラン一つ星のフレンチ「レストラン ラルジャン(Restaurant L’ARGENT)」! 今回、Kibou Ogura, who is a sommelier and manager of Larjan,、Although it was a holiday business trip、我が家へお越しくださることとなり、For lunch time、I was able to give you heartfelt hospitality! Between Tokyo and Hamamatsu, it takes 1.5 hours by Shinkansen。Considering the time to return、I heard that the stay time on this day is 2-3 hours、Featuring a Champagne appetizer as the main dish、Pasta、Prepared with a short course of water confectionery。 Summer is beginning to take off.、The welcome drink on a sunny day is "PERRIER JOUET GRAND BRUT"。It's one of my favorite Champagne ever! Sommelier Mr. Ogura served smartly without hesitation、I want them to be "one person in the family" (laughs). Beautiful golden bubbles poured from a well-chilled bottle。It's the start of a great time! "PERRIER JOUET GRAND BRUT" Perrier-Jouët Company, a long-established Champagne Maison founded in 1811,、1861In the year became Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom、In addition, a venerable Maison who was given the life of a purveyor of the French royal family。The solid composition and complexity of Pinot Noir and the heaviness and harmony of Pinot Meunier、And the elegance of Chardonnay, synonymous with the Maison, adds glamour to the finish.、Enjoy an elegant, refined and harmonious Champagne! "Appetizer platter" bowl:MARS HIMAWARI φ250 Appetizer platter、Prepared with my favorite European-style side dish "Küche"、From the front left hand side, "Pathé de Campagne、Mackerel Escabeche、Marinated onions、Kiwi salad with cucumbers、Peperoni Piccante's five-seeded dish! All salty and gentle、Herbs are good、Mr. Küchere's side dish that always gets lost only with the best appetizers for wine。It is also the second kitchen of our house (laughs) "Peach prosciutto roll with sour cream" bowl:Shimoo design Ukisama Marubon φ280 "Peach prosciutto ham roll" that is always made when peaches are in circulation is、Dip the cut peaches in lemon juice and then、Italian Prosciutto、14Rolled in month-aged prosciutto、Served with sour cream and mint on top、A pinch of French Guerlain salt、Sprinkle the EX Virgin Olive Oil and you're done! Because the peache skin is beautiful in color and has different nutrition from the pulp、Half peeled for texture、If you leave the other half of the strong color part, it will be good for the appearance! "Special Potato Salad" "Marinade of Olives、Jalapeño in oil"、A peculiar potesara taught by his wife who is a good cook、I added a little arrangement and it is a dish that has become a staple of our house、We will introduce you to the ingredients and recipes! [Ingredients] 5 potatoes native to Mikata、2 boiled eggs、5 bamboo rings or bamboo kama、Large leaves: 20 sheets、Philadelphia cream cheese 60g、 Mayonnaise 20g、50 to 80 ml of milk (the amount that becomes smooth by adjusting according to the moisture content of potatoes)、1/2 teaspoon French Camargue salt [How to make] (1) Wash the potatoes well and boil them with the skin (2) Peel the boiled potatoes while they are hot、Mash while leaving roughness with a fork (3) Add mayonnaise to cream cheese returned to room temperature and mix with a spatula until smooth (4) Add milk to mashed potatoes and smooth with a spatula (so as not to crush coarse potatoes) (5) Add (3) to (4) and mix (6) Add salt and mix (7) Divide the bamboo ring vertically into four equal parts and cut into coarse dust and mix (8) Cut the boiled egg into coarse dust and mix gently (9) Cut the large leaves into small pieces and add and mix while scattering (10) If you taste them well, lay them down a little in the refrigerator and take them out just before eating.、Serve with large leaves and lettuce "Pork Lyette Classic" "Brille" classic with pork riette、Bake crispy in the toaster and serve! "Domestic Honeyboy Mix Nuts06 and Cream Cheese Canapés" Bowl:Shimoo design Ukisama KAZARIDAI W500 × D90 × H30 Honeyboy roasted mixed nuts in June nectar of "Honeyboy" made by local senior beekeeper Mitsuru Kawamura with 100% pure domestic natural honey made by m-heating, concentration and no additives at all.、Combine nuts and cream cheese with plenty of nectar、Canapés served with wheat germ crackers。Cream cheese canapés that go well with honey and fragrant nuts that can enjoy refreshing sweetness and floral aroma are、It is a standard menu of our house! Every summer, I ask Shigenori Suzuki of "Yamamatsu Suzuki Farm"、I'll harvest basil.、In the heat of summer、I've been picking fresh basil! With this freshly picked fresh basil、Make "homemade basil paste" every year。Not to mention pasta, soups and salads、It can be applied to sauces for seafood and meat dishes、To be an indispensable all-purpose seasoning for summer treats、Highly recommended! If you can get fresh basil、Please try it! [Material] Basil (weight of torn leaves only)250g、EX Virgin Olive Oil 500g、Dosage of EX virgin olive oil for preservation、 Parmigiano Reggiano (preferably from 18 months to 24 months) 150 g、50g pine nuts、5 pieces of garlic、15 g salt、200g以上の保存瓶5個程度 [作り方] 材料を準備してミキサーに入れるだけの簡単レシピです! ①バジルは茎から外して葉のみにする ②パルミジャーノレッジャーノはチーズグレーターで削る ③ニンニクは皮を剥き縦半分にカットし芯を取る ④ミキサーにEXバージンオリーブオイルを入れ、Garlic、Pine nuts、バジルを蓋の手前まで入る量の順で入れミキシング ⑤少しずつバジルを足してミキシングしバジルが終わるまで都度足しながらミキシング ⑥最後にパルミジャーノレッジャーノと塩を入れ味見しながら調整 ⑦煮沸消毒した瓶に詰め乾燥防止とカビ防止のために表面にEXバージンオリーブオイルを静かに流し込みペーストを隠して蓋をする ※賞味期限は冷蔵庫保存で2週間程度、Freezer storage for 3 months as a guide。 "Special Genovese Pasta" bowl:釋永岳 age 鉄鉢 Φ130 微塵切りにしたニンニク、Talon、Tempered panzettas with olive oil、Add sliced white mushrooms、"Homemade basil paste" prepared the night before with fresh cream and milk、In a sauce stretched with vegetable broth、Add boiled pasta (Millelirege) and a little boiled juice、Emulsified in a frying pan、Finally, add lemon juice and finish! After serving in a bowl, lemon peel is added with cheese grater、爽やかな香りも乗せましょう! 「天使音マスクメロン」 〆を飾るデザートとして私たちが愛してやまない果実の王様「天使音マスクメロン(Amane...

Summer Festival "Champagne Party 2022 - Soiree Blanche" at The Oriental Terrace

Every year、This year's theme of "Champagne Party" organized by "WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU (Wine Club Hamamatsu)" held annually on "Marine Day" is、As a white-themed summer party born in the south of France, titled "Soiree Blanche"、All White was held with a dress code! The venue is、Overlooking the lush Lake Sanaru、Deep blue sky and sparkling lake surface、"THE ORIENTAL TERRACE" boasts a magnificent location on Lake Samei, which is a co-star of lush nature! à votre santé - toast - good weather、The beauty of the lake surface of Lake Sanaru and、With the sparkle of Champagne、Dressed in a dazzling white dress、With the finest champagne (15 kinds) to moisturize the dry throat、A summer afternoon when everyone's smiles shone brightly.。It's the beginning of a great summer! Everyone who participated、Thank you! Date:2022July 18 (Mon) Marine Day *Ends:14Reception at 30:00、1500:00~18:00 < Membership fee> 16,000 yen / tax included 80 people < cuisine > seated buffet style < Dress code> All white/white coordination Note) Those who do not follow the dress code will not be allowed to enter.。 <会場> THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス) 〒432-8021 静岡県浜松市中区佐鳴台6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 <主催> WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU(ワインクラブ浜松)...

Ginza Michelin 1-star "Restaurant Larjean" Modern French incorporating the essence of Scandinavia and Japanese

Ginza 4-chome intersection、Directly connected to Ginza Station、"GINZA PLACE" towering in front of the Wako Clock Tower。Featuring "Klein Dytham Architects (KDa)" who is highly acclaimed internationally as an exterior design architect and has a deep knowledge of Japan, the façade with the motif of "FRETWORK (watermark carving)" is、エレガントで個性溢れるデザインとして一際目を惹きます! 虎ノ門移転オープン「レストラン ラルジャン」パリと北欧のエッセンスと和の季節感を生かしたモダンフレンチ ※ラルジャンは2023年8月31日をもちまして銀座での活動に幕を閉じ、The style was newly moved to Kasumigaseki in October。 〒100-0013 東京都千代田区霞が関3丁目2-6 東京倶楽部ビルディング 2F 霞ダイニング 03-6268-8427 Located on the 7th floor of this building that feels the bustle of Ginza、2020Since opening on December 11, 2022, we have already received one star in the Michelin Guide Tokyo 2022 to Restaurant L'ARGENT! Chic and modern monotone with gray tone、A unified calm space spreads with stylish design、Confirm your reservation at the reception。 The store name with the meaning of "silver" is、It is named from the desire to convey new value that has never existed in this city until now。 The 8 counter seats are called "BAR L'ARGENT"、16:00-23:00In the open。Bar food supervised by Chef Kato is also substantial.、While occupying the night view of Ginza's prime location、It can be used as a bar for everyday use! Greet your guests、In a 2015 work by Belgian artist Jean-Luc Moerman、Bold hues and meticulous, intricate touch of the painting will give you an uplifting feeling! The main floor has 28 seats while maintaining a spacious spacing、An open space with a high ceiling becomes a dining room.。 This time to the innermost corner seat。This is a high-back sofa seat drawn in a semicircle、You can enjoy a relaxed posture even for a long meal、It would also be nice to have a view of the entire floor.。I also recommend the seat in front where you can see the state of the kitchen, ♪ and the lunch menu is、"Larjan Lunch Course" will be only one course of 9,350 yen (excluding service charge including tax)、"Wine pairing" 7,700 yen (excluding service charge including tax) is also possible。 A table surrounded by ladies and gentlemen in polished wine glasses。While feeling the rhythm in the nimble movement of the staff、It is the start of a moment that makes you feel the gentle passage of time! For a toast I ordered a glass of champagne、Chef Sommelierの福田遼矢(Ryoya Fukuda)さんにサーヴしていただきましょう! 「ヴァンデミエール ブリュット ドワイヤール (Cuvee Vendemiaire Brut Doyard)」 シャルドネの聖地として名高いコート・デ・ブランの4つグラン・クリュのブレンドから成るブラン・ド・ブラン。Fresh green apple acid and clear mineral feeling、Expressive aromas are elegant and of quality、Biodynamic as the motto、Because it values the original taste of nature with a small amount of dossage、ピュアな果実味を楽しめます! 食材はほぼ国産にこだわり、Chef Kato himself Japan the menu that arranges carefully selected ingredients from all over the country、Production area also disclosed。Chef Kato's dishes are、While incorporating the essence of Scandinavia into the base of French cuisine that has been cultivated、Using ingredients unique to Japan and rich climate、We offer modern French that is only here that originates from Ginza。 Cheers to the first Ginza date in a long time without a couple's water! You can go out once in a while like this.、我が家の愛犬ショコラのお守りをしてくれる友人Aに本当に感謝しています! ペンダントライトに透かし、That golden-tinged lustrous color that emerges is、Symbolism of ripe wine。時間経過による変化の振り幅も楽しめる余韻の長いシャンパーニュです! 一品目と共に加藤順一(Junichi Kato)シェフが出向いてくださいました。Although it may be the same Shizuoka Prefecture resident、とてもフランクに接してくれる親近感溢れるシェフに御挨拶! シェフ:Junichi Kato Born in 1982、Born in Kakegawa, Shizuoka。2003Graduated from Sentsuji Culinary College France。Joined Shiba Park Hotel "Tateru Yoshino"。2007Became a sous chef at the Hôtel de Yoshino of the Year。2010In Paris "Astrans" he worked under Pascal Balbo.。2012Year Danish "AOC"、Returned to Japan after experiencing "Restaurant Marshall"。2015In the year he became the chef of "Sublim"、Awarded one Michelin star。2020 December、With the opening of Ginza "Larjean", he became the chef of the same restaurant、Even here we get one Michelin star.。"Gault&Millau)" won 3 tocks.、To the present。 「宮城 ムール貝」 三陸・宮城のムール貝を白ワインで火入れした後、Pickled like escabeche and laid out on crispy crustad、Softly wrapped in grilled aubergines espuma、Served with caviar and hoshi su on top。Finger food in one bite。Smooth espuma of fragrant baked aubergines spreads in the mouth、Can feel acid in the accent、食欲を増進させる夏に相応しい一皿となります! 二皿目はManagerの小倉希望(Kibou Ogura)さんがサーヴしてくださいます。I learned the name "hope" from the business card I received later.、I involuntarily asked, "Is it your real name?"。なかなかお目にかかれない素敵な御名前ですね♪ 「鹿児島 喜界島とうもろこし」 加藤シェフの師匠にあたる「タテル・ヨシノ」の吉野建氏の出身地でもある喜界島から、Stocking fresh corn of very sweet varieties、Freshly baked pancakes are finished。Top, accompanied by Royrom caviar, which Sweden boasts to be "more than caviar" and fresh pickled elderflower。What is Royrom Caviar?、Refers to the egg of a fish belonging to the white trout family that inhabits the Nordic Baltic Sea sandwiched between Sweden and Finland、With a fish named Loy、Because it is a fish egg (rom)、It's called Royrom.。The taste of bright orange roy rom caviar full of transparency is、It has a mild and very elegant flavor。熱々でふっくらと焼きあがったとうもろこしの甘みたっぷりのパンケーキと共にいただきます! 「千葉 コチ」 旬の魚料理には千葉・房総半島のコチを用いて、In a dish inspired by ceviche。Celery or green pepper、Carving the Strawberries、It is combined with a kochi that has been dehydrated and brought out the umami taste。On the、Served with tomato consommé jelly and seaberry sorbet with liquid nitrogen、Just enjoy the refreshing sour taste、洋に和をうまく融合させた一品!脱水させたコチの弾力味溢れる旨味が噛めば噛むほどに後を引く美味しさです! お次は、It is one of the specialties based on Kakegawa tea that Chef Kato was born and raised in Shizuoka Prefecture,、It's served at night.、今回特別にランチメニューに組み込んでくださいました!まるで抹茶ロールのようなインパクトのある出立ちで登場! 加藤シェフの故郷であり、Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where your parents' home is located, is also a famous tea producing area、"Foie gras terrine" using this year's new tea that Chef Kato's grandparents are growing in Kakegawa。 「静岡 掛川茶×フォアグラ」 鶏出汁でトーション仕立てにしたフォアグラは、By finishing in the oven carefully, excess fat is removed.、For a refreshing tailoring。Covered with a cream sauce that makes you feel mellow new tea、A dish that wraps the rich richness of foie gras with fragrant tea。Add glamour with roasted fragrant pistachios and latafia jelly that you can enjoy the gentle sweetness of grapes、It is decorated with a more concentrated Kakegawa tea sauce。While admiring the beautiful foie gras cross-section of pinkish shades、一口ひとくちの余韻を楽しみます! こんがりと焼かれたサクサクのブリオッシュに添えれば相性も抜群! 「自家製パン サワードウブレッド」 ライ麦をベースにした自家製パン・サワードウブレッドは、Whey and shrimp beer are used.。Why、Is it limited to shrimp beer? He told me that。Based on the historical fact that the first store of the beer hall "Ginza Lion" on the basement 2nd floor of this building was the same as the address of the same building as Ginza 5-chome 8-1、Limited use to "Ginza Lion" shrimp beer。Homemade yeast is、Chef Kato was enrolled in a bakery during his training in Denmark.、Take home the yeast cultured from the bakery.、It's still being used today.。For sourdough bread that feels the aroma of rye and firm umami、Every morning、Fresh butter that is making a squeaking sound in the kitchen、Served with two kinds of thick whipped butter combined with charred butter and buttermilk。 「和歌山 スズキ」 メインの魚料理は、Suzuki's Viernoise in Wakayama。Spices and herbs、Wearing bread crumbs with cheese、The surface is fragrant and the inside is plump and baked.。It is served with a sauce that takes advantage of the umami and acidity of salt-dried tomatoes.。Served with vegetables、Sautéed Pecoros、Pickled red onion、Green asparagus、ネトル(イラクサ)のペーストや酸味のアクセントが楽しめるオゼイユなどを添えて! 「岩手 ホロホロ鶏」 メインの肉料理は岩手の「石黒農場」のホロホロ鶏の胸肉をシンプルにロースト。Wearing a thin sheet made of apples and onions、Summer truffles and amaranth、Pasted potatoes rolled up and served with fried garnish。At "Ishiguro Farm" in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, which is also a hot spring resort、Build a chicken coop on a vast site、Use the hot springs that spring up to lay down floor heating, etc.、It is successful in breeding holoholo chickens that are difficult to raise in Japan with four seasons、The only dedicated farmer of holoholo chickens in Japan。What is a holoholo chicken?、In the pheasant family of birds inhabiting the tropics、It is also said to be the queen of birds of prey、No smell or habit、柔らかくジューシィーな肉質でコク深い味わいが楽しめます! 「長野 ラベンダー」 本日のデセールは、Edible lavender in Nagano。Sneak mascarpone and ice cream under the disc、Raspberry Chocolat、Rasberg boiled with apple vinegar、With viola。You will be served while breaking the disc made by combining lavender vinegar and milk! Lavender desale that shines in a chic outfit on a gray bowl、その味わいも見た目通りの大人の味わいとなります! 食後のドリンクとミニャルディーズは、We will move to the terrace seat with a good view。銀座和光時計台を正面に見下ろす風景は何とも贅沢なロケーション! 外気に触れ、A moment while feeling the bustle of Ginza with your own skin。車の音や人の流れ全ての喧騒が普段静岡では味わうことのないBGMとなっています(笑) 謎の球体を抱え再度顔を見せてくれた加藤シェフ。Apparently、ミニャルディーズの入った器で蓋を取れば三段重に。Now、一つひとつの小菓子を説明していたただきましょう! 「ミニャルディーズ①」 ミニャルディーズの一段目は焼きたてのパンケーキこちらはデンマークの伝統的なパンケーキで現地ではテニスボールぐらいの大きさになるようですが、In order not to become a small candy、It seems that it is baked cutely with a takoyaki (laughs) This pancake has、Sneak up on Reverb Jam! "Mignardiz (2)、③、(4)" The second stage is、The color is also adorable and incorporates three kinds。山形を代表するブランドさくらんぼ佐藤錦のタルト銀座界隈を飛び回るミツバチから採れる高貴な銀座はちみつを使った四層のケーキ幻の果実・ポポーのマカロン懐かしい思い出のあるポポーに思わず声を上げると「30人に1人ぐらいしか知らないポポーを御存知なのですね」と笑みを浮かべる加藤シェフポポーは以前果実のまま頂いたことがあり、It's a mysterious fruit.、It's something I googled at the time.。It has a sweetness with a complex taste, like mango or banana plus coconut、And yet, I could feel the refreshing smell like pineapple.、Popo can enjoy the taste just like a tropical fruit。忘れるはずがありません! 「ミニャルディーズ⑤」 三段目は紅茶のアールグレイとキャラメルを使った濃厚なチョコレートムースはとろける美味しさです! どの小菓子もプティサイズでありながらきちんと主張をしてくる逸品揃い!コーヒーに合わせて楽しみます! 「コーヒー」 この日は生憎の天候で雨が散らつく中ではありましたが逆に夏の涼を感じられる過ごしやすいテラス席となり、Eyjafjallajökull、時計台と睨めっこ。 Ringing from the Wako Clock Tower、14The sound of a bell announcing the time。Feel the majesty in the quaint appearance reminiscent of the good old days.。 Paris has a Parisian、コペンハーゲンにはコペンハーゲンの料理がありここ銀座では「本場の味そのまま」でも「懐かしい銀座ノスタルジー」でもない一から築き直すような気持ちで「L’ARGENT」の料理を作り上げていきたいと願う加藤シェフの心意気が感じられた料理たちを堪能最後に加藤シェフと小倉マネージャーと一緒に記念撮影!また是非足を運びたいと思います! レストラン ラルジャン(Restaurant L’ARGENT) 住所〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座5-8-1 GINZA PLACE7F お問合せTEL:03-6280-6234 Reservation number:050-5384-9609 Hours of operation: Tue ~ Sun, holiday, celebration:Lunch 11:30-15:00( L.O.13:30) 火~日・祝・祝前:Dinner 17:30-23:30( L.O.20:30) Bar:16:00-23:00( L.O.22:30) Closed:On Monday..

Ebisu Nouvelle Chinois "WASA" 辣油 & Jako 辣油 set for sake

Set up a shop without a sign in Ebisu、Attracting attention as an original creative Chinese、One of the restaurants where reservations are difficult to make is the Chinese restaurant "WASA"。"Fulinmen Sake House"、Nishi-Azabu's "Epicer"、Became independent after undergoing training at "Kaika-tei" in Gifu, famous as Nouvelle Chinois.、2020 October、Owner-chef Masataka Yamashita who opened a new restaurant in Ebisu and restarted。 During such、「わさ(WASA)」からお取り寄せできる「辣油&じゃこ辣油のセット」の二種類の特製辣油が届きましたので、Immediately、晩酌のお供にいただこうと思います♪ 辣油のネット通販サイト 「辣油」 上澄みの澄んだ辣油と唐辛子を混ぜ合わせた辣油と二度楽しめる「辣油」は、Water Cooker Gold Pickled Who、It is said that it goes well with meat and potatoes and sukiyaki。Refrigerated storage is strictly prohibited to preserve flavor、It will be stored at room temperature avoiding high temperatures and humidity.。Immediately after opening、What surprised me the most was、その立ち込める辣油の香りの豊かさです!この食欲をそそる香りだけで箸が進みそう!辣油のベースはキャノーラ油丁寧にヘタと種を取り除いた朝天唐辛子国産唐辛子をローストしてから油でじっくり中火で香料の草果と山椒と一緒に風味が飛ばないように火入れしていきます味や風味の決め手は温度で絶妙な火加減がこのような繊細な辣油を作り上げています「じゃこ辣油」 カリッカリに揚げた食感の楽しめるじゃこに辣油を合わせた一味変わった「じゃこ辣油」。If you also open this、The fragrant scent of potatoes rises、The scent of the sublime oil with a mellow feeling wafts in the air.、味わう前から間違いのない美味しさが伝わってきます!「わさ公式Instagram」の記事の中には、Pouring potatoes high into a pot of hot oil、I could see that you are uploading a video to finish it crispy。This burning seems to be the liver、Texture and aroma of potatoes、Flavor、It is calculated by considering the balance with hemp oil to make the most of the original umami taste of potatoes、22Deep-fried potatoes are pickled for a minute。This is vegetables and tofu、Buckwheat soup and pasta、炒めものに使えるようです!じゃこは和歌山の山利の目の細かい粒のそろったものを使用されています「わさ特製じゃこ辣油 × おぼろ豆腐」 器釋永岳 gen薄鉢 φ180 先ずは、Choose a combination of tofu that is also offered at the store、I tried to match "Oboro Tofu" and "Jako Oil" simply! I take a bite and nod my head.、That crunching sound resonated pleasantly again.、The more you chew, the more the umami taste spreads、It exposes the presence of Jaco.。A dish that I can't bear as a potato lover! The smell of hemp oil is elegant、While tasting refreshingly、The pungent taste that rushes in with the time difference becomes a habit! Because the umami taste of potato oil alone is strong and very fragrant、Because even dark tofu will lose、In addition, it seems to be more compatible to remove the moisture of the tofu and then combine it! This "potato oil" is、Wouldn't it be delicious if it was paired with sweet and sticky potatoes? And intuition works、Let's choose "Grand Petica (Destroyer)" and "Andes Red" from among 7 kinds of potatoes native to Mikata and try it! "Grand Petica (Destroyer)"、Sweet smell like sweet potato、And golden pulp as beautiful as chestnuts、The smooth texture is、Potatoes made from red soil produced in the Mikatahara plateau of Hamamatsu "Grand Petica (Destroyer)"。This potato is、Originally found by Masahiko Bale, who has produced many varieties in Unzen City, Nagasaki Prefecture, as a mutation of "Red Moon" on his own farm、It was then nurtured、2000Varieties are registered in 2000.。What is the name at the time of application, "Oh my gosh"。Even now, it is often displayed on the sales floor under the name "Destroyer"、その赤紫色の表皮と芽の周りだけ赤色に染まる姿が「覆面マスクを被ったレスラー」のように見えることが名前の由来となっています正式名は「グランドペチカ」といいロシア式の暖炉を意味する「ペチカ」と地面を表す「グラウンド」をかけ合わせた言葉です「わさ特製じゃこ辣油 × グランドペチカ(デストロイヤー)」 器釋永岳 gen薄鉢 φ180 今回は「じゃこ辣油」に茹でた「グランドペチカ(デストロイヤー)」を合わせてみます火入れしても煮崩れしにくい果肉の「グランドペチカ(デストロイヤー)」は縦半分にカットすると、Its cross-section is beautiful.、Reminiscent of sweet potatoes and chestnuts。By lightly shaking the salt、The sweetness is emphasized and the taste becomes rich! For a crisp texture、This crunchy feeling makes for a good accent、The ultimate combination is completed with the synergy effect of umami × umami! If you want to pair wine here、「ジャック・ラセーニュ(JACQUES LASSAIGNE)」のラ・コリーヌ・アンスピレ(La Colline Inspiree)を合わせてみてはいかがでしょう♪ 「わさ特製じゃこ辣油 × アンデスレッド」 器釋永岳 mars平皿 φ250 「アンデスレッド」は、It is a potato that is said to have been born from the crossing of "Solanum Freha", which is native to the South American Andes, and "Early Rose", which has a red epidermis.。When heat is applied, you can enjoy a crisp texture、It has a firm sweetness in a creamy texture。It becomes a gentle sweetness than "Grand Petica (Destroyer)"、Because the texture becomes smooth、It becomes a dish that you can feel the existence of this crunchy feeling even more、こちらもすこぶる相性が良い組み合わせとなりました! 「わさ(WASA)」のソムリエを務められる宮城玲央奈(Reona Miyagi)さんに伺ったところ、"The compatibility with Meita Potezala is also outstanding!"。It seems that there was no mistake in the combination with potatoes! Because it seems to be compatible with the peculiar special potezala of our house、次回はそちらで試してみようと思います! 「わさ特製辣油 × プーレノワール鶏ガラスープの冷やし淡麗ラーメン」 器釋永岳 gen薄鉢 φ230 「辣油」はシンプルなラーメンに合わせようと、Since it is summer, I will try to accompany it with "chilled Tanrei ramen"! "Poulé Noir" to a chicken glass soup cooked carefully、Blend Japanese-style broth blended with grilled chin, true kelp, bonito bonito, mackerel bushi, moisturized sardine bushi, shiitake mushroom、Chilled Tanrei ramen that can be eaten smoothly and smoothly over the throat even in summer! This oil is combined with an elegant broth、I was surprised that it brought out the flavor even more! While making you feel the pungent taste of chili peppers、The soup is reborn as a mellow and flavorful superb soup! Hemp oil that goes well with clear soup、But、旨味をさらにパワーアップさせるという味わいは初めて口にする衝撃的な美味しさとなりスープを飲み切るまでに堪能致しました! 「わさ特製辣油 × プーレノワールのTKG」 器釋永岳 gen中鉢 φ130 〆のご飯は「プーレノワール」の有精卵を使った「TKG(卵かけご飯)」に「辣油」を合わせてみましょう!炊きたてのご飯に卵を割り入れ、A little dripping French Camargue salt and soy sauce、辣油をスプーン一杯分添えれば完成です!伸びやかにスクスクと育つ鶏たちは自然に自生している草も食べているため有精卵は生命力に満ち溢れ卵黄は眩いばかりの鮮やかなレモンイエローを放ちます。This "hemp oil" is、I think it will best match sweet and sticky ingredients、The sweetness of freshly cooked white rice、Full-bodied yolk of fertilized eggs、プルルンとした弾力と粘りの強い卵白と相性抜群で究極の「TKG(卵かけご飯)」の完成です! 鶏胸肉の低温調理とも楽しめそうですし、I have to do a slap in the face! (Laughs) The special oil of "WASA" that seems to be infinite ways to enjoy it。山下シェフが「日本一の辣油です!」と仰っていた通りこれはハマります!辛味を欲する夏本番が到来!我が家は「わさ(WASA)」の特製辣油を手放せなくなりそうです♪ わさ(WASA) 住所東京都渋谷区東16-1 ベルザ恵比寿1F TEL:Private opening hours:17:30~、20:30~(2部制) 定休日:On Sundays、月曜 座席数:8席 ※予約はOMAKASEのサイトより

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