To the world of the fairy tale created by the Yilan station Taiwan famous picture book writers Jimmy!

A wonderland like fairy tale with a view of the world "Yilan station(Yilan Station) "to!

From the Taipei City、Japan English speaking taxi driver Chen Wei (Terry) goodness I of Kung trillion among friends sentence (Kon) I'm of to Charter a taxi、3From fast-5-fast start.、Car is arriving "Yi LAN (Yilan) in about an hour!

Here you will、Fantasy style is a children's book author features、"Adult books" as a new genre created by Hong Kong and Taiwan、In the non-book publications、Animated、The famous writer is deployed into a movie and toySome U.S. S.P.A.(Jimmy Liao)、Become a hometown "Yilan station (Yilan)" was involved in co-production with Ilan County Government、"Some U.S. square Yi ran fire car site(Jimmy Plaza) "open!

From railway station depicting the forest show long neck giraffes、Gently pick up the tourists who visit the Yi LAN (Yilan)、A fairy tale is fighting the world!

Huge RC art come into view in front of the train station "丟 丟, forest"Too many huge works the rice (Jimmy Liao)。

"Sky train" jumped out of the world of children's books、2014Just newly built in works by shooting spots and also very popular! This day square、Flea has been held、We are crowded with many people!

Lavatory, turn left on foot station.、"Ilan Orchid trip play service center(Yilan Visitor Information Center) "and、Provide a variety of information as a service centre for tourists!

The Taiwan post、Can post green and Red post is next door to、Use the left and right are different! Only Japan and Taiwan Green post、Red post private express mail and air mail! The Japan rule age、Taiwan post had only red、After World War II、The Kuomintang from mainland China to Taiwan cross.、It later、Green was used in mainland China Post will be used、2As became a kind of posts!

The Yilan station、Many insta Sheen site!Jimmy PlazaRoofs、Colorful suitcase started.、Part of the natural objects and、Without uncomfortable、ThereDaiki USD(Jimmy Liao)The wider view of the world.

Front of the vending machines selling postcards in Ilan memories leave a Memorial even took a picture!

Movies made from "Turn Left, Turn Right (where you are) towards left running direction right running "or"A Fish with a Smile (smiling fish) fish-smile"、[Sound of Colors (MTR) underground Nippon"、And our characters such as The Starry Starry Night (sky)
Stories of the picture image objects、Place square placed here at the hero in the world of children's books and their、Choose poses shot!

While tickling the playfulness with murals of painted buildings and colorful suitcases placed in the square、No matter where you are in the background, you can fully enjoy the spot that becomes a picture!

After walking around the station、Lunch break may、Taxi driver 龔's go to "Dai-1-1-麵", a 貓 food stall recommended by Kon!

龔 Ton、When I told them that Wenzhou Daegu, which I had eaten in Taipei before, was delicious,、"Then、Eat more 餛飩 delicious food! He recommended it!

"饂飩麵" 40TWD (Japanese yen):About 150 yen)
The soup is light and good dashi gently soaks into the stomach、The skin of the wonton is moist and smooth mouthfeel.、中の餡はとってもジューシィー!

ワンタンと一緒に魚の旨味が凝縮されたフワフワのつみれがたっぷりと楽しめるワンタンスープ!麺をすするのが苦手なわたしはこちらをオーダー!焦がしニンニクチップが香ばしくThe hot water with celery is delicious! My body warms up very much.、あっという間に完食!本当に美味しかったです!

「炸醤麺(小)」30TWD(日本円:About 110 yen)
龔兆文(Kon)さん は肉味噌と和える「炸醤麺」がお好きなようです!卓上にある辛味調味料や酢をお好みで足して味変も楽しめます!

"Would be insufficient only in the dumplings? "And Yi ran's famous 包子 bun shop"Yi-LAN sat wrapped veal direct management shop"Recommend us!

How meat packaging (meat) are flat 10 Yuan (Japan Yen:About 40 yen) and less than half of Japan's pork buns!

I ordered meat Pao and bamboo Pao!

To give just steaming pork buns、Hot States don't have enough! Divided in half and soft soft skin、Juciy juice drip out of, there is、Sth、Samsung onion Minced pork and Yi ran's famous contains plenty of、A simple yet delicious. Beans and stuff oneself when Burns caution! (Lol)

In the Office filled my stomach as well、Wander around the market!

And the roast chicken、Vegetables and fruits、On the other side dish、Clothes and shoes、Various market necessities of life are crowded together、Taiwan feel the femininity!

The Ilan will benefit from、"As non-local food"(wonton) udon"and" meat packaging (meat) "try to eat!

Now、Hotel Ilan will take care "Yi LAN power Li Wei Cummins migiwa degree Crowne Plaza Hotel The Westin Yilan Resort ザ・ウェスティン・宜蘭・リゾート」へ!

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