Aichi Mikawa "Coffee GOU" Nostalgia café with a dog run that sticks to specialty coffee

Spend time with your dog、In search of a café where you can enjoy delicious specialty coffee, I went to "Coffee gou" in Koda-cho, Aichi Prefecture。 This is a doggie OK café run by a couple of dog lovers.、4A small shop with only tables。The interior of the store has a nostalgic atmosphere somewhere.、It is filled with a space full of attention to detail by a Japan owner couple who like China。 The "狗-gou-" in "Coffee Coffee-gou-", which is also the name of the restaurant, means "dog" in Chinese.、Naming unique to a dog lover couple。 Doggie goods are displayed everywhere in the store.、The owner's favorite brand "MARRONE"、「dogstreet」、Selling "Free Stitch" merchandise。 There were many things that I liked in terms of fabric selection and design.、There are many sizes that fit medium-sized dogs.、It seems that it was a little too big for our chocolate。 "Horse meat jerky" and "autumn salmon jerky" from the dog snack specialty store "Umakanro"、"Tuna paste"、"Autumn Salmon Paste"、"Young chicken paste", etc.、Safe and delicious treats that care about your dog's health。 Handmade and hand-knitted necklaces, etc.、Cute systems are also available。 Harness on collar、Reed and doggie goods are also lined up by type、You can even enjoy shopping at the café。 In the store where you can see the Mao Zedong series scattered everywhere、We are creating a unique space full of love for China。 Introducing the signboard dog kept by the owner and his wife Simako-chan who became a star in the sky Chairo-chan、gou-chan, which is also the name of the store、Sumiko-chan、There are days when you go to work at the store。 The dog run attached to the backyard is、It is divided into a small dog area and a large dog area.、If you abide by the terms of use and terms of use、Available for a fee (¥300 per owner / ¥300 per dog)。 Because there is a notice on the wall saying "Nice to meet you" and precautions for accompanying your dog.、perusal。For the survival of the valuable store where your dog can enter the store、These basic rules are something we want to adhere to strictly。 With the permission of the store,、Homemade rice brought to the hungry chocolate。 Mao Zedong Poster Mao Zedong, who lived from 1893 to 1976,、He is a politician of the People's Republic of China.、1945He has served as chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China since 200、In the Communist Civil War after the Second Sino-Japanese War, the government of the Republic of China led by Chiang Kai-shek was expelled to Taiwan.、1949The founding of the People's Republic of China was proclaimed on October 1, 2010。 A number of posters that make you feel the times A desk lined with the manga magazine "Monthly Manga Garo" published by Seirindo from 1964 to 2002。It was supported by readers in a relatively older age group, such as university students at the time.、Sticking to its own line in the midst of an original magazine and legendary financial difficulties、A monthly manga that has produced many authors who are considered to be extraordinary talents in the manga world。 Including the animal comedy "Animal Doctor" by Japan manga artist Michiko Sasaki、There are plenty of other dog-related books。 The pasta and sandwich you ordered are ready、It smells good。 "Italian Spaghetti" ¥ 850 Spread beaten eggs on a griddle、"Italian spaghetti" served hot。With a firm seasoning of ketchup sauce entwined with plenty of chewy pasta、Onion、Green peppers、Shimeji mushrooms、Bacon and royal Neapolitan style。Grated cheese and Tabasco are available to your liking、The nostalgic taste of the old days makes you feel relaxed。 "Ham Sandwich" ¥ 700 A sandwich using homemade natural yeast organic bread using wild herbs from "Soramimi PAN" in Komaki City, Aichi Prefecture、Layer crispy lettuce and ham、It is served with rich mustard mayo。The bread is also delicious.、Simple yet exquisitely assembled! The mini salad that comes with the sandwich plate is、Coleslaw and taro、Carrot、With a light stew of konjac。 I asked for a coffee and cake set after the meal。 "Winna Coffee" ¥ 650 "Winna Coffee" is a standard coffee from an old-fashioned coffee shop.。I'm also on the menu and、I just order it。Because coffee originated in Vienna, Austria、Although it is called "Vienna coffee" in Japan、In Austria、It is called "Einspener", which means a one-horse carriage。 Old、While waiting for the master to spend time in the café、From the fact that the people who operated the carriages drank to keep warm、That's how it got its name。The base has a、Using the shop's original bean "gou blend"、With the sweetness of whipped cream and the marriage of bittersweet coffee、Even a cup is a highly satisfying substitute。 "GOU Blend" ¥ 550 / Cake set ¥ 850 This coffee bean is、Using specialty coffee from "COFFEE KAJITA" in Nagoya City、Each cup is carefully hand-dripped。The shop's original coffee bean "gou blend" is、Even though it is mild、It has a unique taste、It is a delicious coffee that you can feel the thick richness。If you like a thick and strong flavor、We also recommend "gou blend strong", which is slowly extracted with a large amount of beans over time。The "WEDGWOOD" coffee cup is also wonderful ♪ "Cheesecake" A moist and rich cheesecake with plenty of cream cheese。The bittersweet base of cocoa and the sweet and sour blueberry sauce accentuate it。 It was the second day when it rained.、I was able to find a very cozy café、A relaxing time with chocolate。Going out with your dog、It is often affected by the weather.、There are also such wonderful encounters。 The shop "Coffee gou" filled with the commitment of the owner and his wife The design of the stamp card received at the time of payment is also Mao Zedong.、I felt a unique consistency until the very end。It was a wonderful café that I ♪ would definitely like to visit if I have the opportunity again Coffee gou Address:58-1 Gohigashi, Koda-cho, Nukata-gun, Aichi TEL:0564-63−2266 Business hours:Monday, Thursday & Friday 10:00To 18:00(Lo.17:00Saturday and Sunday 11:00-19:00(Lo.18:00) Closed:Tuesday & Wednesday、1st Monday of the month、3rd Thursday of the month (Temporary closure) Parking:In front of the store

Aichi Mikawa "Pizzeria Ocean" Wedding Anniversary Trip (1) Stone oven pizza on the terrace overlooking Mikawa Bay

Stone oven pizza lunch at "Pizzeria Ocean", which stands along the coast of Mikawajibe and has a terrace seat with dogs that overlook Mikawa Bay! On the premises where the group's "Ocean Community" spreads, there is a "Uminomae store"、"Pizzeria Ocean"、"Italian Food and Wine Kisaku"、Currently, these three stores are lined up like a collective facility。 "Uminomae store" This is eco-friendly clothing and accessories.、Accessories、It will be a select shop that stocks foods and ingredients that are gentle on the body.、Holding exhibitions and events with artists and artists。Also、As a marine sport in Mikawa Bay、Uninhabited Island Sea Kayak Tours and SUP、kayak、Trekking to SUP YOGA Trial Lesson、Activity tours are planned and held.、You can receive a play experience that makes use of nature.。 Park your car in the parking lot、If you go up the wooden stairs next to "Uminomae Store" and go to the right, you will reach "Pizzeria Ocean"。This year、Our wedding anniversary, which celebrates the 12th wedding anniversary and becomes a "silk wedding ceremony / flax wedding ceremony",、I came to "Mikawa Onsen" in Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture, which can be reached in about one and a half hours by car from Hamamatsu。To be a doggie trip with your dog Chocolat、Go to dog-friendly restaurants and cafes。 "Pizzeria Ocean" A chewy and unique dough made with pesticide-free ground flour and homemade brewer's yeast is freshly baked in a stone kiln.、Enjoy authentic pizza at "Pizzeria Ocean"。 Like the exterior, the interior of the store is full of cuteness in a natural style using wood grain。 If you are accompanied by a dog、It will be a meal on the terrace、Orders can be placed at the cash register in the store while holding the dog.。On this day, it was reserved in the store after exactly one turn.、It is so popular that the Soldout menu has already come out。I can't make a reservation.、From the official website、By accessing the online order reception online before entering the store,、There is also a grateful service that allows you to check the number of people waiting.、Peace of mind even when visiting from afar。 Counter seats with a view of Mikawa Bay。 The number of seats in the store is limited.、Setting up 2-3 people in a small table。 The staff is friendly and polite.。 The round stone kiln resembles the head of an octopus.、A cute structure with sea blue and octopus legs on the wall。Pizzaiolo's older sister wearing a turban like MISIA。While burning firewood and adjusting the temperature of the stone kiln、The dough is made with natural yeast and slowly fermented for at least 36 hours, and the sauce and ingredients are lined up and quickly put into the kiln。The moment when you pull your hand to unload the dough from the top of the pizza peel at once、A small sound of "swoosh" resonates。 The baking time is only about one and a half minutes, and it is baked all at once。 We with a dog、While the pizza was baking, I headed to the terrace seats.、Let's wait for it to be finished。 Despite the rain forecast、Miraculously, the rain lifted and even the sun peeked out on this day。You can enjoy the view of Mikawa Bay from the terrace seats。 Terrace seats、There is also a covered space inside.、There is no problem even if it rains a little、Don't worry if you don't like the strong sunlight of summer days。 Water in a glass on the counter、Hot water is prepared in the pot.、You can enjoy it freely on your own。 On the blackboard, there is a guide map to the sister restaurant "Williams Gelato / Williams Gelato" in the neighborhood and recommended menus、Event introductions are depicted。 The terrace seats on the wooden deck are spacious and comfortable.、There are more than enough seats。Here it is still、Let's sit at the counter seat along the coast with the best view。 Kajishima is an uninhabited island floating in Mikawa Bay in front of you。It is famous for its "large clams" that become the brand Asari, and tide pickers are also popular。 Even though it is a warm winter、2Because the outside air of the moon is cold、If you ask the staff、Hot water bottles and blankets are available for free。 While admiring the scenery, the freshly baked pizza is ready! Enjoy it with your dog Chocolat、The terrace seats overlooking Mikawa Bay are the best view! "Margherita" ¥1,300 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥900 Stone oven self-roasted coffee beans "Hot coffee" ¥500 The best combination of freshly baked pizza and craft beer。They will also provide you with one pizza that you ordered for each.、You can share it while it's warm。I should have ordered coffee after dinner、When I told you that it has cooled down、Reheat it、The hospitality and service spirit are also outstanding! The coffee brewed with coffee beans that are roasted in-house in a stone oven has a fragrant and mellow taste and is very easy to drink。 Ocean's original craft beer "Sunset Ale" ¥ 900 Ocean's original craft beer created in cooperation with the brewery "HYAPPA BREWS" in Nishiura, Gamagori。An Australian-style ale beer with a slight bitterness in the light mouth.、Because it is inspired by a sunset and roasted malt is added to add color and flavor.、Vivid colors that make you think of the sunset! I would like you to drink slowly while looking at the sky of Mikawa Bay、And、It is a craft beer with such thoughts。 "Margherita" ¥ 1,300 This fabric is、We use wheat grown with pesticide-free and chemical-free fertilizers from the directly managed farm of the Wappa Chita Collaborative Office.、With fresh wheat because it is milled to order、When you bite into it, the aroma spreads、It has a gentle sweetness、The scent of wheat softly passes through the nose、Chewy and chewy texture。The cheese is made from the cheese workshop "Santolcio", which has been handmade since 2001 in Kira-cho, Nishio City, Aichi Prefecture。Particular attention to the selection of fresh milk as a raw material、No additives、Formulation and manufacturing method of lactic acid bacteria、The cheeses are carefully handmade one by one with the utmost care in aging, and are fresh。And、Oil、No chemicals are used、Without deodorization or decolorization、Uses precious domestic rapeseed oil that is made by the traditional method and is particular about 100% purity。Sticking to the material、Stone oven pizza baked by artisans。 Among the pizzas, the standard menu "Margherita" that you must order。Tomato sauce with a good balance of sweetness and acidity, fresh mozzarella cheese from Aichi Prefecture, and fine cheese、Served with fragrant basil、The cornicione (ear part) is crispy and fragrant、Appetizing saltiness is felt,、A piece where you can enjoy a flavorful pizza that blends in with the chewy dough。 Despite the fact that the chocolate is also after eating my own rice、I'm tempted to eat pizza (laughs). "Tonno" ¥1,550 in Italian”"Tonno" means "tuna"。Plenty of tuna on board、Mozzarella with fine cheese、Fragrant basil on sweet onions、And the black pepper accent tightens the taste of "Tonno", which is easy for children to eat。 A change from light rain、Mikawa Bay with a beautiful gradation of the sky。 Thanks to the blanket wrapped in a hot water bottle, it will be warm from the feet、2I was able to enjoy a leisurely meal on the terrace seat of the moon。 After the meal, take a stroll around the grounds of the Ocean Community。 The Italian restaurant "Italian Food and Wine Kisaku" on the slope of the pizzeria is closed on this day。A restaurant where you can easily enjoy wine, pasta, and one-dish dishes to match your meal。 The trailer house next to the Italian restaurant is also on a small hill overlooking Mikawa Bay.、1It is rented out with a plan that allows you to share a timeshare limited to one group per day。From early in the morning, active activities such as SUP and kayaking (April to October)、For lunch, enjoy pizza and an Italian lunch course at your leisure、Looking at the sea and having tea in the garden、BBQ is also a place where you can enjoy it with friends and family。 This excursion to Mikawa is、Spend a relaxing time looking at the sea、Soak in the hot springs、It is an anniversary trip to heal the fatigue of daily life。In search of delicious stone oven pizza、I would like to visit again when the weather is nice! Pizzeria Ocean Address:186-36 Kasagai, Terabe-cho, Nishio-shi, Aichi TEL:0563-65-2016(Reservations are not possible, online order reception is possible) Business hours:11:00~ 17:00 Closed on Mondays:Tuesday & Wednesday Parking:In front of the store

Izu Yoshina Birthday Trip 2023 (4) "CHAKI CHAKI / A Japanese café where dogs are OK on the riverbed terrace overlooking the mountain stream

A riverbed terrace is prepared in the place where the clear stream of Izu, the Yoshina River, flows.、CHAKI CHAKI, a popular Japanese café that serves matcha and Japanese sweets from Shizuoka Prefecture / Birthday café time at "Chaki Chaki"。 This store is、The design office "K Design Office" is operated.、The first floor of the facility is used as an office。Now、Scaffolding has been built because of the renewal work of the exterior and extension.、The business itself is being done without any problems, so there is no need to worry。 The entrance is、This is a simple modern design with a jet-black wall studded with Japanese elements and white curtains。 「CHAKI CHAKI GREEN TERRACE CAFÉ / This is、A Japanese café where you can enjoy matcha from Shizuoka Prefecture brewed using "golden spring water" that springs from the mine shaft where the gold is extracted, and Japanese sweets that are carefully handmade one by one。The terrace seats are dog-friendly and dog lovers will be happy。 Through the entrance、There is a waiting space right away.、Order the menu here、Wait for the guide to the riverbed terrace one step below。 Jade gravel is laid at the feet.、An approach that makes a nice sound every time you walk。This one comes with a leash and allows the dog to walk freely。The building that was under construction for expansion in early November when we visited、The construction has already been completed.、屋根付き個室の素敵な空間として新たに誕生したとお店の公式Instagramで拝見しました店内 カウンター席 シンプルな装いで和モダンなデザインが活かされている店内。 Here you will、Although the riverbed terrace is the most popular、If you are not good at rainy weather or outdoors, there are seats in the store, so don't worry.。 While watching the menu、I'm wondering what to get。 Bring your dog Chocolat with you、In addition, with a stylish café、All the good news。Although it is expressionless、喜んでいるはずです(笑) ワンコ連れのお客様には、You will be given a guide with precautions。The rules are very simple.、It is a necessary rule for both general users and dog lovers to use comfortably.、Be sure to read and follow the rules。 Surrounded by the mountain stream of the Yoshina River and the trees of Amagi、A place full of lush nature。 川床テラス この斜面を下り、Head down to the riverbed terrace。 The staff goes down the stairs with a tray of tall parfaits and matcha bowls in both hands.、It can only be described as a sunny day。 Comfortable riverbed terrace built with sturdy wood deck。 The mountain stream of the Yoshina River spreading out below is gentle、Autumn sunlight shining through the trees and blowing in the breeze、It's a great location。 The bottom of the wooden deck is even more sloped.、Watch your steps。 Ropes are stretched on both sides.、If you go down one more step、You can go down to the riverbank。 Rustling and trees swaying、Swaying vegetation、The river flows quietly、Moss-covered rocks and pebbles create a landscape of natural beauty。 The riverbed was built in such a luxurious place。 While you're mesmerized by the scenery、Staff members who go back and forth on the stairs many times。 Places I wanted to visit。And the Japanese sweets I wanted to eat were in front of me。最高のバースデーカフェタイムです! 「本日の菓子とお抹茶」¥900 日本の四季を表現する和菓子は、A limited number of handmade confectionery will be offered one by one。Here you will、We are particular about the vessels.、White porcelain used for matcha and Japanese sweets、All ceramics are made by potter Akifumi Fukasawa。Mr. Fukasawa studied under the world-famous white porcelain artist Taizo Kuroda。With the deep and clear beautiful greenery of matcha、A white porcelain vessel that highlights the delicate coloring of Japanese sweets that express the seasons。The spoon and tray to go with it、Woodworking artist Toshihiro Arishiro (Arishiro Tool Store) made beautiful works with wood grain using thinned wood from Izu。 Today's Japanese confectionery "Yamachahana / SAZANKA" Limited quantity "Yamachaka / SAZANKA" is often used as the main confectionery (kamisei confectionery) of the tea ceremony in early winter。 Two colors are used, white and light pink.、The flower language of mountain tea flowers is "overcoming difficulties"、In addition, "dedication"、There is also "humility" and so on、You can imagine not only strength but also gentle and healthy appearance。Mountain tea flowers that bloom beautifully in the severe cold of winter。It's so beautiful that you can't eat it。The dough is high-quality, moist, smooth in the mouth, and has a deep flavor.、The bean paste is sweet and has a gentle and elegant finish.。 Today's Japanese confectionery "Ringo / RINGO" Limited quantity Winter taste "Apple / RINGO" dyed bright red with cologne and a small adorable figure。 By using the real part of the stem and leaves,、It looks like a real apple has been placed on it。 One bite of fish and、The refreshing scent of apples softly escapes into the nose、The gentle acidity of sweet and sour apples spreads refreshingly with a refreshing aftertaste。It's not just about appearance.、Even the taste is like the real thing、Involuntarily savor。A gem that you feel sorry to eat up。 "MACCHA GREEN TEA (cold)" Shizuoka, Japan's best tea destination。Uses matcha from Shizuoka。The water is "golden spring water" that springs from the mine shaft where the gold was extracted。 More than 200 years since the Edo period、It has been used as local water for daily life。Because there was warm matcha and cold matcha、The two of us ordered and shared each of them。Warm matcha、You can enjoy the aroma of fragrant tea more、Feel the mellowness of the warmth、Cold matcha、With a condensed and firm taste、You can strongly feel the refreshing taste of matcha after taste.、Both are delicious。 With a set of your favorite kamisei sweets and matcha、Blissful time。 With the soft afternoon sunlight pouring through the trees、Pleasant autumn breeze。 If you look up at the sky, you can feel the negative ions from the big trees and have a healing moment。 Standing on the banks of the Yoshina River、A popular Japanese café where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Japan "CHAKI CHAKI / Cha Qi Cha Qi"。For the general public and dog lovers alike、It will be a wonderful café that will tell you the charm of Izuyoshina without a better、It is recommended。 CHAKI CHAKI / Cha Qi Cha Qi Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Izu City Yoshina 5-1 TEL:0558-85-0888 Hours of operation:11:00-15:30(15:00L.O.) Closed:Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Parking:Yes terrace seats:Doggie Allowed

Izuyoshina Onsen Birthday Trip (3) "Tofuya Resort & The "Spa-Izu" site open to the public is a great facility for dog lovers.

It is said to be the oldest hot spring in Izu discovered by the high priest "Gyoki" of the Nara period.、At Yoshina Onsen, a hot spring resort known as "Sacred Hot Spring of Children's Treasures"、A long-established inn "Tofuya" that boasts a history of 400 years since its founding since the Edo period、2010 year、A new look of "Tofu and Resort" & Reopened as "Spa-Izu"。 On the vast site of 36,000 tsubo spread out on the banks of the Yoshina River,、Main building and west building、Villa suites and various guest rooms are scattered around.、In addition, kaiseki tea and、Footbath Cafe、Numerous gardens and terraces with walking paths、Create a grand world as if it were a village。We park in the day parking lot P1、Enjoy a stroll。 "Outdoor stage" Covered resting areas are set up everywhere on the site.、It can also be used as a venue for outdoor events。 And、The "Tofu and Garden" with a lawn spread all over the vast site are open to the public.、To be able to enter and exit freely、It is said that there are many people who use it like a park。The dog is also on a leash、If you follow the manners, you can enter, and it will be a nice facility for dog lovers。 "Pergola" On the official website, this one is named "Pergola".、With a roof, you can protect yourself from the sun and rain。 「Bakery&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe" With the renewal、Among the many new facilities that have been born, the one that has gained the most popularity is、Bakery & café with a terrace where non-guests can enjoy a foot bath&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe"。 "Mitori no Hashi" to explore the grounds、Crossing the "Mitori Bridge" completed in Showa 3 next to the footbath café、Head to the lounge for guests only, "Taishokan Hosen"。 Izu's clear stream "Yoshinagawa" Izu's clear stream "Yoshinagawa" flows on the premises.、Accommodations, garden terraces, etc.、All places face the river.、You can feel the murmur of the clear stream everywhere、Healing Landscape。 An approach that continues with cobblestones with a taste of Japan emotion as if nostalgic for the old days。 11Even in the early part of the year, you can see a few autumn leaves.、Full of Japan emotion and atmosphere、Travel back in time to the Taisho era。 The brewery has been renovated、Used as a guest room。 "Taishokan Hosen" The site of "Old Hosenso", which was adjacent to "Tofuya", has also been renovated、The "Taishokan Hosen" in one corner has been transformed into a lounge exclusively for hotel guests。This is the chairman of the Taisho-era businessman "Meidensha"、The building was built as a social place to entertain celebrities at the time。 "Cafe Art Deco"、"Cafe Art Deco", where you can spend a nostalgic time while touching the Taisho romance, as a lounge exclusively for hotel guests、11 a.m.:00~ 17:30Until the、For alcohol such as draft beer and wine、Various soft drinks are available as free drinks.。A nostalgic space that fuses Japanese and Western、There is an influence of Taisho romance、1910~The Art Deco style that was popular in Europe and the United States in the 1930s is preserved.、Classical attire。Next to it is、There is also a retro space with a different atmosphere created with the motif of the name "Milk Hall" of the café in the Taisho era。 Bakery & Cafe&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe"、The space that was used as a pool in the old facility has been newly developed as a water basin where you can enjoy the sparkle of water.、When the time comes, there are terrace seats and a table with a foot bath under the wisteria shelf that blooms bright purple wisteria flowers.、It operates as a bakery & café。I checked with the staff about bringing a dog.、Except for the foot bath in the bakery shop and in the cuddle、Dogs with leashes are also allowed to enter.、You can enjoy a foot bath while eating delicious bread。 In this location、Choose your favorite bread at the bakery shop,、Sit at the footbath table and enjoy the footbath while relaxing、It's great to be able to have a café! This time, the café you are looking for is waiting.、I would definitely like to use it next time。 Let's go to the back of the lush grounds and take a stroll。 "Tofu and Garden" The whole area is covered with lawns、Well-maintained and wonderful "Tofu and Garden"。 It's too big for our chocolate.、He begged me to hold him on the way (laughs) "Takimi Terrace" From the "Takimi Terrace" facing the Yoshina River、You can feel the murmur of the river up close。 On the terrace、In addition to the table, there is a "hanging chair crush double (for two people)"、Swaying and swaying、While forest bathing、You can enjoy a comfortable and peaceful time。 Izu's clear stream "Yoshinagawa" "Riverbed Terrace" While maintaining scaffolding as a riverbed、A terrace that makes use of natural beauty so that it blends in with the natural scenery。 Cherry blossoms in spring、In autumn, you can enjoy the autumn leaves and seasonal scenery。 There are many hotels and inns that have a full garden as accommodation.、It is open to the public as shown here.、I think that a place that can be used for free, like a park, is very valuable。 Why don't you use it during your rest time with your dog。 The murmur of the river as a pleasant BGM、Forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life、It leads us to purity of our hearts。 Located in a quiet mountainous area a little back from the Izu Highway that runs through the center of Izu, Yoshina Onsen "Tofuya Resort & Spa-Izu」。On the large premises, there are 10,000 people who have become known as "Sacred Hot Springs of Children's Treasures"、Items related to Karajin Oyoshi、There are many footprints and works of celebrities in various fields.、While enjoying the feeling of openness under this magnificent location、It's also a pleasure to be able to experience history and culture。 This accommodation is、Previously, three separate rooms were prepared as dog stay rooms.、The service has now been suspended.、It's a pity that it is not an inn where you can stay with your dog。However,、The premises are free to use.、Because you can enjoy a walk to the fullest and refresh yourself、I highly recommend it。 Tofu and Resort & Spa-Izu Address:98 Yoshina, Izu-shi, Shizuoka TEL: 0558-85-1000 lodging:Doggie not allowed Bakery&Table Tofu and Footbath Cafe Business Hours:10:00~ 17:00 (Sundays and holidays 9:30~ 17:00) Closed:No Parking:Yes (free) Footbath café terrace:Doggie Companion

Izu Shuzenji "Birthday Trip 2023 Part 2023 Coffee Kotochaan" A café with a doggie OK run by a former veterinarian hobbyist

After taking a walk around the Izu "Shuzenji Onsen Town"、Snack lunch at the dog-friendly café "Koto-san"。The location faces the "bamboo forest path"、You can enjoy snacks and freshly brewed coffee while looking at the bamboo forest from the store and terrace。 Here is、At a café run by Masao Koto, aka Dr. Koto, a former veterinarian, who moved from Tokyo to Shuzenji after retirement.、Good news is that、A rare café where dogs are allowed in both the store and terrace seats.。The bright red old mini decorated with mini soft is a landmark。 Signboard = Former veterinarian Dr. Masao Koto is a hobbyist、Jazz and country music、I like oldies、From playing the acoustic guitar of bluegrass music himself、There is also a live business with performers gathered on a regular basis.、Because the schedule has been announced on your Facebook page、If you are interested, please check it out。 Masao Furufuji Dr. Koto (Banjo) / Shigeta Sugai (A.Gt&Vo) In the garage、Koto's old British car "Vanden Plas Princess"、It is abbreviated as "bumper" and motorcycles。 The menu is、For drinks such as hand-ground coffee and tea、Pizza or spaghetti、In the style of a light meal such as waffles、There is also soft-serve ice cream for dessert.、Take-out is available。 In the corner where the menu board in the store and tourist information in the area are posted、I was surprised to see that the live information of "IGUZIONE café" in Hamamatsu, where we live, was posted、I asked Koto.、It has been announced that your friend's bandsman will be performing。The world is really small! The inside of the restaurant is small, but there are 4 seats at the counter、With 7 seats by the window and a spacious space, you can enjoy the borrowed view of the "bamboo forest path"。 On the wall、Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer's "Girl with a Pearl Earring"、It is decorated with paintings modeled after women。 Terrace seats are also doggy allowed.、Because an awning for the awning is also installed、It will be a comfortable place to spend even during the day。The terrace seats on this day are、Neighbors are enjoying conversations with shopkeepers.、It was crowded with tourists。 Only the owner of the store who likes music has a large speaker of "JBL"、The wall clock is also unique with Koto's own analog record board。 A nostalgic music video is also playing on the TV screen installed in the store.、Enter the world of bluegrass music。On this day, it was warm and the terrace seats seemed to be comfortable.、Because it is rare to be able to accompany a dog in the store、Since it was a chance, I visited the counter seat。 元獣医のDr.コトー曰く古藤 正男(Masao Koto)さん店主 エプロンにも=のロゴ入りです。 On top of being able to sit with your dog、"Can I give you the rice I brought?"、I was able to sit down and take it slowly at lunch time。 Even when traveling, the same homemade rice as usual is wrapped in plastic wrap and stored in a cooler box。It is finely chopped and made into a size that is easy to eat even with small teeth.、It will flatten it。 「ピザ マルゲリータ 22cm」¥800 「スパゲッティ ナポリタン」¥700 コーヒーは、Hand-ground for each order、Each cup is carefully hand-dripped and freshly brewed.。 British and American vintage coffee mills are lined up next to each other.、Make a pleasant noise、The good aroma of freshly ground coffee beans wafts through the air。 "Blended Coffee" ¥ 300 "Bren Coffee"、Normally ¥400、If you order pizza or spaghetti, you will get ¥100 off.、It's a good deal。The "WEDGWOOD" coffee cup caught my eye.、It was brewed in the designated coffee cup。Chic samurai series with indigo checkered pattern and gold edging。The blended coffee has an American finish and is well-balanced and mild.。   He is a former veterinarian、Dogs are also allowed to enter the store.、You can enjoy café time with your dog with peace of mind。For a break on the way to Shuzenji。 珈琲 琴茶庵/Koto-san 住所静岡県伊豆市修善寺3458-26 TEL:0558-73-2313 Hours of operation:10:00~ 16:00 settlement:CashまたはPayPay払い 店内&テラスワンコ同伴可 定休日:Wednesday Parking:無し...

Nagoya Roadway "Saita Cafe" a cup of coffee that is comfortable for spending a nostalgic quiet time"

Feeling thirsty for the summer heat that you feel when you spend time in the new store under construction of Nagoya French "Reminiscence"、Looking for cafes around。If you go east along the street where the "Wine Bar K" entrance attached to the north exit of "Reminiscence" is located, you will come across a café with a taste that feels a nostalgic breeze.。The name of the restaurant is "Saita Cafe"。 Classical interior with calm colors。A tranquil world view that you feel when you step into it、Feel the extraordinary air、I feel cozy。Quietly resonating classical tones。It seems that live cello concerts are held regularly here.、Instagram公式サイトで告知されています。It was written that "even those who have not listened to classical music or cello are welcome."、Check it out。 On this day、Besides us, we could see another regular couple enjoying coffee and sweets。Warmth in tranquility、If there was a café with such an atmosphere near my home... I can't help but hope。 店主のブログを遡ると店名にもなっている”sai”さんと”ta”さんの御二人で立ち上げたお店のようですが、2015on December 27 -”ta”On the occasion of the exit of the store、Now”sai”It seems that it is run by one person。A talkative shopkeeper who talks in a quiet atmosphere”sai”You can enjoy specialty coffee and homemade sweets brewed by。 「アイスコーヒー」¥550 スペシャルティコーヒー豆をオリジナルでブレンドしているお店の顔となる「リッチブレンド」を使用し、Iced coffee brewed in a machine。Fragrance、It has a plump richness、While also making you feel the fruity taste、The aftertaste is refreshing and well-balanced。 珈琲の炭酸「エスプレッソ・トニック」¥650 メニューを拝見しながら、Coffee carbonation in my eyes。It is a drink that divides coffee with tonic water.、I think it's perfect for quenching thirst、This is my first experience。While retaining the aroma of coffee to the fullest、The light sweetness of the tonic water matches、It is a delicious and refreshing cup that you can enjoy。If you squeeze the lime、In addition, freshness is added to the taste.、You can enjoy it twice。 「スコーン」¥250 自家製のスコーンをリベイクし、Served hot。Halve it in half、For a crisp blueberry jam、It is served with cream that feels smooth like clotted cream and rich like cream cheese。Soft and soft、Moist and finely textured scones are very tasty、I have the urge to try other cakes made by the owner Sai。 With a cup of coffee and soothing scones that make you feel comfortable、Spend a moment of peace、I'm grateful that I found a café that makes me want to visit again。 every day、Hand drip coffee brewed at home。I was attracted by the deliciousness of this "Rich Blend"、I involuntarily picked up the beans。So that you can enjoy the taste you received here at home、I learned how to brew delicious food from the owner Sai。 Get out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life、I would like to recommend this store to those who want to spend a quiet time valuing their own time。When you visit Nagoya、I would like to stop by again。 Saita Cafe 住所愛知県名古屋市東区筒井3-15-18 1F-C TEL:052-932-3210 Hours of operation:Tue – Fri 9:30~ 17:00、Saturday 8:00-18:30 Closed on Mondays:Day、月曜日 駐車場無し

Okuhamanako Mikakachi "In-house roasted coffee bean mobile café "Kamome no Coffee Shop" opened mainly in the station building"

After having lunch at "Granny's Burger & Cafe" in the station building of "Tenryu Hamanako Railway Mikaniki Station"、Because I was attracted by the aroma of coffee from "Seagull Coffee Shop" that was opened in the station building、Let's go for a coffee break after meals! "Seagull Coffee Shop" becomes a coffee stand that moves irregularly.、Various events, "Tenryu Hamanako Railway" "Tenryu Futamata Station, Kega Station, Mikakachi Station", etc.、Stores are opened mainly around Lake Okuhamanako。This day is a coincidence、A lucky encounter that the store was opened exactly on the day I visited "Mikakachi Station"。 オーナーで珈琲焙煎士でもある山本恵理(Eri Yamamoto)さんは浜松生まれ浜松市在住の生粋の浜松っ子で京都へ進学後コーヒー屋になるためUCCへ就職全国への転勤族としての責務を果たし開業を目的に28歳の時に愛する地元・浜松へUターン企業に勤めながら創業スクールや2018年浜松リノベーションスクールに参加し、2020年に「かもめの珈琲屋さん」をオープンさせています開業時がコロナ禍であったこともあり店舗を構えずにイベント等への出店を視野に入れた移動カフェとしてのスタイルを継続。Now、駅舎内での週末コーヒースタンドを実施しながら地域に根差したローカルサービスと飲みニケーションを通じて「浜松fika(フィーカ)」を創造する取り組みに励まれていますお店の名前となる「かもめ」は、1970年にアメリカで出版されたリチャードバックによる名作「かもめのジョナサン(Jonathan Livingston Seagull — a story.)」から由来されており大好きな故郷である浜名湖を舞台に自身を“かもめ”と位置付け浜名湖周辺を飛び回っているとのこと恵理(Eri )さんが手描きでさらっと書いた文字をベースにデザイナーにデザインをおこしてもらった繊細なロゴの文字はまるで水面を颯爽と羽ばたく一羽のかもめのよう”か”の一部に施された”隠れかもめ”はデザイナーからの案で採用されたと伺いました一度目にしたら忘れない印象に残る手描きの存在感が素敵ですこの日のコーヒーメニューは「かもめ季節のブレンドcoffee」「Speciality Coffee」「カフェインレスコーヒー」「Milk brew coffee(Ice)」の4種の中から選べます現在は三方原町にて焙煎をされておりコーヒースタンドでは焙煎したて挽きたて淹れたてのコーヒーを楽しむことができます梅雨の合間の晴天に恵まれたこの日は蒸し暑さもあり「かもめ季節のブレンドcoffee」をアイスコーヒーでオーダーオーダー毎に一杯ずつ丁寧にハンドドリップで淹れてくれるコーヒー。 Just、気になっていたイベント「ハママツクリエーターズフェス」でも期間内の前半に出店されるとのことでフライヤーを頂戴しましたフェスは、2023/7/21(Friday)、7/22(Sat.)、7/23(日)の三日間で開催されます淹れたてのコーヒーを氷で冷やしてステア季節毎に変える今時期の夏のブレンドは梅雨か真夏にかけての気温差のある中でホットでもアイスでもどちらでも楽しんでもらえるようにと厳選した4種の豆(エチオピア、Brazil、Guatemala、パプアニューギニア)をブレンド手際良く淹れてくれている間もこちらとの会話も交わし楽しませてくれる店主の恵理(Eri )さん穏やかなお人柄で注がれる一杯のコーヒーからも温かみを感じられる癒しの空間が広がります♪ 我が家の愛犬ショコラを気に入ってくれたようで「ショコラちゃん可愛くって癒されました」とInstagramのメンション後にDMを添えてくれましたショコラは珈琲はもちろん飲めないのですが珈琲の香りが大好きなこともあり興味深く鼻をスンスンと動かしていました♪ 「かもめ季節のブレンドcoffee(Ice)」¥550 エチオピアのwashedの華やかで明るい味わいを感じながらも夏にピッタリなサラッとした口当たりとスッキリとした印象がありブラジルやグァテマラのジューシー感にほのかな苦味と奥行きを感じるコクキャラメル香の豊かな甘みとバランスに優れた季節のブレンド一杯を飲む中で温度帯の変化でも楽しめる面白いブレンドとなっているようで長く余韻が楽しめる子です美味しいコーヒーに巡り会えるとその日一日の足取りが軽くなります。Also、偶然見つけられたら嬉しいですね♪ かもめの珈琲屋さん 焙煎所静岡県浜松市北区三方原町1233-5(コーヒースタンドは移動出店となります) ※出店予告などの最新情報はInstagramの公式サイトをご確認ください。

Okuhamanako Sankanike "The local burger of Sanka-day beef in the station building is popular Granny's burger&Cafe"

Drive to Hamamatsu、奥浜名湖で楽しむマリンスポーツ「WAH ウォーターアクティビティ浜名湖」の体験会を主催する長谷川乾(Kan Hasegawa)くんにお声がけいただきお出掛けです!途中「天竜浜名湖鉄道三ケ日駅」の駅舎内にあるハンバーガーショップで乾くんが営む「グラニーズバーガー&カフェ(Granny’s Burger&Cafe)」で早めのランチタイムと参りましょう! 「天浜線」の通称で親しまれる「天竜浜名湖鉄道株式会社天竜浜名湖線」は、From Kakegawa Station in Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, to Tenryu Nijo Station in Tenryu-ku, Hamamatsu City、On the local railway that runs at "TH Shinjohara Station (TH Shinjohara Sta.)" on the Amahama Line in Kosai City、こちらは日本一の柑橘選果場の町「みかんの里」と称される三ヶ日町にある「三ヶ日駅」。The name of the place of the three days is、It is derived from the fact that it was called the three days because the market was held on the third day of the month。 この日はイベント出店などでお見かけする「かもめの珈琲屋さん」も、Luckily, it was operating in the station building.、ランチ後に伺ってみましょう! 「天浜線」では、To make effective use of it as an unmanned station、We are attracting various restaurants and merchandise stores in the station building.、There are gourmet spots scattered along the route。Now it is also known as "Amahama Line = Gourmet Line"、It is a popular spot for many tourists, including locals。 国の登録有形文化財にも登録されている木造平屋建ての「天浜線・三ケ日駅」は、Now, though,、The atmosphere full of atmosphere that makes you feel the good times of the Showa era is attractive。While basking in the scorching summer sunlight、The train is approaching。There are only one or two trains in one hour on both the upper and lower lines.、A train that I was able to witness at the right time。 Here is、2021On the train that has been operating since February of the year、Wrapping train of "Yuru Camp △ × Amahama Line" in collaboration with anime。Cute characters are drawn in light blue that blend in with Lake Hamana。 Lunch time on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 10:30-15:00までの限定営業となる「グラニーズバーガー&カフェ(Granny’s Burger & Cafe)」。There are additional terrace seats that were not there when I visited before.、The terrace seats there are pet-friendly.、As a dog lover, I'm happy! (* If you have a dog, there is a separate entrance door at the end of the stairs、Please note that it is different from the general entrance。) 店内は木のぬくもりを感じる寛ぎのカフェスタイルで、17There are table seats about the size of seats.、It is open on Saturdays and Sundays.、この日もあっという間に満席です! 奥の黒板には、The "three-day neighborhood map" centered on Lake Inohana is drawn.、人気スポットが満載! 店内奥には大きめのテーブルが設置されているためグループでの入店も可能こちらのオーナーである長谷川乾(Kan Hasegawa)くんの奥様で店長の実香(Mika)さんと乾くんご夫妻も愛犬家で、I have a 15-year-old Chihuahua named Nobu。It seems that he has always wanted to meet our chocolat.、来訪をとても喜んでくれスタッフ総出で大歓迎してくれました! テラス席といっても屋根付きとなるため雨天でも利用できるところが嬉しいですね! ショコラも席に着くと、Please provide me with drinking water for my dog right away.、Thank you for your service! It is a good idea to drink plenty of water when going out on a hot day to avoid heat stroke like people。 The staff here is polite in customer service, and their cheerful and depressed healing smiles are impressive。I took a look at the menu right away.、Let's have a signature menu。テイクアウトも可能です! 店内のカウンター前には、Popular local souvenirs include "Mikatsu Mandarin Cider" and "Mikatsu Blue Mandarin Squash"、"Wada Ranch's three-day beef curry" using three-day beef is also on sale。 Aged at a low temperature for more than two and a half years in complete sun.、Washed, crushed and dried、Sun-dried natural salt rich in natural minerals and enzymes "Chikyu no Shizuku"、Many exciting things and things of Lake Hamana are designed on the palm of the hand, and gloves and work gloves that adults and children can see and use Lake Hamana itself and experience it、The character of the local burger "Three-day beef burger-kun can batch"、Shizuoka Prefecture-based writer Inujun's new book set in Lake Hamana, "This Love、If it comes true" and so on。 In the kitchen where you can see over the counter lined with local goods、店主の実香さんとスタッフがテキパキと阿吽の呼吸で作り上げて行きます! 鉄板でじっくりと焼き上げるバンズやパティに目玉焼き厚焼きベーコンの香ばしい香りが漂ってきます! こちらで2年半働かれている韓国人スタッフのナムさん(46歳)は、It has been about 15 years since I moved from Korea and ran around Japan.、He can read and write Japanese and speaks fluently.、I'm also fluent in English.、Inbound customer service is also smart。Nam、He is always cooking and has a lot of diligence, so he can learn the technical side quickly.、The store manager, Mika, says that she is now able to entrust the store。 「三ヶ日みかんサイダー」¥290(税抜) 「三ヶ日青みかんスカッシュ」¥340(税抜) バーガーとセットでお得に頼めるドリンクの一つ「三ヶ日みかんサイダー」は、Squeeze plenty of three-day tangerines harvested in three days、A juice that allows you to enjoy the refreshing flavor of tangerines and the refreshing taste of carbonic acid。The other is hand-picked three-day green tangerines squeezed、Adjust the sweetness with honey from the three-day satoyama、Enjoy the sweet and sour freshness of "Three Days of Blue Tangerine Squash"。 タワー張りにそびえ立つ巨大ハンバーガーがやって来ました! 人気No.1のご当地バーガー「三ヶ日牛バーガー」¥1,310(税抜) ポテトMセット¥290(税抜) 浜松の「無添加パン工房 秋桜(コスモス)」の天然酵母で作った全粒粉入りのふかふかの特注バンズに、A large patty made from 100% local brand beef three-day beef is luxuriously used.、Cheddar cheese melted in fresh vegetables such as crispy lettuce, thick tomatoes, sliced onions, and、A half-boiled fried egg with a thick yolk that is best cooked、具材をたっぷりと8層重ねした豪華なご当地バーガー! 「グラニーズバーガー」¥1,180(税抜) ポテトMセット¥290(税抜) オープン当初から人気を誇る店名を冠した「グラニーズバーガー」は、The meaty homemade patty of 100% Aussie beef is thick、Thick-cut bacon that sticks out of a fluffy custom-made bun with whole wheat flour, also made with natural yeast、A soft-boiled fried egg with a thick yolk、And、シャキシャキレタスやスライストマトなど瑞々しいフレッシュ野菜が入ったボリューム感満点のハンバーガー! 大口を開けてもその高さには到達しないボリューム感に圧倒されながらも食べ応えを堪能し無心に頬張ります! 美味しそうに漂うハンバーガーの香りに、To the chocolate that has been staring at me with resentment、I let them eat the homemade rice I brought with them。 美味しいご当地バーガーと愛犬ショコラと共に過ごせるランチタイムにご機嫌な一枚! 食事の後には美味しそうなコーヒーを淹れてくれる「かもめの珈琲屋さん」でほっこりと休憩することに致しましょう! グラニーズバーガー&カフェ(Granny’s Burger&Cafe) 住所静岡県浜松市北区三ヶ日町三ヶ日1148-3 三ヶ日駅舎内 TEL:053-525-2202 Business Hours:Soil、On Sundays、10 of public holidays:30-15:00 Closed on Mondays:月曜〜金曜日 駐車場:Yes terrace seats:Doggie Companion

Hamamatsu Ohiradai "French Bistro Lesprit" and "Il Marcampo" collaboration lunch

浜松の閑静な住宅街である大平台に誕生したフレンチビストロ「L’ESPRIT(レスプリ)全と葡萄酒」のオーナーである全さんこと小田木全宏(Takehiro Odagi)さんと助信で12年間イタリアンレストランを営業してきた「il Marcampo(イル・マルカンポ)」のオーナー吉田貴洋(Takahiro Yoshida)くんがコラボイベントを開催! こちらは小田木夫妻の住居でもあり、By setting up a base as a restaurant at the "Hidamari Midwifery Hospital" run by his wife and midwife Saori、It was decided to regularly open as a place for the community while providing deeper fees.、This April 2023。「陽だまり助産院」の看板の上に掲げられた「L’ESPRIT ZEN TO WINE」の文字が目印平屋の造りがお好きな御夫妻の意向を汲み取り建てられた一軒家は実は2階建て。1階を助産院として稼働されていますが今後は定期的にレストランとしても運用され開店スケジュールはInstagram公式サイトにてお知らせされていますレストラン営業でない日は「陽だまり助産院」として妊娠中〜産後の骨盤ケアを中心とした身体作りや赤ちゃんの健やかな成長をサポートこの日は事前予約で全さんにお願いしテラス席を特別に使わせていただき愛犬ショコラと来訪店内も満席のご様子お昼時の予約が立て込んでいると伺っていたため開店時刻の11時にお邪魔し暫し全さんと歓談タイム引き戸の入口を進むとガラス戸の先にある小上がりのお部屋に繋がるため靴を脱いでお邪魔するスタイルです。 The inside of the store is a tatami Japanese-style room with a prefabricated table made of solid natural wood.、10名程度のお席とコンパクトな造り前回までは低いテーブルで床座りでしたが足の悪い方やご年配層のためにテーブルを高くされ椅子を用意されています。Although it is not a complete reservation system, seats are limited、It's a good idea to make an appointment。 On the menu、French-based appetizers à la carte and main menus are available、Zen, who is also a sommelier, can enjoy carefully selected wines by the glass or bottle.。今回はイタリアンとのコラボになるためパスタプレートとレスプリプレートが選べそれぞれの前菜を変えてコラボされています! 我が家からテクテクと徒歩で来たため一杯目は冷えた「プロセッコ」¥900をオーダーすると奥様の佐織さんが運んできてくれました!「外でいいの?」と聞かれましたがこの季節緑豊かな素敵なお庭があることですし「外の方が気持ち良いよ」とお伝えしました私たちにとっては愛犬ショコラと一緒に楽しめることが大事な要素きっと次に訪れる時にはテラス席が造り込まれているかもしれません(笑) 陽射しも決して強からず心地良い風がなびく、Terrace seats。芝生のあるお庭だからこその贅沢です♪ レスプリプレート前菜「トマトの冷製ムース」 全さんのレスプリプレートには吉田シェフの作る前菜「トマトの冷製ムース」が付いてきます甘味と酸味がバランスよくトマトのコク深い味わいが凝縮された滑らかな冷製ムースパスタプレート前菜「前菜の盛り合わせ」 吉田シェフのパスタプレートには全さんの作る前菜「前菜の盛り合わせ」が付いてきます夏野菜をふんだんに使用したカポナータやレンズ豆のサラダキャロットラペやきのこのマリネなどヘルシーな野菜の前菜が彩り良く盛り込まれていますパスタプレート「ペスカトーレ」¥2,000(前菜付) 螺旋状でソースが良く絡みワインの当てになる食べやすいショートパスタのフジッリと魚介を合わせたペスカトーレ前菜盛り合わせとショートパスタを摘みながらイタリアのプレセッコをいただき喉を潤す休日の午後「アマトリチャーナ」 肉の旨みとトマトの濃厚なソースとチーズが絡み合うフレッシュなアマトリチャーナこちらもフジッリでおつまみにイタリア・ヴェネト州「タメリーニ ソアーヴェ クラシコ/レ・ビーネ・デ・コスティオーラ (TAMELLINI SOAVE CLASSICO)」¥1,000 土着品種ガルガネガしか栽培しない拘りを持つソアーヴェの造り手タメリーニ。Shine in golden color、熟したフルーツやラベンダーなどのハーブやスパイスのニュアンス果実をふんだんに感じる豊かな味わいとアーモンドのアロマとともにビロードのようなまろやかさのある舌触りで長い長い余韻と一緒に感じるミネラル感が心地良く響き渡りますレスプリプレート「地鶏のソテー ハニーマスタードソース」¥2,000 宮崎産の地鶏を使用し皮面はこんがりときつね色に焼き中はふっくらしっとりと仕上げ甘みと酸味が優しく広がるハニマスタードソースでいただきますプレートには熟成させることでもっちり食感で旨み豊か健康にも嬉しい発酵玄米と、Caponata、Egg farsi、Marinated sauce、レンヌ豆のサラダ、Ratatouille、きのこのマリネが添えられてきますイタリア・フリウリ州「スカルボロ フリウラーノ (Scarbolo Friulano)」¥900 フリウリ・ヴェネツィア・ジューリア州の家族4人で営む小さなワイナリー「スカルボロ」伝統的な製法先進的で型にとらわれない考え方のもとに伝統品種国際品種ともに素晴らしい味わいのワインを造っています畑には自身の娘や息子の名前を付けまるで我が子のように大事に育てている全ての葡萄は丁寧に手摘みで収穫このフリウラーノは草木のニュアンスや白い花、Citrus fruit、フレッシュなエディブルフラワーなどを楽しめバランスに優れた豊かな甘みを感じます! ショコラには自家製ごはんを持参キッチンで手の空いた際に挨拶に出向いてくれた吉田シェフ助信で12年間営んできた「Ristrante Il Marcampo」を5月末に閉店され、9月末に予定している新店舗オープンのための準備に勤しんでいる様子などお話を伺うことができました新店舗「il Marcampo」では「食すという行為を使った体感」をテーマにイタリアンイノベーティブのお店としてオリジナルのコース料理を展開されるとのことオープンを楽しみにお待ちしております! 青々とした芝の上で深緑に囲まれた庭先で過ごすひとときテラス席を設けられていませんが小さな椅子とテーブルを用意してくださったおかげで愛犬ショコラと一緒に楽しく過ごすことができました! 花火のように美しい花開く薄紫色のアガパンサス 小振りながらに完熟前となる赤みを帯びてきたブルーベリーの実 ショコラもお庭を自由に遊ばせてもらい嬉しそう♪ 食後はコーヒーと共にデザートタイムと参りましょう!吉田シェフの下に入店されたばかりの若手スタッフもこの日はお手伝い「山梨県産ピオーネのリコッタタルト」¥600 香り高く高騰度で濃厚な味わいが皮ごと楽しめるピオーネをふんだんに敷き詰めたリコッタチーズのタルト「トスカーナ風ティラミス」 ふんわりとした柔らかさでシュワシュワッと口溶け滑らかな甘みを抑えたほろ苦ティラミスはコーヒーとの相性も抜群です! レスプリもマルカンポも珈琲豆は軽井沢の珈琲焙煎人である中村元治(Motoji Nakamura)さんが焙煎される「COFFEE ROASTERY NAKAJI」から仕入れて淹れられています二つのデザートに相性の良いコーヒーをセレクトしてもらいましょう! 「エチオぺア」¥500 「NAKAJI」の中村さんが直にエチオピアに足を運び自身の手で焙煎カッピングをしセレクトしたエチオピアの珈琲豆日本の梅雨時期に飲んでもらいたいと毎年用意されるエチオぺアは「枯れた味」を追求されているとのこと柔らかさと軽やかな風味が漂いうっすらと曇ったニュアンスを感じる面白い味わい梅雨の鬱陶しさを忘れる一杯です! 全さんと吉田シェフの貴重なコラボイベントに参加させていただき楽しい時間を過ごさせていただきました!また我が家でも続きをやりましょう♪ L’ESPRIT(レスプリ)全と葡萄酒 住所静岡県浜松市西区大平台4丁目8-18(陽だまり助産院) TEL:053-569-3506(Reservation priority) Business hours:11:00-16:00、17:00-20:00 Business days:Instagram公式サイトでご確認ください 駐車場:有

Hamamatsu "Town Restaurant" A new style cafeteria that you can enjoy like a company meal at the weekly restaurant has opened!

「浜松で暮らし働く人を応援したい」という想いをコンセプトに週替わりで浜松のお店(レストラン・カフェ)が入れ替わりで出店されランチを提供する新スタイルの食堂「街食堂(MACHI SHOKUDO)」が2023年5月8日に街中にオープンを迎え賑わっています!場所は遠鉄電車第一通駅前の通りを東に進みコワーキングスペースDexiの地下1Fに位置します「街食堂」では「地元のお店を応援したい!」という想いも強く地域に根差して営業しているお店を盛り上げていくことに使命を燃やされておりこちらの食堂で各店舗の素晴らしさをより多くの人に知っていただく場所として活用してもらいながら街食堂からお店のファンを増やしていこうと週替わりで出店されるお店が入れ替わる新スタイルを採用しています訪れた週のお店は和地山に店を構える古民家居酒屋「にこまん馬」が出店中「にこまん馬」で人気のだし巻きを使った「京風ふわふわだし巻卵定食」やコラボ限定となる「三種海鮮丼」を¥1,000(会員価格¥800 or ¥900)で楽しめます! 「街食堂」では飲食店としての機能だけではなく地域社会に対するアイディアの創出の場として若者達のつながりの場として、Also、学習意欲を高め合うことができる場として街の活性化につながるコラボレーションの起点となるよう企画され浜松を拠点としたまちづくりプロジェクトの企画実践を行う会社「株式会社HACK(ハック)」が運営しています鎌倉で既にこのモデルで成功している「まちの社員食堂」を運営する「面白法人カヤック」全面協力のもとオープンへと漕ぎ着けています。 On this day、「HACK」の取締役で共同創業者でもある「鳥善」・「ル・グラン・ミラージュ」の代表取締役伊達善隆(Yoshitaka Date)さんと「HACK」のディレクターで「株式会社 鈴三材木店」の木材利用推進プロジェクトリーダーである鈴木信吾(Shingo Suzuki)さんが案内をしてくださいました! 昭和レトロな雰囲気を醸し出すビル地下に早速足を踏み入れましょう! 階下に広がる空間は地下だけに窓はありませんが明るく開放的でシンプルなデザインの中に浮かぶポップな文字が印象的この日も多くの利用者で賑わい満席の様子入口の精算機で事前に購入する仕組みとなっていますこちらは一般の方も利用できる食堂となりますが「街食堂」の想いに参画し支援してくれる会員企業の社員達も会員価格にて利用できる社食としても重宝されています会員企業や出店協力レストランの募集もされているのでご興味のある方は是非お問い合わせしてみてください街食堂問い合わせ先 カウンター前に設置されたウォーターサーバーにて飲み水を注ぎトレーに箸・カトラリーをセルフで用意しオーダーの出来上がりを待ちましょうレストランが週替わりということもあり毎週楽しみに足を運ぶ利用者も多いはず出店するレストラン側も初日はどうしても慣れないキッチンでのオペレーションに順応が必要かもしれませんがシンプルに提供できるスタイルで手際良く進められています社食として利用されている企業の皆さんの異業種交流の場としても活用でき気軽にランチをしながらコミュニケーションも取れるため理想的な食堂といえるでしょう! 地元食材をふんだんに使い健康に気遣う定食スタイルで提供される膳でバランスの良い食事がいただけます! 「三種海鮮丼」¥1,000(会員価格¥800 or ¥900) 街食堂とのコラボ限定メニューとなる「にこまん馬」の「三種海鮮丼」をいただきました酢飯の上には刻み海苔が敷き詰められ舞坂産のフワッとした食感が楽しめる釜揚げしらすに脂の乗ったサーモン漬けまぐろの三種にガリが添えられています。And、赤出汁のとろろ昆布のお味噌汁に豚の冷しゃぶミニサラダの和定食セットです。Future、出店されるレストラン情報は「街食堂」の公式サイトまたはInstagram公式サイトにて掲載されているため随時チェックして見てください! 街食堂 住所静岡県浜松市中区板屋町102−15 B1F 「SOU」 営業日月曜日〜金曜日 営業時間:11:00~ 14:00(Lo13:30) 水曜日のヨル喫茶営業毎週水曜日 19:00-20:30 Closed on Mondays:土・日曜日 駐車場無 街食堂問い合わせ先

Hamamatsu Mikakachi "Pet-friendly café restaurant Prail surrounded by a flower garden"

Touring Lake Hamana、Go to "Cafe Restrant Prele" for three days where dogs can be accompanied, both in the store and on the terrace! This is one of the few pet-friendly café restaurants in Hamamatsu City.、2020Opened in spring of the year。The store name "Prêle" is、Derived from the name of "Tsukushi-chan (girl)" who is active as this sign dog、The French word for "horsetail" comes from "Prêle"。If the timing is right, you will ♪ also be able to meet the sign dog Tsukushi-chan. The building built by the previous owner in the image of the south of France has become a brick Western-style building with an atmosphere that you can't believe for three days.、You can enjoy a stunning flower garden that is well maintained! The first floor of the Western-style building became the European general store "Bormes les Mimosas"、The second floor of the Western-style building is "Cafe Restrant Prele"。 This signature menu is "Beef Katsu Gozen (with beef cutlet, rice, miso soup, salad, and side dishes)" made with high-quality domestic beef using Sankakaichi beef and Shizuoka beef inside.。(Note:Beef cutlet service is limited to the store) Because it is in the middle of GW、On this day, when there are many customers from outside the prefecture,、The inside of the restaurant was full.、Luckily, I was able to secure a terrace seat.。On this day blessed with good weather,、The refreshing breeze of early summer is comfortable、Terrace seats are the right answer! I wonder if my dog's chocolate is also jittery in the store.、It would be more fun to move freely on the terrace seats.。I also played with Luna, a three-breed mixed dog of Toypoo, Miniature Dax, and Chihuahua from Toyokawa, who happened to be with me next door! The menu on this day is limited.、Only curry and drinks, no sweets are provided.。Curry is "Praire Curry"、"Altbavarian Curry"、3 types of "3 kinds of baked cheese curry"。 When dining on the terrace、First decide on the menu、It will be after you pay in the store on the 2nd floor.。 "3 kinds of grilled cheese curry" ¥ 1,530 (tax included)、"Prail Curry" ¥ 1,270 (tax included) All items with salad "Set salad" "Iced coffee" ¥ 470 Although pets are allowed in both the store and terrace seats、Please note that this is not a dog café and there are no dog meals。If you are traveling with pets、Be sure to read the precautions on the website and follow the manners.。Chocolat says, "I'm sorry for you."、膝下に乗せて食事を楽しみます♪ 食後には花が咲き誇るフラワーガーデンを散策してみましょう! カゴいっぱいの花を抱えた自転車にWelcomeボードで出迎えてくれるガーデン。 Garden chairs are installed in places.、You can enjoy leisurely viewing while resting。 Margaret, seen at this time of year, is fully bathed in the sunshine.、It's like you're stretching your back.。 I don't know the breed, but、Vine roses also bloom gorgeous large flowers。 Bright red viola with white lace、Verbena with adorable small petals, etc.。 The second floor on this day was very lively.、The clerk is also very busy going back and forth to the terrace seats.。 An off meeting of the toy poodle is also held.、Children who sit clever shoulder to shoulder with chocon and play an active role with model dogs。 Maybe it's because I'm in GW、1Unfortunately, the general store on the floor was not open because it seemed to be closed.。 「Bormes les Mimosas(ミモザ村)」 OPEN:11:00-16:00 CLOSED:Tuesdays、Wednesday A space surrounded by flowers, no matter where you cut it, it will be a photo spot。 Spending time under the sun through the trees is as rich as if you were on a trip to an exotic world.。 Surrounded by greenery and flowers、One of the few valuable café restaurants where you can spend time with your dog。 「Cafe Restrant Prele(カフェ レストラン プレール)」 Cafe Restrant Prele(カフェ レストラン プレール) 住所:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu City Kita-ku Mikakamachi Osaki 16-16 TEL:053-526-0780 Hours of operation:11:00~ 16:30 Closed on Mondays:Tuesdays、Wednesday

Birthday trip in Karuizawa(1)Yamanashi "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN Hokuto Store" Terrace lunch with dog accompaniment

Every year、11Birthday trip to go out on my birthday in the month。I can't go abroad due to the corona disaster、For the past few years, I have hated to travel.、Last year, I went on a trip to Atami to enjoy hot springs.、This year, I came to Karuizawa to enjoy the autumn leaves! Because I have my dog Chocolat who welcomed my family during the Corona disaster、今回もショコラ同伴で過ごすワンコ旅となります! 私たちが住まう静岡県浜松市より目的地となる軽井沢までの移動距離は約400km、It takes about 4 hours.、Enter the Chubu Crossing Road from Shimizu、Go slowly with breaks along the way、Entering Yamanashi Prefecture。In the mountains as autumn deepens、Surrounded by yellow-colored trees、紅葉ならぬ見事な黄葉が見られます! 軽井沢へ向かう途中、Lunch at the southern foot of Yatsugatake、Yamanashi is a hamburger and pizza made with local organic vegetables in Hokuto City.、Go to "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN Hokuto Store" where you can enjoy special roasted coffee! This is、In Tokyo, Ikebukuro became a branch of "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN", which is a place of relaxation where hostels and café bars coexist.、The owner is based here、It was opened when it was moved to Hokuto City in Yamanashi.。2012"Cafeteria Copan" opened on September 5 of the year、2014From April 27, it has been changed to "Good Diner in Copan Hokuto Store".。 The inside of the store has a high ceiling.、It becomes an open and warm space full of the warmth of wood.、Table seats、Private room、About 50 seats are available on the terrace.。 Because the open terrace is allowed to be accompanied by a dog、I will visit you on the terrace with my dog Chocolat.。Because the temperature in early November in Yamanashi is less than 10 ° C.、It seems that lunch is the limit for spending time on the terrace.、It seems that if there is no wind, it is within the range of time。There are also considerations such as preparing blankets from the store side.、Helpful! Order while looking at the menu table。Take-out is also available! Hearty burgers and colorful sandwiches、Pizza made with plenty of local organic vegetables。 11:00~ 14:30There are service drinks for a limited time、As for hot coffee, it will come with a nice service of "free refill"! Warm your chilled body with plenty of warm coffee in a cute mug with the store's logo! With the commitment of the owner who loves coffee、Coffee beans are freshly roasted coffee beans.、It will be a mild and easy-to-drink American coffee! There is a coffee roastery across the road from the shop.、The owner comes on weekends and roasts it.。 The coffee bean roaster is equipped with a roaster from "FUJI ROYAL", which is headquartered in Osaka.。 When the hamburger plate you ordered is ready,、Look at the camera of Chocolat、The usual "Hi、Pose!" "Bacon Cheeseburger" 1,400 yen on a thick fluffy bun、For a juicy patty made with minced beef and pork、Melted rich cheddar cheese、For thick bacon full of satisfying eating、A tower-type hamburger with crunchy lettuce and fresh tomatoes、The sauce is covered like an avalanche of sweet aurora sauce with grain mustard! Garnish is、French fries with cucumber and pickled carrots on one plate! "Cheeseburger" 1,250 yen I ended up with the same picture surface、"Cheeseburger" without bacon from the hamburger above。Because both are tall、To make it easy to eat、Put it in the included burger bag、Please don't spill it! Chocolat meals are served with homemade rice and trays.、Get permission from the shop、Feed on the terrace。Were you too hungry?、It's all over in no time! When your stomach is full、Chocolate plunged into nap mode。I can climb stairs, but I'm not good at going down.、抱っこ待ちの様子です(笑) 深まる秋と紅葉を楽しみながらの軽井沢への誕生日旅行の始まりです! GOOD DINER INN COPAIN 北杜店(グッド・ダイナー・イン・コパン) 住所:8240-6321 Nishiide, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi TEL:0551-38-1023 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00(14:30LO)、Dinner 17:30-21:00(20:30LO) Takeaway:Order 10:00-20:00、Receive:11:30-15:00.17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday) Parking:15台

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