Summer Marine Day Tradition! The "Champagne Festival" by WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU is coming!

Every year、"Champagne Party" organized by "WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU (Wine Club Hamamatsu)" which was held regularly on "Marine Day"、今年復活の日を迎えやって来ます! 4年ぶりの開催となる本年の会場は緑豊かな佐鳴湖を一望する「THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス)」です。Deep blue sky and sparkling lake surface、緑生い茂る大自然の共演となる佐鳴湖の雄大なロケーション! 真夏の乾いた喉を潤す極上のシャンパーニュ(15種類)とともに今回は南仏生まれの白をテーマにしたサマーパーティーとして「Soiree Blanche(ソワレ ブランシュ)」の雰囲気でお楽しみいただきます!定員人数に限りがありますのでお申し込みはお早めに! <チケットのお申し込み(Peatix)> <開催日時> 開催日:2022年7月18日(Mon)海の日 開催時刻:14Reception at 30:00、1500:00~18:00 < Membership fee> 16,000 yen / tax included 80 people < cuisine > seated buffet style < Dress code> All white/white coordination Note) Those who do not follow the dress code will not be allowed to enter.。 <会場> THE ORIENTAL TERRACE(ジ・オリエンタルテラス) 〒432-8021 静岡県浜松市中区佐鳴台6-8-30 TEL:053-447-3241 <主催> WINE CLUB HAMAMATSU(ワインクラブ浜松) お問い合わせ先

Plum work 2022 "Homemade plum wine" Making plum wine to enjoy separately from sake using ome of Minami-takame plum

The plum work season has arrived again this year! Following on from last year、The ome plum of Nanko plum was taken from a splendid plum tree at a friend's house.、5kg from Toyohashi artist Shintaro Ajioka residence、I was able to receive 11 kg and a total of 16 kg of ome from the residence of Toshiro Muramatsu of Maserati Porsche friends in Mori Town、Using freshly harvested ome plums、今年も「自家製梅酒」を作りたいと思います! 昨年、The "homemade plum wine" that challenged was made into a base alcohol、Orthodox "White Liquor Godo"、"Brandy Dilbell Napoleon" that seems to be able to enjoy a rich taste、Sweet potato shochu "DAIYAME~Daiyame~" with a sweet smell like lychee、"Jifar Ginger of the Indes" of herbal ginger liqueur、I made a spicy and adult "Dry Gin Masters London" and 5 kinds in total。Stocked last summer、When I tasted it last winter, six months after it was time to drink、Plum wine using white liquor has a bad alcohol smell、Turns out to be undesirable。What was finished to the taste of your favorite was、Because it was two kinds of "brandy plum wine" and "gin plum wine"、This year, we will focus on them and "2 kinds of brandy plum wine"、"Jin plum wine 2 kinds"、"Whiskey Plum Wine"、"Vodka plum wine"、「ラム梅酒」と7種のベースアルコールを用いて作りたいと思います! 梅は生き物、Freshness is important! immediately、Let's get to work on the plum business! Fill the barrel with plenty of water、Carefully wash Ome by hand while draining water.。Replace with clean water、1Leave in the barrel for about an hour to remove the acne。 Azal Ade、While draining on kitchen paper、Using bamboo skewers, we will carefully remove the spatula of the ome one by one.。Some of them can be taken beautifully with Pollo.、Some children are a little easy to remain.、The more you take it cleanly, the more、In order to become a plum wine with a refreshing taste without gnawing taste、Let's handle it carefully so as not to scratch it! One last time、Carefully wipe up one by one、Removes moisture firmly。 Because the preservation bottle of a large glass is difficult to boil and disinfect、After washing the detergent with hot water, dry it.、Cleanly disinfects edible alcohol with soaked kitchen paper。Carefully laid out ome plums on the bottom、Sprinkle ice sugar from above to fill the gaps、Ome → Ice Sugar→ Ome → Carefully Alternating with Ice Sugar、While thinking about making it delicious、Let's put it in with all our heart! When you have finished putting in all the doses alternately,、Gently pour alcohol from above、Let's put a lid on it。Store plum wine in a cool, dark place、Once a day until the ice sugar melts, rotate the container and move it to make the sugar in it uniform.。When the ice sugar melts away、Just wait patiently for it to become a delicious plum wine。 ❶ Ome 1.6kg.Ice sugar 1kg.Brandy 2.8L (5L bottle) ❷Ome 1.2kg.750g of ice sugar.Gin 2.1L (4L bottle) ❸Ome 700g.500g of ice sugar.800ml of rum (2L bottle) ❹ Ome 600g Ice sugar 600g.100ml vinegar (1.5L bottle) ❶Ome 1.6kg.Ice sugar 1kg.Brandy VO2.7L (5L bottle) ❷ Ome 1.6kg.1kg Ice sugar.Brandy VO2.7L (5L bottle) ❸Ome 1.5kg.1kg Ice sugar 1kg.Whiskey 2.7L (5L bottle) ❹Ome 1.5kg.1kg.Ice sugar 1kg.Whiskey 2.7L (5L bottle) ❺Ome 1.6kg.1kg.Ice sugar 1kg.Gin 2.8L (5L bottle) ❻Ome 1.6kg.1kg.Ice sugar 1kg.Vodka 2.8L (5L bottle) ❼ Ripe plum 1kg.Shochu 35 degrees 100ml.Coarse salt 160g.Honey 100ml (1.5L bottle) Make "plum syrup" with surplus ome、Because this is non-alcoholic、Use it as "plum juice" and "plum sour" to prevent summer battering。Also、I wanted to make about 1 kg of "honey umeboshi" with a beautiful large grain of ome、We are currently ripening carefully selected ome plums。When the ripening date arrives、梅仕事〜第二弾〜が始まります! 半日を要し、Plum work that went on for two days。This year, we have heard from far away voices saying that "a good harvest" is being served.、There were many posts of housewives working plum work in every household.、Thanks to my friends who shared the splendid ome plum、今年も美味しい梅酒にありつけそうです!(感謝) 甘酸っぱくて、"Plum wine" that you can enjoy a plump taste is、Not just delicious,、In addition to citric acid that promotes fatigue recovery、Vitamin B2、Vitamin B6、potassium、Picric acid、Polyphenols, etc.、Contains various nutrients、Its benefits are wide-ranging.。By making it homemade、Change the base alcohol or、Adjusting the formulation and so on、Because it will be possible to finish to your favorite taste、皆さんも自身に合った梅酒を是非見つけてみてくださいね♪...

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