Birthday trip in Karuizawa(1)Yamanashi "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN Hokuto Store" Terrace lunch with dog accompaniment

Every year、11Birthday trip to go out on my birthday in the month。I can't go abroad due to the corona disaster、For the past few years, I have hated to travel.、Last year, I went on a trip to Atami to enjoy hot springs.、This year, I came to Karuizawa to enjoy the autumn leaves! Because I have my dog Chocolat who welcomed my family during the Corona disaster、This time it will be a dog trip with chocolate! This time, let Maserati stay、"PORSCHE" just delivered from "Porsche Center Setagaya Certified Used Car Center" 911 Carrera 911 Carrera)"、Traveling while enjoying the first high-speed driving。The travel distance from Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, where we live, to Karuizawa, our destination, is about 400 km、It takes about 4 hours.、Enter the Chubu Crossing Road from Shimizu、Go slowly with breaks along the way、Entering Yamanashi Prefecture。In the mountains as autumn deepens、Surrounded by yellow-colored trees、You can see the splendid yellow leaves that are not autumn leaves! Scenery of yellow leaves shining in the glossy dark blue body color。What a picture! On the way to Karuizawa、Lunch at the southern foot of Yatsugatake、Yamanashi is a hamburger and pizza made with local organic vegetables in Hokuto City.、Go to "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN Hokuto Store" where you can enjoy special roasted coffee! This is、In Tokyo, Ikebukuro became a branch of "GOOD DINER INN COPAIN", which is a place of relaxation where hostels and café bars coexist.、The owner is based here、It was opened when it was moved to Hokuto City in Yamanashi.。2012"Cafeteria Copan" opened on September 5 of the year、2014From April 27, it has been changed to "Good Diner in Copan Hokuto Store".。 The inside of the store has a high ceiling.、It becomes an open and warm space full of the warmth of wood.、Table seats、Private room、About 50 seats are available on the terrace.。 Because the open terrace is allowed to be accompanied by a dog、I will visit you on the terrace with my dog Chocolat.。Because the temperature in early November in Yamanashi is less than 10 ° C.、It seems that lunch is the limit for spending time on the terrace.、It seems that if there is no wind, it is within the range of time。There are also considerations such as preparing blankets from the store side.、Helpful! Order while looking at the menu table。Take-out is also available! Hearty burgers and colorful sandwiches、Pizza made with plenty of local organic vegetables。 11:00~ 14:30There are service drinks for a limited time、As for hot coffee, it will come with a nice service of "free refill"! Warm your chilled body with plenty of warm coffee in a cute mug with the store's logo! With the commitment of the owner who loves coffee、Coffee beans are freshly roasted coffee beans.、It will be a mild and easy-to-drink American coffee! There is a coffee roastery across the road from the shop.、The owner comes on weekends and roasts it.。 The coffee bean roaster is equipped with a roaster from "FUJI ROYAL", which is headquartered in Osaka.。 When the hamburger plate you ordered is ready,、Look at the camera of Chocolat、The usual "Hi、Pose!" "Bacon Cheeseburger" 1,400 yen on a thick fluffy bun、For a juicy patty made with minced beef and pork、Melted rich cheddar cheese、For thick bacon full of satisfying eating、A tower-type hamburger with crunchy lettuce and fresh tomatoes、The sauce is covered like an avalanche of sweet aurora sauce with grain mustard! Garnish is、French fries with cucumber and pickled carrots on one plate! "Cheeseburger" 1,250 yen I ended up with the same picture surface、"Cheeseburger" without bacon from the hamburger above。Because both are tall、To make it easy to eat、Put it in the included burger bag、Please don't spill it! Chocolat meals are served with homemade rice and trays.、Get permission from the shop、Feed on the terrace。Were you too hungry?、It's all over in no time! When your stomach is full、Chocolate plunged into nap mode。I can climb stairs, but I'm not good at going down.、It looks like they are waiting for a hug (laughs) Kurenai、Yellow、Porsche surrounded by green autumn leaves。This time、Travel bags and others、Chocolate luggage was also bulky.、Because it fit securely on the hood and back seat、More comfortable drive than I expected! It's customary, but、Take a picture together in front of the store to commemorate it! It's the beginning of a birthday trip to Karuizawa while enjoying the deepening autumn and autumn leaves! GOOD DINER INN COPAIN ADDRESS:8240-6321 Nishiide, Oizumi-cho, Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi TEL:0551-38-1023 Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-15:00(14:30LO)、Dinner 17:30-21:00(20:30LO) Takeaway:Order 10:00-20:00、Receive:11:30-15:00.17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a national holiday) Parking:15台

Atami Birthday Trip (7) "blue nine café" Pet-friendly dining café with wines carefully selected by the sommelier

Dining café "blue nine café" within a few minutes' walk from Atami Sun Beach where you can enjoy wines carefully selected by senior sommeliers and original menus supervised by French chefs。 Opened on July 20, 2020, which is corona disaster、Elaborate measures such as enhancing the takeout menu、今夏に1周年を迎えられています! こちらは東京にて飲食店を経営しシニアソムリエである箱守勇さんが、When I was asked to make a resort restaurant in Atami with a sense of luxury by the sea that makes me imagine Monaco" in Atami, which I have often visited for a long time、He decided to open a store after meeting this property that can see the sea.。Making use of your know-how as a senior sommelier、Aiming to "create a restaurant one rank above the café"、気軽に楽しめる美味しいワインと料理の提供をされています! 開店当初からペット同伴可ではなかったものの、There were many requests from customers、徐々にペット同伴可のカフェとして定着して行ったと教えてくださいました! 熱海で店内・テラス席共にペット同伴OK(小型犬/ネコ限定)となる貴重な存在のお店です! お昼時間となりましたが、Because the meal of the inn is waiting in the evening、I thought that lunch was light.、カフェをはしごしております! こちらは熱海サンビーチからも程近く今回宿泊予定の「古屋旅館」から坂を下った目と鼻の先にあり徒歩圏内と大変有難い立地に位置しています! 奥には寛げるソファ席もあり、Even if you are traveling with children, it is ok to enter from infants、子育てママさんにとっても良心的なお店! 店内に設置されているコイン式セルフワインサーバーの中には、The wine selected by the owner, senior sommelier Hakomori, is lined up、You can enjoy a glass of wine casually with fresh quality at any time、各国のボトルワインや格式高い銘柄なども用意されています! こちらでは、Not fried in oil、"Atami Churros" with a crispy texture that is baked in the oven after receiving an order is a signboard menu、ソフトクリームとのセットや気軽に熱海の街を歩きながら楽しんでいただきたいとプレーン味とチョコ味のテイクアウトも用意されています! この日は、Weekday-only lunch time (11:00-15:00Pasta lunch and pizza lunch on the menu、Pie lunch and more、While there is a limited time menu etc.、ピザランチと期間限定メニューをオーダー!愛犬ショコラも美味しそうな香りに釣られて鼻をクンクンしています! 期間限定ランチ「きのこのハヤシライス」1,500円 期間限定のハヤシライスは、It becomes a deep, rich finish using red wine、たっぷりと入ったきのこの風味と玉葱の甘みがご飯との相性も抜群の一品! 本日のPIZZA「きのことブロッシェンソーセージ」1,500円 本日のピザはカリッと香ばしく焼かれた生地に粗挽きソーセージを用いたピザでハヤシライス同様にきのこたっぷりと噛めば噛むほどに美味しさが溢れる一枚! 「ランチセットのサラダ」 キャベツの千切りやベビーリーフミニトマトにチーズをかけてシーザーサラダ風にいただくミニサラダ! 「ランチセットのドリンク ホットコーヒー」 可愛いらしい大きめの陶器でたっぷりと提供されるコーヒーは滑らかなクレマが美味しくコク深い味わいで温まります! 「食べる時大変でしょうから椅子に下ろしても大丈夫ですよ」と優しく声がけしてくださったスタッフさんたちのおかげで椅子にシートを敷いてショコラを座らせていただくことにしました! そして嬉しいことに愛犬ショコラにも可愛い犬用食器でお水と骨クッキーをサービスで提供してくださいました! 食の細いショコラに普段はあまりおやつをあげないのですが骨クッキーには興味津々だったようで小さく砕いてあげたらあっという間に全部平らげてしまいました!(驚) 小雨が続いておりましたが、When it is exciting with gourmet talks with staff、いつの間にか雨も止み旅館のチェックイン時には晴れ間を覗かせてくれました! ワンコ好きなスタッフさんたちのおかげでショコラも御満悦で居心地の良い時間を過ごさせていただきました!(感謝) blue nine cafe(ブルー ナイン カフェ) 住所:4-11 2F, Higashikaigan-cho, Atami City, Shizuoka PREFECTURE TEL:0557-55-9180 Hours of operation:Monday to Sunday Lunch Tea 10:00-17:00、Mon-Sun Dinner 17:00To 22:00 ( L.O.21:30、Drink L.O.21:30) Closed:無(不定休有) 駐車場有(専用無料2台) ペット同伴小型犬/ネコに限り店内席可・テラス席可(※入店条件有)

Atami Birthday Trip (5) "Atami Nagisa-cho, Fish Bowl Shop Bistro" Izakaya Dining full of enthusiasm with fun memories

熱海サンビーチ前となる渚町で一際賑わいを見せる「熱海渚町・おさかな丼屋ビストロ」へ! こちらは「楽しい想い出を一番のお土産に」をコンセプトに営業されており、As the name 2019 says, there are plenty of menus using "donburi"、Including seafood bowls that are full of seafood、There are pasta that condenses the taste of seafood, and a beef characterized by a flavorful and soft meat quality grown in the great nature of Shizuoka.、We also have a set meal using meals and a side menu using izakaya.、幅広いメニュー構成で楽しめるお店となります! 宿泊先の「渚館」への帰路途中にあるこちらのお店。Because it's coronal disaster.、The window is fully open.、I am drawn to the good vibrancy that I feel from the store、I asked the staff unexpectedly, "Can I enter the store with a dog because it is good by the window?"、If you don't mind the window seat!、奇跡的にも許可をしていただきました! メニューを見ながら、I was wondering what to order、"Caesar salad" ordered at the next seat seems to have been brought、A huge mass of Parmigiano-Reggiano, known as the king of Italian cheese, appears、削り出したチーズの中でサラダを混ぜ合わせるテーブルパフォーマンスが元気一杯に行われていました! 仕上げに長さ40〜50cmはゆうにあるブラックペッパーミルを用いて削る姿も印象的で、Previous、イタリアに旅した際に食べた「カルボナーラ」を懐かしく思い出してしまったほどです! さらに奥のお席からは、The bustle increases with the "Dokkoisho Call", which will be the shout of all the staff according to the rhythm of the taiko drum、盛り盛りに盛られ続ける「しらす丼」! オーダーされたお客様もそれを横目に見ている他のお客様や私たちも思わず笑顔になってしまう素敵なパフォーマンス! この元気一杯の「どっこいしょコール」がお店の名物にもなっているようで写真や動画撮影されるお客様が続出です! スタッフさんに「誕生日のお祝いなのでこぼれスパークリングをお願いします!」と伝えると、"Now、May I call out the festive version?" said、楽しそうだったので迷わずお願いしてみました! すると可愛らしいスタッフのお姉さんが「おめでとうございま〜す!今から注がせていただきまぁ〜す!」とスパークリングワインを持ってやってきてくれました! 一定のリズムで元気良く太鼓が鳴り響き始める店内! 一気に注目を集めお店全体がお祭りムードで不思議な一体感を感じるほど! スタッフのお姉さんの「いきまぁ〜す!」の一言を皮切りに。 "Doikko-isho ~ Dokko-Isho~!" (Doikko-isho - Dokko-Isho!) )、Doikko-isho - Dokko-Isho! (Doikko-isho - Dokko-Isho!) )、It's delicious! (It's delicious~ It's delicious!) Doikko-isho - Dokko-Isho~ (Doikko-isho - Dokko-Isho!) )、I'm still going! I'm still going! (I'm still going!) I'm still going! )、Doikko-isho - Dokko-Isho! (Doikko-isho - Dokko-Isho!) )、It's delicious! (It's delicious~ It's delicious!) Let me go at the end! (Please! Happy birthday!" and、約1分ものパフォーマンスを全力の笑顔でスタッフさん達全員が魅せてくれるのです! 「こぼれスパークリング」550円 全力投球のような「どっこいしょコール」で並々と注がれ枡にまで溢れている「こぼれスパークリング」が1杯500円とは破格中の破格です! グラスの淵からこんもりと溢れてしまっているので、I'm not mannering.、手で持つ前に口を付けて失礼します! 「ビーフステーキ オニオンガーリックソース」1,188円 肉メニューの中でも「オススメ」印のあった「ビーフステーキ」! 熱々の鉄板で提供されるステーキを間違いないオニオンガーリックソースでガッツリとおつまみにいただきます! 「お子さまどんぶり」858円 大人でもオーダー可能な鮪とネギトロの「お子さまどんぶり」! お子さまと書かれながらも十分すぎるボリューム感で小腹は満たされている私たちには丁度良いサイズ感となりました! 〆にぴったりな小丼は最後に少しだけ残してスタッフさんにお声がけするとお店オリジナルの特製出汁をかけて出汁茶漬けのようにしていただくようです! この出汁が白湯のように濃厚で美味しく旨味が凝縮されており二度美味しい丼を楽しめました! 楽しい時間を過ごしそろそろお暇しようかと思っていたところ「お店からのサービスです!」とサプライズでバースデープレートのデザートをいただいてしまいました!(驚) 初めて訪れたお店でしかも落ち着いてきたとはいえコロナ禍で大打撃を受けたであろう大変な時期に観光客という流れのお客に対してこれほどサービス精神旺盛なお店があることに驚きましたがそれ以上に嬉しさが込み上げてきました! こちらのお店のコンセプト通り「楽しい想い出を一番のお土産に」という言葉が身に沁みた夜熱海に来たら立ち寄りたいお店がまた一つ増えてしまいました。Staff、心のこもった素敵なおもてなしを本当にありがとうございました! 熱海渚町・おさかな丼屋ビストロ 住所静岡県熱海市渚町5-1 1F TEL:0557-83-7055 Hours of operation:11:00-21:00(L.Oフード・ドリンク/20:00、テイクアウト/18:00) Closed:毎月第3金曜日

Atami Birthday Trip (4) "Enoteca Manifatura" A wine bar where Atami wine lovers gather in a hideaway

"ENOTECA MANIFATTURA" is within walking distance from the station where you can see it when you go out to the bus street and turn left through the shopping street of "Nakamise Shopping Street" in front of Atami Station.。 Kenji Hagiwara, who was the sommelier of the famous Atami restaurant "Bistro a La Proge" which was closed due to the aging of the building, is running alone、気軽に立ち寄れるワインバーとなります! 熱海に足を運ぶ際には決まって足を運びたくなるお店の一つです! 所狭しとワインボトルが並び、Antique furniture is arranged、The inside of the store where you can calm down somewhere while creating a miscellaneous atmosphere、Become a secret place where unique people gather every day、With delicious wines selected by Mr. Hagiwara、A wonderful shop where you can enjoy a homemade sake that warms your heart and heart。 As a new face of the shop、He's one of the regular customers.、Japanese photographer and contemporary artist and architect、そして演出家でもある杉本博司氏の「禅語不覚」と描かれた書が飾られ和の趣で重厚感を増しています! こちらの店舗が2020年に改装した際の設計には東京・熱海を拠点に活躍をされている「Unscape(アンスケープ)」の一級建築士の鈴木学氏と熱海で革製品と洋服を取り扱われるアトリエ兼ショップ「Eatable of many orders」の新居幸治氏が共同設計で携わっており、Hagiwara's daily hard self-build is also added、There is a change every time you visit.、Using the ideas of first-class architects、Suddenly、2A stairwell of iron plate leading to the secret base on the 2nd floor may appear! This staircase is、At the same time as the role of separating the counter and table seats、Sometimes as a stand on display、It becomes a chair at times and plays an active part。3The mirror and atrium that extend to the floor create a great depth in the store、Designed to be a place where you can spend comfortably in an extraordinary feeling。The presence of the stairs towering in the center。普段は開放していない2階へ上がらせていただくとワクワクするような秘密基地が待ち受けています! 以前の記事ではスタンディングバーと紹介しましたが、Table seats that you can sit down and drink are prepared.、Because of the corona disaster, the number of terrace seats is increasing.、There is a state of evolving day by day、訪れる毎の楽しさに繋がります! この日は愛犬ショコラを同伴しているため店内ではなくテラス席で楽しませていただきます! 旅館から熱海銀座を抜けて街まで歩いて散策してきたため喉がカラカラ! 萩原さんに「先ずは泡をください」とシャンパーニュをオーダーし酒の肴となるおつまみはおまかせでお願い致しました! 「モンサラ・シャンパーニュ・グラン・レゼルヴ・ブリュット (Monsarrat Grand Reserve Brut AOC Champagne)」 バースデーイブを祝うシャンパーニュは、Fresh and supple acid、洋梨のような果実味と濃密なコクが優美で長い余韻を楽しませてくれます! 「焼き栗」 ホックホクでしっとりと焼かれた焼き栗は香ばしい香りと甘味で深まる秋を楽しみます! 熱海駅から徒歩圏内で田原本町交差点付近ということもあり、There's a lot of traffic.、People passing in front of the store said to each other, "It's a stylish shop!"、"It feels good!" and many people muttering as they pass by are seen here.。"It's fashionable inside and the wine is delicious, so go in!"、つい声掛けしたくなってしまうお節介婆さんが出現しそうになります(笑) 夕暮れ前から飲み始めてはいたものの、Someday neon lights can be felt by warm lights、It's also nice to have a more moody atmosphere。 It is a chocolat to listen while kyorokyoro to the sound of the passing car and motorcycle、Because he's smart with chocon on your lap、It is easy to take it to where! What is it to say this?、Due to the increase in terrace seats in various shops due to corona disaster、Because the number of shops where you can go with pets is increasing、愛犬家にとっては本当に嬉しい限り! 「彩り野菜のバーニャカウダ」×「器釋永岳 Áge(アージュ)」 ラディッシュや蕪、Red radish、You will have cucumbers and colorful vegetables that you can enjoy the texture and freshness of the eyes with bagna cauda sauce with a strong umami。the vessel used to be、浜松にて開催した「釋永岳展」にて御来場いただき御注文いただいた「釋永岳」の年輪の風合いをイメージし全面に荒々しい土肌を活かした「Áge(アージュ)」お店で愛用してくださっているようで嬉しい限りです! 「鉾八のひとくちかまぼこ」 店内のお客様を対応しながらもテラス席の小腹を空かせた私たちのために提供できるおつまみを次々と用意してくれる萩原さん熱海土産としても販売されている「鉾八のひとくちかまぼこ」を焼いてくれたのですが、Creamy Camembert cheese is being crept in the inside、プリップリ食感の蒲鉾で風味豊かに楽しめます! 「赤大根のサラダ」 赤大根のほろ苦さが美味しいサラダは、You can enjoy a chopstick resting presence with a slight acidity。 "Campagne de Gaulle Chardonnay/ Château de Gaulle (Campagne De Gaure Chardonnay/Chateau de Gaure)」 イエローゴールドの外観からハーブやリンゴ、The modest scent of white flowers、柔らかいテクスチャーで程良い余韻とボリューム感のある肉厚な骨格が伺えます! 「ソニオ・ミーオ・ビアンコ(SOGNOMIO BIANCO Bianco Toscana)」と「ビーツのスープ」 林檎を思わせる爽やかな香りと軽快でドライな味わいが楽しめるトスカーナの白ワインと濃厚なビーツのスープ「ハモンセラーノと林檎」 熟成し芳醇な香りを放つスペインの生ハムとフレッシュで酸のある林檎を合わせていただきます「サルケート ロッソ・ディ・モンテプルチアーノ2019 (Salcheto Rosso di Montepulciano)」 フレッシュベリージュースのような純粋な味わいが楽しめる!お料理を引き立てる果実味豊かなトスカーナの赤ワイン「ブロックベーコンとザワークラウトの煮込み」 ブロックベーコンの旨味と酸味のあるザワークラウトの相性が抜群でお箸もワインも止まりません! 「生海苔ディップ 胡桃のカンパーニュ添え」 たっぷりの生海苔を洋に用いた風味豊かなディップは、Served with fragrant walnut campagne、赤ワインに合わせます! 「シャトー・シゴニャック2017(Chateau Sigognac)」 輝きのある美しいガーネット色でブラックチェリーやブラックベリー、violet、Cassis、Cedar with a rich fragrance reminiscent of plums、Clove、Tea leaves、There is a refined and elegant mouthfeel and lingering with a complex aroma with a slightly aged feeling, such as smoke、繊細な細さの二日月の夜に相応しい赤ワインとなります! 今宵、Wine bottles with a glass of wine。I left all this selection to Mr. Hagiwara、いただいていく内に好みを伝えていくのもお勧めです! 隠れ家的な存在でありつつも、A wine bar where you can easily visit。A shop where atami wine lovers enjoy a moment with Hagiwara。是非ふらっと立ち寄ってみてください! ENOTECA MANIFATTURA(エノテカマニファトゥーラ) 住所:Katsuki Building 1F Business Hours, 7-2 Tawarahoncho, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture:13:00To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:不定休...

Falconer relocation opening "NO'AGE concentré" pairing course where you can enjoy sake, tea, appetizers and sweets

Six and a half years in Fukuroi、For 21 years as an authentic bar in Shichigencho, Shizuoka City、"BAR NO'AGE" has entertained many bar fans.。 "Concentrate and concentrate" on the various encounters and experiences you have gained so far、Moved to a quiet falconer, a little away from the city, and changed the name、AS "NO'AGE CONCENTRÉ"、2021年10月5日(火)より新たな門出を切ろうとしています! 店名の「NO’AGE」とは、First of all comes from the whisky terms、"Point was made by blending excellence ripening period variety of whisky、Have this term、I want to make it a restaurant that is loved by customers of various generations."。This time the、We dared to eliminate the BAR character in order to step up beyond the barriers of the BAR.、Go there、「濃縮・集中=concentré」を添え新たな店の顔となるサインを御自身でデザインBARの文字が輝くサインと 袋井時代に数多くのゲストを迎えた重厚感ある扉はそれぞれの店で起きた出会いと思い出を共に引き連れて此処鷹匠にて迎える新たな幕開けを静かに見守っていますカウンター6席のみと以前よりもコンパクトになったことによりより特別感を味わえるプライベートな空間に仕上がっている和モダンでスタイリッシュな店内。 Here you will、今までのBARという枠にとらわれることなく酒と肴と菓子に「茶の世界」をプラスし「茶寮」という顔を加え人と人との語らいの中から生まれる一期一会の特別な時間が繰り広げられていきます! 毎週土・日・祝日限定で、Cocktail pairing desserts paired with handmade desserts and teas and cocktails during the day。In the evening, we offer a unique cocktail pairing dinner course that can be combined with dishes made with carefully selected ingredients using iron plate and cocktails (reservation required)。和洋を織り交ぜた酒肴八寸やア・ラ・カルトなどの酒のあても用意! 目の前で調理する鉄板焼きにすることでよりお客様の様々な要望に応えられるようスタイルを一新しています! さらにカウンターには茶道具を設え、As a famous production area of tea、静岡が産する茶葉を中心にしたカクテルメニューをパワーアップさせて導入! 調酒師 バーテンダー 井谷 匡伯 大阪あべの辻技術研究所修了後、I work as a cook, but due to severe roughness、Turned bartender who mixes sake。2000Founded "Bar NO'AGE" in fukuroi city in 2008.、2007Moved to Shizuoka City in 2008。Published in various cocktail and pairing books、2016Won the Yokohama international cocktail competition Creative Grand Prix in 2008。2021Cooking using teppanyaki in 2008 and "enrichment" of the past 20 years、The store name is "NO'AGE concentré" as a style to "concentrate" and newly started。 There is also a tea board at the counter.、We will serve you the best with beautiful behavior unique to bartenders。Pour boiling water at an appropriate temperature from a tea kettle、Warm tea set、Add the tea leaves and pour the hot water again.、I went into steaming.、wait quietly for that time、A cup rich in umami carefully poured into a tea cup。 浅蒸しシングル煎茶「はるな29」 静岡の標高350mと、The clear Okitsu River flows、In the lush mountains ryokawachi、Overlooking Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay、雲海が広がる急傾斜な茶畑で20種を超える品種茶たちを育てる茶農家「豊好園」さんオリジナルのシングル煎茶「はるな29」。Find the fruit and increase it with the branch、10This tea leaf that has been loving for more than a year、Take the name of "Harun" who is my daughter、It is raised by being cherished like a daughter。Its flavor is、A slightly fragrant grain aroma with a well-balanced umami and astringency、奥行きと余韻が感じられる品種です! カクテルは、From standard traditional traditional cocktails、Fruit of the season started.、Taking advantage of the natural taste obtained from the blessings of nature、In a mixology style using homemade flavor de spirits and special techniques、The lineup that added "world of tea" to Mr. Ita's original style that becomes a cup that can only be tasted here is substantial、様々なコースやペアリングで楽しめます! 左から [サイドカー]:Cognac-based cocktails。 [Shizukucha ~Aya kiri~]:Inspired cocktails inspired by tea plantations in Shizuoka Prefecture using the scents of sencha and a drop of cognac and kimmokusei。 Cocktails served at the 20th anniversary party of the Japan Tea Instructors Association。 [Smoky Martinez of Roasted Tea]:Roasted tea leaves and octagonal、Based on vanilla beans marinated in dark lamb、An arranged version of Martinez Cocktail, also known as the "prototype of a martini" paired with sweet vermouth and maraschino cherry liqueur。 [Gyokuro Martini]:One roast is at a low temperature.、Pour sake in two roasts as a cocktail。Including Gyokuro in Okabe-cho, Shizuoka City, which is also known as a gyokuro famous production area、Gyokuro produced by tea farmers in Shizuoka Prefecture carefully selected and used。Producers also change depending on the day、I enjoy matching the difference of the taste。 [Sparkling Tea Dogs Nose]:Using an extraction method that combines the aroma of the flowers of tea for each tea leaf、Based on homemade, sparkling tea finishes。It is a cocktail of LOW alcohol which arranged the cocktail "Dogs Nozu" of beer and dry gin by hanging the craft gin that the character shines there。 [Jasmine Negroni]:Twisted "Negroni", one of the most popular cocktails in the world。Using jasmine tea and various spices marinated in Campari、You can enjoy a rich taste even if it is holo bitter。 [Martini]:King of gin-based cocktails。 On this day、贅沢にもプレオープン中に「カクテル・ペアリング・ディナー」と「カクテル・ペアリング・デザート」を堪能! 「鴨の低温ローストの赤味噌漬け」×「ハイボール」 低温でローストしたフランス産鴨肉を特製の赤味噌に一晩漬け込み仕上げた一品に一杯目に相応しい喉の渇きを潤すハイボールを合わせて乾杯!しっとりとジューシィーな鴨肉はふんわりと鼻に抜ける赤味噌の芳醇な香りと噛み締めるほどに味わい深くなる鴨のコクが堪りません! 「本日の鮮魚のマリネ」×「スパークリングティー・ドッグス・ノーズ」 この日の鮮魚となるヒラメをナッツオイルで和えてモロヘイヤと合わせていただく一皿にお茶の香りを纏わせた爽やかなスペークリングティーを添えて!鮮魚ならではの弾力がありつつもナッツオイルの風味豊かな味わいに一振りした塩でヒラメの甘味を存分に味わえる上品な一皿! 「秋刀魚のリエット」 旬の秋刀魚の凝縮された濃厚な味わいを楽しめる一皿はカリカリ食感に鉄板で焼き上げたパンを添えて! バーテンダーの顔とシェフの顔を持つ井谷さんお茶では静美の所作がありカクテルシェイクでは律した動きを魅せ鉄板焼きスタイルでは威風堂々の軽快さが見られパフォーマンス全開で楽しませてくれます! カクテル・ペアリング・ディナー・コースの一例 「都萬牛」×「赤紫蘇、violet、Japanese tea、アルマニャック」 この日のメインディッシュとなる肉料理は宮崎県産の赤身主体となる黒毛和牛「都萬牛ランプ肉」の鉄板焼き都萬牛は黒毛和牛で霜降りをあまりつけないように肥育しておりビタミンやミネラルの豊富に入った飼料を給与することはもちろんのこと自然豊かな風通しの良い牛舎でストレスフリーを心掛け牛の生理に適った健康的な飼い方を目指しています。Also、黒毛和牛の一番美味しいといわれる33カ月から50カ月齢の牛を中心として肥育し、As a result、肉色の濃い脂と赤身に味のある低脂肪でヘルシーな牛肉を作り出しています鉄板で焼くことにより、The surface is crispy and fragrant、中はもちろんミディアムレアで仕上げ肉厚だからこそ迸る旨味と食感を楽しみながら頬張ります! お次は「酒と茶と菓子」を提供する「カクテル・ペアリング・デザート」です! カクテルや調理法のテクニックとして早くから液体窒素を取り入れている井谷さんマイナス196度の超低温液体窒素を用いてデザートに魔法をかけていきます! 素材の持つ香りや甘みが凝縮されたアイスワインを液体窒素でフレーク状に仕上げ器に盛り込むと残暑厳しいこの時期にピッタリの冷んやりデザートの完成です! 「洋梨と杏仁のブランマンジェ 青柚子のジュレと−196度のアイスワインのフレーク」 × 「川根 土屋農園の水出し煎茶と華やかなGIN ジャスミンの花をグラスにまとわせて」 角が立つ程度の滑らかな口溶けの良い生クリームを立て「サヴァラン・オー・コックテイル」を仕上げていきます! グレーターでオレンジの皮を削り纏わせることで香り立つフレッシュさが癒しの香りとなりピスタチオとミントを添えて完成!このデザートはオンラインショップでの販売もしておりますが生クリームや香りづけなどデコレーションしてくださるのは店内でお召し上がりいただける方限定のサービスとなります! 「サヴァラン・オー・コックテイル」 「たっぷりのアルコールが染み込んだサバランが食べたい」というお客様からのご要望に応えバーテンダーである井谷さんだからこそお届けできる大人スイーツの第二弾!手作りのフルーツのピュレを使い季節のフルーツ・カクテルを彷彿させるようなサバランはほろ酔い気分で大人が喜ぶスイーツです! アルミ箔に茶葉を添え鉄板を用いて燻すことでグラスに燻製香を纏わせる一手間が深みのある一杯へと仕上がります! 季節の移ろいを感じ秋ならではの究極の栗デザートがお目見えです!「クルスタッド(Croustade)」とはフランス語で「殻」という意味を持つフランス南西部発祥の料理ですパートフィロと呼ばれる薄い生地で包んで焼き上げ中に包むものによって甘くも辛くも様々なレシピが存在しますこちらは栗でアレンジし外はザクザク中はゴロッと丸ごとの栗が入りショコラやキャラメルの組み合わせで何層にも楽しめる大人スイーツ!カットした際の萌え断は是非店内でお楽しみください! 「栗のクルスタッド 赤味噌とキャラメルソース」 × 「ミスティー・フェアリー・フラッグ」 「シュー・ア・ラ・コクテール」 静岡育ちの鶏の卵を使用し無添加で作る自家製カスタードクリームがたっぷり!香ばしく焼き上げたシュー生地はトラディショナルなシュー生地を手作りしています季節毎の限定品もあり通年楽しめカクテルとシュー・クリームとのペアリングはスポイトに忍ばせたアルコールをお好みで注入する楽しさもあり最高の大人スイーツとなります! 2020年のコロナ禍の中提供されているカクテルやスイーツをお届けすることはできないものかと考えられ同年10月に菓子製造業許可を取得しNO’AGEスイーツ部門「noage.(ノアージュ)」としての営業もスタートされオンラインショップの売上も順調のようです現在新店舗の準備でお忙しくされているため「究極のお取り寄せスイーツ」は10月中旬からの発送を予定されています! 自家製キャラメルナッツを頬張りながらのウイスキーカウンターでの語らいが心身を解放させてくれる贅沢なひととき忘れられない味がある思い出深い時がある新しい出会いと奇跡の瞬間が待っている此処でしか味わえない唯一無二のペアリング是非御堪能あれNO’AGE concentré 住所静岡県静岡市葵区鷹匠2-5-12 1F TEL:054-253-6615 昼デザート・ペアリング・コース:Saturday、On Sundays、Public holidays 13:00-16:00(L.O15:30) 夜カクテル・ペアリング・ディナー・コース:18:00-20:30(予約制) 夜ディナー&BARタイム火曜日〜金曜日 17:00-23:00 夜ディナー&BARタイム:Saturday、On Sundays、Public holidays 18:00-23:00(L.O22:30) Closed:月曜・第3日曜

[beige beige] Born in November Scorpio B type is gathered! Surprise Birthday Party!

After participating in jazz live, I walked around the city.、To the hidden wine and dining "Beige" of the town of Rishaku! In the store on this day、11A surprise birthday party born in May is held.、11I was born in May, too, and I jumped in and participated! Motoji Yamauchi, owner-chef who is also focusing on the operation of Pass Relle, a newly opened cafe and restaurant in Sanarudai (Yamauchi Motoji)There is also a human virtue of、The shop is always bustling with nature and unique ments.、Enjoy a pleasant time surrounded by delicious wineand food! Masami Ohara full of teasing (Masami Kato)A birthday song to celebrate the birth in November in the production that wakes up a laugh of Mr.! Born in November, scorpio、All of them [B type] is only a bowl - (laugh) Beige (beige) 313-5 1F TEL:053-457-0188 Hours of operation:17:00-24:00...

The world of jazz dandyism drifting color incense! Shigeo Fukuda & Ko Hamasaki "Rachel Zrment"

2019/11/12(Tue) 19:30 Start!! Shigeo Fukuda (Shigeo Fukuda) & Ko Hamasaki (Wataru Hamasaki)"Rachel's Lament" Grovi and a sparkling touch full of lyricism! The piano virtuoso Shigeo Fukuda and Mr. Wataru Hamasaki (Wataru Hamasaki) who goes the mainstream of J-JAZZ with overwhelming expressive power, a small-handed slimty duo! Bill Evans and、Casablanca”As Time Goes By”、Miles Dewey Davis III and famous places such as Pat Metheny、The ballad composed by Shigeo Fukuda in the image of the heartbreak of the main character Deckard and replicant Rachel played by Harrison Ford in the movie "Blade Runner"、2We also pick up a few songs from Rachel's Lamento, which is a person's Album! "As close as the devil、Be as bold as an angel.。By Akira Kurosawa I'm intoxicated with jazz dandyism live with color incense that remains in my ears! You can see the live photo album here! https (number):// Haamit Dolphin Address:Tamachi 326-25 KJ Square 2F TEL:050-5307-3971 Hours of operation:19:30-Midnight Closed:Day、Monday、Holidays: Live Information is available on the site. https (number):// ..

Promised land flower Lotus lakeside bar in enchanted fruit cocktail

Resort hotels in Hualien, "flower Lotus ideal Earth passed Crowne Plaza Hotel Promisedland Resort & Lagoon promised land resort & Lagoon "in in the newly expanded"Lakeside bar (Lake Side Bar)"cocktail time! The last、Whats making theme flower cocktail bartender Chen sentence flame (Chen Jaspo)、This time, the theme will be "seasonal fruit cocktails" using fruits and herbs grown on the site! Grapes Cocktail Smoke 500TWD:About 1,850 yen) Smoked chips are grilled with a burner with herbal liqueur、Move the glass to smoked incense。 To be eaten skin and grape crush and juice、Maraschino (Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur)、Hennessy (Hennessy VSOP Cognac)、Pavan (Pavan Liqueur)、Cremedokieohou grape purple、Pour lemon juice and mix! Because I squeeze a very sweet grape whole skin、Enjoy a rich and complex flavor、The fragrant taste of mellow brandy will make you feel the afterglow! en route、Keep, wrapped around the grape with Mint、Just enjoy the cocktail、You can enjoy it more! And pakuri as said by Jaspo! exactly、By the time finished cocktail、21 every night:00-21:30The showtime of Hula Dance, which is being held until now, has begun! The splendid waist swing hula dance of the dancer who behaves brilliantly is very light! Butterfly Pea Flower Mojito Butterfly Flower Flower 450TWD (Japanese yen):About 1,670 yen) Next、Will arrange the husband loves mojitos! Narrow it down to the lemon and lime、It's a little syrup、Spearmint to farms has grown in freshly picked up plenty of、I will crush it gently! Mix 3 and 7 years of Havana Club in Cubaram、Pour carbonated water into the crush ice! The traditional mojito is now complete.、Here is the Jaspo Magic!! And drool quietly beautiful blue is called butterflipeaflower (Butterfly Pea Flower) flower-shaped like adorable Butterfly from flower extracts、Reacting to the acidity of citrus、It turns exotic purple! Wrapped in a fresh mint scent、It is a refreshing arrangement mojito that can be enjoyed even with eyes! Mulberry Cocktail Romantic Flavor 500TWD (Japanese yen):About 1,850 yen) Freshly picked mulberry (mulberry) is made into homemade syrup、Chambord liqueur (Chambord)、Grey Goose (Grey Goose)、 Cocktails paired with Lemon Juice! This Mulberry cocktail is too my favorite、Because I had a similar daily drinking for health and beauty "ZEN living enzymes and flavours、ZEN living enzyme to Jaspo thank you! And then、Jaspo to see this "ZEN living enzymes of taste、Just like、They will make you an original cocktail! Stay up late.、Some guests、Couples 1 and we just knew、The sound of the live acoustic guitar was quietly echoing! "Ayaco Special CockpitTail(ZEN Raw Enzyme)" orange peel、Sweet and glamorous fragrant France from Plum liqueur Prussia (PRUCIA)、Poland's vodka Belvedere (BELVEDERE)、Mix with a little syrup! Finally, it is completed with flowers! Thick "ZEN raw enzyme" is stirred splendidly、Transform into a refreshing orange cocktail! Moreover, it is delicious! ! In the first place, "ZEN raw enzymes" include wild grasses and vegetables.、Because the fruit is also 83、Can it be marketed as a healthy cocktail? (laughs) Bartender Jaspo's brilliant cocktail show ends with this! Jaspo's master with high inspiration and arrangement skills、実は以前こちらのホテルにいらした日本人バーテンダーの山岸 諒平 (Ryohei YAMAGISHI)Mr. is! Now,、アシスタントスタッフをバーテンダーとして育てるJaspoの成長振りをどこかで見てくれていると嬉しいですね! プロミスドランド リゾート & ラグーン Promisedland Resort & Lagoon 花蓮理想大地渡假飯店 所在地花蓮県寿豊郷理想路1號 TEL:886-03-865-6789 PHOTO ALBUMはこちらをクリック! 2018/4/21台湾旅行/Promisedland花蓮 Vol.2 ...

To the bar/lounge you can enjoy the "Westin Ilan" cocktails!

Enjoy a relaxing cocktail at café lounge on the first floor of The Westin Yilan Resort, The Westin Yilan Resort! It is also good to enjoy a minibar in your room.、And beams.、While enjoying a conversation with the bartender at the counter bar、Enjoying a recommended cocktail is one of the pleasures of traveling! Soak in the hot springs、Mind and body with lighter body、Let's have sake that will make you sleep better! Bartender 侃 Cannavo、Make a recommended Westin original cocktail! While you wait for a cocktail、While sparkling wines of Italy "Buscareto Rose Brut" and appetizers snacks、Enjoy the bartender's quick hand-handling! A colorful Westin original cocktail is now ready! (1) "KUMQUAT GREEN TEA綠 Kumkan Green Tea" 450TWD +10% (Japanese yen):About 1,830 yen) A fragrant and refreshing cocktail using "Kinkan", which is said to be a good-cause in Taiwan, and Taiwanese green tea is combined with gin base.、It is the best cup to the exhilaration after the bath! (2) "OOLONG EXPERIMENTS", 400TWD驗+10% (Japanese yen):About 1,630 yen) Based on vodka soaked in oolong tea leaves for a week、A strong cocktail with Amaretto and Grand Marnier! (3) Transparent 350TWD +10% (Japanese yen):About 1,420 yen) A cocktail with white wine plus lemongrass syrup and lemon juice! For a cocktail covered with an ice ball with rosemary on top of a glass、"How do I drink? "And the question! Apparently、As you put the straw before falling to melt the ice! Because (surprise) alcohol is not so high、You can enjoy it like juice! (4) "Macao Margarita" 400TWD +10% (Japanese yen):About 1,630 yen Margarita made using a spice "Horse Herald" similar to Sansho that the Tirel family has loved for many years is soaked in tequila! A unique fragrance spreads when you have it with salt and horse heraldy attached to the edge of the glass! bout、 In Taiwan's cocktail、Finish the Cup、You with single malt whisky here Ilan from KAVALAN (Cavalli)、You can conclude with we love Taiwan whisky、We had a blissful time! In addition, café lounge 21:45To 22:15Until the 30 minutes to enjoy "dinner"、You can also order "porridge" as Midnight Snack! My stomach is full and I just sleep in bed! Café Lounge Dial for reservations only:+886 3 923 2111 Ext.:3115 Hours of operation:11:00-23:00 Bar time:19:00-23:00 Midnight snack:21:45-10:15 The Westin Yilan Resort Location:Yong said road three-268-go, Fellow mountain 鄉, yilan, Taiyuan TEL:+886 3 923 2111 PHOTO ALBUMはこちらをクリック! 2018/4/17台湾旅行/The Westin 宜蘭 Vol.1 ...

"amba-North mountain Buttermilk" craft beer crispy chicken is delicious!

A boutique hotel "ambambai Taipei Zhongshan Taipei Nakayama Ikushuten" along Zhongshan North Road lined with street trees in Taipei for dinner at "Buttermilk" reopened in August 2017! An open kitchen is prepared in the spacious casual shop, and you can see the movement of the chefs full of live feeling.。   And "Buttermilk"、In low-fat dairy products can be in the process of making butter from milk、When making cakes or cookies in a natural healthy ingredients is。 The restaurant tried to name it "amba Nakayama" "Buttermilk"、We welcome chef Ting-Yuan Jiang, who has been contributing to the launch of various American-style restaurants.、Southern American cuisine is served for lunch and dinner with fresh ingredients! From restaurant manager Tsai Miga、Best craft beers made in Taiwan so that、First of all, it is toasted with two kinds of craft beer! The person in charge of Japanese interpretation、Annie Lin,a university student who is an internship student! Apologize! "Red Point Long Dong Draft Ryudong" 473ml 250TWD (JPY:About 925 yen) Red red amber。In the refreshing citrus scent、 Apple and mango、Enjoy the fruity flavors such as pineapple、Because it is drinkable, it is a beer that goes well with main dishes! "Red Point Taiwan Pare Stand.P.A."473ml 250TWD (Japanese yen):About 925 yen) light golden color。Hop aroma and fruity taste、Good balance of bitterness、Light taste and does not disturb the meal! House Charcuterie Tasting Board for 4 people, 720TWD (Japanese yen):About 2,660 yen) Prosciutto and salmon tartare、Rich homemade liver pate、On the scent of Rosemary, roasted nuts, pickles、Such as baguettes served with balsamic vinegar,、Assorted appetizers that are perfect for sake will color the table! On this day、Taiwan's first "one Taiwan rice and forest (Michelin Guide Taiwan Taipei 2018)" in、Stunning、Ryohei Takada, a two-star 稗 Ryugin (Hieda Ryohei)Chef and one and a half years to reunite、It is a celebration dinner together!(´∀ノ`*)Congratulations on winning the award!! On my visit last night、I'm not looking forward to dinner of "Shoun Ryugin" after a long time! 稗 is in the place where Mr. Takada came, toast again with a glass of wine served on the wine server of "EURO CAVE"! "Le Chat Noir Sauvignon Blanc" France Languedoc Fresh and fruity dry。The chicken dish with a good、こちらの一押しメニューのフライドチキンに合わせて! 「Grandma’s Buttermilk Boneless Fried Chicken(特製フライドチキン)」3piece 360TWD(日本円約1,330円) 見るからにクリスピーでサックサクの生地を纏ったフライドチキンは、Fish and plays good sound and crunch! For the chicken about an hour water marine you have、中はしっとりと半端ないジューシィーさ! そのままでも充分に美味しいのですが、2種のソースとお口直しとして後味をさっぱりとさせる西瓜が付いてきます! 濃厚なガーリックチーズソースと3種の唐辛子を合わせたスパイシーなチリペッパーソース!ザクザク感が癖になる衣のレシピはシェフ曰く「企業秘密」とのこと! 「Buttermilk biscuits(バターミルクビスケッツ)」4piece 180TWD(日本円約670円) 店名にもなっている「Buttermilk」を用いたビスケットは、To always have been providing fresh per order、Fluffy was fluffy of moist! Served with butter and Blueberry Sauce to your liking, let in the warm! Biscuit-type results in dehydration of the mouth is weak、これは本当に美味しいと思います! 「Mo Rockin Salad(サラダ)」320TWD(日本円約1,180円) 高繊維食のスーパーフードのキヌアを盛り沢山に、Sweet-and-sour texture refreshing Green Apple and dried fruit、アーモンドなどをトッピングした彩り豊かなヘルシーサラダ! 「Grilled Asparagus(アスパラガスのグリル)」380TWD(日本円約1,400円) ビッグサイズのグリーンアスパラガスは、Orange sauce with ricotta cheese、カリカリベーコンと半熟とろとろの目玉焼きを添えて! 「Grilled Baby Squids(イカのグリル)」290TWD(日本円約1,070円) プリップリの新鮮なイカをグリルしアルゼンチン発祥のチミチュリソースとシェリービネグレットでいただきます! 「Fire Grilled Penghu Cobia(白身魚のグリル)」880TWD(日本円約3,260円) スズキ科の白身魚コビアをグリルし、 Together with okra and mushrooms、甘口の醤油ベースのソースで和えた粒々パスタのQQ感と共に楽しむ新作メニュー! 「Capel Vinos/Amora」スペイン メインディッシュのステーキに合わせて、Tempranillo medium body of Murcia in southeastern Spain. Enjoy spicy scent with sweet red fruit such as raspberries or strawberries、Smooth texture。お肉との相性も抜群です! オープンキッチンでは豪快にお肉が焼き上げられていきます! 「Fire Grilled US Natural Brandt Beef Ribeye...

Secret BAR exists in the hotel basement won the MUD BAR Taipei Top10

To "MUD at amba Taipei Zhongshan" which exists like an adult hideaway in the basement of "amba Taipei Zhongshan Taipei Nakayama Ii Sake Shop"! in the United States for a dozen years from the 1920s to the 1930s、Is carried out a prohibition era.、Many people are as a secret bar hidden in the darkness "dive bar" enjoyed。 At that time、The locations so that unauthorized and bootleg alcohol is called a "Speakeasy"、The owner of "amba Nakayama" was desired to design style reminiscent of that era, and "MUD BAR" was born! While the inside of the shop is simple、And Nordic antique chairs and sprinkled at random、1950A DJ booth with Mackintosh tube amplifiers and Altec Lansing speakers was also installed.、It creates a retro atmosphere! Here we、And to top bartenders celebrate 17 years of bartending experience Allen Chien (Allen)、"The Bootleggers List" is selected from 10 of Taipei's 100 bars., Taipei 2018" is brilliantly ranked! Immediately、Let's have the twink bartender Allen shake! "Dragon well" 450TWD (Japanese yen):Approximately 1,665 yen) Calculated at a rate of 3.7 yen as of April 2018, put tea leaves from Taiwanese green tea "Longine tea" in a small pot、Sprinkle a small pot as if you were cooking a flambe! In addition、Homemade Longjing tea syrup and Green Chartreuse、Added a little lime juice cocktail、Finish with Longjing tea、Refreshing taste! "Pumpkin Mule" 400TWD (Jpy:About 1,480 yen) Homemade tequila syrup in vodka prepared with Taiwanese organic pumpkin、Align the lime juice, ginger beer、We served with seared cinnamon and dry lime。And while the gentle sweetness of the pumpkin and vodka's strong attack、By aligning with a ginger beer、A good drink over your throat! At last、We were able to taste the homemade liqueur which combined The Earl Gray of Taiwanese tea to Jin! Earl Gray likes a cup i can't stand! What is the original cocktail created by the bartender Allen?、In homemade liqueur or syrup、The taste that is particular is gaining popularity! Please visit the famous Taiwanese hideaway Bar "MUD BAR" which is also a music bar held regularly! MUD BAR (Mad Bar) Location:Taiwan Taipei City Zhongshan North Road 2nd Stage 57-1 B1F TEL:+886 2 2565 2898 Hours of operation:Sunday-Wednesday 19:00-24:00、Thursday-Saturday 19:00-25:00 Closed on Mondays:Monday PHOTO ALBUM click here! 2018/4/15Taiwan Travel/amba Taipei Zhongshan Ito Sake Store ..

"Beige" is open for lunch. Vegan fermented Brown rice and medicine Curry for lunch!

Beige is a hideaway wine and dining room in the town of Taisaku, just across The Street in Hamamatsu Town.、Weekdays Monday-as a Friday lunch、A gluten-free and vegan healthy lunch using pesticide-free fermented brown rice and medicinal curry will start on March 5, 2018! Owner-Chef Motoji Yamauchi (Yamauchi Motoji)That was only Christopher has opened 11/24/2016-Kun "Beige (Beige).、So would seek health care day by day diet review、Day as a staff member of the sales team and increase the Kumiko Suzuki-CHAN、We offer lunch using the meal method that you also adopt! The lunch menu is "Pesticide-free fermented brown rice and a lot of miso soup set (fermented brown rice)、Organic vegetable miso soup、Today's entrée plate、Homemade organic vegetables) "850 yen and salad of yakuzen Curry and vegetables 900 yen、"Hummus sandwich of rice flour bread" is also scheduled to be lineuped directly! "Pesticide-free fermented brown rice" provided here、Organic Brown rice and organic red bean、Use only the natural salt.、To be cooked in a pressure cooker、That are rich in dietary fiber were improved intestinal function and constipation、Also、Discharge of excess water、Something good that will improve also swelling, etc.! Less burden of gastro-intestinal digestion and absorption are good, so、Is the fermented rice is flavorful, chewy texture, also has a good、Naturally straight on the way to diet! And、The more I hear,、All the things that make you happy with your body! What is the daily side dish plate?、Was really rape, slightly bitter, feel the coming of spring、Enjoy organic vegetables to the simple "sauteed potato and onion.、"Burdock, Lotus root" crunchy texture、Miso tofu thick but not meat、Picking the color of good red radish salad、In the assortment can be satisfied without the main meat or fish、Homemade pickles "cabbage, kombu and golden pickles" and homemade pickles "carrot and radish" are perfect for relying on rice! Healthy "Medicine Curry" that does not use flour or butter at all also has a spicy taste、Keep based on miso and tahini、Despite the gluten-free curry, it achieves richness and thickness! After enjoying a delicious meal that pleases the body、Add coffee, freshly made and then roasted at 200 yen、It's a relaxing time♪ just to the next seat.、Visit Lady with lovely Madame owner based officers instructed in splendor "fermented Brown rice.、I was taught directly what kind of "fermented brown rice" that has been used for many years! The more you know, the more interesting "fermented brown rice"! I would be happy if you could hold a "fermented brown rice class" at Beige so that you can enjoy it at home! Motoji、Look forward! Beige Address:313-5 Gold Circle Series 1F TEL, Naka Ward, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture:053-457-0188 Hours of operation:May-Fri lunch 11:30-15:30、Dinner 18:00-24:00(Dishes L.O. 23:30) Closed:Dinner only closed on Wednesdays I'm smits..

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