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Along the street of Seirei Hamamatsu Hospital in Sumiyoshi, there is a shop with a noren called "Kokoro" in three hiragana letters.。2007Opened in April 2015, this year celebrates its 8th anniversary in 2015。Since coming to Hamamatsu, "Kokoro-san speaking of esnomiyaki" has become a staple of us, and now it is famous at the national ward level。And、Currently Western in log eating Okonomiyaki.、It is a very delicious esnomiyaki shop that boasts the first place in both shizuoka area! What is kokoro's esnomiyaki?、Suddenly to be tempted to eat very much、"Kokoro Syndrome" is activated (laughs) On this day, after visiting Kageyama Melon Farm, Mr. Yasuurant Bio-s's Yoshihiro Matsuki asked me that he liked powder.、I have been visiting "Kokoro" for the first time in a long time! There are 6 counter seats and 14 iron plate table seats in the store.。The first、It seemed to get burn themselves at the plate-style、In order to save time loss and to let you know the taste that can be made by professionals, the owner Ryuya Oishi is said to have changed it to a style of baking in the back kitchen and taking it out on a warm iron plate in front of customers.。 There was also a fun pancakes certainly bake yourself a decade ago、Now that I had hurt feelings。They do not at all suitable for baking professional taste.。 It is a very difficult situation for restaurants due to corona.、"Kokoro" is firmly protected against infection as a safe and secure restaurant certified store、Each table has a clear sheet to keep splashes from flying。Takeout such as Uber Eats is also supported、It is gaining popularity because you can enjoy delicious esnomiyaki at home! 25-year-old Kokoro's most popular "seafood mix" 880 yen Using homemade formula、Is characterized by meticulous bake、Surface heaven dying already Calipari finish so flaky texture is soft and as is moist and delicious with a nice fire。Even the flavor of sesame seeds and chopped ginger soy sauce is.。This way of baking seems to be the master original baking way, so if you eat it for the first time,、Seems to be quite a shock。I still remember the shock of the day when we actually had it for the first time♪ 2nd popular "Meachzuyaki" 880 yen As a standard menu at our couple's kokoro、I can't take this momozu yaki off.。Also, chiizu、Fluffy cakes cut into cubes with embedded fabric、Natural grounds and a nice cheese square、As for the texture of okonomiyaki, I finish it on the surface of an interesting texture that i have not tasted before.。In difference with crunchy surface、Enjoy a soft moist texture、With plenty of cabbage and umami ingredients of pork、Toro-(s) filter 1 Chili to cheese and mochi! Most of the female customers、The moment you see this naming, it seems that it is here ♪ "I want to do this ~ this", and cheese is still for women、It is a popular menu! What are the decorations of iesnomiyaki?、Can be done to your liking yourself on the plate brought from。We have、Always your favorite source.、Mayonnaise sauce、Topped with bonito、Is the order of the seaweed。When the sauce is applied on a hot iron plate, a good sound that whets your appetite will sound! The compatibility with mayonnaise is also delicious! Ryuya-san's esnomiyaki、By using a tenkas on the surface, it has a crisp and crispy texture, but the inside is fluffy and moist、You can experience the new texture without having ever tasted pancakes。For an exquisite stay、Is by all means with the food to you in the shop we invite you。That since I came to Hamamatsu、Your friends everyday gourmet、I recommended esnomiyaki that you have here, and it is very highly evaluated by everyone.、You repeat visitors and fans coming in、It is "kokoro" worth recommending。 Mr. Tatsuya、Thank you for always delicious esnomiyaki! 1-16-14 Sumiyoshi, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu-ku TEL:053-476-5086 Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30To 22:00 Closed on Mondays:Sunday

"Kageyama Melon Farm" I want to protect the future of Agriculture in Japan! Let's support angel sound muskmelon!

A fragrant supreme fragrance、Superb mellowness and silky-less、It was exactly one year ago that we encountered "Angel Sound Muskmelon", which is characterized by the superb sweetness that stimulates the brain heavens.。There was the appearance of "Angel sound muskmelon" in the "carefully selected assing box" sent by Takahide Akashi of "Akashi Shoten" which handles high-quality vegetables and superb fruits in Kyoto and wholesales it to top-notch restaurants。Muskmelon is often enjoyed as a high-quality gift、It releases the presence of the king class in the fruit! Of course, I knew that muskmelon cultivated in greenhouses is a specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture.、I had never heard of the brand name of "Angel Sound Muskmelon"。"Angel sound muskmelon" cultivated by a special technique called double ripening、The sugar content is 16 degrees.、The sweetness and aroma that I have never tasted before when I first tasted it、I was shocked to be able to feel the supreme taste that the word "superb" is suitable! After eating the fruit as it is、I would like to share information so that many people can know its deliciousness.、Last year, I made "angel sound muskmelon fruit tart" and made it into an article、This year, we made a "whole melon cake" that became a hot topic in Moe、Where I was going to deliver eye-catching with importance、This "angel sound muskmelon"、I learned that I was so distressed that I had to participate in crowdfunding because of the coronal disaster.。In there、私たちにできることで応援できればと思っています! 有難いことにWEBマガジンladeを通じて、Top-notch hotels and inns in Japan and overseas、I am happy that I had an exchange with people involved in eating and drinking because of the relationship that was born from interviews with restaurants, etc.、Really many owners and chefs、In addition, gourmet people who place great weight on food are cooperating! Kageyama melon farm representative who is cultivating "angel sound muskmelon" in such a time、We received a consultation from Mr. Masaya Kageyama of Hinon Agriculture。 In terms of sales promotions, we introduced Kazuhiro Matsuki, who was founded as a photographer and video creator on the occasion of the closure of "Restaurant Bio-s" in Fujinomiya, who is well versed in agriculture and food and beverage.、早速浜松で温室栽培をしているメロンハウスを見学していただきました! 温室のメロン栽培は、From seed planting to germination by pot breeding、Planting after soil making、pinching、Artificial pollination、Thinning、There's a harvest and a growth process.、At Kageyama Melon Farm, you can see a series of flow of everything from double ripe harvesting techniques to your own! Melon cultivation is very difficult to manage moisture as well as temperature control, and the amount of water required varies depending on the growth stage.、It seems that daily care is the key to delicious melons。 Starting with a small adorable sprout that has sprouted、Through the growth process、After picking, we observed until one melon per vine was finally made.、今か今かと収穫を待ち望んでいる最終段階まで到達するとその愛おしさは倍増! 影山さんたちが手塩にかけて育てられる過程はまるで子育てのようで、Even with watering in the morning、I feel that I can understand Kageyama's feelings that he is speaking directly to seedlings and fruits even in daily care。 The place of seeing is different from those of us who are inexperienced in agriculture while being toured、Quick understanding of Q&A from a farmer's perspective、In addition, Mr. Matsuki and Mr. Kageyama are almost the same year, so I think it was good to talk to Mr. Matsuki about this project! Mr. Kageyama was hit hard by this corona disaster.、I was faced with a crisis of continuing operations.、"Let's move anyway!" This is the first time I've been challenged by crowdfunding.。[※ Perceptual movement idea (anyway) know → →→ and think about it] It is one of the words that I value.。 Mr. Kageyama said this.。 "I was able to meet him because I moved."。 Mr. Kageyama、Japan's agriculture today is felt to be in a critical situation because of the times and various problems.、"Really good for the body"、It seems that agriculture, which is supposed to deliver "really delicious things" to people, is losing power year by year.、To protect the future of Agriculture in Japan、We want to make an effort to contribute to Japanese agriculture! Crowdfunding, which started in February, also has less than two weeks left、4The deadline is Sunday, April 4th! Crowdfunding Project everyone who is supported、Everyone who wants to take this opportunity to help、4By the middle of the month, you will not be ashamed of the deliciousness of "Angel Sound Muskmelon"、そして静岡を代表していくマスクメロンの新ブランドとして世界中に羽ばたく「天使音マスクメロン」の個性を活かしたECサイトを立ち上げられるとのことですので楽しみにお待ちください! 影山メロン農園(代表:Masaya Kageyama) Hinon Agricultural Co., Ltd. Address:118 Oshimacho, Higashi-ku, Hamamatsu-ku, Shizuoka TEL:053-545-3473

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