Perched on a hill overlooking Atami maple furniture specialty shops ' serve SERVE Yugawara House '


French restaurant's "Elle can screw" where to stop, and then after、Maple furniture shop "Saab SARVE Yugawara House"Mr.。Located on a hill overlooking the spa town of Yugawara、Furniture showroom、Photography Studio、One owner's living space、1999In an OPEN and、Showcases the most popular furniture of different atmosphere in each room (6 rooms)。


Inside the building is free admission available。The front terrace、Create space while blindfolded around the trees spread to the landscaped courtyard。Summer BBQ in the courtyard as well as sounds fun!


Entrance left showroom。Warm maple furniture a white space on mail merge、In the steam-worked linen 100% Lace Curtains swaying in the robe、Nice waking up in bed to the cute frilly pillow case with LIBECO?!


Solarium overlooking the courtyard。Melia azedarach in the premises behind the biggest trees are like the guardian angels there seems。Swinging in a hammock while enjoying reading、1Is not in space made me forget the day after?。


Look fireplace、Define a foreign smell big fridge、Wall tile in natural, clean and kitchen room。So not actually been cooking every meal.、I cleaned the kitchen and spacious dining.


Middle 2nd showroom。Summer green.、Windows you can enjoy the autumn leaves fall。Invigorating afternoon gentle breezes and warm sunshine infused through the wooden window。


Showroom went one step further。According to the abstract paintings in black and white TV。A nice balance of Center and side tables clearance、Is a nice, quiet night movies space.


Do you feel like an open attic。When the detailed work、It is nice when you want to focus on this small space had for myself!


I sigh spilled on the open spacious marble bathrooms、So forget Yugawara in bathroom!


Bathroom showroom。Do you feel like a den。Does not exist this showroom dividers and door space。Air flow therefore is integrated with?!


Mr. Tomizawa, owner and Mac。Natural decorating always greets。In KOGANEI city, Tokyo is a head shop.、Yugawara in this House are used as salon。In the well-kept Salon、Visit different faces to show new furniture and detailed work arrangement and pattern replacement、And can also enjoy seasonal background。Among them、A light air all-time、It is one of the few shops along with the importance of achieving on their own affluent life style can be a mild respiratory.

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Saab SARVE Yugawara House
Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town miyanoue 744-94 TEL:0465-63-6383
Hours of operation 11:00-17:00Closed on Mondays:Water & Thursdays

Ashigara, Kanagawa Prefecture ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara miyanoue haramachi 744 94, Japan

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