Yugawara French "HERLEQUIN BIS" Friends of the sommelier is active as Hall staff from March!


Inevitable visits in Yugawara and French restaurants。
Narrow steep path uphill.、Surrounded by bamboo forests, and create a fantastic world of、
Provides authentic French cuisine incorporating Japanese Japan atmosphere and refined techniques "HERLEQUIN BIS"。
Owner-chefJunichi ItoMr. a、Left the old good emotional Yugawara, Favorites、
Restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo had operated its own "HERLEQUIN"To close in nine years、
Very new、2006/3The French restaurant was open.

The old parking、Down the steep side slope than in stores、There was a little bit away、
Now、Secured parking and spacious store kosaka came up on the left、
Easier to Park than ever before!


Walk from the parking lot、Stone stairs going down.、Gravel's approach, which becomes、Come to the entrance of the restaurant a point。
The retreat-like atmosphere and superb location、
Having more fans to visit from far away、Restaurants know。
Also our couples2010/11The birthday trip and legs carry machine、As early as 5 years is flowing。
Enjoy the four seasons of Yugawara、
ItoFriendly French dishes to、Coming in on a regular basis.


"HERLEQUIN BIS"The introduction of the concept

"HERLEQUIN BIS"Serving authentic France, inherit、
Japanese Japan emotion becomes graceful and refined technique is hidden。
It's、Communicated only to the mouth of the essence。
Capped who come only to deliver、Is the spirit of hospitality。
And、Taste the Yugawara land of fresh seasonal ingredients and、
One of those able to offer to our customers also the history and culture of。
"Traditional techniques of Japan" and "hospitality"
And "fresh produce" is a tricolor、"HERLEQUIN BIS"Do exist!。
Such a thing、Taste of space and well-being through、
Always connection of people to want to believe。


Shop、White stucco walls lined with natural stone resting on floor、
Dark stained glass window overlooking bamboo groves, the table provides 45 seats、
Savor the extraordinary time, quiet、An elegant lunch begins。
Elegant bamboo forest filled with the taste of Japan、
And there with Japanese "quiet mind" and "heart in motion"ItoChef is considered、
Here you will、Emotional to eliminate useless things, order only what you really need、
During the course of the time rich and spacious、Is being wished for enjoying the moment to feel happy。
Utilizing the technique of Japan food serving France、
Utilizing the land of Yugawara、You can enjoy France cuisine made with fresh seasonal ingredients。

Lunch menu、Following two courses there is.。
This time the11MoonThe had just interviewed、During my last visit、ItoAnd ask that the chef recruits staff、
Just、For the sommelier friends was looking for work、Let me tell you about、Ranch for interview will be。
Talks will go smoothly、2016/3From the sommelier, we decided as a staff headed!
Regular patrons of ellcambis、Please please do enjoy new staff。
On the lunch menu、11Just visited, although that、ItoLeave to the chef!

Trees lunch 3780 yen (※ service charges by 10%)
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Soup、Fish dish or meat dish of the day、Dessert、Drink
"In the Sun of evening" 5400 yen (※ service charges by 10%)
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Fish dish of the day、Today's meat dishes、Little rice.、Dessert、Drink


Terrace enjoys one of the best locations。
Bamboo swaying in the wind sound is refreshing、Birds chirping is also comfortable BGM.。
ご希望とあらばテラスでは、Because mobile is available for serving after dinner coffee、
Staff's instructions and attendants will be better!


"Oysters hot veloute.

With the veloute、Western-style steamed egg custard base with a consomme of。
Husked Oyster veloute finish to match another steamed up is and、The lighting exquisite!
The veloute w/ the accent a little truffle juice homemade radish puree、
Smooth, rich's、Gently honjozo Carne like her in the stomach.


"Smoked Hokkaido from natural amber Jack.

One was lightly smoked and yellowtail caught in Hokkaido。
HERLEQUIN BIS home farm "Kamisato farm"In a marinade made from cabbage is concealed beneath the。
The Chinese cabbage and marinated to Greece、
Marinated in coriander, white wine and white wine vinegar、Better with aroma accents at Citron、
The tempurature in the pickles crisp texture、Yellowtail on a roll of fat makes it of entrees。
Let wishes herbal aroma to celery and horseradish sauce, and fresh!


Homemade bread

Let's taste the olive oil!


"Foie gras terrine"

ItoThe specialties of the chef as crudités、And grilled foie gras with 厚切ri、
While painting the white port wine reduced with Ruby port wine、Pack type、38In ° C。
Are our specialty、20Specialties has been providing over years!
Duckworth has been laid under the foie gras.。
Half of the almonds roasted Walnut powder to change、
Those with less sugar, baked French toast。
Be reduced in red wine and port wine is served with persimmon and PEAR marinated.。
To melt on the tongue, and the texture is superb with smoked flavor and taste rich crudités、
Soft Duckworth's French toast is so good cushion and、
By rich fruit aromas with、Served in a fine balance with a rich sense。
With deep especially ripe persimmons is outstanding!


"Numazu (commodity) Spanish mackerel steamed with fried"

Is making steamed and lightly burn skin this mackerel were set off at the port of Numazu from。
Together with whipped cream stretched the dried shiitake mushrooms and shiitake sauce with fish broth sauce。
Caught in the plantations and along with the sauteed fresh young Chrysanthemum、Flavor increases、It is refreshing!
More than anything、Perfect for only just touched the burning of this Spanish mackerel.


"Beautiful pork roast.

Along the fiber in the Aichi Prefecture, shurei Pork fillet and put a hidden knife、
Wrapped in bacon with flavor and fat transfer、We toasted and。
After the surface is brownish salamander of browned over high heat with a roasted、
By removing the bacon、The moist in the moisture of the meat was running away to the finish、
So I don't think pork moist and delicate flesh!
Red radishes grown in plantations、Lotus root、Green beans、Cauliflower、Sweet potatoes and garnishes、
Accomplished with the flavor in black pepper sauce.


See fromageinfromage.

Dessert happy new year!
Baked cheese cake with a turn in a food processor、
Fold in whipped cream and your extended in Cointreau is located in。
Brief description and、It is a creamy baked cheesecake。
The cream between cake dough down to fit、
Cheesecake creme Dinges is coated in situ and、Red fruit sauce。
Enjoy the smooth texture, melts transderma and mouth、Treat yourself!
Despite the rich taste with a sense of satisfaction, is light.、Good as dairy sour dessert is fit!


Brazil pudding

HERLEQUIN BISNow、Specialty desserts of Brazil pudding must be provided at the end。
In Brazil、Pudding is called "Pudim (psin).、Mother's made as a snack.。
Features、Raw materials instead of using milk、Using condensed milk and coconut milk、Taste is thick、That filling.。
For hot people、As was popular coconut milk and condensed milk cold storage is necessary more than cheap and easy-to-store。
Made with condensed milk and coconut milk and the egg yolk pudding、Split with whipped cream of fat content 35% and 20%、
Taste is thick、A rich filling.
The purine baseItoThe chef、
Madam's sister was married to Brazil people that trigger the、
Trials based on recipe snack pudding is made in Brazil、
Japanese tongue that fits、Pudding made a recipe of your own to complete this "Brazil pudding"It is。
Egg shop in Sendai "Brother flower garden"So in love with this pudding、ItoAnd under the supervision of the chef's market、It seems very popular!
ItoBrazil pudding chef's original、Pudding where more than helpful!




Little by little with dessert coffee moments of bliss and you take the time。
Bamboo bamboo's sound fluctuations in the wind、Sounded pleasant birdsong、
Is out in the cold、In the shop warm and bathed in the Yang、Visit the healing time.


In the lastItoAnd the chefMadameWith photo!

Me off your best smile, waving his hand until the last minute, rushing up the stairs sweet two。
This time the、Introduce friends sommelier、Was employed carrying safely、
In 'Elle can screw.、StillRecruit kitchen staffHas been!
20In men and women in their early teens、I aim this Chef、
And with the great skill of the French traditional cooking and exquisite cuisine of Japan、
High style has been establishedItoWould like to work under chef、
Contact us by all means try!
Mr. Ito、Madame、And your staff、New sommelier please thank ♪


This day is a day trip、For the evening event during the return journey back to Hamamatsu, in conjunction、
Yugawara Parkway Street、"10 country pass"Through the direction of Hakone。
"10 country pass"The alternative"Gold Mountain"At least well known、Eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture、Is a pass between Atami and kannami, Shizuoka。
The view from the top is in breathtaking short looks Izu and Hakone、
It is known as the best spot you can see Mt. Fuji world heritage site!
Put the sinking Sun exactly around the world、Sunset blushes is fine too、
Stop feeling rush、Car stops、Just a moment, it was、
Admire the majestic Mt. Fuji red illuminated。


As much as my feet beautiful in Suruga Bay Sun sinking。
I feel the divinity are celebrating with a new friend sommelier。
Appreciated if you would forward the chest big ambitions and aspirations in 2016.

Address:Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49
Hours of operation:11:30-14:00 17:30-20:30
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49

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