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Yugawara birthday lunch surrounded by bamboo forest "ellcambis" and spend a blissful!


Create a fantastic sense of the world, surrounded by bamboo forest on Yugawara、Provides authentic French cuisine incorporating Japanese Japan atmosphere and refined techniques "HERLEQUIN BIS (HERLEQUIN BIS) "In in to a birthday lunch!

Here you will、2010Since the us first years、Many times in celebration of Memorial Day, we visited、Still "the best proposal to place" as the best memories.

On the day of marriage、In a surprise from her husband、Chef Ito Junichi JUNICHI ITO, I started、Madam and the staff involved big Daisakusen is fit success、Tears touching finale to still remember like yesterday! Moving scene again!

And、And the quality of how many times you visit not come in tired、Whenever I visit the US welcomed with a warm heart、Thanked Ito chef who impressed time and time again the dishes!

そんな素敵な思い出が詰まった大好きなレストランにて今回は45歳の誕生日を祝してもう一つの幻のドン・ペリニョンと呼ばれるChampagne「J.M.ゴビヤール ブリュット トラディション(J.M.gobillard Brut Tradition)」にて乾杯!

伊東シェフには以前もご協力して頂きましたが、This time though welade Gourmet & Hotel Web MagazineHave a wish to travel with the series to、Potter appeared as no. 1 project 'Wing Yue release (Gaku Shakunaga)"The sharp instrument boasts a simple stripped-down useless、Who participated in the planning part 2Shimoo, Kazuhiko (Kazuhiko Shimoo)San&Shimoo Saori (Saori Shimoo)Is it writer's unit "Shimoo Design"The symbolizing the beauty of Japan、To be reasonable and not forget the beautiful wood instruments and collaboration!

At one point one point that we let her hold on the desktop with、楽しそうに選別される伊東シェフ!何と!今回は「木漏れ日のランチ」3,500円(消費税・サービス料別)の全ての料理とコラボしてくださいました!

Shop、White stucco walls lined with natural stone resting on floor、Dark stained glass window overlooking bamboo groves, the table provides 45 seats、Savor the extraordinary time, quiet、優雅なランチタイムが始まります!

Elegant bamboo forest filled with the taste of Japan、日本人が本来持つ「静の心」と「動の心」が存在すると伊東シェフは考えられており、Here you will、Emotional to eliminate useless things, order only what you really need、During the course of the time rich and spacious、幸せだと感じられる瞬間を過ごしていただきたいと願われているのです!

On this day、雨露をしっとりと含んだ竹林がいつもより一層色濃く輝いており心から安らぐ「日本の情緒」を堪能しながらの至福のひとときの始まりです!

①アミューズ・ブーシュ「パニプリ、Salami、自家製ピクルス」×「Gaku SyakunagaMars himawari.


②一の前菜「ヤリイカのグリル コリアンダー風味のマリネ」×「Gaku Syakunaga gen 台皿」、"Shimoo Design Floating like rim plate.

Go there、青林檎のシャキシャキとした食感がアクセントになり僅かな酸味が爽やかな余韻を添え思わず顔がほころんでしまう味わい!ヤリイカの美しい白肌を釋永岳の黒釉で魅せるも乙ですし木目の優しさと自然が創り出す木の力強さが感じられる浮様の世界感もまた素敵!同じ料理でありながらも器が変わるとこんなにも印象が変わるのだと教えてくれます!

③「自家製バゲット」×「Gaku Syakunaga gen 台皿」

④二の前菜「地鶏のささみ」×「Gaku Syakunaga リバーシブルシャーレmars 平皿」


⑤スープ「白菜のスープ」×「Gaku Syakunaga Gen bowl、gen 薄鉢」



⑥魚料理「鹿児島県阿久根の鱧と根菜」×「Gaku Syakunaga áge new.

⑦肉料理「フランス産仔羊のロティ」×「Gaku Syakunaga áge」

遅がけのランチタイムで訪れたためいつの間にやら店内にはわたし達だけといった頃合いに嬉しいことにサプライズで「Joyeux anniversaire Ayaco!!」とデコレーションしてくださったデザートの盛り合わせが登場!


⑨デザート「ダックワーズとヌガーのムース、Wasanbon ice cream、山葡萄 source、Brazil pudding "x"Gaku Syakunaga Carpenters cut、gen 薄鉢」
The Madam's sister marriage with Brazil that trigger the、Trials based on Ito chef has made in Brazil snack pudding recipe、Japanese tongue that fits、Pudding recipes of your own complete, made with Brazil pudding here!
Than any pudding、In the exquisite balance of smoothness and elasticity, can be many times as the flavor and not get bored!
Ito chef dishes and desserts、Gently, leaning on the stomach which、It is a body pleasing to taste!

(9) "espresso" coffee or tea x "Gaku Syakunaga Too much drinking glass goblet.
Now、In the new home of Hamamatsu、We held 釋 Yong Yue ceramic art exhibition would be approximately 3 years、This "too much drinking cup" series is also popular high gotten a lot of orders!
Originally、Try our delicious drinking sake、Limit is thinner and made a cup、We have coffee or green tea.、Or used in many ways, such as soup or appetizer, has made a big success!

In last year's 3/2017 "XIV Yugawara Palace"Since its inception、"Elle can service" would be near the advantage that Aya takes consecutive day seems like crowded that、This time the、Hear the story in itself slowly and enjoy chef Ito's、誕生日を締めくくるに相応しいひとときを過ごせました!

After the meal、いつもの如く伊東シェフとマダムを囲み、In addition、新しいキッチンスタッフの渋谷さんを交えて記念撮影!


Address:Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49
Hours of operation:Lunch 11:30-13:30(L. O.)、Dinner 18:00-20:30(L. O.)
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

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"House sitting" Japan's once in a lifetime of hospitality! Days of serenity and also meet Enjoy an elegant restaurant overlooking the Oriental terrace bird good sanaruko Lake
"House sitting" Japan's once in a lifetime of hospitality! Days of serenity and also meet
Enjoy an elegant restaurant overlooking the Oriental terrace bird good sanaruko Lake


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