'Milk flowers' sense!! Featuring unique seasonal flowers and green florist

Flower shops in Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, this through along the ' milk flowers (MILK FLOWERS) ' To!

Here is、At the edge of Maserati links among home users、Last year "Yumi Katsura" dinner show with let usYuichi ASAIJust engaged in flower shops that we carry foot!

You can see how clear is the florist in green lined in front of the shop and storefront decorated with flowers and green to make simple AdSense!

In the shop、Stylish, unique vases, including、Various lifestyle nestled in and lined up a wide variety of green and succulent、In the refrigerated warehouse of flowers set in the back petals from a bouquet in the seasons of seasonal flowers to the arrangement alley! In another genre dried flowers booth and、Just looking at the lease finished in a nice arrangement, such as in a happy mood!

Unfortunately this day、ASAI's was on the road while you are away、Sometimes the Tudeh staff to decorate a coffee table in the living room of my house got weak in cold weather、Say that you want to pick up good balance of green、While we all look、In addition、Foliage with green living face 'Ficus bengalensis"here recently to tell you、Please advise on how to clean、Staff very polite! Thank you very much!

Love the flowers and green living、Glad that is closer to God 手解ki not go quite well how to care, such as shop!

Milk flowers (MILK FLOWERS)
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka city, AOI-Ku, this 8-Chome 2 - 10 (book Dori Street)
Hours of operation 10:00-20:00 Open every day (except holidays)

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