"Maserati Hamamatsu" this year year thank you! From a dealer of the year!

As a sports car feel the wind of Italy、"Neptune Harpoon" logo is an impressive luxury cars "Maserati(Maserati) "handle、My car is very "Maserati Act City Hamamatsu"To the greeting at the end of the interview, we spoke!

In the showroom、The facelift Levante (Levante)、"Ghibli (Ghibli).、"Gran Turismo (gracelyzmo).、Displays "Quattroporte (Quattroporte)" model!

He always chargeGod-gate t.From "became the first year this year! "And we received our gifts!

The heavy box contents、Parent company "GLION GROUP"In the sake brewery managing、It is high-quality sweet potato shochu maker Asakura sake brewery established in Fukuoka will be 85 years and "King long term storage malts"!

In 10 years at low temperature storage using Red potato、That rare malts also rounded on the palate with ♪ remov is fun!

And、Fascinated by every month a variety of facial and charged too that Maserati 2018 calendar、Very happy!

Here is always indebted to、Thank you so much! On the Maserati and is packed with good things!

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