During exhibition Glass Collection from Finland at Nordic furniture "denishinterias"!


Finn Juhl, Finn Juhl and Hans J. Hans J Wegner Wegner、Nanna Ditzel Nanna DitzelSuch as theScandinavian furnitureFrom the famous designer furniture nonbrand house designScandinavian furnitureDiscuss Japan-has been imported "Danish Interiors denishinterias"Mr.。The name "Danish pastries"、"In Denmark」「In Denmark people"Means。Hamasaki's owner、While enrolled in the company handles tile furniture in Northern Europe and Italy, such as in Tokyo.、Endowed of Denmark who kachi、 Scandinavian furniture company established jointly with。After the showroom was opened in Hamamatsu-Cho、Now moved to onji-Cho, and renewed、Renowned as a popular shop!


A spacious warehouse owners and staff's self renovation at our。Using the high ceiling、Hamamatsu one can say in many of Scandinavian furniture is on display at the open space。Based on the licensed products of Denmark and classic reissue production、Also selling、And beautifully reproduced in this section relate to Northern life and design space and provides。Now、Finn JuhlIn stock new exhibits for the Baker sofa and Egyptian Chair。In the shop、Shoes into slippers off footwear from the entrance, the shop。The warmth in the exhibiting furniture and wood、Just like in the living room of the home perched on a sofa in the sense of being、Consideration for you so you can experience the feeling of natural。Really nice!


Finn Juhl, Finn JuhlThe、House of Denmark、In the furniture designer、4 University of Denmark designers often referred to as one of the great masters。

Chieftynchair a.k.a.Egyptian Chair(Right photo)
Sat the King Frederick of Denmark and also a famous chairs。Perfect for a big King Chief(Chief)Of the known with the name。Also、Because it was excavated from the ruins of Egypt chairs and structure are the same、Egyptian ChairEven if known。Width 100 cm was quite large、Even with dignified and stately Chair。

Baker sofa (Photo Center)
Arms spread your hands, such as capacity、Characterized by the design spread upwards。Finn Juhl tend to use the leather upholstery.、This became the soft fabric texture、Enhance the beauty of the form。You can choose from 210-color upholstery colors、Great use of colours。


Henning Koppel Henning Koppel BUBI seriesAnd、Jørgen Gammelgaard Jörgen gamers goThe ingenious piled up six shades pendant lampTIP TOP seriesAnd so on、As well as a unique lighting equipment essential for classic and modern interior.


But it turned back、Boasting impressive unforgettable once you see at a glanceFinn Juhl, Finn JuhlOfPelican Chair (photo left gray and white)。From the place that resembles a Pelican their wings, landed on the Lake、It is with this name。The encased on both sides、Feeling uncomfortable with the popular、ChieftynchairOf such distinctive character but、Full of charm and appearance、Women would be very popular high chair!


A Chair mounted on a wall、It hadn't been so as to exhibit the works of art to、Its view of the beautiful "touch, sit" and is also able to come from a different point of view.


By denishinterias、And heaps of an event every time、Exhibition of Scandinavian vintage glass items are now centered on Finland 'Glass Collection from Finland exhibition' Is being held.

Glass Collection from Finland exhibition
[Date and time]2014July 26th (SAT)-8/10 (days)
[Operating hours]11:00-19:00 (Closed on Mondays:Water, Thursday)


Referring to Finland's grace map、Right now about 60 points, such as vintage items of glassware、Exhibition and sale.


Sparkle 放chi colorful, yet、Delicate glass instruments from that rustic feeling of somewhere。Its owner, collector's favourite pieceOiva ToikkaOf art as well as、Glass and candle stands、Bowl、Flower vase is different!


Finland's leading designer of the sculptorTapio Wirkkala Tapio virkarOf glass。Kanttarelli Cantrell chanterelle mushroomsOfChanterelle vase。In motifs are commonly eaten in Finland "chanterelle mushrooms.、1946Is a typical piece of status in the design world for his determined, was announced in early!


Fascinated by Finland glass collectorsAkira sudou winterMr.。From the mouth to quiet him、Get a description of the collection we love、And you even Finland glass charms to be found if not!

Danish Interiors denishinterias
Hamamatsu-Shi Minami-ku, onji-Cho 12-2 TEL:053-427-1531
Closed on Mondays:Water、Thursday

Hamamatsu-Shi Minami-ku, onchi town 12-2

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