Hideaway dining surrounded by bamboo forest "Elle can screw HERLEQUIN BIS ' lunch


Inevitable visits in Yugawara and French restaurants。Narrow steep path uphill.、Surrounded by bamboo forests, and create a fantastic world of、Offer authentic French cuisine incorporating Japanese Japan atmosphere and refined techniques "Elle can screw HERLEQUIN BIS"Mr.。


Shop、White stucco walls lined with natural stone resting on floor、Dark in the stained glass window overlooking the picturesque bamboo tables 45 seat.。While many customers from afar、Savor the extraordinary time, quiet、An elegant lunch begins。The owner and Chef of Jun-ichi Ito、France、Belgium、After going through training at the restaurant earned numerous stars, such as Italy、And "Elle can" OPEN 7/1997 Ebisu, Tokyo、2006Land of Yugawara in March、Launch the Favorites moved "Elle can screw" abundance of nature。Good producing ingredients while utilizing the delicate techniques of Japan、To complete the source finally called life of France cooking that delicious dish is。Lunch menu、Following two courses there is.。We also always "the town" 3675 Yen order lunch。(* Service fee by 10%), this、Consider the kaiseki dinner with ryokan accommodation、Asked at a little bit less of potions。

Sunlight Ranch 3675 Yen
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Soup、Fish dish or meat dish of the day、Dessert、Drink
In the sunlight, 5250 Yen in the evening
Amuse、One appetizer、Two appetizers、Fish dish of the day、Today's meat dishes、Little rice.、Dessert、Drink


See Clément de burgognebran de noir extra Brut"6300 Yen

Maker from enthusiasts around the world praised Morey-Saint-Denis stronghold。For the first time by Frederick Magnan Clément de Bourgogne。Blanc de noir "Chatillon Mir Seine" very rare in Clement Rutt rezone Pinot Noir 100% built with hand-picked 100%。Dosage is 3 mg/l with extra dry.。Is aged 24 months.、Expressing gentle fruitiness natural Pinot Noir, and dry。


Amuse ' marinated olives、Cheese pie、Shepaucrett entered.


One appetizer "red shrimp with Kinome.

At Red Lobster's lean Grill、Puree of smoked scallops and sauce、Spread the sweetness in the mouth, melting and melting texture。Even the asparagus was served with delicious、Ambience a refreshing scent of dill.


Served with homemade bread butter。


Two appetizers "puree of fried onion chicken Daichi.

Ito chef specialist and TE。The texture of chicken breast and her mouth from overflowing juices、Gem industry is getting fire at paid close attention and processing under the chef's original water marine。It is not amusing even if people say this is main entrée.


Soup of green peas

That may be lots of "really good green peas"、Without this eh how smooth、These gentle soup flavor is extracted、I would find it difficult to overcome。I actually also green peas are a little weak areas is (laughs)


Today's fish bouillon source of grunt fish grilled

Grunt surface finish and Brown in、Clams and clams、3 kinds of tomato soup and sauce。


"Aichi Naomi pork loin grilled with green pepper sauce.

Naomi pig "rewarded pork" and read aloud。Well as feed、Do not use any vaccines and antibiotics stuck to the swine health management and management skills "beauty", "peace of mind" and "delicious" meat。Naomi is in place.、Meat dress joy through food producers and consumers, will enormously、Pork other meat contains large amounts of B vitamins and collagen、Dosing "and"security"and"safety"delicious" and "retain their beauty" meat is so named because of the。Green pepper、Chile perper、Esyaletto sauce。


Dessert with Manger coffee jelly coffee Roasted Almond Smoothie

Keeping up the sweetness、The subtle flavours of roasted almonds、Dessert after dinner was refreshing and moisturized.


Served dessert with Bisque agar Matcha red bean soup coffee Smoothie black honey sauce green tea

Incorporating elements of k.、A strange taste that combines the depth of flavor of Matcha green tea and coffee。The black honey pulls up each other's good points。If bowls WA、Japanese dessert to say not funny。


Sweet homemade Brazil pudding

Brazil must be produced here at homemade pudding。Than ever before、Little smoothness, power up that seemed。Deep dessert is pudding.


Drink coffee


Elle can screw, it's terrace。The pleasant breeze。Stay with it、It is possible to dine on the terrace.


As a way to enjoy the meal other than、Foot heal daily fatigue Vacances de pied (Vacances de Pierre)。Named "foot holiday"、Provides a space for relaxation。Moments after the meal I enjoyed here foot。


Whats the original blend of herbal teas to see Apple Mint and lemon balm tea"foot soak。


Año we bid you farewell with a smile the best sommeliers offer Ito chef offered a last meal and always good service Shimabukuro Wu Kun。Also be sure to visit。Thank you very much!


Elle can screw her space was previously provided in the sister French "Sushi Missy Mae no temple tantrum"With the renewal has been OPEN。In sushi but it、Restaurant has fused the smart of Japan and France's。Let's visit here next time!

Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town miyanoue 744-49 TEL:0465-62-3633
Hours of operation 11:30-14:00 17:30-20:30 Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 744 -49

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