Experience the atmosphere of good old Japan and seasonal changes、Enjoy sumptuous eye and tongue in Yugawara Onsen ryokan "leaves"


Deep green Yugawara、Yugawara hot spring Hotel immersed in the bright mountain "Leaves"Mr.。Here is speaking of Inn at Yugawara。


Perfect filled with the warmth of wood。Jumping through hoops to great goodwill、Pleasant staff at Concierge welcomed us。


Up to entrance、Casually placed souvenirs。Tsukudani shop leaves, homemade original、Nanko plums leaves select sweets and jams、Trendy instrument of local artists, and wooden spoon、Something actually provided by the leaves, which are located。


Waiting room。Many of the books suggests that innkeepers of Komatsu's hobbies。B&O sound can be enjoyed.


Small courtyard scenery looks out of the window are taken care。


Green 10-1 for the small room is room、2If you are man enough space is。A friend and his wife to the "cherry"。


降ri立teba on the veranda、Guests can enjoy the garden、The user enters when you loose。


Take the flowers to arrange your room one、Never without fanfare、There are nonchalant care utilizes only natural habitat or area。


Copper sinks。Fascinated by the way、Using the glove compartment shut up amenities such as trendy。


Tension ceilings、Traditional sukiya architecture and a tea-room ceiling, referring to the ajiro ceiling。


B Denmark&O audio and speakers in the beginning、In here B&O phone。


Cold Lady and kin "tomorrow leaf tea" and offered Nightingale dango。With a friend and his wife's comfort。


Because the dinner table until a little time is too、The yukata into large baths。


Sandals to shoes、Once outside。


Upstream passage away, getting down the hallway.


With hot men and women hot water then comfort each time。


Dressing area overlooking the mountains。


Luxury rocking chair you can enjoy evening and morning sun。




Open-air bath。Surrounded by trees, empty、In smooth hot spring is sodium monochloride、Alkaline、Low tonicity、In high Springs, the reborn smooth moisturized your skin!


On the wooden deck terrace、You can enjoy the wonderful views。


Utilizing the building of villas、3Starting from leaves,。In design and well take advantage of the natural surroundings, with little added、Now that became nine rooms Inn。


Also taste of Sou are understandably、Trick here is、Won the Michelin two-star natural grace of Yugawara rich food are。Next in line、The introduction evening kaiseki cuisine。If the usual room.、At this time surrounding the meal with a friend and his wife、We provide a lovely。During the meal、Already in the room and have the bedding、It invites a comfortable night's sleep.

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Kanagawa ashigarakami ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi town miyanoue 749-59 TEL:0465-62-3808

Kanagawa Prefecture ashigara ashigarashimo-gun Yugawara-machi miyanoue 749 -59

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