Lottery held during the "petticoat" champagne! An extensive wine list and party design gifts

Is in the sanarudai "WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER (Panie sanarudai shop)"To to buy Champagne!

Chic and modern look inside are half in the cellar、Becomes obsessed with quality fine wine shop。At this time each year in an annual event holds Premier meshampagne lottery tickets (limited to 100)!

1At times 4990 yen (excluding tax) ' rattle betting ' turn、Where you will find the champagne came out number the as annealed!

As this year's special champagne "Rare Vintage Piper Heidsieck (Piper heidsieck / rare vintage)" or "Lanson Noble Cuvee Vintage Brut (Ranson Noble cuvee vintage Brut) "started、11It provides a kind of champagne!

Of course、Is aimed at "focusing on"Rare Vintage Piper Heidsieck.、To buckle down and turn、The result was see Delamotte Brut (Delamotte Brut)! I et al、Sorry。May say to go out and do it! (Lol)

In this year there are plenty of Christmas and year-end party、Caviar on petticoat party specification of wine and gift please、Many, including Rillettes appetizer gift! And greet the new year new year、Also be annual each year "personalized wine bags (10000 Yen ~ 100000 Yen course)" provides a、Of the ownerOno Tetsuya (Tetsuyoshi Ono)Her own、1In gratitude, have been selected! End of holiday wine purchase determines the Pannier is!

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