Every year at the annual 'Libran Re * blanc' "thank you ☆ love blood ' to join


Higashi-Ku, Hamamatsu with jade student to housing improvement and construction started.、Kitchen and furniture from the planning to the coordination part has done "Tao industrial co., Ltd."The showroomRe * blanc.Shizuoka Red Cross Blood CenterAnd in collaboration with、Every year in spring and fall, twice overThank you ☆ love blood donation campaignAre held。Today is the date of the spring。This campaign was started from the time、Of your sonOtsuka, ToshikiIs it the continues from generation to、Today!59ThIs a great contribution from。1Blood of approximately 100 people, who like me gathered! In the autumn of last year、Can't donate blood immediately went to the dentist inI made big mistake said to、This time the、I studied! When you donate blood、You might read from the official website of the Red Cross blood donation before you join!


Divided into two shifts, morning and afternoon、In the morning 8:30-12 noon。Afternoon 1 pm-until 4 pm。Today、I stopped by before you go to work in the city。At the reception desk to fill out the questionnaire with personal information、Go to blood donation buses waiting in。In the bus、Doctor's examination and measurement of blood pressure-blood density measurement、Receipt of blood type prior determination, blood donation (blood components 200 mL and 400 mL) → rest → donation card、The blood in such procedures。Men's over the years1200mlUntil the、Women's year800mlUntil the donation amount has been lessee so、For people who donate blood 3 months-cannot donate blood for 4 months、In autumn and spring in the Libran's best time is twice that number.。This is health and weight、From the blood test is also met400mlThe blood can。Drinks service、Loose stools in a reclining chair、Takes about 15 minutes。From the nurses who donate blood for beginners、Description of the blood donation and blood donation after notes gently tell。On this day、I heard cost in emergency blood type O or type B blood。Since my blood is B-genuine、We are extremely pleased to be of help,。Of course、In non-emergency vote、Type A or type AB will be required、You control one person's"POO"is、"Later"To、"Life"The is! (We catch copy of the poster is amazing:Lol)


Blood is there main objective、Than actually Otsuka's family is looking for another sign dog、Otsuka's SecretaryMomo RinThatEven Maria-CHANThe is also going to meet important important! (Lol) in Otsuka "Park View Yotsuike」マンションに設ける第2邸宅のシステムキッチンの相談をしながらしばらくの間ももりんとの時間を楽しませてもらいました♪(嬉喜)


From the Red CrossBlood donation benefitsAs、献血にはHydrationが大切になるので献血前後にジュースが渡されます。Other、献血推奨キャラクターKennketsu-CHAN's original towels、OrToothbrushのプレゼントがあります。In addition、主催者であるテイオー産業株式会社さんからもプレゼントがありRe * blanc's logo 3 color pensが付いてきたり店頭でくじ引きをし当たるとリブランさんで取り扱われている素敵なFreebieがもらえもしハズレてしまってもFrench breadがいただけると嬉しいこと尽くしなのです。This blood donation campaign followed over more than 30 years from the time that Otsuka eager prayers ahead of this possible is、Many people know about the importance of donating blood、Has been endeavoring to provide easy-to-join environment。This is a really great contributions! As much as I possible、I think we want to join love blood! The next time、It is scheduled for autumn。And the time is approaching、Details such as the date in the Libran's website or facebook page will notice、Do not miss there!

Tao industrial co., Ltd.
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Showroom Re * blanc

Shizuoka Red Cross Blood Center

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