【Closed】Tomizuka's Italian "Ilcuccioro" toasted at the birthday dinner of the year old


2019"Irkkutchoro" closed temporarily on the last day of December。
Chef Ehara serves dishes at the adjacent Kutchoro.
For more information, please contact the store.。

Cuccoro 053-570-3513

An Italian in the corner of shijimizuka archaeological sites along the White Street "IL CUCCIOLO IL cucciolo"Mr.。
2008On March 14.The thing from being opened、
Restaurant lunch, sounding units near beautiful Madame, couples and also be in the、
Has become a popular spot for not breaking off the feet of guests from far away from one of the Nagoya got a high evaluation of the famous blogger's。CUCCIOLO cuccioloAnd the、In ItalianPuppyThe mean。
It is recommended to always crowded so reservation!


CuccioloIn speaking to the image name、To enter the shop and sit in a booth just waiting、
2Dachshund dog dogs and the beach fun run aroundUjihara hidetoImpressed with the black and white photos of the chef、
From cutlery rest on the table in addition to the set design of Dachshund stuff、
One unmatchable right and ask。
And managed by husband and wife、But the small、
For my wifeNanaHer's is a warm atmosphere in a charming sense of good shop!


Interior is bathed in Sunshine feeling good space、Has become a window bench seat、
Lined cushion dark、Has been relaxing with lighting pendant type warm friendly atmosphere created。
The number of seats is 14 seats.。
On this day、Here's to her husband's 39th birthday!、For dinner I heard。
Dinner courses、5,800¥ 6800 YenOf course 2、
This time the、1People 6800 YenIn ask there!



First of all the、Lombardy, Italy "Tenuta Mazzolino Tenuta mazzolino"The BREW house building
Spark rig wine made of Chardonnay grapes is toast。
Aromas of white flowers and exotic fruits、
And、Enjoy a cosy, delicate lather with a mild taste, is perfect as an aperitif.


Black figs brute of Italy and bratafumicarte from California

The speciality of Puglia in southern Italy, blata、Anyway freshness is very rare in mozzarella cheese。
During baking the mozzarella into mixing raw cream for、
With a thick Milky in、More flavor and depth which can be enjoyed。
This time the、Two types of such brute smoked and fresh type、
Will be combined with the habit less has and even sweet, edible skin and black mission fig。
The marinated smoked bratafumicarte、
Than fresh brought in far more depth and can feel the richness and sweetness, is excellent!


"Jauma / Somewhere on Another Hill 2013 (Yawm / Somewhere on another Hill) "Australia
WINE BOUTIQUE PANIER winebtikkpanie Musa played script shopPurchased at the cabin)

Natural wine producers 'JAUMA Yawm"Orange wines。
The chenin Blanc was fermented and aged in large oak barrels 90%、Ghevechulztraminer finished in the second approach blends。
For Orange finish that looks mass style、Also a silent message from producer James、
The intimate drink easy with a lovely aroma、A complex depth very well balanced with the charming flavours。
Label design is originally beautiful art seemed to be、
Press the wrong button in Photoshop、This mosaic has become so (laughs)


"Mussel stew"

Hiroshima mussels farmed in、The size of the mussels grown in the、
Wearing thick grain than ever seen how mussels!
Beautiful bright orange、In thickness and puritsu、The delicate sweetness and flavor、
With the rich taste of oysters and mussels were good and this taking is done、Runs the shock the palate in the mouth!
Wake-up potatoes with chestnuts like sweetness and texture of the Incas and tomato stew.、
And the sweet and sour served more than enough!


The type of mussels、In the mussels native to Europe、
Approximately6~ 8 cmIn the size of the、And black-purple clam。
After eating in、The beauty of the inside of the shell if you want!
The two big mouth open、Spread the wings like a swallowtail butterfly.、Features!


"Homemade sausage sheep casing stuffed white gourd soup

Is too short to play homemade sausage、
In a juicier flavor and scent of herbs、It is perfect for on wine!
That melon & white beans simmered to finish、
Soup、Whipped cream and broth out of sausage alone。
With summer truffle scent.


"Peanut butter pumpkin Agnolotti Dal pudding"

Pumpkin peanut butter paste and
A simple pasta stuffed with fresh cheese with a fresh acidity in the Milky Castello。
We sprinkled some Parmigiano-Reggiano。
Resilient and puritsu pasta、Improves the taste of the pumpkin filled with smooth and gentle taste sweet!


Homemade bread

Intertwining good appetizers and pasta sauce、Fluffy than I dust-friendly milk Pan。


"Shimane Prefecture Matsue, the khat's sauteed"

Matsue-Shi, Shimane khat simple salt in Saute。
Skin surface finished in the curricula in the soft white、
When hanging flat Samurai vinegar (hebesu) to the Miyazaki prefectural hyuga city specialty, will be。
And Taira Samurai vinegar (hebesu)、In a thin skin with fewer species, tend to juice citrus fruits、Yuzu or affect with ease and side by side, has been popular among、
Aroma is refreshing Blue Tangerine in whole、
Without an accent and a soft acidity with a mellow flavor goes well with the food。
Serve with marinated red okra with summer vegetables and Italian eggplant.


"Kenzo Estate Rindo Kenzo estate Lind 2010 (violet bells)" American Napa Valley Red (unchecked)

"Kenzo Estate Kenzo estate"、Established Capcom、
Achieved success in the amusement industryKenzo TsujimotoIt is built up by California wineries。
Kenzo estate in Napa Valley at higher elevations are relatively cool for、
Until the harvest period is longer than the other wineries。
As a result、The grapes to mature slowly:、Even while fully benefiting Napa Valley Sun、
Brix、Acid、Tannin、Balanced flavor、An elegant grape grows up。
Click hererindo (violet bells)The origin of the name、
The purple as a color indicating noble、The iconic high-quality grapes。
Bell mean Bell、And purple bells、Kenzo estate itself bears all over the field high-quality grapes to represent、
Is the flagship wine of words。
Deep Garnet hues、And filled with the aroma of ripe fruit、
For elegant acidity and balanced tannins、Powerful, high-quality、Enjoy the deep involving the tongue and palate.


"Char-grilled aged beef leg meat"

100Days aged meat stickUjiharaChef。
Approximately4And a half months dry agedGrilled beef with chicken thigh meat。
Okra with Girolle mushrooms from France, sweet long croquette with fresh green asparagus。
Must be accompanied by pickled mustard accents。
The unique aged meat dark red、And unleashes the flavor of meat、
In a surprisingly soft、Guests can enjoy plenty of gravy so if you fancy a tasty and flavorful nuts aroma.


"Panna cotta"

The smooth, rich Panna cotta、
Must be accompanied by shine Muscat be eaten with the skin with grape Compote.


Birthday plates

"Her husband、39Years congratulations and to be! "
So many peopleFacebookThe comments I received、I thank you on behalf of her husband.
Panna cotta in the Gateau Chocolat、Semifreddo、Yogurt gelato、
Eat fresh mango and skin shine Muscat、BlackBerry chick、Blueberry、Grape Compote served with、
Plate of assorted birthday to me ♪ (thanks)


One that keeps her birthday music box model that was made。
Black Dachshund will playing a nice melody!



Empty hands after a mealUjiharaThe chef and his wifeNanaChat time with wine while。
Can be a very good time、Was a nice birthday celebration。
UjiharaChef、NanaChan、Thank you very much!
I will come again?!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku tomizuka-Cho 4710-2 TEL:053-456-4073
Operating hours Lunch 11:30-13:30(L.O)Dinner 18:00-21:00( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

4710 -2 tomizuka-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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