"Noodle shop BIGI ya" Hamamatsu shop ramen on the Tokyo Michelin bibugleman


Meguro-Ku, Tokyo gakugei University in front of "Noodle shop BIGI shop"Head office is、
Last year2014 DecemberTo seeMichelin Guide Tokyo 2015" Of "Bibugleman (*)"The published 22 stores in one, and、
Our award-winning、And many featured in the media、
Coupled with the busy、Played store ranks in the Ramen world shop。
The "Noodle shop BIGI shop"The General、Born and raised in tryin to give back、
Most disciples feeding on local, Hamamatsu、2015April 27.The duck River "Noodle shop BIGI shop"Hamamatsu shop is to open。
Highly topical since it first opened、To join the ranks of the Ramen shop as early as representing the Hamamatsu.

“Although the stars are not、5000In eaten and high cost performance、
Investigators recommended restaurants”
In that it is。


For ticket vending machines are installed outside the store entrance on your right、
Do not worry about a much less crowded。
This time the、The selling ofSauce see shoyu ramen (poached seasoned with egg white)And
Very hard to rank with a soy sauce flavored ramen and popular and rumors"White soy sauce ramen (poached seasoned with egg white) sauceTo
In each order、Husband eat compared to try!


Shop、And 8 counter seats face table 8 total 16 seats。
Has always had a procession in front of the shop、
On weekdays this day lucky enough、Could not standing in line to enter the shop。
Water and towel is self service.


Now in tasked the owner of Hamamatsu Branch Office General Chief disciple and apprentice's (pictured left) and staff。
Good rhythmic tempo of two matched combination are percolating in the kitchen!


Sauce see shoyu ramen (poached seasoned with egg white)

Noodle shop BIGI shopOf the base have been trying and trying to faithfully reproduce the taste of soy sauce ramen。
The soup stock、Chicken from the chicken、Maple (leg portion)、Whole chicken、Knows、Niboshi、Dried horse mackerel、SOTA section、Dried bonito、Mackerel、Hidaka konbu
Rishiri konbu、Rausu konbu、Dried shiitake mushrooms,、Use specified regions according to the seasonal ingredients in abundance、
Section the peppery flavor of soup、Soy sauce flavor and roundness are well represented and taste。
Noodles、Taste the fragrance with domestically produced wheat in a custom-designed、
Use a good throat and taste of narrowed somewhat in the noodle noodle。
The char Siu、Pork roast to pickle all the secret sauce, savory baked in the oven and、
Two of the braised pork pork cooked slowly in a secret sauce。
Menma also spearheads and shredded 2 the delicious!
Seasoned soft-cooked egg is if as a whole and in one、
One bite of fish and、From seeing beautiful lighting of the simmering boiled egg.。
Shizuoka Gotemba Amano soy sauce、And dark soy sauce using Japanese soy beans、Has been using kanro soy sauce、
A good balance between overall and tired of not、
Good so far mild balanced full-bodied taste of freshness of chicken soup and seafood based and soy sauce ramen is a long time!


"White soy sauce ramen (poached seasoned with egg white) sauce

The soy sauce ramen than like、This white soy sauce ramen。
The stock-based、That is the same as the soy sauce ramen、
Aichi, white soy sauce specialty Brewers、"7 Fuzhou brewing"In the raw"Organic soy sauce"、Is used, then burned in the shop。
And white soy sauce、Most of the stuff on the common dark soy sauce for soy bean、White soy sauce、Will be based on wheat, soy sauce。
Color is amber,、Sweet and classy taste。
The taste of the soy sauce、In the lingering taste delicious!
I am eating the soup so far、Sipped just crazy (laughs)
Certainly、Soy sauce and white sauce、Thank you, both montezemolo hard taste!
Also、Would you want to return.

Noodle shop BIGI ya Hamamatsu Branch
Address:Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, duck River 3-29-20
Hours of operation
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays:11:00-15:00(L.O)14:45
Christopher:18:00-21:00(* Gold、Soil、On the day Christopher)

Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku, duck River 3-29-20

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