[Closed] Totsuka's "Ilkuccioro" is a very popular Italian restaurant with a casual pasta lunch.


2019"Irkkutchoro" closed temporarily on the last day of December。
Chef Ehara serves dishes at the adjacent Kutchoro.
For more information, please contact the store.。

Cuccoro 053-570-3513

An Italian in the corner of shijimizuka archaeological sites along the White Street "IL CUCCIOLO IL cucciolo"Mr.。2008On March 14.The thing from being opened、Restaurant lunch, sounding units near beautiful Madame, couples and also be in the、Has become a popular spot for not breaking off the feet of guests from far away from one of the Nagoya got a high evaluation of the famous blogger's。CUCCIOLO cuccioloAnd the、In ItalianPuppyThe mean。Say the name of the image、To enter the shop and sit in a booth just waiting、2Dachshund dog dogs and the beach fun run aroundUjiharaImpressed with the black and white photos of the chef、From cutlery rest on the table in addition to the set design of Dachshund stuff、One unmatchable right and ask。And warm atmosphere in cosy and cute sense of good shops。It is recommended to always crowded so reservation!


Interior is bathed in Sunshine feeling good space、Has become a window bench seat、Lined cushion dark、Has been relaxing with lighting pendant type warm friendly atmosphere created。The number of seats is 14 seats.。There are always heavily crowded weekday lunchtime cucciolo,、Even before it made telephone contact with the、In input can store is lucky! Lunch menu、PranzoA ¥ 2,200AndPranzoB ¥ 3,400The two courses are provided。Today'sPranzoBOf Maine and"Beef cheek meat stew 'AndRyujin pig GrillBecause it was、I feel free to eat pastaPranzoA ¥ 2,200I ordered!


Assorted appetizer

Elaborate 10 products each enjoying a little appetizer platter。For my wifeNanaI will explain each。From the upper-left、Italy's prosciutto、Salami、Homemade pickles、Ham Lake ryujin pork loin、Marinated grilled squid、白tou maize polenta source red gesominti sauce、Ayame Bagna Cauda sauce, Brussels sprouts and snow (fresh turnip)、Duck Rillettes with pecorino cheese and bread、Smoked salmon marinade salod、Polpettine with Miyazaki beef and pork ryujin and quail and quail cartilage (dishes of Italy in miniature meatballs)、Egg Frittata、Chef is kodawara to think not of assorted filled、None are really delicious!


Even homemade bread plump boobs click and delicious bread


"Linguine with Genovese in potato and vegitable

Hokku little vegitable enjoy deep-fried potato and crispy texture combination、It is linguine tossed with tender and flavorful bluefish, better color!


"Spaghetti with 2 mushroom and meat sauce"

絡mimasu good is fragrant and distinctive aroma of mushroom sauce thin spaghetti.


Mascarpone cheese mousse

Enjoy the texture of mascarpone cheese mousse pistachio and almond roasted、Serve with fresh Strawberry。To become a sponge for the tiramisu is no version、Not heavy, dry and delicious!



A cup of coffee、For my wifeNanaRight before the open"When you play one day shop for."And、What was collected and、Antique Nordic Cup。SwedenOfGefle (Geoffrey),To1966~ 1977In the enrolledBerit Ternell Berit TurnerBy design。Width 13 cm and larger than、And the sense of size fits comfortably in your hands warm design、This era is one point one point colors than differences、In the world not only one of the original features、I think that stuff is worth。Such feelings are put also delicious coffee in the Cup.。Even to this day has become the last customer for、After a meal andUjiharaAnd the chefNanaEnjoyed the chat with。UjiharaMr、NanaChan、I will come again?!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku tomizuka-Cho 4710-2 TEL:053-456-4073
Operating hours Lunch 11:30-13:30(L.O)Dinner 18:00-21:00( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

4710 -2 tomizuka-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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