Returning to the Central Japan International Airport Centrair Thailand international air from suvarnabhumi international airport


"Suvarnabhumi international airportFinish your meal on the third floor of the airport.、For though a nightcap、
The boarding time came aroundBoarding gate C2AGo to。


Up to the time of appearance、In a space where you can rest、It's like Thailand.、Orchids welcome you♪


Down the escalator、Boarding gate C2ATo and move on!


It's a flight at night.、I'm surprised at how many people there are.。
At the boarding gate、First class and business class are accepted first、Finally, i'm boarding economy class.。


Passport and flight ticketHave you checked、Gate d'♪ safely


Through the boarding gate、Boarded a shuttle bus、They carried aircraft for international flights。


Thailand international airlineFor international flightsTG644It's a flight.。


Flight ticket with show、Follow CA's guidance to the designated seat♪


Late-night flights0At 5 minutesFlights scheduled to depart on。
Will put to sleep in the comfortable safety of flight.


About six hours on the flight.、When you wake up comfortably、The sun is already bright and rising above the sky♪


As in-flight meals、Breakfast is served.。
I'm just waking up and I don't have much appetite.、Whats the hot coffee。
Rice boiled chicken and vegetables、Bread、Juice、Cut fruit, etc.。
Economy class offers、Don't expect too much (laughs)


When you get down under the clouds、Unfortunately、Is covered in thick cloud。
Extraordinarily Japan approximately 10 days of hospitalization。
This time the、5 days in Chiang Mai in Thailand's ancient capital、In the capital city of Bangkok for five days and the long journey、
And experience great resort hotel、
Learning in the various Temple Tour, jaw-dropping attractions、Thailand continue and make a new food culture also touched on the、
Than the last time、I think you will study Thailand culture deeper。
And this time、To be able to complete the journey safely thanks。
We visited Thailand on a regular basis、We will update new information♪

Sawasdee crack ( type ) / Car (Thailand language:สวัสดี ครับ / help)
Good bye
Reeu ja Marr My Clara ( type ) / Car (Thailand language:The son of a

Come back!


Tomorrow morning at 8.around the time、"Central Japan International Airport CentrairArrived safely。
Now、Because all the coverage articles of Thailand in this article have ended、
AlsoSelect your next trip、We're going on a new interview trip.。
Please enjoy it!

Suvarnabhumi international airport

Thailand international airline

Central Japan International Airport Centrair

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