"The Sherwood Taipei" Luxury full-course dinner served in Italian "TOSCANA"


Heart lined with its name as a first-class hotel with hospitality
"The Sherwood Taipei"。
Birthday night、Time in the Royal Blue Sky with colorful soft, warm light and now。
Sherwood TaipeiOf facades and Dunhuang Navigator and I weave lights
Is giving a nice glossy atmosphere at night, too!


Italian restaurant on the first floor "TOSCANA"Now、
Chefs have done technology exchange in the capital of gastronomy, such as Italy or Hong Kong S.A.R.、
Italy culinary creativity and offers。
Also、Guests staying in the Executive class rooms、
Here breakfast is served.


In the classic, elegant Hall.、And paved with Tuscan marble、
Taste of southern Europe drift on the indoor terrace、
Filled with restless time different from the daytime atmosphere in a candle-lit atmosphere。
On this day、"Famous GM"OfAchim V. HakeIntroduction、
Public Relations Assistant ManagerDorry Fiasco
The Guest Relations OfficerShinko YokochIs going on while you translate、
Enjoy luxurious full-course dinner.


TuscanyThe、TaiwanIn the firstAged steakIs launched!
This time is hereKevin HsuChef cook every
Could you please show the table performance.


That worked as a sommelier
F&B Beverage ManagerOrbie YangUs responsible for the wine of the day.


Amazing beautiful bubbling champagne being poured into a glass fine!


"Champagne Jacquesson Cuvée no738 Extra-Brut"
France Champagne

Established 1978, and became、200Over years of long history and traditions with pride、Grand Cru eye village、
From the 52 ha vineyards such as dizzy village is home to the Center
Produce unparalleled champagne "Jacquesson"。
Personality of the harvest year expressed in the form of the annual best cuvée 700 series。
The cuvée 738、2010 year of excellent Chardonnay is outstanding from the elaboration and refinement、
Finished in a cuvee combines the cooling sensation with the Jackson fruit gastronomy。
As a result、Than usual.High percentage of ChardonnayIn a characteristic、
A blend of grape varieties、61% Chardonnay、Pinot Meunier contributes 21%、18% Pinot Noir。
Delicate and elegant、A fresh look!


Of GermanyAchim V. HakeTo
Germany-Cheers to ask "Prost」!


"Famous GM"Achim V. Hake
(Achim von hake)


PR Manager
Dorry Fiasco


Japanese Guest Relations Officer
Shinko Yokoch


Calm heart candles, torches and lights、
It are adorable on deep and soft feeling of an elegant Chardonnay fruit.


Sherwood TaipeiAnd 'Taipei Marriott Hotel"of
You son of a hotel owner
Of the Managing DirectorMark LiuAlso we took!


"Burned Ash Bread with Goat Cheese and Dried Salmon"

The real charcoal on black bread、And powder-like, scorched the vegetables、
The savory dish was wrapping around the bread and butter、
Must be accompanied by dry salmon.


"Fresh Scallop Carpaccio served with Caviar and Orange Jelly"

NET scallops were thinly sliced fresh orange Jello、
The Carpaccio with cucumber and caviar、Will lemon powder!


"A.U. Wagyu Beef Tartar with Toasted Brioch and Fried Quail Egg"

The Australia of WAGYU tartare、Served with brioche、
Enjoy the crispness and smoothness。
The source is、Capers、Shallots、Anchovy、Lemon juice、Combination of cognac。
Fried quail egg is lovely!


Very cute uniforms for staff in Tuscany、
The image of Italy、White shirt and dark vest、Italian color with bright red shoes!


"Livornese Lobster Soup"

Lobster soup、
In the fishing village of traditional soup、And lasts for approximately 50 years more than traditional menu、
From lobster and fish bones broth, based on、To extract flavor and extract thick。
Clams and scallops、Must be accompanied by mussels.


"M3 Chardonnay/Shaw and Smith&"
South Australia-Adelaide Hills

Farm-house in Woodside in the Adelaide Hills area of South Australia、
Primarily used for the M3 vineyard Chardonnay。
The grapes were harvested by hand at、Cool and after being taken to the brewery、
In a whole bunch pressed and、Fruit juices are fermented in France from oak。
Use of a partial natural yeast、Performs a sequence of lactic acid fermentation、It succeeded in building a complex wine。
Citrus aroma with clear and、Rind of lemon or grapefruit fragrance、
Is fresh and tight, and the acid layer.、Emits discreet and delicate taste.


For the main dish、Kevin HsuChef's table performance begins.


Hot volcanic stones


Volcanic rock over the network


The Braising fish!


Hot volcanic stones "LAVA"The DachauPut into a pre-heated pot over network、
Pour boiling water into、Fish dishes to cook for 5 minutes in the heat、
Chefs are growing fresh herbs Rosemary, served with、Whets the appetite so refreshing fragrance.


Hourglass timer


Cover and infuse for!


And the finish!


Wearing the scent of Rosemary and lemon、Stonefish and steamed up。
The Michelin three-star chefEnrico Cereais
Will be produced by cooking.


"Fish on Volcanic Stones(By Michelin 3 Ster chef Enrico Cerea)
Stone fish(Michelin three-star chef、Enrico Selena's producer).

Using the heat of hot volcanic stones、
Plump and tender、Enjoy the texture was moist and the fish is tone、
Fresh hollandaise sauce.


Mark LiuThe recommended wine、The sommelierOrbie YangEven the sight of wine。
"? Umbrella & handThe "etiquette will exactly which wine?
No Name became the etiquette、It is a very interesting wine.


"Boston Lobster Homemade Tagliolini"

Bold size lobster pasta、
Tagliolini with lobster extract soaked with plenty of noodles!
Also I click texture pasta flavor of the acidity of the tomato and lobster sashimi.


To dry the United States produced Prime liberi (16 oz)
And we smoked in smoke chips made from the King of Italy wine Barolo wine barrels、
Making sizzling on a hot volcanic stones、Has drifted the aroma!


Chips made from a barrel of King Barolo wine of Italy.


"Barolo Oak Smoked Dry-aged U.S. Prime Rib Eye Steak 16 Oz DRA-aged U.S. Prime Rib Eye Steak 16 Oz
(Barolooaksmauch,Dry US primemlibai steak 16 oz)
(Dry US Prime libai steak 16 oz).

Aged 21, of American-grown WAGYU Prime Livi、
To confine the genuine flavor of approximately 800 ° C oven meat and toasted、
Right is a non.、Left became a smoke of Barolo、We have good!
A beautiful rose color rib-eye、Enjoy the savory flavor and thickness, a juicier flavor。
Combining the best of marriage and Barolo wines made from the same barrel also!


"Gianni Gagliardo Barolo Serre D.O.C.G. 2011"Italy-Barolo

The Barolo was marriage to entrees、In the natural、
Has gained a high reputation in the Wine Spectator。
Grape varieties:With Nebbiolo、And mellow, elegant finish、
Beef and lamb、Veal、Well ripened hard cheese and mushrooms is outstanding!


"New Zealand grown lamb chops herb"

New Zealand grown lamb chops、Rum of distinctive too for less、
Lamb is a good way to eat taste。
Make wishes with herbs、Is a softer, juicier results.


With plenty of Wild Wild Berry crepes、
Flames rise up flambetableperformance is wonderful!


Berry on crepes


Beautiful blue flame flambe!


It's tempting in the sweet scent!


"Wild Berries Flambes with Vanilla Ice Cream"

Raspberry、Blueberry、Cranberry、Huckleberry、And strawberry
Saute the sources using several Berry crepes、And flambé with Cointreau、Scented。
Is a dessert you can enjoy intense sweetness of vanilla ice cream and sour combination!


"Grand Cru Chocolate Flan with Vanilla Ice Cream"

The rich chocolate fondant、
Taste the creaminess of chocolate melts in your mouth and in unbearable。
Serve with vanilla ice cream!



Tea、"TWG Tea"ofFransarlgrey Order。
Is a rich blend of citrus fruits and the blue cornflower (cornflower) dish.


On this dayMark LiuFrom surprise, and、
What! "Hospices de Beaune"Whats a gift! (Xie Xie! )
Sherwood TaipeiNow、2010, It was held 150 times in Hong Kong "Hospices de Beaune"of
Has been involved in charity auction、
Since 2011、2013Years and more "Hospices de Beaune"Bid。
Among them、2010In Burgundy's greatest wines
And bid the Côte de per barrel was built at Nuits (Court-de-Nuits) 228 liters-Chambertin、
In the famous wine brewing House "Domaine Ponsot"To entrust the brewing and bottling。
Paste the original Hotel etiquette、2013Since, are sold at the hotel、
Becomes a very valuable wine limited。

"2010 Hospices de Beaune Mazis-Chambertin Granc Cru Cuvée Madeleine Collignon Domaine Ponsot
- / -"
Quantities limited edition bottle 9800 TWD (Japan Yen:35300 JPY)

Got with a rich deep purple-Crimson、Elegant black fruit aromas and
Mellow fruity emit a pride while also sensual, creamy flavor、Is the lingering wines!
Very thanks! Liu Heng Chang (Mark Liu)!

Hours of operation:
Breakfast 07:00-10:00、Lunch 11:30-14:30、Afternoon tea 15:00-17:00、Dinner 18:00To 22:30
Weekend brunch 10 am:30-14:30
Reservation TEL:(02)2718-1188

The Sherwood Taipei
Location:No. 111, Section 3, Minsheng E Rd, Songshan District, Taipei City

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