"Irgcciolo" new menu great lunch of aged pork


An Italian in the corner of shijimizuka archaeological sites along the White Street "IL CUCCIOLO IL cucciolo"Mr.。
2008On March 14.The thing from being opened、
Restaurant lunch, sounding units near beautiful Madame, couples and also be in the、
Has become a popular spot for not breaking off the feet of guests from far away from one of the Nagoya got a high evaluation of the famous blogger's。CUCCIOLO cuccioloAnd the、In ItalianPuppyThe mean。
Say the name of the image、To enter the shop and sit in a booth just waiting、
2Dachshund dog dogs and the beach fun run aroundUjiharaImpressed with the black and white photos of the chef、
From cutlery rest on the table in addition to the set design of Dachshund stuff、
One unmatchable right and ask。
Warm atmosphere in cosy and cute sense of good shops。
It is recommended to always crowded so reservation!


Interior is bathed in Sunshine feeling good space、Has become a window bench seat、
Lined cushion dark、Has been relaxing with lighting pendant type warm friendly atmosphere created。
The number of seats is 14 seats.。
There are always heavily crowded weekday lunchtime cucciolo,、Even to this day is fully booked。
Lunch menu、PranzoA 2300 YenAndPranzoB 3600 YenThe course has been prepared for、
This also comes with MainePranzoBOrder。


Assorted appetizer

Chilled soup of beet colors vivid、Italy's prosciutto、
France duck filled with delicious home-cooked ham in Italy of white bean stew、
Roasted crispy and savory Mikawa shredded shrimp、Snap peas boiled food is fun fresh paprika and Bagna Cauda、
Tomato and bocconcini、Nagoya Cochin chicken tasty Sweet Onion Frittata、
Polpettine (small meatballs at home cooking in Italy:This time the、Beef and pork)、
Homemade natural yeast bread chicken liver pate nut roast。
Think chef is kodawara material though is filled with assorted、It is delicious in taste they want wine to day!


Homemade bread

Intertwining good appetizers and pasta sauce、Fluffy than I dust-friendly milk Pan。


' Penne with 3 pigs and the new potato ragout "

Spread is the gentle sweetness of three pigs and pork、New potatoes for delicious pillowy of Penne。
In the past we seeRyujin pork sauce, potatoes"The home-made gnocchettisardi also very good、
Is a good combination of Penne.


"With spicy sauce for spaghetti with raw ham Minch and veggies (onions and Zucchini)"

Jussie's sweet onion and Zucchini, but as intertwined Suns、
Spread ham salty and umami。
With prosciutto、Adult taste pasta so much so well.


Source natural flounder sautéed yellow Zucchini

Flatfish with roasted crispy surface and、Strong thick sauce thickened with bright yellow Zucchini。
Is also good texture of flounder affixed to the front porch.
And now owned by the Bank of Japan France from asparasobergiu、Fava Beans、Zucchini、Mashed potatoes、
Served with red onion grilled and the pulp texture and sweet!


Dry pork roast

Cucciolo's main meat dish "Ryujin pig"But it was、A new menu "Aged pork"The appearance is!
Roast Loin of pork for about 40 days aged。
Delicate fleshy moist、Very soft、Guests can enjoy a sweet。
Served with crispy texture of roast also。
Beta and require no greasing well aged meat is cold、Time also seems to enjoy moist and soft,。
In gentle mustard sour bubble wrap texture you can enjoy and will。
The side dish is、As well as fish dishes、Is!


Sources from rhubarb Panna cotta Buddha

RhubarbAnd the、Is treated as a kind of vegetable、Jam and sugar and boiled down in Europe、Or juice、
Add to the salad and cooked the same fruits in a variety of applications in food。
Feel the sour taste andRhubarbAnd the gentle sweet smooth Panna Cotta with a refreshing dessert。
CuccioloAnd I'm of the Panna cotta、And turn smooth, and you will be!



Crema coffee clean while、
Empty handUjiharaThe chef and his wifeNanaNeatly together、Held 未来談 righteousness (lol)
For the near future two dreams、It's good if you can help!
Two people who、I'll be rooting for will be。
I will come again!

Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku tomizuka-Cho 4710-2 TEL:053-456-4073
Operating hours Lunch 11:30-13:30(L.O)Dinner 18:00-21:00( L.O )
Closed on Mondays:Wednesday

4710 -2 tomizuka-Cho, Naka-ku, Hamamatsu City

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