Topic of exquisite Italian!"TAIPEI HOTEL PROVERBS" "TK SEAFOOD & STEAK "


"GLORIA HOTEL GROUP"The hotel owner、
Is also culinary DirectorFudy ChenIt was built up
"Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)"Italian restaurant
Fresh seafood direct from the fishing and fresh organic vegetables produced in subsistence、
In addition、Using a homemade aged beef、With rank's finest steak and seafood、
Taipei is a hot topic in the popular restaurant.


3Through the ceiling-high floor-charm、
Crystal chandeliers are reflected in the mirror gives the splendor restaurant、
Giving out the chic, modern design、And then place the table at leisurely intervals、50 seats available。
Only a formal、But not too casual、Comfortable tense feeling is flowing!


And full clean、Heat travels、Open kitchen with live views!


In the cooler box was set up to counter、Fresh seafood direct from the fishing line and!
In the lively fish (Threadfin fish on larvae etc)、
Crab and shrimp、Oysters are beautifully arranged and whets the appetite.


The sous chefNeil LeeAnd supervision in the kitchen、Offer support to young cooks!


Become an à la carte menu here is all、
As a minimum charge、
2,500TWD +10% service charge (Yen Japan is approximately JPY 9250) / per personWill be assessed。
Staff recommended listening、We will be on the course with。
During the meal、Let's order a mineral water。
Never come out with free water or tea as Japan、Overseas, essentially would pay.



Red Star "S.Pellegrino"The logo is the Italy of the characteristics of mineral water。
Water's include carbon dioxide in water、Guests can enjoy fine carbonate and a mild throat、
It is ideal as a drink in food ♪


In the wine cellar、The finest wines from around the world at all times over 200 holds、
Sommelier will offer food to suit!


Soave Classico DOC THE Volpare cellar Tommasi 2013 Italy Veneto white
"Piancarda Rosso Conero DOC / GAROFORI 2011"Italy Le Marche, Red

Thank you in red and white wines by the glass of the day!


Soave Classico DOC THE Volpare cellar Tommasi 2013 Italy Veneto

250 metres above sea level in the Veneto, Italy、10HA vineyards "LE Volpare"In the、
The Soave is built on the grape varietal garganega 100%、
The Golden shot、The scent of white flowers、Elegant, delicate fruity has a、
The refreshing taste balanced、Appetizers and fish、Is a soft cheese, with excellent compatibility.


Appetizers "Uni with Burrata Bruschetta with Guanchiale" 180 TWD
(Japan-Yen about 670 yen)

Sea Urchin and Buffalo boullata (ITO:Burrata) and guanciale (Italian:Guanciale) of bruschetta!
On a crispy savory baked baguette、
Mouth to melt the water buffalo smooth boullata、On the Sea Urchin's guanciale。
Without losing the flavor of the Sea Urchin、Rich and rich Butler to match perfectly and、
Is the best choise finally smoked aroma and sweet taste of guanciale fat through the nose.


The owner of this lovely hotel in、
And、Also supervised a cool and delicious restaurant food DirectorFudy Chenis、
I wonder what what?、Female staffAda HungTo ask and、
But Japan Japanese gentleman is a good swimmer and DirectorJason Kuois、"TAIWAN TATLER"That showed me a magazine!


Fudy Chen

As the second generation of Gloria Hotel Group, Fudy Chen has always been passionate about cooking.
He was accumulating experience in the Michelin stars restaurant after he graduated from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.
He grew vegetables and tried to find the original taste and flavor in California organic farms.
Fudy Chen brought his extensive experience back to Taiwan and established restaurants.
He is now the culinary director of L’IDIOT RESTAURANT & BAR, TK SEAFOOD & STEAK, EAST END BAR,
and 333 RESTAURANT & BAR. Fudy Chen tries to do everything by himself, he even has an organic field in Taipei.
He plants and harvests vegetables in order to let customers experience a completely original taste.


Produce organic vegetables
Fudy Chen


As culinary Director
Fudy Chen


Hotel owner、Cook、
Producers also have Fudy Chen


"Grilled Persimmon and Burrata, Arugula Salad "420 TWD
(Japan-yen approximately 1560 JPY)

Grilled persimmon and bullata (ITO:Burrata) and Arugula (Italian:Rucola-English:Arugula) using
Organic home vegetable garden salad!
Grilled persimmon、And pulled out a thick sweet and、
Clemmie with phase of the Butler to get stuck、His mouth becomes very rich in taste!
And、As the most delicious fresh tomato and Arugula feel good bitterness and flavor and acidity balanced sweetness、
Enjoying the texture of dry persimmon slices and sprinkled Walnut salad!


"Bucatini in Marinara Sauce with Clam" 420 TWD
(Japan-yen approximately 1560 JPY)

With a slightly thicker than spaghetti with diameter 5-6 mm、Use long homemade bucatini perforated in the Center、
Clams marinara sauce。
Exquisite also boil the bucatini al dente! (Surprise)
This is、It is very uncommon in Taiwan favored soft texture Italian! (I)
The marinara (marinara)、In Italy, the "sailor" means、Italy city of Naples sailor I was eating that comes。
Use plenty of tomatoes and garlic、Olive oil、A simple tomato sauce made with oregano, etc、
Inhale and Asari soup、Finished in a pasta filled with umami.


"Piancarda Rosso Conero DOC / GAROFORI 2011"Italy Le Marche, Red

Widely produced in the foothills of Mt. Conero in Marche, Ancona in Italy、
Made from the grape varieties Montepulciano 100% (garodoli)。
Emits a bright Ruby Red、Variety felt ripe fruit taste、
Rich aromatic scent.、While firmly tannic、
As the guests can enjoy a dry, comfy soft palate's sophisticated!


The meat loaf in the cellars、Stored in a rigorous, high-quality American "WAGYU"、
My first qualifying will be provided.


The steak is grilled in the roaster、The flavor will be sparked appetite drifting!


"Top Cap 6 oz 1480 TWD
(Japan Yen $ 5480)

Here's the Top Cap、
Are you using valuable parts from wear on the rib-eye of America cannot be less than 10 minutes。
At the site in Japan, what is called the Buri、
Meat is softer than the fillet、Nice piece of rib-eye with、Especially tasty highlights。
Try low-fat red meat and tell you、Here to order。
In the rose color of the beautiful lighting condition、At the moment put the knife、Best condition are already breaks the taste of their meat!
And in Taiwan to this delicious beef、It is a twist!
That came with two sauce、I think it's absolutely in "salt" to taste simply meat。
Onion grilled vegetable garden organic vegetables and tomatoes are very sweet in the town is shocked!
Delicious food to mouth、Face is fraying.、Guests can also relax in Bliss!


"Steak sauce 2 species.

The finely cut coriander、And when mixed with the olive oil source、
To be served with steak mustard sauce with sea urchin with the luxury of two species、If you like, please use.


"Mashed Potato" 180 TWD
(Japan-Yen about 670 yen)

Mashed potatoes come with the steak set。
Herbal aroma fills the air to smooth and rich taste.
That persistence of the butter is not where your favorites are!
For a side dish menu、Additional order is possible.


After dinner、It is possible to enjoy the cheese with the wine.


The staff always smiling and made smart servicesBrian Hsu
We recommend the dessert you!


"TWG Tea with dessert buffet" 400TWD+10%
(Japan-yen approximately 1480 +10%)

Dessert、In that order the dessert buffet、
Choose what you like from the "cartonage" was prepared in.


"Strawberry mille-feuille、Cannelloni、Hazelnut chocolate cake.
(Strawberry Mille-Feuille、Cannelloni、Hazelnut chocolate cake)

The pie crust was flaky and strawberry Mille-Feuille、Not too sweet custard、
Dark Cherry and cream cannelloni、
3 kinds of chocolate cakes made with hazelnuts in abundance。
After dinner "L’IDIOT BAKERY"The cake is served.


TWG Tea (Red of Africa)

Tea、Singapore brand "TWG Tea"Adoption。
A rare white tea, yellow tea, tea、And the lineup of carefully selected tea is loved in the world, such as Rooibos tea and Pu'er tea、
High-quality fruits、The original Brent tea blended with spices and flowers、
World of refined tea "senses"。
This is a sophisticated South Africa Red、And blend the spices of the fragrant France、
Aromatic fragrance is uplifting and、Guests can enjoy a flavorful taste.


At the end of the sous chefNeil LeeAnd
Director of theJason KuoTogether we have a photo! (Xie Xie! )
If you find a Italian restaurant in Taipei、Restaurant whenever you want.
Right or wrong、"HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI"In the friendly and
"TK SEAFOOD & STEAK"In the meals and enjoy!
Now、Next in line on the 3rd floor in the hotel bar "EAST END" introduction!

Proverbs PROVERBS HOTEL TAIPEI Hotel Taipei (Fu Lok journey home)
No period of 56 Daan Road, Taipei Taiwan
TEL:+886 2 2711 1118

Hours of operation

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